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killing it at the box office /streetcredmagazine

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Editors RESPECT TO STORMZY BEST MALE ARTIST!!! /markdwaynemedia note


haven’t heard so much talk on a film in all my days of living. Everyday there is someone posting a video with their take on the Marvel Black Panther film, whether its memes, interviews with the cast, reactions or reviews, the film hype is everywhere and its absolutely gone crazy on social media. There was no surprise that the movie was to break records before its release. I was on the tip that even if I heard the film was total bollocks I would have still supported it but it so happens to be the most amazing film I have seen in years. The storyline of African Kings was extremely powerful for me. The education of it all made it more than just a super hero film. Of course this month everybody

is raving about Stormzy winning the Brit Awards for Best Male Artist and Best Album and where he slated PM Theresa May on his closing performance. Our boy has always been known to say the most extreme things on stage but this one blew everyone for six. The news highlight for me though was seeing Drake give away money to people in need. If you’re not touched by the reactions of the people he did it for then what kind of heart do you have. Great to see a big celebrity humble himself to do that and if it was for publicity then all good... other stars need to see and do the same. Its all good making money of your fans but how nice is it to show

appreciation and give back...this is why Drake is the top boy and also gotto say his rap bars are fully on point in his new music. I am excited for you to read this months Streetcred, don’t forget you can connect with me on social media on Facebook/ markdwaynemedia and instagram. com/markdwaynemedia

Black Panther


ot often I go to the pictures to watch a sci fi as I lost interest in Superman like films since I was a kid, but the hype of this made me want to grab my cheesy Nachos, hot dog, Tango blast and required a front seat to watch the highly anticipated Marvel film thats breaking records worldwide. Didn’t know what to really expect as a storyline but the energy of the crowd had you exited before the movie started. In the audience there was a sense of pride. The energy of the film was something else, always an exciting moment that kept you on the edge of your seat. It was educational, comical, action packed. I loved all the characters put together each had their shine a big shout out to the director who did an amazing job of choosing the cast. What got my attention was and I am sure that on the panther out-

fit I wanted to wear one being the fashion guy I am ha I am also quite sure that after this movie that African fashion will be a popular trend. This is one of those movies that if you like for the first time you are likely to go and see it 2 to three times and each time you will take it from a different angle. The movie I don’t want to spoil

if you haven’t seen it but I tell you something I have never seen a film where everyone got up and clapped in the end. I am just giving you my personal experience and there is a lot of people that can relate, i may review the film again as i am going to see it again. Black Panther is an experience..Well done.


he BRITS 2018 was the perfect stage for Grime star Stormzy to express his pain he felt for the victims of Grenfell Tower. He made a point that Theresa May hasn’t done her bit very well financially and how would she feel if her house was burnt down. These feelings were expressed in his performance which was the closing of the high profile Brit Awards. Although happy winning Best male artist and best new album Stormzy did express his love for God and used his win as a platform to be a voice for the people who was upset about Theresa May who is not the most popular Prime Minister. He also took a shot at the Daily Mail who reportedly wrote an article saying that Stormzy should have gratitude and be thankful of what England has done for him and calling his mother an immigrant. There is a big frenzy on social media with people saying to make complaints to the Daily Mail for what has been written about Stormzy and his family. Lets just say it is about time artists speak up for themselves and use their platform to make positive change. You can only respect that.


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Legend, Bruno Still a Knockout T

his man was probably the biggest boxer we have ever seen from the UK. A true peoples champion and an iconic figure for young aspiring boxers up until today. Why is Frank Bruno a living legend? He is a peoples person that always has been down to earth and plays down his credibility.

Here you have the man that held the heavyweight title and the first man to fill Wembley stadium of 40,000 for a fight in the late 80’s. Frank Bruno took boxing to another level and made a name for himself internationally. We were delighted to be in the audience with the man himself at the Town Hall Birmingham. He had signed copies of his new book entitled ‘To Be Frank’, and here he sat on stage and spoke to us about the very highs and lows of his career.

