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19 - 21 October 2018

... everyone’s favourite valley

Presented by Shoalhaven Folk Club Inc h

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Thank you to our Sponsors ...



Doris Garrett

and our Supporters ...

Information Desk The Folk Federation of NSW supports the development of folk music, traditional and contemporary, poetry and dance. We promote events at folk venues, concerts and festivals directly to members via our Folkmail weekly newsletter, Cornstalk bimonthly magazine, and to the public via our website, and Facebook. We keep members informed, help support folk in the community, and members can post their publicity, profiles and multimedia on our website. Current initiatives include regular song sessions, social events, practical workshops and our Young Folk Music Artists Awards. Come chat to us at our info desk at the festival.


Welcome to the13th Annual Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival This year we have a really exciting line up of performers to entertain you. Dance to the infectious music of 19-Twenty, thrill to the 5 part harmonies of Chaika, hang on for the ride with The Pigs and experience genuine American old time music with Hoot and Holler. But a folk festival is also about joining in. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to join with other folk and express yourself. We have dance workshops, singing workshops and sessions, karaoke with The Trippy Hippy Band, constant tune sessions in the

bar, instrument workshops, blackboard concerts and lots more. Finally, a big thankyou to the hardworking committee, our wonderful volunteers, the performers, our sponsors and enthusiastic supporters who have made the festival possible. Well, what are you waiting for? Get yourself to one of the venues and start having fun! Stuart Leslie Festival Director

And a big thank you to the following supporters of the Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival ... Kangaroo Valley Voice Kangaroo Valley Public School St Joseph’s Church Church of the Good Shepherd Randall Sinnamon, KVFF Resident Artist Triple U FM Community Radio Mike Gorman, Kangaroo Valley Solar ... and all the wonderful Kangaroo Valley residents who billet performers.

Shoalhaven City Council Jacqui Lenz, Showground Caretaker KV A&H Society Osborne Park Committee Edmiston Jones Architects QBB Jing Jo Café Restaurant Glenmack Park Kangaroo Valley Chamber of Tourism & Commerce

Festival Co-ordinators Allan Stone Jo Keane Janet Bundey

Site Manager Billet Officer Volunteers

Ticket Prices 2018 Ticket



Season: Friday - Sunday Online



Season: Gate






Saturday: Until 6.30pm



Saturday: Day and Evening



Saturday: Evening after 5.30pm



Sunday $55 $25 Youth: Age 12 - 17, show proof of age at Festival Accompanied children under 12 FREE!

Next Festival 18-20 October 2019


Festival Information Noise

We need to consider residents who live close to the showground and have a right to a good night’s sleep. Please keep sessions after midnight reasonably quiet, with definitely NO DRUMMING. Quiet sessions around the campfire at Glenmack Park will be allowed, but please consider other campers.


Please note that camping is not allowed in the showground, apart from performers, volunteers and stallholders. Anyone who is not booked in at Glenmack can go to Bendeela, where camping is free and there are no official noise restrictions.

Shuttle Bus

For those who are camping at Bendeela and don’t want to drive late Saturday night, there will be a free 50 seat shuttle bus, details as follows: • Bus will arrive at Bendeela Campground at 5-30pm and pick up passengers near the toilet block. • Will depart at 6-00 pm and will deliver passengers to the bus zone on the south side of Moss Vale Road (opposite council car park). • Will be at same car park at 11pm and will depart for Bendeela Campground at 11-30pm sharp. • Bus will do a second run if required. The bus is generously sponsored by Kangaroo Valley Chamber of Tourism and Commerce.


Our liquor licence is restricted to the fenced off bar area. Consumption of alcohol is not allowed in the venues or anywhere else in the showground. Please do not bring your own supplies into the showground.

First Aid


There is a St John first aid post between the Hall and the Pavilion. The St John members are volunteers, so be nice to them. They also love to have a chat if you’re passing.

Smoke-free Festival

Council does not allow smoking anywhere in the showground. Smokers will have to go into the street.


Dogs are allowed in the festival site, but please do not bring them into venues and ensure they are on a lead and supervised at all times. Do not leave dogs tied up outside venues since they can easily become distressed.


Patrons are encouraged to use the off-street parking provided in the dog show area of the showground. The entrance is through the public car park next to the Police Station. If all the parking in the main street is taken up with festival-goers, it can affect the business of local shopkeepers.

Access to Oval

To avoid the steep steps, the venues on the oval can be accessed via breaks in the fence just below the Tantric Turtle and along the road to the Pony Club, the “yellow brick road”.

CD Sales

There is no CD shop at the festival. Performers will be selling their own CDs at the venues.

Poetry Galore

Poets’ breakfasts Saturday and Sunday 8.30-10.30am Tantric Turtle Poets’ Brawl Sunday 12.00 La Petite Grande Reciter of the Year - competition for the best performance of a poem (original, contemporary, freeform or traditional). This is a walk up event, see Allan Stone to enter. The winner will receive custody of a beautiful hand-crafted red cedar trophy for one year, a certificate and two weekend passes to come back and judge next year’s winner. Saturday 12.00 – 1.30pm La Petite Grande

Chill Out Tent

Our dedicated youth venue. See some upand-coming talent while relaxing with a chai and delicious snacks.

Koori Camp

At venue Mudjin Gaal. Indigenous displays and activities all weekend. It’s also the venue for the Kids’ Festival.

