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MAY 2014



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Editor’s Note 2

014 is looking good especially for Birmingham. A lot of great things are happening in the city and its great that people are finally seeing that we are a force to be reckoned with. I remember the days when artists would come to London and leave out Birmingham as part of their tour for whatever reason but recently artists are starting their tours in this city! Now I am not just boasting about Birmingham because I am from here but I really do feel we deserve to be on the map and our readers all over the world need to know what is going on. For me being in a national newspaper it’s an amazing opportunity to show what this city is really about. Right now we boast Europe’s largest shopping centre which you know as the Bull Ring, our new Train Station is like an airport and far superior to any in the UK, also the new John Lewis shopping centre is to come. As far as entertainment we have shows every week and we all know about the upcoming Wireless Festival. There is also our own version of TOWIE to come which is pretty exciting and I am very proud that Street Cred is involved with the program. Benefits Street gave a lot of attention to Birmingham and maybe not the attention many would think was needed but for sure we have got it. The eyes are on us and we certainly are keeping our eyes on what’s going on.

SUB EDITOR Gordy Munro PRODUCTION Daniel Riley daniel.riley@streetcredmagazine. com PR & MARKETING Amanda Bowen


We at Street Cred have had a great time this month seeing what new businesses were opening in Birmingham. One highlight has to have been the premier opening of Turtle Bay; the awesome Nandossized Caribbean restaurant. We were welcomed by a lot of bucks fizz, cocktails and food teasers. Have to say it was the best ever Caribbean restaurant experience I’ve had in my life. Check out our big review! Keep it up guys MD!

@MarkDwayneMDG1 @StreetCredMag /markdwaynemdg /streetcredmag Mark Dwayne MDG

The views expressed in Street Cred magazine are not necessarily the editors opinion so do not try to kill him if you read anything you feel offended by. The magazine is a positive and fun read and is not with the intent to threaten anyone. All images are copyright of their respective rights holders.


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CONTENTS GRIMEY (5-6) - Chantelle’s Spot, Prince, Michael Jackson, MTV Movie Award Dresses. Spotlight (9) - Get involved with a new reality TV show! Larisha - Selfie queen (12) - Interview with the winner of our Best Selfie competition!

Eating Out (13) - Turtle Bay Birmingham

SC Memories (20-21) - Looking back on when we first met - Destiny’s Child

Fashion lick (14-17) - Keyshia Cole

SC Exclusive Interview (22-24) - Who is the real White Dee?

Big Screen (19) - The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Clubbin (26) - Swish Clubbing 1st Birthday Celebrations @ Arca Bar


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y vocabulary has obviously evolved from my teen days. Nowadays I’m done with slang…well kind of! I find it all rather intriguing to be honest One day I had the pleasure of being within listening range of a group of girls and their conversation went like this: “He’s a wasteman, ‘bout beat! Beat, who fam? Idiot! He must tink seh gyals some smig, ya get me? Mans moist star!” SAY WHAAAATTT??? Later on that day, I heard a group of boys and their conversation went a bit like this: “She’s loose fam, swear down, bare man have pressed that! She’s a mattress, trus’ me! Get suttn off that and dip!” SAY WHAAAATTT’??? What is happening? Has slang taken over the English language? Do we no longer need dictionaries or thesauruses? Do we just watch an American music videos or films, take their word use and chuck a UK twist on it then ‘hey ho’ we have slang? I DON’T KNOW! I hate not knowing!




When I was younger I was always reprimanded for using slang, not including the ‘g’ at the end of words, and of the course the frequent use of the word ‘innit’. I now understand how annoying it can be! It really grinds on me to hear young people say ‘siiiiiiiccckkkkk’ when something is good but that is just their language. Back in the days, like the 1960’s, slang was used, it was different but it was used. All in all I have learnt that the use of slang words is here to stay PERIOD. It may evolve but it ain’t going nowhere.

ur o t a n E r A E P RI NC

time Prince has is will be the first rmingham in Th , ed im in Bi ries of accla headlined a show Following a se timate UK in d an s. s ar ou ye at spontane will 19 le Friday 2nd May this year Prince a Tickets go onsa shows earlier are priced aren ts ke UK l tic a na en gio Ar re Midday. LG headline his first & £135.70 (in95. £72.20, £94.20 .70 renovation at th dates since 19 wi s arena show min fee & £0 These exclusive his cludes ad e. his first since e .50 fulfilment fe ar £2 + RL y) GI lev YE 3RDE cy in 2007. en sid re on nd sold out Lo

Why Cant They Always Look Like This? Sex does sell but class sells too and looks a hell of a lot better than slease. Nicki Minaj and Rihanna stunned audiences at the MTV Movie Awards this year with their shockingly classy attire. The talk was by all fans that they should look sophisticated more often even though they are not sophisticated :) Check out the stunning dresses.

