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n o s i t t a P y k Vic From ‘YES’ to ‘I DO’


SPECIALISING IN LIP ENHANCEMENT At Opulent Beauty experience a tailor-made service with different brands of filler and different shapes to suit your face and ensure your desired lip goals. Offering a list of tailor-made treatments including: MUSCLE RELAXING to help smooth and lift fine areas. CHEEK ENHANCEMENTS to sculpt and lift the face. NASOLABIAL FOLDS a dermal filler which helps smooth and lift lines. SKIN PEELS we offer all different varieties of skin peels depending on your skin concerns. Including medical grade peels. ZELA TREATMENTS which is injected hyaluronic acid into the skin to give a youthful look.

Choose your style: Classic This style of lip augmentation is subtle, yet produces a distinctive formation of all the 5 natural planes that exist in the lips. Women who have lost volume through aging and those who want a subtle augmentation choose this style. The Classic style works well with Par (1:1) beginning type lips.


Rubina Rubina lips are the full expression of the natural 5 planes that exist in the lips. This means that any more material placed in the lips will distort these forms, causing the look to become unaesthetic. Rubina lips are heavily dependent on the facial structure of the woman wanting this look. If they have enough length to their face from the bottom of nose to the chin, then this can be a very pleasing style.

Rubina Cupid Cupid form is the rarest of all the lip forms. The Cupid lip form has a very powerful youthful presentation. This is because Cupid lip form is very prominent in pre-adolescent females.

Cupid Pearlique This lip style accentuates the lower lip (in particular the two teardrops that form it). Pearlique is the opposite of the Cupid style. By accenting the two teardrop shapes a more youthful, voluminous effect is achieved. Since Pearlique is isolated to the lower lip, it is able to be combined with other looks. Pearlique complements looks such as Cupid and Rubina very well.

Pearlique Hollywood The Hollywood style is ideal for women who desire attention to their lips without a full presentation of both upper and lower lip. This style is seen frequently in movie and entertainment personalities. This lip style potentiates all three forms of the upper lip, which are the two tapering rhomboid shapes, and the half bucket in the middle of the upper lip.


07931 195 931

2 Painters Road, Newbury Park, Essex, IG2 7TF @OpulentBeautySpa


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It’s a funny thing being an editor, in that a certain demographic know who you are and yet they don’t know you at all; they know only what you do for a living. Something, in the case of editing a magazine, that’s writ largely across these monthly pages. Plus, I’m lucky enough to be able to bang on about something/anything that particularly tickles me on this page every issue, too. I’m happy for this side of myself to be revealed. I’m immensely proud of what the team and I achieve here at Close Up HQ. I’ve always thought that a good magazine – and hopefully you will count Close Up as one – should feel like a friend, and like all best friends, share ideas and pleasures together. Our office is like a madhouse at the moment. We are gearing up as we do around this time for our next couple of editions that will see us through to the end of the year. There are always a few good constructive discussions as to what is going to make the cut, be it an interview or a cover star. Makes me remember why I like this job so much…

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When ideas started percolating for this edition never did I guess we would wind up here. But I couldn’t be more thrilled. Close Up was born as a magazine with an inspiration to help you make the most of life and we are proud to say we have blossomed and that our popularity is growing day by day with a very impressive readership across the UK and online.

I would love to know what you think of this issue and which articles you enjoy the most. I believe it sets a great tone for our next issue and beyond. Have a great month!



Andrea x

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As well as the fastest up to the minute news and our encyclopaedic coverage of the fashion, beauty and the celebrity world we adore running our articles to complement the fantastic picture galleries and short stories that are already so popular. Our aim has always been to present to you, our readers, a creative mix of content straight to your doorstep. Thank you to everyone, readers, collaborators, advertisers and my spectacular team. All have made this magazine something to be proud of.



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Lupita Nyong'o


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PATTISON Words by Olivia Panayi

Vicky’s life has taken an exciting turn with her latest engagement to the lovely John Noble. Her courageous spirit and thrill-seeking lifestyle has taken Vicky down under for the second time as she partakes in Australia’s ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get me Out of Here!’. And we’re eager to see where her career will take her next.




Hi Vicky! Congratulations on your engagement to John Noble. We’re enormously thrilled for what we’re sure will be a show stopper wedding. Thank you so much – it’s such a dream come true, we are both very happy! Did the proposal come as a surprise? A total surprise! John proposed to me on a dog walk near where we live – it sounds simple but it was just perfect. I was so happy and I couldn’t love the ring more (it’s a sparkler!!) We had a big engagement party in Newcastle for our friends and family which was great. Although I felt the pressure as I organized the entire thing – let’s see how I deal with planning the actual wedding for next Summer! Wish me luck! Are you feeling nervous or excited for married life? I’m so excited, I also really hope it doesn’t change things too much because we are so happy right now. I’m most excited about walking down the aisle and John seeing me for the first time. We’ve booked the venue and looking around made us both so excited. We’ve also got a surprise performer which is a pretty-big deal! My sister is getting married this year though so it’s rightly all about Laura’s wedding for now – I’m currently planning her hen-do in Dublin for late-Summer! Are there any talks or hope for children in the near future? Absolutely, children weren’t always going to be a big part of my future, but John has totally changed that. A lot of our friends have had children now too, so our social lives involve kiddies now, often over a Sunday roast! But like I say, everything has changed now – we often talk about having a family, I predict perhaps 2 or 3 children. Let’s get the wedding out of the way first. But having a family is really important to us and our future. We understand that wedding plans were put on pause due to your appearance on Australia’s ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get me Out of Here’. Did you prefer your time more on the British or Australian version of the show? I honestly loved both – in different ways! Both were lifechanging experiences for me. I have to say though, the UK version is harder, less food for sure. I made friends for life in both shows – and of course the UK version totally changed my life. I’ll be forever grateful and will continue to be the world’s biggest fan of the show!


Did you bond with anyone in particular while in the Jungle? I bonded with Paul Burrell as we went in at the same time - we spent a lot of time together, talking about our lives and families. Overall though I bonded with Fiona O’Loughlin – as reported, I opened up to Fiona about my past and a very important personal issue close to my heart. She is an amazing woman and I couldn’t be happier that she won! In our last interview you were in the midst of releasing your latest fitness products. Are you still pushing forward with your fitness career? Absolutely – fitness is one of my passion projects and it always will be now. Like many women in their 30’s – I’ve been on a big journey when it comes to my health and fitness regime, but it’s still right up there. I work-out 3-4 times a week when I’m at home and I’m working towards a new project as we speak. With all these exciting changes in your life, do you have any more future plans? What you’ll be seeing from me this summer is more TV, more fitness, more fashion – basically doing more of what I love. I’ve been so busy since the New Year with campaigns, my new MTV show ‘Beach Body SOS’ and Australia’s ‘I’m A Celeb’ – I was then straight back out to Oz for work and promotion after which was great. I’ve had a little break and some ‘me time’ which was super important – I also got to continue with decorating our new house (I’m an interiors geek!) haha. I love being busy and this year has been really great to me so far – it’s looking like it will be a brilliant 2018! What will be your next exciting media appearance for us to look out for? I can’t give too much away but I’m currently filming for a Keep up with really fun new TV show – a Vicky Pattison show I’ve been a fan of for a long time. I also have a big @VickyPattison beauty project coming up so @VickyPattison watch this space…! My diary is packed so it won’t be long @VickyPattison1 before I can share more :)



BOHEMIAN goes Premium While artisan fabrics and Aztec prints are a perennial favourite for beach holidays and festival goers, this season’s designers have got crafty and brought a hit of textured, boho luxury to everything from wedges to cocktail dresses.