The Tantric Turtle

specialises in creating a temporary space full of people, music, laughter and love. This year it is a fully programmed venue with all our best performers.

Dance Till You Drop

With dance workshops all weekend and dances every night. We have Irish, English, Finnish, Macedonian, square, bush, morris, Greek and flamenco dancing.

Keeping It Green

Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival is aiming to be the Greenest Folk Festival in Oz. Visitors are encouraged to bring along their ‘keep-cup’ to buy coffee to kick start the day. Free water will be provided (no need to buy those pesky bottles that get used once). Bring along your water bottle or buy one of our exclusive KVFF bottles to use throughout the festival. The bar will have re-useable beer and wine glasses, getting rid of single use cups! Kangaroo Valley is Australia’s first mainland ‘Plastic Bag Free’ town.’ Let‘s make it the first ‘waste free festival’.

Special Events Saplings Sessions – Bush Music Club

A daily one-hour Bush Music workshop for 8-16 years, beginners, intermediate and experienced. Bring your own instruments or use ours! Saturday and Sunday 10am Verandah

Choir Concert

A choral feast with five choirs performing. Saturday 12.30-3.30pm Hall

Meet the Performers with Gudula

Gudula Dornseifer is a counsellor and mediator in her daytime job. Generally being interested in peoples’ stories and lives Gudula loves to find out what makes people tick , how they got to where they are now , what were their challenges and how did they grow from that. Earlier this year Gudula conducted some interviews with inspirational people living in the valley during our Show weekend and we asked her to facilitate some interviews with some of our musician, a great opportunity to bring some of our musicians and audiences closer. Saturday 1.45pm La Petite Grande

Heroes & Villains - Traditional Graffiti Sat 2.45pm La Petite Grande

Unsung Heroines – Margaret Bradford Trio

Songs telling the stories of individual women, many of whom have accomplished incredible success in their field yet remain unknown and unrecognised. Saturday 5.45pm La Petite Grande

Folkie Fun with Self Defence – Geoffrey W Graham

Ever wondered how to politely tell someone to bugger off or let go of your hand or … Geoffrey is running a session for those who are interested in picking up a few basic tips in self-protection, looking at a few ‘what if ‘ situations and have some fun at the same time. Suitable for all ages (adults and kids). Saturday 5.45pm Hall





Trippy Hippy Karaoke

What is Trippy Hippy Karaoke or Trippy hippy-oke? It is like karaoke, but a thousand times more groovy! With Trippy Hippy Karaoke, you are the lead singer of your very own hippy band. Cosmic guitars, far-out mandolin and very cool backing singers are right there behind you providing an awesome adrenaline rush previously reserved only for Bob Dylan and members of The Grateful Dead. Combined with our experience, technology, passion and medicinal marijuana, this is by far simply the most fun you’ll ever have at a folk festival. We provide the lyrics in large font booklets, making the Trippy Hippy Karaoke experience even more accessible to you, me, them, everybody! We’ve selected a stash of classic songs from the 60s and early 70s to choose from by artists and performers you know and love. This is the ultimate in interactive entertainment, man! It must be totally experienced by everyone, so wave your peace sign and get behind it! Saturday 8.15pm Hall

Songs I’m Singing with Me – Alanna & Alicia

is a show about Alanna and Alicia’s new album which is a tribute to talented Australian troubadour, John Beavis. John was an inspiration to the girls when they were young and beginning to write their own songs. John’s beautiful songs did not reach the wide audience they deserved due to his ongoing battle with mental illness. Alanna and Alicia decided to make an album to celebrate his work and bring their own interpretations of the songs so that the older generation could remember and a whole new generation could discover his material. Saturday 10pm Pavilion

invited to sing along to some songs. It’s free and all are welcome to attend. Sunday 10am Good Shepherd Anglican Church opposite primary school

Ukulele Muster and Singalong – Rob Cleary

Follow the bouncing ball with Rob. Saturday 8.30am, Sunday 8.15pm Pavilion

Woody Guthrie Tribute – The Lurkers With special guests from the festival. Sunday 11.45am Pavilion

Voices of War – Geoffrey W Graham

Feel the excitement of the battle call, the hardship and suffering of men at the front, the emotion of the conscription debate, the compassion of nurses and the pain of those waiting at home. Mateship, sacrifice, bravery and humour in action, verse and song. Sunday 2.30pm St Josephs Church

70’s Singalong – Trilogy

Trilogy sings the Seventies - yes, you read correctly. Come along as Shoalhaven singers Trilogy (Joy, Kathy and Robin Sharpe) lead a singalong to celebrate the decade that style might have forgotten, but music certainly didn’t. Oh, OK, there’s bound to be a few sixties songs in there too. Sunday 3pm Tantric Turtle

Flamenco Funday – Ruido

In the morning we will run a workshop for dancers and musicians combined. Our dance and music workshops are well loved by the folk festival community. All levels and ages welcome. In the afternoon we will celebrate with a pop-up fiesta, lots of dancing and revelry.  Come and join in! Sunday 10.30am & 3.30pm Hall

Music Workshops

Bring your instruments or voice to one of the intimate workshops with our festival performers in the Pony Club or Bar. All day Saturday and Sunday.