Still a good laugh and doesn’t take life to seriously, very classic and loveable. Frank kept it very real on stage, even to this day playing down his achievements. Jed Stone was a brilliant warm up act and host, relaxing the audience before the big man himself came out. Refreshingly honest and with his trademark deep laugh, he kept his fans hanging off every word.

Drake’s £1m Donation


n Drakes new no 1 music video Gods Plan you see the humble superstar give away 1 million of his money to people that really need it. Although it may be a publicity stunt but who cares the fact is that he did it and changed alot of peoples lives. As many people have said its bout time a celeb did this its not about just giving Turkey on thanksgiving..give some money and help people to really change their life. In the video Drake pays for people's groceries, giving $50,000 to a random student for her tuition, and a women's shelter families in poverty. All of this was a surprise ..even random families on the street you see Drake handing them wods of cash and we are talking like one hundred dollar bills in stack load. Got to say it was tear jerker seeing the reaction to people and how much it meant for Drake to do this. He ends the video talking to a young kid with“We’re nothing without our mothers. Gotta make sure you take care of your mom, too, no matter what you do. “It’s all we got. Trust me. That's my world.”


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Romain Virgo: The Rising Reggae Star H

ot on the heels of his new album “Lovesick”, Punch Touring will will present one of reggae’s brightest lights, Romain Virgo to the UK, accompanied by Sevana, a rising star from Protoje’s own team of Jamaican hit makers. Phoenix newspaper gets an exclusive with this Jamaican star.

Please tell us a little about the concept of the album “Lovesick”

LoveSick is a love story, Most of the topics I touch on in this story is actually a series of things that I personally have been through... and just wanted to put them in songs knowing that people around the world will hear at least one thing that they themselves have been through.

You covered “Stay With Me” - Did Sam Smith ever hear it & comment?

I remember when I did the cover of Stay With Me Toddla T from BBC

1Xtra tweeted Sam Smith and asked if he heard my cover of his song and his reply was “Yes I just listened it.. it’s wicked!!” It was a great feeling to hear a positive feedback from the original singer of the song.

“Caress Me” was part of a Dennis Brown project how did you choose that song & what did it mean to you?

Caress Me was actually chosen by Neil Diamond from VP records for a Dennis Brown project after recording the song a lot of fans especially the sound systems fell in love with this new version

“In This Together” is produced by Donovan Germain from Penthouse. What influence has he had on your career.

Donavon Germain is more than just a producer, to date he has been there to help with the direction of my career... Actually he’s is the person who also helped me to realize that I can write songs if I just believe in myself. I will never forget him buying me a book called “Song Writing For Dummies”

“Now” has more of a dancehall vibe what influences did you call upon to write this song?

I always think about my stage performance and things I could add to make it more diverse as time goes by and I always know that I needed a few more uptempo vibe that will still have the topic of Love written all over them and that was how NOW came about after getting the Riddim from Frenchie

“Day In Day Out” has a reality & sound system vibe to it. It is over 6 minutes long! Please tell us a little about this track.

Day In Day Out is basically talking about the battles that most couples around the world goes through on a daily basis while pointing fingers at who was wrong or right. This songs was written and by myself and Niko Browne from Lifeline music and also produced by him. In the recording session with our musicians we didn’t plan for it to be 6 minutes long but there was a different kind of energy in the studio that evening and we just allowed that energy to flow.

You worked with many different producers on the album including Sting International based in the USA & Silly Walks based out of Germany as well as the cream of Jamaican producers. Was the album recorded around the world or mainly from one studio? The only songs on LoveSick that were recorded outside of Jamaica were the ones produced by Sting International which we recorded in New

York but all the other overseas labels including Silly Walks and Maximum Sound were recorded in Jamaica at either Niko Browne’s Lifeline Recoding Studio or other studios.

Why was now the right time to bring the tour to the UK?

I believe everything falls within the perfect timing cause the Album is just a month away. My dream was always to take the Album on the road and present it to the fans and UK has always been one of my favorite place around the world to perform so therefore I just believe everything is happening in a perfect timing.

