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Schematic - Illustrating the finished concept of a Storage Wall built into an alcove

Schematic – illustrates a Storage and Partition Wall used to divide a portcabin office creating an inner cubicle office for the finance department

Schematic – illustrating layout

Schematic - Colour Rendering

Schematic - Line Drawing


Schematic – Storage Wall area

Schematic – alt. view storage area

Storage In aisle between offices

Schematic – close up of storage area

Schematic - Vista

Schematic – office area warehouse

Schematic – overall plan view

Schematic - installation

Factory floor installation – built around a large machine with suspended ceiling installed

Schematic – to verify

Used to illustrate door openings and look of factory floor offices

Schematic – colour rendering

Inner management offices put into large general office area

Warehouse managers office put into a general purchasing office

Schematic – alternative view

Schematic – overall plan view

Illustrating the use of wall systems , storage wall systems , screen systems and furniture Integrated - all from the one collection and detail.

Schematic – alternative view


Schematic – storage wall proposal

Illustrates the desking layout while emphasising the storage wall specifications

Schematic – dividing a shipping office

Using Storage wall , (eliminating loose storage) , and Partition Wall with glass for light

Schematic – creating two small offices

Produced to consult the proposed users . Storage Wall used facing out to the general office area ., whilst creating an inner office wall

Schematic - Rendering

Illustrates how Partition Wall and Storage Wall integrates

Schematic – conceptual proposal

Line Drawing for bespoke storage

Sketch used To quickly ok an idea with a client

Illustrates - Product function

Illustrates The Cable ducted system in a tile System Screen range

Illustrates - Product Concept

Illustrates The concept of working with the VDU beneath the work surface -There are many health and safety benefits to same.

Industry - Installation Factory Floor Laboratory / Test Room Bespoke Fit Out

2 x 1000 low tambour units 1 x bespoke tear drop work top 1 x bespoke tambour worksurface 1 x pod base 1 x adj leg 1 x sink unit 1 x grey doors sink unit 5 x overhead storage units beech 5 x grey carcases Fitted to specifications

Computer Rendered Images