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Making your Social Media (LinkedIn) profile work for you Social Media Websites are like bank accounts they give you whatever you give them. If you are spending quality time on them to improve your profile and giving quality updates along with being aware about the various new trends chances are that you will be getting whatever you desire from the social media websites especially LinkedIn. If you are not developing your profile to properly you are not using LinkedIn to its full potential. Filling in your experience and trolling your contacts will surely go in your stride and help you climb the social media ladder easily. Don’t ever hesitate to accept a connection invitation on LinkedIn. This is far opposite to the trend observed on Facebook. On facebook criminals may monitor your profile and have full information about your personal life. This has been a major cause of housebreaks especially when people are out vacationing and update their status on facebook in form of photographs and status updates. However it’s important that you accept invitations outside your friend circle once you are playing ball on LinkedIn. This will help you build your LinkedIn professional network that will go a long way in improving your chances on the professional front. Small changes in your profile are sure to be noticed on LinkedIn. You can make these changes almost every week in the form of adding a new skill. The small changes will be updated to everyone on your network. These small changes make a huge difference to your profile. You don’t have to revamp your profile very often. Its important to explain your KRA's that is the Key Responsibility Areas instead of just mentioning your title in a particular organization. You need to underline and bring to fore the differences you were able to make to a particular organization while you were working over there. Getting a reference from one of your co workers from a previous

organization or an endorsement for the works that you did would be icing on the cake for your LinkedIn profile. Joining LinkedIn Groups will open new vistas for you once you join them. These groups share a common cause and will throw open new contact with whom your networking can get you closer to your objectives you are looking to fulfill on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has been making minor and major changes to the facilities and features it is providing on its website. Make sure you make full use of all these features. LinkedIn has emerged as one of the major social media websites that caters to all professional needs of an individual. If you are not on LinkedIn you are loosing something. You can learn more about Social Media Expert, social media management service, Digital media and marketing company, social media management service and Social Media Consultant, by visiting

Making your Social Media (LinkedIn) profile work for you  

Social Media has become a part of life for your personal and professional life as more and more people are spending their time on social med...