Apart from performing, what are you looking forward to most while here?

I never get the opportunity to really get to see UK It’s always a in and out situation in the past so hopefully this time I can get to go out and see UK some more in whatever city we playing.

Sevana is supporting you on the tour; what is your relationship like?

It is such a joyful feeling to know that Sevana is going to be in the UK with us. She’s an Artiste that I truly admire from the days when she used to sing in her little group on in the Rising Stars talent competition in Jamaica. There’s something about soulful singers that just always seem to draw me in and she is definitely one of them. Im super proud of her achievements in the music thus far and I know she will do great things in the future.

You are both performing with a full live band; how much rehearsal time do you need with the band to prepare?

The Unit Band is my personal band that travels all over the world with me. Even though they know every single song that I’ve ever recorded we never take our performances lightly therefore we always rehearse as much as we can before we go out and play even if it’s the same set there is no limit to the amount of time we use to prepare.

What can ticket holders expect from the experience?

We always try to make every single performance memorable, therefore, Everyone that’s coming out to see us perform should just expect nothing less

Catch Romain Virgo on his first UK solo tour 4th April - Birmingham 5th April - Manchester 6th April - Leeds 7th April - Cardiff 8th April - London


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Seal well above ‘Standard’ at Symphony Hall


ritish soul legend, Seal, brought the glamour of old Hollywood to the present, alongside his classic hits, as his ‘Standards’ album tour mixed the old school classics like ‘Luck Be A Lady Tonight’ and ‘I Put A Spell On You,’ with his own ‘Killer’ and ‘Kiss From A Rose.’ Backed by a well-oiled big band, the multi-award winning star’s signature, velvety warm vocals brought Symphony Hall Birmingham to life with further classics made popular by Frank Sinatra - such as ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin’ and ‘It Was A Very Good Year,’ Ella

Fitzgerald (‘I’m Beginning to See The Light’) and Nina Simone’s ‘I Put A Spell on You.’ In a career spanning three decades, racking up over 30 million records sales worldwide and a string of Grammy, Brit and Ivor Novello awards along the way, Seal continues to shine as one of the world’s brightest music stars. The 55-year-old singer/ songwriter presenting a 90-minute show packed with beautiful covers and timeless hits, from the second he kicked off the set – to the very end with every classic song sang with stunning power and devotion to the

cause. From the overely enthused response from the staunchly supporting crowd, the icon then moved on to his catalogue of hits, beginning with 1994 favourite ‘Kiss From A Rose’ while strumming along on an acoustic guitar The highlight of the night then came when he climbed down from the stage to sing among the crowd, performing tremendous renditions of ‘Killer’ and ‘Fly Like An Eagle,’ which sent his fans wild. He danced with some and hugged by others as he freely posed for pictures but was basically mobbed by others who more or less clung to him as he moved

around the hall. The great man love getting close-up to his followers, showing his down-to-earth, compassionate nature and great a sense of humour. Ending the show with yet another class - ‘Crazy’ - the star danced around the stage and ended what was an already brilliant show with a bang, before encouraging the crowd to applaud his talented band. An impeccably clean sound throughout, Seal’s performance at the Symphony Hall was more than ‘Standard.’ A mention too to Zimbabwe crooner, THABO, as the accomplished singer set the night onto a great stead with his unique blend, alongside long time collaborator, Aron Kyne, who provide piano accompaniment, he introduced his first song, ‘Shallow Water,’ ‘Run & Tell,’ ‘Missing You’ and many more from his impressive catalogue of hits. Having previously worked with Naughty Boy, Idris Elba and Professor Green, it was like a ‘duck to water’ for him to fit in well on this tour.

