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Reaching Excellence in Academics and Leadership Program

Division of Student Affairs Student Diversity and Inclusion Services

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Making UST Your Home

REAL Program Staff………. Communication and Emergencies………. Mailing Address/Mail Delivery………. Telephone Service………. Safety and Security Considerations………. UST Cares……… Parking………. ID Cards………. Laundry………. Meals………. Supplies………. Smoking………. Lost and Found………. Personal Counseling………. Health Concerns/Insurance……….

REAL Program Standards of Conduct

Language/Behavior………. Conflict Resolution………. Curfew………. Alcohol and Drugs………. Visitors/Guests………. Absences/Tardiness………. Academic Requirements……….

University of St. Thomas Policies

Community Expectations Policy……… Student Code of Conduct Policy……… Sanctions for Conduct Violations Policy……… Sexual Harassment Policy……… Hate Crimes and Bias-Motivated Incidents Policy……… Student Contract……….


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Student Diversity and Inclusion Services  University of St. Thomas  Rev. 2013

Welcome Students!! Welcome to the Reaching Excellence in Academics and Leadership (REAL) Program at the University of St. Thomas (UST), a unique academic, work and leadership development program. The REAL Program offers a “hands - on” opportunity to preview your first semester at UST. This REAL Program Student Handbook provides important information about campus resources, policies and procedures. Your thorough review and understanding of the program’s participation guidelines is integral to ensuring your success. Feel free to ask questions and take full advantage of all that UST has to offer. Remember: Our common goal is to help YOU succeed! We’re glad that you are here!

Brad Pulles

Tori Svoboda

Hli Vang

Patricia Conde-Brooks

Retention Program Director

Associate Dean of Students

Education Program Director

Diversity Career Specialist

Peggy Jerabek

Erin Whipkey

Office Coordinator

Residence Hall Director

Carissa Franklin

Mannie Cruceru

REAL Program Peer Advisor

REAL Program Peer Advisor


Student Diversity and Inclusion Services  University of St. Thomas  Rev. 2013

Making UST Your Home REAL Program Staff The REAL Program staff is available to assist you throughout your stay. The Student Diversity and Inclusion Services Staff works jointly with the Residence Hall Director to manage the residence hall program. Both the Hall Director and the Peer Advisers live in the hall. They look forward to meeting and becoming better acquainted with you and the other REAL Program participants. In addition to helping you find your way around the campus, REAL Program staff provide information, coordinate programming efforts and initiate other opportunities for you to establish new relationships and learn about campus resources. Don’t hesitate to ask questions of any of the program staff. That’s why we’re here! The REAL Program is sponsored by Student Diversity and Inclusion Services (SDIS~Anderson Student Center 224) Division of Student Affairs. We all welcome you to UST and the REAL Program experience!!

Communication and Emergencies To report any concerns and/or emergencies, always contact Residence Life staff or REAL Program Staff. A Residence Life staff member is on-call each day from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. The schedule is posted on your floor (on your Peer Adviser’s and Hall Director’s room door). When staff are not on-call, you may call Student Diversity and Inclusion Services at 2-6460 (from on campus phone) between 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday to report the problem. Depending on the severity of the situation, you may need to call Public Safety directly. The number for campus emergencies is 2-5555.


Student Diversity and Inclusion Services  University of St. Thomas  Rev. 2013

Mailing Address/Mail Delivery Your mailing address during the REAL Program is:

Your Name

REAL Program Student Diversity and Inclusion Services University of St. Thomas 2115 Summit Avenue, Mail # 5006 St. Paul, MN 55105-1096 Mail delivery will occur Monday~Friday only. Mail can be picked up in SDIS ~ ASC 224.

Telephone Service Telephones and voice mail are provided in each room. Local calls are free. However, long distance calls require a phone card.

