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18 Years of the mobo awards, WE celebrate this years winners, while looking back at some past successes FASHION / TRAVEL / BIG SCREEN / GADGETS / CELEBRITY NEWS/ HEALTH & FITNESS / CARS

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SUB EDITOR Gordy Munro

The MOBO Awards are a massive thing for Urban and Street music, so we’re celebrating the 18th anniversary in this edition.

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We take a look back at the last 18 years, and also bring you some pictures of this years event and obviously the winners!

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There is no doubt that Grand Theft Auto is the most talked about item in the world right now as well, with it selling 15 million copies in one week worldwide! Anyway guys get reading this amazing edition and yes we are coming close to Christmas, so enjoy the weather while you can because we are expecting a blizzard in the UK, I know sad times in over here been crazy we experienced snow in Feb and April and sun at the same time it was like 4 seasons in one hour! Gotta love UK Gotta love Streetcred!

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CATCH STREET CRED ON: The views expressed in Street Cred magazine are not necessarily the editors opinion so do not try to kill him if you read anything you feel offended by. The magazine is a positive and fun read and is not with the intent to threaten anyone. All images are copyright of their respective rights holders.



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CONTENTS PAGE GRIMEY (5-16) - Cher Vs Miley, Kris and Bruce, Miley vs MJ, The Voice, Gabrielle, Blake Lively, Marvin, Choice/ Capital Xtra, Man U, Scotland, Rugby. DUNSINANE (17-18) MISS MACAROON (20-21) PLAYLIST & ALBUM REVIEWS (22-23) FASHION & STYLE (25-39) - Street Style, Skull & Bones Boys Club, The Show: Ten, National Wedding Show, Dead Legacy. GIG GUIDE (42-44) - London, Manchester and Birmingham in the coming month. SLEEPING BEAUTY (46-47)


COVER STORY (48-52) - MOBO 18 + Look Back GRAND THEFT AUTO V (54-55) HEALTH AND FITNESS (56-57) - Hayley Newton’s Top Tips. BOOK REVIEW (58) - The World Atlas Of Street Art And Graffiti. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT (60-61) - Kevin Fitzsimmons. MOTORS (62 - 64) - Be prepared for Winter, 2013 Dodge Charger SRT8 vs 2012 Chrysler 300 SRT8. CLUBBING (67-69) BIG SCREEN (71-74) - Prisoners, Don Jon, Hunger Games

GADGETS (75-77) - The Cave iOS, Hudl*. CAREERS (81) - Teaching. EATING OUT (82) - Malmaison, Birmingham. MR & MISS SC (84-87) - Clare Turner-Marshall, Eden Blackman. REGGAE OR NOT (88-89) - The Green. TRAVEL (93-97) - Montreal, Amsterdam, Memphis.

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New judge announced for the voice Page 10

Miley Cyrus Whats she up to this time?

GAbrielle The Return of a Legend

Choice for Radio? Choice to Capital Xtra, what does it mean?


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GRIMEY Cher Destroys Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance as well as her oral hygiene


his is what Cher had to say about Miley after her outrageous VMA performance. “I’m not old-fashioned. She could have come out naked, and if she’d just rocked the house, I would have said ‘you go girl.’ It just wasn’t done well; she can’t dance, her body look like hell, the song wasn’t great, one cheek was hanging out and chick, don’t stick out your tongue if it’s coated.” That was a bit mean coming from the diva herself but she definitely said it to the wrong person. Being Miley though, we don’t think it’s going to affect her all that much; she’ll just let it pass, so Cher you wasted your breath this time.


OH NO! Kris Jenner and Bruce officially Split up for good

he pair announced they have officially split up after months of speculation. They said “we are living separately and we are much happier this way, but we still have much love and respect for each other. Even though we are separated, we will always remain best friends and, as always, our family will remain our number one priority.


The official statement came out a week after Kris’s younger sister revealed the ‘truth’ about her sisters’ rocky relationship with ex-husband Bruce Jenner. Kris’s sister told the papers “Bruce has sought out a lawyer; despite the fact the couple still do things together.” She continues saying “Their relationship goes back and forth. I would love to see them get back together.”

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Miley Cyrus compares herself to the king of pop Michael Jackson!


as Miley Cyrus says her latest album ‘Bangerz’ is as good if not even better then Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ album. I think even for Miley this is a bit too much. She listens to her music 20,000 times to make sure it’s perfect. She said “I have to make sure every detail is perfect.” Miley continued saying “There are albums that people still are listening to, like Michael Jackson’s Bad, because it’s so f***ing dope. I want people to listen to my album like that.” However, the record that she had from the age of 16 was Pixels; she says “The Pixels is all I listened to.” And then Miley dropped the bombshell saying “And I’m going to be that artist to so many people, so I want to make sure my record is the best it can be. I’m trying to set a new standard for pop music. So it has to live up.” Surely she can’t be serious?

Fourth judge has been announced for BBC The Voice


he Voice is set to return in January with a complete new feel having completely new presenters & two new coaches! Kaiser Chiefs star Ricky Wilson joins the Voice UK with Australian goddess Kylie Minogue to take the places of Danny & Jessie alongside & Sir Tom Jones, who will still remain as coaches for series 3. It’s going to be really interesting as it a new look at the talent show platform. The blind auditions are a great addition to the auditions, as you can’t see the person who is performing so you can’t judge them by looks. It’s strictly the voice on its own which is incredible. With the new judging lineup this year, it will be interesting to see how they do and how they find their feet, will they succeed or will they be terrible. Everyone is mostly excited to see a Kaiser Chiefs legend within the panel, to see how he does. Will he be like Danny, or will he be better? We’ve got to wait until January to find out.


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Gabrielle has returned, 20 years on!


years on from her best selling single “Dreams”, she’s back making music yet again, by creating a new album ‘Now and always: 20 Years of Dreaming (Greatest Hits). Whilst including a special feature with one of the hottest producers on the planet right now; Naughty Boy, for a remix of the highly acclaimed single “Dreams”. It’s gaining mixed reviews, it was a shock to witness a return of such a soulful singer, but the music industry had missed someone like her, as she maintains determination like no other artist has. It suddenly became the most talked about thing, most re-

quested song at the moment. It’s only going to be the start for her return. It’s great to see the soul queen is back, as everyone had thought her career was over and finished but she’s proved everyone wrong again it’s far from over.

Now and Always: 20 years of dreaming (Greatest Hits) is expected for release on 25th November 2013

Blake Lively launching her own company


lake Lively talks about launching her very own company and surprisingly it has nothing to do with acting. She’s hoping to launch it in a few months; the main aim for it is storytelling, and it’s also about living a very one-of-a-kind, curated life, and how to achieve that. Blake explained “I have so many passions outside of acting and things that I grew up being good at and that I don’t utilize when acting. Acting was something that my family did so I just kind of got into it by default, but there was so much that I cultivated, thinking that I wouldn’t be an actor.” She has the opportunity to branch out into new projects since she finished doing Gossip Girl.


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JLS Marvin is officially a presenter now?


ll the JLS boys have gone and done their own thing since the split, however Marvin Humes who married Rochelle from The Saturdays has landed himself to co-host on the third series of the Voice which starts in January. He will join Big Brother host Emma Willis following the departure of Holly Willoughby and Reggie Yates earlier last month. It’s going to be different seeing Marvin presenting a talent competition considering that’s how his career began on X factor. Yet he claims he’s so excited to be a part of the new series as he’s such a big fan of the show. The singer also presents his own radio show on Capital FM on Friday and Saturday Evenings. Will it pay off for him in the long run? Only time will tell, for the mean time I wish him the best of luck. For me personally, my favourite talent show presenter has got to be Dermot O’Leary as he brings the energy and determination to keep the viewers engaged and entertained. It will be interesting to see Marvin’s approach.

XTra choice for the black community?


hoice FM has officially changed to Capital Xtra, but does it mean a change to the direction and meaning of the station? DJ Tim Westwood joined the new station, along with singer Craig David and Swedish DJ Avicii, displacing many veteran DJ’s from the original station. Capital Xtra will be a national digital station, not a local station, which many believe will cause the station to lose the loyal following it has had since it’s inception. It is believed that Reggae, Dancehall, and other black music will be hit hard by the change, losing their single major outlet, as well as being a platform to showcase up and coming new black talent. Only time will tell if the new station will truly change the playlist, or if they will lose their listeners.



And they’re off! ... Or not...

Manchester United off to their worst start in 24 years.


ven with this start, everyone should lay off David Moyes just a little, the shoes left behind after Sir Alex left are tough shoes to fill. That being said, it has been classed as Manchester United’s worst start to the season for 24 years. It took Alex Ferguson a few seasons before he started winning trophies. It’s unfair because regardless how Moyes does, everyone will always compare him to the legend himself Sir Alex. It’s a shame considering they’re different types of managers,

one likes to go all out and attack, the other likes a laid back defence approach. The general consensus seems to be that Manchester United can’t play that way, and they’ve got to play like they want to be there, otherwise they won’t win trophie. It’s ridiculous though, because give him the time and control, who knows he might succeed. Getting rid of the coaching staff seemed to be a pretty bad idea, yet saying that if you gave him the managing role let him do it his way. You’ve got to take the good with the bad.

Transfer issue


nfortunately we didn’t see Moyes splash the cash much within the transfer window only managing to grab Marouane Fellaini. The Ex Evertonian hasn’t made a great impact in the club, he’s played great football at United, but he doesn’t appear to be a player that changes the dynamics of a game or a season and that’s the type of player united need. After losing Scholes, United needed someone who would control the midfield, which he does well, yet Moyes needs to make little adjustments to the squad in order to stay in a chance of a trophy this season.


