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CATALOGUE PHOTO RENTAL Photography Equipment Photo Studios - Portrait Studio

Congratulations! Thank you for downloading our catalogue. It will be very useful to you when choosing the photographic equipment with which you will take your best photographs. Whether you’re a photographer, a producer, a creative director or simply passionate about photography or shooting, if you’re reading this introduction, it means that you are certainly interested in our services: you may wish to rent one of our photographic studios, our photographic equipment, or you may need our help and advice. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We have created this catalog in PDF format so you can keep it handy at all times. Keep a copy on your iPod, iPhone, laptop or on a memory stick. Remember that you can make a free copy of this file and re-publish it on your website. We only ask that you do not make any changes to the content, copyright and links present in the document. We need to inform you immediately about a few things on which we have really focussed. Please check out the following pages. Thanks again

Now you’re ready to make your own first draft budget. So you can deal better with your budget and adjust the list of what you need accordingly. This catalogue will be useful for: • Hiring our Photo Equipment • Renting a Photographic Studio and/or a Portrait studio Come to us for: • Consultation on Specialised Photographers, consultants and services. Photography assistants,Digital assistants, Makeup artists, Hairstylists, Stylists, Casting Services, Catering,Transport for People and/or Equipment, Municipal Permits etc. • requests for Technical Advice and Consultation

Photographic Equipment In our catalogue you can find Photographic Equipment, used by the Best Photographers Worldwide. The Best Brands, the most popular, the most reliable. The quality of our equipment is impeccable. Our ongoing commitment is to always provide fully functioning equipment that keeps pace with new technologies. Let us choose for you the Most Advanced Technological Solutions now available on the professional photography market. We dedicate time for Maintenance of our equipment, on a regular schedule. Any equipment you hire and use will be delivered only after our audit, control and fine-tuning.

Assistance Precisely for this reason we can guarantee continuous and efficient On Set Assistance in case of any faults and/or other glitches that may occur during the course of the event. This means that in the unlikely event that something unexpected occurs, we are ready to assist you quickly, by replacing the equipment and allowing you to complete the photo shoot.

Photographic Studios We have prepared and equipped our Photo Studios based on our personal and direct experience acquired by being in contact with highly qualified professional photographers. Every corner of our studio is designed and developed to ensure a comfortable workspace. The tools and accessories that you’ll find within the studios will certainly make everything much easier and simpler.

Professionality We can offer you the co-operation of the Best Professionals and Assistants in Rome – we say this without any false modesty - highly trained, friendly and helpful. High quality Make-Up Artists, Hair Stylists, and Fashion Stylists.

Studio Assistants, that can ensure reliability. Digital Assistants highly specialised and constantly updated on the best use of the newest Software and Digital Backs. Their real strength however, is the live hands on experience acquired backstage, while in close contact with the characters of world photography .

Advice Our experience for over 30 years gained in the field of high quality Professional Photography, with eminent National and International Clients gives us the assurance and expertise to be able to advise best on: • How to Choose the right and best suited equipment • How to Find the ideal location • How to Regulate costs.

All you have to do now is to make a list of what you need, contact us so that we can deal with your requirements and needs. Remember, you can contact us at any time and ask for our help and our collaboration. Regards from Elio and Luca

FAQ Why are some items in the catalogue not priced? • because the costs can only be assessed at the final balancing exercise • because the piece is a small part of a Kit and cannot be valued singularly •

because they refer to professional services (photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists), so costs can only be assessed by the quote of the specialist involved and depending on the type work required.

How to apply discounts and special rates? We would like you to know that we will always try to meet your requests and we reserve special discounts for our subscribers. The percentage of the discount varies from 10% to 40% in proportion with the amount and duration of the hire period. We can tell you now that at weekends you can get a Special Weekend Rate. You can pick up the equipment on Friday afternoon and return it on Monday morning, paying the rental for a day and a half instead of two days. What are the Special Offers? The first section of this catalogue covers some of our kit on Special Offer. You’ll find that with a minimum expenditure you can use one of our “packages” of equipment that will allow you to easily fit out your set and make your photo shoot. The kits are not separable and no further discounted can be applied. We will always keep you informed of all the new items that will be included in the catalogue and any new offers. Please remember to also read the section on Terms and Conditions of Hire that complies with all the contract regulations.