Michael Jackson Like You’ve Never Heard Him Before.


t was always said that if Michael when was alive was to work with up-to-date producers then he would have awesome new music instead of us playing his classics over and over. Well, looks like its finally happened and our prayers have been answered as the new Mi-

chael Jackson album titled Xscape boasts 8 hot revamped songs mixed and produced by the legendary hiphop & R&B producer Timbaland. We have heard the samples and it has to be said we feel that Michael would have loved what Timbaland has done with his vocals.

Slave To The Rhythm is one to look out for as it boasts a phat bassline and nice dance tempo that’s suited for the cars and clubs. This is the upto-date Michael we always wanted to hear.



Rihanna to Judge X-Factor?

what ng down on X Factor and The ratings have been goi tar judge on the panel. ers sup we all better to have a credable judges need publicity but show Usually the stars that are nt tale the with her being on know Rihanna doesnt and nothing say s rce sou ide Ins . ITV for honest it would be a major lick firmed as yet but if we are is one hundred percent con we cant see it.

Selfie Hype!

! We have a new follower

Celebs are real ly addicted to Instagram if you ever weren’t sure if were vain then these stars ad on there and yo d them up u will see pics of them all day long. Not that were complaining at all

makes Birmingham singers dream come true

Birminghams monthly old skool party Swish threw a competition to the masses on Facebook asking them to post their best Selfie pics. Over 500 entered to win a fabulous portfolio shoot. Whoever had the most likes won and Bubzie’s pic had the most likes in the competition. Bubzie was ecstatic about winning but even more so because they threw in a videoshoot to film her single which will help take her career further.


MAY 2014


ear! alersItarSNikw It’sng moRneyesup ki Minaj has

You firm rounded overdenied rumours that her butt is truly genuped sha y bod her sized for smaller than what ks loo it ine. In this photo we saw last week. who cares. Who knows eh? Actually




on your Phone, Tablet, PC and Mac!

We invite you to get involved and be the next reality TV star... ‘The Project’ is a brand new reality TV show produced for Pinewood Studios with a view of city life for groups of ambitious friends in the midlands area with guest appearances from friends and celebrities throughout the UK & follows the dreams, journeys and day to lives of the best characters in the midlands area. The show will be similar to TOWIE and Geordie Shore and is aimed at an ITV2 post watershed audience and will feature road trips, clubbing life, holidays and big events from people from the local surrounding areas. We are looking for all the most iconic looking people with prolific personalities, we will be looking for a variety of different characters with contrasting personalities, this will be based on various ambitious people who are all friends who talk about their goals and allow us to follow them achieving and living out these goals with us. The show will be following the best 40 leading characters chosen as they set themselves big goals for the future and we will be partying along the way as we all work as a team to help make these dreams happen. As well as the main character roles there will be an additional 20 sub characters for the first series and new characters can be constantly added along the way. Also we will be looking for TV extras to be in scenes and a huge load of characters to be in the TV pilot & background TV cast extras in filming scenes & partying scenes. Whether you would like a main character role, a non-speaking role, a TV extra role , team member role or just come along and join in the partying with us at some of our events, remember to show your interest by liking and sharing and inviting friends to like this page to show your support and your interest to be involved. It would be a huge advantage if you have a lot of friends like yourself who believe in your goals and also enjoy meeting up with you regularly as this would make shooting scenes easier. We need everyone to be humble people with patience, we will be choosing people who have a really positive outlook on life and their dreams who believe in

