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Colours of 1968 Collection

Spring 2012

Spirit of ‘68 In 1968 I probably wasn’t wearing flowers in my hair, but I had already developed a fascination for Porsche cars. For this issue we’ve had a bit of fun with a “Spirit of ‘68” theme that we hope you’ll enjoy. In future magazines we hope to put a spotlight on other years too, highlighting Porsche cars of the day, along with world events and popular culture. Our 1968 focus in this edition provides some startling contrasts in price and performance of the 911 from today and then. It also provides us with a rear view image of a vastly different era, referencing our music and movie choices, world events and other fashions that defined us then. It was a remarkable period in modern history.

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We’ve got a couple of great profiles this issue too. We spoke at length with the President of Porsche Club Victoria, Will Darvall and his wife Barbara, who both share a passion for Porsche that dates back to 1968 and a little beyond. Torque hopes to feature PCV news and updates on a regular basis and it was a pleasure to have Will and Barb involved in our Spring edition. We also had a chance to catch up with another Porsche enthusiast, Nick Travers, a

young and successful architect who has developed a close affinity with Porsche architecture in this country, together with his growing folio of stunning architectural projects around Melbourne. A big focus has also been our exciting range of Fathers Day specials, just in time for September 2. We introduce you to our new PCM concierge, Carly, together with features on upcoming Porsche events, a sneak peek at the very exciting Porsche Macan project and plenty of other interesting updates. I hope you enjoy reading our spring edition of Torque.

Thomas Heberling

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What’s inside Cover story 10 Colours of 1968 A quirky era celebrated by a special Porsche promotion with fantastic Fathers Day gift ideas

The 1973 2.7RS was very exciting to drive. It had immense acceleration, it was hard to surpass as a car.


Features 6 Where there’s a Will there’s a Porsche way PCV President, Will Darvall speaks with Torque 9 RS Spyder’s Web of Intrigue Unique super sports car on display at PCM 9 Marvellous Macan New sports SUV on the horizon 12 Nick traverses a GT3 course An architect’s passion for Porsche


14 PCM Service Concierge Meet Carly Baxter 15 Service Clinic A limited offer for PCM customers 16 Driving Experiences Coolest, Highest and Fastest Porsche events


Regulars 2 Editor’s Letter 18 Calendar of Events

Design by Struck & Spink This magazine has been printed on Monza Recycled. It contains 55% recycled fibre (25% post consumer and 30% pre consumer) and FSC Certified pulp, which ensures that all virgin pulp is derived from well-managed forests and controlled sources. It is manufactured by an ISO 14001 certified mill. Monza Recycled is an FSC Mixed Sources Certified paper.


Torque Spring Edition


Where there’s a Will there’s a Porsche way Will and Barbara Darvall talk about Porsche Club Victoria President of Porsche Club Victoria, Will Darvall and his wife and fellow long term Porsche Club member, Barbara chatted with Torque recently at their fascinating (and remarkably intact) designer 1960s home in Melbourne’s leafy Ivanhoe East.


Torque Spring Edition

meetings are always enjoyable. There is a feeling of total support in the group across all events. It’s especially obvious on race days where fellow drivers are the first to support other drivers if they have any difficulties. Really, everyone just chips in together. We both feel very comfortable with everyone. There’s no airs and graces, just a lot of fun and friendship. There are great friendships made at the Club. And what spiked your interest in Porsche cars in the first place?

Will, for how long have you been President of the Porsche Club? Since October last year, though Barb and I have been involved since Porsche Club’s inception in 1975. We are both very passionate about the Club and it is the 52nd Porsche Club certified worldwide, in a total of 640 branches (representing 287 Clubs). How did you originally become involved? Barb and I were invited independently of one another in July 1975. We both owned Porsches and a keen group of enthusiasts invited as many as one hundred or more Porsche owners to attend a meeting. The Porsche Club was born. Though we didn’t know each other before, we both signed up then and have been members ever since. To be fair, it must be said that earlier in the 1960s a

