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To say that the past two years have been exciting would be an understatement. During our search for a CEO, we kept going back to the words “relationships, relevance, and results.” When Chris Masingill joined the organization in July 2018, we knew economic development in St. Tammany would be taken to a new level of organizational sophistication to deliver services in a new capacity. The team and leadership began building relationships with business and industry leaders, elected officials, and community stakeholders through meetings, events, and speaking engagements from the moment Chris arrived in St. Tammany. September 2018 launched the name St. Tammany Corporation, the economic development organization for St. Tammany. That fall was packed with input and engagement sessions for our 5-year economic development strategic plan, THRIVE2023. The plan was adopted by our Board of Commissioners on February 21, 2019. Since that time, the team has stayed laser-focused on the initiatives of THRIVE2023. Relationships continue to be paramount as St. Tammany Corporation assists businesses through expansion projects, hiring opportunities, and changes to statutory incentives on the state level. St. Tammany Corporation expanded its own team and aligned focus areas based on subject matter expertise to best meet the needs of our community and to meet the organization’s long-term goals. Partnerships focused on workforce development and talent retention were launched to determine future opportunities, and target industries were identified for future lead generation prospects. Though my time on the board has come to an end, it remains a privilege to have guided the organization through this time of evolution and change. I have full confidence in the organization’s leadership and team to achieve the bold initiatives outlined in THRIVE2023. St. Tammany Corporation’s relationships are strong, its relevance respected, and more results are on the way for St. Tammany. Sincerely,

This document serves as the report for the St. Tammany Parish Development District program of work for July 9, 2018, through June 30, 2020.

Bill Davis 2018, 2019 President, St. Tammany Corporation










The vision of St. Tammany Corporation is to strategically align the economic landscape in St. Tammany to be the destination of choice for highly skilled talent, business formation, attraction, expansion, and retention.


T ransformational We intend to move our relationships with business and industry beyond a transactional level, to truly build relationships, partnerships, and coalitions that are transformational – ones that transform the capacity of St. Tammany as a business destination.

Honesty Honesty and integrity are paramount in economic development. We must clearly articulate our scope, services, value, and impact as an economic development organization.

R esults-driven We aim to move past inputs and outputs to truly celebrate outcomes. We can produce results-driven work by utilizing our data tools to best understand exactly where our community is right now and then creating a program of work that moves the needle toward positive outcomes, resulting in a more competitive community for business, industry, and talent.


Intentional We aim to be intentional with our initiatives, programs, resources, and capacity. We want to engage in high-value activities that align with our biggest economic development opportunities for sustainable economic growth.

V ital

The economic development organization is vital to the maintenance and growth of the quality of life we hold dear in St. Tammany. We serve as the truth-teller of the economic vitality of the parish.

Engaged The economic development organization must be engaged directly with all relevant local, regional, and state partners, all while remaining ahead of the curve on international, national, and regional economic development industry trends and best practices. As economic development practitioners, we must engage in lifelong learning, actively listen to constituents and partners, and be aware of threats to the local, regional, and state economy.


ST. TAMMANY’S 5-YEAR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIC PLAN Since 2018, St. Tammany Corporation has been redefining economic development in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. This effort is a true collaboration between a dedicated and passionate board of commissioners, a growing staff of economic development subject matter experts, dynamic community stakeholders, and innovative business and industry leaders. When I began my role as chief executive officer in July 2018, I knew we were at the beginning of creating something special. Over the past two years, we have evolved as an economic development organization, as a professional team, as a strategic partner, and as a trusted advisor on key economic development related matters. With a new proactive brand and a bold strategic plan, St. Tammany Corporation is just getting started. Our community’s ideal location in the middle of the Gulf South paired with our unique regional economy make St. Tammany a destination of choice for highly skilled talent and innovative business and industry. I am honored to lead St. Tammany Corporation as we continue to retain and attract responsible, sustainable, dynamic economic development in our community. St. Tammany is ready to thrive! Chris Masingill Chief Executive Officer



FOCUS AREAS St. Tammany’s 5-Year Economic Development Strategic Plan In February 2019, our board of commissioners approved and adopted THRIVE2023: St. Tammany’s 5-Year Economic Development Strategic Plan. The plan can easily be summed up in one sentence: We are building capacity, sophistication, and competitiveness. The plan has four major focus areas and specific tactics recommended for each area of focus for implementation over the next five years. St. Tammany Corporation took a forward-thinking and collaborative approach to strategic planning when launching this initiative in September 2018 by engaging two premier economic development firms to prepare the comprehensive economic development strategic plan. VisionFirst Advisors led development of the strategic assumptions, marketing plan, target industry list, and organizational infrastructure as it related to the strategic plan. Economic Leadership, LLC conducted the plan’s economic analysis and research and facilitated community stakeholder engagement and surveying. Collectively, these firms have nearly 150 years of experience in the field of economic development and are recognized nationally as thought leaders in this industry.