Outdoor Gospel Service

An hour of southern USA gospel singing, led by a visiting singer. People will be


Performers 19-Twenty

“Ask for forgiveness not for permission. No rules, no limits. The closest to punk the Blues & Folk will ever get. Raucous and manic.” “One of the most exciting riff and groove based blues and roots acts emerging from the east coast of OZ!”- Tone Deaf “These guys are sick!” – Ash Grunwald “Who the hell is this guy? He definitely has the talent!” – Ian Moss “Definitely a guitarist to watch!” – Australian Guitar Magazine Saturday 12.15pm Marquee Saturday 7.30pm Marquee Sunday 1.45pm Marquee

The Beez

The Berlin cabaret band renowned for eccentric cover versions are now covering their own original material with their trademark soaring four-part harmonies. Embracing musical traditions of their respective homelands, the four German, American and Australian members take on styles as diverse as klezmer, punk and bluegrass with wit and charm. Friday 9pm Marquee Saturday 11.15am Marquee Saturday 4.15pm Pavilion Sunday 4pm Marquee

Alan Reid & Rob Van Santi

Reid and van Sante are ex members of the hugely successful and long running (since 1969) Scottish folk group, The Battlefield Band. Alan researches historical and contemporary events that catch his interest with great depth and attention to detail. He then writes wonderful story songs with such diverse topics as endangered species of Sea Eagles to the loneliness of the life of The Last Lighthouse Keeper and a whole album’s worth of songs about John Paul Jones.’ Rob provides beautiful guitar backing on guitar. They sing in an intrinsically British traditional style delivering songs with heartfelt sincerity. Friday 6pm Marquee Saturday 12.30pm Pony Club Saturday 2.15 pm Pavilion Sunday 11am Tantric Turtle

Alanna & Alicia


Twin sisters, Alanna and Alicia charm audiences with their original folky jazz songs, sweet harmonies, fine songwriting and onstage warmth and wit. Launching their beautiful new album, ‘Songs I’m Singing with Me’, they will also sing from previous albums, accompanied by their talented band, Jen Hawley, Silas Palmer, and Sarah Busutill. Friday 8.45pm Pavilion Saturday 3.30pm Marquee Saturday 10.00pm Pavilion Sunday 3.15pm La Petite Grande

Benji and the Saltwater Sound System

draws upon Benji’s recent immersion in islander flavours and fuse these with the jazz, reggae and African roots of its members past musical projects to create hypnotic soundscapes underpinned by painfully catchy melodies. Add to this the beautifully poignant lyrics that Benji has become known for and you can’t help but expect something special from this line-up. Friday 10pm Marquee Saturday 11.15am Pavilion Saturday 6.45pm Hall Sunday 10.45am Marquee

Black Joak Morris

performs the traditional folk dancing of the bucolic English Cotswolds. Morris dancing is fresh and varied, friendly and skilled, danced to live music provided by our talented and knowledgeable musicans. The Joakers are an energetic side, who couple athletic display with bright costumes and loud bells to delight and mystify audiences of all ages. Sunday 9.15am Hall

The Bush Music Club

was founded in 1954 to collect, publish and popularise Australia’s traditional songs, dances, music and folklore. Concert Party was formed in 1957 to be the performing arm of the Club, and over the decades has trained hundreds of musicians and created countless bush bands. The Sapling Session is a daily one-hour Bush Music workshop for 8-16 years, beginners, intermediate and experienced. Bring instruments or use ours! Saturday 10am Verandah (Saplings) Saturday 11am Bar Sunday 10am Verandah (Saplings) Sunday 11am Bar

Bush Uke

Should these words ever be together? Bring your ukes and join Chris, Kerry and Rick for a loud and raucous session of Bush Songs. No uke? .. join in the singing, everyone welcome, words and chords will be supplied. Saturday 1.45pm Pony Club

Canberra Contra Club

recreates the exhilarating and inspiring contra dance scene from northern America. With diverse, dare we say eclectic, music from the Apalacians through to Quebec, a social dance style that anyone can do, and our world renowned callers (who

teach and call all the dances), Canberra Contra Club will be a highlight to your festival. Saturday 2.30pm Anglican Hall Saturday 9.30pm Hall

Cantares Chorale

is a chamber choir with members from the Illawarra and Shoalhaven. Our mission is to celebrate life, love and international harmony through a musical exploration of the culture, dreams and beliefs of our global community. Cantares offers a changing repertoire from various epochs, cultures and styles. Cantares is directed by Dr Carlos Alvarado, a professional conductor who studied choral and symphonic conducting in Russia and Germany. Bethany Morris is our piano accompanist. Cantares takes part in festivals, choral competitions and performs regularly throughout the year. The choir is occasionally joined by members of the Manly Warringah choir and the South American folk trio Los Incas. Saturday 1.05pm Hall Sunday 12.15pm St Joseph’s Church


Sydney sextet Chaika are sensuous, cinematic and irresistibly danceable. Described as “exuberant and virtuosic, meditative and uplifting”, their music is a tapestry of spine-tingling vocal harmonies and instrumentals, drawing influence from the Balkans and jazz. “It is easy to be enchanted” – The Australian“Mesmerising… Extraordinary” – Fine Music FM Friday 9.45pm Pavilion Saturday 11am St Joseph’s Church Saturday 6.30pm Marquee Sunday 2.45pm Pavilion