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Long Tall Sally

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FASHION River Island

SUN Kissed

Back when we were young, we swore off wearing orange and mustard yellows because 1) pumpkins, and 2) it can be a little harsh on the face. But now that we’ve matured like a good stilton, and everybody on both the street and the runway are parading around with these bold colours more then ever.

New Look £19.99

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Be proud of


Dr Richard Marques

YOUR SMILE For more information on Dr Marques and his London based dental practice please see: 0207 637 1672 Follow @ask_the_dentist @ask_the_dentist


THE celebrity’s C This month I had the absolute pleasure of treating the amazing Billy Ocean and his lovely wife. They popped in for check-ups and brightened up with the clinic with their Dr Marques smiles!

who is one of the UK’s leading celebrity dentists and is known as ‘The King of Smiles’.


product recommendation I always remind my patients how important it is to use mouthwash every day. My Super Strong 100% Natural Tooth Whitening & Breath Freshening Mouthwash uses natural peppermint oil, fennel seed and aloe vera to help maintain fresh breath and pearly whites! £24.00 at



1 2 3

The first thing to do is find the right dentist for you. Many actually specialise in treating fearful patients, so do some research and ask them to give you a call so you’re more at ease ahead of your first appointment.


Communicate your anxieties with your dentist. Your fears are actually very common and a good dentist will have various ways to help ease your mind before and during the appointment.


Distraction is key. I always have an ipod and headphones to hand so anxious patients can listen to music during procedures. This helps drown out any unsettling sounds and takes their mind off what’s happening.


Don’t be afraid to ask about the tools your dentist is using. It may help you to know what each instrument does and eliminate the fear of the unknown.

Take someone you know and trust with you. They can help to reassure you and add an extra element of comfort and support. Try to book your appointments for the morning so you don’t spend your day overthinking it and allowing the fear to build, distracting you from work or other important tasks.


Use relaxation techniques before and during procedures. The easiest way to relax instantly is to take a really deep breath in and then breathe out slowly.


In more extreme cases, hypno-therapy can help many people with dental phobia overcome their anxieties. It can also help with other issues such as teeth grinding or clenching of the teeth.


Ensure you’re as comfortable as possible. If you’d rather not recline, ask if you can be examined in an upright chair. Wear loose clothing and make sure you’re able to breathe easily out of your nose.


Look after your teeth! The better care you take of your oral health, the less time you’ll have to spend at the dentist. Brush twice a day and don’t forget to use mouthwash and floss too!

A Doctor-led practice with


NL Clinic provides free consultation, competitive prices and the most comprehensive care of any clinic in North London. With experienced staff and the newest technology we are able to treat most Aesthetic problems without the need for surgery.




Mesotherapy, Radio Frequency, Ultrasound, Cryolipolysis

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GET YOUR SMILE READY FOR SUMMER Meet Hampden Dental Clinic’s, friendly and approachable hygienist Binisha Patel.

Patient Q&A Q1 Where did you hear of Airflow? A friend had it done at the surgery and recommended it to me Q2. Why did you decide to go for the treatment? I wanted my teeth to look whiter and wanted a proper cleaning, particularly in those hard to reach areas. Q3. Was it painful? No. In fact the solution they used was lemon flavoured and tasted lovely! Q4. How long did it take? Not long at all. Around 15 minutes. I fitted it in during my lunch break. Q5. Could you see a difference in your smile/teeth straight away? Straight away! My teeth looked much whiter and also felt squeaky clean. Q6. Would you have Airflow again? Definitely. It makes such a difference instantly. I’ve had lots of compliments about my teeth since. I would highly recommend.

Follow Binisha on Instagram


020 8368 1782 E: • Hampden Dental Clinic 24


3 Onslow Parade, Hampden Square, Southgate N14 5JN

0% FINANCE AVAILABLE 020 8368 1782 E: Hampden Dental Clinic @HampdenDental

3 Onslow Parade, Hampden Square, Southgate N14 5JN


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All General Dentistry and Hygienist Appointments Available



IMPORTANCE of hydration Symptoms of dehydration

Tips to hydrate

• thirst • dizziness • confusion • fatigue • dry skin/mouth • less frequent urination • increased heart rate

• drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day (2L) • Minimize caffeine • avoid alcohol and sugary beverages • whether you are thirsty or not drink water before, during and after exercising.

Tips for keeping fit this Summer 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Intense workout Food log Buddy up Fresh produce Stairs Water dumbells

7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.


5 HEALTHY & LOW CALORIE SOFT DRINK SUBSTITUTES Fruit infused sparkling water Iced tea Fruit juice and sparkling water Fruit smoothie Sparkling fruit slushie

Bench workout Downtime walking Pack your trainers Pack snacks Drink water Hotels with gyms


Cucumbers are 96% water Zucchinis are 95% water Tomatoes are 94% water Pineapples are 87% water Watermelons are 92% water Strawberries are 92% water


• 20 squats • 10 split squats (use chair) • 12 lunges • 30 standing leg raises • 20 climbers

Inner thighs • 20 sumo squats • 40 side leg raises • 20 deep side lunges • 20 leg extensions • 20 side leg extensions • 40 side leg raises




• Don’t skip a workout • Drink lots of water • Get outside • Prepare for the week ahead • Try something new • Get enough sleep (7+ hours) • Evaluate how well you did last week

Bucket List

• Miniature golf – 210 calories an hour • Take a bike ride – 560 calories an hour • Throw water balloons – 200 calories an hour • Fly a kite – 3.5 calories a minute • Go for a swim – 450 calories an hour • Swing on swings – 50 calories 15 minutes • Jump on trampoline – 240 calories an hour • Paddle a canoe – 450 calories an hour • Walk around the zoo – 220 calories an hour • Slide down a slide – 75 calories 20 minutes


Metabolism boosting foods Water






Sweet potato


Olive oil






Cottage cheese

Our Hertfordshire private medical Clinic

Why wait to see a hip or knee Consultant

Specialists in hip, knee, ankle, wrist and shoulders Same day MRI and X-Ray appointments Pay monthly with 0% credit or use medical insurance We’re open 7 days a week, including evenings and weekends

5 minutes from Junction 8 M1 10 minutes from Junction 21 M25 Ample free parking

Your care starts here 01442 331 900 Boundary Way, Hemel Hempstead, HP2 7YU







Lupita Nyong’o talks about the success of her film Black Panther, and the empowering message the blockbuster sends.


n just five years, Lupita Nyong’o is one of the most in demand actors in the film industry. Her breakthrough role came in 2013 with 12 Years A Slave, a performance that earned her numerous awards and propelled her to instant stardom. Since then, she has appeared in two Star Wars films, been a voice in The Jungle Book and become part of the smash hit blockbuster Black Panther, out on DVD this month. Chadwick Boseman plays the king of an isolated African nation named Wakanda, which is technologically superior to the rest of the world and hides away in fear of the corruption of outer society. When an evil presence emerges, however, Boseman and his team of skilled warriors must make their presence felt. It’s the right film at the right time for Nyong’o, as the film has been credited with blowing open Hollywood’s narrow idea of who a hero can be, as well as creating an interesting discussion around race and gender.

I’d been waiting a long time!” she says about her thoughts having finally seen the film. “I was so, so excited because this was a movie that we all felt a lot of ownership of, and that we thoroughly enjoyed making. You know, when you make a movie like this, of this scale, so much happens between the time you perform in it and the time you see it. You know, all the computer graphics, Wakanda itself was built in a room with Ryan (Coogler, director) and the incredible design team. So to see it alive on the big screen was sensational, and of course to see it with an audience was amazing.”


