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OUR MISSION We cultivate the boundless potential of highly gifted children, nurture their passions and talents, and develop a diverse community of creative and constructive lifelong learners.

OUR CORE VALUES Responsibility, Integrity, Discovery, Empathy, Resilience

OUR STATEMENT OF INCLUSIVITY We are committed to building a connected community that embraces multiple perspectives and cultural competency to strengthen gifted education and growth in the whole child. At Mirman, we strive to integrate inclusivity in our curriculum, school culture, and institutional identity. We honor and support a community built on diversity of thought, experiences, and identities to best engage our students in the academic, sociocultural, and complex world in which we learn and live.

FROM THE HEAD OF SCHOOL There’s no doubt that Mirman was ahead of its time in 1962 when founders Dr. Norman and Beverly Mirman began their journey with a handful of pioneering students in their living room. Walking Mirman’s campus today, while I can tell you that so many things have changed as we continue to advance in technology and philosophy, I can also tell you that the pursuit of boundless potential has not. The only independent school in Los Angeles that exclusively focuses on highly gifted students, Mirman is uniquely positioned to challenge and inspire the children we serve. To be a Mirman student is to be part of a special cohort of creative and caring children — led by a faculty trained to help them flourish. The Mirman experience is impossible to capture in a single document, but I hope that within these pages, you begin to find a sense of what we’re all about, what we’re up to, and what it might feel like to join us in our vision, our mission, and, most important, our community. So, in the spirit of discovery — one of our Core Values — I invite you to dive in and learn more. We’re honored to have your consideration. Respectfully,

Dan Vorenberg


Mirman students are artists, athletes, builders, musicians, thinkers, and doers. We make room for students to develop their gifts and explore their passions, whatever they may be. Mirman is one of the only places in the country where these remarkable children can truly be among their peers. Highly gifted is a clinical term applied to people in the top 1% of intelligence norms, so determining if a child is highly gifted requires IQ testing. Despite the wide range of ways these talents might manifest in a young person, research in the field has revealed some common indicators of giftedness. At Mirman, a highly trained teaching faculty made up of lifelong learners assists our students in nurturing and developing these traits to their fullest potential.

5 signs of a highly gifted child Thinks deeply about complex issues Has a surprisingly global perspective Displays insatiable curiosity Uses advanced language Yearns to explore interests in great detail


Giftedness is not confined to a particular neighborhood, background, or socioeconomic status. Mirman’s campus is an inclusive and welcoming environment, home to a diversity of thought, beliefs, and life experience. Our curriculum and experiential learning opportunities encourage our students to appreciate different perspectives. Our families represent a wide range of races, ethnicities, religions, family structures, and walks of life, and their stories are highlighted and honored throughout our campus. As we prepare our students to be the next generation of leaders in an increasingly complex global society, we recognize the importance of celebrating and experiencing a wide variety of viewpoints and cultures.







Giftedness is an asynchronous

for every student in every subject.

development, meaning that every

In a Mirman classroom, it is not

student at Mirman has a unique set

uncommon to see multiple small

of strengths and areas for growth.

groups approaching a topic at different

We believe that learning should have

levels of complexity. Some students

no ceilings, and that a child-centered

in a math class may model basic

approach is required to support our

equations with manipulatives while

students in their development. For

others work to solve more advanced

this reason, Mirman classes offer

algebra problems. In the next room,

specialized attention that provides

one literature circle may be examining

the appropriate level of challenge

the structure of a plot while another

discusses larger themes in a book. On

traditionally fourth grade material.

our central lawn, an art class may break

Those grade-level standards are

up into groups to work on different

then taught through a thematic

pieces of a larger installation. The

lens that encourages students to

goal is for every Mirman student to

explore the topics with greater depth

be known, challenged, inspired, and

and complexity. This allows for our


students to be challenged academically while still being among their peers in

Each of our classes is accelerated

an environment designed to promote

by one academic year, meaning a

and support their social and emotional

third grade class will cover what is


An education that celebrates all dimensions of childhood doesn’t take place strictly at a desk. On our campus, a holistic approach to learning means that all aspects of an individual’s gifts are supported — in the classroom, on the basketball court, under the stage lights, or in a concert hall. Just as we work to provide the appropriate level of challenge for our students


in core subjects like math and reading, we support our artists and athletes with many opportunities to develop their skills and perform. At Mirman, one passion does not preclude another — we give our students the room to explore the interplay of their interests, even those they have yet to discover.


Your child might…

In alignment with best practices


in gifted pedagogy, Mirman builds

Design a utopian society

in natural opportunities for crosscurricular connections. Gifted students often excel at applying knowledge from one area of study to another, and this allows for novel ways of approaching problems. Teachers

Dissect a sheep brain to learn about neuroscience Build arcade games to explore Greek mythology Design a new numeral system

collaborate so that each grade level at Mirman has a central theme through which subject area is approached.