Porsche Club was developed, though disbanded not long afterwards. But 1975 marks the birth of the current Porsche Club Victoria. What aspects of your role do you most enjoy? Will: For me it is the relationship with Club members, spreading the word enthusiastically about what a great group of people are involved and being the leader of a pro-active Committee. The camaraderie is absolutely amazing. Porsche Club people are very nice, straightforward enthusiasts - with a real love of their cars. I also enjoy the events of course, and working with other Porsche Clubs both in Victoria, and around Australia. Barbara: Will underplays the good humour he brings to meetings too. That’s important, that people don’t treat themselves too seriously, so our

Will: When I first saw a 911 in 1965 I fell in love, it was the best car I’d ever seen. I just had to have one! Many years later I bought my first Porsche which was a black G Series Targa. Barbara: I was the daughter of an engineer who believed that form followed function. He was really impressed with the engineering, and from about age 11 I’ve had a passion for Porsche cars, the simplicity of design and the great engineering. What can people expect when they join Porsche Club Victoria? A lot of fun! There are three main areas people can become involved with, and they are social events, registers and competition. There are nine different registers of vehicles and those involved enjoy drive days and social activities with other members of that register. Social events are open to everyone and our social committee runs five Club wide drives each year, often culminating with delicious lunches, and morning teas Torque Spring Edition


along the way courtesy of the CFA. There are ten (10) competition events each year that attract a very strong following, but there’s a lot of crossover between members and events. Because you are primarily interested in competition doesn’t mean you can’t be involved in the registers or social days, and vice versa. Porsche Club Victoria is very inclusive and members are free to select their level of involvement. They are most welcome to attend our bi-monthly Club meetings held at Porsche Centre Melbourne. Our Club meetings include dinner and are full of good humour, with fascinating guest speakers from time to time. Personally, which cars that you’ve owned or driven have provided the greatest pleasure? Will: For me it was a 1973 2.7RS which was very exciting to drive. It had immense acceleration, it was hard to surpass as a car. Barbara: The same car for me too! Will: If the weather is kind the Spyder is great and my Cayman S is very nimble and responsive.

Of the drives you’ve been involved with which ones were most entertaining, and why? Will: That’s a hard one. They are all quite different. The Trawool drive via the Goulburn Valley highway has a great mix of roads, terrain and ‘Porsche friendly’ roads. So that was a highlight, amongst many. Barbara: Enjoying ending up at Sault Restaurant just out of Daylesford, via a nice drive through the central highlands. What would you say to Porsche owners who are hesitant perhaps about what’s involved, and what to expect? Will: Join because you’ll love the people that you meet. Everyone is made welcome regardless of your level of involvement, the car you drive or anything else. Members are welcome to involve themselves as much or as little as they like. It’s just very inclusive and remarkably friendly. If you had your choice of any current Porsche for a month of driving, which would you choose?


Torque Spring Edition

Will: The new 991 series Carrera S which I was lucky enough to drive in South Africa at the launch. Just magnificent. Barbara: If the weather is fine I’d enjoy driving the Boxster Spyder. But only if it’s not raining! And of the older classics? Will: Probably the 993 Turbo S Barbara: I’d like to revisit the 912 with the 5 speed gearbox. Tell us something about yourself that might surprise fellow members? Barbara: I really enjoyed studying Physics and Chemistry under Dr Lang and Mrs Chalmers in my days at Firbank. Will: I built my Spyder replica, over 8 years in the 1990s using 911 parts and engine. Describe Porsche Club Victoria in 3 words Barbara: I only need one word. Fun! Will: Fun. Friendly. Fast!

RS Spyder’s Web of Intrigue Porsche Centre Melbourne is delighted to have the first new generation RS Spyder to be seen in Australia on display at our dealership. This remarkable vehicle is part of the Porsche factory’s museum collection and is being displayed at PCM for promotional purposes. Designed to compete in the American Le Mans Prototype Class 2 it won its class on debut at Laguna Seca and was very successful through a series of subsequent class victories from 2006 through 2010 whereupon regulation changes meant the Spyder became ineligible. This striking new age Spyder has a carbon fibre chassis and runs a 3.4 litre V8 engine that ultimately

develops 503 horespower, mated to a 6 speed sequential gearbox. Six-piston caliper carbon fibre brakes bring the lightweight (825 kg) Spyder to a standstill in typically quick Porsche time. Although no longer racing, the RS Spyder has been pivotal in the development of the stunning (super sports car) 918 Spyder prototype’s engine development. If you get the chance, come in and have a look at this stunning vehicle as it won’t be here for much longer.