the power of teamwork , networking and goal setting , who take responsibility for their future & know there future lies in their own hands. There will be a selection process for the 40 leading cast members & 20 support characters so for these roles its more important you have a good story to tell and to show you have patience, good character and make a good team member who gets on and wants to help the team. As we enter the selection process any signs of arrogance, aggression or not getting on with team or cast members intentionally will lead to dismissal from the team as this is not acceptable in any form of conduct and disrupts the team building process. We want to grow our team of strong successful people to work & party together & help each other reach our goals so being a team player is a big attribute required. There is a big opportunity here to not only be in a popular show but also for the best candidates there will be the opportunity to have their own TV show in the future. We will be setting events for filming in the next month & filming will begin shortly with some scenes daytime and weekends and some scenes at clubs of an evening so whatever your schedule there will be opportunities to do this around your work or your studying and for the right people we will be able to come visit you to film and promote what your doing. If you feel you love your city then share this page and invite your friends to like us too, if you have a group of friends like you who share your ambitions & dreams for future then get them involved too and join us. Like this page and invite as many friends as you can to join us before the deadline when we close down this page to begin auditions & filming. We ensure all pro-active members who are involved will be offered roles, some in the cast , some in the team & the best candidates will be given the opportunity to build a TV career. We look forward to meeting you at the auditions.






arisha won the best selfie competition in Swish and we at Street Cred gave her an awesome photoshoot. This is an upcoming Birmingham model who is fun bubbly and loves to party. What’re your hobbies? My hobbies are going out, enjoying the company of friends and meeting new people. What’s your favourite food? Ooh, tricky one! Can’t chose between chicken and mutton, they’re both too good. How often do you go clubbin? I go clubbing when I can, if there’s a party then I’m there! What is your ideal man? My ideal man is someone who has his life on track and who is motivational and would be able to listen to me chat away, and that’s all day, every day! How long have you wanted to be a model? I’ve wanted to be a model since I was a young girl. I’ve always had a passion for fashion and love the camera! Have you ever had experience in this area? I’ve had no experience in real life modelling before, although I have done photo shoots and a shoot for a hair product but never anything professional as of yet unfortunately. How does it feel to be a part of ITV2’s The Project? It feels great to get a chance to have an experience, and be able to take part in the casting is amazing! What kind of person would you say you are? Good points and bad? I’d say I’m quite a humble soul haha. I love socialising and taking part in new things and I love being heard! My bad points hmm. I maybe talk to my much at times, and can speak really fast where I seem to have to repeat myself. Whats your favourite clothing store? My favourite clothing store is Lipsy at the moment. I’m loving the Kardashian collection its hot, sexy, and casual, and fits like a glove. Do you, like many other girls have shoe addiction? I love shoes so much! Heels are just life, I wore heels all through my pregnancy and people said I was mad but I said “No, I’m in love!” How did you hear about the Selfie Competition and what made you enter? I saw a link for it through Facebook, and was like why not? I take a hot selfie so I just jumped in with both feet! Kind of like with The Project - I heard about it, said that’s for me, and here I am now!

Word on theOUT street EATING

A ‘Game Changer’ In Caribbean Fine Dining


new experience in Caribbean dining was launched in Birmingham as Turtle Bay Restaurant & Bar opened its doors to a public who would witness a ‘game changer’ in the much-loved cuisine. Situated on the corner of John Bright Street, in the city centre, it opened with a special launch-night where guests were treated to an evening of authentic Caribbean dishes inspired by beach shacks and






street hawkers such as Jerk Chicken and Blue Mountain Curry Goat before enjoying Caribbean Cocktails including Rum Runner and Tobago Tea. Entertained by Troy Ellis & the Hail Jamaica Reggae band and Laid Blak, two of the country’s urban reggae heavyweights, the Caribbean vibe was which well and truly brought to the city centre on the night The 5,000 sq ft, 130-cover restaurant is the seventh ‘Turtle Bay’ to open in the UK and an experience their promises to whisk you away to an island paradise, where you can relax and enjoy Caribbean food with friends and family in an informal environment, but still have friendly and good service. General Manager, Chris Halford, said “Turtle Bay is a welcome addition to the city’s restaurant scene. It’s clear that the Birmingham has been crying out for a restaurant like this.




The second city has a reputation for the quality of its restaurants and Turtle Bay, combination of delicious food, warm and friendly service and an unforgettable atmosphere, is a significant addition for Birmingham’s food lovers.” One guest at the launch described Turtle Bay as a “Game Changer for Caribbean dining Birmingham.” Another said it was “historic.” It demonstrates Turtle Bay’s confidence in the market in Birmingham. There are 7 further restaurants planned to open throughout the UK in 2014.