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Scotland Create their own Olympic team as part of their Independence


s a part of Scotland’s independence they created their own Olympic team to compete against Team GB in Rio 2016 if the country votes for independence in a year’s time, says Scottish sports minister Shona Robison.

pic team will bring benefits, it’s an interesting fact to make, and a fair comment if that considering two gold medalists from team GB in 2012 were Scottish, Andy Murray winning the gold medal in the Tennis event. Not forgetting Sir Chris Hoy, being a legend in the sport of cycling. They have got great athletes who are Scottish yet want to be a part of team GB although if Scotland do go independent they might have the opportunity to either be British or Scottish.

They feel that having their own Olympic team and Paralym-

Chris Robshaw tipped to be England Captain for Autumn Tests in the england Rugby side.


obshaw, aged 27 has captained England 16 times, yet saying that Northampton Flanker Tom Wood, captain during the summer tour of Argentina, is also another option to be captain for the autumn. England has tough opponents in November taking on the likes of New Zealand, Australia and Argentina. It would be interesting to see who would take up to captain the sides throughout the campaign, I would love for Chris Robshaw to be captain again as he shows commitment, control, determination and even comfort towards the players, he’s the perfect role model regarding on and off the pitch hands down a great person for captain. England Meet Australia on Saturday 2nd November, then they play Argentina a week later to then face off with New Zealand on the 16th with all 3 matches playing at home at Twickenham.

I hope Chris leads the team out, as for me he’s a great captain but saying that Tom Wood is absolutely incredible himself and has proved himself since the start of the season, so I just believe only time will tell.




A Funny, thought provoking play enjoyed by many at the rep in birmingham


he National Theatre of Scotland and the Royal Shakespeare Company presented the original play Dunsinane by David Greig and directed by Roxana Silbert at The Rep. Shakespeare’s play Macbeth really inspired David Greig. The short story: Macbeth is dead; under cover of night, an English army killed the tyrant and took the seat of power. Siward’s efforts to restore peace and order appear futile as the situation spins out of control. Dunsinane is the name of a place in Scotland but also a strong story where Scottish are fighting with English. Gifted actors like Johnny Phillips as Siward , builds powerful characteristics and keeps the public in tension. Sandy Grierson as Malcolm interprets a very funny character by his way of speaking and the way he describes the comic of the situation.

The boy soldier, Sergeant Lord and Eric the Archer had modern words which makes the atmosphere positive and that puts the audience at ease. Even if the whole atmosphere is dark with the story, the time of the play, the fact that it is during a war, the blood on the nice costumes of the age, the play remains very funny thanks to the brilliant performances of the actors and their speech. It’s all about contrasts and that keeps the play very lively. This play, like a Shakespeare, shows how humans can be stupid and it also demonstrates the dark side of Gruach ,the Queen who wants to keep her world. It’s an eternal story which deals with drama, sense of humour and also makes the public think. This is not only a play, this is also the story of a war and the behaviour of the wicked Gruach, who seduced Siward; which is played perfectly by Siobhan Redmond. Finally, David Grey and Roxanna Silbert succeed in making Dunsinane a thought provoking play. This play is not only a great entertainment , it deserves attention and even introspection!

Words by Emilie Beguin

Available Nationwide Now




his secret event was based at the Roweheath Pavilion ( the secret location) organized by Miss Macaroon.

Miss Macaroon is a social enterprise which make delicious macaroons in gift boxes while providing training and employment opportunities for marginalised young people.

There was also a bar and a band from the 1950s time which made the atmosphere even more like a ball of this period. There were little shops which served popcorn, ice cream and the macaroons were served in small boxes. She created the concept of selling her special macaroons with different tastes. Some volunteers were working in the event helping her with her project. The film called “Far From Heaven” with Julianne Moore, the setting was in the 50s, the center theme of the event. Miss Macaroon gave the audience a chance to go back to the 50s. In a lovely fancy dress, she explained her goal and expectations: “ I just want people to just have fun, to have interactions,

Over the weekend, Street Cred had the chance to go to a special event in a 1950’s atmosphere like the series Mad Men. The participants, especially the women were dressed in a vintage attire with a mix of modern style. It’s like Dior’s new look inspiration was here plus the 21st century. During the evening, there was Sarah Russel’s company SGR Vintage Hair and Makeup, a hairdresser who showed us live tips. She makes several packages available: for bridal, for party, for special occasion lessons and tutorials on how to do them from home.

Feature and social changes�. It is the other way to see her brand , explain her vision and promote herself. Rosie Ginday actually combines her passion for beautiful hand-crafted food, baking, and her desire to help disadvantaged young adults in her local area. She strongly supports young Care leavers, Not in Employment, Education or Training, and offenders and ex-offenders in Birmingham and the

Words by Emilie Beguin

surrounding areas . For more information, you can check the website:

OFFICE PLAYLIST CHARLIE BROWN BONES A great track from Charlie Brown which I’m sure you will be hearing more of each day. A great artist with a bright future.

NELLY Get Like Me (Feat Nicki Minaj & Pharrell) A great tune and has a catchy hook that leaves you constantly humming it throughout the day regardless if you like it or not.

Jessie J IT’s MY PARTY A classic Jessie J anthem, it’s a feel good party anthem as soon as it comes on you’re instantly in a good mood, a great get up and go style track. Onerepublic Counting Stars Counting Stars is absolutely incredible making many people turn their heads for their shock realisation that OneRepublic are back into the music industry and aren’t moving. VAMPS CAN WE DANCE Such a feel good and party track I have no doubts this is going to be a success in the charts from the Birmingham born band.

EMINEM SURVIVAL At 40 years young, Eminem proves he’s still got what’s needed, definitely one to watch causing a stir in the charts

fuse odg Azonto (Feat Itz Tiffany) It’s such a feel good factor to this single, has you wanting to bust a move.Can’t get enough of it. Lucy Spraggan Last Night (Beer Fear) You seen her perform this for her Audition on X Factor. It explains everything perfectly to how a teen night out would normally went down. DIZZEE RASCAL Something Really Bad (Feat It’s great to see Dizzee a part of the mix of the charts. It’s even better to see a British artist collaborating with an American superstar. Chase & Status Count on Me (Feat Moko) Even though it was featured in the playlist last month it’s a constant player it’s a tune that you seriously can’t get enough of.

ALBUM REVIEWS by Liam o’leary


DRake - Nothing was the same

rake’s debut album Fireworks was incredible as it had literally everything you could possibly ask for. He had rap and also slow vocals when you needed them to mix up the album. Although I didn’t feel he managed to achieve this as well on Take Care. It was still an amazing album nevertheless but as a fan of Drake you would have preferred to see him mix in the slow smooth vocals, as that’s what made him different from other artists out there in the first place. His 3rd and latest album was completely different for me, Although I still enjoyed it. I felt it was more darker than the others, bringing meaning and deep messages into the singles. Like for example, Furthest Thing because he’s basically talking about an ex girlfriend who still holds a grudge for him hurting her in the past. Although saying that the whole album for me personally is amazing, having the iconic and beloved singles that’s already done well in the charts already such as Started from the Bottom & Hold On, We’re Going Home. It’s one of the albums of 2013 without a shadow of doubt. If you can listen to a whole album without skipping

one single, and even being able to replay the album soon after it’s a great album and deserves all the praise it gets. Drake - Nothing Was the same 8/10.

J Cole - BOrn SINNER


earing J Cole in the past he’s always been creative with the words and language he’s used throughout his music. Following the success of his previous album (Cole world: The Sideline Story) it was such a success selling so many copies online and in hard copy. The standout track on the first album was ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ because it maintains such an incredible and lovable feel towards it. Although with his latest album Born Sinner, he does something slightly similar with a single called Crooked

Smile. He basically tells people it’s okay not to be perfect as you are who you are. Someone will love you for you and you’ll still become someone by you being you. He states he has thought about changing his appearance but he didn’t and he still became somebody, which got me thinking it was such a creative piece and hard hitting. His previous single that’s been getting attention a lot in the charts lately is Power Trip which was absolutely incredible. It’s what made me so excited for the album in the first place. It wasn’t a disappointing album. Highly entertaining, It tells a story throughout his music it’s interesting to see what’s going to be next for J Cole. This album comes highly recommend without a shadow of doubt, it’s just one of those albums where you can listen to it over and over. Absolutely incredible! J Cole - Born Sinner - 8/10





Skull and Bones Boys Club


kull And Bones Boys Club is an independent clothing company/ retail company/fashion brand based in Sheffield, England. Having a creative nature towards their clothing range it’s causing a massive stir within the fashion industry. Such magnificent designs that fit perfectly with everyone. Skull And Bones Boys Club is affecting the way of clothing as everyone wants something created from these guys. The products that they provide, range from

headwear to T-shirts to coats. They literally have everything and everything is created by them. Here at Street Cred we like to embrace culture and talent that is created. SABBC is going from strength to


strength, so you’re going to see more of them as the months goes on. I think what makes them so respected and has that likeability factor is that when you discover their back story of how they made it to where they are now, you’ll be amazed. They were using their home as a warehouse where they set about printing, dying and stitching everything themselves! I think it’s safe to say they’ve

definitely perfected their craft and found a unique gap in the market for this incredibly stylish clothing. They have a massive influence on the music industry too. Even though they no longer create their clothing in their own homes anymore they still craft the styles by hand, meaning that no single garment will ever be the same. Everything is unique. Since their inception Skull

and Bones Boys Club have hosted club nights and concerts, working closely with the local hardcore and metal scene as well as bands from further afield. The icing on the cake was a SABBC curate stage at the 2012 Tramlines Festival

where the venue reached full capacity as soon at the doors opened. Look out for this absolutely incredible clothing, as it’s magnificent. Be unique. And grab your very own Skull and Bones clothing now.