Charlie & Jensen

is a musical conversation between acoustic artists Hunter Beasley and Luke Wright. They journey through genres, shifting from vocally charged original songs, to virtuosic instrumental tunes. They take a strippedback, raw approach to music and performance mixing bluegrass, gypsy jazz, country and spontaneity. Their musical chemistry is evident in their debut album ‘Whiskey Before Breakfast’, a collection of single take recordings, unedited and undeniable. Friday 5.45pm Pavilion Saturday 11.15am Pony Club Saturday 4.45pm Hall Saturday 10.45pm Tantric Turtle

Cj Shaw

Dynamic, youthful folk concerts that interlace storytelling, parody and poetry. These performances will draw the audience into an urban and modern take on Australia. Backed by classic folk sounds of intricate acoustic guitar, blues harmonica, lush melodies and word play, Cj Shaw satisfies both old and new folkies.”Cj Shaw is an authentic new voice, literate in the canon but with his own wry take on the Australia we now live in.” Fred Smith Friday 4.45pm Pavilion Saturday 1.15pm St Joseph’s Church Saturday 4.45pm Tantric Turtle Sunday 11am La Petite Grande

and concerts. folk/traditional music from Iran is the repertoire of this group. Saturday 10.15am St Joseph’s Church Saturday 5.15pm Pavilion Sunday 11.45am Marquee


Equus’ unique blend of instruments and musical traditions, and its curiosity and delight in smashing boundaries has seen it become a festival hit from National Folk Canberra, Fairbridge WA, Woodford, Blue Mts Music Festival to name but a few. Expect songs and epic tales from Mongolian mythology recast into a contemporary setting that is born from a deep respect and knowledge of traditional musical sources. Expect middle eastern and Turkish flavours – expect dancing to north African grooves – expect even a swing jazz standard or two!! Friday 10.45pm Pavilion Saturday 10.45am Tantric Turtle Saturday 4.30pm Marquee Sunday 12.45pm Pavilion

Colin Towns

has been dancing and teaching for over 30 years across a whole variety of styles from English, American, Morris, and Australian. Colin’s clear and concise teaching, and his relaxed and fun approach will make any dances achievable, and a thrill for all who dance. Friday 10pm Hall Saturday 3.30pm Anglican Hall

Dela Ensemble

is a Persian Classical Music ensemble which composes music of ancient Persia and works on some masterpieces from current well known pieces. this ensemble was founded years ago in Sydney and has performed many events including festivals 12


was established to share the dance music and songs of our heritage with performances, sessions and workshops at folk festivals - the National, Numeralla, Cobargo, Majors Creek, and, of course, Kangaroo Valley. Ray and Dave drive Bush Traditions Inc which presents the Bundanoon DanceFest and the Yass Gathering. Saturday 1pm Bar Sunday 1pm Bar
























ĞŶũŝΘƚŚĞ^ĂůƚǁĂƚĞƌ ^ŽƵŶĚ^LJƐƚĞŵ ϭϬ͘ϬϬͲϭϬ͘ϰϱ







ůĂŶZĞŝĚΘ ZŽďsĂŶ^ĂŶƚŝ ϲ͘ϬϬͲϲ͘ϰϱ








ŽůŝŶdŽǁŶƐ ǁŝƚŚ<ĂŶŐĂƌŽŽĞŝůŝ





dŚĞdƌŝƉƉLJ,ŝƉƉLJ ĂŶĚ ϲ͘ϰϱͲϳ͘ϯϬ

dĂƵƌĂŝ ΘdĂŬĞdŝŵĞ ϵ͘ϯϬͲϭϬ͘ϭϱ















sŝĐƚŽƌŝĂsŝŐĞŶƐĞƌ Θ>ŝŶĚƐĂLJDĂƌƚŝŶ ϳ͘ϰϱͲϴ͘ϯϬ




dĞƌŝzŽƵŶŐ Θ:ŽŶƌĞǁƐ 5.45 – 6.30















































ϵ͘ϬϬ ϵ͘ϯϬ





dĂŝŚŝ ǁŝƚŚWĂŵĞůĂ 8.15 – 9.15 DŽƌƌŝƐĂŶĐĞ tŽƌŬƐŚŽƉǁŝƚŚůĂĐŬ :ŽĂŬΘ^ƵƌůLJ'ƌŝĨĨŝŶ ϵ͘ϭϱͲϭϬ͘ϭϱ

