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This list was put together by Bob from the state of Washington. Bob told me that I didn’t have to give him credit for this. Yes I do. Bob took the time, effort, researched and put this list together. On any given weekend you can find someone streaming if not 2 or 3. There are challenge matches and much more. Go to, register for a user name, it is free then go to the different shows for pool that are listed below on Ustream click on “Follow”. And you will get and update or every time you go into the main page on and click your “Dashboard” or “My Feeds” button (top of main page) you will be able to tell who is live streaming at that time. Most of the sites have archived videos -- just in case nothing is streaming and you have to satisfy that “pool fix”! I want to thank Bob for his hard work. If anyone else has any sites please send them to Thank you -- Don Akerlow, Publisher

Classic 04-02-2009 11:00 AM 2002 Sudden Death 7-Ball 04-08-2009 10:00 AM 2002 Trick Shot Magic 04-14-2009 11:00 AM 2002 Wmn’s Tourn of Champions 04-15-2009 11:00 AM 2002 Wmn’s Tourn of Champions 04-27-2009 11:00 AM Mosconi Cup 2003 04-28-2009 11:00 AM Mosconi Cup 2003 04-29-2009 11:00 AM Mosconi Cup 2003 04-30-2009 11:00 AM Mosconi Cup 2003 05-01-2009 11:00 AM Mosconi Cup 2003

05-04-2009 11:00 AM Mosconi Cup 2003 05-05-2009 11:00 AM 2003 Sudden Death 7-Ball 05-06-2009 11:00 AM 2003 Sudden Death 7-Ball 05-07-2009 11:00 AM 2003 Sudden Death 7-Ball 05-08-2009 11:00 AM 2003 Trick Shot Magic 05-09-2009 3:00 PM 2001 Trick Shot Magic 05-09-2009 4:00 PM 2003 Trick Shot Magic 05-09-2009 5:00 PM 2004 Trick Shot Magic Massey vs Nikolaidis

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Lucky Number 7 by AzB staff

As the old saying goes, “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself”. For weeks now, players on the Joss NE 9-Ball Tour have been wondering when someone will keep Dennis Hatch from the winner’s circle. This week at Trick Shot Billiards in Clifton Park NY, tour director Mike Zuglan took on the that task. And he almost succeeded. Things did not go so well for Zuglan early Sunday when he faced Hatch for the first time. Hatch ran away with that match by the score of 9-1. Hatch then went on to defeat Greg Antonakos 9-4 for the hot-seat. Zuglan bounced back on the one loss side and made his way to the semifinals, where he defeated Antonakos 9-5 to earn the rematch with Hatch in the double elimination finals. Zuglan knew he would have to defeat Hatch twice in order to win the event, but just beating Hatch once was too big an obstacle on this day. Hatch won the first and only set of the finals 9-6 to notch his seventh win of the season. 1st $1,300 Dennis Hatch 2nd $900 Mike Zuglan 3rd $750 Greg Antonakos 4th $570 Norm Pomainville 5/6 $400 Bucky Souvanthong, Reggie Cutler 7/8 $200 Jason Michas, Angelo Hilton

Dennis Hatch

Zimmer Zooms

The GSBT hosted the Tarheel Amateur Classic at Brass Tap & Billiards in Raleigh, NC  the weekend of March 28-29, 2009. The 50 player field

Ben Zimmer, Shannon Daulton, Tony Coates (owner of Brass Tap), & Sam Monday

may have been short compared to the previous events, but it wasn’t short of talent. Several top  regional players turned out for the $2,000 added guaranteed a/b amateur 9-ball event including Danny Smith, Sam Monday, Mike Fuller, Ben Zimmer, and junior champ Jackson Jeffries.   After a full day of play on Saturday, the tour brought back 8 players on the winners side and 8 players on the one-loss side.  Sundays winners were Wilson over Dearing (9-7), Monday over Page (11-7), Zimmer over Murrill (11-5), and Kerekes over Williams (9-4). On the one loss side, Shearer ended Morrision’s hopes (7-9). Junior champ, Jackson Jeffires,  ousted regional champion Mike Fuller by the same score. Smith ended Faulk’s day (11-4), and Basha over Jones (76). The winners side final four ended with Wilson taking the win over Monday (9-9), and Zimmer sending Kerekes to the losers bracket (11-8). This set up a hot seat match between Zach Wilson and Ben Zimmer. Zimmer won

the match (11-7). Meanwhile, Monday continued battling on the left side of the chart trying to find his way to the finals. After polishing off Shearer (11-3), Smith (117), and after getting his revenge against Wilson (11-6) he went after Zimmer in the finals. In the true double elimination finals, it looked as though Zimmer was fairly comfortable with his game. With the score 3-0 in favor of Zimmer, Monday turned it on and took the first set convincingly by a score of (115). In the second set, both players played well running out on their break and chalking up games. After the smoke cleared, Zimmer emerged as the victor by a score of (11-8). The GSBT would like to thank Tony Coates (owner), and Michelle Brown (manager), of Brass Tap & Billiards for hosting a great event this past weekend. 1st $1000 Ben Zimmer 2nd $600 Sam Monday 3rd $400 Zach Wilson 4th $250 Danny Smith 5/6 $150 Brad Shearer Ken Kerekes 7/8 $100 Jackson Jeffries Mike Basha 9-12 $55 Steve Murrill, Tony Williams, Michael Dearing, Steve Page

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Ultimate Billiards in Fort Pierce, Florida opened its doors in November 2008. The room’s name speaks for itself located in 10,500 sq. ft. of space in the Orange Blossom Business Center. Ultimate Billiards features the best equipment available with 9 Brunswick Gold Crown IV’s, 11 Diamond Professional’s, 4 Diamond Smart tables, 2 Valley Bar Boxes, 5 x 10 heated Gabriels Billiards table, and one of only a few 6’ x 12’ Russian Pyramid table known to be in the U.S.A. The owners of Ultimate Billiards found each other through their young sons and the game itself. Bill Mallen and his family moved to Florida in 2005. Gary Gilsinan and his family have lived in the area for over thirty years. Both men had teenage sons. Gary’s son, Justin was playing in a junior tournament tour based in Orlando when Bill noticed that they lived in the same city, Port St. Lucie. Bill took a ride down to the local pool room to find out more about Justin and to see if maybe the boys might hook up to practice. Well there he found out that Justin’s Dad’s name was Gary and he went back to tell his wife that after finding a similar name in the local phonebook he was going to call up Gary to see if they could meet with the boys to practice. After the call Bill and Gary made arrangements for Mike and Justin to meet. You know, some place safe such as the local pool hall. Well everything was great and better yet the two fathers shared a similar interest in playing pool as well. For the next scheduled event on the junior tour they all got together and started to travel to the different tour stops in the Florida area as well as any of the major tournaments as spectators to watch the big dogs play. That summer they traveled to the Junior Nationals that were held on the University of Michigan’s campus. Everyone had a great time and that’s when the planning for Ultimate Billiards started. Also at that time, a commitment was made to develop a premier Junior program, and if they have it their way, it will go nationwide to develop the potential