Literature & Spoken Word




Visual Arts



UPCOMING EVENTS @ Singing Nina Fri 9 May, 7pm Tickets: £14 (£12.50), £15 OTD

The Drum | 144 Potters Lane | Aston | Birmingham | West Midlands | B6 4UU

Komola Collective present

Birangona: Women of War Sun 11 May, 6pm Tickets: £8 (£6) Suitable for 14+




Young People

Matribhoomi Theatre and The Drum presents

Desi Peo Sat 31 May, 7.30pm Tickets: £10 (£8) Performed in Punjabi




Keyshia Cole wants her fans to be trendsetters wearing her shoe line



teve Madden has teamed up with Keyshia Cole to design a new limited edition shoe collection once again. Due to the phenomenal success of the first range the company made millions from being associated to the multiplatinum superstar. Since Steve Madden launched the brand in 1990, he has become of the worlds leading designers & marketers of fashion footwear and accessories for women and men and you may have seen him feature on the movie the Wolf of Wall Street. Today, music is still one of his muses and his continued collaboration with Keyshia Cole is a natural extension of this inspiration. Fresh off the heels of her

Red Hot Woman to Woman tour, Keyshia is shining brightly and Steve Madden is thrilled to partner with the star. See the collection of scorching ankle boots, tall sexy pumps and striking stilettos which females all over America are going wild for. This collection you can buy from Steve Maddens website. "Keyshia is great to work with. She brings fresh ideas to the table, and knows what girls want. It was a pleasure to work with her again." commented Steve Madden. "As my second line with Steve Madden gets released, I want young women to feel they are the latest trendsetters, feeling sexy and being comfortable at the same time," said Keyshia Cole.


Pdiddy - Sean John Spotted in London last year we love it! Usher always drops a variety of looks So cool.





ndrew Garfield swings back onto the big screen as Peter Parker/SpiderMan for the second instalment of The Amazing Spider-Man. This time he is up against Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon, the gap-toothed nobody who Spider-Man saves during an early sequence. The mild-mannered Oscorp worker develops a bit of a fanatical obsession with Spider-Man, until an accident at work (at Oscorp? Surely not...) releases Electro onto the unsuspecting citizens of New York. In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Garfield brings more of Peter Parker to life, creating much more of a personality for the webslinger. Gwen Stacey, portrayed once again by Emma Stone makes a reappearance as Parker’s love interest, and what an interest it is. Torn between his love for her, and the promise he made her father in the first film to keep her safe, he is haunted by visions of her father and has to decide between keeping his promise and keeping the girl. The special effects have been ramped up, from fights in power stations, to the destruction of

most of Times Square, you are very much in the thick of the action, with electricity and web flying in every direction. The 3D effects are nice, not too overused or clichéd and add a flashy element to the film. The only gripe with the effects are that of Electro’s CGI. Resembling the lovechild of Mr Freeze from Batman and Robin and a tesla coil, the look works, but there is something about it that just feels like it doesn’t belong. Amplifying and eventually answering the question posed by the last film regarding the fate of Parker’s missing parents, and bringing in Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn, with his eventual emergence as the Green Goblin keeps the movie ticking along nicely, without overcomplicating the story too much. Moral choices and judgements abound push these story arcs along to their entertaining conclusions.

Director Matt Webb (all puns and jokes aside) has produced a brilliant instalment of the Spidey franchise, and with all of the interesting exchanges towards the end of the film, puts the next film in the series in a very promising light. As always with a Marvel film, there is a postcredits scene which you should look out for! If you’re a fan of the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, then this is definitely not one to miss!

l Mark Dwayne close with Beyonce and LaTavia of Destiny’s Child - 1998


l Mark Dwayne interviewing Destiny’s Child up close/

Looking b when we f

l Destiny’s Child with Vitality Hair Salon staff.