Create a creature from recyclable materials and envisioning its environment — in a foreign language


MirmanX is a middle school startup accelerator for Upper School students to tackle moonshot projects which have the potential to help


Use statistical analysis to solve a real-world problem Compete in First Lego League robotics

a community in some meaningful, tangible way. Mirman provides the material resources and professional guidance to support an idea from genesis to market, including funding for each member of the student

Produce, engineer, and mix their own music Learn web programming fundamentals ….and much more!

cohort. Past projects have included facial recognition software to assist those with dementia or Alzheimer’s, a documentary on prejudice against


Iranians in America, a robotic soccer


practice partner, and more.

to explore our offerings



Service Learning at Mirman is an

Starting in Kindergarten, our Director

opportunity to integrate community

of STEM works with every class on

engagement into the broader K-8

design thinking strategies. The lessons

curriculum. These experiences include

center around using empathy to

service projects specific to the themes

identify a need in the world around

of each grade level, larger community

them, working together to come up

endeavors which engage the entire

with possible solutions, and designing

school, and additional initiatives

prototypes through various iterations.

developed by student leaders. Our

This framework is consistently used

goal is to produce students who are

across the disciplines, such as in

fully engaged with — and open to —

technology, math, writing, and art.

the world around them.



Mirman’s athletics program has

Each year, a group of eighth grade

participation and physical space:

students have the privilege of representing Mirman at the National Association of Independent School’s Student Diversity Leadership Conference. These student leaders are the only middle school representatives in the country to be invited to the conference. They work to develop effective cross-cultural communication skills and to better understand the nature and development of effective strategies for social justice, ultimately leading various community initiatives, events, and presentations.

enjoyed explosive growth both in a multi-phase project saw the installation of new athletics facilities, courts, and fields in 2017. All students take physical education classes, and team sports begin in third grade. Our coaches focus on mechanics, teamwork, and good sportsmanship, and our teams compete in the San Fernando Valley Private School League. Practices occur during physical education class, and students have the option of competing in games after school. Sports offered include cross country, flag football, soccer, volleyball, and more.



Every student at Mirman takes

The arts are an integral part of

a language through our World

every Mirman student’s education.

Languages department, beginning in

Our Concert Singers consistently

Kindergarten when they are exposed

win national awards and recently

to both Mandarin and Spanish. As the

performed at New York's Carnegie

students continue their studies, they

Hall. Starting in third grade, all students

can choose to specialize in Spanish,

participate in drama classes, becoming

Mandarin, or Latin.

comfortable in front of a crowd in preparation for their culminating experience in fully produced Upper School plays and musicals. Each year, students also take classes in the visual arts, exploring everything from painting to large-scale art installations.


Recent graduates and alumni of Mirman School have gone on to study and thrive at the following institutions: HIGH SCHOOLS


Archer School

Amherst College

Brentwood School

Brown University

Cal State LA Early Entrance Program

The Colburn Conservatory of Music

Choate Rosemary Hall

Columbia University

Crossroads School

Cornell University

Flintridge Preparatory School

Dartmouth College

Geffen Academy

Duke University

Georgetown Day

Harvard University

Groton School

Howard University


Johns Hopkins University

Kent School

The New School

Marlborough School

New York University

Milken Community Schools

Northwestern University

New Roads School

Oxford University

North Hollywood Highly Gifted Magnet

Princeton University

Notre Dame High School

Stanford University

Phillips Academy Andover

University of California — Berkeley

Phillips Exeter Academy

University of California — Los Angeles

Polytechnic School

University of Chicago

Sierra Canyon

University of Pennsylvania

Stanford Online High School

University of Southern California

Thacher School

University of Texas at Austin

UCLA Lab School

University of Virginia

Viewpoint School

Vassar College

Westridge School

Wesleyan University Yale University


Mirman remains one of the most


successful schools for highly gifted

1. Take an I.Q. test with one of our

students in the country. This

approved testers

reputation starts with an amazing

2. Submit your application online

group of passionate, insightful, and

3. Schedule a parent interview to

empathic students. Throughout our admission process, we work to find the right pairing of student and learning environment.

help us get to know your family 4. B ring your child to a Saturday Kindergarten playdate 5. S ubmit recommendations and records from your current school

We seek to not only get to know your child’s unique passions, skills, and


personality, but also your hopes and

First through Fourth Grade

dreams for them as they continue to

1. Take an I.Q. test with one of our

grow and evolve. By striving to truly

approved testers

know your child and family, we hope to

2. Submit your application online

help guide you during this important

3. Schedule a parent interview to


help us get to know your family 4. Bring your child for a classroom visit day

A national leader in tuition assistance, we are committed to working with families to make a Mirman education accessible during and beyond application and admission. Our team looks forward to getting to know your family and is excited for the opportunity to assist you through the process of choosing the perfect school for your child. If you are interested in applying to Mirman, these are the next steps:

5. S ubmit recommendations and records from your current school UPPER SCHOOL

Fifth through Eighth Grade 1. Take an I.Q. test with one of our approved testers 2. Submit your application online 3. Take the ISEE test 4. S chedule a parent interview to help us get to know your family 5. Bring your child for a classroom visit day 6. Submit recommendations and records from your current school All deadlines can be found at


LEARN MORE admission@mirman.org (310) 476-2868 16180 Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles, California, 90049


16180 Mulholland Drive Los Angeles, CA 90049 (310) 476-2868


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