Index Offers Kit on special offer

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Studios and Assistants Photographic studios limbo e daylight, chromakey, assistants


Strobe Lighting Battery and Cable flash Profoto, flash Broncolor, flash Bowens, kit and accessories


Flash Accesories Umbrellas, softbox, speedring, reflectors, grids set


Supports Stands, booms, arm, clamps, tripods, monopod, balance weights, entension tubes


Reflectors Lastolite, polystyrene, flags


Backgrounds Paper and cotton colors backdrops, background support kit


Continuos Lighting Fresnel, quartz, photoflood


Digital Backs Phase One P40+, Hasselblad H2, lenses and accessories


Digital Reflex 35mm Canon 5D, lenses and accessories


General lighting accessories Sync cords, radio transmitters, lightmeter


Hardware Mac Book pro, Mac Pro, Hd Display, digital service


Services & Production

pag. 20

Delivery service, location scouting, permits, casting, make up, fashion styling, hair styling, van, digital postproduction Studio & Stage equipments

Wind machine, apple box, filters set, black foil, gaffer tape, bags, trucks, portable battery generator, electric tools, stands, steamer



Hasselblad + Phase One kit € 500.00 Phase One P40+ Digital Back, Hasselblad H2, HC 2,8/80 mm, Digital Assistant, Mac Book Pro 17', 1 firewire cable 16,5'' Profoto Kit Battery Portable Strobe Lighting Battery Portable Strobe Lighting Pro-7b 1200w, 1 Head, 1 Extra Battery, Battery Charger, 2 Pocket Wizard, 1 Manfrotto Tripod, 1 Umbrella or Softbox medium, 1 Handcart

€ 79.00 Profoto Kit Strobe Lighting Studio Profoto Generator Pro-7a 2400W, 2 Heads, 2 Pocket Wizard, 1 Umbrella, 1 Softbox medium

€ 99.00 Canon Kit Digital Reflex Canon Eos 5D, Battery Grip (with 1 Extra Battery), Battery Charger, 1 Lens

€ 97.00 Profoto Compact 600 Kit 3 Monolight 600watt, 2 umbrellas, 1 Softbox medium, 3 stands, 2 Pocket Wizard, Bag

€ 89.00 Bowens Kit 3 Flash Bowens Esprit 750W, 2 umbrellas, 1 Softbox medium, 3 stands, 2 Pocket Wizard, Bag

€ 77.00 pagina 1


Studio Limbo Portrait Studio Limbo on 2 sides Lenght 26'' Width 13''m Height:10'' 10kw - h.9.30/18.30

€ 350.00 Studio Limbo - Half Day Portrait Studio Limbo on 2 side Lenght 26'' Width 13''m Height:10'' 10kw - HalfDay/ Equipment

€ 180.00 Limbo BLU / GREEN screen Painting Limbo BLU / GREEN screen White Recovery

€ 500.00 Studio Daylight Portrait Studio Daylight Lenght 56'' Width 36'' Height 16,5'' 20kw - h.9.30/18.30

€ 750.00 Backdrop Studio Daylight White plastic matt backdrop Dimension 16,5'' x 33''

€ 150.00 Saturday/Sunday - Before holidays/Holidays

contact us!