REMEMBER : “8” + PHONE NUMBER = A SUCCESSFUL OFF-CAMPUS CALL!! Safety and Security Considerations The University of St. Thomas is an urban institution with a graduate and undergraduate enrollment exceeding 10,500 students. The campus is also located in a large metropolitan area, the “Twin Cities” of St. Paul and Minneapolis. It is, therefore, imperative that you take reasonable measures to ensure that you and your belongings remain safe and secure. Simple precautions include always locking your room door, not leaving personal items unattended in public areas, and notifying your roommate and/or a staff member when you leave the building. If you do leave the residence hall during the evening, always walk/travel with one or more friends or use the UST Escort Service available through Public Safety. Together, we can ensure that your safety becomes our mutual priority. We care about your safety! UST CARES provides resources and information to enhance a safe and healthy campus. If you have concerns about yourself or another, please visit 651.962.SAFE (7233)


Student Diversity and Inclusion Services  University of St. Thomas  Rev. 2013

Parking Parking is limited. Though parking permits are not required for the summer, you may not park in areas designated for those with disabilities, special permits or at meters. If you receive a parking ticket payment is your responsibility. Overnight parking is permitted in Lots R3, R2, R1, P1 (of Flynn Hall). Parking rules are different during the school year. Check for more info.

ID Cards You will be issued a UST student identification (ID) card. This card provides access to a range of campus services, including meals. Remember to carry your ID card with you at all times. Should you lose your ID, you will be charged a replacement fee. Card Office #962.6069, location Murray Herrick Center 259. For more info, go to:

Laundry Laundry facilities are available for your use. The machines require card access. Your Student ID will give you access to the room and machines.

Meals You will receive $100/week in UST Express money for meals or other purchases in campus food service areas (e.g., T’s, Summit Market Place, Minneapolis-Food for Thought, Davanni’s, Chipotle, on campus vending machines w/card access etc.). You will want to keep track of your expenditures as your Student ID card will show a “0” balance once you have spent your allocation for the week. Some scheduled programs and activities may also include food, please review your schedule for these dates and times.

Supplies The REAL Program provides some basic school supplies. Lost items will not be replaced. If items are lost, a student must either purchase a replacement or share with another student. We ask that each student purchase their own books for the course.


Student Diversity and Inclusion Services  University of St. Thomas  Rev. 2013

Smoking Smoking is not permitted in UST buildings including residence halls. If you choose to smoke, please do so outside. Also note that smoking is not permitted if you are under the age of 18. Students found to be in violation of this policy will be dismissed from the program.

Lost and Found Should you lose something of value, contact Student Diversity and Inclusion Services (ASC 224), Tommie Central (1st Floor ASC), or Public Safety (2-5100).

Psychological Services If you are having personal problems that are interfering with your education, let us know. We can assist you with resolving these concerns. As necessary, professional counselors are also available. Our goal is to help you succeed. Keep in mind that you are a wonderful, incredible, intelligent, and strong person; problems will arise but, with help, they most likely can be resolved. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance.

Health Concerns/Insurance We want you to stay healthy. Please report any health concerns to your Peer Advisor or Residence Hall Director as soon as possible. Note: You should have health care insurance through your family plan. If not, University of St. Thomas insurance is available for purchase. Student Health Services: #651-962-6752. Please visit the website at: Be sure to talk to your family about all your health care needs as you prepare to start college. If you or your family have questions or concerns you can speak to a Student Health Services Staff Member at any time.


Student Diversity and Inclusion Services ď‚– University of St. Thomas ď‚– Rev. 2013

REAL Standards of Conduct Language/Behavior Student Diversity and Inclusion Services’ staff actively support UST’s efforts to create a campus community where every person feels welcomed and valued. To this end, all students, staff and faculty are expected to use language and exhibit behavior that is civil, respectful and appropriate for a college/work place environment. As new members of the UST community you must meet these same expectations. Examples of inappropriate language and/or behavior include the use of profanity and/or other derogatory language or actions.

Conflict Resolution All conflicts should be approached in a calm, mature manner. If a conflict cannot be resolved through communication between those involved, please contact a Peer Advisor, Residence Hall Director or the Student Diversity and Inclusion Staff for assistance.

Curfew Students are expected to be in their residence hall by 11:30 p.m. each evening, and may not leave the building until 7:00 a.m. the next morning. Those students going home for the weekend must return to the campus by 8:00 p.m. on Sunday evening (the same time as the REAL Program weekly residence hall meeting). You must call the Hall Director or your Peer Adviser if you expect to be late, as parents or guardians will be contacted concerning your absence. For those staying on campus for the weekend, if you are 18+, you are expected to be back in the residence hall at 2:30am. If you are under 18, 12:00 a.m is weekend curfew.

Alcohol and Drugs REAL Program participants may not, under any circumstances possess, use, purchase or sell alcohol or other illegal drugs. Students found to be in violation of this policy will be dismissed from the program, asked to leave campus, withdrawn from coursework and asked to return program materials.