hoever invented cameras needs a pat on the back because there is nothing that can explain the feeling of looking back at your most magical memories. We at Street Cred decided to look through our archive of pictures from thousands of events that we have attended over the last 20 years. Looking back at some of the most amazing times we have had on our

journey and being the voice and eye of entertainment in the UK has been very emotional. We have so many photographs to go through there just hasn’t been enough time in the day but we have come across loads of people, especially celebrities, and when they started out we were right there supporting them when no one would touch them. We have decided to do a monthly section called ‘Looking Back At When We First Met’ and what you will see is so many things that will surprise

you. We have captured the best events and brilliant interviews with stars like Destiny’s Child! It’s amazing to see how young they look in these photos. On this page you can see how close we were as young people and I was privileged to be on the road with these lovely ladies. I used to help Destiny’s Child in the changing rooms before they would go on stage. I remember when I was with them in the audience watching Usher and they were dreaming to be as big. Matthew and Tina Knowles, Beyonces parents

l Destiny’s Child, Cleveland

Harris and Mykal Brown, South & City College

ers intrigued Original DC M emb ‘98 at Street Cred M ag

l DJ Ams Birmingham in the rave

l Iceberg Slim and Kcee of Choice FM

OMG is that Annika Allen back w hen she started her media career with Stree t Cred?


back on first met were very friendly and assisted us with anything we needed from the group. Beyonce was the most confident and always had that sparkle. She loved what I did and every time she saw me it was all hugs. I ended up being a good friend for these girls as they could relate to me because we were the same age. Street Cred was the first magazine in the UK that gave Destinys Child exposure. I was and still am a big fan of R&B music and understood it fully and at that time we were the only magazine that knew all the urban

l Destiny’s Child in Lozells, Birmingham - 1998. Analogue Photos by Mark Dwayne.

Beyonce and Kelly p roudly holding the fi rst M agazine that prom oted them in the UK

acts inside out and gave them more exposure than any other magazine in the UK. We could see who was going to be the stars of the future, and I even knew that Beyonce would go solo and be the woman she is today. This classic photo of me, Beyonce and LaTavia of Destinys Child was taken at Vitalities Hair Salon in Lozells Birmingham where they were sponsored by Proline. A big shout to Cleveland Harris of the Hair and Beauty

industry who was very helpful, assisting us with the feature. Imagine Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, LaTavia Robertson, LeToya Luckett; the original Destiny’s Child members signing autographs to people in the community for hours. It was the biggest thing to ever happen in the area and one that many will never forget. This Looking Back section is going to bring back a lot of memories for our Street Cred readers and pics that we will post will touch a lot of hearts for sure.


t is definitely not the norm for me to interview a nationally known celebrity who lives on my own doorstep. I was invited by Dee Kelly otherwise known as ‘White Dee’ of the now infamous and slightly controversial benefits street, to her lovely home for a cuppa and an interview. For me this was a very exciting thing to do as it really was all so new and even though I’ve interviewed many people from Birmingham, not anyone that has made it through a documentary. Dee was what you would expect her to be, bright, bubbly and funny (and she wasn’t even trying). When I approached her about the interview I wasn’t even expecting a reply, but reply she did and we clicked straight away. I told Dee I wanted to do a no holds barred interview and to try to really get to know the real ‘Dee’ and to my surprise she was 100% up for it. One thing I will say is that Dee is all about the community in Birmingham and her love for her family and children is clearly obvious. None of this fame was planned, but she is going to use it to the advantage of helping others (not herself), Dee believes in the youth of the future and wants to highlight all the hidden talented youngsters that no one else would otherwise be bothered with. This sudden rise to fame is still to this day a big surprise and to be honest at 42 (although she says 25) years old Dee doesn’t know what to do with it now its a major part of her life. This was one of the most realist interviews I’ve ever done. I got an exclusive over a cuppa and a nice plate of fish and rice as it was Good Friday. I spent hours at her home with her family and must say its like we’ve known each other for years and can say that we are now good friends, but then again anyone that has met Dee will say you do get that instant connection. No airs or graces just a down to earth person who loves her family and friends unconditionally. Dee is special and one to look out for, TV shows, comedy shows, film roles, DJ and has even dabbled at being a rapper. Words by Mark Dwayne

Who is the Real

White Dee?

Mark Dwayne - So Dee how did it all start, how were you approached to do the show?