of all up and coming junior players. Ultimate Billiards has quickly become the premier tournament room in Florida. Within 4 days of opening, we hosted the biggest drawing for the J. Pechauer South East Open 9-ball Tour event. A very strong field was held at bay with locals, Mark Coates winning the open event and Jeff Maubry winning the amateur event. Next was Tony Crosby’s KF Cues Tour. The word was out on Ultimate Billiards, and a record breaking 47 players in the Open event and 74 players in the Amateur event showed up to battle for the cash. The next scheduled major event is the Treasure Coast Open June 6th & 7th. With the help of our local business owners, big money is going to be added to both open and amateur events. Please contact us for more info. The month of July brings Tony Crosby and his KF Cues Tour to Ultimate Billiards for his last event of the regular season on July 25 & 26. This event has $1500 added, and is expected to be a great event as all. Ultimate Billiards is also host to the premier Billiard Academy on the planet. The Old School Pool School is a 2 ½ day event that includes instruction on Straight Pool, One Pocket, Bank Pool, and 3 Cushion Billiards. The

instructors are Danny Diliberto, Freddy Bentivegna, Grady Mathews, and Bill Smith. The course will also go into strategies, moves, safety play,

handicapping, and how to win, all taught by champions. For more info, visit or call Chip Davis at 561.307.2232 to register in the Ultimate Billiard experience. For more info about tournaments, and all other events at Ultimate Billiards, please visit us online at or call 772.GO4.POOL (772.464.7665)

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Predator Tour Update

Written by Jerry Tarantola.

Tony Robles and the Blatt Billiards Predator 9-ball Tour held their first

There was also local Long Island players, including Beau Bear,

Lake, and John Mazes, who brought their A-game. Erin McManus was awarded $100 for the runner-up Delta-13 highest finishing female.  The story was all about players who showed a no-quit attitude on the table.  In the Finals, Finnegan met up with Marco Dy, who won an undefeated spot in the finals. Finnegan had a chance to earn the title and the personal victory of having gone Highest Finishing Female Borana Andoni through 10 consecutive players... Uncharacteristically, he missed an easy 2-ball to the crowd’s surprise, 1st $1000 Marco Dy giving Marco the easy run out 2nd $650 W. Finnegan $500 Lionel Rivera and his 1st Predator Tour victory.  3rd (l to r) William Finnigan, Marco Dy 4th $325 Thomas Wan Congratulations to both Marco 5th $250 John Mazes and Finnegan, who showed true Jose Soto “ABCD” tournament of the season James Swanson, Frankie Cologne, performances of heart. 7th $150 J. Swanson this past weekend at Mr. Cue’s Joe Hunter, Erin McManus, Dennis The Predator Tour also hosted a F. Cologne Billiards in Lindenhurst, NY. The second day B-C-D 9th $100 Justin Muller tour’s 3rd $1,000-added stop event, which brought Joe Hunter welcomed a total of 80 of its out 16 players Dennis Lake players to this new pool room on to compete on B. Andoni the tour’s schedule. Sunday afternoon.  Delta 13 Highest Finishing Female: Borana Andoni The main tournament drew a In the finals, Dave Runner-Up: Erin McManus $100 full field of 64 players, which Manasseri faced Bob *Prize awarded to runner-up as comprised a perfect mix of 32 C’s Mammarella, but it cashing nullifies winning highest and D’s and 32 B’s and A’s.   was Dave Manasseri finisher award After day one came to an end, who would come out BCD Results: Justin Muller, Marco Dy, Borana on top in the finals with 1st $160 D. Manasseri Andoni, and Lionel Rivera were a dominant 7-2 win 2nd $100 B Mammarella impressive in staying in full control over Mammarella. 3rd $30 P Tascarella Jr (l to r) Bob Mammarella, Tony Robles, Dave Manasseri as they remained undefeated.  4th $30 Keith Jones

Clatterbuck Double Dips

Matt Clatterbuck

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour was in Virginia for its second weekend in the state. Diamond Billiards in Midlothian, VA hosted both the Open and the Amateur Division on April 4th & 5th, 2009. Diamond Billiards and The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour hosted 168 entries (including 24 free entries given to women and junior players and 43 League discounts) over the weekend and paid out over $7400 in prize monies. The Viking Cue 9-Ball Open Tour kicked off on Saturday and featured some of the favorites in the area including Brandon Shuff, Manny Chau, Mark Ritter (from Detroit) and Matt Clatterbuck (Clatterbuck is sponsored by Blue Fox Billiards). In the finals Clatterbuck made a comeback from the one loss side, where he had been sent by Brandon Shuff in the match for the hotseat, and was able to defeat Shuff in both sets of the finals. The Brackets were provided to all that could not make their way to Diamond Billiards this weekend by Maxim Billiards ( and The Tournament Guide Magazine(www. Saturday Night also held a 6 player, $200 entry ring game with Matt Clatterbuck winning the $1000 first prize and Mark Ritter taking $200 home for second place. Chris Adams was the

lucky winner of the $310 Viking Cue that was raffled on Saturday. Sunday kicked off The Viking Cue 9-Ball Amateur Tours event which hosted 62 entries. The event had a strong showing for the area. Players from all over the region were in attendance as they battled their way towards the prize monies up for grab. The event was won in set one by Chris Hansen who defeated Mitch Trainham 5-0 to take home the first prize. This was only Hansen’s second Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour Event and his first Amateur Divison win. The Brackets for the Amateur event have also been provided online at Maxim Billiards and The Tournament Guide Magazine for viewing. Jason Paley Amateur Division Payouts won the $310 Viking Cue that was 1st $920 Chris Hansen raffled on Sunday. 2nd $450 Mitch Trainham Chris Hansen

Article and photos courtesy of Viking 9-Ball Tour

Open Division Payouts 1st $1040 Matt Clatterbuck 2nd $650 Brandon Shuff 3rd $450 Manny Chau 4th $300 Mark Ritter 5/6 $150 John Newton Chris Adams 7/8 $75 Sean Sporleder Reggie Jackson

3rd $300 Ken Murphy 4th $200 Reggie Jackson 5/6 $125 Vernon Steinke Danny Mastermaker 7/8 $75 Robert Anderson Walter Black 9/12 $50 Jason Kuhn John Hines Luther Farley Mike Janis