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Black Pant l HRH Princess Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin and Editor In Chief of The Phoenix Newspaper Marcia McLaughlin

l HRH Princess Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin

l The Guests sit back to enjoy the private showing of Black Panther


l HRH Princess Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin, Pan-African Royal & Yoruba Princess, was Odeon Cinema’s Special Guest of Honour celebrating her 60th Birthday

l Mr Segun Martins Fajemisin,Veteran Journalist of Inviterite/Feferity, HRH Princess Adenike Adedoyin-Ajayi, younger S Tribe of Ghana, HRH Princess Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin, HRH Prince Nana & HRH Princess Ewurama, Children of HR

n a cold February night, the vibrant colours of Pan-African Royalty were on display at a special screening of Black Panther on the 23rd February at Odeon Luxe Putney. Odeon Staff including General Manager Ms Lucy Rowsell were on hand to give a warm welcome to HRH Princess Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin, alongside Pan-African Royals HRM Queen Naa Tsotsoo Soyoo I and her two Children Princess Ewura-Ama & Prince Nana,

HRH Princess Adenike Adedoyin-Ajayi & other Royal Guests! HRH Princess Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin stated that “The Black Panther Movie was an amazing narrative of our story, history & journey as Africans and people of African descent, wow!” HRH Princess Moradeun’s grandfather was one of the African Monarchs that inspired the regal costumes of the Black Panther cast. She is the granddaughter of the Yoruba monarch, HRM Oba Wil-

liam Christopher Adedoyin Anoko II, Akarigbo & Paramount Ruler of Remo Kingdom, who has one of his photographs featured in the Black Panther documentary, as one of the African royalty that inspired the film’s costume designer Ms Ruth E Clark. This special outing, apart from to see the Box Office smash hit Black Panther, was to celebrate HRH Princess Moradeun’s 60th Birthday. Other invited guests included Mr Segun Martins Fajemisin, Ms Tayo


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ther Pride


l HRM Oba William Christopher Adedoyin Anoko II, Akarigbo & Paramount Ruler of Remo Kingdom. Olajide, Mr Franklyn Frantos, Mr Nelson Spyk, Miss Jade Ige, Miss Simi Ige, Mr Dave Wilkes and our very own Editor-In-Chief Ms Marcia McLaughlin. Princess Moradeun continued, “It was altogether an evening of cherished delight & memorable moments for everyone that attended & I must say a fab time was had by us all! “Everybody needs to go see this phenomenal film & make sure you take your children too!” Editor In Chief of The Phoenix

Newspaper, Ms Marcia McLaughlin mused, “After watching the film, from an educated perspective, the message was very very powerful. “Africa continues and remains to be the Mother Country with richness in abundance that the West needs to survive. “The fact is that the culture of Africa has a hospitality second to none, in particular with its Royalty, and promotes the messages of Unity, Respect and Sharing without fear.

“With a simple message of good always conquering over evil, it reinstates the humility of a nation of people that was forcibly divided.” “It also reminded me of Ile-Ife and the work that His Imperial Majesty Alayeluwa Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi Ojaja II, 51st Ooni of Ife is doing in Ife.” (Photographs Courtesy of Solent News & Photos from ODEON Cinemas)

Sister of HRH Princess Moradeun, HRH Queen Naa Tsotsoo Soyoo I, a Pan-African Royal and Queen from the Ga RM Queen Naa & Mr Nelson Spyk, ACE Cinematographer Renowned UK Nollywood Writer, Producer & Director.

l HRH Princess Adenike Adedoyin-Ajayi, HRH Queen Naa Tsotsoo Soyoo I, HRH Princess Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin, Marcia McLaughlin, Editor in Chief of The Phoenix Newspaper and Dave Wilkes of Just Divine Poems

l HRH Queen Naa Tsotsoo Soyoo I, a Pan-African Royal and Queen from the Ga Tribe of Ghana with Marcia McLaughlin, Editor In Chief of The Phoenix Newspaper

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elebrating the twilight years and the hilarity of growing old disgracefully, ‘Quartet’ is the charming Sir Ronald Hardwood comedy tells the tale of four ageing opera singers. Cecily (Wendi Peters), Reggie