Just as Black Panther is no mere blockbuster, Nyong’o isn’t a two dimensional love interest waiting to be saved. Her character, Nakia, is a spy with romantic connections to Chadwick Boseman’s lead, but is very much her own woman. “Nakia is a spy and she goes undercover to investigate the rest of the world and reports back to Wakanda to explain the goings on” she reveals at a press conference for the film. “Wakanda is this isolated nation and it keeps to itself, and in order to keep safe it has to send people like Nakia out there, known as ‘War Dogs’, to keep Wakanda on top of things. Wakanda needs to know what’s going on in the world, the world does not need to know what’s going on in Wakanda!” The film is the first in the Marvel Universe to have a non-white lead, and the response to both the quality of the film and the diverse cast has been monumental, becoming one of the highest grossing films of all time in America. For many, it has become a sign of what mainstream films can be: a place where everyone has an icon to look up to when they visit the cinema. For the 35-year-old Oscar winner, it was well worth the wait. “I mean…

As well as taking the action to a different region, Black Panther is also notable for its positive portrayal of female characters. “I would say what I love about the way this film represents women is that each and every one of us is an individual, unique, we all have our own sense of power and our own agency, and we hold our own space without being pitted against each other” she says. “I think that’s a very powerful message to send to children, both male and female. This idea that often times in movies they fall into that trap where women, there’s very few of us and we’re against each other, there’s a competitive spirit, stuff like that. This film frees us of that, you see women going about their business, supporting each other, even arguing with each other, having different points of view, but still not be ‘against’ each other.”

As for the future, the star was most recently seen in Cannes promoting the upcoming big budget movie 355, featuring an allfemale cast that includes Jessica Chastain and Penelope Cruz as international espionage agents. The move into action appears to be a conscious one, as Nyong’o believes there is a gender equality in Black Panther that she is also proud of and believes the real world can learn from. “I think that’s extremely important, and in so doing the fact that there’s so many of us gives us a sense of the fabric of Wakanda as a nation. We see women alongside men, we see how much more effective a society can be if we allow women to explore their full potential.” Black Panther is released on DVD 11th June.


LIVING Oak Furniture Land

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African and Aztec designs have been popping up in interiors for some time, with Berber-inspired fabrics and rugs proving particularly popular.

Rex London £9.95

JD Williams Home POA

Cambridge Imprint £39

Matalan £14

Nest £6000



LIVING Marks and Spencer

Wilko £1

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Savour the last days of summer in style with a picnic. Whether you’re heading to the beach, a secret picnic spot or an outdoor cinema you’ll need a basket full of goodies and a stylish set of accessories! JD Williams £12

Sainsbury’s £8.50

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Homebase POA

Homebase POA

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Although the bathroom can be the “smallest room in the house”, it’s not one you can afford to treat as an afterthought when it comes to renovation and restyling. A great bathroom can make a home feel serene and luxurious, providing a space to relax and wash away the stresses of a long day. Devote minimal effort to it, though, and you’re left with a purely functional room that detracts from your efforts elsewhere.

It’s worth taking the time and effort to get a bathroom right. Its small size is a benefit here– luxury touches that would present a prohibitive cost in a larger room will fit in a bathroom and within your budget. So there’s plenty of reason to push the boat out when it comes to getting the bathroom of your dreams; you’ll appreciate it all the more when you’re relaxing in the tub.

Puristic design meets sophisticated technology

Create the perfect look in your bathroom A mirror illuminated from all sides, illuminated shelves and even a shimmering glow from under the bath: carefully placed lighting elements give your Finion bath a very artistic illuminated effect, with all the charm of an atmospheric city scene. From the furniture to the bath or mirror, different direct and indirect light sources create an extremely relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom transforming it into a perfect haven of well-being. The continuously dimmable lights can be operated easily by remote control and act as a stylish design feature.

Where else can you showcase your individual style more impressively than in your own bathroom? Finion’s puristic filigree design gives you the freedom to express your personality. Its sophisticated outlines create a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere, evoking a high quality of life. With premium materials such as TitanCeram ceramic, versatile furniture lending itself to a wide range of combinations and clever features, the designer Patrick Frey is setting new standards for aesthetics and well-being.

Furniture that is as individual as you are Filigree lines create the perfect framework for bathroom furniture. From the design of the front panels to the lighting effects, many details can be adapted to suit your personal taste. The choice includes, for example, premium surfaces painted in one of ten stylish colours or real wood veneers. The suspended shelf units with precise faceted effects can be positioned exactly as you wish, allowing you to create unique display areas, presented to best effect with colour contrasts and indirect lighting. The clever features are also designed to enhance your well-being: the atmospheric lighting concept and a wireless smartphone charging station offer perfect comfort and convenience.



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BOSEMAN The Black Panther star on being a different kind of hero.


ne of the biggest hits of the year has been Marvel’s Black Panther, out on DVD this month. A spectacular superhero film, the comic book adaptation gave 41-year-old Chadwick Boseman the kind of stardom he has deserved for years having been the star of dramas such as 42, Get On Up and Marshall. The character was introduced in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, but the plan was always for Black Panther to be established in his own right. “I was aware of it, but I didn’t know other people didn’t know, so I’m sorry about that!” he jokes at a press conference for the film. “But at the same time, I’m glad it’s a surprise for people.” It was also a surprise for the actor himself, who had to make changes to his mobile phone plan in order to get the role! “I was in Zurich, I was coming off of the James Brown biopic Get On Up” he recalls. “The crazy thing is, I didn’t have International Calling set up on my phone, so my agent called and said ‘get International Calling on your phone, call your mum, then call me because there’s some important news!’ Then Kevin (Feige, Marvel Chief) called that night.” The film has been praised as offering a different kind of big screen hero, and Boseman believes this is a step forward in celebrating a more diverse group of creative inspirations. “I think as actors, when you’re training you are training very often from a European perspective” he says. “What’s considered great or classical is often British, and you’re only studying certain writers. I studied at Howard (University, Washington) and we were taught to respect our writers and our classics just as much, and believe that it takes the same skill level and the same technique.” Some critics initially questioned the idea of an American using an African accent for a film role, however the classically trained star believes it is in keeping with the deepest acting traditions. “I think to tell stories you have to be true to yourself as an artist” he explains. “I believe that the intinations and melodies of an African accent are just as classical as a British one, or a European one, and that all of the emotions as aspects of a character can be shown through that accent.” Black Panther is released on DVD 11th June.


The MensRooM Est 1996

London N21

Specialists of:

@MensRoomLondon 834 Green Lanes, Winchmore Hill, London N21 2RT Tel: 020 8364 3003. Personal shopper: 07880 736520. Email






LUKE BURR Luke Burr is without question one of the UK’s hottest emerging music artists of the year. Described by music media and industry execs as a raw mix of ‘early Amy Winehouse meets John Legend’. Hailing from Essex, Luke found his love for music through listening to his father’s old soul records and has been inspired by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross and George Benson. Luke has worked and toured with some huge industry names which has helped him establish his unique and spell binding signature sound. Hand picked to be the main male vocalist on tour with Rudimental, His latest single ‘Lights On’ is the perfect demonstration of Luke’s soulful vocal ability and it has attracted support from the likes of Apple, Spotify, Shazam, Sofar Sounds and BBC Introducing.

Are you ready to ROCK! Immerse yourself in the incredible new live music experience with Rock For Heroes. Bringing the perfect combination of your favourite Rock & Pop artists across the eras, in celebration of an incredible cause Help for Heroes.

Recent performances for Luke have included The Great Escape, a BBC Introducing live session, VIP performance at Shazam’s UK HQ, Sofar Sounds, a performance at Ticketmaster’s HQ as well as several sold out gigs that Luke headlined. In addition to several prestigious festivals Luke will also be performing at Communion’s music night at the arts club later this month.

Performed by a full live rock band and superb singers, it’s the must see show of the year. With music from artists such as Dire Straits, Status Quo, Queen, David Bowie, Madonna, Spandau Ballet, Bryan Adams, Elton John, Simple Minds and so many more. You won’t see a bad wig here, this isn’t a tribute act this is simply paying tribute, the best way possible to the legends in music.

