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You Deserve Better; You Know You Do

Spring is around the corner. For some that may mean cleaning out their homes or preparing their gardens. What about refreshing yourself?

Hair, Body & Soul Day Spa is your onestop-shop for self-care: hair, nails, facials, waxing, plus more specialized procedures

in the esthetic and beauty industry. Esthetics is constantly changing and improving so she is delighted to bring the latest technologies and products to her clients. By staying current in her esthetic training, she can offer some services in St. Thomas that are usually only available in larger cities.

like laser hair removal, pigmentation removal, acne laser treatment, electrolysis, and permanent makeup. “We aim to treat or improve skin and hair conditions. I want my clients to feel good with the results when they leave,” says owner, Tarren McRae.

McRae has more than 25 years of experience in the beauty industry as a hairstylist and esthetician. She has achieved a world class level of education

Clients of all ages visit Hair Body & Soul Day Spa. “A lot of people come in with a variety of skin conditions such as age spots, rough, loose, and sallow skin, or are just trying to make their skin look younger and rejuvenated.”

McRae and her staff pride themselves in their excellent service and professionalism. Silencing your phone is encouraged so that you are greeted with a calm and peaceful environment. “Clients have even asked if they could stay a little longer after their service was done just to de-stress!”

“I love the people, and I love my work.

My mandate is to make a difference in people’s lives and improve their sense of well-being. It is rewarding knowing the difference you can make in someone’s life. People leave here feeling revitalized and I am happy to have been able to give them that feeling.”

Step into spring with a new hairstyle or rejuvenated skin. Treat yourself or your significant other when you visit the spa at 757 Talbot Street, rear entrance between BMO and Horton Farmers’ Market. You can also call 519.207.1043 or visit hairbodyandsoul. ca for more information. You deserve better; you know you do!

At long last we are preparing to say farewell to winter and hello to spring! The changing of the season is a reminder of the importance of growth and development, not just in our personal lives but within our community. The City of St. Thomas is well positioned for unprecedented growth and there are several projects slated for this spring.

Road construction projects include Talbot Street (Mary to Ross –starting mid-March), Coyne/Simcoe Street (starting March), and Parkside Drive/Bell Avenue (starting April). Other projects include

solar panel installation at the Joe Thornton Community Centre, construction of the City Animal Services Centre, and acquisition of land to assist with the City’s desire to create economic development opportunities with land investments.

On the housing front, 40 units of supportive and affordable housing will be constructed within the City through Project Tiny Hope. Additionally, through a partnership with Indwell, 45 units of supportive and affordable housing will be added to the core of St. Thomas on Queen Street. These initiatives will help to assist our most vulnerable while also strengthening the social fabric of the community as a whole.

Please join me in welcoming the new season and all the prospects it offers!

St. Thomas Mayor Joe Preston

Bronchiolitis Goes Viral and Mimicks the Common Cold

Bronchiolitis is a common respiratory illness that primarily affects infants and young children, particularly those under the age of 2 years. It is a lower respiratory tract infection that causes inflammation and narrowing of the bronchioles, which are the small airways in the lungs.

age of 6 months and those with underlying health conditions, such as premature birth or heart or lung disease, are at a higher risk for developing severe bronchiolitis.

Bronchiolitis is usually caused by a viral infection, with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) being the most common culprit. RSV is most active between the months of November to April. Other viruses that can cause bronchiolitis include influenza, parainfluenza, adenovirus, and rhinovirus.

Bronchiolitis typically begins with symptoms similar to those of a common cold, such as runny nose, cough, and fever. As the illness progresses, children may develop difficulty breathing, wheezing, rapid breathing, and a raspy or squeaky sound when breathing. Infants under the

Message from DDB

Most conversations begin with a discussion about weather and over the past few months, we’ve had a lot to talk about. What seemed like a mild winter, came back to bite us a couple of times. And we are waiting to see whether the old saying, “If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb,” comes true or not.

But another season is about to bite us - and that’s construction season! Beginning in mid-March through to September, Talbot Street from Mary Street to Ross Street, will be dug up and reconstructed. Buried

The diagnosis of bronchiolitis is usually made based on the child’s symptoms and a physical exam. In some cases, a chest X-ray or blood tests may be ordered to rule out other potential causes of the child’s symptoms. Treatment for bronchiolitis is generally focused on relieving the child’s symptoms and ensuring that they are able to breathe comfortably. This may include using a humidifier or saline nasal drops to help clear the child’s airways, providing fluids to prevent dehydration, and in some cases, using medications such as bronchodilators or corticosteroids to reduce inflammation and improve breathing.

In most cases, bronchiolitis will run its course within a week or two, and most

children will recover fully without any long-term effects. However, severe cases of bronchiolitis can cause complications, such as pneumonia or respiratory failure, which may require hospitalization. Parents should be vigilant for signs of respiratory distress, such as rapid or laboured breathing, and seek medical attention immediately if their child appears to be struggling to breathe.