Words by Liam o’Leary

We went out into Birmingham, to the Bullring, Pigeon Park, Aston University, and the Pallasades to take pictures of all the new and unique trends that the people of Birmingham are wearing today. Being out with the public was a very interesting experience. There were a few outfits really stood out for me like these ones below.

E L Y T S T E E R T S Name: Claire Age: 24 Occupation: Make-up Artist Fashion Icons/inspirations: Own inspirations, Rihanna, Dita Van Teese

Name: Marwa Age: 18 Occupation: Student Fashion Icons/inspirations: Own Style Marwa’s style is your typical girls style very layed back, cosy and stylish. She made sure she wore a coat on top because winter is now approaching and we do need to start thinking about putting extra layers on; not too much though otherwise you’re just going to look like you’re waiting for a blizzard!

Claire is already set for winter with her outfit. The black long coat with leather sleeves is sure to keep anyone warm no matter what season. The colour black works with anything and it makes the outfit that bit more classy and elegant.

Name: Chris Age: 29 Occupation: Accountant Fashion Icons/inspirations: Ted Baker, APC, Noboly Working as an accountant you have to look sharp and wellpresented and with the suit that Chris is wearing he’s doing just that. Even though winter is coming that’s not affecting him, he doesn’t look too cold even though the wind is blowing his suit.

Name: Avar Age: 20 Occupation: Student Fashion Icons/inspirations: Diesel This is yet another simple boyish style. He doesn’t need to wear anything more to look good. However he looks like someone that has money to spend because all the clothes he is wearing are not of the cheapest brands. Expensive yet simple.

Name: Lauren Age: 19 Occupation: Working From Home Fashion Icons/inspirations: Alexander McQueen Lauren’s is a vintage girl and it suits her so well. It’s nice the way she mixed the black and green. She looks very elegant and warm. A lot of girls today are starting to bring back the old school fashion and add a bit of their very own 21st century mix to them.

Name: Dersam Age: 19 Occupation: Student Fashion Icons/inspirations: Skater Boy Fashion Even though Dersam likes the skater boy fashion he doesn’t portray that with what he is wearing; his style is very boyish and dressed down yet good enough to keep him warm through these dark, wet and gloomy weathers. A guy doesn’t really need to take hours on their outfits. A shirt, jeans or trousers, trainers and a coat is all they need; “less is more” like the saying goes.



2013: 10 years for the Bullring already!


or this very special occasion, The Bullring organised a Fashion Show at the Lower West Mall outside Debenhams, representing all the brands in the Bullring including Ossie Clark, Reiss, and Tommy Hilfiger to name a few. The Show: Ten is Bullring’s AW13 fashion show. After the Fashion month, it was time to do a fashion Saturday with fashionista Mollie King who presented 4 shows in the Bullring. The shows were also available on the website for free. Street Cred attended one of the big shows. The music began, one extract from the first album of the Swedish House Mafia plus good electronic music remix. Little summary, let’s keep 3 trends in mind: • Cherry Red All began in a very glamorous way: a beautiful red full length dress by Ossie Clark , a red wool coat by Cos for outfit two, one Zara wool oversized coat. Same thing for boys: G-Star red bomber and red denim or Cos red woolly jumper, in a chic or casual style, red is everywhere! • Hot Pink Pastel still rules this winter at Bullring and especially pink. Pink was omnipresent, particularly on


the coats. Girls wore a Topshop pale pink faux fur coat, a River Island pale pink coat with black faux fur collar or even a beautiful Reiss coral wool coat. Such a “sweet” world! Special Street Cred mention on this girly trend! • Hip Hop Style Back to the beguinning of Hip Hop and Rap in the early 90s where everybody was listening to RUN DMC. This is one of the inspiration for this special style. Rihanna created River Island’s collection, an urban look, very funky. Don’t take it too seriously, just have fun! All these outfits are available to buy at shops in Bullring. The final show was performed by the Saturdays for a special performance to celebrate Bullring’s Birthday which was fantastic. September saw the most exciting fashion event in the Birmingham’s calendar thanks to the Bullring. So, Happy 10th Birthday from Street Cred!

Words by Emilie Beguin


t the beginning of October, the NEC hosted the National Wedding Show. Over 250 wedding experts were present with thousands of dresses available. Women had the opportunity to try on and buy dresses from leading bridal boutiques and famous brands such as Jenny Packham. Several shops and brands were represented, 35 leading bridal boutiques were in one place on one day with hundreds of gorgeous accessories on offer including veils, headpieces, shoes and tiaras. Future brides couldn’t have been more happier! The National Wedding Show Catwalk showcased a selection of dresses from top designers with hair, makeup and accessory ideas. The catwalk features the latest bridesmaid dresses with long sleeved

dresses and lace, grooms wear, flower girl, page boy and mother of the bride outfit’s, making it a must–see experience. From Friday to Sunday, 4 fashion shows were available per day. What was showed was available within the exhibition. Beautiful fairy cakes and pretty cupcakes were exposed in a pretty setting, it was a magic universe for both bride and groom. To put it in a nutshell, this special event was not only a fabulous day for future brides, it was a lovely family day where we could share but also a very friendly one where fun was the magic word. N.B: Most of the boutiques are open-minded to work for different events. So, you can make a great party for any occasion and just have fun!

Top of the brands for this very special event : • Cinderella Sparkles The brand customize flat shoes, high heels and bags. It is definitely original creations for a Street Style look or a wedding day as well. You can choose between Converse Pumps and Nike Blazers. They also sell Mary Janes and Leopard Printed Court Shoes... For a special occasion, they create Customised Handmade Crystal Bouquets, Brooch Bouquets, Tiaras and sparkling clutch bags as well! Website: • Courtyard Bridal Boutique Courtyard Bridal Boutique offers a collection of beautiful wedding dresses with different styles and finest designers. Lace princess dresses are here! So many brides wanted to try their collection. Website:

• Briefly Demure Lingerie Briefly Demure is an online e-boutique with a stunning selection of lingerie and nightwear. For brides, they have the highest quality of UK and International designers. Professional service, friendly assistants with a glamorous chic collection, they will help you for the big day. Website:

• Heirlooms Ever After Impossible to resist to the cute bridal accessories: princess headbands with flowers, beautiful earrings...The only problem is that you will have a lot of difficulty choosing! Website:

• Memories of Vintage decoration This brand takes inspiration in the past, our afternoon tea moment with grandma with pretty collection. A lovely way to decorate your wedding party. They can tailor your crockery to your event. They also deliver and collect the items for you, you have nothing to do except give them your wishes. This is an original final touch to your special event, you won’t see it everywhere. Website:

Words by Emilie Beguin

Gig Gig Guide - London



What’s on?

Major Lazer - 9th November - O2 Academy Brixton Major Lazer is an electronic dancehall DJ project created by American DJ/ producer Diplo. The modern group‘s style is between reggae and dancehall. They are more famous since with the song “Get Free” in 2012. They worked with big productions and big Snoop Dogg.

Club to catwalk - Until 16th February 2014 - Victoria and Albert Museum All the trends and the details of the 1980s are explained in this exhibition in Victoria and Albert Museum in London. There is more than 85 outfits by designers like John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood the Punk Queen. It also deals about the influence of the street style and the club on catwalks.

Chase and Status - 16th November - 02 Tower Hamlets The British electronic music production duo composed of of Saul Milton (Chase) and Will Kennard (Status) will be in London to present their new exctract “Brand new machine”, which is also the name of their new album.

Woodkid - 13th November - The O2 The French singer will be in London again after a real triumph in London this year. You will be able to appreciate his song “I love you” or “Run Boy Run” and his original world. He is also a music director of famous video.

The Serpentine SACKLER GALLERY - Until 10th November The Serpentine opens its second venue in a refurbished format. The new gallery has an extension designed by architect Zaha Hadid , a tent-like structure that will house a restaurant.

Vampire Weekend - 13th November - 02 Tower Hamlets The gifted four members American rock band was formed in 2006 are still successful. They have a new album this year called “Modern Vampire of the City”. You can already listen to “Ya hey”.

Gig Guide - Birmingham The Kings of R and B - 20th October - The Institute Joe, Plus Special Guests Jagged Edge & 112. Be available at 19:00 and prepare yourself to see the kings of R and B who are in Birmingham! Jagged Edge will perform and must sing his famous “Where the party at”. THE GAME - 16th October - The Institute The legend of Rap is returning to the UK in October at the Birmingham Institute. Such a big event in the city. His fifth studio album available in December 2012, The Game collaborating with some of the great names in rap and hip hop.

XPosure - 27th October - Stirling Bar Xposure festival is a new concept of brand festival in Birmingham , where you should go next edition. The concept of the festival is to show new designers and new brands in a large access with an entry at only 3 pounds. There you can discover new and independent brands in a sociable setting.

Arctic Monkeys - 31st October - LG Arena Arctic Monkeys is a rock group who comeback with a new album. The English rock band formed in 2002 continues their UK tour in Birmingham. Let’s listen to the new legends of pop/ rock music.

AlunaGeorge - 22nd October - The Institute You have to see them because they are becoming one of the most influential dance music acts in the world. Aluna Francis and George Reid are impressive. Aluna’s strong vocals and George’s electronic touch must be known.

Jake Bugg - 28th October - 02 Academy The English musician will be in Birmingham for playing his Indie rock style. Famous since his “Two fingers” song in 2012, he was on the top of the charts in the UK. His new album is coming in November.

Gig Guide - Manchester We Were All Here, Once - Until 5th November - Cornerhouse Presented by David Chadwick. It is a selection of rarely-seen images of the Manchester’s night scene in the late 1970s and early 1980s. These unique photographs will be published for the first time and are for sale.