April 2009 page 7

Michell Monk returns Josh Brothers Sinks the 9

March 21st brought out 13 players to Strokers in Palm Harbor, for the $500 added Tiger Bay Area Amateur’s 3rd stop of the year. With the competition constantly on the rise, two players emerged to the finals. Tour Director, Stephanie Mitchell let it be known, that she was here to play as she quickly made work of the winner’s bracket, allowing no opponent more than 3 games against her. She sent some top names, such as Jamie Toennies, Bettina Chase and Melissa Morlan to the one-loss side. Last month’s winner Melissa Morlan, started out strong as she sent last season’s 2nd in points, Michell Monk to the one loss bracket in the first round. Receiving a bye in the next round, Monk then Michell Monk retaliated by going on a collision course through the one-loss bracket, also allowing no opponent more than 3 games. Having the opportunity of a rematch against Morlan, this time it was Monk who came out on top. Monk then forced Jessica Barnes to settle for 5th place. On the top half of the bracket, Toennies forced Stephanie McFarlin to also settle for 5th place. Barnes and McFarlin received ‘one-out-of-the-money’ prizes for their admirable efforts in such a tough field. Toennies and Monk then faced off for the chance at the semi finals. Monk stepped it up and won the match 6-2. Toennies finished with a very respectable 4th place finish. However, on the winner’s side bracket, Mitchell and Chase were battling it out for the hot seat. The match reached double hill, and fell down to the 9-ball… was Mitchell who sunk it, and redeemed the title of Queen of the hill. The semi-finals were set, Chase versus Monk. Monk’s drive proved to be too much as she won the match 6-2 and Chase settled for 3rd. The stage was set for the final match up between Mitchell and Monk. Being true double elimination format, Monk had to beat Mitchell (6-5) twice for the win. The set started out with both players stepping up to BAAT, trading wins for the first six games. With the score tied at 3-3, both players began playing more safeties to try to gain control of the match. Monk edged out the next couple of games to reach the hill first. On the hill, Monk broke, made a tough shot on the one and then made a carom on the 2-9, forcing a second set. Mitchell came out on fire in the second set, steam rolling out to a 3-0 win. Well on her way to reach the hill, without Monk even winning a game, Mitchell missed an extremely tough shot on the 8-ball, and after trading misses, Monk won that game to get on the board. Monk then won the next game to finish out the 8-ball set 2-3. Monk’s switch turned on during the 9-ball set, as she seemingly ‘woke up’ and steamrolled the next 4 games, and won the set 6-3. 1st $325 Michell Monk 2nd $250 Stephanie Mitchell 3rd $150 Bettina Chase 4th $75 Jamie Toennies

Blaze 9 Ball Tour made it way to Q-Ball Billiards Vineland NJ on Sunday March 15th. A field of 44 players came out to play, players like: Jennifer Barretta, Josh Brothers, Matt Krah, Eddie Abraham, Adam Kielar, Joey Testa, Sam Quinzi, Jose Feliciano Sr. and Jose Feliciano Jr. Leading the top half of the bracket was Matt Krah with win over Charles Walker 7-0, Erin Mcmanus 7-4, Tom White 7-2, Josh Brothers Owner Jose Garcia, Matt Krah Eddie Abraham 7-6, and Joey Testa 7-1. Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Josh Brothers with wins over Jim Kallas 7-1, Ariel Rivera 7-3, Randy Schwager 7-3, Shaun Wilkie 7-1, and Adam Kielar 7-3. Playing for the hot seat was Josh Brothers VS Matt Krah this was a one way match with Josh Brothers winning easily 7-1 sending Matt Krah to the one lost side. Waiting for Matt Krah on the one lost side was Eddie Abraham this was a good match with Matt Krah winning 6-4 to get back to the finals. In the finals it was Matt Krah VS Josh Brothers, Matt Krah has to beat Josh Brothers twice, but it didn’t take that Josh Brothers ran through Matt Krah easily winning 6-0. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

$1175 $525 $350 $220

Josh Brothers Matt Krah Eddie Abraham Joey Testa

5/6 $150 7/8 $100

Adam Kielar Shaun Wilkie Jose Feliciano Sam Quinzi

Kenny Rutman Wins

Hot Shot Billiards hosted the Blaze 9 Ball Tour on Sunday March 1, 2009. A field of 39 players came out to play. Leading the top half of the bracket was Kenny Rutman with wins over Eddie Abraham 7-6, Rob Palm 7-4, Brady Jones 7-6, Matt Douglas 7-5, and Keith Christman 7-4. Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Kenny Rutman, Owner John Sheppard Matt Krah with wins over Jack McPoyle 7-0, Al Tonelli 7-3, Pam Cimarelli 7-0, Jose Feliciano 7-5, and Adam Kielar 7-0. Playing for the hot seat was Matt Krah VS Kenny Rutman this was a great match that went hill hill with Kenny Rutman winning the match 7-6, sending Matt Krah to the one lost side were he lost to Adam Kielar. In the finals it was Adam Kielar VS Kenny Rutman, Adam had to beat Kenny twice but all it took was one set with Kenny winning hill hill 6-5 to win his first ever Blaze Tour. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

$975 $500 $350 $200

Kenny Rutman Adam Kielar Matt Krah Mike Miller

5/6th $150 7/8th $100

Joey Testa Keith Christman Pam Cimarelli Jose Feliciano

April 2009 page 8

Tarantola Shutters Field

Parsippany, NJ - March 14, 2009 The Tri-State Tour retuned once again to Comet Billiards over the weekend and Jerry Tarantola came out from behind the camera long enough to snap off the big win. Tarantola was never in trouble as he controlled his matches well and never came close to a loss. In the finals he bested Mark Pantovic 7-3. The hot seat match was more of the same with Tarantola taking down the same cue, Pantovic, by the score of 7-2. Just prior to that it was Gary Murgia that Tarantola sent left by the score of 7-4. Except for his run-ins with Tarantola, Pantovic has a fine day. He took down Gary Murgia 7-4 in

the semi’s and beat Scott Abramowitz 9-6 in the right-side final four. For his efforts, Pantovic took second place, Gary Murgia claimed third, while Guy Iannuzzi waded through the long loser’s side to finish in fourth. 1st $650 2nd $450 3rd $250 4th $150 5/6 $100 7/8 $80 9-12 $70

Jerry Tarantola Marc Pantovic Gary Murgia Guy Iannuzzi Christian Smith, Scott Abramowitz Beau Baer, Jason Egein John Pannucci, Mark Mallari, Joe Fego, Dennis Quinn

Jerry Tarantola (courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe)

Immonen Topples San Souci Queens, NY - March 7, 2009 When the Tri-State Tour rolled into Master Billiards in Queens, NY, all the regular guys were there. Gary Murgia, Danny Clinton, Michael Yednak, all the regular guys. Oh, and two newbies, Mika Immonen and George San Souci. In the pool version of fishing with dynamite the two pros blew through the field and (surprise, surprise) wound up facing one another first for the hot seat and again for the finals. This would be Imonnen’s day. He beat Ginky on the hill to claim the chair and then took him down again, 11-9 to win the event. Other players who

Orme Tops Chin Mika Immonen (courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe)

The players on the Joss NE 9-Ball Tour got to take a small break from the Dennis Hatch winning streak as he was a no-show at Classic Billiards in Rochester NY on March 28th-29th. Even without Hatch, there was more than enough firepower in the field of thirty nine players. The winners side came down to Chris Orme and young gun John Morra on Sunday. This match went to Orme by the score of 9-7. On the one loss side, Chance Chin was fighting his way through the

should be commended include Danny Clinton who finished in third with a record of 6 wins ands two losses and to Gary Murgia who had his personal best performance at an open event with a 5 and 2 record and to Michael Tosado who finished in fourth. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6 7/8

$850 $560 $350 $210 $130 $100

Mika Immonen George San Souci Danny Clinton Michael Torsado Sean Morgan, Gary Murgia Mike Yednak, Jorge Rodriguez

brackets after a second round loss to Orme. On the one-loss side, Chin won seven straight matches. This left Chin and Orme fighting for the win. Chin rode his momentum to an early lead 5-2, but Orme came back to tie the match at 7-7. From there, Orme won the last two racks for the 9-7 win. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6 7/8 9-12

$1200 $920 $750 $550 $400 $200 $100

Chris Orme Chance Chin John Morra Dave Grau Shane Winters, Bucky Souvanthong Mike Zuglan, Tom Wendt Erik Hjorleifson, Tom DiMatteo, Ron Casanzio, Ron Kingley