White Dee - Well the ‘other Dee’ was approached at working links by Love Productions who were scouting Birmingham for people to take part in a documentary focusing on how people are still showing good old community spirit, and Dee being Dee, very impulsive said she would do it, invited them round to hers and after a couple of days got fed up with them and dumped them at my house. That’s just what shes like bless her. We let these people into our lives for 18 months or more, warts and all, they saw everything, good days, bad days, happiness, sadness the whole lot - I would love it if someday people could see the footage that they shot and chose not to show. MD - Sounds like unhappy with Ch4?


WD - Mark I have no regrets, because I believe everything happens for a reason, but I can hand on heart tell you this, we DID NOT know that the programme was going to be called Benefit Street until 2 weeks before the show aired. I mean in reality if someone had told us they wanted to do a documentary about benefits then we 100% would not of participated. Ch4 even asked participants to come up with names for the show, Caitlin being a teenager came up with Ghetto Street haha and another option was ‘we will survive’. Ch4 knew exactly what they were doing, they already had the name for the show, and knew exactly who to focus on and how to focus on them. MD - Are you not happy with the publicity this show has given you? WD - Like I said Mark, I am still me, still mom to Caitlin and Gerrard 1st and foremost, but I have no regrets, I have met so many amazing people since the programme aired, people wanting to meet me, speak to me, have their photo taken with me, and so many opportunities have come about. I think that its very unfair that I am the one that seems to have got the most attention out of this and I really don’t understand why. Up to today I still don’t know what is going on, but I am going to go with

it, I just wish it could of happened for the others too. The programme was filmed nearly over 2 years, and people think they know the real me from watching a 45 minute programme for 5 weeks. Some people have been very judgemental and quite nasty, but I say don’t judge me if you don’t know me or haven’t met me. Meet me and then if you don’t like me that’s fair enough. Social media like Twitter and Facebook is where you come across some very nasty people. One said I should get off my fat arse and get a job - ermmmmm who’s the one following someone they don’t like, because I certainly wouldn’t be haha. I’ve also had people saying I’m not depressed because I don’t look depressed. Get a grip and do some research before you show your inner ignorance. MD - So lets talk about opportunities, what kind of offers you have had or landed. Is it true you were offered money to pose nude? WD - Oh please haha people are always referring to my ‘hanging baskets’ but I wouldn’t inflict them on the world, I’ve got 2 kids for god sake haha. I’m not in this for the money, I didn’t

ask for this to happen and am still shocked at the positive reaction I am receiving. I do certain things for a laugh, I mean who 6 months ago would of thought or said I would be releasing a rap single. I am not doing everything I am being offered like some people seem to think, I still have my good/bad days and only do what I feel is right or beneficial to my family or friends. I have never done so much clubbing in my life, I’ve been called a gay icon, I have to laugh, I just love people for being themselves, we are all the same and no better than anyone else. We all bleed the same colour. I went to club DV8 the other week with Ashley Walters from So Solid Crew, Caitlin wasn’t impressed because she wanted to come - but nope - shes 16 haha. He thought I was mad, suppose he wasn’t too far from the truth. Ive spoken to Romeo Dunn on the phone also from So Solid, OMG is this really happening to me, he knew who I was argggghhhhhh - so I gave him a name drop during the CH4 live debate, and his phone was popping afterwards. MD - Celebrity Big Brother whats going on there? WD - HAHAHA no comment Mark.

White Dee ripping up the decks at Rumours Nightclub

“I’m a nervous person, I sometimes cant understand what people actually want from me. I fear the unknown.”

te a d l a e d i “My e c i e h t e would b e end of bath at thwith the a match verpool whole Li ha.” team ha