At only 22 Luke Burr is set to cement himself as a key industry name this year both in the studio and onstage.

Venue: Radlett Centre Date & Time: 13th July 2018 7:30pm Ticket Prices: £22 Website: Box Office: 01923 859291

For more information please contact: Lauren Lunn Farrow at Lunn Farrow Media E-Mail: LukeBurrMusic @LukeBurr @lukeburr MrBurrsy


Introducing the latest scent from The White Company, Ginger. The evocative ginger scent gives the feeling of cosying up in a country cottage, warmed by a roaring log fire and a flickering of candlelight on an Autumn day. Captivating notes of ginger, bergamot and lemongrass – blended with woody cedar, clove and tonka bean – create an instantly welcoming air that envelops the senses completely.

Be part of Rock For Heroes.


It’s your chance to win 2 tickets to enjoy an incredible evening of live music with Rock For Heroes heading to Radlett Centre for one night only. To win a pair of tickets to see this superb show, answer this simple question. Who recorded the incredible ‘Brother In Arms’ in 1985? A) Dire Straits B) Bon Jovi C) Status Quo. Send your answer by email with your name, address, email address and daytime phone number to: Closing date: 9th July 2018 There is no cash alternative. Editor's decision is final. For more info on the show visit

soft touch

We are loving the gold dust firming serum by Manuka Doctor right now! And there are actually little gold particles in this cream, which catch the light and give skin an instant boost. Then the serious anti-ageing ingredients get to work for firm, smooth, more even, glowy skin. £29.99

WEDDING supplement


elcome to Close Up’s wedding supplement. If you have just got engaged and are entering the “white zone” for the first time, then you are in for a treat! We have had so much fun sourcing all the latest ideas and bridal buys to help with planning your big day and are thrilled to bring you this edition. We hope you love our special issue and the journey to ensuring your wedding day will be one of the most special and memorable days of your lives. Enjoy!



WEDDING Little Mistress Getting Personal £68.99

Little Mistress £70

Oasis £30

Mint TO BE

An unusual colour scheme for a wedding, however, mints popularity has soared in recent years, with brides looking to venture away from slightly more conventional purple, reds and yellows. Team with peach and coral colours to create the perfect décor. Paper Bea Company £84.99

Dune £22 Candle and Cake Ltd £2.99

Dune £75 Anna Tyler Cakes

Folli Follie £50

Wilko £8


Eagle Eyed Bride £1.25








CHECK list Thinking about starting to plan your big day? Don’t do so without Close Up’s handy wedding checklist – giving you a month-by-month countdown!

12 Months Before

☐ Set the Budget: Small or big, this is a conversation that needs to happen early on.

2 Months Before

☐ Mail Invitations: Wedding invitations are typically sent out 6 to 8 weeks prior to the wedding.

☐ Book Venue: Venues book up fast—in some

☐ Write or Decide on Vows/Ceremony: Choose something

☐ Draft Guest List: Family, friends – those

☐ Purchase Day Of Accessories: Your shoes, jewellery,

cases, up to a year in advance. that mean the world to you!

☐ Engagement Party: A nice touch if you’re planning a longer engagement.

personal to you and your future husband.

hairpieces, veil, etc. Don’t forget “Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue!”

☐ Transportation: Horse drawn carriage? Ferrari? Make it personal to you and your day.

10 Months Before

☐ Pick an Officiant: Whether it’s a classic church wedding or modern registry, days available go quickly!

☐ Select Bridal Party: A tough call! Sophisticated, older friends? Or cute, little flower girls?

☐ Choose Vendors: A hotel for the wedding party, a photographer, a caterer, DJ or band, and florist.

8 Months Before

☐ Order Your Dress: Believe it or not, a wedding dress

can take up to 7 or 8 months to receive after ordering— especially if you are doing something customized!

☐ Cake Tastings + Order Cake: Enjoy yourself here! Yum, yum! ☐ Begin Hair & Makeup Trails: Once you’ve ordered your dress, it’s a good idea to begin thinking about your beauty look – hair and makeup!

6 Months Before

☐ Send Save the Dates: Give your guests at least a few months notice.

☐ Book Honeymoon: Sunny, beach getaways? Or wild, mountain escapes? The list of options is endless!

☐ Order Bridesmaids’ Dresses: These can take up to 5 months to receive after ordering, allow time for alterations.

☐ Purchase Wedding Rings: Earlier is better if these are personalised. Just don’t lose them!

4 Months Before

☐ Select Groomsmen Attire: Trust the groom with his attire! (We know…only if it matches!)


6 Weeks Before

☐ Apply for Marriage License: Rather important,, provides useful information on the legalities.

1 Month Before

☐ Hen & Stag Parties: Find a date that works for you. We

suggest not having it the day before the wedding though!

2 Weeks Before

☐ Final Dress Fitting: Test out your accessories

with your dress. Also, it’s wise to start breaking in your wedding shoes at this point.

☐ Give Shot List to Photographer: Put together a list of

important shots you would like taken for your photographer.

☐ Review Music with DJ/Band: Touch base with your band or

DJ to finalize the playlist and confirm special request songs.

1 Week Before

☐ Final Headcount: Confirm the numbers with the hotel and planner, if you have one.

☐ Finalize Seating Chart: Now you know who’s coming,

you can decide who can and can’t sit near each other!

48 Hours Before

☐ Finalise the Look: Man’s, pedi’s, and tans.

Day Of

☐ Get married & live happily ever after! No wedding is

perfect and things might go astray. Just remember to enjoy the moment (it goes by fast) and have fun!



Pantone Cool Gray 8

Pantone 452

cmyk Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

cmyk Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

0 1 0 43

24 18 42 0


Mia Sposa Cockfosters

10 -11 Heddon Court Parade Cockfosters Road Barnet EN4 0DB Bridal: 020 8440 5333 Menswear: 020 8440 2333

Mia Sposa Central London 95 Hatton Garden London EC1N 8NX Bridal: 020 7419 9014 Menswear: 020 7419 9013


Say hello to your


Stylist to the stars Jason Collier shares his expert advice with Close Up readers PRODUCT OF THE MONTH

Hello, and welcome to my first column for Close Up Magazine! I am delighted to be on-board as a new columnist, and I can’t wait to share with you my thoughts, inspiration and advice when it comes to all things hair. But first of all, allow me to tell you a little more about myself. I’ve been a hairdresser for over 18 years and have worked my way up from my first job as a Saturday boy in a salon in my native Cardiff, to now travelling the world and working for some incredible celebrity clients. In my career, I’ve worked with many amazing A-listers, including Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, Sienna Miller and lots more, and these days, I get to blend my salon work with many trips around the world, educating hairdressers of the future and helping them to realise their ambitions. Earlier this year, I also launched my own blog over at, where you can keep up to date with my life and my travels, alongside regular features on hair styling, products and advice. @jasoncollierjc

MY HAIRCARE TIP FOR JUNE My top tip for June ties into what I’ve already spoken about – embracing the natural beauty of your hair. It’s too easy to look at celebrities or on Instagram and start thinking about the negatives, but I’m on a mission to help you find a way to love your locks, just as they are. If your hair is curly, take the time to work out which products help it to feel smoother or more manageable. If it’s frizzy, find a regime that helps you to tame the frizz but encourage movement within the hair. And if it’s straight and sleek but lacking volume, put together a plan that will help give your hair some lift and love. Whatever you do, step away from the heat styling where you can this summer and enjoy your hair for what it is – it will thank you!