Visitors/Guests All visitors/guests must be accompanied by a resident when visiting the residence hall. No visitors/guests (including REAL Program participants) are permitted in your room after 12:00 a.m. As necessary, you may arrange with your Peer Adviser or Hall Director to meet (or continue your conversation) with visitors/guests in one of the public spaces within the building.


Student Diversity and Inclusion Services  University of St. Thomas  Rev. 2013

Absences/Tardiness All absences must be excused. Unexcused absences are not acceptable. Excused absences include illness, family concerns, and medical or emergencies. Advise one of the REAL staff of your absence (by phone or in person) immediately. Arriving on time is late ~ always arrive early to be ready to start at scheduled time. As applicable, also call your work supervisor, as absences will be logged on your attendance report and you will not be paid for the time missed. Should excessive absences occur (more than two), students may be dismissed from the program.

Academic Requirements Instructors will provide the syllabus and expectations for their respective classes. Remember that classroom participation is essential if you wish to benefit fully from the course. Participation includes arriving on time, asking and answering questions, making appropriate comments regarding material and reading assigned materials. Classes will require that you complete homework assignments. Ask for help when necessary. Instructors will be happy to answer any questions or provide information about other resources. Please note that, except for special and designated occasions, absolutely no food or beverages are allowed in the library and computer labs.

University of St. Thomas Policies University of St. Thomas Community Expectations See the University of St. Thomas Student Handbook at: The University of St. Thomas is a private, comprehensive, regional Catholic university and is a community of scholars. As such, it expects all members of its community, regardless of age, to act reasonably, responsibly, maturely and appropriately at all times both on and off campus. Students are subject to disciplinary sanctions for conduct which occurs on or off campus when that conduct is detrimental or disruptive to the purposes and/or goals of the university. Violations of academic policies cited in the University Catalog or violation of policies cited below may result in disciplinary sanctions as outlined within the Policy Book.


Student Diversity and Inclusion Services ď‚– University of St. Thomas ď‚– Rev. 2013

University of St. Thomas Student Code of Conduct

Students found to have committed or to have attempted to commit the following act(s) of misconduct are subject to the disciplinary sanctions outlined in Article VI. 

All Acts of Dishonesty e.g. Plagiarism, cheating, forgery are not tolerated.

You cannot disrupt campus activities, residence halls, or the neighborhood with unruly behavior.

Sexual misconduct is unacceptable.

You must always comply with University officials e.g. Public Safety, Faculty, Residence Life and Student Diversity and Inclusion Services Staff

You must comply with State, Federal or local laws at all times.

Possession of firearms, alcohol while underage or illegal drugs are forbidden.

Respect all campus property as you will be asked to pay for any damages.

If you see anything that looks suspicious or threatening, report it to Public Safety (2-5100)

Any violation/allegation will be dealt with by appropriate staff, 24/7, on/off, you and those around you.

Sexual Harassment/Violation policy, visit:

Hate Crimes/Bias Incidents policy, visit:


Student Diversity and Inclusion Services  University of St. Thomas  Rev. 2013

Student Contract As a participant in the Reaching Excellence in Academics and Leadership (REAL) Program, I have already agreed and signed this document to adhere to the following policies and expectations: 1. I understand that my primary goal is to obtain a baccalaureate degree at the University of St. Thomas in a reasonable time frame. 2. I agree to live in the residence halls for the duration of the five-week program. Participants may leave on weekends, but must return to the campus by 8:00 p.m. on Sunday evenings. Outside employment or other commitments are not permitted during weekdays due to program activities and requirements. 3. I agree to adhere to all expectations for conduct and attendance at meetings, classes, programs and work assignment location. 4. I authorize the REAL Program Staff to consult with parents/guardians, provide and or make referrals as necessary to ensure my safety and success. 5. I agree to read and abide by all the University of St. Thomas’ rules and regulations which can be found online at I also agree to abide by all residence hall policies outlined in the Residence Hall Handbook available at 6. I agree to respond appropriately to requests from University officials, including residence hall staff and program administrators. 7.

I agree to make the most of my REAL Program experience!



Student Diversity and Inclusion Services  University of St. Thomas  Rev. 2013

2013 real program handbook  

Handbook for 5 week summer program.

2013 real program handbook  

Handbook for 5 week summer program.