1. Organizational Effectiveness

3. Cross-Cutting Strategies

Creating a High-Performing Economic Development Organization

Building Community Competitiveness

• Increase private sector leadership and engagement.

•W ork with elected officials to assess where changes to current tax and regulatory policies may be needed to encourage innovation and business formation.

• Expand St. Tammany Corporation’s budget and staff for operational effectiveness and fiduciary responsibility.

2. Business Development

• Create an asset map of the existing workforce programs t o determine strengths and gaps in programs and training to determine next steps.

4. Marketing & Communications

Harnessing Location & Innovation as Key Drivers of Success

Telling the St. Tammany Story

• D evelop a comprehensive business retention and expansion program.

•D evelop and implement a robust marketing program for external stakeholders and a communications program for internal stakeholders.

• Leverage technology and research assets surrounding Stennis and Michoud as a draw for private-sector businesses.

• L aunch a first-class website that showcases St. Tammany’s competitive advantage.

•A ssess and evaluate building stock to take advantage of opportunities such as vacant retail spaces. • Form a coalition to conduct an asset review of entrepreneurial activities in the parish, highlighting where opportunities and challenges exist. • Develop a competitive lead generation program.



ECONOMIC HEALTH St. Tammany Corporation values data and research. Our strategic planning process began by completing a thorough economic analysis of St. Tammany Parish. A firm understanding of where we have been prepares us to chart a prosperous future. The increase in population and jobs in St. Tammany over the last decade is exciting and showcases the important role St. Tammany plays in our regional economy. The graphs on the right showcase the opportunities for existing industry expansion and industry diversification for sustainable economic growth. This data supports our business retention, business attraction, and workforce development efforts.



BUSINESS ATTRACTION AND EXPANSION PROJECTS The following projects listed are a snapshot of significant business development projects that St. Tammany Corporation has assisted in securing since 2018.*


Machine shop expanding to new Slidell location due to job growth and revenue growth. Capital expenditures of $1,900,000 and the retention of 26 employees are expected.

Arcosa Marine

Barge manufacturer purchased former Trinity Marine and is currently expanding new operations in Madisonville. Capital expenditures of $7,500,000, the retention of 26 employees, and the creation of 149 new full-time jobs are expected.


Turkey-based manufacturer specializes in creating components for electronic equipment using a process called sintering, in which small metal particles are formed into shapes using intense heat. This project will mark its first location in North America and become the company’s U.S. headquarters. Capital expenditures of $5 million and the creation of 15 new full-time jobs are expected.

Dependable Glass Works

Medline announced their expansion to a new distribution facility in St. Tammany. The expansion includes the creation of 170 new full-time jobs. Retaining 36 jobs, the project will have an estimated $53 million capital investment. Medline Industries is the largest privately held manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies in the U.S., providing products, education, clinical programs, and services across the continuum of healthcare. The company is currently ranked on the Forbes list of largest privately held companies in America. Headquartered outside of Chicago, the company has offices in 20 countries. For almost two decades, Medline has helped our community perpetuate a high standard of living by providing quality jobs for families here and across the U.S. The company does so in a professional, safe, and clean environment with significant career growth opportunities. With global reach and continued local success, we believe Medline will bring quality jobs and investment to our community. The company consistently demonstrates community engagement efforts and a company culture that is a perfect fit for the ethos of St. Tammany Parish.


Glass fabricator relocating Florida and Alabama operations to St. Tammany. Capital expenditures of $538,000, the retention of 36 employees, and the creation of six new full-time jobs are expected.

Ampirical Solutions, LLC will build a 78,000-square-foot corporate headquarters near Covington, Louisiana, and consolidate its existing St. Tammany Parish locations into the new office building. Ampirical will create 400 new direct jobs over the next decade, with an average annual salary of more than $85,000, plus benefits. Retaining 120 existing jobs, the project will have an estimated $20 million capital investment.

Diversified Foods & Seasonings

Founded in Mandeville, Louisiana in 2006, Ampirical specializes in the design and construction of electrical substations and switchyards, protective relays and controls, transmission lines, distribution lines, and related infrastructure.

Food manufacturer expanding existing operations in St. Tammany. Capital expenditures of $15,500,000, the retention of 92 employees, and the creation of 44 new full-time jobs are expected.


Provides engineering services and manufacturing of water purification solutions for industrial, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, military, and food and beverage industries. Capital expenditures of $300,000, the retention of 185 employees, and the creation of two new full-time jobs are expected.

The company offers customers complete engineering, procurement, and construction services focused on the electrical grid. These services include specialization in 3D-modeling, intelligent design, and cybersecurity that enhances the reliability and protection of electric power transmission and distribution operations.