This month, I’m all about embracing natural textures and getting hair ready for summer. I find that lots of my clients come to me with a request to find a way to disguise their hair’s natural texture – using cuts or products to get rid of natural kinks and curls, smoothing the hair out and creating a blank canvas. But this year, I’m on a mission to get women to embrace their natural texture and love their hair as it is, so my product of choice is Shea Moisture’s Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Weightless Texture Spray. This is a really light, easy spray that helps gives the hair both body and definition, which is great for achieving a relaxed look to the hair. Whether you want to go full-on beach-babe waves, or just get a bit of grit and hold into the hair, this is a great option that adds that texture without weighing hair down or making it feel loaded with product. It’s also great for inbetween hair that’s neither curly nor straight, as it enhances the curls and creates movement in the sleeker sections at the same time. Simply spritz into damp hair and scrunch through to get beachy waves and a tousled texture, or spray lightly into dry hair and leave to settle, to add texture and hold to the hair. It smells gorgeous and as it’s packed with natural ingredients, it leaves hair feeling happy and healthy too, what more could you ask for?

CELEBRITY LOOK OF THE MONTH Well, there’s only one real contender for this, isn’t there? The new Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, blew us all away on her wedding day on May 19, but while most eyes were fixed on that gorgeous Givenchy gown, I was in love with her relaxed choice of hairstyle. Prior to the wedding, I predicted that Meghan would sport a more polished version of her ubiquitous messy bun, and I was delighted to have been proven correct! For the ceremony, Meghan chose a sleeker version of the look, paired with a dramatic veil and the glittering diamond bandeau tiara, but as the pictures from Kensington Palace show us, she decided to let her hair down a little (quite literally) later in the day. Both versions of the style were perfectly matched with her two dresses; the sleeker updo meshed beautifully with her classic wedding gown, for beautiful old Hollywood, Audrey Hepburn vibes, and the messier version of the style looked gorgeous with her contemporary halterneck Stella McCartney evening gown – both allowed her to show off the different necklines of the dresses perfectly. I predict that this is going to be a huge look for brides this summer, and we’re finally going to see a shift away from stiff, heavily lacquered updos in favour of a more laidback vibe inspired by Meghan.


Unique handmade bridal jewellery and hair accessories

Collections for the entire bridal party in our Southgate showroom Bespoke service available Tiaras • Hair-vines • Necklaces • Bracelets • Earrings • Cufflinks For

0unt% 1 quote: isco


For appointments and enquiries: t: 020 8882 4401

m: 07733 235 557

e: LotusBlueJewellery








It can be difficult, but agreeing to a prenup can display mutual respect and understanding between couples…


n America, prenups are commonplace, with couples freely entering terms before they are married, dealing with everything from who keeps the cat to penalty clauses for gaining weight. Not so in England, where prenups are often still considered unromantic and even offensive. There is also continuing uncertainty about whether they are enforceable. There is no law in England which says that if you and your partner sign an agreement about what happens at the end of the relationship, that agreement will be automatically upheld and enforced. However, where an agreement has been freely entered into and is fair, the court should give effect to the terms you agreed. Broaching the subject and negotiating the terms is frightening and can expose difficulties in relationships. That doesn’t mean they should be avoided. Almost every couple will make serious financial decisions together during their relationship so the ability to communicate about money is vital. If the terms of a prenup cannot be agreed, it raises questions about mutual respect and understanding. All of these are issues which need to be worked through sensitively. This isn’t easy when almost everything else you are dealing with in the run up to a wedding is filled with joy and excitement. Your lawyer can help you work through all of this. The key to choosing a lawyer is to find one who you like and to talk to them about your fears. Ask them how they work and what they do to avoid making a difficult situation worse. You don’t want to check your phone while choosing flowers and find an email from your lawyer saying your partner is being pig headed. It will ruin an experience which you cannot retrieve. You should hear strategies and ideas which will limit communication and uncertainty, while exercising judgement to help you reach an agreement the court will uphold.



Thought you couldn’t but now you can

Tie the Knot 100 Guests only £5,000 • Reception Room Hire • Evening Room Hire • Evening Buffet (8 items per person) • Cake Stand and Knife • Silver Candelabras

• Table Plan Easel • White Table Linen • Choice of LED Ceiling Lighting • Dedicated Banqueting Team

Dates available 2018 (new customers only) Please enquire on 020 8884 8200 The Royal Chace Hotel 162 The Ridgeway, Enfield, Middlesex EN2 8AR Telephone: 020 8884 8181




Fall for


Cyprus, birthplace of Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love, is the ideal holiday retreat for pampering and relaxation.


his southernmost island in the Mediterranean enjoys year-round sunshine and boasts the cleanest waters in Europe as well as 52 Blue Flag beaches in addition to the stunning natural landscape, rich cultural heritage, delicious food and some of the best hotels and spas on the planet. Milk-bathing legendary beauty, Cleopatra was given the island by Marc Anthony as a token of his love and those who swim around Petra tou Romiou (Aphrodite’s Rock) three times are promised the secret of eternal youth! Regardless, everyone visiting a Cypriot spa can enjoy pampering fit


ISLAND for a God or Goddess and feel as good as new again. Cyprus is firmly established as one of the most stylish sunspots in Europe and offers over 20 five-star properties with a range of unique facilities, including the only ‘couture’ hotel in the Mediterranean and another offering personal butler service. The sunshine is only four and a half hours flight-time away, making it easy to sample all that the island has to offer to families, adventurers, culture vultures, golfers and gourmets alike. Holidaymakers can pamper and relax, take their time exploring UNESCO World Heritage sites, hike and bike and venture into the mountain villages to experience a slice of authentic Cypriot life.



Many of the A-list hot foot it to the island for their sunshine-filled holidays. Peter Andre is a frequent visitor to Cyprus, having family roots in this beautiful island, and a “Who’s Who” of stars have also enjoyed the many delights this historic island has to offer. Fans include: Kate Moss, Colleen Rooney, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, Lisa Snowdon and Sadie Frost. Keep your eyes open at the beach, you never know who you will spot! Paphos houses so many cultural and natural treasures that the entire city is listed a UNESCO World Heritage site. Kato Paphos, located near the harbour, is home to the remains of an ancient city containing some of the world’s finest examples of Roman mosaics dating from the 3rd to the 5th century AD. See the amazing mosaic floors depicting scenes from Greek Mythology in the House of Dionysos, House of Theseus and recently excavated House of Aeon. Equally impressive are the Tombs of the Kings, underground burial sites dating back to the 4th century BC and carved out of solid rock decorated with Doric pillars.

Explore the great outdoors hiking or biking. There are approximately 200 kilometres of well-marked trails of varying difficulty levels, offering a great way to see the countryide and discover areas of cultural and wildlife interest. Stavros Tis Psokas at the foot of the Troodos Mountains, is thickly forested with cypress and pine trees and is home to the Cyprus mouflon, the rate mountain sheep native to Cyprus. Adventurous hikers should head for the Troodos or the unspoilt Akamas Peninsular, a nature reserve of gorges, cliffs, beaches and forests. On the Aphrodite Trail, hikers have spectacular views of rock formations, cliffs and boulders sculpted into strange shapes suspended over the sea. The Troodos Mountains offer an unusual contrast to Cyprus’ golden beaches, with an alpine setting and lush green forests. During the short snow season from January to March, visitors can soak up the sun in coastal resorts, then within an hour be skiing or snowboarding in the mountains. Vineyards, orchards, monasteries and ten Byzantine churches on the UNESCO World Heritage list, with beautiful icons and frescoes, can also be explored in this area.

Standing at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and the Middle East, the island’s cuisine offers Mediterranean dishes with an exotic twist. Various empires have swept through leaving behind their recipes and ingredients to be incorporated into Cypriot cuisine, which emphasises fresh ingredients, local herbs and spices and the light use of olive oil. Be sure to sample the culinary adventure of meze, an abbreviation of “mezedes” or “little delicacies” with up to 30 dishes at a single meal, from savoury dips and vegetables to a wide range of fish and meat dishes. With so much to offer, from crystal-blue seas, white sands, ancient culture and a fusion of gastronomical delights, Cyprus certainly offers something to suit all tastes.