Increase of 50% for the use of the Studio at weekends or during holidays

Overtime Studio

€ 60.00

Hourly Overtime use Portrait Studio pagina 2contact

Assistant Photographic Assistant. 9 hours work. Overtime 40,00€/hour

€ 180.00 Digital Assistant Digital Assistant 9 hours work. Overtime 40,00€/hour

€ 250.00 Assistant Overtime Hourly overtime Assistant

€ 40.00


Profoto Pro-7b kit Battery Portable Strobe Lighting Profoto Pro-7b 1200w, 1 head , Sync Cord, 1 Extra Battery, Bag, Battery Charger

€ 80.00 Profoto Pro-7b Battery Strobe Battery Portable Strobe Lighting Profoto Pro-7b 1200w

€ 50.00 Profoto Pro-b Flash Head Flash Head Profoto Pro-7b 1200w

€ 20.00 Profoto Pro-7b Battery Battery Profoto Pro-7b

€ 15.00 pagina 3

Profoto Pro-7b Battery charger Profoto Pro-7b Battery charger 2A (220v)

€ 5.00 Profoto Pro-7a Battery Strobe Battery Strobe Profoto Pro-7a 2400w

€ 70.00 Profoto Pro-7a Flash Head Flash Head Profoto pro-7a 2400w

€ 20.00 Profoto Pro-7a kit 2400W Profoto Battery Strobe Pro-7a 2400W, 1 head , Sync Cord, Bag

€ 90.00 Profoto Power Cable Flash head Profoto Power cable

€ 15.00 Profoto Compact 600R Monolight Profoto 600w Built-in radio receiver

€ 40.00 Profoto Compact 600R KiT 3 Monolight 600watt, 2 umbrellas, 1 Softbox medium, 3 stands, 2 Slave Pocket Wizard, Bag

€ 89.00 Broncolor Verso A2 kit Battery Strobe A2 1200w / Battery Portable Strobe 1200w, 1 Head , Cavo Sync, 1 Battery, Bag, Battery charger

€ 99.00 pagina 4

Broncolor Head A2 Flash Head Broncolor A2 da 1200w

€ 30.00 Bowens Flash Esprit Kit 3 Monolights Esprit 750w, 1 Softbox 100x100cm, 2 Umbrellas

€ 80.00 Bowens Monolight Esprit 750w Monolight Esprit 750w

€ 30.00


4' Umbrella (115cm) White/Silver

€ 10.00 8' Giant Reflector (240cm) Giant umbrella reflector for Profoto flash head.

€ 120.00 7' Giant Umbrella (220cm) Aurora Giant umbrella reflector for Profoto flash head, white inside + Cine stand

€ 79.00 Softbox Striplight 1x6' RF Flash Diffuser 30x180cm + speed ring

€ 50.00 pagina 5

Softbox 5' Octa Flash Diffuser, diameter 150cm + speed ring

€ 50.00 Softbox 4x6' RF Flash Diffuser 120x180cm + speed ring

€ 40.00 Softbox 4x4,5' RF Flash Diffuser 120x140cm + speed ring

€ 40.00 Softbox 3,5x3,5' RF Flash Diffuser 100x100cm + speed ring

€ 35.00 Softbox 1x1' RF Flash Diffuser 50x50cm + speed ring

€ 25.00 Profoto Speedring for Softbox Softbox Adapter Ring for Flash Head Profoto

€ 5.00 Pofoto Magnum Reflector Diffuser Reflector for Flash Head Profoto

€ 25.00

studio154@studio154.i Profoto TeleZoom Reflector Diffuser Reflector for Flash Head Profoto

€ 30.00 pagina 6

Profoto Reflector Beauty Dish Silver Silver Diffuser Reflector for Flash Head Profoto(Soft light)

€ 30.00 Profoto Reflector Beauty Dish White White Diffuser Reflector for Flash Head Profoto(Soft light)

€ 30.00 Profoto Grid for softlight reflector Profoto 25' Grid for Beauty Dish

€ 15.00 Profoto GridSet Grid Reflector 7' + 3 Honeycomb grids 5°, 10°, 20°

€ 30.00 Profoto Zoom Reflector Standard Reflector for Flash Head Profoto

€ 15.00 Profoto Barn Doors Barn doors for Profoto Reflector

€ 15.00 Globe Light Globe Diffuser for Profoto

€ 25.00 Snoot Spothlight diffuser

€ 10.00 pagina 7

Bowens Softbox Seedring Accessory flash mounted softbox on Flash heads Bowens

€ 8.00 Bowens Honeycomb Grids Set Bowens 7' Grid Reflector + 3 honeycomb grids 5°, 10°, 20°

