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3 Smart Steps to Outsource Mobile App Development Keyword: Outsource Mobile App Development

Texas (USA), Canada (Toronto) & London (Business Network)—Nov 24, 2016: The trend to outsource mobile app development is not new but extremely high in demand. From start-ups to established organizations, every business is discussing the risks and opportunities of offshore mobile app development. Outsourcing, as a business model, has been effective across industries in substantially reducing cost of recruitment, expansion, and infrastructure as well as helped in streamlining and speeding up business processes. By involving a third-party, exclusively trained and skilled in a particular work, adds that extra shot in the arm subsequently helping organisations to gain a competitive market edge. Suma Soft, an ISO 9001:2008 certified software development company shares insights on smartest ways to go about outsourcing mobile app development to an offshore company. Before you zero in on an outsourcing partner, take these three steps: 1) Create a wire frame This acts as a blueprint of your mobile app. The more detailed your wire frame is; the better shape your app will finally take. Consider things such as whether your app has to be developed from scratch or it can be an AaaS (App-as-a-Service). Pen down the flow of your app as if you were the end-user; experience the app as you are a novice and see if every follow-on or call-to-action is giving you clear instructions. While there might be many changes during the development of the app, having a thoroughly descriptive wireframe will help your outsourcing team visualize the final product. If a couple of things seem improbable or incomplete, wireframes can take all the rough work. This will also save you the do’s and don’ts that occur in the development process later on. 2) Don’t follow-suit Not every technology is meant for every business genre. It may be possible that few people around you are discussing chatbots and analytics, but that does not mean that your app will be inefficient without these. Considering your business requirements, create of list of possible technology inputs that you will need for your app. Remember that mobile apps need to be extremely agile and user-friendly. Your customers on mobile would not want to spend hours in installing, opening or using the app. A technologyheavy app can prove to be a disaster if not made to function properly. Know your target audience; create an app that addresses their geographical, demographical as well as utility needs in a hassle-free experience. This step will help you save on any additional technology cost needed to outsource mobile app development. 3) Do your homework

There is no dearth of mobile apps. Your outsourcing partner might also be developing a hundred-odd apps at the same time. Make sure that your objectives are clear from Day 0 of the outsourcing project. Always try to offer a unique user-experience to your customers. This will happen if you know your target audience extremely well. Get as much insight as possible on the customer that you aim to sell your app to. Knowing your customer’s pain-points and expectations will help you design a better product. When discussing the project with your offshore mobile app developer, do not just give your opinions about the app but also provide them with deeper, more meaningful insights on your end-consumer. Always remember that software is a technology and should be able to add some advantage to your business. This will happen only if you create a software that meets the needs of your consumers. About Suma Soft: With 16+ years of experience in developing open-source, android and iOS mobile apps for different industries, Suma Soft is one of the most preferred companies for offshore mobile app development services. Suma Soft has worked with over 300+ clients and delivered quality software applications to Automotive, BFSI, Healthcare, Logistics and Retail companies. Read more-

3 Smart Steps to Outsource Mobile App Development  

Texas (USA), Canada (Toronto) & London (Business Network)—Nov 24, 2016: The trend to outsource mobile app development is not new but extreme...

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