(Jeff Rawle) and Wilfred (Paul Nicholas) reside in a magnificent retirement home in Kent, where the rumour circling the halls is that the home is soon to play host to a new resident. Word is it’s a star. When Jean (Sue Holderness) arrives old rival-


ries resurface, secrets are revealed and chaos unfolds, but in true theatrical tradition – the show must go on. Oscar-winning writer Harwood has been nominated for several Tony and Olivier Awards in a long and distinguished career. His play, ‘The Dresser,’ recently completed a highly successful West End run and tour. The 2013 film version of ‘Quartet’ starring Maggie Smith was directed by Dustin Hoffman. Ronald’s many other credits include; ‘The Pianist’ (Plame D’Or, 2002 Cannes Film Festival and 2003 BAFTA for Best Film) and ‘The Diving Bell and the Butterfly’ (winner of the 2008 BAFTA for Best Adapted Screenplay and Academy Award Nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay). Quartet is directed by Peter Rowe, who previously directed ‘Noises Off,’ ‘The Threepenny Opera’ and ‘Feed The Beast’ at The Birmingham REP, and designed by Phil R Daniels and Charles Cusick Smith and will be at The REP from Tuesday 6 – Saturday 10 March.



fter the death of his father, T'Challa returns home to the African nation of Wakanda to take his rightful place as king. When a powerful enemy suddenly reappears, T'Challa's mettle as king -- and as Black Panther -- is tested when he's drawn into a conflict that puts the fate of Wakanda and the entire world at risk. After a nifty opening animatic detailing the history of Wakanda and a brief prologue that plants seeds that will come full circle later in the film, we are plunged straight in at the deep end. Set mere weeks after Black Panther’s introduction in Captain America: Civil War, the story picks right up where we left off, with T’Challa back in Wakanda, awaiting his coronation as the new King. We meet his ex-girlfriend, his bodyguard, his family, his friends and his fellow tribesman. We witness his coronation and a traditional open-challenge for the throne, in which any one of the five tribes that populate Wakanda can nominate a warrior to fight for the chance to be king. It’s all very interesting and gives us a fantastic insight i n t o life in

Wakanda, but for a film that runs at just over two hours long, an hour of that runtime it is spent on world-building and watching our characters go on little side-missions before the actual high-stakes plot is finally revealed, at which point we then we enter a big rush to the final showdown. While some of the pacing feels a little questionable, once the plot in unveiled, with the film’s villain finally emerging and his story finally explained, Black Panther really takes on a life of its own, with tensions quietly simmering beneath the surface until they are ready to explode onscreen. Now, while we’re on the subject of villains, it is no secret t h a t

wORDS by antony brown Marvel rarely delivers the goods when it comes to intriguing and memorable villains, with only a handful really standing out as something special. There are many aspects that


The Phoenix Newspaper - March 2018 - Page 23


most of the fantastic cast he has at his disposal. Unfortunately, he struggles a little when it come to the big, bombastic action sequences — a few of which become quite frantic and difficult to follow. The final showdown in-particular is rather disappointing, with what should have been an epic battle between two expert combatants descending in to a poorly choreographed, CGI-heavy frustration that wouldn’t look out of place in a video-game. That being said, what Ryan Coo-

A HERO FOR A OF CINEMA can make or break a villain and one of those is motive. Why are they doing what they are doing? If the answer to that question is something as simple and, quite frankly, boring as “world domination” then the villain is immediately less interesting. However, if you provide the villain with a motive that actually makes your audience question the nature of what they’re seeing, then you’re doing something very special — and Black Panther does just that. Not only are we given a vicious, physically imposing bad-guy, but his reason for doing what he’s doing actually causes the audience, and even the other characters, to reevaluate the way they think because, to put it simply, he’s kind of right. He may not be approaching it in the best way, but everything he’s saying makes a whole lot of sense and has a very real

and lasting impact on the movie. It is fair to say that Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger stands proudly as one of the best villains Marvel Studios has ever delivered. Speaking of Michael B. Jordan, his performance is phenomenal and in many ways, he is the backbone of the film. In fact, the entire cast are Black