Lewis Undefeated

Joel Cain (owner of GJAYS), Mike Basha, Shannon Daulton, Scott Lewis

The weekend of March 14-15, 2009, the Great Southern Billiard Tour hosted a $1500 added  South Carolina Amateur at GJAYS in Inman, SC. The 93 player field was a record for the tour that is now having a/b amateur 9-ball tournaments in the southeast. On Sunday Basha and Roberts were both fighting for a spot in the finals against Lewis. Basha had wins over West (7-5), Benish (7-4), and then eliminated Roberts (7-6), and then gave Branham a third place finish by

a score of (7-5). The true double elimination finals would have Lewis in total control from the lag. Scott played very confidently not giving Basha many chances at the table. Lewis took the victory by a score of 10-2 while Basha had to settle for second. The tour would like to thank GJAYS and the staff for their hospitality.. We had a great time and really enjoyed the tournament. Look for another event in the fall of 2009. 1st $1000 Scott Lewis 2nd $500 Mike Basha 3rd $300 Clay Branham 4th $200 Josh Roberts 5/6 $150 Steve Cox & Ray Benish 7/8 $125 Dustin Gosnell & Richard West 9-12 $70 Rory Dover, Andy Twitchen, Matt Mancini, & Chase Smith 13-16 $50 Tommy Chavis, Scottie Thomas, Matt Johnes, & Matt Reed 17-24 $30 Rob Hart, Bert Murphy, Barry Medlock, Casey Looper, John Thompson, Chris Zayas, Rick Campbell, & Greg Dix

Crosby & Pete Take Down TJ’s

TJ’s New Port Richey Florida hosted this week’s $1700 Added event. The $1000 added open event kicked off with a very strong 25 player field.With players like Corey Deuel, Tony Crosby, Ronnie Wiseman, Richie Richeson, James Roberts, Julio Aquino, Justin Hall just to mention a few this event would be wide open. Corey Deuel would go onto capture the hotseat with wins over Ronnie Wiseman 7-5, Tony Crosby 7-6, Richie Richeson 7-4 and then in the hotseat match a win over James Roberts Corey Deuel, Tony Crosby 7-2. On the one loss side Tony Crosby was looking very determined and after dropping a hill hill match to Deuel earlier he would go onto record wins over Bill Dunsmore 7-4, Julio Aquino (tour points leader) 7-6, Jason Richko 7-3, Richie Richeson 7-4 and a semi final win over James Robertsw 7-6. In the final Deuel would take a 2-0 lead only for Crosby to level it and stay level trading games till it got to 4-4 Deuel would scratch on the break and Crosby would run out and never look back as he broke and ran the next game and would stay in control and take the match 9-6 with first place money of $650. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6 7/8

$650 $400 $300 $200 $100 $85

Tony Crosby Corey Deuel James Roberts Richie Richeson Jason Richko, Ronnie Wiseman Julio Aquino, Dave Ross

The $700 Added Amateur event would draw another full field. We had to close the field at this event to 64 players due to only 10 tables for match play. The field also was a big draw for Junior players with 9 taking advantage of reduced entry fees and also 6 ladies. Tony Pete would come out on top of this strong 64 man field and go onto be only the 2nd player this season to win 2 events along with Albert Howe. Albert Howe was looking like taking his 3rd title of the year as he put himself in the hotseat with wins over Brenden Sorrentino, Matt Bauris and points leader Mark Wathen, Tim Heath and a hotseat match win over Rich Johnson 6-2. On the one loss side To n y P e t e would win 5 matches in a row to get himself back to the final to play Howe. Pete was in no mood to let Howe extend his winning streak to 3 and went Albert Howe, TJ - Room Owner, Tony Pete onto take this match 7-4 in the single race final. Pete is now level with Howe on 2 wins each for the season this also has made the points race for Amateur player of the year a little tighter. 1st $600 2nd $400 3rd $300 4th $200 5/6 $125 7/8 $80 9-12 $65 Top Juniors: Top Ladies:

Tony Pete Albert Howe Rich Johnson Tim Heath Mike Clay, Prescott Buckwold Mike Delawder, Jarred Schlaugh Johnny Aguilar, Mark Wathen, Chip Dickerson, Richie Pearsall $20 Taz Naravane, Tevin Young $20 Jessica Barnes, Cassidy Mulligan

April 2009 page 9

Another for Hatch

by Skip Maloney

Dennis “The Hatchetman” Hatch captured his sixth consecutive Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour victory the weekend of March 7-8. This $1,500-added event, with a total purse of $4,620, drew 39 entrants and was hosted by Cap’s Cue Club in Syracuse, NY. From among the winners’ side final four, Hatch defeated Dan Heidrich 9-2. Jose Mendez, in the meantime, was busy sending Dave Grau west 9-4. Hatch gained the hot seat with a 9-4 win over Mendez and waited, as it turned out, for Grau. On the one-loss side, Dennis Hatch’s uncle, Mark Hatch, after wins over Bucky Souvanthong and Andrew Attard, was waiting for Heidrich. Dan Doerner, after defeating John Morra and Jason Michas was there to meet Grau. Heidrich survived a hill-hill battle versus Mark Hatch, as Grau got past Doerner 9-7. Grau dropped Heidrich into fourth place with a 9-3 win and then defeated Mendez 9-2 in the semifinals. In the true double-elimination finals that ensued, Grau handed Hatch the only set defeat he’d experienced since his five-match winning streak began in October of last year. Grau took the opening set of those finals 9-5. Hatch, however, returned the favor and bested Grau by the same score in the second set to complete his sixth straight tour win. Dennis “The Hatchetman” Hatch captured his sixth consecutive Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour victory the weekend of March 7-8. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 7th 9th

$1200 $800 $620 $500 $350 $200 $100

Dennis Hatch Dave Grau Jose Mendez Dan Heidrich Dan Doerner, Mark Hatch Jason Michas, Andrew Attard Mike Zuglan, John Morra, Bucky Souvanthong, Dan Cee

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Aiming With Your Bridge Hand By: Bob Jewett