Marvellous Macan on the horizon Tigerish Porsche performance promised.

There’s a real sense of anticipation about Porsche’s new sports car in the SUV segment, slated for production in 2013 before reaching our shores in 2014. The name Macan derives from the Indonesian word for tiger and is designed to sound good in many languages, to evoke positive associations through the suppleness, power and dynamics of the new off-road model line. Porsche is confident the new compact SUV will emulate the success of the Cayenne. Whilst there are no official images of the Macan, apart from the artist impression shown here, there have been a number of ‘spy’ photos taken as testing takes place. The Macan is revealed as a smaller version of the Cayenne in many respects, but with a more pronounced tapered rear that channels Porsche’s sports car heritage. There’s no news yet on engine plants, but expect to see both diesel and petrol powerplants, both delivering expected Porsche high performance, benchmark safety and outstanding driving dynamics. At PCM we are excited about the Australian release of the Macan, hopefully in mid 2014, and we’re confident the new model will quickly find acceptance in the prestige small SUV market, for those who value outstanding performance combined with the everyday convenience and fuel saving found in this popular market segment.

Torque Spring Edition


Colours of 1968


The colour spectrum of the late 1960s is making a long overdue comeback. Introducing the Colours of 1968 collection. Inspired by the charismatic uni-colours typical of this period’s 911: Tangerine, Polo Red, Irish Green and Ossi Blue.

Here are a few other key milestones that also featured in 1968:

These heritage colours express power and verve in their purest forms and represent an era of success that was sparked in 1968.



–– Hippie fashion - batik, tie-dye

–– Sadie

–– Headbands, medallion necklaces, love beads, chain belts

–– (Sittin’ on) The Dock of the Bay

–– Psychedelic prints

–– This Guy’s In Love With You

–– Paisley prints

–– Mrs.Robinson

–– Bell bottom jeans

–– Little Green Apples

–– Go Go boots

–– Jumpin’ Jack Flash

–– Bubble sleeves

–– Harper Valley PTA

–– Mini & Maxi skirts

–– Hey Jude

–– Sunshine of Your Love



–– 2001: Space Odyssey –– Bullitt –– Chitty Chitty Bang Bang –– The Love Bug –– Rosemary’s Baby –– Planet of the Apes –– Funny Girl –– The Odd Couple


Torque Spring Edition


–– Oliver!

Popular Culture

–– Jacqueline Kennedy marries Aristotle Onassis –– Hair the musical opens on Broadway –– Beatles create Apple Records and release White Album –– Yale University admits women –– Apollo 8 reaches lunar orbit –– Hippie culture reigns COMPUTER MOUSE $150 MOUSE PAD $27



–– VFL Premiers - Carlton


–– Brownlow Medal - Bob Skilton

–– Victorian Premier - Henry Bolte

–– Wimbledon Champions Rod Laver & Billie Jean King

–– US President - Richard Nixon (elected November)

–– British Open Golf - Gary Player –– Olympics Games held in Mexico City

–– My Lai massacre in Vietnam War

–– Australia retains Ashes

–– Australian PM - John Gorton

–– Robert Kennedy assassinated

–– Formula One Drivers Championship Graham Hill

–– Martin Luther King assassinated

–– Melbourne Cup winner - Rain Lover NOTEBOOK $45

–– Bathurst 500 won in a Holden Monaro GTS327


–– Gomer Pyle –– Gunsmoke –– Star Trek –– The Flying Nun –– Bonanza –– The Lucy Show –– Bewitched –– Beverley Hillbillies



–– Mavis Bramston Show Torque Spring Edition


Nick traverses a GT3 course A young architect with an eye for great design is going places… fast.