€ 15.00 Bowens Softlight Reflector Silver Softlight Reflector (beauty dish) for Flash Bowens

€ 20.00 Bowens Parabola bw120 Reflector for Flash Bowens

€ 5.00


Manfrotto Nano Stand Min h.10cm, max h.35cm

€ 5.00 Manfrotto Medium Stand Manfrotto 004B. Min h.3,5'' max h.13''

€ 10.00 Manfrotto C Stand Stativo Century 40. Min h.h.3,5'' max h.12'' Black

€ 15.00 pagina 8

Manfrotto Wheeled Stand Big Manfrotto 008U Cine Stand. Min h.5'', max h.7''

€ 25.00 Manfrotto Wheeled Wind up Wind up Ercole. Min h. 6'', max h.13''

€ 30.00 Manfrotto Superboom Super Boom 025BSL features coaxial geared. maximum height of 10''

€ 30.00 Manfrotto Boom 9' 3 Sections Boom. Min h. 3'', max h. 10''

€ 20.00 Manfrotto Autopole Min h.6'', max h.13''

€ 10.00 Articulated Arm Flag Arm

€ 5.00 Manfrotto Magic Arm Junction arm

€ 5.00 Pantograph Exstensible Pantograph max 6'' exstension

€ 10.00 pagina 9

Adapter Spigot Multi Purpose Tool

€ 0.50 Swivel Adapter Multi Purpose Tool

€ 1.00 Clamp with Spigot Clamp with Spigot

€ 3.00 Super Clamp Clamps on to any tube from 13-55mm

€ 3.00 Clamp Sky Hook Sky Hook Gaffer grip with adjustable jaws

€ 5.00 Spring Clamp Heavy Duty Spring Clamp

€ 1.00 Mini Spring Clamp 3 Piece mini Spring Clamp set

€ 0.50 Fork polystyrene Support for polystyrene

€ 3.00 pagina 10

Double Fork polystyrene Support for polystyrene

€ 5.00 Manfrotto 3D Super-pro Head Head 3D Super-pro Head with 3 controls for Manfrotto Tripod

€ 25.00 Manfrotto Head Joystick Roll Joystick Head Short or Manfrotto Tripod

€ 25.00 Manfrotto Tripod Tripod Manfrotto 058B triaut BLK new with head

€ 40.00 Manfrotto Monopod Automatic Professional Monopod with swivel/tilt head for camera

€ 20.00 Manfrotto Monopiede Professional Monopod for camera

€ 10.00 Stand shelf Shelf for stand laptop size

€ 10.00 Folding base with wheels base with wheel(assembled with shelf and entension tube to allow a comfortable position laptop stand)

€ 10.00 pagina 11

Section Double Articulated arm Gives great extendable sliding arm adjustment capabilities. Precision positioning permits at any Angle

€ 5.00 Sand bag Ideal for light stands, boom stand.

€ 3.00 9lb Counterweight Counterweight clamp

€ 5.00 Telescopic extension tube Extension tube for 3,30'' to 6,60'' Terminal Bush 29mm, Galvanized steel

€ 30.00 Extension tube 3,30'' Extension tube 3,30'' (1m) Terminal Bush 29mm, Galvanized steel

€ 15.00

Reflectors & Diffusers

Lastolite Reflectos Circular or rectanguar White / Silver / Gold / Diffuser

€ 10.00 Port Polystyrene Stainless door feet polystyrene

€ 1.00 pagina 12

Polystyrene Polystyrene White/Black 4''x10''

€ 15.00 Flag with pliers and joints 1x1' Steel flag with pliers and joints

€ 10.00 Black Flag Canvas 1x2' Black Flag Canvas

€ 10.00 Arm for flag Flag Support with joints

€ 5.00


Knitted Curtain Black Backgrounds 13x13'' Black Background with rings

€ 30.00 Chromakey Background Knitted curtain 10x23''