Mele Printing

Commercial printing company expanding operations due to job and revenue growth. Capital expenditures of $2,700,000, the retention of 90 employees, and the creation of nine new full-time jobs are expected.


*Job numbers reflect direct, full-time jobs created by the project and do not include any indirect job creation figures.


STRATEGIC INITIATIVES Implementing THRIVE2023 began in spring 2019 by tackling key programs, partnerships, and initiatives that touched all four focus areas of the strategic plan. Formalizing workforce development partnerships, streamlining processes for increased transparency and efficiency, and increasing access to business enhancement resources are highlights of these strategic initiatives.

Workforce Development In 2018, we institutionalized our working relationships with economic development, workforce development, higher education, and K-12 education partners to form the Workforce Roundtable. During regular monthly engagements, the Workforce Roundtable discusses workforce and training needs, explores opportunities for coordinated training delivery, and seeks to understand continuing and future learning opportunities necessary for the creation and retention of a competitive and skilled workforce. This coordinated partnership forms the foundation of our workforce development and talent retention efforts.

Formalized Partnership with Tri-Parish Works In July 2019, St. Tammany Corporation and Tri-Parish Works entered into a contractual agreement for shared staff members at both organizations. It establishes a structure for a mutually beneficial relationship in order to reduce redundancy, increase cost efficiency, and continuously improve services to businesses. Both entities are committed to building relationships, partnerships, and coalitions that are transformational, creating an environment in which our businesses can grow and our people can prosper.

St. Tammany Partnership for Industry, Workforce, and Economic Development The Partnership is the platform for private sector engagement and collaboration to create industry-focused talent solutions in our community. With an emphasis on enhancing the talent pipeline, we are addressing the short-, mid-, and long-term needs of business and industry for this generation and the next. This formalization moves beyond the fruitful relationships and successful collaborations of the individual entities to the institutionalization of the aligned workforce development and talent retention priorities as a competitive advantage for business recruitment, retention, expansion, and formation in St. Tammany.

Business Development


THRIVE2023 specifically outlined the need for a modern, sophisticated business retention program that encompassed the various components of business and technical assistance while also being approachable and accessible to a variety of existing businesses within our community. By expanding our internal talent and capacity with the addition of the Director of Economic Development and Director of Existing Business staff positions in late summer 2019, we gained knowledge and experience to create a program unique to St. Tammany. The strategic plan created the framework for the program and our approach. Our team also researched best practices from across the country on business outreach and retention initiatives.

Advance St. Tammany 2020 kicked off St. Tammany Corporation’s coordinated business retention and expansion efforts with the launch of Advance St. Tammany, St. Tammany’s multi-layered business assistance program that is intentionally designed to support the needs of St. Tammany businesses. The technical services offered in this program include economic development support program guidance and coordination, site selection and certification, demographic and market research, marketing assistance, government relations and partner connections, and workforce training and talent retention assistance. The retention visit goals outlined in the January 2020 launch of Advance St. Tammany were 50 visits to major employers and 50 visits to small and mid-size businesses. These goals were surpassed in spring 2020.

Adoption of a Unified Local ITEP Process In partnership with the St. Tammany Parish School Board, the parish council, the parish president’s office, the sheriff’s office, and municipal councils/authorities, St. Tammany Corporation has established criteria to provide a generally accepted framework for evaluating Industrial Tax Exemption Program (ITEP) requests in St. Tammany Parish. Through the adoption of unified guidelines, processes, and metrics, we hope to provide understanding and clarity to the taxation authorities making the local endorsement decisions, as well as the businesses that utilize this important historic economic development resource.

Small and Emerging Business Development Roundtables Through our partnership with the Louisiana Small Business Development Center at Southeastern Louisiana University, St. Tammany Corporation co-hosted a 10-part series of monthly roundtables for small and emerging businesses in Slidell. The series began in August 2019 and concluded virtually in June 2020. A total of 18 small business owners and CEOs participated in this peer-to-peer, discussion-based professional development series, and LED is reviewing the success of St. Tammany’s program as a model for programs throughout the state. Topics included marketing and public relations, finance and accounting, technology, legal, employee and HR, and sales.



Individual Companies Assisted



responding to research requests, tracking and analyzing economic trend reports, fielding and reviewing RFPs, and researching and compiling RFIs


LED Driver Companies Served

520 hours

Business Support Engagements




total projects

in total investment

JULY 2018–JUNE 2020




retained jobs

direct new full-time jobs


hours of professional development in 2019

followers across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn


events attended by staff in 2019


JAN 2019–JUNE 2020



companies assisted

approved LED business support packages


hours of external engagement JAN–JUNE 2020



site visits



site certification pre-application submissions


financial/ED impact studies 19

MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS A key component of THRIVE2023 is utilizing marketing and communications to tell the St. Tammany story. This comprehensive communications approach includes stakeholder engagement, community outreach, speaking engagements, information sharing, and continued education about the value of economic development. External communications provide an opportunity to create organizational awareness and enhance marketplace exposure for St. Tammany. All of these efforts support and foster business retention, attraction, expansion, and formation in our community.