dĂƵƌĂŝ ΘdĂŬĞdŝŵĞ ϵ͘ϰϱͲϭϬ͘ϯϬ



ĞŶũŝΘƚŚĞ^ĂůƚǁĂƚĞƌ ^ŽƵŶĚ^LJƐƚĞŵ ϭϬ͘ϰϱͲϭϭ͘ϯϬ







tŽŽĚLJ'ƵƚŚƌŝĞdƌŝďƵƚĞ dŚĞ>ƵƌŬĞƌƐ ϭϭ͘ϰϱͲϭϮ͘ϯϬ








ϭϬ͘ϬϬ ϭϬ͘ϯϬ ϭϭ͘ϬϬ

ϭ͘ϯϬ Ϯ͘ϬϬ







ϱ͘ϬϬ ϱ͘ϯϬ


Ϯ͘ϰϱͲϯ͘ϯϬ >ŝƚƚůĞ&ŽŽƚ








ϰ͘ϬϬͲϰ͘ϰϱ dŚĞdƌŝƉƉLJ,ŝƉƉLJ ĂŶĚ ϱ͘ϬϬͲϱ͘ϰϱ

ϯ͘ϰϱͲϰ͘ϯϬ ^ƵƉĞƌZĂƚƐ



dhZd> WŽĞƚƐΖ ƌĞĂŬĨĂƐƚ 8.30 – 10.30

ůĂŶZĞŝĚΘ ZŽďsĂŶ^ĂŶƚŝ ϭϭ͘ϬϬͲϭϭ͘ϰϱ dƌĂĚŝƚŝŽŶĂů'ƌĂĨĨŝƚŝ ϭϮ͘ϬϬͲϭϮ͘ϰϱ



dŚĞ'ƌƵďďLJhƌĐŚŝŶƐ ϭ͘ϬϬͲϭ͘ϰϱ WĂƵů'ƌĞĞŶĞ Ϯ͘ϬϬͲϮ͘ϰϱ

DĂƌŐĂƌĞƚ dƌŝ ϭϬ͘ϬϬͲ




ĂƚƚůĞŽĨd ϭϮ͘ϬϬ

'ůĞŶŶ ΘŚƌŝƐƚŝĂ ϭ͘ϭϱͲ

dĞƌŝz Θ:ŽŶ Ϯ͘ϭϱͲ

ϳϬΖƐ^ŝŶŐĂůŽŶŐ dƌŝůŽŐLJ ϯ͘ϬϬͲϯ͘ϰϱ








Geoffrey W Graham He’s a storyteller, who thrives on Australian heritage. Presents a range of verse, (traditional and original) song and humour, specialising in traditional Aussie poets and standout Aussie moments. Saturday 5.45pm Hall Sunday 2.30pm St Joseph’s Church

George Mann

A former union organizer and activist based in New York, George Mann sings songs from the last century of labour and social activism, and his own 16

songs are powerful and funny takes on the state of the nation. He helps keep the treasured songs and stories alive. Saturday 3.45pm Hall Saturday 8.45pm La Petite Grande Sunday 1.15pm Pony Club Sunday 4.15pm La Petite Grand

















^d:K^W,^ ,hZ,







dƌŝŽϰϮĂŶĚdƌŝůŽŐLJ ϭ͘ϬϬͲϭ͘ϰϱ ^ŽůŝĚĂƌŝƚLJŚŽŝƌ ϭ͘ϰϱͲϮ͘ϯϬ sŽŝĐĞƐŽĨtĂƌ 'ĞŽĨĨƌĞLJt'ƌĂŚĂŵ Ϯ͘ϯϬͲϯ͘ϭϱ



ƌĂĚĨŽƌĚ ŝŽ ͲϭϬ͘ϰϱ




,ŽŽƚĂŶĚ,ŽůůĞƌ 10.45 – 11.45














ϭϮ͘ϬϬ ϭϮ͘ϯϬ ϭ͘ϬϬ ϭ͘ϯϬ Ϯ͘ϬϬ Ϯ͘ϯϬ ϯ͘ϬϬ ϯ͘ϯϬ ϰ͘ϬϬ ϰ͘ϯϬ ϱ͘ϬϬ ϱ͘ϯϬ


Christian Marsh is widely regarded as Australia’s finest diatonic harmonica player. Friday 8.15pm La Petite Grande Saturday 12.15am Pavilion Saturday 8.45pm Tantric Turtle Sunday 1.15pm La Petite Grande

The Grubby Urchins

On the nebulous intersection of trad jazz, sea shanty and good ol’ fashioned folk sit The Grubby Urchins, a duo of happy-go-lucky young Melburnians with dirty feet, useless degrees and a penchant for the eclecticly bizarre. Armed with Glenn Cardier and Christian Marsh heady harmonies and intrepid instrumentals the Legendary folk and roots singer-songwriter Urchins wage their reckless stylistic war on songs Glenn Cardier has toured with the likes of Frank old and new. Zappa, Spike Milligan and Fairport Convention. Friday 9.15pm La Petite Grande Cardier was recently a first place winner in the Saturday 11.45am St Joseph’s Church International Song Competition and performed at Saturday 6.15pm Pavilion Bluesfest 2017. Sunday 1pm Tantric Turtle


The Hollands!

are a full time nomadic family who also write and perform music that warms the heart. With feet in both Australia and the US, they have toured extensively throughout North America and Australia as well as SE Asia. This year they are excited to release the family’s 4th studio album. Friday 6.45pm Pavilion Saturday 12.45pm Tantric Turtle Saturday 9.45pm La Petite Grande Sunday 2.30pm Pony Club

Hoot and Holler

is based in Asheville, NC, but they spend most of their time on the road. With a dedication to traditional Appalachian String Band music, Amy Alvey (fiddle), and Mark Kilianski (guitar), bring their own voices to the stage with their fresh yet timeless original songs. These songs can be heard on their first full-length album “Reasons to Run” Friday 6.15pm La Petite Grande Saturday 11.45am Tantric Turtle Saturday 7.15pm Pavilion Sunday 10.45am Pony Club

strive a new generation by blending old world traditions with current artistic flair and showcasing its traditional Macedonian costumes and instruments. Saturday 10.45am Hall Saturday 1.30pm Anglican Hall