Panther’s not-so-secret weapon, with every single performer breathing life in to a vast array of smart, powerful, interesting and funny characters. From T’Challa himself (Chadwick Boseman) to his estranged lover Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) to T’Challa’s younger sister Shuri (Letitia Wright) and the Dora Milaje, an all-female warrior horde led by the badass Okeye (Danai Gurira), Black Panther really is a goldmine of great characters. Not only are they interesting, but they are important. In 2017, we were given Wo n d e r Wo m a n — the first major female-led superhero movie, with a woman young girls everywhere could look up to and aspire to be. Now, in Black Panther, we have Nakia, Shuri, Okeye and the rest

of the Dora Milaje — strong, smart and independent women, who rely on nothing but their own intelligence and competence to get things done. This is not a film full of “damsels in distress"; this is a film where the “damsels” are the solution. In terms of representation of women and people of colour, there truly has never been anything like Black Panther. Director Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station and Creed) is the man behind the curtain, and he and his cowriter Joe Robert Cole have pieced together a film that is going to be extremely important to a hell of a lot of people. Coogler has carved a career out of telling stories about people of colour, standing as one of the few voices people of colour have in cinema. He directs Black Panther with a remarkable confidence and finesse, considering this is only his third feature-film. As would be expected based on his previous work, Coogler is at his best in the smaller, character driven scenes, as he’s able to make the

gler and his team have achieved here cannot be overstated and here’s to hoping that Black Panther leads the charge in pushing for Hollywood to be a more inclusive industry. Black Panther is undeniably the most important and culturally significant movie Marvel has ever made, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best. Make no mistake, it stands comfortably in the upper-echelon of Marvel movies, but it is not a flawless masterpiece. The characters are fantastic and

Wakanda and its people are exquisitely fleshed-out, but some pacing issues and lacklustre action sequences affect on the overall experience. As it stands, Black Panther is an excellent adventure that breaks new ground and will hopefully usher in a new era of cultural inclusivity in Hollywood, but is it the greatest superhero movie of all time, as many are claiming? I suppose that’s down to personal opinion, but for me, it falls short of earning that accolade.

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Disney On Ice Skates Back To Birmingham


ev up for non-stop fun with four of your favourite Disney stories when Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Enchantment comes to Birmingham from the 28th March until 1st April 2018. This action-packed ice spectacular showcases beloved characters from Disney•Pixar’s Cars, Toy Story 3, Disney’s The Little Mermaid and the Academy Award-winning Frozen. Plus, don’t miss the chance to warm up alongside Disney On Ice stars at the Fit to Dance pre-show! Get ready to enter a dazzling world of Disney magic, live on ice where Lightning McQueen, Mater and the crew of Disney Pixar’s Cars perform high-speed stunts and race across the ice like you’ve never seen before! Be amazed and join Ariel as she dives into the underwater king-

dom of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie and other favorites from the Toy Story gang as they try and escape from Sunnyside Daycare in one of their most daring adventure ever from Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 3 – proving that the toys are back in town! Then enter the wintery world of Arendelle with sisters Anna and Elsa from the BAFTA and Academy Award® winning and number one animated feature film of all time, Disney’s Frozen. Join Anna as she embarks on an epic journey with the hilarious snowman Olaf and rugged mountain-man Kristoff to find her sister, the magical Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Even before this magical journey begins, Disney fans will get moving and shaking alongside Disney On Ice stars during the

new, high-energy Fit To Dance pre-show to get the crowd fit and active whilst having fun! “Worlds of Enchantment connects classic and new Disney stories,” says Producer Kenneth Feld. “Audiences will be blown away in Radiator Springs when they encounter the unforgettable crew of animated cars, built to scale and live on ice. “They will see their all-time favorites like The Little Mermaid and discover world of Arendelle with Frozen.” From wheels to waves, icy wonderlands to infinity and beyond, see some of your family’s favorite Disney moments come to life in Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Enchantment! Catch all the fun at the Genting Arena Birmingham from 28th March to 1st April 2018.