What part of your body do you aim with? You might say your eye, but your bridge is actually more important in the process than what you see. World Champion Irving Crane had an aiming demo he did in exhibitions. He would set up a spot shot -- object ball on the foot spot and the cue ball behind the head string -- using a good firm bridge and a solid stance. Before he shot, he Bob Jewett would look completely away from the shot, take the stick out of his bridge, point it off towards the audience, and then without looking back at the cue ball, he would put the cue back in his bridge and shoot the shot. He didn’t have to see the shot to aim. The point I’m making is that if your bridge is in the right place, shots are easy -- you can shoot them blindfolded. The other side of this is that if your bridge is in the wrong place, it will be very hard for you to make anything. You aim with your bridge. I’ve seen lots of beginners who during aiming will realize they are hitting the object ball too much to one side. They try to correct the error without moving their bridge hand by swinging the back of the stick over so it’s pointed along the right line. This causes several problems, including getting side spin on the cue ball that’s not really necessary. What they should do is move their brige hand to the appropriate side and make sure the stick is lined up through the center of the cue ball. Changing your aim really consists of moving your bridge hand the right amount. It’s remarkable how many players don’t realize this fact that’s obvious once it’s pointed out. This idea is probably aleady at work in your aiming routine, but if you find unwanted side spin on the cue ball on lots of shots, you should check on how you get the stick in position for the shot. After moving your bridge hand, do you always recenter on the cue ball? There is one particular shot where the idea of aiming with the bridge hand is particularly helpful: the break shot. For smash breaks, you need to be pretty accurate on the hit, but usually your stance is higher to get more power and your mechanics are stretched to the limit of stability. Aim with your bridge. Suppose you are breaking from the side rail, which is a popular break at nine ball and sometimes used at eight ball. Aim at the head ball with your normal best aiming stance, which for most people is with the chin near the cue. Use the type of rail bridge which brings your thumb along side the cue stick and on the left side of the stick for right-handed players. Straighten your thumb a little so that your thumbnail is pressed against the shaft of the cue stick, and loop your index finger over the top of stick. The thumb, if held firmly in place after your careful aiming, will provide precise aim for the break shot. As long as you planted your thumb solidly on the cushion, you can raise up to break stance and still have perfect aim. On the power stroke, pay most attention to bringing the cue stick straight through the center of the cue ball; there is no need to look at the object ball. The diagram shows the break position. The “thumbnail guide” bridge will also work if you are breaking from the middle of the table, but the cue ball will have to be close to the head cushion. One other suggestion for the break shot: Aiming as above should improve the accuracy of your hit on the head ball, and you should nearly always be aiming to hit the head ball full. If you are consistently off to one side after “thumbnail aiming”, there are two ways to fix the problem. The long-term fix it to work on either your aim or your mechanics to make the shot you get the shot you planned and set up for. The quick fix, which I’d recommend you try in tournament situations where your opponent isn’t going to give you ten practice breaks, is to aim for something other than a full ball hit on the head ball. In the rack shown, if you consistently hit on the right side of the one ball -- which tends to scratch into the side pocket -- aim for something to the left. For a little change in the aim, you could line up to the right edge of the nine ball. For more change, in case your fundamentals have serious issues, you could aim full ball at the nine ball.

A Pool Player’s Guide to Savvy Air Travel

By Samm Diep, © March 2009

Tournament season is in full force and Vegas Nationals are just around the corner. With the soaring prices of fuel these days, more and more people are choosing to fly to events instead of drive. When flying, here are some useful tips for hassle-free traveling: As pool players, it’s safe to assume that if you’re flying to a tournament with your cues, you will be checking a bag, no questions. The days of carrying our cues on the plane are behind us. Samm Diep To make sure your cues arrive where you do, always get to the airport AT LEAST one hour prior to boarding. Depending on the airport, you may want to arrive even earlier. Checking in ♦ Most airlines currently charge a $15 fee to check your first bag and an additional $25 fee for the second. If you haven’t already, you may want to invest in an oversized duffle that will fit both your cues and clothes together. [see for an assortment] ♦ Make sure none of your bags are over 50 pounds. There’s typically a charge for that too. ♦ If you’re connecting, confirm that your bags are checked in all the way to your final destination. ♦ Check in online whenever possible. Just about every airline offers online check-in within 24 hours before your flight time. Even if you don’t have a printer, you can usually (re)print your boarding pass when you arrive at the ticket counter to drop off your bag(s). ♦ Have your photo ID out of your purse/wallet from the time you arrive at the airport until after you get through security. ♦ If you checked in online, you still want to (re)confirm the departing gate number with the ticket agent after checking your bag(s). ♦ Once you’ve checked your bag(s) in and they’re confirmed on the flight – Now, RELAX… You should still try to get to your gate on time, but don’t panic if the security line is a mile long. It’s unlikely that the plane will take off with your bags on board without you. They’ll generally page you until you get to the gate. Security ♦ Try to wear comfortable, slip on shoes that are easy to remove. Please wear socks. ♦ Have your boarding pass and ID out and ready when entering the security line. ♦ Make sure you do not have any liquids/gels over 3 oz with you. ♦ Once your boarding pass and ID have been checked, put away your ID (you don’t need it again) but keep your boarding pass out. ♦ Get your electronics out and in a bin alone. ♦ Your shoes, belt, and jacket can go into a separate bin together. ♦ Cell phone, loose change, watches, keys, etc. can all go together in one of the smaller bins. ♦ Make sure you zip up and secure all your bags before placing them on the conveyer belt. (continued on page 13)

Robb Saez Takes Down Raxx

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On Sunday March 8th, the Blaze Pro-Am 9-Ball Tour brought 43 of his winner’s side loss to Eddie Abraham, winning by the same score of 7-5 the Northeast’s toughest pool players out to Raxx Pool Room in West to move him into the finals. Hempstead, NY for their fifth stop of In the finals, it was a match-up of the 2009 season. Raxx Pool Room between the up-and-coming phenom and Grill has 29 beautiful AMF tables vs. the battle-tested road warrior. This with royal blue Simonis 860 cloth and is was a true double-elimination format, an enjoyable room to play at. Some of so Robb Saez would have to defeat the top names to turn out for this event Adam Kielar two sets, both races to six. were Shaun Wilkie, Mika Immonen, In the first set, Robb pulled out a strong Eddie Abraham, Matt Krah, Robb Saez, 6-3 win, to close the gap to one final and Ignacio Chavez. This Blaze stop race to six to determine the winner. In was also attended by two of the area’s the first game of the second set, Robb top female players, WPBA pro Caroline makes a error in misjudging the rails Pao and Erin McManus. as he made the 3-ball and sent the cue The fifth Blaze stop saw great ball three rails around the table before performances from many of the players, barely scratching. This gave Adam ball but it was Robb Saez who pulled ahead in hand, which he took advantage of of this tough pack to win the event. to run out and take a 1-0 lead in the One of the surprises of this event was short race to 6 games. Adam and Robb that current #1 world-ranked player, then traded games back and forth until Robb Saez, Owner Holdin Chin, Adam Kielar Mika Immonen, did not make it to the Rob pulled ahead to the hill 5-3. Adam money rounds. Although he played well, Immonen took two losses to Shaun won the following game, and with the score 5-4, Robb scratches on the Wilkie (7-4) and Ignacio Chavez (7-3). break, giving Adam an opportunity to tie the match 5-5. However, Adam A less-common face on the Blaze Tour, Jamie Gremmo, turned out at Raxx had an uncharacteristic miss on the 4-ball, allowing Robb to take the win. with a solid 7/8 finish. Gremmo faced Robb Saez on the one-loss side, but Congratulations to Robb Saez and Adam Kielar, as well as all the players could not get into his comfort zone, losing 7-3. that turned out for this event, for their outstanding play. Waiting in the hot seat for Robb Saez was 21-year-old Adam Kielar from 1st $1325 Robb Saez Quakertown, PA. In this feature match, Adam came back from being down 2nd $725 Adam Kielar 5-3 in the set and pulled out the clutch win. 3rd $475 Eddie Abraham Amazingly, this win marked Kielar’s fourth consecutive appearance in the 4th $200 “The Mexican” Ignacio Chavez $200 finals of the Blaze Tour. In the semi-final match, Robb Saez would avenge 5/6 $150 “Get Some” Shaun Wilkie, “Alaska” Sean Morgan 7/8 $100 Kenny Rutman, Jamie Gremmo