Prevention of bronchiolitis is largely focused on preventing the spread of viral infections. Parents can help prevent the spread of bronchiolitis by practicing good hand hygiene and avoiding exposing young infants to sick individuals. If their child develops symptoms of bronchiolitis, parents should seek medical attention promptly to ensure that their child receives appropriate treatment and monitoring.

While most cases of bronchiolitis will resolve on their own within a week or two, severe cases can cause complications that require hospitalization.

infrastructure, 100 plus year-old, will be upgraded and topped with a brand new functional streetscape. As nice as this seems, to get a modern upgrade to our historic city core, our Downtown business and property owners are going to be challenged to cope with the upheaval and disruption. After two plus years of pandemic turmoil, the coming the construction upheaval may be the hardest challenge yet to overcome.

Our DDB, along with many helpful partners are working to ease the burden, but we can’t do this by ourselves. We need your help to shop local. Please remember, Downtown business owners are your friends, family and neighbours who live to serve you, their loyal customers.

Even though the construction process may make it a little tougher to access their businesses, Downtown St. Thomas remains open for business! Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for updates and family fun events. Love Where You Shop - Downtown St. Thomas.

Vim, Vigour and Vibe

Quilting – Sew Much Fun!

For many, the act of crafty work with one’s hands is a soothing and delightful pastime. For those interested in quilting or sewing, there is no need to travel out of town for supplies anymore. There is a fabric store right here in Downtown St. Thomas.

MSM Fabrics & Quilting is the only fabric store in St. Thomas. They have 100% cotton fabrics, precuts, sewing notions, and even a long arm machine that customers can rent to create a quilt or have a quilt made for them. “We offer personalized service for each customer that comes in, whether they need help with matching colours or starting a project. We also offer classes from time to time,” says owner, Marilyn Matchim. Matchim has been sewing for 55 years and quilting for 17 years. “I pass on my knowledge whenever I can. If you are working on a quilt and want to add a complimentary colour, I can see what will suit best.”

Despite her many years of knowledge, Matchim is still constantly learning and staying up to date in her business. “My textiles and notions sources keep me informed about all the new and exciting things coming out. I also read a lot of books

and listen to people who have more knowledge on certain subjects.”

“I love meeting and helping people who have similar passions. Some like to come into the store just for a chat,” says Matchim. “It will be our one-year anniversary in March, and we invite anybody to come in whether they sew or not. Maybe I can introduce them to the sewing world.”

MSM Fabrics & Quilting is located at 562 Talbot Street. You can also call at 519.870.0265 or visit their website


Possibilities and See Where Life Takes You.

With purchase or rent options, the Nexus 3 or Evolution Trillium walker will give you the freedom to meet up with friends, go for a stroll, and run errands with ease.

* Plus, find out if you qualify for a government-funded discount of up to 75% off the price.

Time to Get Moving!

Art and Soul
a World
Helping You Feel Better™ 519 Talbot Street St. Thomas, ON 519-631-3330 Walkers Up to 75% Off!*

Wanted: Cost-Conscious Connoisseurs!

Whether you make wine as a hobby or for an upcoming event, DIY wine can cost a fraction of what you may buy in stores. If you don’t know where to even start, and you want quality wines, there is a winemaking and supplies store in Downtown St. Thomas.

The Wine Station has been in business for over 25 years. “We offer in-store services for wine making, and, if you want to try it for yourself at home, we sell all the supplies you need for making wine and beer!” says store manager, Joe Willert. “When customers come in, they can expect a clean and friendly atmosphere. We offer superior wine products with consistent flavours. Plus, a good conversation, especially if you’re bottling with Mary!”

Mary Vernackt has been with The Wine Station since they opened in 1996. “Mary’s knowledge is extensive. She knows the pairings of wines well, to the point that she will ask the customer what

food they are serving at a wedding.” Joe himself has also been making wine at home from scratch since 1989 and has been working at The Wine Station for five years now. Barb with many years of retail management is the newest member of their team. She is highly organized and has become a valuable member of the crew. After a quarter of a century, customers are considered family. “We get everyday people coming in who enjoy wine and beer making. We also see newcomers to the community who are looking for a new

experience,” says Joe.

To stay up to date, The Wine Station team is in constant communication with Vineco, their supplier. “Every year, Vineco comes up with special edition wines which must be ordered by the customer in advance.” They also have a website that they keep current:

“The best part of my job is interacting with the clients and building life-long friendships with them. I enjoy seeing how happy customers are when we call to tell them their wine is ready. It’s not like regular retail.”

If you’re curious about the world of winemaking, you can stop by The Wine Station at 168 Curtis Street or call 519.633.9111. “Come and make wine with us!” says Joe.

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