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portugal 2017 KULeuven

geert de neuter 


printed on 4 copies

6 travel notes.

I GREEN under a white sky, with a ribbon of blue, the fish and the plants, are essential. in colour, smell, they fill the heart of Moby Dick. a lesson on food production and origin. the counterpart of large scale Carrefours and likes. 

II LIGHT a small project, where light travels through space, reflected on the blond hair. where forms sync in space. a story about materials, limestone concrete steel, and craftmanship.

III RUNNING the essence of architecture, people using space. the most elemental act in the running and play of children. the act of use as a definer for space. 

IV TREES 5 days, many buildings, but above all beautiful trees, as equals of architecture. Libanese cedars. Eucalyptus trees. at the pool of Siza and here in Cascais. the trees are like a constant marker. of place and in time. 

X ENGINEER-ARCHITECT X marks the spot, a moment of meeting, with architects. astonishment about the combination of architect and engineer. in essence the same, looking for a balanced solution. at the same time, a poetry of space. work by our students, on a park. crossing of nature, building and infrastructure. 

lie bormans - jonas lens - gitte goos

S WATER Portugal as land by the sea, the water all around. big waves. rain in all its forms : light, shower, pouring, vertical, horizontal, nebula or cloud.


2017, geert de neuter all rights reserved

Portugal 2017 / travelnotes  
Portugal 2017 / travelnotes