Birdy - 30th October - Manchester Academy 2

Tristan Garner - 26th October - Venus

The 17-year-old Hampshire singer is back on tour with the release of her new album ‘Fire Within’. She have a new role as songwriter-in-chief. She has new songs like “Wings”, the tender piano ballad “No Angel” and “Light Me Up”.

“Bitch” is back for their yearly Halloween special with very gifted French Dj Tristan Garner and the Bitch and Venus residents. This is one of the best place for house and electronic music in Manchester.

Jessie J - 1st + 2nd November - Manchester Arena Is it really necessary to introduce her? Jessie is one of the hottest pop stars in the UK, selling over 2.5 million copies of her multi-platinum debut album ‘Who You Are’. She makes shows everywhere but her concerts are often sold out! So run, run! Don’t wait, enjoy Jessie J ‘s world!

stereophonics - 14th November - Manchester Arena Popular band Stereophonics are returning to the Manchester Arena! In addition to songs from their latest studio album Graffiti on the Train, the four-piece will be performing tracks from their 20 plus year back catalogue.


Knife party haunted house - 31st October - Warehouse Project The fabulous Knife Party presents Haunted House party with Zane Lowe, Flosstradamus, Dillon Francis and Monsta for a very special Halloween! Don’t be scary!


his season, Birmingham welcomed a new version of the famous tale The Sleeping Beauty produced by Sir Peter Wright. This is one of the most popular fairytale ballets of all times, one of the greatest ballets from Imperial Russia and a classical score by Tchaikovsky. The original choreography is made by Marius Petipa and Sir Peter Wright. Most of the professional dancers were from Birmingham Royal Ballet. This ballet keeps traditional choreography including a variation in the prologue. The director Sir Peter Wright is also creator of the Company’s popular production of The Nutcracker. Charles Perrault wrote the story, originally called, “Sleeping Beauty in the Wood” with a moral at the end of the tale, less magic and more reality. The ballet is more a fairytale. Let’s have a reminder: King Florestan and his Queen have a lovely daughter Princess

Words by Emilie Beguin

Feature Aurora. The Fairy Carabosse vows that Aurora shall prick her finger with a spindle and die. Lilac Fairy promises that Aurora will not die but fall into a deep sleep awakened after hundred years by a prince’s kiss which happens, the spell is broken. The Prince and Princess will finally get married and live happily ever after. Lilac Fairy is powerful and take an important place. The entrance of Carabosse is an original part with her ugly followers modern dance steps. The choreography and the costumes of the entry is like the “Ghost” part. The orchestra was absolutely fantastic. We can’t help but think about the Disney’s version with the three fairies helping the prince. The lovely music by Ilyich Tchaikovsky is well-known all over the world, but if you’ve never seen a ballet, it’s time to go the Hippodrome and discover what you’ve been missing!

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ithout doubt the MOBO awards set the trend for putting urban music on the map in the UK and many wont admit that without them, a lot of the music we hear that’s from the streets wouldn’t be here today. Over 18 years MOBO awards have provided the platform and recognized the achievents of mainstream artists who

didn’t get recognition elsewhere. Jay Z, Destinys Child, Usher, Beenie Man and many other artists alike got their first awards from this ceremony in the UK and was able to go to further dazzling heights. We must recognize that the MOBO is the beggining process of urban artists ...Congratulations MOBO and go forward!!!!!



s Dynamite and Shy FX brought a Carnival vibe to the 2013 MOBO Awards. Performing their reggae and drum ‘n’ bass fused track, Cloud 9, they had us all wishing it was summer again with their carnival inspired performance. It was such a delight to see her on the stage where she belongs bringing down the house as always as she’s worshiped to be a garage legend It was incredible to see Ms Dynamite on stage again and we can’t wait to see her bring that same fire to the MOBO tour in November! Tinie Tempah brought a electric performance bringing down the house, witnessing Tinie at his best, working the crowd as perfectly as he does, performing his new single Trampoline. It was rare to see a UK hip hop performer having the whole crowd on their keep engaging and singing along to the lyrics was a amazing


thing to witness. The night proved to be very successful for the London rapper. Not only did he own the stage with his opening performance but he also scooped the MOBO Award for Best Hip Hop/Grime Act. Jahmene Douglas may have finished second in last series of the X Factor but that didn’t stop him from being nominated for best newcomer and performing a cult classic originally sung by the amazingly beautiful Emile Sande - Clown. It was absolutely incredible, not forgetting the long note at the end. I think he’s definitely made his mark and found his feet as he gave a performance that everyone will remember, he should be really proud of it. Rudimental performed a cult classic Fugee’s anthem Killing Me Softly, it sent the crowd absolutely wild when

Best Song in Association with PRS For Music AND Best Video In association with SBTV

naughty boy

Best Uk Hip-Hop/ Grime act TINIE TEMPAH they realised Rudimental was doing a version of this iconic legendary track. They smashed the show having everyone on their feet singing along with the lyrics, it was a great performance absolutely knocked it out of the park. Congratulations to Rudimental too as they managed to take away their first MOBO award. The highly acclaimed So Solid Crew returned to the stage to knock it out of the park to perform their cult classic hit 21 Seconds. It was a remarkable statement to the music industry and to the people of Glasgow that we are back and we are staying. Everyone was on their feet repeating the verses and chorus back to them, It was such a great way to end a incredible show. Absolutely outstanding.

Best African Act FUSE ODG


Best Female Act In Association with Tresor Paris AND Best RNB/Soul Act

best male act wiley


Best Reggae Act SEAN PAUL Best Album RUDIMENTAL Best Gospel Act Lurine Cato


Best Newcomer in Association with HTC


1999 Destiny’s Child, was introduced by Wyclef Jean and Mel B. It was a memorable year that everyone remembers. Lauryn Hill also took away an award, alongside Beverley Knight, Kele le Roc, Jay-Z, Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins and more. And we had Jerry Springer, Lulu, Chris Eubank and the Beckhams in the audience! 2001 It was the year that UK Garage legends So Solid Crew dominated smashed it out of the park! Not forgetting introducing stars that had never received a award before including the likes of Craig David, Mis Teeq and Samantha Mumba with Usher taking away Best Album + Best R&B Act. Not forgetting the moment when R Kelly gave a special heartfelt performance of ‘I Believe I can Fly’ as a tribute for the victims of 9/11 2002 This was the year that we first saw Alesha Dixon first present with none other than LL COOL J. It was a bizarre combination but it worked massively. It was the year Ashanti & Ja Rule both took away awards. 2007 Skipping a few more years to 2007 we had Jamelia and Shaggy hosting. With some incredible line up performances 50 Cent, Ne-yo, Amy Winehouse, Mutya Buena, Craig David & Kano. Unknown at the time, but it didn’t stop N-Dubz from collecting Best Newcomer. 2009 2009 was a historic night for UK talent. One of the music biggest nights, Homegrown talent not only came together but also took home gold. A incredible heartfelt tribute performance dedicated to Michae Jackson was honoured


with the MOMO Lifetime achievement award, It wasn’t a shocker for hosts this time around as it was Reggie Yates and Keri Hilson. It was a slight shock to the system as the boy band that finished 2nd on X Factor proved everyone wrong as JLS picked up two awards on the night. 2010 It was Written In The Stars that the 2010 MOBO Awards would belong to Tinie Tempah, who left with Best Newcomer and Best Video. It was an amazing year for Tinie, who was at the 2009 Awards in Glasgow as a fan and said “it’s nice to finally receive an award and finally be nominated – and to finally win something”. “We did it,” he exclaimed on picking up his awards. Professor Green left with Best UK Hip Hop/ Grime Act. 2012 It was a huge night for the MOBO Awards, a vintage year for us - great British success story Emeli Sandé walked away with awards for Best Female, Best Album and Best R&B/Soul while Plan B took Best Male Act and Best Hip Hop/ Grime. We had some vintage performances from great British talent in a signature year full of worldwide trending topics.

ry rsa e v i ann

After 18 Years of the MOBO Awards, we look back at some of the more memorable years.

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n life, there are only a few times when stealing a helicopter, travelling to the coast in said helicopter, watching a futile gun fight amongst warring gangsters, then dropping out of the sky to commit a parachute massacre is a good idea. GTAV’s Online multiplayer is one of those instances. (I won’t speak about other times when I deem this as an appropriate measure.) I’ll get more into the Online aspect of GTAV further on in my review, but to speak of the game itself. It’s the GTA we all know, an open world full of player induced crime sprees, but this time with movie like heists. The three main characters, Michael, Trevor and Franklin bring a fun roster and inadvertently push you toward three different play styles. Although they all play the same, something about playing as Michael in his underpants just isn’t as amusing as fleeing the police on a stolen jet ski in nothing more than your tighty whities as Trevor.

The most hotly anticipated game of 2013, Grand Theft Auto V, burst into the world with a bang as it smashed through a number of world records, taking the gaming world, and most of the mainstream media along for the ride.

In GTAIV, you were pushed to work with some absolute whack jobs and do some odd quests like escorting girlfriends, make hip hop videos and the likes, and playing as Nico, it didn’t seem like something he would need to do, and he tired of the work, much like I did “Nico, It’s your cousin Roman!”, but this time even the smallest monotonous helping out a ‘crazy’ task seems to be brightened up by doing it with one of the three characters, as their crazies are all relative to them. Even doing things with Chop, a dog companion character, breaks up the monotony of regular tasks. And training him on the Ipad application can be taken with you anywhere you go.