€ 40.00 Paper Background Rolls 10x 36'' Paper Background Various range of colours - Consumables -

€ 100.00 pagina 13

Paper Background Rolls 10,50'' x 98'' Paper Background Various range of colours - Consumables -

€ 300.00 Knitted Curtain Backgrounds 9''x18'' Knitted background White /Black/ Various color

€ 30.00 Background Support System Kit with 2 stand, 4 piece telescopic cross bar (10') contained in a handy bag

€ 30.00 Background Support bar € 20.00 Background Support bar 4 pieces stand for up to 4' (1m) Bar Expand Backgrounds Tools

€ 5.00


Ianiro Quartz Quartz Ianiro 1000w with Barn Doors

€ 15.00 ARRI Studio Fresnels ARRI Fresnel 1000w with Barn Doors

€ 25.00 pagina 14

Ianiro Photoflood Photoflood Ianiro 500w with hood

€ 10.00 Ianiro Softbox 2x2' Softbox Ianiro for continuos lighting

€ 25.00 Ianiro ring adaptor for Softbox Accessory flash mounted softbox on Ianiro

€ 5.00


Hasselblad + Phase One P40+ kit Phase One P40+ Dorso Digitale, Hasselblad H2, HC 2.8/80 mm, Digital Assistant, Mac Book Pro 17', 1 firewire cable 16,5''

€ 500.00 Studio Digital Kit Hasselblad Apple Mac Pro, Apple Screen Cinema HD 23', Phase One P40 Digital Back, Hasselblad H2, HC 2.8/80 mm, Digital Assistant

€ 600.00 HC 3.5/35 mm Hasselblad Lens with shade for Hasselblad serie H

€ 95.00 HC 3.5/50 mm Hasselblad Lens with shade for Hasselblad serie Hs

€ 85.00 pagina 15

HC 2.8/80 mm Hasselblad Lens with shade for Hasselblad serie H

€ 50.00 HC 4/100 mm Hasselblad Lens with shade for Hasselblad serie H

€ 80.00 HC 4/120 mm Hasselblad Lens with shade for Hasselblad serie H

€ 75.00 HC 4/150 mm Hasselblad Lens with shade for Hasselblad serie H

€ 80.00 HC 4/210 mm Hasselblad Lens with shade for Hasselblad serie H

€ 80.00 HC 4.5/300 mm Hasselblad Lens with shade for Hasselblad serie H

€ 80.00


Canon EOS 5D CMOS Sensor with 12,8 MP full frame

€ 90.00 pagina 16

Canon EOS 5D Mark II € 110.00 CMOS Sensor with 22 MP full frame Video HD Canon EF 16-35mm f2.8L II USM Lens with shade

€ 50.00 Canon Zoom EF 28-80mm 1:2.8-4 L Lens with shade

€ 30.00 Canon Ultrasonic 70-200/2.8 L IS Stabilized L series Lens with shade

€ 40.00 Canon Battery Grip BG-E4 Double slot battery

€ 20.00 Canon Speedlite 430EX Flash TTL for Canon

€ 25.00


Sync Cable Sync cable to connect the camera to flash

€ 3.00 pagina 17

PocketWizard Plus II 1 Transmitter radiosyncro / Receiver, 4 channels

€ 15.00 PocketWizard Plus II Set Kit 2 receiver radiosyncro/ Receiver, 4 channels

€ 30.00 Profoto Air Sync Kit Kit 2 receiver radiosyncro / Receiver, 8 channels, light control as far away as 1000ft (300m)

€ 30.00 Lightmeter Minolta IVc Digital Lightmeter

€ 30.00 Lightmeter Gossen-Lunasix Analogic Lightmeter

€ 15.00 Colorchecker Gretag Colorchecker

€ 10.00 Card reader Multi Card reader

€ 3.00 Compact Flash Compact Flash memory card 4gb

€ 5.00 pagina 18

Cavo Firewire 400 - 10m Cavo Firewire 400 da 10m

€ 15.00


Internet KEY Usb Key for internet mobile connection

€ 35.00 Apple MacBook Pro Laptop 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, RAM 4gb, Sreen 17'