Torque recently caught up with Melbourne based architect, Nick Travers, 39 year old father of 9 year old Alexandra and 15 month old Zachary, with partner Maree. Together with his long time friend, Justin Northrop, Nick is a Director of Techné Architects and we caught up with him near one of his architectural projects (The Richmond Club Hotel). Tell us about your interest in architecture? All through school I had a strong interest in drawing and design, as far back as I can remember. I knew I always wanted to be involved in design in some way, though initially my interest was more tilted towards


Torque Spring Edition

industrial design (preferably something to do with cars). However, after Year 12 I enrolled in an architecture course and I’m very happy that I did. It was the right choice, and I am always motivated by the work we do, whether it is a bar, restaurant, beach house, apartment

building or Porsche dealership. Are there any buildings we might be familiar with? The first major project was The Deanery, a successful Melbourne wine bar and restaurant that Justin and I owned. Much of our work has focused on the hospitality industry and other well known projects include Mo Vida and The Bridge Hotel in Richmond amongst many others. We are starting work on another exciting hotel project in Prahran where concrete culverts will be used in the design to create an amazing beer garden space which will be the first of its kind.

... we’ve been lucky enough to have been working for Porsche Cars Australia as their architectural design representative and consultant since 2004. And we understand your firm has been consulting to Porsche Cars Australia (PCA) on a national basis. What can you tell us about that?

level, consulting on the design of dealerships throughout Australia, so my relationship with Porsche is quite extensive these days.

Yes, we’ve been lucky enough to have been working for PCA as their architectural design representative and consultant since 2004. In that time we’ve designed both Porsche Centre Melbourne and the Brighton dealership, together with PCA’s parts distribution complex in Keilor.

Most Porsche owners seem to have become interested in the marque through a pivotal early experience. Tell us about your early fascination.

We work with PCA on a national

As a young teenager, I always remember my room being adorned with classic sports car posters. The 911 ‘whale tail’ featured

prominently, alongside Lamborghinis and Ferraris. But my fascination turned to reality when my aunty bought a green 1959 356A and allowed me to drive it around the streets of Sydney as an 18 year old. That was a really special time. So many people were attracted to the car, often winding down their windows and asking questions about it. They were probably wondering how such a young bloke got to drive a classic sports car around Sydney! I’ve always admired Porsche’s enduring, evolved design sensibility. It’s really admirable and obvious with the 911 in particular, a really impressive design evolution. When did you first purchase a Porsche and what was it? In 2001 I purchased my first Porsche, a 1985 Carrera - the last of the leaded fuel models. It was a great first choice, an iconic, highly regarded model which was strong and reliable. Funnily enough the only car I had owned before that was an MGB, so I’ve only ever owned two brands of car. Later I purchased a 2002 996 Carrera before having the opportunity to purchase the GT3 I’m driving now. It’s a 2007 model Series I, which provides a fantastic, raw driving experience.

Torque Spring Edition


What impulse drove you towards this iconic model? My lifelong interest in cars extends to motorsport. Having the opportunity to experience Porsche track days and customer events allowed me to assess the various models, so it was a logical choice to aim for a GT3, as the most track-focused Porsche model. I love the undiluted version of a real drivers car, without all the technical wizardry. A car that rewards a good driver, but can really bite back if you get it wrong. Is it an everyday car for you or something for the racetrack? Or weekend drives? Definitely an everyday driver. I drive it to work every day. And I also take it to track days on a semi-regular basis.

And the best thing about it is …? Honestly, it brings a smile to my face every time I drive it. The engine sound is amazing as is the immeasurable capacity of the car in terms of its driving characteristics. Your favourite driving experience in a Porsche? Camp 4 in Finland was an absolute highlight, probably my number one driving experience. But there have been others too, such as the Porsche Sport Driving School in Queensland run by Tomas Mezera. And I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy Porsche drive experiences at Bathurst, Phillip Island and Winton - all great events. And the next steps in your journey with Porsche?

Torque Spring Edition

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Carly Baxter to the new position of Service Concierge at our Collingwood dealership.

And does Maree enjoy driving the GT3?