The single player experience is not without it’s flaws however, the variation in quest without taking the extra activities, can feel very samey, and the storyline feels a lot shorter without the necessity to help out the odd stranger every now and then. It is however a fantastic living and breathing world, with plenty of activities to indulge in. Sky diving, Tennis, Golf, Races, Yoga? (I know right?) So I’ll definitely find myself diving back into the single player game when time permits. I have over my years of gaming become a man who lives for the Multiplayer aspects of games, and GTAV wasn’t going to get me, I was just expecting another

Cover Story

GTAIV, which admittedly, was a fantastic game in it’s own right and the multiplayer was fun when played amongst friends, but slowly lost its lustre when friends found greener pastures. Nay, I was not sold on the single player alone, But alas, this open world, freedom to jump off a building, multiplayer missions, it’s fantastically crafted, and although Rockstar came up against it in it’s first week having opened it’s servers. The game now finds a stability and allows for amazing races, firefights and even tank on tank action. I’ve even found that the Online aspect allows the voyeur in us to perform that down right dirty action of picking up an unsuspecting lady of the night, finding a nice quiet back alley and getting down and dirty. Then, straight after, acquiring the money back in ways that seem almost too sadistically minded to write in an article, (You all know what I’m talking about!). This does however lead to the question of, Now this option is available online…. who was watching? You can also indulge in all those extras Online with your friends, such as Tennis, Golf, Parachute jumps, and just general messing around. It’s your own

sandbox. Do with it as you will, I’m currently attempting to save up for a luxury condo, but then I get into losing firefights and in essence lose all my money, unfortunately, it’s not even safe in the bank! The open world online aspect has brought out the worst in a lot of people however, even myself, who decided it was a great idea to wait outside shops that were being raided by unsuspecting perps, and me being my vigilante self, took them out upon their exit of said establishment, then leaving the scene singing the “Dog the Bounty Hunter” theme song loudly down my headset. (Yes, that was me!) So in conclusion, I would give GTAV a hearty 9.5/10, the 0.5 it loses is simply for enthusing the sadistic urges in me, and the single player story feeling just a little bit too short with only a few good heists involved. But it’s well worth a buy, especially if you have a group of friends that you want to enjoy hurling yourself around the world in whatever transportation you can find! Review by Tom Dowler

health + Fitness with hayley newton


i, my name’s Hayley Newton and I’m a celebrity personal trainer and choreographer. I’ve worked with A-Listers including Take That, Katherine Jenkins, Kelly Osbourne and Cheryl Cole, and I’m currently training Pixie Lott. You might have seen me in Street Cred before. Well my friend, the lovely Mark Dwane, said that with

Christmas coming up, it would be the perfect time to help you all get into shape for the party season. Gorgeous dresses, swish suits and romance in the air… we’ll all want to be looking our best. So I’m here to help you. Over the next few issues I’ll be providing my tips on how to get in shape for the party season. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get fit! Hayley x

Getting ready for that perfect date: Look Great! Feel great! Love Great!


ou can’t always control where you go on dates… romantic picnics, restaurants, sporty dates, skiing dates, cookery class dates… Who knows where you’ll go! But the main thing is that you have fun and the first step to this is ensuring that when you meet your date, you feel confident and like you look a million dollars! I asked Dating Guru Eden www.wouldliketomeet. me what he though was the secret to successful

dating. He told me that ‘When dating, the secret to success is looking great. If you look great, you’ll feel great and, trust me, there’s nothing sexier than a confident lady.’ Well said Eden! Plus, eating healthily and exercising will have numerous benefits for your whole body. Glowing skin, glossy hair, clear bright eyes and a happier frame of mind. So what are you waiting for girls… let’s get fit and find love. Here are my top 10 tips: 1) Attitude Leg Lift. Kneel on all fours. Keep your right leg slightly bent and raise it up behind your back, straightening your leg as you lift. Return to starting position. Do 20 reps with each leg. 2) Attitude Butt Pulse. Kneel on all fours. Keep right leg slightly bent and lift toward ceiling. When as high as possible, pulse leg slightly. Do 100 pulses with each leg.

Legs and Thighs This sequence works your deepest bum and thigh muscles, creating lift and firmness exactly where you want them, without adding bulk. Use a mat to reduce pressure on your joints.

3) Inner-Thigh Lift. Sit on the mat with your right leg extended and left leg bent, left foot on the floor with toes forward. Flex right foot and turn it out, away from your body.Lift right leg so it’s parallel to angle of left and point toes. Return to starting position. Do 50 reps on each leg.

3) Double-Arm Palm Out. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, right arm bent covering forehead, left arm bent covering chin, both palms facing away from face. Then extend arms out to sides and swing hands behind you, clapping them together. Bring arms back to starting position. Do 20 reps with right hand on top, then 20 with left hand on top.

Arms 4) Diagonal Pull-Up. Holding a 1- to 3-pound weight in each hand, both arms to the left side of your body, stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Hold left arm in place and pull right arm across body to the right side of your hips. Then raise right arm up to a high diagonal and return to starting position. Do 20 reps on each side.

Stomach 5) Legs Straight Out. Lie on your back, hands more of a workout. The exercises also help add behind head, legs straight out. Point toes and definition to hips and lower abs. crunch up. Do 20 reps or as many as you can and 6) Standing Isolation. Stand with feet shouldergradually build up to more as you get fitter. I would width apart, hands on hips. Pull shoulders back. also recommend using a mat to support your back Keeping your hips completely still, shift rib cage and make you more comfortable. from left to right. Do 20 reps on each side or as This sequence exhausts large muscles early on, many as you can and gradually build up to more as so the small, underused “accessory” muscles get you get fitter. Cardio 7) Anything that gets the heart pumping around your body is key. You could try all sorts of things like, jogging, swimming, rollerblading, kickboxing, step aerobics or even power walking. You will need to do this at least 5 times a week to get optimal results. Top tip: Whilst either walking or jogging outside would be to find a hill, as that will really push your buttock muscles. Bums 8) Do lots of lunges and squats. These are brilliant for getting a perfectly perky bottom. When

I train Pixie Lott we always work on our bums every session. One of her favourite exercises is putting both hands and knees on the floor. Shoulders over your hands and hips directly over your knees. Whilst constantly pulling your belly button in towards your spine, she lifts one leg at a right angle up side ways to about 90 degrees. She will do at least 30 reps on her right leg before transferring over to her left. You can repeat this exercise again, but to the back instead. You must always concentrate on keeping a perfect form. We will train until it burns or until failure.

Eating 9) Try to drink lots of water and avoid sugary a brilliant source of nutrients for your hair, skin drinks. This will flush your system and help you to and nails. Harley Street Dr. Martin Knight [www. lose a few pounds in water retention. You will also] also told me that they are feel better and other areas of your body will benefit brilliant for bone strength, growth and formation too as you will have clearer skin and glossier hair. too. Plus, the protein will give you a stable supply 10) Eat more oily fish. Oily fish such as salmon, of energy so you can exercise more effectively and tuna and mackerel are full of Omega-3s so it’s will tire less.

Remember: It is only by combining cardio, toning, focusing on your diet and your water intake that will truly get you the results you crave. Follow Hayley on Twitter @HayleySNewton or



Book Review

hose that are massive art fans will adore this world atlas about street art commonly known as Graffiti, you can travel the world exploring all the remarkable scenes of art around the world within the palm of your hands. It’s such a interesting and mind blowing read, keeping you mesmerised as you read more finding out more facts and information that not many people know. It’s a great book and had me fascinated about the Street Graffiti that is adored around the world. Although saying that however the Artists that are featured within this incredible book, the portraits also help illustrate their passion for the style and the outlet, proving that it is far more than just a playful rush (although for some that is a huge part of it). Having such mind blowing pieces with the turn of a page it has you captivated by the sense of passion that runs through the artists when they create these wonderful works of art. Overall, this is an interesting read, finding out more about the artists and the wonderful cities it was captivating and interesting at the same time. Even though you might feel you aren’t exactly a massive art buff it wouldn’t matter as it’s for everyone to enjoy. 8/10 Words by Liam O’Leary

Kevin Fitzsimmons For our readers, could you tell us a little background information about you and what it is that you do? Originally a Londoner, I now live by the sea in Essex. I spend most of my working day sorting out bands/shows for the various gigs I do. Because as well as my own live gigs I also co-produce/ host a touring Big Band concert (celebrating Sinatra’s iconic music at Capitol Records in the 50s: www. and sorting out sets and bands for the corporate event/party band sector - where you’ll find me performing in guises of Sinatra, Dean Martin, Michael Buble and in swing bands & the like. So along with my own jazz band stuff it keeps me busy. When did you first realise you had a passion for music? My family are huge music lovers and there was always a relentless mix of quite eclectic music being played. Though like a lot of musicians I became passionate in my early teens. What made you want to pursue a career in music? Simply the love of it all.


Was jazz music your major interest or was it something you just fell into? Jazz was always part of the furniture growing up and the love of jazz was passed down like a family heirloom. Though in early teens I also started to listen to things like Atlantic Soul, & Tamla Motown stars Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye. Also rhythm & blues stars like John Lee Hooker and bands like Nine Below Zero. You’ve had an incredible career so far, but what would you say has been your biggest achievement to date? A personal achievement was standing on stage for the first time at probably the most famous jazz club in the world - & UK’s jazz mecca – Ronnie Scott’s in Soho, and I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a few sellout shows there since. Where do you see your career heading within the next 12 months? Sounds clichéd I know, but same as most singers I just hope to keep developing ideas, creating new music and performing live.

