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Portfolio Stuart Shield HND BA (Hons)

Landscape Architecture & Garden Design

Stuart Shield I April 2016

Curriculum Vitae

Stuart Shield London SE6 1XE 07541384974

Educational Background 2012 - 2014 HND Garden Design I Hadlow College Kent 2012 - 2015 BSc (Hons) Garden Design I University of Greenwich London Skills

AutoCAD I In-Design Photoshop Illustrator I Microsoft Office I iMovies I Google Sketchup Rhino I Hand Drafting I Modelling I Photography I Presentation I Issuu I Surveying Employment

1999 - 2012

Estate Agency & Property Development I Laterly my own agency

2012 - 2016 Stuart Shield Garden & Landscape Design I Trading as self employed designer Publications Society of Garden Designers Journal SGD Vitis I Celebration of Graduation HND Other Amateur Photography I Graphic Design I Travelling I Foodie Memberships

Society Of Garden Designers I BALI I RHS I Member of SGD Journal Editorial Panel

Cover Photograph I Sunflowers Great Dixter 2015

Pinus sylvestre I April 2016


Convoy’s Wharf Historic Docks I Basemap I Masterplan I Masterplan Detail

Convoy’s Wharf Educational Allotment Trial and Training Allotments I Planting

Deptford Community Orchard. Porposed View I Tree Pit Detail

Convoy’s Wharf Farmers and Growers Market Brief I Meadow Planting

Cherry Bowl Seating/ Meeting Area. Tree Irrigation Detail

Garden Designs. Various Projects I have carried out

William Morris Inspired Garden. Design Inspiration I Planting Organisation

Other Garden Projects. Art Deco Garden. Inspiration I Implementation

Convoy’s Wharf Educational Allotments

An area to deliver NVQ, RHS & City and Guild Qualifications in Horticulture, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

Trial and Training Allotments

Deptford Community Orchard

Deptford community Orchard is to create a lush orchard in London, swathed in fruit and nut trees. Working in partnership with the planned horticultural college on site and the local community to plant, restore and harvest, whilst delivering skills and qualifications to the community.

Proposed view through community orchard

Convoy’s Wharf Farmers & Growers Market

BRIEF : Shall We Keep It ? The 16.6-hectare Convoys Wharf site was once home to a royal dockyard founded in 1514 by Henry VIII. It is also the site of the historic Sayes Court Garden and the boatyard where the Lenox warship was built. Convoys Wharf represents an important opportunity to regenerate this site in South East London that has been derelict and inaccessible for many years. This part of Deptford has an incredible history, and needs to have a scheme that strikes the right balance between respecting and celebrating the cultural heritage and providing a much needed sense of community and jobs. It needs to reconnect local communities to almost 50% of the borough’s river frontage whilst providing London’s first public park that is open to the river

o To build a replica of the Lenox and repair and build other historic vessels in future. o To revitalise Deptford’s unique marine and maritime heritage. o To create education, training and employment opportunities in both traditional crafts and modern transferable skills o To support the creation of a maritime enterprise zone on Deptford’s waterfront. o To improve the waterfront environment. o To take vessels to sea, where feasible, to generate training, employmentand trading opportunities. o To support the restoration of Sayes Court Gardens. o To work in association with other organisations to address issues of social and economic deprivation in Deptford and encourage social cohesion

An area to deliver NVQ, RHS & City and Guild Qualifications in Customer Service, Retail and Artisan Skills Such as Bakery and Catering

Cherry Bowl Seating Area

Detail showing irrigation system for cherry trees

Garden Designs

In my view gardens and landscapes have an uplifting effect on people, architecture and the even wider landscapes. I am fascinated by the structure and detail of gardens and pay very close attention to this when designing. For me design is more a matter of intelligence and appropriateness than inflicting a style. The gardens i create are as varied as their owners and locations.

William Morris Inspired Garden

B Keep Existing Trees To Give Height & Maturity

A Snake Like Shape Inspiration from William Morris’ Lilly & Fritillaria Design

View A : Towards Bus Stop

Planting Quite Low At This End Of The Site So AS Not To Obstruct Views Down The Driveway Gardens.

Hemerocallis ‘Jungle Beauty’ Planted in a Long Snake Like Drift, To Emphasis Movement Up The Driveway. Underplanted with Fritillaria melagis in warm purples & Creams

View B : Towards Drive Entrance

Honeysuckle Design

Lonicera henryi H. 4 -8m S. 1m Flower In Summer Evergreen Heuchera ‘Caramel’ H. 0.1m S. 0.5m Flower Summer

Matteuccia struthiopteris H. 1.5m S. 2.5m Autumn Colour

H. 0.5m S. 0.5m

Fatsia japonica H. 0.1m S. 0.5m Flower March Pachysandra terminalis ‘Green Carpet’ H. 0.1m S. 0.5m


Hammamelis mollis H. 2.5 - 4 m S. 2.5 -4 m Flower Winter

William Morris

Rose Trellis Design

Tulipa ‘White Parrot’ 50 no. Scattered randomly Rosa glauca Pourr. 10 no. 2l pots at 0.5m centres Rosa ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ 20 no. in staggered rows 2l pots Heuchera ‘Autumn Leaves’ 50 no. planted in single rows 2l pots at 0.5m centres Rosa ‘William Morris’ 20 no. In staggered rows 2L Pots Hosta ‘T Rex’ 50 no. Planted in 2 rows at 0.5m centres

Trellis Garden Planting Plan

Salix viminalis: 23 no. 10L pots Planted at 1m centres tied and woven in lattice pattern.

Other Garden Projects



Coastal Garden Cornwall

Residential Garden Kent

Residential Garden South London



Residential Garden South East London

Residential Garden Surrey

This Garden Is Currently Under Construction

Art Deco Garden


Implementation... 07541384974

Stuart shield garden and landscape design portfolio  


Stuart shield garden and landscape design portfolio