St. Tammany Corporation Twitter Growth from July 1, 2018 to July 1, 2020

Since July 2018, St. Tammany Corporation has organically defined and cultivated its core audience through social platforms – growing Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn exponentially.


In addition to social platform engagement, St. Tammany Corporation has also placed features in Site Selection magazine as well as six other economic development publications along with engaging local newspaper, television, and radio outlets to tell the St. Tammany story.




Since July 2018, St. Tammany Corporation has used the media impact model to calculate its Earned Media Value (EMV) for external communications efforts that have not been paid for through organizational spending on marketing and advertising placements. EMV is a method to measure the value of the work that PR experts and marketers do to promote a particular brand or company.


Facebook Total Page Likes from July 2018 to July 2020 = 1,222 0 Jul

Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan

Feb Mar Apr May June

Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun

Monthly New Follower Growth

LinkedIn Page Follower Growth from July 2019 to July 2020 = 2021 8


The Media Impact Model (MIV) traces exposure and coverage over time against marketing tactics in various market mediums.

4 2 0 -2

Jul 6

Aug 10

Sep 14

Oct 19

Nov 23

Dec 28

Feb 1

Mar 7

Apr 11

May 16

Mar 2020

Apr 2020

Jun 20

LinkedIn Total Page Views from July 2019 to July 2020 =165 40

Facebook Total Page Followers from July 2018 to July 2020 = 1,224



St. Tammany Corporation has benchmarked MIV by measuring radio, print and television performance. To date, St.Tammany Corporation has earned an estimated return on investment (ROI) in the amount of $45,000 for 13 print features, nine television features and more than 15 radio engagements.


0 Jul 2019

Aug 2019



Sep 2019

Oct 2019

Nov 2019

Dec 2019

Jan 2020

Feb 2020

May 2020 Jun 2020




Research As part of our full suite of services to business and community partners, St. Tammany Corporation provides in-house economic reports and data analysis upon request. We have received and responded to 57 different data requests. Topics of inquiry have included demographic and economic trends and projections, labor market data, housing data, and education/training programs in our region. Our assistance was requested for a range of needs, including business development, talent recruitment materials, strategic planning, and grant applications. In 2020, St. Tammany Corporation launched a new ongoing digital research

Our team is also engaged in our industry organizations, serving as the Louisiana director for SEDC (2020–2021), an advisor member of the Greater New Orleans, Inc. Board of Directors, and chair of the Professional Development Committee for LIDEA. Members of our team have been recognized within the economic development industry as a 2018 Outstanding Millennial – Economic Development, and as of one Consultant Connect North America’s 2020 Top 50 Economic Developers. This involvement provides for idea sharing, program vetting, and concept generation that can be implemented locally here in our community as we learn alongside other professionals in our industry.

publication, The AnalyST, which will anchor an innovative website focused

External Engagement

specifically on telling the story of St. Tammany through an analysis of its

St. Tammany Corporation was represented at more than 100 events, summits,

economic characteristics. The AnalyST research initiative will track, interpret,

conferences, networking events, and professional development opportunities in 2019.

visualize, and report on an array of economic and demographic indicators

Members of our team were invited to give presentations to civic groups, business

that make up St. Tammany. Recent publications are available online at www.

groups, and stakeholder gatherings across our region. Using an accessible, easy-to-understand format, this publication is part of our effort to be a trusted resource for our community

During the first half of 2020, St. Tammany Corporation’s team completed 269 hours

and partners by providing data with context. The publication allows us to tell

of external engagement, including networking, speaking engagements, and other

a story about where we are, and where we are going, in order to achieve our

enrichment activities, many of which were virtual engagement opportunities to learn

vision of strategically aligning the economic landscape of St. Tammany to

about disaster recovery strategies and the rapidly changing landscape in the face of the

be the destination of choice for highly skilled talent and business formation,

global pandemic that required our modern, forward-thinking economic development

expansion, and retention.

organization to pivot activities to better serve our community while still engaging in proactive economic development.