How old were you when you discovered a talent within music? Again, it was those pivotal teenage years when it’s all going from soprano to baritone that I became aware I had a voice that kept in tune. Your latest album, what was the whole message behind it? We didn’t set out to do any kind of concept album; the band & me just wanted to present the kind of jazz we’d been offering up at live gigs for the past couple of years. If you had a movie that was based around you entire life, who would you love to play you? Well you dream someone like Hollywood movie-idol Cary Grant would be suggested but knowing my luck they’d cast Mr Bean. Who would you say inspires you? My band’s jazz musicians inspire me really because they’re such a creative bunch. It’s such a buzz when you’re sharing a stage with some of the finest mainstream jazz players around letting rip! If you could make music with one artist on the planet right now, who would it be? Stevie Wonder would be a dream, with Quincy Jones the producer. Regarding your latest album, for those that haven’t heard it, what are the readers to expect when hearing the album? Digestible, interesting mainstream jazz recorded using classic analogue equipment to give it a bit of an authentic ‘vinyl’ sound. The tracks are a mix of some of my own songs (and a couple written in collaboration with Jools Holland sax man Derek Nash), new jazz translations of some iconic rock/pop

songs plus some great jazz standards. And some awesome musicianship. If you could sum up your album in 3 words what would it be? Real, original, diverse If you could go on a date with any celebrity who would it be? Well it would have to be someone like Michael Buble. Purely business mind, to see if he’s got any gigs he can’t do that I can cover for him! (Please, somewhere...there are some groupies in a trailer with my name on it ha!) How did you get to where you are today musically? Really it was just by plugging away at different ideas and re-workings of jazz standards What would you say makes you different from other artists out there at the moment? I wouldn’t know really, I’d say that’s one for the critics to answer. Please!!! What advice would you give to someone attempting to break into the music industry themselves? Another cliché that’s true is never give up as we all get knock-backs. If you know in your heart what you’re doing is good, keep doing it. Many thanks for your time, I wish you the best of luck with your career and with the album. I’m sure you’re going to a huge sensation and inspire more individuals to take up the art of music. Best of luck for the future and I hope to hear from you soon. Check out Kevin at www.jazzwurx.

MOTORS Be prepared for the winter Things you need to have in your car.

Everyone knows what to do when something happens to someone else, but these are useful tips that can prevent you being stuck in a load of bother yourself. Blankets: - Of course it’s one of the most important things to have with you, If your car ends up in a snowdrift and it won’t start, the ability to keep yourself warm is going to be absolutely vital. Blankets are the best way to keeping warm. Gloves or hand warmers to keep your hands warm would also be a good idea to keep with the blanket.

A Wind up radio having a wind up radio will let you keep a tab of the weather regardless of whether or not you have electricity in your car. A simple winding will do the trick and let you know when conditions have improved and what state of the roads are like. It will help you to know about the weather/news & keep you calm with entertainment also.

A spare/ well charged mobile phone: Of course it sounds pretty straightforward but it’s common how many people forget to do so. Having a well charged mobile with you will allow you to call 999 in a pinch. Although if doing so keep the mobile wrapped in the blanked so it’ll likely survive a crash without suffering irreparable damage.

Jump Cables - As everyone knows it’s extremely handy to have on a cold night when your battery goes flat. As it becomes colder overnight, with these you can be jump started with the help of another vehicle

A First Aid Kit - It will be vital if someone is hurt in an accident. Perhaps just as important is knowledge of how to use it, because knowing how to apply a leg splint can be very, important in such a moment. But incase for any reason that an accident was to accrue at least you could be safe by having and maintaining your first aid kit.


Shovel - If you were to get stuck within snowy conditions, a collapsible shovel will help to dig yourself out of what could be a sticky situation. Don’t take a full garden shovel in your trunk unless you really have to!


Become a member of a rescue company (RAC/AA/Greenflag etc) - It’s only something like £6-7 a month for a cheap standard deal, that’s if you don’t want to take every day needs and want to rely on others to keeping you safe. Majority of banking companies provide insurance with the bank you’re with therefore if you keep it up to date you will have a way to get picked up safely. Ice Scraper/ Anti-Freeze - Having Anti-freeze will get rid of the frost on the windows, while the ice scraper will get rid of the stubborn stuff. It will be a good way to keep your windows clear just incase as it could end up to be difficult to have visual out the window, and could cause an accident. Spare clothes - Just in case your clothes were to get wet etc, having a change of clothes will stop you from getting hypothermia, even if you’re not wet,

another layer of clothes will keep you warm. As layers are key the more layers of clothes you put on the warmer you’ll be down at the surface of your skin. Extra Batteries - The extra batteries will come handy with the likes of torches/radio’s etc (that’s assuming you haven’t got a wind up radio) having things that need batteries with extra batteries will reassure you to stay calm and keep warm within the process. As the last thing you want to do is to get stuck, pull out the radio or the torch attempt to turn them on and find they don’t even work. Emergency Tire Sealant - Having an emergency Tire Sealant can enable you to get to the next town in a pinch rather than being stuck beside the road with a flat tire. These tools will help you survive any weather accident, no matter how bad the storm could be. By keeping warm and staying safe and sure you’ve got a signal to gain help then you’re doing everything you can to ensure your future.





DReam 2013 Dodge Charger SRT8


3.6 Litre engine with V6-cylinder, with 5-Speed Shiftable automaticgearbox,and 292 BHP. Stats that will make your mouth water. “Mod cons” like bluetooth facilities or even heated seats,are left out, yet with the elegance and prestige of the vehicle it’s self it’s not a major thing. Pros: Incredible handling and composed ride, abundant performance options, Very strong braking system; Available all-wheel drive, easy to use touchscreen interface really easy to use especially for new drivers. Incredible decor on the paintwork which is great to look at. Cons: There isn’t a great deal of con’s for this car, other than the fact of tight rear seat headroom, if you class yourself as a aggressive personality whilst on the road it may not suit your needs. The pricing it may be slightly too expensive for everyone to afford.



Dream 2012 Chrysler 300 SRT8



hrysler is famous for its greatness as it sends off a sense of power and wealth owning one. Chrysler 300 SRT8 is the car everyone thought the American auto industry would not build again. Yet it’s back and better than before. Having such control and richness about it coupled with the smoothness of the drive, the Chrysler is a wonder to behold. It’s stylish, powerful and well-built. The 2013 Chrysler is an excellent choice for a full size sedan. Pros: It’s comfortable to drive in, has such a smooth control in it’s drive, An incredibly powerful engine, unlike most cars. Shockingly enough it maintains excellent safety scores. Cons: The cons aren’t exactly major for this specific car expect for the average joe. The price could seem extreme but it’s not considering your paying for a car that will last for a while and is absolutely excellent to drive in.


verall I’d decide on the Dodge purely because of my love for Dodge cars. There isn’t much that separates these two cards, so it’s too hard to come to a decision whereas if you want a stylish and great engine car I’d go for the Chrysler

although if you were going for a good looking yet speedy car I’d go for the dodge. It all depends what style of car you are looking for, they are pretty similar especially within pricing too.



Spot On Wednesdays is a massive night in Birmingham at The O Bar. Here are some of the pictures from the night which is proving to be a huge hit in the city! If you see yourself here, let us know! Tweet us @StreetCredMag or find us on Facebook!



written by Antony Brown



fter his daughter and her friend are kidnapped and the chief suspect is released due to a lack of evidence, Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) takes matters into his own hands. However, as hours turn in to days, Dover must decide just how far he is willing to go to find his daughter. After the explosive fun of the Summer Blockbuster Season, Autumn ushers in some of Hollywood’s smaller scale, more dramatic movies - Prisoners is one such movie. Dark, bleak and ferociously intense, Prisoners immediately grabs you by the throat and refuses to let go. Everything about this movie is fantastic. The direction by Canadian filmmaker, Denis Villeneuve, is great. He tells the story slowly and with patience; giving the audience the opportunity to connect with the characters and the story before taking us on an involving, consuming and ultimately frightening journey. The cinematography by veteran Roger Deakins is absolutely fantastic, as always. It is suitably minimalistic and bleak, capturing the tone of the film perfectly. Deakins has worked on films such as The Shawshank Redemption, The Big Lebowski, No Country For Old Men and Skyfall. With Prisoners, Deakins adds yet another brilliant piece of work to

his already impressive résumé. However, the performances are where this film truly shines. The entire cast are excellent and elevate this movie by genuinely involving you in their anguish.

However, it is Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal who steal the show. They give two of the best performances of their respective careers and every scene they are in together is mesmerising.


Jake Gyllenhaal is brilliant as Detective Loki; a man with some questionable and unorthodox methods driven by an unwavering determination. He refuses to give up, even when all hope is gone. Hugh Jackman gives a powerhouse performance as Keller Dover. The pain he is experiencing seeps from his body. One minute, he is collapsing in floods of tears and the next minute, he is filled

with a terrifying rage that lets us know just how far he is willing to go to find his daughter. Both men give award-worthy performances and show why they are up there with the best actors in Hollywood today. Prisoners is brutally intense and emotionally exhausting. You are taken from happiness to anguish and from joy to fear in the blink of an eye. It is terrifying, because it is real. Everything that happens in

this movie could happen to any one of us, which only adds to the sheer dread one feels whilst watching this film. I cannot remember the last time I had such a genuine physical reaction to a movie. It left me squirming in my seat and pulling my hair in anticipation. Prisoners is a haunting and truly gripping piece of cinema. 10/10



oseph wrote and directed this comedy starring himself as the lead role and Scarlett Johansson as his wife. Well straight away it’s clear all the men in the country are absolutely jealous right about now. He not only got the chance to write and direct this incredible hilarious movie but to have Scarlett Johansson as his on screen girlfriend/wife. However the story behind this bizarre movie. Jon Martello (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) objectifies everything in his life: His apartment, his car, his Family, his church, and of course women. His friends call him a nickname Don Jon as he has a ability to pull



he beloved Hunger Games is back on the big screen with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire starring the highly talented and beautiful Jennifer Lawrence. I think the impressive thing about Jennifer is that regardless if you specifically a fan of Hunger games or not you watch her performance and straight away you find yourself captivated and moved, she’s such an incredible actress. In Catching Fire, Katniss Everdeen has returned home safe after winning the 74th Annual Hunger Games along with fellow tribute Peeta Mellark.