Tass Diastello

29th June 2018 Enquire within

020 8886 4070 RUMOURSUK.COM




Thinking of taking your dad out this

Father’s Day?

Rumours is the place! Come and enjoy our all day brunch menu! 9am-7pm


020 8886 4070 RUMOURSUK.COM




SUMMER Loving With the Summer nights getting longer, we want to be able to chill in the garden, not slave over a hot stove while everyone else is enjoying themselves! These quick and easy recipes will help you achieve just that and still be mouth-wateringly delicious.

Cook’s tips

British summer salad with honey-mustard dressing Crisp green beans, sweet and earthy new potatoes, fresh and vibrant salad, mustardy cress — these are the flavours that make up a British summer, and they’re combined here to create a wonderful seasonal salad. Vegetarian Low Fat Gluten Free Preparation time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 15 minutes Total time: 30 minutes Serves: 4 Ingredients 4 essential Waitrose Free Range Eggs 750g pack Waitrose Baby New Potatoes, halved 250g pack British Green Beans, trimmed 1 tbsp cider vinegar 1 tsp wholegrain mustard


A few capers or anchovies scattered over the top before serving would add a nice salty balance to the sweet dressing.

1 tsp clear honey 2 tbsp The Waitrose Farm Leckford Estate Cold-pressed Rapeseed Oil 250g cherry tomatoes, halved 100g radishes, thinly sliced Punnet essential Waitrose Salad Cress Method 1. Boil the eggs in a pan of simmering water for 9 minutes, then drain and cool. Shell and halve the eggs. 2. Meanwhile, cook the potatoes in a pan of boiling water for 8–10 minutes until tender. Add the beans and cook for a further 3 minutes until both are tender. Drain and cool under running water then transfer to a serving platter. 3. Whisk the vinegar, mustard and honey together with a fork, then whisk in the oil until well blended. 4. Arrange the tomatoes, radishes and eggs on top of the beans and potatoes. Drizzle over the mustard dressing and scatter with cress to serve.


Recipes and images courtesy of Waitrose. Find over 5000 recipes at

Cook’s tips Frozen berries would work just as well as fresh in this recipe.

Summer Coolers Mexican mint mule

Raspberry & ginger fizz

Serves: 4

Serves: 4

Ingredients Ice cubes 120ml tequila 3 limes Fresh mint leaves 2 x 500ml bottles Fever-tree Premium Ginger Beer

Ingredients Crushed ice 100ml Waitrose Raspberry And Pear Cordial 2 lemons 200g fresh raspberries 2 x 500ml bottles Fever-tree Premium Ginger Beer

Method 1. Place the ice cubes in a large jug and stir in the tequila and the juice of 2 limes.

Method 1. Half fill a large jug with crushed ice, and stir in the cordial and the juice of 1 lemon.

2. Thinly slice the remaining lime and add to the jug with a large handful of fresh mint leaves. Pour in the ginger beer, stir and serve in tumbler glasses.

2. Thinly slice the remaining lemon and add to the jug with the raspberries. Pour in the ginger beer, stir and serve.


WISH list

Close Up’s monthly guide to what you should be wishing for…




The ultimate hair wonder for summer, the Hairburst elixir promotes hair growth, volume, thickness, strength, while adding gloss, protecting against UV, heat and pollution.

Christian Louboutin’s latest beauty creation draws inspiration from the longstanding love affair with lacquer. Now, for the first time, this inspiration enters the world of lip colour with Loubilaque. High coverage, high shine, and high drama.

Missguided have announced the launch of their anticipated Body Mist Collection. For busy babes on the go, the Missguided Body Mist Collection consists of four different scents. Unicorn Dreams, Boy Tears, Instant Feels and Vibe Enhancer.







We love the style of this neutral high heel sandal for wide feet. With a fabulous sling-back, the ‘Stella’ shoe adds instant glamour to any outfit.

The Otto quilted bumbag is your passport to cool this season. With chevron quilting and a front zip pocket, this style is a guaranteed win for casual outfits. Sling it round your waist, or lengthen the strap to wear it cross-body for a whole new look.

The ‘gold standard’ of hair styling ensures that your dresser looks pretty classy, should you happen to leave these bad boys on show. It boasts two heat sensors to make sure your locks are protected as you style.







Add a touch of glam to your everyday look with these mirror aviator sunglasses from Lipsy at Next.

Once again Bambino Couture are sending our little ones strutting down the runway looking their very best. The dusky pink Cinderella dress has stunning features sure to wow everyone at your next event.

Whether you are poolside or relaxing on a beach, a sun hat is the perfect way to finish off any summer look.





EDUCATION Supplement Containing all the latest information from the finest schools in your area

With the summer approaching, the time has come for schools to close and for parents to consider the next step in their children’s education. For many parents and children it will simply be a case of carrying on into the next year. For many others however it will signal new changes. New nursery’s and pre-schools, junior schools and the great leap from primary to secondary education. With the transition approaching fast, you may now already be thinking of the best option for your child’s educational future. Our fabulous education section will help smooth the way for you. It is packed with the latest information on schools as well as fantastic features to help you prepare for the coming months.




Zara £12.99 Zara £5.99

M&S £24



H&M £9.99

The yellow trend is big and bold in kid style this season. We’re sharing a few ways to wear the bright and sunny hue this season.

George £13

Debenhams POA

M&S £22

M&Co £9 H&M £8.99

F&F £10

H&M £9.99

Next £27

M&Co £4.50

Primark £1.50


Nurturing Excellence

Open Day

Saturday 6th October 2018 1pm - 4pm Senior and Preparatory School

Booked tours available throughout the academic year.

020 8266 1700 uk registered charity no: 313996

An outstanding independent day school for boys 5 – 18 Butterfly Lane, Elstree, Hertfordshire WD6 3AF


The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School

EDUCATION Marks and Spencer

Paperchase £16

Home Sense £4.99

Getting Personal £6.99

Monsoon POA


Dotcomgiftshop £6.95

Back to Cool Close Up brings together a collection of back to school must-haves, including accessories to get you noticed in the classroom and fashion to keep you stylish through the new term.

Tiger £1

Berry Red £1.99

F&F £2.50

F&F £16 Wilkinson £2.50

TK Maxx £3.99



Page 1




Saturday 7th October 2017 10.00am to 12.00pm

Keble provides an excellent all-round education, in small class groups, combining high academic standards with opportunities for boys to achieve in Sport, Music, Drama and a broad extra-curricular programme. We are now taking registrations for 2018 and have occasional places in other year groups. For further information please contact Jane Wicks on Tel: 020 8360 3359 or Email: Keble Prep, Wades Hill, Winchmore Hill, London N21 1BG Tel: 020 8360 3359

Our Reception Class provides the best start for a young mind The Early Years Team aims to provide a stimulating, active and enthusiastic approach to the boys’ learning. Our experienced teaching team delivers a curriculum that focuses on developing boys academically, physically, creatively and socially in small class sizes (an average of 15 boys per class) Keble Prep really is a school that brings together all areas of learning, providing boys with a solid foundation to realise their potential, developing Keble boys who will


As part of our commitment to develping the whole boy we are now about to embark on a large and exciting redevelopment of the Reception playground, splitting the space into two areas to allow for free-flow indoor/outdoor play. We think this area will give the boys almost limitless opportunities to enhance their learning through play, exploration, problem solving, collaboration and, most of all, fun! Call Jane Wicks for more information and a prospectus.