Carly is the first point of contact for all Porsche service customers. Her main role entails ensuring all our service customers are warmly welcomed and well looked after. Carly is there to add to the Porsche experience, making customers feel comfortable, offering refreshments, assisting with transportation such as taxi and local drop off, courtesy car and other alternative transport arrangements - all the little things that make your service visit as relaxed and smooth as possible.

Well she’s certainly enjoyed driving the two previous Porsches, but I haven’t been able to get her behind the wheel of the GT3… yet. I think she’ll love it when she finally has a drive. I know Alexandra enjoys being driven around in it, though Zachary hasn’t had a chance yet, as there’s no room for his car seat, but I’m working on it!

Carly is the person who makes service and warranty bookings by phone, in person or online. She is here to assist with all special service offers and monthly promotions. Expect to hear from Carly after your service too, as she makes a courtesy call to find out the level of customer satisfaction with our PCM service. She will assist with organisation and customer support and a range of other service related requests, events and specials.

Hopefully in the future an RS is a possibility. I’m looking forward to seeing the new 991 version of the RS when it arrives here in the not too distant future.


PCM Service Concierge

Service Clinic Porsche Service

Let’s face it, driving a Porsche is fun. It’s no wonder, therefore, that you spend a lot of time on the road. To ensure that everything is working perfectly, Porsche Service offers the Service Clinic – a vehicle check up based on a 24 – point check list. Your vehicle will be examined inside and out, from top to bottom, inside the engine compartment and on the test stand. Because Porsche Service is first rate. This is your chance to take a look behind the scenes and into the world of Porsche technology. Get the inside view with the Porsche Service Clinic. Our specially trained staff will outline the diagnostic techniques they are using, provide feedback on the current condition of your Porsche and explain any technical aspects there and then – in or even under the vehicle. Depending on the result of the inspection, we might suggest specific maintenance or repair work. This will then be performed at another time to be agreed with you.

What are we looking at when inspecting your car? Your safety. Selected points in the 24-point check: –– Engine compartment (visual inspection for external damage to cables and pipes) –– Fluid levels (check) –– Car battery (connections and charge level) –– Steering and suspension (operation and visual inspection) –– Brake discs and pads (wear) –– Tyres (profile depth and air pressure) –– Lighting system (operation) –– Air conditioning (operation and visual inspection for leaks)

To take advantage of this FREE offer call our service department directly on (03) 9473 0912, book online or download the Porsche Centre Melbourne iPhone app and book through our service department. Valid until September 30th 2012 Offer is strictly limited and by appointment only. Not in conjunction with any other service offers.

New Direct Service Line: (03) 9473 0912

Torque Spring Edition


The Highest Porsche Targa High Country Tour

The Coolest

Driving experiences on snow and ice in Finland Porsche Cars Australia is delighted to announce three exciting driver training events for 2013 – Camp4S and Ice-Force in Finland & Camp4S in Canada.

line. Under professional guidance you learn a variety of special drift techniques and practise these on various handling courses that stretch for miles. These courses enable you to explore - and drive within - the limits of your Porsche.

Escape the hustle of city life and find adventure, fun and relaxation just a few short hours from Melbourne in the stunning Victorian high country.

We have secured a strictly limited number of places for each of these events, so to ensure your participation, take advantage of this exciting offer and secure your place in the 2013 programme.

Ice-Force – Ivalo $8,295 January 29 – February 2, 2013

Welcome to Victoria’s great Alpine Region. Targa High Country is an exciting tarmac rally held on closedroad stages for some of the best competition cars in the country. Based in Victoria’s north-east around the Mansfield and Mt. Buller area, the scenery is spectacular and the driving is magnificent.

Camp4S – Canada $7,295 February 5 – February 8, 2013 NEW February 8 – February 12, 2013 Camp4S – Ivalo $6,995 March 10 – March 14, 2013 The aim of Camp4S is to perfect the art of vehicle control on snow and ice and to find the perfect racing

Prepare yourself for a truly memorable event and open the door to the ultimate driving experience – IceForce. Put simply, it’s Camp4S on steroids! The course is tailor made for adrenaline addicts and incorporates three active driving days. To take part in Ice-Force 2013, drivers must have completed either Camp4S, or the Master and GT3 Cup courses at the Porsche Sport Driving School Australia, or hold a current CAMS racing licence.