Winning means that they must turn around and leave their family and their close friends, embarking on a ‘Victors tour’ of the districts. It’s going to be one of the greatest movies this year without fail. As the novel is so loved worldwide, as soon as the first movie hit the big screen it caused a big uproar and there isn’t a shadow of doubt this movie wouldn’t do the same. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is set to be released within the UK 21st November 2013 it’s going to be a great movie, so watch out!

10s every weekend without fail. Yet even the finest flings don’t compare to the transcendent bliss he achieves alone in front of a computer screen watching pornographic imagery. He embarks on a journey to find more grafting sex life, but ends up learning larger lessons of life and love through relationships with two very different women. It’s going to be a smash hit regardless if you are a Joseph Gordon-Levitt fan or not, because he puts everything into his roles. It’s going to be absolutely incredible, and jaw achingly funny.


THE CAVE Kick up some dirt with this new experience

Every little helps Tesco release the Hudl, a 7” Tablet

Gadgets & Gaming


he Cave is an iOS port of a console and PC game, with touchscreen modifcations for the controls, brought to us by SEGA and Double Fine Productions. The Cave throws 3 adventurers (out of 7 you can choose from) into the aforementioned “Cave” and asks the player to solve a number of puzzles of varying difficulty. Depending on the 3 adventurers you pick, you will have different methods to complete these puzzles, such as the warrior, able to block all damage, or the Hillbilly, able to hold his breath underwater indefinitely. The puzzles are fun, ingenious, and sometimes difficult, but the ambience created by the voice of “The Cave” giving narration holds the whole thing together. The only downside to this iOS port is the control system. While it seems fine in practice, doing away with onscreen joysticks in favour of swipe gestures really doesn’t help with controlling your character. Overall The Cave is a really fun game, that will have you puzzling your way through it for hours. Playing through with different character picks will increase replay value no end. As long as you can live with the touch controls that may or may not be to your taste, then The Cave is a brilliant purchase. Available now for £2.99 on the App Store. 7/10 ~DR



Gadgets and Gaming


esco have brought out a tablet to try to gain a market share of this rapidly growing sector. The hudl* packs a 7� HD screen, a powerful Quad Core processor, built in front and back cameras, and Dual Band WiFi. The hudl* is available in 4 colours, with a range of accessories and runs on Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2, giving users access to the whole Google Play library

of Apps. With a 16GB Hard Drive to store everything on, which is expandable up to 48GB, you should have all the room you need to store all your pictures, videos and music. Hudl* is out now, priced at ÂŁ119, with Clubcard Boost available towards the price.

Careers & Education


Could teaching be the right profession for you?

ot too sure what job is the right one for you? Maybe Teaching could be the route that would work best. These are the qualifications you need to become a teacher; GCSE grade C or above in English and Mathematics. Depending on if you want to become a primary school teacher or not you would need GCSE grade C or above in Science. If you haven’t already, you would need to take and pass the Professional Skills Test in Literacy and numeracy before becoming a teacher. If you want to go into secondary school teaching you need a degree in the subject you want to teach. However it is a little harder for the ones that want to become a primary school teacher as some schemes want you to have a degree in national curriculum subject and if you don’t have that then you would need to go directly to the training provider to see if they

will accept your degree. By law, before you get accepted onto a learning course you would have to pass a ‘Fitness to Teach’ test. Medical fitness is done by all teaching students completing a questionnaire; only in exceptional cases or if doubts are starting to be raised about your ability to teach only then would you be required to have a formal medical examination. Those with a disability are strongly advised to get in contact with their training provider earlier before they submit their application; employers can make adjustments to allow disabled people to carry on their duties effectively. The most important thing is that you do not have a criminal record or any criminal convictions. All trainee teachers undergo a criminal record check before starting school-based training. Hopefully this gives you an insight into Teaching, and will shape your ideas as you move forward .



almaison is a lovely Boutique Hotel and also a brasserie located in The Mail Box in Birmingham. The setting is very nice, the atmosphere is young with modern music and muted lighting. The Malmaison Birmingham Brasserie serves a host of classic dishes but always with an original twist. Indeed, they have seasonal menus meals with something different. You will have a large choice of wine with fresh food , iconic dishes are served with personality, including sublime steaks. In the brasserie menu, you can appreciate: starters, mains and special burgers like the famous and yummy MalBurger which is a Mal icon. We would certainly recommend the foie gras burger : exquisite food with modern twist. It is English food with a touch of French like the foie gras, the


crusty bread and great brand of champagne as Veuve Cliquot. The service is attentive, all look well presented. and it is also well placed for after dinner drinks in any of the many bars in the local area. The Malbar is also available to have a drink at the end of your working day or for the weekend. You can even try “the biggest Sunday lunch in town� on Sunday and choose the brunch or the special dishes of the day. Desserts are various: sundae, crepes, pudding...Choices for every taste. A nice moment with your lover, a diner with your family or a great moment with friends the weekend for having a drink and then going out, Malmaison is the place for every moments of your life.

Could you...

ADOPT with Birmingham? Birmingham's Black and Mixed Heritage children are waiting longer than other children to find adoptive homes.

Text ADOPT 31 to 63333 or

% 0121 303 7575


CLARE TURNER-MARSHALL CLAre turner-marshall is a Money success coach, who works on her clients both inside and out to enhance what they already have, and push them to achieve what they want Could you tell me a little background information about you and what it is that you do? I am a money success coach so what I do is I help people to achieve and making it in their lifetime quite simply the greatest way for me to kind of explain it to you is when you look at the sporting world, in the sporting world everybody has a coach. And why do they have a coach? Because basically they want to be the best they want to be elite they want to win. That’s what the philosophy is and when we look at really great managers and really great icons in the sporting world somebody like Sir Alex Ferguson who achieved amazing things. Why did he do that? Well because he was consistent he had patience but most of all he had time to make it happen. The problem with a lot of people is they want instant success they want it over night, they read these stories about how somebody got from here to here making all this money.

The reality of the situation is the tortoise always beats the hare, so what I do is I work with my clients to find out what’s going on for them now. Where they are in there life now and what it is that they’re going to achieve. What I do is I help them build their plan to get there because that’s the key. Now getting the step by step plan is absolutely critical but we all know then the technical action that’s where I really come in and be my own. I basically kick the butt of my clients, I get them moving. But most importantly I get them results. I see failure as a bench mark of where you don’t wanna go again. You learnt something from it, and say okay what do I do next? Because like I said it’s a journey you’ve got to keep going on that journey the key to it all is, how important is it to you to reach your end goal? Do you really want to reach your end goal? And what are you going to do to make that happen.

Mr & Miss SC

So you’ve had an incredible career so far. What would you say has been your biggest achievement? Ahh that’s a good question. I think my biggest achievement which might sound a bit crazy to people but probably understanding Clare. That might sound really bizarre but do we really understand ourselves? Do we understand our behaviour and our actions? Why people act in certain ways, and believe certain things about ourselves. Do you know for me it was a continuous journey I mean I develop myself constantly as I got coached at major parts in my life so I practise what I preach I just think understanding you and taking control of your mind was probably one of the most talented things I’ve ever done. The second I did it everything in my life suddenly changed so I think the biggest achievement for me is believing in me, realising that I was good enough and just going out there and saying do you know what world here I am. If you had a movie based around your whole life who would you want to play you? Hmm I suppose Drew Barrymore actually because in a lot of ways I just really relate to her I just look at the life she had I find it really interesting like a really eccentric person, And I just think she’ll be really great to have a drink with. haha!

If you were to give someone advice about to becoming a coach themselves what advice would you give them? Make sure coaching is for you. It’s about doing what you love. One of the things I learnt when working in the financal servicing industry, was making sure your clients enjoy what you do. & 95% of them will say no I hate it. I’m a brummie with a very very dry humour and very sarcastic as you know a lot of brummies are. I’ll sit there and say right have you got a gun to your head? To which they would go what are you talking about? You’ve told me you hate it. there is no gun to your head then why are you doing it? I think for anybody that wants to make a career out of as a coach first of all you’ve got to have a real passion for something. As you’re there as their support mechanism you’re there if they want you basically someone to hold their hand help them move forward, so my advice could be. do it because you want to do it. Do it because you love people.




dating guru and founder of, Eden BLackman tells Street Cred about his life as a dating matchmaker, creating one of the best dating websites, and oven gloves... Firstly, could you provide us with a bit of background information about yourself and what it is exactly that you do? I’m Eden Blackman, the founder of the world’s 1st fully verified online dating site Nice to meet you! What made you want to become a dating matchmaker? Was it something you always felt good at or was it something you just fell into? I was online dating only 2 years ago, was shocked and disappointed in the amount of fake profiles used, using pictures that weren’t of the real person behind the profile I’d looked at or misleading in the sense that upon meeting up with a person I’d seen on a dating site, it was clear the images being used online were 10 years plus old! So disappointed with what the industry was working to, I decided to set up my own site to give online dating the kick up the backside it needed. People believe that relationships never work for many different reasons, yet what 3 important things would you say you need to make a relationship work? Honesty, trust and transparency are vital. That’s why we worked very hard when developing and running to ensure that these core values are at the heart of the site. When building a relationship, it’s important to start as you mean to go on. What’s been your biggest achievement? With Would Like to Meet? Probably being invited on This Morning to discuss online dating within the first 6


months of launch. Personal? Taking my Dad to see his beloved Portsmouth FC play in (and lift!) the FA Cup! You’ve got your own dating website How did that come about? In 2011, I was working as a radio plugger. My client’s included megastars such as Taio Cruz, Michael Jackson, Chase & Status, David Guetta, Jennifer Lopez and Kanye West. It was then that I realized that, despite all of the success I’d achieved in my career, there was one part of his life that I’d neglected… Love! Looking around, I realized that I wasn’t alone in this. There were lots of people in the same situational as me, professional people who, having risen up the career ladder, were now struggling to find a romantic relationship with someone who they truly connected with. Many of my friends had settled down, many people my age had got married, I started thinking more open mindedly about where I could look to find love. As it turned out, the answer was right in front of me. Online