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An Inspirational Royal Visit To Birmingham Continued from Front Page

“Prince Harry and Ms. Markle will then visit Nechells Wellbeing Centre to join The Royal Foundation’s Birmingham @ WeAreCoachCore apprentices as they take part in a training masterclass.” We admire their new way and engagements with all communities and passion they have to see a young generation further education with their help.

The Birmingham visit will come after their first joint appearance with The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the first annual Royal Foundation Forum on Wednesday February 28. Set up by the two Princes, William and Harry, the Royal Foundation is their way of following their philanthropic and charitable interests.

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Zara McFarlane Z

ara McFarlane brought her 5 piece group including Bass, Tenor Sax, Drums and Keys to Birmingham’s Hare & Hounds giving everyone a taste of her great range, showcasing her deep bassy notes and crisp highs. Bringing a mixture of her old clas-

l Dodie comes to Birmingham’s O2 Academy on the 27th March!


March 01 Electric Six 02 Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox 07 Hopsin 08 Lemz 09 Stefflon Don 09 Xilla 10 H.E.R. 11 Satyricon 14 Feeder - The Best of Tour 15 Alabama 3 16 Mist 17 The Stranglers 18 The Pop Hits Tour 20 Zak Abel 22 Yxng Bane 23 Catapult Club feat. Fullshore 24 Jessie Ware 27 Dodie 29 Blackstreet + Mýa + Case Live 29 YES LAD 31 Skull Fox


March 01 Y.O.U.N.G: The Lazy Tour 02 Dirty Thrills 03 Nuns of Tundra 05 Superorganism 06 Arcane Roots 07 Pokey LaFarge 08 Ferocious Dog 09 Obituary 10 The Wailers 11 Tom Misch 12 At The Drive-In 13 As It Is 13 Jamie Lawson 14 C2C Roadshow - Kristian Bush 15 Field Music 16 C2C Roadshow – Mo Pitney, Ashley Campbell & Ryan Kinder 17 Myles Kennedy 18 Sigrid 19 Anne-Marie 20 Young Fathers 21 Rae Morris 22 The Magic Gang 23 Tom Walker 24 Blue October 24 Starset 27 The Fratellis 28 Skengdo X AM: 2 Bunny Tour 29 Ady Suleiman 30 Eliza and the Bear


March 02-03 What Career Live? What University Live? 08-11 Crufts 13 Nursing Careers and Jobs Fair Birmingham 14-17 The Big Bang Fair 2018 15-18 Fashion & Embroidery 15-18 Sewing for Pleasure inc Fashion & Embroidery 15-18 The Creative Craft Show 17-18 MCM Birmingham Comic Con 17-20 The Photography Show 22-25 The National Homebuilding & Renovating Show 23-25 Practical Classics Classic

Car & Restoration Show 24-25 Miniatura – Dolls’ House Modelling Show 30-Apr 02 Insomnia62 – UK’s Biggest Gaming Festival


March 01-04 IAAF World Indoor Championships Birmingham 2018 10 BBC Asian Network Live 14-18 YONEX All England Open Badminton Championships 21-22 2018 Gymnastics World Cup 24-25 Dream Extreme 27 Fall Out Boy 29 Thirty Seconds To Mars 30 Harbhajan Mann


March 01 Stereophonics 02 Paul Weller 03 Elbow 08-11 Crufts 2018 and Best In Show 15 All Time Low 16 Joe Bonamassa 17 40 Years of Disco 21 Paloma Faith 22 Flight Of The Conchords 23 John Bishop 24 Jason Derulo 24 Now or Never 28-01 Apr Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Enchantment