The first two reports released under The AnalyST publication suite are the May and June editions of “Snapshot: Impacts of COVID-19 on St. Tammany.” These reports show how the pandemic has changed the economic landscape in St. Tammany as of each publication date and provide context essential to our economic recovery moving forward, where we are now, where we were before, and where we are going. St. Tammany Partnership for Industry, Workforce, and Economic Development Inaugural Meeting, December 2019

Media Recognition St. Tammany Corporation regularly engages with news and trade media properties to gain positive press for the parish. St. Tammany has been featured in major publications including Site Selection, Trade & Industry Development, Business in Focus, and Biz New Orleans. Our promotional campaigns have also been recognized for their strategic insight and creativity. St. Tammany Corporation was honored as a bronze winner at

Professional Development and Industry Leadership

the 2019 International Economic Development Council (IEDC) Excellence in Economic Development Awards for our “Champions of Economic Development” campaign.

The goal of enhancing capacity and sophistication as an organization includes investing in staff professional development, continuing education, and engagement in economic development industry organizations. For our team,

Transparency and Accountability

professional development is reflected as:

St. Tammany Corporation’s commitment to transparency and accountability is displayed in our core values of the acronym THRIVE and are practiced intentionally in our


• Four team members with graduate degrees in economic development

organization’s structure, communications, and day-to-day work and responsibilities.

• One Certified Louisiana Economic Developer (CLED)

Our website features a “Transparency & Accountability” section with a menu to view

• One Economic Development Finance Professional (EDFP)

organizational policies, public meeting notices, public records requests processed,

• Two graduates of the University of Oklahoma Economic Development Institute (OU EDI)

and recent meeting minutes. Additionally, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest

• Three candidates for the International Economic Development Council’s Certified Economic Developer (CEcD) certification

resulted in unqualified (best/clean) reports with no significant deficiencies or material

• Membership in the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), Southern Economic Development Council (SEDC), and Louisiana Industrial Development Executives Association (LIDEA)

standards of fiduciary responsibility. Both the final 2018 and final 2019 financial audits weaknesses, no compliance issues, and no management letter issued.


In March 2020, the daily routines and commitments of our nation shifted rapidly due to the pandemic. While so much has changed, our commitment to the vitality of St. Tammany’s economy has only increased. On March 17, St. Tammany Corporation began full-service operations as a virtual economic development organization. Due to recent technology upgrades, our team was able to switch operations swiftly to serve as a reliable and steadfast partner to business, industry, workforce, education, government, and community entities. Our team has maintained project management, business expansion, site certification, workforce development, and business retention engagement throughout the pandemic.



During an emergency, the priority responsibilities of an economic development organization are to serve as a conduit and disseminator of timely, relevant, and accurate information and resources, while providing technical assistance to its businesses and community. St. Tammany Corporation takes this responsibility seriously, and our operations pivoted to ensure we could fulfill this role in addition to our typical services and initiatives. We have worked collaboratively with stakeholders from across the state and region to host programs and workshops to share resources and information, as well as provide a platform for facilitated conversations. These engagements include: • I n coordination with Louisiana Economic Development, St. Tammany Corporation conducted a first round of business impact surveys resulting in 243 company responses to this initial assessment.

St. Tammany Corporation has launched and sustained a number of programs and initiatives to support our strategic plan and respond to new stakeholder needs in response to COVID-19.

Providing economic development support programs and services to existing businesses.

Highlighting companies in the parish that pivoted their mission, products, or services in response to the pandemic and economic recovery.

• F acilitated economic development briefings for St. Tammany elected officials to discuss the initial impacts and outreach efforts. • C o-hosted two human resources programming series with Northshore Society for Human Resource Management (Northshore SHRM), “Legal Updates and HR Best Practices Surrounding COVID-19” and “HR & Legal: Navigating a Return to Work.” • H osted a virtual business roundtable with U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy. • A long with other regional partners, co-sponsored 36 virtual workshops with the Louisiana Small Business Development Center at Southeastern Louisiana University for more than 2,600 participants from across the Northshore with sessions focusing on SBA loans, the CARES Act, and Paycheck Protection Program compliance. Zoom has become a frequently used tool for business outreach, programming and workshops, and staff meetings. Our focus has always been, and will continue to be, providing timely, relevant, value-added engagement with business, industry, and regional partners and stakeholders. St. Tammany Corporation commits our talent, energy, efforts, and resources to helping our business and industry community navigate this uncertain time. Ongoing technical assistance workshops, business continuity programs, workforce training initiatives, and public policy awareness activities will continue to be core elements of our economic development work. St. Tammany is resilient, and we look forward to working with you to ensure St. Tammany is the destination of choice for business, industry, and highly skilled talent for many years to come.



Recognizing companies, organizations, individuals, and communities who have come together to navigate and respond to the impacts of COVID-19 on St. Tammany Parish.

Connecting job seekers and employers responding to the workforce impact of COVID-19.

Providing “Back to Work” planning documents and guidance for keeping residents, employers, employees, and customers safe throughout St. Tammany’s COVID-19 reopening process.