Chuck Hill Tops the Field

The Dominiak Cues Northeast side with victories over Greg Anzelotti, Ben Edwin, Amateur 10-Ball Tour  stop #5 was Tim Haley and Casey Francis. In a hard fought match held on Saturday March 28th hosted it was Chuck Hill taking this match for a spot in the by Mark Kulungian at  his race to 5 finals. popular  Pool Table Magic in Meanwhile making his way steadily  through the  1 Windsor Locks, CT. A strong field loss  side of the chart and battling to win some hill/ of 28 players from throughout hill matches after a first round loss was Rogers Hill, the northeast  made the trek from but Kevin Blackstock had the finals in his sights Connecticut,  New Hampshire, New and defeated Rogers Hill and Al Yagmin to meet up York  and  Massachusetts in attempt with Chuck Hill in the finals.  The finals match would to capture the title  of the  5th $500 be a closely contested battle, but Chuck Hill made added cash & prizes Dominiak Cues some nice outs when he needed to, and a couple of tour stop. fantastic full ball jump shots to get out and take home Many tour regulars were  in his 2nd tour stop title! attendence  including Kevin Tour stop #5 saw a new co-sponsor of the tour Blackstock, Art Houghtaling, Chuck Kevin Blackstock, room owner Mark Kulugian, TD Kevin Vidal, Chuck Hill aboard! We would like to thank www.LeagueShirts. Hill, Ben Gauthier, Tom Acciavatti, Al com for their sponsorship and designing our new tour Yagmin, Gene Hunt, Rogers Hill, Rodney Polak, Joe Sobowicz, Tim T’s and generously adding them into our prize pool through the remainder Haley and Dana Kroll. This tour stop saw many new faces in attendence of this season and the upcoming 2010 season. as well, we welcomed Ken DeBroske, Ben Edwin, Casey Francis, Jason All amateurs are encouraged to come out and play on the tour. All league Noble, Jeff Michaud, Chris Grader and a host of other new players to the players are eligible as well as all non-pro players.  All Women and Juniors tour.  The lone woman in the field taking advantage of the free entry for (under 18) recieve free entry and only pay $10 table time. women was Dena Brayson, some of the guys would have rather seen Info for the tour can be found on . Dena stay home as she sent many on their way earlier than they planned. 1st $245 Chuck Hill + New $320 Dominiak Cue The double elimination format would see Al Yagmin make his way through 2nd $175 Kevin Blackstock + Tour T-Shirt top half of the  winners side brackets to the hot seat match with a bye 3rd $105 Al Yagmin in the opening round then wins over tour photographer Rob Francoeur, 4th $70 Rogers Hill Gene Hunt and Kevin Blackstock. Next up for Al in the hot seat match 5/6 $50 Ken DeBroske, Casey Francis was Chuck Hill who made his way through the bottom half of the winners

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Here Come the Legends The weekend of March 15th, the Legends & Champions Pool School visited Rockaway Billiards in Rockaway NJ. Johnny Archer and Nick Varner conducted a pool

Photo by Padi O’Rourke courtesy of

(l to r) Nick Varner with Jonathan Castillo

school session for their enrolled students then put on a trick shot exhibition and finally Jonathan Castillo played Johnny Archer in a race to 7 exhibition match. Photo by Padi O'Rourke courtesy of

Jonathan Castillo is at home in a pool hall, practicing shot after shot for hour after hour as his father watches. Just 14 years old, he plays in tournaments across several states and already has sponsors. He gets his cue sticks, including one worth $1,500, from a company called KwikFire. He wears a watch company logo. And he has a Rockaway Billiards shirt, because that's where he first learned to play pool, and where he said older players nurture his interest in the game. Jonathan, an eighth-grader at Dover Middle School, will play an exhibition match this evening at Rockaway Billiards, starting at 7 p.m., against Johnny Archer, one of the top pool players in the world. Next week, he'll play in a national tournament in Pennsylvania, called the Super Billiards Expo, where he previously placed fifth in the 14-and-under category. He expects to play in a junior national championship tournament later this year in Minnesota. He met Archer last year at a tournament in Syracuse but doubts the older player would remember his name. But Jonathan knows a lot about Archer. "He has a powerful break, a good positional player," Jonathan said. Jonathan studies the game's best players, reading about them in magazines, watching them on TV and at tournaments. His keen interest in the game led to the KwickFire endorsement last year, according to Mary Deininger, his stepmother. "She was impressed with his charisma and dedication," Deininger said. Jonathan first played pool at Rockaway Billiards four years ago when his parents were looking for something to do. Roberto Castillo, Jonathan's father, knew his son was serious about the game weeks later when he asked how to get a cue ball to do what you want it to do. Jonathan said playing pool has helped him in other areas. His parents say he's a good student, and he plans to attend the MorrisCounty School of Technology's Academy of Networking and Information Technology next year. "I know you can't live off of pool," Jonathan said. So he's thinking about a career in computer networking, and dreaming about continuing to play pool, hoping someday to be able to compete against some of the best players. Eventually, he said, he'll need a nickname, like the most serious pool players. "We're still waiting for the right one," Roberto Castillo said. Copyright 2009 Daily Record. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

Straight Pool Season

Jordan Pool Room just completed another season of the Handicap Straignt Pool League. This league had twelve fantastic players and the season lasted 3 months. Jordan Pool Room will be holding another Straight Pool session soon. Also, Jordan would like to welcome the newest BCA Team, “Cue-Tips” to the Thursday night 8 Ball League. And a special thanks to league photographer Angel Geigel for a job well done. Straight Pool League Results 1st Devon Cataldi $500.00 2nd Justin Romanot $250.00 3rd Tony Cataldi $120.00 4th Eric Walz $60.00 5th Bill Miller $30.00

Devon Cataldi

Bennett in it to Win

On The Snap Billiards in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina hosted the sixth stop on the 2008-2009 Jacoby Custom Cues Carolina Tour March 7-8. A nineteen-player field turned out for the $1000 guaranteed added Main Event in which Keith Bennett defeated Mike Davis, earning $1000 for his first win on the Jacoby Tour. In the Main Event, Davis had a bye in the first round, and continued to the hotseat. Meanwhile, Bennett started the tournament with a couple of wins before his loss to Mike Davis (7-3) sent him west. From that point through to the final match, only one player would get more than one Doug Ennis (tournament director), Keith Bennett, game against Bennett. Mike Davis, Billy Wood (room owner) In the final match, a single race to nine, Davis won the lag and pushed out. Bennett played a semi-masse to pocket the 2-ball and run out. Davis ran the last seven balls in the second rack and ran the next two racks to take a 3-1 lead. Midway through the thirteenth rack, Davis missed and Bennett took control, clearing the table. Two break-and-runs later and it was over. Final score: 9-6. Rock City Promotions wishes to extend special thanks to the staff and ownership of All Star Billiards and to OB-1 Cues for supporting the Jacoby Tour. 1st $1,000 Keith Bennett 4th $100 Cary Dunn 2nd $500 Mike Davis 5/6 $75 Johnny Griffin 3rd $200 Mark Boren Chris Vollmar

Lombardo and Bauries on Top

Hunter Lombardo and Matt Bauries won the open and amateur events, respectively, of the J. Pechauer Southeast 9-Ball Tour stop the weekend of February 28-March 1. Main Event): 1st $740 Hunter Lombardo 2nd $450 Tommy Kennedy 3rd $350 Rich Johnson 4th $250 Jim Sandaler 5/6 $150 Adam Wheeler, Tony O’Donnell Amateur/semi pro event: 1st $465 Matt Bauries 2nd $325 Jeff Mabry 3rd $225 Trevor Moore 4th $125 Prescott Buckwold 5/6 $75 Rich Johnson, Mel Lowe 7/8 $50 Tony O’Donnell, Todd Anderson Highest Senior finisher received $ 50 Larry Charbonnet Highest Lady finisher recieved $25 Shirley Jacobsen Highest Junior finisher received $ 25 Shane Yurku s(Also active Military) Local non-profit charity of Mississippi received $ 25.00