Joe & Harmony’s Trippy Hippy Band

Like a VW Kombi van with The Mamas & The Papas, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, all wailing out of a groovy AM radio, Joe & Harmony’s Trippy Hippy Band takes off at a cool pace with one hand on the good book of revolutionary songs from the 1960s and a third eye on the cosmic gospel of peace and love. Friday 6.45pm Hall Saturday 12.30pm St Joseph’s Church Saturday 8.15pm Pavilion Sunday 5pm Marquee


The Macedonian Cultural & Artistic Association Ilinden is a symbol of the Macedonian folklore through dancing and music. Being the oldest and most respected Macedonian institution in Australia, we


Kangaroo Ceili

The members of Kangaroo Ceili are experienced and versatile dance musicians


who enjoy playing exciting up-tempo music for Irish set dancing and bouncy rhythmic tunes for English country dancing. “We like to play old Australian dance tunes adapted to suit the English and Irish dances”. Friday 10pm Hall Saturday 11.30am Anglican Hall Saturday 3.30pm Anglican Hall Saturday 7.45pm Hall

Kenny Bartley

is an Aussie, heartfelt, funny, smile filled, storytelling singer/songwriter from the Northern Illawarra. He leaves audiences with a big warm fuzzie and emotions stirred. Friday 3.45pm Pavilion Saturday 9.45pm Tantric Turtle

Low Down Riders

Described by Australian folk legend Judy Small as ‘a young Malvina Reynolds’, Little foot is a folk singer/songwriter known for tackling political issues such as refugee rights, the environment, and social justice issues in the Philippines, her home country. A blend of music, storytelling, and a dash of humour. Friday 8pm Marquee Saturday 10.15am Pavilion Sunday 1.45pm Pavilion

Luci Blue

KV School Choir

Acclaimed as the greatest primary school choir in the Southern Hemisphere, come along and share their love of singing. Saturday 10.30am Marquee

Little Foot

Described by Australian folk legend Judy Small as ‘a young Malvina Reynolds’, Little Foot is a folk singer/songwriter known for tackling political issues such as refugee rights, the environment, and social justice issues in the Philippines, her home country. A blend of music, storytelling, and a dash of humour. Saturday 9.45am Hall Saturday 4.45pm La Petite Grande Sunday 3.45pm Pavilion

is a young alternative folk musician raised in the South Coast. She draws her moody, emotive and raw ballads from a deeply personal journey. Her delicate and ghostly vocals create a nostalgia in her listeners as she connects with the ache in every human heart. Saturday 5.45pm Tantric Turtle Sunday 12 noon Mudjingaal

The Lurkers

play acoustic hillbilly punk about superprofits, civil disobedience and the post-post-feminist revolution. They were the winners of the 2013 Songs for Social Justice’ Award, presented by the Alistair Hulett Memorial Fund for their song ‘Mining Man’, a protest song about Coal Seam Gas mining. Friday 8.30pm Tantric Turtle Saturday 9.30am Marquee Saturday 1.45pm Tantric Turtle Sunday 11.45am Pavilion


Margaret & Bill Winnett

have danced together since 1965. Their names are synonymous with Irish dancing and their workshops are full of fun and energy, yet demanding enough for the most discerning dancers. They regularly visit Ireland to immerse themselves in the traditional dance scene. Saturday 11.30am Anglican Hall Saturday 7.45pm Hall

Margaret Bradford Trio

features Sydney-based singer songwriter Margaret Bradford together with her daughter Sonya Bradford (vocals, keyboard) and singer-guitarist Norman Mifsud. Together they combine warm enveloping harmonies as they present stirring original songs of remarkable Australian women whose stories are relatively unknown. Saturday 2.15 pm Mudjin Gaal Saturday 5.45pm La Petite Grande Sunday 10am LPG Sunday 1pm Mudjin Gaal


Maypole with Molly

Margaruette Pollakis

Greek traditional dancing. Get thrilled dancing to the beat of Zorba. Let’s move to the rhythm of the waves of the Mediterranean Sea or to the slow pace of the wind blowing in the Greek Mountains. Join us and you will feel stress-free and stimulated! Sunday 1.15pm Hall

Maypole with Molly

and her lively accordion will have kids dancing and creating intricate ribbon patterns or playing percussion. Emphasis is on fun audience participation where adults are invited to join in. Erika Cleaver (Molly), an experienced early childhood teacher and her helpers enjoy sharing music and dance with kids. Saturday 11.15am Oval Sunday 11am Oval


If it’s your first time at a square dance, have no fear, you’re in good company and our trusted caller will be on hand to take everybody through the steps. If you’ve been before, you’ll know how much fun it is. Come with friends, a partner, or by your lonesome. Everyone dances together! YeeeeHawwww Friday 7.30pm Tantric Turtle Sunday 11.45am Hall

The New Macedon Rangers

perform a selection of traditional and original material with stirring vocal

harmonies, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, and guitar. Their compelling interpretation of Old-time, Bluegrass, and early Country music captures the essence of these genres while original songs and instrumentals keep the traditions moving forward. Friday 4pm Marquee Saturday 10am La Petite Grande Saturday 2.45pm Tantric Turtle Sunday 10.45am Pavilion