€ 100.00 Mac Book Pro Battery Extra battery for Mac Book Pro

€ 25.00 Apple Cinema HD Display Apple Screen Cinema HD 16:9, 23'

€ 60.00 Apple Mac Pro Computer. 2 processor Quad-Core Intel Xeon 2.8 GHz, RAM 6 GB, Grafic board ATI Radeon 2600 XT 256 MB memory

€ 120.00 Canon Selphy730 Portable printer, SELPHY CP730 allows you to print your images directly from your camera or computer

€ 15.00 pagina 19

Hard Disk Portable Hard Disk

€ 25.00 Wacom Bamboo Wacom Bamboo Graphic Tablet

€ 15.00


Van Rental Rental vans of various size

scrivici ! Car Rental Rental cars of various size

scrivici ! Delivery/Whitdrawal Service Delivery/Whitdrawal Service

scrivici ! Location Scouting Looking for any tipe of location

scrivici ! Permits We take care of permits to occupy public land

scrivici ! pagina 20

Casting Service

contact us! Virtual Casting Virtual Casting Presentation of Photos and Composit models by email

contact us! Catering

contact us! Servizio Hotel Prenotazione Hotel

contact us! Make up Artists

contact us! Fashion Styling

contact us! Hair Styling â‚Ź 350.00 PostProductio - Photoretouch PostProduction - Digital Photoretouch - hourly fare -

â‚Ź 40.00 pagina 21c


Still Life Table 4x6' Still Life Table with White Translucent Plexiglass (120x80cm)

€ 15.00 Wind Machine Bowens Jet Stream Wind Machine

€ 40.00 Colour Lighting gel - Various Color Color gel and Frost, available in different colors and gradations - Consumables -

€ 85.00 Black Foil Aluminum Foil Black Rolls 23x2' (700 x 60cm) - Consumables -

€ 85.00 Nastro Gaffer Gaffer Tape - Various Color - Consumables -

€ 35.00 Appleboxes Increases in wood 4 size

€ 5.00 Cube White cube 1,5x1,5' (48x48cm)

€ 8.00 pagina 22

Computer bag 17' Laptop 17pollici con palpebra

€ 10.00 Borsa Imbottita Aurora Borsa imbottita grande

€ 5.00 Borsa per Generatore Profoto Borsa per Generatore Profoto Pro-7b

€ 5.00 Valigia Flight-Case Dimensione interne l.35xp.35xh.42cm o l.53xp.40xh.53

€ 15.00 Carrello 4 Ruote Carrello 4 Ruote Pianale pieghevole, trasporta 150kg

€ 20.00 Carrello 2 Ruote Compatto Carrello 2 Ruote Compatto Pieghevole, trasporta 50kg

€ 20.00 Carrello 2 Ruote Grande Carrello 2 Ruote Grande Gomme pneumatiche, trasporta 115kg

€ 10.00 Motogeneratore Elettrico Portatile Compatto e silenziato, Potenza 1Kv, autonomia 6 ore, serbatoio 4,2lt benzina verde

€ 35.00 pagina 23

Electrical Extension cord Electtric cable 49''- 65'' (15/20m)

€ 3.00 Power Strip Power Strip

€ 3.00 Clothes stand with wheels € 10.00 Clothes stand with wheels Trampoline € 40.00 Round Trampoline Rope € 2.00 Rope Price per meter Gazebo € 20.00 Modular Gazebo 10''x10'' Fog Machine Fog Machine

€ 50.00 Steamer Steamer

€ 25.00 pagina 24

Ombrellone Ombrello per proteggersi dal sole

â‚Ź 5.00 Sedia regista Sedia pieghevole da regista

â‚Ź 5.00

pagina 25


CATALOGUE PHOTO RENTAL Photography Equipment Photo Studios - Portrait Studio Watch our online Catalogue (Italian language, English coming soon!) Go to home page (English) Go to STUDIO154 official web-site (Italian) Contact us!


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