Savvy Air Travel

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♦ Keep your boarding pass with you! ♦ Do not walk through the metal detector until you see the last of your items enter the x-ray machine. Special Needs ♦ If you suffer from motion sickness, make sure you take and pack (conveniently in a carry-on bag) your air sickness pills. ♦ If you are susceptible to catching colds, make sure you take your Airborn and stock up on vitamin C and zinc approximately 2-24 hours prior to airport exposure. o You may also want to carry anti-bacteria wipes with you. o Keep your hands clean. o Avoid unnecessary contact with your eyes, ears, and nose. o Try to practice good basic hygiene. General ♦ Use a list when packing to help ensure you don’t forget anything before and after. ♦ Clean out your pool case! You should consider doing this often anyway but it will definitely help reduce any unnecessary weight. Also, get change/tokens at the tournament. This will also help keep the weight to a minimum. ♦ Bring an extra bag. Find a lightweight duffle or backpack that can fold up and fit into your luggage. Be prepared in the event that your luggage is overweight or you bring some extras back with you. ♦ Once you get through security, check the gate assignment again before walking all the way there and realizing that it’s changed. ♦ Try to wear clothes with pockets. They come in handy. ♦ If you need a pillow or blanket, make sure you grab one or ask for one as soon as you board. Supplies are usually limited. ♦ Dress in layers. It can get chilly on the plane. ♦ Dress comfortably. You’ll be sitting in whatever you’re wearing for the next couple hours, or longer. ♦ Don’t forget to pack your music, books, games, pillow, snacks, and any other essentials. ♦ And, of course, never leave your personal belongings unattended and always check to make sure you haven’t left anything behind where ever you stop. There you have it! Now you’re a savvy flyer. We’ll see you in Vegas! Please be sure to visit You can take polls, view article archives, and read tournament and training updates. Samm Diep, “Cherry Bomb” House Pro at Mile Nine in Aurora, Colorado Author of “You Might Be A D Player If… (101 Classic Moves That All Pool Players Can Appreciate)” Visit:, fun & unique products for pool players Also check out: random smatterings of pool thoughts & articles

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Habitat for Humanity Benefit

On The Snap Billiards in Fuquay an undefeated Griffin in the finals. Varina, NC was the site of our Griffin played strong, as we’ve highest turnout yet! Players fought come to expect, and took the first it out for nine hours, coming from two games in the race to five. In the as far away as Asheville to shoot third game both players struggled in the sixth stop of through the first the Stick Built Tour exchange until to Benefit Habitat Johnny went on a for Humanity on run and cleared the March 15, 2009. table to make it 3-0. Due to the higher Griffin came up dry turnout, Cue on his break but Hill Sport Promotions handed it back to was able to him after missing offer more than a tough combo. the guaranteed Griffin ran with it for minimum payouts a 4-0 lead. and added three Griffin broke on payout spots to rack five, running pay down to sixth two balls until a place! On The miss gave it back Snap Billiards is to Hill. Hill missed Johnny Griffin a relatively new on a difficult shot, hall with 10 full size tables (all handing it right back again. Griffin Diamonds), a full bar and food was forced to play defense on Hill. menu, and great staff. It was a Hill managed to get out of it but great place to play. So great, in couldn’t run out. Griffin pocketed fact, that it is now the new location his last ball but rattled the eight. for our end of tour Tournament of Hill closed the game out, putting his Champions. first win of the match on the board. As soon as we saw the high quality Hill pocketed three balls before equipment at On The Snap, we letting Griffin shoot. Griffin ran it knew it would be the perfect place down to one ball but failed to put to hold the TOC. So come out on it in, letting Hill shoot again. Hill April 5th and watch our top eight took full advantage, running out to players compete for a winner-takemake it 4-2. A dry break on rack all $500 prize! seven gave Griffin an opportunity The final six players at stop six were to close the match. Griffin missed, Johnny Griffin, Tony Williams, Daniel but Hill did too, handing it back to Hill, Jerry Hilton, Andy Moore, and Griffin who closed it out 5-2, taking Adrian Warden. Warden and Moore his third 1st place finish in the tour! took sixth and fifth respectively. Congratulations to Johnny Griffin! Fourth went to Jerry Hilton, and Thanks to everyone for playing, to Tony Williams, after being handed On the Snap for hosting stop six, a hard 5-1 defeat at the hands of and to our sponsor Poison Billiards Daniel Hill, left with third. for helping to make it all possible. Hill left the loser’s bracket to face

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

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DATE Apr 3-5 Apr 4-5 Apr 4 Apr 4-5 Apr 5 Apr 5 Apr 11-12 Apr 11-12 Apr 11-12 Apr 11 Apr 12 Apr 12 Apr 12 Apr 18-19 Apr 18-19 Apr 18-19 Apr 18 Apr 18-19 Apr 18-19 Apr 19 Apr 24 Apr 25 Apr 26 Apr 24-26 Apr 25-26 Apr 25 Apr 26 Apr 26 May 2-3 May 2-3 May 2-3 May 2 May 2-3 May 3 May 3 May 9-10 May 9 May 10 May 16 May 16-17 May 16-17 May 16-17 May 16 May 17 May 23-24 May 23-24 May 23-25 May 24 May 24 May 30-31 May 30-31 May 30-31 May 30-31 May 30 May 30-31 Jun 6-7 Jun 6-7 Jun 6-7 Jun 13-14 Jun 13-14 Jun 14 Jun 21 Jun 21 Jun 27-28 Jun 27-28 Jun 28 Jul 18-19 Jul 18-19 Aug 1-2 Aug 8-9 Aug 8-9 Aug 15-16

CITY Atlanta, GA W. Hempstead, NY Sunnyside, NY Rock Hill, SC Raleigh, NC Ft Pierce, FL Spring Hill, FL Raleigh, NC Bayside, NY Largo, FL Ft Pierce, FL Woburn, MA Worcester, MA Albany, NY Goldsboro, NC W. Hempstead, NY Edison, NJ Midlothian, VA Sayreville, NJ Ft Pierce, FL Kokomo, IN Kokomo, IN Kokomo, IN Holiday, FL Parsippany, NJ E. Rutherford, NJ Ft Pierce, FL Springfield, MA Providence, RI Holiday, FL Raleigh, NC Sunnyside, NY Fairfield, OH Somersworth, NH Ft Pierce, FL Pittsfield, MA E. Rutherford, NJ Ft Pierce, FL Latham, NY Rocky Mount, NC Greenville, SC E. Rutherford, NJ Tampa, FL Ft Pierce, FL Parsippany, NJ New York, NY Springhill, FL Ft Pierce, FL Pittsfield, MA Derby, CT Egg Harbor Twsp, NJ Jacksonville, FL Allentown, PA Edison, NJ La Grange, GA Allentown, PA Ft Pierce, FL Sunnyside, NY Palm Harbor, FL Kokomo, IN Ft Pierce, FL Manchester, CT Ft Pierce, FL Glen Burnie, MD Chattanooga, TN Ft Pierce, FL Parsippany, NJ Whitehall, PA Derby, CT Derby, CT Whitehall, PA Kokomo, IN

