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Tom Banjo

By Brian Bowes

Tom Banjo

Illustrated and Written By

Brian Bowes

Artist’s Note: This is a working Sketch Dummy of a story that I love very much. If you enjoy it too, let’s get in touch! Brian Bowes 415-238-1771

Tom Banjo Illustrated and Written By

Brian Bowes

On Fridays the orchestra would play at the farmers’ market. Tom loved to play music, but they would only let him play the triangle.

Tom dashed home and got ready for the concert.

He arrived just as the curtain went up.

Then, Mr. Badger took the stage.

“Tic tic tic,� went the baton, and everyone was silent.

Mr. Badger glowered at the orchestra, and they began to play.

Tom only had one tiny “ting� to play at the very end.

The music went on,

and on,

and on,

but there was no “ting� at the end.


It was a very long walk home.

Tom didn’t want to play music anymore.

Next Friday, Tom went back to the farmers’ market. He saw Mr. Badger.

Mr. Badger did not see him.

Tom heard a different kind of music.

Tom told them how much he loved their music.

“Do you play music too?” asked Begonia

“I used to play banjo” said Tom.

“We need a banjo player for our concert, would you like to play with us?� asked Begonia.

They played and practiced and played getting ready for the concert.

Finally, the big day came and Tom got ready for the concert.

At the market, Mr. Badger saw Tom. He said, “You had better not mess up again.”

Tom hurried to meet up with his friends.

They played with all their hearts.

Even Mr. Badger began to tap his toe,

and the music went on, and on, and on.

Brian Bowes (415) 238 - 1771 Brian

Tom banjo  

A sketch dummy for a picture book.

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