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M3 - The Onion

Semi-permiable shell provides glimpses of the internal space from St Kilda Rd eliciting interest from the street.

Hugo Marmara - 996284

Semi-transparent shell allows for a unique visual interaction with the presenter as well diffusing light into the pavilion.

The outer threshold, defined by the outer shell, creates a more enclosed space despite being larger.

The junction between the two thresholds creates a space within the space allowing for multiple experiences.

The inner threshold, defined by the inner shell, allows for a more permiable space due to its transparency.

Showing the differing experiences of a phisically permiably facade (top) and a visually permiable facade (bottom).



The pavilions interaction with the landscape gives it a “floating� appearance

360 view of interior

M3 - The Onion Hugo Marmara - 996284 Experience 01 Pavilion approach from Flinders St bridge showing the overall form and use of space

Experience 02 View of the opaque glass, looking out towards St Kilda Rd teasing what lays beyond.

Experience 03

Experience 04

Unobstructed view of presenter space entering from Yarra walkway highlghting the overlapping thresholds.

“Glimpses� of presenter space as viewed from St Kilda Rd facilitated by the permiable facade.

Profile for Hugo Marmara

Digital Design Module 3  

Digital Design Module 3