LOCATION Mr Cues 2 Raxx Pool Room & Grill Master Billiards Cafe Breakers Sports Bar & Grill New York Billiards Ultimate Billiards Capone’s Billiards Browns Billiards Cue Bar Side Pockets Ultimate Billiards Silver Cue Billiards London Billiards Golden Cue Billiard Lounge Fast Eddie’s Sports Bar Raxx Pool Room & Grill Sandcastle Billiards Diamond Billiards Primetime Sports Bar Ultimate Billiards Ryno Room Ryno Room Ryno Room Hammerheads Comet Billiards Castle Billiards Ultimate Billiards Snookers Billiards Snookers Billiards Hammer Heads Billiards Browns Billiards Master Billiards Cafe Micheal’s Billiards Buster’s Billiards Ultimate Billiards Casey’s Billiard Emporium Castle Billiards Ultimate Billiards Diamond 8 Billiards Sharks-N-Shooters Palace Billiards Castle Billiards Strokers Billiards Ultimate Billiards Comet Billiards Amsterdam Billiard Club Capone’s Billiards Ultimate Billiards Casey’s Billiard Emporium Fat’s Billiards Atlantic City Billiards Bank Shot Billiards Gallery Billiards Sandcastle Billiards Chalk It Up Billiards Buzzy’s Billiards Ultimate Billiards Master Billiards Cafe Stroker’s Billiards Ryno Room Ultimate Billiards World Championship Billiards Ultimate Billiards Big Daddy’s Billiards Diamond Billiard Club Ultimate Billiards Comet Billiards Jordan Pool Hall Fat’s Billiards Fat’s Billiards Jordan Pool Hall Ryno Room

PHONE (770) 454-7665 (518) 356-7163 (718) 706-6789 (803) 325-2091 (919) 872-6699 (772) 464-7665 (919) 878-9092 (718) 631-2646 (727) 518-2608 (772) 464-7665 (978) 836-6818 (518) 356-7163 (252) 908-0754 (516) 538-9896 (732) 632-9277 (804) 797-8787 (732) 721-6555 (772) 464-7665 (765) 868-8171 (765) 868-8171 (765) 868-8171 (727) 939-9494 (518) 356-7163 (201) 933-6007 (772) 464-7665 (518) 356-7163 (919) 878-9092 (718) 706-6789 (513) 860-0044 (978) 836-6818 (772) 464-7665 (201) 933-6007 (772) 464-7665 (518) 786-8048 (252) 908-0754 (864) 234-0428 (201) 933-6007 (813) 814-2277 (772) 464-7665 (973) 334-7429 (212) 496-8180 (352) 688-9965 (772) 464-7665 (413) 212-6390 (203) 734-7713 (413) 212-6390 (610) 841-4828 (732) 632-9277 (706) 616-3541 (484) 554-9397 (772) 464-7665 (718) 507-1660 (727) 786-6683 (765) 868-8171 (772) 464-7665 (860) 647-1711 (772) 464-7665 (410) 760-1332 (423) 877-5882 (772) 464-7665 (973) 334-7429 (484) 554-9397 (203) 734-7713 (203) 734-7713 (484) 554-9397 (765) 868-8171

EVENT / RULES Seminole Florida Pro Tour Joss North East Tour Tri State Tour B-C-D Great Southern Billiard Tour Stick Built 8-Ball Tour 10-Ball Race to 7 KF Cues 9-Ball Tour 8-Ball Handicap Predator 9-Ball Tour Tiger Bay Area Amateur Billiards Race to 9 pts New England 9-Ball B-C-D Dominiak 10-Ball Tour Joss North East Tour Jacoby Carolina Tour Predator 9-Ball Tour A-B-C-D Tri State Tour A-B-C-D Great Southern Billiard Tour JPNEWT One Pocket Race to 3 8-Ball Ryno Cup - Race to 3 One Pocket - Race to 3 Straight Pool - CSI Qualifier Seminole Florida Pro Tour Joss North East Tour Tri State Tour B-C-D 9-Ball Race to 7 Dominiak 10-Ball Tour Joss North East Tour KF Cues 9-Ball Tour Browns 8-Ball Teams Tri State Tour B-C-D Great Southern Billiards Tour New England 9-Ball/10-Ball 10-Ball Race to 7 Dominiak 10-ball Tour Tri State Tour A-B-C-D Billiards Race to 9 pts NCS 14.1 Continuous Qualifier Jacoby Carolina Tour Great Southern Billiard Tour JPNEWT Tiger Bay Area Amateur One Pocket Race to 3 Predator 9-Ball Tour Tri State Tour B-C-D Seminole Florida Pro Tour 9-Ball Race to 7 NCS 14.1 Continuous Qualifier NCS 14.1 Continuous Qualifier NCS 14.1 Continuous Qualifier KF Cues 9-Ball Tour Predator 9-Ball Tour Tri State Tour B-C-D Great Southern Billiard Tour NCS 9-Ball Qualifier Treasure Coast Open Tri State Tour A-B-C-D/Dbl Pts KF Cues 9-Ball NCS 9-Ball Qualifier Billiards Race to 9 pts NCS 14.1 Continuous Qualifier One Pocket Race to 3 MD Open 14.1 Championships GSBT A/B Amateur 9-Ball Race to 7 NCS 14.1 Continuous Qualifier NCS 14.1 Continuous Qualifier NCS 10-Ball Qualifier NCS 9-Ball Qualifier NCS 10-Ball Qualifier NCS 10-Ball Qualifier

ENTRY ADDED Call $3,000 $100 $2,000 Call $750 Call $1,500 guar Call $25 (incl g.f.) $50 (incl gf) $1,600 $50 (incl gf) $1,000 Call $1,000 Call $500 $20 (incl g.f.) Call $35 $500 $100 $2,000 Call $1,000 Call $1,000 Call $750 Call $1,500 guar Call $1,500 $25 (incl g.f.) $40 $40 $40 Call $6,000 $100 $2,000 Call $500 $25 (incl g.f.) $35 $500 $100 $2,0000 $50 (incl gf) $1,600 $150 (incl gf) $1,000 Call $750 Call $1,500 guar Call $150 $25 (incl g.f.) $50 Call $500 $20 (incl g.f.) $60 Call $1,000 Call $1,500 guar Call $1,500 Call $500 $25 (incl g.f.) Call $1,000 Call $1,000 Call $6,000 $25 (incl g.f.) $60 $60 Call $65 (incl gf) $1,600 Call $1,000 Call $500 Call $2,000 guar $50 Call $$$ Call $1500 $65/$50 $1600 $60 $1000 w/64 $20 (incl g.f.) $60 $25 (incl g.f.) Call Call $1500 $25 (incl g.f.) $60 $60 $500 w/32 $60 $500 $60 $500 $60 $500 w/32 $60 $1000 w/64

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Stroke Magazine - April Issue  

The Pool Players Voice is now available for April with tour and tournament news all over the east coast and adjoining states

Stroke Magazine - April Issue  

The Pool Players Voice is now available for April with tour and tournament news all over the east coast and adjoining states