Paul Greene

No Such Thing

Australia’s favourite bluegrass funsters The Pigs (our heroes) are known worldwide for their combination of supercatchy original tunes and foot-stomping ‘Piggified’ cover versions. Crashing through musical genres like a runaway tractor, The Pigs recordings marry superb musicianship with a distinctly Australian sense of humour – and hints at the uniquely bent energy of The Pigs’ exceedingly popular live shows. Saturday 1.30pm Marquee Saturday 8.45pm Marquee Sunday 12.45pm Marquee

is a group of musicians who play collected Australian dance tunes. The unusual name came about after a Scottish musician commented that “there is no such thing as Australian dance music”. The band recreates the authentic feel of the old time dance bands and will soon get your feet tapping. Friday 8pm Hall Saturday 4pm Verandah

Pamela Wilson

Why start the day with Tai Chi? It’s a gentle way to invigorate mind and body to prepare you for the day ahead. Pamela is an experienced instructor who has designed sessions to suit all levels. Saturday 8.30am Hall Sunday 8.15am Hall

A stylistic chameleon, masterful songwriter and troubadorian trailblazer. Poetry and music delivered with authenticity, fitness and a powerful love. Friday 7pm Marquee Saturday 2pm St Joseph’s Church Saturday 6.45pm La Petite Grande Sunday 2pm Tantric Turtle

The Pigs

No Such Thing


Ralph Graham

The travelled troubadour - true tales of the ups and downs since leaving the folk music dens of Kings Cross with his trusty guitar and harmonica to make music in a war zone and beyond. Smile big, shed a tear, sing along and loudly cheer on this absorbing musical ride. Friday 5.15pm La Petite Grande Saturday 3.45pm La Petite Grande


Canberra’s Revontulet performs folk dances at a range of community events and festivals each year in authentic Nordic folk costumes. Active in Finnish dance for over 30 years, the group has merged with Linnéa Swedish Folkdancers and now draws its repertoire from across the Nordic countries. Saturday 9.30am Anglican Hall Saturday 11.45am Hall

Robyn Sykes

Experience bush poetry at its energetic best with Australian Champion Robyn Sykes. Meet the characters, hear the stories, feel the drama of this traditional form with a modern twist. Original work a specialty, with dashes of old masters and modern maestros. Authentic Aussie entertainment.


The Royal High Jinx

Mesmerizing Melbourne Gypsy dance band, The Royal High Jinx, write, play and sing danceable music inspired by European traditions, shaded with gypsy jazz, Balkan, and a pinch of classical virtuosity. Launching their new album ‘Gone Gone Gone,’ at KVFF, sing, dance and be entertained by Melbourne’s most colourful gypsy dance band! Saturday 10am Mudjin Gaal Saturday 7.45pm Tantric Turtle Sunday 9.45am Pavilion

Ruido Flamenco

Colourful and Awardwinning Ruido draw and entice you with their stories. They harness authentic rhythms, songs and gestures from the world of flamenco and drive them into Australian hearts. Ruido are cheeky and brazen, reviving forgotten songs from Andalucia and Latin America with improvisation and creativity. Friday 4.45pm Hall Saturday 1.15pm Mudjin Gaal Sunday 10.30am Hall Sunday 3.30pm Hal

The Royal Hi Jinx

R.J. Ferry

is an acoustic singer/songwriter originating from Jervis Bay, NSW, Australia. R.J. describes his musical foundations as being derived from the blues. He believes the style of playing is the most direct connection a musician can make to their heart. In 2017, R.J. placed as a finalist in the Australian National Busking Championship held in Cooma. In 2018, his debut EP ‘Resilience’ will be available. As a personal creation, the songs on the EP focus around issues of love, loss and the importance of perseverance. Friday 5pm Marquee Saturday 4.15pm St Joseph’s Church

Shelley’s Murder Boys

Turn off the highway and head into the hills with Shelley’s Murder Boys – a band that brings a new verve to the old timey music of the Appalachians. Friday 7.15pm La Petite Grande Saturday 3.30pm St Joseph’s Church Saturday 10.45pm La Petite Grande Sunday 4pm Tantric Turtle

Ryebuck Bush Band

is enthusiastic about sharing the dances and music for bush dancing from its origins in the Playford dances of colonisation to modern variations including Contra. Alex, Ralph, George, Craig and Wally are experienced dance musicians and Margaret has been dancing and calling with them for over 20 years. Saturday 10.30am Anglican Hall

The Session Experience

Four friends who enjoy playing music with others. They have been running “slower sessions” with provided music at festivals for many years. Everyone is welcome to bring an instrument and join in. The playlist includes well-known session tunes and collected Australian dance tunes that sound great at a slow pace. Saturday 10am Pony Club Sunday 9.30am Pony Club

The Shining Wits

Funny folk who play some pretty funny Folk music - Ken Smith and Russell Neal are smart fellers who write songs that use puns and jests, satire and irony, spoonerisms, witticisms and aphorisms to amuse and entertain their audiences. Always good natured and even in good taste, their songs contain jokes that predate the oldest folk tunes. They take their music very seriously, playing ukulele, guitar, mandolin, lap steel, harmonica and kazoo and employing every musical cliché known to humanity. Friday 3pm Marquee Saturday 1.15pm Mudjin Gaal Saturday 7.45pm La Petite Grande Sunday 2pm Mudjin Gaal