Business Retention Outreach Relative to COVID-19 • 312 individual companies assisted, representing over 30,000 employees

Over 400 interactions with companies on the following topics: • Federal and state stimulus program information and guidance • Connection to strategic partners throughout the region • Regional collaboration with GNO, Inc. to connect those acquiring and selling personal protective equipment (PPE)

St. Tammany Economic Recovery and Resiliency Advisory Council On April 20, 2020, St. Tammany Parish President Mike Cooper announced the formation of the St. Tammany Economic Recovery and Resiliency Advisory Council, to establish the “Live Safe. Work Safe. Shop Safe.” action plan and re-opening strategy. In the first stage, the advisory council was tasked with developing a short-term re-opening framework to address the needs of St. Tammany Parish, while at the same time taking into consideration the health and safety of St. Tammany residents and the needs of our entire region. The Advisory Council includes representatives from both the private and public sectors, including healthcare and hospitals, public agencies, elected officials, non-profit organizations, and the business community. Parish President Cooper requested that the Advisory Council be led by Chris Masingill, CEO of St. Tammany Corporation. The Advisory Council has collected, reviewed, and considered a significant amount of community and business input. Feedback was garnered from business and industry through an electronic survey. A series of industry-specific focus groups were facilitated to solicit feedback, insights, and concerns from business representatives. Two input sessions were held for elected officials, and a designated email address,, was created for individuals to submit public comments. The St. Tammany Economic Recovery and Resiliency Advisory Council submitted the “Live Safe. Work Safe. Shop Safe.” action plan to Parish President Cooper on May 14, 2020 for adoption and implementation. The Advisory Council continues to meet as necessary to make recommendations regarding economic recovery and modify the action plan as appropriate to align with the executive orders issued by Governor Edwards and Parish President Cooper.

Direct Business Outreach Advance St. Tammany pivoted quickly to become our organization’s platform for business outreach and engagement during the pandemic. The infrastructure created by this initiative allowed our team to swiftly connect with businesses throughout St. Tammany and connect them to the most urgent resources and information.

Data and Analysis Following the launch of our new economic research publication The AnalyST in May 2020, St. Tammany continues to provide timely, relevant, easy-to-understand data through our latest update, “Snapshot: Impacts of COVID-19 on St. Tammany.” The initial publication focused on a selection of data specifically related to the community’s economic and health landscape during the pandemic. Indicators include the current status of COVID-19 cases, unemployment claims, and demographic information that details the vulnerable populations in St. Tammany. The second report showed how the pandemic has changed the economic landscape in St. Tammany as of June 2020 and provides context essential to our economic recovery moving forward: where we are now, where we were before, and where we are going.

Reopening Helpline


As part of our suite of business assistance services, the St. Tammany Corporation has set up a reopening helpline (985-809-1411) to field questions and comments related to the phased reopening continuum. The line has been monitored seven days a week. Each individual issue is logged then met with answers, assistance, or a redirection to the appropriate agency for follow-up. Local businesses have relied on the St. Tammany

Corporation for guidance through the process in addition to help in navigating the PPP and EIDL loan programs, the rehiring process, and evolving CDC and OSHA guidance.

Resilient Louisiana Commission The Resilient Louisiana Commission (RLC) is charged by Governor Edwards with making recommendations for more resilient business-related activities and commerce in the wake of COVID-19. The commission will capture best practices from around the country and across industries to help reboot and reshape Louisiana’s economy so that it is able to emerge stronger than before. The RLC includes a task force structure to examine all aspects of Louisiana’s economy, including each of its critical sectors, to make recommendations in the coming months. Chris Masingill serves on the RLC’s Economic & Community Development Task Force.

Websites St. Tammany Corporation continues to evolve our virtual platform and presence through innovative strategies that will make the end-user experience exciting and more functional. As of May 20, 2020, St. Tammany Corporation now has three live website products for public consumption. •S ince the launch of the new website on March 13, 2020, we have been constantly sharing information through our comprehensive COVID-19 Resource and Information Center. Our COVID-19 Resource and Information Center averages 1,700 unique page visits per day with a steady daily increase of visitors. • W e also developed St. Tammany JOB CONNECT, a comprehensive platform that features opportunities to find employment for job seekers and opportunities to find employees for companies and small businesses needing to hire—both specifically for the St. Tammany landscape during the pandemic. • O n May 12, 2020, we launched St. Tammany Safe ( in partnership with St. Tammany Parish President Mike Cooper. As of May 20, 2020, the site that was developed in less than 72 hours has been viewed 30,451 times, with 28,400 of those views happening in the first two days of launching the site. • Since March 27, 2020, has been viewed more than 65,000 times.