Tel: 020 8360 3359 Email:

KBL165_ad_136x190.indd 4

12/01/2018 16:26

With an emphasis on high academic expectations and standards combined with a broad and balanced curriculum, Quainton Hall School offers first rate facilities set within a secure, nurturing and family-centred environment. Established in Central Harrow at the end of the nineteenth century, Quainton Hall is a thriving IAPS co-educational Preparatory School dedicated to the education of children between the ages of two and a half and thirteen years. We offer a broad and inclusive education firmly centred on the core values of respect, integrity, determination and humility and believe in setting high expectations,

leading by example and creating a secure, positive and inspiring learning environment where staff and pupils can feel challenged and supported to achieve individual success in all aspects of school life. We are a school that is proud of its academic tradition, that possesses a genuine sense of community and that very much has at its heart the interests of the girls and boys. As educators and in the increasingly competitive environment in which children find themselves today, we believe it is our duty to foster creative thinking, to develop independent learning and to support every child in gaining the confidence to believe and know that they ‘can’. Quainton Hall School, Harrow, HA1 1RX 020 8861 8861

Blue Sky iNTERioRS

SpECialiST iN FiTTEd KiTCHENS, BEdRoom & BaTHRoomS

24 – 26 Church Hill Road, East Barnet Village Herts EN4 8TB Email: Tel: 020 8449 3232 Fax 020 8449 1050

OPEN MORNING - Saturday 13th October 10am-12noon Nursery Open Mornings - every Wednesday at 9.30am Individual Tours and Taster Days available

75% of GCSE/IGCSEs graded A*/A in 2017 Ranked 2nd in The Sunday Times League Table for small independent schools Palmers Green High School, 104 Hoppers Road, London N21 3LJ PGHS Nursery, 85 Wellington Road, Enfield, EN1 2PL Tel: 020 8886 1135

Pottery Painting Cafe

AN ART STUDIO OFFERING A WIDE RANGE OF ACTIVITIES: WHAT WE DO: • Pottery painting • Foam clay • Baby 3D cast and clay prints • Textile decoration • Decoupage • Children and adult parties • Toddler classes and after school clubs • Slime making

Monday closed (excluding school holidays) 13 Onslow Parade, Hampden Square, London N14 5JN

Tel: 020 8920 0868

Tues-Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 11am-4pm

Follow us on Facebook


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The English star discusses her new film The Happy Prince.


ith over 25 years in acting, Emily Watson has brought life to a number of characters in films such as War Horse, Kingsman: The Golden Circle and the Oscar nominated Hilarie and Jackie. This month, she stars opposite Rupert Everett in The Happy Prince, the story of Oscar Wilde’s final days having been exiled because of his sexuality. Watson plays Constance, Wilde’s estranged wife who is torn between anger at Wilde’s personal betrayal, and sympathy for his predicament. Speaking at a press conference for the film, Watson offers her thoughts on the real life Constance and Oscar Wilde’s unusual, and ultimately tragic relationship. “He was somebody I thought it was really difficult not to love, however cruel he was and however cruel the situation was” she remarks. “He had a fire in him that was so attractive, and I think that if their relationship was in modern times, it would be very quickly discovered between them what the situation was, and they would quickly move on. I think they would still be friends. They had lots in common and at the beginning they were great together, but this situation was so cruel. I think she loved him to the end.” Watson would be the person to ask, given the actor had thoroughly researched the role prior to shooting. “I found out some very interesting things about her, that when they were first together she was very much part of the artistic movement of the time” she reveals. “She was pioneering things to do with liberating women’s clothes so that women didn’t have to wear corsets.”


Indeed, the downfall of her character was, in her opinion, a tragic circumstance of a patriarchal society. “She was a young woman full of life and vitality, and just a victim of terrible hypocrisy” she says sadly. “Having to live in exile from her own country because of the disgrace that she was seen to be in because she had been married (to Wilde). I found it a very moving story, really, she was someone with a lot of love and a great capacity for life that was just eaten up by the awfulness of the society in which she lived.”

The Happy Prince is released 15th June and is reviewed in this issue.

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FILM REVIEW Suffering from superhero fatigue? You’ll find no capes or super villains here, just a round up of the biggest and most interesting releases at cinemas this month. Enjoy!


Out Now

Comedy actor Will Arnett plays a cop with an unusual new partner, a dog named Max, in a family comedy that will feel very familiar to almost everyone who sees it. Going undercover at a dog show to uncover a criminal plot, the film is mainly Arnett acting exasperated at Max (voiced by rapper Ludacris) who ‘talks’ in a style similar to the Babe films. It will be a tough ninety minutes for anyone whose age is in double digits, but younger children may get something from it.


Out 1st June

Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen, Jane Fonda and Mary Steenburgen play four older women who find a new lease of life when they all read Fifty Shades of Grey as part of their weekly book club. As frivolous as the subject matter may be, this cast of veteran stars make even the silliest of jokes quite charming. The message of living your life to the fullest, no matter what your age, is also worthwhile, no matter how cheesy things may get.


Out 1st June

Whether you know him as a stage actor, Magneto, Gandalf or from his sitcom Vicious, Sir Ian McKellen has enjoyed a legendary career, which he talks about in this very personal documentary. Looking back at archive footage and clips from his work, he narrates his life and the struggles of being an openly gay actor during a time of enormous change (which saw him become a founding member of the campaign group Stonewall). It’s perhaps best suited for dedicated fans of his work, but anyone who watches will come away with a new respect for the star.


Out 8th June

Another documentary about an extraordinary talent, although sadly Alexander McQueen is no longer here to tell his story. Charting his early beginnings in fashion, we follow his rise to infamy through interviews and recreated moments from the designer’s life, right up until his untimely death aged just forty. Considering his influence on everyone from The Duchess of Cambridge to Lady Gaga, you will be enthralled if you love a dramatic red carpet look, or a fan of the creativity that goes into making iconic fashion.




Out 15th June

Rupert Everett directs and stars in this bittersweet story of the final days of Oscar Wilde, exiled from England because of his sexuality and forced to rely on the kindness of friends while living in France. A somber but interesting tale, Everett puts heart and soul into the portrayal of a man who was far from perfect, but didn’t deserve the horrific treatment that led to his downfall. Throw in excellent support from Colin Firth, Emily Watson, and Merlin star Colin Morgan, and you have a well-acted, involving biopic.


Out 15th June

Timothy Spall, veteran star of TV shows such as Auf Wiedersehen, Pet and films like The Harry Potter series plays his toughest role, or roles, yet. He plays Stanley, a lone inmate in a mental institution who suffers hallucinacions starring a number of old British variety stars, including Noel Coward, Max Wall and George Formby (all played by Spall). If you like your movies weird, this is the one for you! Dark and mysterious, Spall is incredible acting alone and creating an entire story from very simple beginnings. It won’t be for everyone, but if nothing else is a showcase for a fine actor.


JURASSIC PARK: FALLEN KINGDOM Out 6th June Having just done battle with Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, Chris Pratt is going back to the island of dinosaurs in this follow up to 2015’s Jurassic World. Having survived the carnage of the first film, he’s talked into going back to the island where Jurassic World stood, to save the surviving dinosaurs that live on the island from a volcanic eruption. Sure, it sounds a little bit like 1997’s The Lost World, but with original Jurassic Park cast member Jeff Goldblum returning to unite with this new cast, who can resist another trip to Isla Nubar?

OCEAN’S 8 Out 15th June Hollywood’s female revolution continues with this spin-off to the wildly successful (and largely male) Ocean’s Trilogy. Sandra Bullock plays Debbie Ocean, a con artist who brings together a group of specialists (Rihanna, Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling, Helena Bonham Carter, Awkwafina) to pull off the perfect heist as an act of revenge for the five years she spent in prison. As fantastic as it is to see more female-led movies in our cinemas, it’s just as exciting to see such incredible stars come together. Will they pull off the heist? Who will cameo? Find out on the 15th!