MD - I notice the street sign has been stolen, I almost never found you haha WD - Yeah to word is I’ve got it hanging over my bed haha, but nope its not there. MD - So who else have you met? WD - Rylan Clark from X Factor, oh my god he is amazeballs and so bloody tall, I was well shocked to meet him and couldn’t believe that he was just as excited to meet me, he told me that when he was watching benefit street, his mom said ‘pause the telly’ then said ‘oh my god your on White Dee’s telly haha’). I mean I’m just totally starstruck at everyone I meet and cant get over the fact that they actually know who I am. Its so surreal. MD - So I gather you are a bit Liverpool FC crazy? WD - followed them all my life, even named my little fella Gerrard haha, Who if I may add like his namesake is an absolutely amazing footballer and he is only 7. My ideal date would be the ice bath at the end of a match with the whole Liverpool team haha. MD - What matters to you, are you really up for fame and fortune? WD - This attention has come to me completely out of the blue, I’ve got agents here there and everywhere wanting to manage me, but I control my life, I’m going to find it hard being told what to do and what not to do, I will decide, I’m a mom 1st and always will be. Many nights I cant sleep because my head is just spinning round, I try my best to do what I can. Family matters to me, I really miss my mom, she passed away in September 2011, people I know say that I remind them of her, always giving and putting other people first, and yeah that’s what she was like, she was the most amazing person in the whole world and I’m just lost without her. (moment Dee and Caitlin hug each other) Caitlin says, nanny was amazing and mom reminds me so much of her. At this point Dee starts crying, I give her a hug and nearly end up crying myself, this was a very deep and emotional moment in the interview. WD - I don’t know how some people can say I need to get over my mom’s death, I mean some people can be so nasty. That’s my mother, she meant the world to me and our family. I do sometimes feel that she is watching over me and I just hope she would be proud of what I’m doing.


o welcome to Dee’s Street, which is exclusive to Street Cred in the Phoenix.

The amazing ‘White Dee’ is the new reality TV favourite. Many relate to her as she really is as real as you can get.

MD - What kind of mad things have happened since you became a celebrity? WD - I hate the word celebrity, I’ve never once called myself a celebrity. At the beginning it was awful Mark, reporters banging our doors, shouting at us through the letterbox, camping outside the houses, tracking down people who knew me years ago trying to find out information about me. Its been manic, I mean I know their doing a job, but I’ve got kids and we were all very scared. I’m a nervous person, I sometimes cant understand what people actually want from me. I fear the unknown. MD - I’ve noticed that you are always pushing talented kids on facebook. WD - Oh my god hun these kids are amazing, the government needs to be realistic now and concentrate on channelling money into what re-

Maybe its the unconventional way of becoming famous, but the fact is Dee is huge right now and people love her. Dee is the one of the most famous celebrities from Birmingham at the moment and is stopped everywhere she goes.

ally interests these kids. There are artists, footballers, actors DJ’s and designers of the future out there and the government doesn’t care about them - well I do. I’ve met amazing talented youngsters, and its these kids that we need to help out and focus on - they are our future. My children alongside these kids inspire me, Caitlin is just totes amazeballs haha and is now doing work experience as a football coach with Diamond League, and Gerrard just makes me proud to be his mom. I’m also hoping to do some work with the Princes Trust, where I have also met some amazing kids and they have come from nothing to make something of themselves. MD - What does your family think of your celebrity status? WD - I can honestly say my dad and sister are very supportive and we are very close. I have a nice circle of friends some that have been in my life forever and some new

ones who will be in my life forever. I’m very trusting and until someone does me or mine wrong then they will stay in my life always. I have some friends who I class as family and have done for a long time, who think I’ve sold out on them and made loads of money out of all this, saying I’ve changed. I’m still the same me, living in the same house, people I hold close to me have changed and ignore me and wont speak to me anymore, they are believing what is written in the press and its so not the truth. (Dee cries again and is comforted by Caitlin) I just don’t understand it Mark, how people can do that to me, everyone seems to assume I’m loaded without just asking me outright. MD - So if i offered you a column in the paper what can we expect? WD - You can expect a lot of what’s happening in my life at the moment, what I’m really interested in is focusing on young local talent.


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hite Dee surprised fans as she announced that she was to go out with her mates to get swished on her Facebook status. Swishers were in awe of the real down to earth star and partied with her to the early hours, DJ’s on the night were Mark Dwayne, Mista Smoove, Mixerdeuce, Soundboy Coby, Ambitious and Mystikle Blue who gave the crowd nothing but

party flavours. Swish Clubbin is the biggest Friday party in the Arcadian area and has been so for the last year. The ultimate Old Skool social experience where everybody knows everybody or wants to get to know somebody. If you haven’t been swished yet then join the smart sexy and sophisticated clubbers on the 2nd Friday of every month at the New York style Arca Bar where its intimacy with a high energy atmosphere.

1ST BIRTHDAY CElebrations @ Arca Bar

Street Cred Magazine - May 09th  

Street Cred Magazine - May 09th

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