Ruido Flamenco


Shoalhaven Community Choir

Shoalhaven Community Choir Saturday 1.40pm Hall Saturday 4.15pm Pony Club

Solidarity Choir

Look… up in the kids’’s a’s a plane it’s ...Super Kenny .. Who, disguised as mild mannered folk singer, Kenny Bartley, fights a never ending battle for silliness, laughter and songs about farting dogs! Saturday 12.15pm Mudjin Gaall Sunday 10am Mudjin Gaal

St Joan

play classic Romanian ‘lautari’ music, from the gypsy neighbourhoods of Old Bucharest. We play on everyone’s favourite instruments: violin, cimbalom, accordion and double bass. Sometimes we even sing. Saturday 2.45pm St Joseph’s Church Saturday 5.30pm Marquee Sunday 4.45pm Pavilion

Started in 1987 to support the South African struggle against apartheid, Solidarity Choir is still going strong, singing songs of freedom, struggle and justice from Australia and around the world in four part harmony. Come along for songs to feed your revolutionary Spirit! Saturday 2.50pm Hall Sunday 1.45pm St Joseph’s Church A trio of folk/jazz/rock musos, St Joan is available to provide music in almost any format, including solo, duo or full trio performances. With two singles released and a national tour already under their belt, this is a live act that is sure to entertain and enthrall listeners. Friday 11pm Marquee Saturday 3.15pm Pavilion Saturday 9.45pm Marquee Sunday 3pm Marquee


Super Kenny

Super Rats

Surly Griffin Morris

The Surly Griffins are Canberra’s local morris side. They like to challenge the neat traditions of morris, bringing together Border and Cotswold styles, and throwing in some Yorkshire Longsword dancing for

Super Rats

good measure. With their vigorous stickclashing, flamboyant costumes, and jaunty music, the Griffins will give you full morris satisfaction. Sunday 9.15am Hall

accordion, mandolin and cittern guitar in their hands, Jon and Teri make music that is playful, subtle and very enjoyable. Winner of National Folk Festival Alistair Hulett Songwriting Award 2018. Friday 5.45pm Hall Saturday 11am La Petite Grande Saturday 3pm Pony Club Sunday 2.15pm La Petite Grande

Taurai and Take Time

Taurai is a singer-songwriter born in Zimbabwe who performs with her band ‘Take Time’, songs in a fusion of Zimbabwean and Western styles. Her latest songs and forthcoming album celebrate women’s rights and freedom, both in her own country and globally as well as traditional Shona songs. Friday 9.30pm Tantric Turtle Saturday 1.15pm Pavilion Saturday 11pm Pavilion Sunday 9.45am Marquee

Traditional Graffiti

(aka ‘The Trads’) has risen, phoenix-like out of the ashes of the Wheeze & Suck Band. We play a mix of English traditional and contemporary folk music, (including some favourites from the Wheezers repertoire), and American roots / blues music, including a number of self-penned compositions. Saturday 2.45pm La Petite Grande Saturday 10.45pm Marquee Sunday 12 noon Tantric Turtle

Teri Young and Jon Drews

Teri has a keen perception of the intricacies of human relationships, and sings about the stories that unfold between families, lovers, friends and fellow community members. With their honest voices, and



Trilogy sings the Seventies - yes, you read correctly. Come along as Shoalhaven singers Trilogy (Joy, Kathy and Robin Sharpe) lead a singalong to celebrate the decade that style might have forgotten, but music certainly didn’t. Oh, OK, there’s bound to be a few sixties songs in there too. Sunday 3pm Tantric Turtle

Trio 42 and Trilogy

Shoalhaven musicians Jim Dorrington, Anne Stuart and Vicki McCartney on guitar, cello and flute join vocal group Trilogy (Joy, Kathy and Robin Sharpe) to present a mix of songs from traditional Celtic to

contemporary classics. A lovely acoustic concert showcasing beautiful playing and heavenly harmonies. Sunday 1pm St Joseph’s Church

Victoria Vigenser & Lindsay Martin

A gobsmackingly powerful performance. Victoria Vigenser’s gritty intelligent social comment and imagery is a theme in her writing, an astonishing voice. The likes of Mitchell, Chapman and Difranco at times. There is a spell binding quality to Vic’s own delivery that comes out in achingly beautiful lyrics lovingly wrapped in Lindsay Martins exquisite mandolin and fiddle accompaniment. Friday 7.45pm Pavilion Saturday 2.30pm Marquee Saturday 6.45pm Tantric Turtle Sunday 12 noon Pony Club

Voices From the Vacant Lot

is a Sydney based 12-voice mixed singing and percussion group. Over 30 years they have worked together to build a diverse and powerful repertoire sourced from a wide range of musical cultures including Cuba, Brazil, France, Latin America and



more. VVL have built a reputation for their moving and dynamic performances taking the audience on a global journey of language, harmony and rhythm. Voices have participated in many major folk festivals around Australia, toured Indonesia and recently performed in the International Choir Festival of Santiago de Cuba. Saturday 2.15pm Hall Saturday 3.45pm Tantric Turtle

Wollongong Welsh Choir

The choir has performed for over 20 years around the region, interstate and at the Opera House (with others!) We have both men and women singers and perform trad Welsh folkloric plus modern tunes in both Welsh and English. Saturday 12.30pm Hall



Poster and art Annie McCarron â&#x20AC;˘ Programme design and production Diana Jaffray


Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival 2018  
Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival 2018