This is an experience not to be missed! Places are strictly limited and highly sought after. To secure your participation contact the Porsche Sport Driving School on 03 9473 0929.


Torque Spring Edition

In November 2012, Porsche Cars Australia invites you to join this brilliant alpine event in your Porsche, as part of the Porsche Targa Tour. Take this opportunity to drive on closed-road stages, giving you the chance to take the right line every time without the pressure of competition!

To be part of this exciting experience, please book early as limited numbers do apply.

The Fastest

Porsche Advanced Driver Training This is a unique opportunity for Porsche owners to drive their cars the way they were designed to be driven, on exciting and challenging tarmac roads and to enjoy the companionship of fellow Porsche enthusiasts. It will combine the exhilarating roads and breathtaking scenery of the Victorian High Country around Mt. Buller – giving you the opportunity to drive your car on the closed road stages that make up the Targa High Country Tarmac Rally course. These include stages on and around Mt. Buller, King Valley, Whitfield, Mount Terrible, Jamieson and Eildon, just to name a few!

There’s always more to learn about driving your Porsche. And there’s nothing better than being taught by the experts, at Phillip Island’s Grand Prix Circuit. Level 1 Advanced Driver Training Tuesday 9th October 2012 Level 2 Advanced Driver Training Wednesday 10th October 2012 Level 3 Open Track Day Thursday 11th October 2012

a great deal about the inherent safety features of your Porsche and simultaneously learn to get more out of the driving experience. Expert Porsche Tuition (Level 1 & 2) Tuition by expert Porsche instructors will open up a whole new relationship between you and your car, leading to a new level of driving skill. And it all happens in conditions of complete safety, on a circuit closed to all but a handful of the Porsche community.

As every owner knows, a Porsche is unlike any other car on the road. It has been engineered to perform and has the kind of responsiveness that demands to be used.

Open Track Days (Level 3) This is a day for those looking to enhance their driving skills or simply craving the thrill of driving their Porsche on the open track. There is no formal tuition on Open Track Days – simply hours of driving pleasure.

Entry Fee: $4,750 incl GST (per car, 2 people).

Advanced Driver Training The Advanced Driver Training course is a day of fun and intense learning. A day where you will discover

Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit Phillip Island Circuit runs anticlockwise and is 4.44 km long. Located 128km from Melbourne.

For more information call 1800 062 911 or email

Places are quite limited so please respond early to secure your day. For information or bookings please contact PCM Marketing on 03 9473 0962.

Porsche Targa High Country Tour 9 – 12 November, 2012

Torque Spring Edition


Calendar of Events September


Track Day Winton Sprint PCV



Porsche City Index Carrera Cup Australia Round 6/7 Bathurst, NSW



Club Spring Run PCV



T3/RS/RSR Register Technical Night PCV


Torque Tube Register Run PCV

Torque Spring Edition

Go Kart Challenge PCV

Modern 911 Register Run

Track Day Broadford in Spring PCV

AGM & Club Night at Porsche Centre Melbourne PCV





For more event information contact: PCM on (03) 9473 0917


Porsche City Index Carrera Cup Australia Round 7/8 Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, QLD


Club Display and Show ‘n’ Shine at MotorClassica

15-16 Mid 911 Overnight Run PCV


Level 1 Advanced Driver Training Phillip Island GP Circuit

18-28 Australian International Motor Show Sydney


Mid Week Run PCV


Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Australia Round 6/6 (Season Finale) Phillip Island GP Circuit


Level 2 Advanced Driver Training Phillip Island GP Circuit



Porsche Targa High Country Tour VIC


Level 3 Open Track Day Phillip Island GP Circuit

New Competitive Insurance Premiums. All Cayenne models now have new lower competitive premiums. Please call Fay Williams on 9473 0934 for a quote.

Porsche Centre Melbourne Contact your Business Manager Fay Williams P: 03 9473 0934 E:

Official Porsche Factory Approved Body Repair Centre Used and recommended by Porsche Centre Melbourne

622–624 South Road Moorabbin Victoria 3189 T 03 9555 4540 F 03 9555 3251 E

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