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COOL THE COMMUTE Where to rent along the Piccadilly line for faster journeys and walkthrough air-cooled trains by 2023 Find family-friendly districts as well as hipster hotspots along this West End/City link.


A SLICE OF HEAVEN IN SURREY: BRITAIN’S OLDEST WINDMILL IS STILL WORKING, SO YOU CAN MAKE BREAD FROM YOUR OWN FLOUR A 17th-century windmill with a threebedroom converted stable block is for sale. For most of us, the good life is about growing your own fruit and veg, and perhaps keeping some chickens, but what if you could mill your own flour? Few working windmills have survived the ravages of centuries of British weather and they are rarely available for sale, but the country’s oldest working windmill has gone on the market for £800,000, the price of a lovely, but merely one-bedroom, flat in Notting Hill. Although it stopped being a commercially operating mill in 1996, the windmill in Outwood, just off the M23 in Surrey, also includes a threebedroom single-storey converted stable block which provides a very comfortable three-bedroom home. The mill has been on the market for some time, and James Clear, of Robert Leech estate agents, says that there has been a great deal of interest in the property but the grade I listing is deterring some buyers. “We get lots of people interested, all types of people have come to look at it, but the grade I nature of the property does put some of them off. We did have a couple who came to look at it 10 ten times, but the maintenance work required was too much for them.” He said that although there isn’t a working business at the windmill at the moment, some would-be buyers have been thinking about opening a tea shop at the premises. Work began on Outwood Windmill, near Godstone in Surrey, in 1665, as the Great Plague of London raged. The following year, the owner Thomas Budgen is said to have watched the flames of the Great Fire of London, 25 miles away. In 1797, another windmill was built alongside it, although it was demolished after collapsing in 1960. Although the windmill doesn’t have accommodation - Jonathan Creek fans, take note - it does have a 1,200 sq ft three-bedroom former stable block with rooms featuring vaulted ceilings, including a triple-aspect living room with French doors to the rear garden. Outwood Windmill is for sale for £800,000 through Robert Leech & Partners.

Commuting on the Piccadilly line is set to become a far more pleasant experience, with new walk-through air-cooled trains promised by Transport for London. As well as making journeys less hellish during hot summer rush hours, these state-of-the-art trains, due to be introduced in 2023, will increase capacity and allow TfL to create a new timetable with more frequent, faster services across town. Renters keen to experience a more civilised journey to work — and who also want fast access to the West End — have ample choice along the line, which runs from Cockfosters in far North London to Acton Town in the est where it splits, with one line terminating at Heathrow airport and the other at Uxbridge.

North London: Bounds Green In north London the star station-stop options include Bounds Green in Zone 3, a family-friendly Victorian suburb where a two-bedroom home rents for just over £1,400 a month, according to exclusive research by Rightmove. Renting a three-bedroom house costs just under £1,962 a month. The neighbourhood is a magnet for parents — the local senior school is rated “outstanding” by Ofsted — as well as for City workers. In addition to Piccadilly line services to the West End there are trains from nearby Bowes Park railway station to Moorgate in 24 minutes.

King’s Cross Vibe: Caledonian Road Renters who like the style of regenerated King’s Cross but can’t afford one of its contemporary flats or period houses (a typical two-bedroom King’s Cross flat rents for £2,629 a month and a threebedroom house at £3,931) could move one or two stops along the line and make big savings. One stop further North, and just into Zone 2, is Caledonian Road station. Renting a two-bedroom flat close by costs an average £1,981 a month, a saving of almost £8,000 per year (and you could easily walk to King’s Cross). Three-bedroom houses rent at an average £2,916 a month – an annual saving of more than £12,000. Flats in Holloway Road, another stop along, are much the same price as they are in Caledonian Road (£1,929) but a three-bedroom house could be around £300 cheaper per month, all for an extra three minutes on the train.

Affordable West London: Turnham Green For a more pocket-friendly west London address, prices drop dramatically as you move into Zone 2. In Turnham Green a twobedroom apartment typically costs around £2,308 a month, which is £700 a month less than in Earl’s Court. A three-bedroom house could offer better value for sharers, with a typical example coming in at just over £2,900 a month, close to half the price of an Earl’s Court home of the same size.

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CLAY HILL, ENFIELD • £4,500,000

Offering 7298 sq. ft. Fully Detached. Beautifully Equipped and Presented Character 7 Double Bedroom and 6 Bathroom Property Behind Electronic Gates offering plenty of Off Street Parking with very large Ground Floor Accommodation Comprising of 5 Reception Rooms, including an Orangery + Luxury Fitted Kitchen/ Diner. 226 ft, Landscaped Rear Garden with Large Swimming Pool, Brick Built BBQ and Paved Area for Entertaining.

Magnificent 7 Bedroom and 5 Bathroom Victorian Mansion set in 27 Acres of Grounds behind Electronic Gates. Enormous Ground Floor Accommodation, Handsome Oak Hallway with Inglenook Fireplace, Many Outbuildings, including a Lodge House, Disused Stables and Menagerie. Many Features. Needing upgrading but Properties and Opportunities of this type are rarely available within the M25.



Situated in this Private Road of 10 Detached Houses and tucked away behind Chalk Lane. 5 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 4 Reception Rooms, Fitted Kitchen/Diner, Utility Room and Double Garage with Own Drive. Beautiful Outlook to front facing a Green and 2 Cedar Trees, plus a South Facing Garden to Rear. Planning Permission for a 2 Storey Extension to Rear. Prime Location near to all amenities, including Tube.

Situated at the end of a Quiet Cul De Sac Facing a Green is this 2/3 Double Bedroom and 2 Bathroom Fully Detached Bungalow with Lounge/Diner, 2nd Reception Room/Poss. Bedroom 3, leading to a Double Glazed Conservatory. There is Ample Paved Off Street Parking and Garage with Own Drive, but the Landscaped Rear Garden is Absolutely Stunning and a Special Feature. Tremendous Scope for Extension – SPP.

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Words, Not Intention, Determine Meaning of Contract – Says litigation solicitor Gary Beecham


hen disputes arise over the meaning of a contract, it is usual for the court to look first at what the wording of the contract means and then at the commercial logic of that wording. In a recent case, the dispute essentially turned on whether two transactions for the sale of assets between a company in administration and two other companies that took place within ten days of each other should be regarded as a single agreement or not, given that the two companies which purchased the assets were owned separately by former directors of the company in administration. Under the first transaction, certain intellectual property (IP) rights belonging to the vendor company were sold to one of the companies, which then licensed them to the other. The second company’s agreement to purchase assets from the vendor company was a quadripartite agreement including the vendor, its administrators, and the first purchaser company as well as itself. The two purchaser companies had a confidentiality agreement between them that allowed either party to give notice to the other if there was a breach of the confidentiality agreement. When the second company was subsequently being sold, the licensing agreement was disclosed and the first purchaser company claimed that this was a breach of the confidentiality agreement. This in turn led to a dispute over precisely which IP assets the vendor company had transferred to which company. The second company argued that, in the circumstances, it made commercial sense for the two sales contracts to be read together as one. The first company claimed that each contract had to be read on its own merits.

In the Court of Appeal’s view, the fact that the two contracts were clearly separate – having been entered into ten days apart – meant that each had to be considered independently. The larger point is that a well-written contract should not leave matters of significance unclear: what each side is bargaining for should leave no room for dispute. If the result of failure to draft the contract well is a bad bargain, that will not be sufficient ground for the court to substitute a more commercial view based on what should have been agreed. The above article is for general interest and does not constitute legal advice. For expert legal advice on any dispute please contact Gary on 020 8370 2870 or by email at

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