Mr & Miss SC dating! In the past, online dating has been stigmatized as a dangerous or ‘frowned-upon’ way to date. Catfishes, fake profiles and apprehension have deterred people from signing up but not anymore! Having experienced the pit-falls of the online dating world, I founded - a dating site with a difference. It’s safe! I saw the pitfalls of other sites and used my experience to set up precautions to protect our users. E.g. web cam authorizations which were put in place to ensure accurate user profiles. This meant that we could exclude fake or misleading profiles from the site and ensure that only ‘honest’ daters are listed on the site. I’m really proud of it. is been classed as one of the best dating sites of all, so what makes your dating site differently to all the others? Thanks! At WLTM we hand verify each member before their profile is published to ensure every picture anyone sees on our website is genuine and accurate. A poll we commissioned told us 64% of the online dating community’s biggest fear of online dating was ‘fake profiles’. As you love to help others gaining their dream date, if you could go on a dream date yourself with one celebrity who would it be and why? I’ve always has a thing for Sienna Miller…she seems a fun person to hang out with, with no illusions of grandeur. And let’s face it, she’s very cute. The slogan to your site is catchy, ‘No Fakes just Dates’ how did you come up with that exactly? I won’t lie, it was a friend who came up with that, and it perfectly encapsulated what we’re about it so we asked for her permission to use it. I think I still owe her lunch for it too!

What’s been the randomest thing anyone has given you?(for example a fan/ a pleased client etc.) One Valentine’s Day gift my girlfriend at the time gave me a pair of oven gloves! Not the most romantic gift but to be fair something I’d been saying I needed and still use. Where do you see your career heading within the next 12 months? I want to break into the top 5 dating websites in the UK, then plan to expand globally. My goal is for WLTM to not only be the best in the world, but the best FOR the world. What do you hope to achieve from your dating site? Long happy marriages and some babies. Our first WLTM baby will give me an amazing buzz. Would you change anything and do something differently about your career? I’d have started WLTM sooner! What advice would you give to someone who’s looking for love? Be calm, don’t rush blindly into dating, and don’t keep asking yourself ‘why am I single?’ What are the 3 positives about being a dating expert? Being asked for advice is a real honour, exchanging ideas and experiences, and seeing success within your field. Thank you for your time. I wish nothing but the best with you and your career especially with the dating website, I’ve noticed it’s gained a lot of publicity and recommended by many individuals so I hope it continues to go through strength to strength.





awaii’s breakout band The Green has debuted at #1 on The Billboard Reggae and iTunes Reggae charts with the release of their third studio album Hawai‘i ‘13 which as you can see has taken the album charts by storm with their incredible unique sounds. Beloved around the world, there isn’t a shadow of doubt why this band is causing an uproar within the music industry. Their self titled album was released in 2010, and the single “Love I” was the band’s breakthrough single on Hawaiian radio. The album set a Billboard Reggae chart record, with it remaining in the charts


for 69 straight weeks which is incredible for anyone, yet for a debut album to maintain that amount of success is world class! After their 2010 successful album they released another in 2011 called Ways & Means which was them stating the success is still here, and it spent 4 weeks on number one at the Billboard charts and incredibly they won Best Reggae album at Hawaii’s 2011 Na Hoku Hanohano. With this 3rd album, Hawai‘i ‘13 is another light of the bands success as they have gone from strength to strength throughout their career. It was Officially

Hawai’i ‘13 Review


ver the years you hear a lot of reggae bands releasing albums, and it starts to sound similar to the last one that you heard however with The Green it’s always something new and always something great, keeping you guessing.

released on August 20th 2013 on Easy Star Records and impressively landed in the top 200 Billboard chart at number 77. It did however, top the Billboard reggae Albums chart selling over 4,960 copies within their first week of release. Over their space of a few years they’ve gained impressive chart success in the Billboard reggae charts with their determination and their passion they made it into different sorts of charts such as the Top Pacific Chart landed in at number 25, Top Indie Chart landed at number 40 and the Top 200 Digital albums amongst others. It’s impressive to witness this band show determination and passion is key, to create a run through the music industry like they have.

It’s a remarkable album. Every track has it’s own way to describe why this is such a great album. Having an album that you can listen to every track without skipping is pretty hard to do especially with a reggae album, but all of these guys all bring something different to the table. It’s impressive to notice a band with massive talents not only as a band but individually too. It’s absolutely magnificent to witness. Normally with an album review, a single track can be pinpointed for best on the album, yet with Hawai‘i ‘13 I couldn’t decide on a favourite track as the whole album was incredible. It reflects passion and soul of reggae which I love. Seeing these guys show determination and commitment throughout the music industry is incredible and I hope to see more of these guys within the near future. I would recommend this album, as it’s such a great listen and you won’t regret buying the album. Overall I’ll give it 8/10 Absolutely amazing can’t fault the album one bit. Buy your copy off Hawaii 13 now off iTunes.






ontreal is the second-largest city in the country after Toronto, originally called “City of Mary”. The name derives from “Mont Réal”, as it was written in Middle French. Montreal is the second largest primarily French-speaking city in the world, after Paris of course. Recently , Montreal was named a UNESCO City of Design. The city has an important centre of commerce, technology, design, culture, tourism, film and world affairs. The city is Canada’s centre for French language television productions, radio, theatre, film, multimedia, and print publishing.


What should I see ? First of all, Old Montreal is a beautiful place to see, along the St. Lawrence River. It is a fortified city and also the old town is now a safe and vibrant community. Old Montreal is very European in character with its architecture. The city has also produced much talent in the fields of visual arts, theatre, music, and dance with the French and the English traditions. Montreal has developed a unique cultural events, particularly festivals like “Just for Laughs” (a museum is available too) with famous comedians or “Montreal Fireworks Festival”. You can also visit “Notre Dame Basilique” which is an important tourist attraction.


Where should I eat ? For the afternoon tea , you can taste Juliette et Chocolat’s cooking, the chocolate bar with dark chocolate or milk chocolate and fantastic tasty creations like brownies, crepes and patisseries. Salty dishes are available too if you want to have lunch. Cosy , the atmosphere is also very friendly. For the dinner, you have to go to Bonaparte, a delicious restaurant with a various and high quality choice. You can choose between a duck terrine of foie gras with apples and toast or eat fish and perfect grilled salmon if you want. You can taste traditional French food like a “Filet mignon de boeuf” as well. You can book at http:// Where should I stay ? You can stay in Hotel W for a couple of days in Montreal and make sure to take time to really appreciate your stay. Hotel W is a luxury one next to the Old Montreal, dowtown in Square Victoria and near the city’s major attractions. Different rooms are available: the first type is “the cozy room” with an oversized desk , featherbed, goose-feather duvet...If you really want to have space, take “the fantastic suite” with a massaging downpour, an oversized desk...Comfort guaranteed.




s we all know Amsterdam is the capital and one of the most popular cities of The Netherlands. It has a population of 805, 166 and is located in North Holland. During the Dutch Golden Age Amsterdam became the most important port because of its innovative development in the fishing trade. As time went on it became the leading centre for finance and diamonds.

the developers that wanted to demolish the building. Zwanenburgwal

Which places to visit in Amsterdam? Museum of Anne Frank You cannot go to Amsterdam without visiting the Museum of Anne Frank! The Museum is located in Prinsengtacht. It is dedicated to the Jewish wartime diarist Anne Frank, who hid from the Nazi persecution with her family and four other people. It opened on 3rd of May 1960. Three years later a foundation was made to protect all

Zwanenburgwal is a canal as well as a street in the centre of Amsterdam; in 2006 it was voted as one of the most beautiful streets of Amsterdam by the people of a local daily newspaper ‘Het Parool.’ The canal flows from the Sint Antoniessluis sluice gate between Sint Antoriesbreestraat and Jodenbreestraat to the Amstel River. It was originally named ‘Verversgracht’ or ‘Dyers’ Canal in English. The Waterloopein Flea Market is very popular with the tourists, it runs along the canal. Also on the corner is Joods Verzetsmonument, a 1988 monument to Jewish residence during the World War II, a remembrance of the Kristallnacht is held at the monument every year.




ith legendary musicians born and raised in Memphis, it isn’t a surprise why it’s such a iconic scene to go to. Laying claim to non-other than the king of rock n roll himself Elvis Presley, born and raised in Tennessee. Remarkably after all these years Memphis is still one incredible place for the music industry. With numerous locations to visit that some incredible musicians have either played in or recorded an album in, it’s a place that a historic feel to it. You can identify and learn so much from this as a holiday destination. Embrace the remarkable locations of Memphis and the breathtaking views around. Places to go to: Graceland - Who wouldn’t love to go to Graceland? Elvis was once the king of rock n roll and

his music is still adored and played still to this date. Walk around his stately home looking at how he used to live. It’s a traditional location to travel to with people around the world always visiting. As well as being a fun activity to go and see, it’s also a great historic moment showing how someone who is still able to impact so many lives even beyond the grave. Definitely a destination that would be a perfect place to go to without a shadow of doubt. Sun Studio - Memphis Tennessee was the heart and soul of the music industry, creating many different music genre’s and also changing the music industry forever. You are able to go to Sun Studio see some of the most iconic people pictured around you. A fascinating and great place to visit , you would be able to enjoy the culture and history while you’re there - absolutely incredible.



Street Cred Magazine - October 2013  

Street Cred Magazine - October 2013

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