COVID-19 Shifts and Recovery Business Workshop Series St. Tammany Corporation facilitated a free, customized business resource virtual workshop series in partnership with St. Tammany Chamber of Commerce, Northshore Business Council, Northshore Community Foundation, Tangipahoa Economic Development Foundation, Greater Hammond Chamber of Commerce, and Washington Economic Development Foundation. We partnered with Action Coaching Resource Team, a group of local business leaders, to deliver an eight-part series focused on helping businesses understand their unique challenges and opportunities, and positioning those businesses to thrive as they navigate the current and short-term economic realities. Free business coaching sessions were offered to participants.




President Stirling Properties 1/1/2018 – 12/31/2022



Vice President Rain CII 1/1/2018 – 12/31/2020


MICHAEL GAMBRELL Treasurer Resource Bank 1/1/2018 – 12/31/2021


Humana, Inc. 1/1/2018 – 12/31/2020

ASC Solutions, LLC 1/1/2018 – 12/31/2022

Kent Design Build, Inc. 1/1/2018 – 12/31/2020




Retired 1/1/2018 – 12/31/2021

Wells Fargo Advisors 1/1/2019 – 12/31/2021

Atmos Energy 1/1/2018 – 12/31/2021

Bottom Row From Left to Right:

Ronda Sides (Executive Assistant to the CEO), Ashley Llewellyn (Director of Strategic Initiatives), Chris Masingill (Chief Executive Officer), Kate Moore (Director of Economic Development), and Elizabeth Lee (Research Analyst and Economic Development Specialist)

Top Row From Left to Right:

Jolie Bernard (Communications Manager), Jake Nickens (Coordinator of Business & Technical Services and Land & Sites), Sharon Delong (Manager of Administration), Todd Whalley (Director of Existing Business and Industry), and Dakotah Eason (Business Services Representative at Tri-Parish Works)


GeoVera Holdings 1/1/2018 – 12/31/2020


WILLIAM WAINWRIGHT Northshore Technical Community College 1/1/2018 – 12/31/2022


Advisory Board Member CLECO Power Appointed in April 2020



A look at St. Tammany corporation activities and events from July 2018 to March 2020.

Chris Masingill and Ashley Llewellyn facilitating an economic development briefing with Parish President Mike Cooper, March 2020

Kate Moore and Todd Whalley, at an Advance St. Tammany retention visit with Rip and Jerri Stoltz of SEI in Slidell, LA, March 2020

Ashley Llewellyn delivering a presentation at the Northshore Homebuilders Association’s “Northshore on the Rise” event, October 2019

Chris Masingill accepting St. Tammany Corporation’s IEDC Award in Indianapolis, IN October 2019

Jennifer Barnett, Don Shea, Dakotah Eason of Tri-Parish Works with Todd Whalley at TriParish Works Job Fair, October 2019

Chris Masingill, Kate Moore, and Elizabeth Lee with Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development John Fleming at IEDC 2019 Conference in Indianapolis, IN October 2019

Parish President Mike Cooper, Secretary Shawn Wilson, State Representative Larry Frieman, and Chris Masingill at Washington Mardi Gras, January 2020

Arcosa Vessel Launch, Madisonville, LA, July 2019

St. Tammany Corporation facilitates Business and Industry Roundtable for U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy, January 2019

Northshore Homebuilders Association Event featuring a presentation by Chris Masingill, April 2019

Chris Masingill with fellow Louisiana practitioners Ben Fontenot and Kristi Lumpkin at an SEDC Fall Board Meeting in Atlanta, GA November 2019

Triple Vision Event, Slidell, LA, July 2018


Chris Masingill and Elizabeth Lee meeting with St. Tammany Parish Fire Chiefs, December 2019

St. Tammany Corporation staff with Governor John Bel Edwards following the announcement of the I-12 Widening Project in St. Tammany Parish, September 2019

Ashley Llewellyn and Tish Williams with NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine at Michoud Assembly Facility, August 2018

ASMT Ribbon Cutting, Slidell, LA, May 2019

Former East St. Tammany Chamber CEO Don Shea, STPDD Board Commissioner Bruce Javery, STPDD Board Commissioner Bill Newton, and Chris Masingill at East St. Tammany Chamber Event, February 2019

Leadership Northshore visits St. Tammany Corporation, February 2019



STAKEHOLDER INSIGHTS “Due to encouraging conditions in the barge construction

“The addition of our tempering plant allows us to increase

market, we are pleased that Arcosa Marine is restoring the

our number of employees and expand our glass fabrication

Madisonville barge facility to full operation. We are grateful

business regionally and nationally. It also allows for products

for the support of LED and St. Tammany Corporation, and as

to be made locally rather than purchase raw materials from

a result Arcosa Marine expects to continue to hire employees

out of state. We will continue to research and modernize our

at the facility.”

facilities to meet the needs of St. Tammany Parish and our national customer base.”

