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On May 24th, 2019, in Abano Terme, two structures of the Zacchera Hotels group have been awarded by EMAS Italy, an important initiative at national level within the framework of environmental communication, overcoming important "giant companies" belonging to other sectors. The two categories, in which Grand Hotel Dino and Grand Hotel Bristol were awarded as winners, are respectively: a more efficient EMAS communication initiatives towards customers and suppliers and a more effective Environmental Declaration. EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) is a system to which companies and organizations, both public and private, can voluntarily adhere with a commitment to evaluate and improve their environmental efficiency. EMAS is primarily intended to improve the environment by providing organizations, supervisory authorities and citizens an instrument by which it is possible to obtain information about the environmental performance of organizations. The Environmental Declaration is an instrument created by EMAS-registered organizations and updated annually, with which the organization communicates with the interested subjects in environmental matters. The declaration has the task of clearly describing the organization and its activities, its environmental policy, the significant environmental aspects, the objectives and targets, the environmental data relevant to the significant aspects and its environmental performance. Therefore, the Environmental Declaration is a descriptive document of the results achieved in relation to the intended environmental objectives, indicative of the methodologies and programs with which the organization intends to proceed in the progressive improvement of performance.