Thomas Faherty President, Arcosa Marine Products

Norman Foxworth Owner, Dependable Glass Works, Inc.

“The workforce board is excited to enhance its already strong partnership with the St. Tammany Corporation.

“We are pleased that the ITEP extension was granted, and

By design, we are creating a seamless business-focused

we are moving forward with expanding the company as

delivery network to reinforce services we offer to support

a result of the approval. We have made hires based on

business and industry in St. Tammany. By leveraging our

our intention that we communicated to the State. We look

resources, we can continue to improve the landscape to

forward to future support from St. Tammany Parish and the

help businesses grow and remain viable and, in turn, we are

State and continuing our partnership as our business grows

sustaining the community where we all work and live.”

and MECO adds jobs to our Mandeville facility.”

Melissa B. Kirsch

Reano Siragusa

Executive Director, Workforce Development Board – Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St. Tammany

“We’re very excited to begin work on our new facility. We’ve been fortunate that our business has grown significantly in the last decade, but it’s become more challenging to keep up with that growth. With this move we’re almost doubling our manufacturing capacity and centralizing our entire team


under one roof. It will help us continue to deliver world-class solutions to our customers all over the world and allow our employees to be safer and more productive, while giving us room to continue growing.”

Executive Vice-President and CFO, MECO

“As one of the nation’s largest independent maritime transporters, it is important to us to continue to be innovative, competitive, and provide quality services while prioritizing our workforce and their families, and that’s why we choose St. Tammany as our destination of choice. St. Tammany is all about the community and its people, and there’s no better place to do work, live, learn, and enjoy Louisiana’s fine quality of life.”

Dennis A. Pasentine Chairman & CEO, Florida Marine Transporters

Eric Hanrahan 32

Vice President and General Manager, Allpax


The first half of 2020 has been packed with unforeseen challenges, pausing to determine the thoughtful next steps, and pivoting operations and routines. In a crisis, communicating clearly and quickly is a priority, and St. Tammany Corporation made that possible, starting with launching the new website on March 13, 2020, with a comprehensive COVID-19 Resource and Information Center and continuing through the leadership displayed by Chris Masingill as he facilitated the St. Tammany Economic Recovery and Resiliency Advisory Council on behalf of Parish President Cooper. Times of challenge reveal so much about people’s character, and the team at St. Tammany Corporation has certainly demonstrated their character, individually and collectively. Their commitment to serving the business and industry community, communicating consistently with stakeholders throughout the region, and assessing needs and challenges and working to mitigate those risks and barriers are a few of the ways they have risen to this particular challenge.


As St. Tammany Corporation continues to communicate, engage, learn, and pivot in real time, we also pause to contemplate what happens next and how we create an economically vibrant future. Thoughtfully repositioning operations and priorities to strategically pursue the programs and initiatives that add considerable value in the near term and have sustainable positive impacts is paramount. THRIVE2023 continues to provide a strong roadmap of the four key focus areas of our organization. The tactics outlined in the plan provide direction and aspirational goals, but also give the flexibility needed to adapt to the current realities and highest needs of our economy. During the second half of this year, St. Tammany Corporation’s goals and priorities include: • P roviding enhanced technical assistance programs and resources to business and industry partners. • Launching an online platform focused on data and research that will house The AnalyST publication suite. • Establishing best practices to serve as an ombudsman to parish and municipal governments for business development opportunities. • Creating assets to prepare for virtual site tours and prospect visits. • Fostering increased collaboration between education and workforce partners to connect those seeking employment with skills training opportunities that lead to sustainable careers here in St. Tammany and our region. As we move through the remainder of the year, I am encouraged by the tenacity and resiliency displayed by leadership and the team and am confident they will bring these goals into fruition. St. Tammany Corporation is dedicated to positioning St. Tammany to be the destination of choice for business retention, business formation, and highlyskilled talent, and we look forward to working with you to ensure St. Tammany is a place for all individuals to thrive. Sincerely,

Marty Mayer 2020 President, St. Tammany Corporation



Pat Brister

Melissa Medley

IN MEMORIAM We honor the beautiful lives of two incredible women who had a profound impact on St. Tammany Corporation: Melissa Medley of VisionFirst Advisors, who passed away on January 17, 2020, and Pat Brister, former St. Tammany Parish President, who passed away on February 3, 2020. We admire Melissa’s leadership in the field of economic development, her personal mentorship to our team, and her zest for life. Pat Brister advocated for economic development, played a critical role in recruiting Chris Masingill to St. Tammany, and avidly supported the vision of St. Tammany Corporation. We admire her tenacity, her passion, and her unwavering commitment to St. Tammany. We are grateful for the opportunity to have known and worked with both of these extraordinary women.