March 01 Apocalyptica Plays ‘Metallica By Four Cellos’ (SH) 02 Best Of The West End (SH) 02 Magnum (TH) 03 Satinder Sartaaj (SH) 04 Singalong With The Cbso Brahms German Requiem (SH) 04 Editors (TH) 08 Russell Brand - Re:Birth (SH) 11 An Evening with Ant Middleton (TH) 13 G4 (TH) 16 Turin Brakes (TH) 16 Brendan Cole (SH) 20 Yes (SH) 21 Beth Nielsen Chapman (TH) 23 Omo Bello (TH) 24 Rupi Kaur (TH) 25 Andy Hamilton Centenary (TH) 28 Harshdeep Kaur (TH) 31 Sister Act Live Choir (SH)

sics and tracks from her new album, Zara had the very receptive audience joining in with her hits and dancing in the crowd as she tapped away on stage during the instrumental sections. The interesting mix of Jazz, Reggae and a number of other Caribbean-influences kept everyones interest as the songstress sang her heart out for the Birmingham crowd. Zara was supported by Kofi Stone, a Birmingham Hip Hop artist who wowed the crowd with good lyrics, smooth delivery and a great group backing him. Zara is headed on a European tour starting at the end of March and will be back in the UK a few times before the end of July.

Katherine Ryan


irmingham’s Symphony Hall was host to a Canadian Comedian in the form of Katherine Ryan on the 2nd February. Katherine was supported by the wonderful local talent of Joe Lycett who was the perfect warm up act. Playing on his intimate local knowledge of Birmingham and the West Midlands he expertly joked about everything from accents to localities, drawing roaring laughs all through his set. He brought his usual self deprecating and critical brand of comedy to Symphony Hall, marking his first performance at the prestigious venue in the heart of the city. Glitter Room, both the tour name and coincidentally the

name for her wonderfully suggestive trousers on the night proved to be a success, with Ryan immediately engaging the audience. Taking them through tales of love, heartbreak, the difference between day wine and night wine, and the ineffectual butler that is her very British daughter, Katherine Ryan had everyone rolling with laughter. Besides self deprecating humour which was present throughout the night, from warm up Joe Lycett until the end, celebrities, stalking Anna Kendrick, and the trials and tribulations of other parents at the school gate, all got to feel the sharp lashing of Ryan’s witty, perfectly delivered lines. Ryan is still on tour for the rest of March so if you haven’t already, go see her!



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Leading UK soul stalwart Mica Paris played all of her favourite renditions of Ella Fitzgerald at the Jam House in Birmingham last month. Introduced to the vocal brilliance of Ella Fitzgerald as a child, she celebrated the music of the Queen of Jazz who would have been 100 years old in 2017


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JLR to Invest £200m in Gaydon Site

Dyson to ‘Sweep Floor’ with New Electric Cars The engineering company best known for its vacuum cleaners and fans, plans to spend £2bn developing a ‘radical’ electric car. Dyson is saying that the battery-powered vehicle is due to be launched in 2020, with 400 staff, for the past two years, already working on the secret project at its headquarters in Wiltshire. However, with a factory site yet to be chosen, the car does not yet exist, with no prototype built. Sir James Dyson declined to give further details of the project. "Competition for new technology in the automotive industry is fierce and we must do everything we can to keep the specifics of our vehicle confidential," he told staff in an email. Important points that are undecided or secret include the firm's expected annual production total, the cost of the car, or its range or top speed. Sir James said about £1bn would be spent on developing the car, with another £1bn on making the battery. Dyson new concept first came to the public’s awareness when he appeared on Blue Peter in the 90s, where he talked about his new device to clean soot from the exhaust of diesel vehicles... it was the cyclone from his vacuum cleaner, put to a different use. "That is how long I have wanted to do this," he said. In fact he first hatched the idea in the late 1980s.

Jaguar Land Rover, the UK’s largest car manufacturer is beginning construction work on a new £200 million redevelopment of its design and engineering centre at Gaydon in Warwickshire. The expansion represents the first major construction project at one of the company’s non-manufacturing sites in over a decade. The development is intended to become one of the world’s foremost automotive product, engineering and design sites – fitting for a company with ambitious plans for continued global growth. Chris Elliott, Property Programmes Director for Jaguar Land Rover said: “The new design and engineering centre is a testament both to Jaguar Land Rover's British heritage of innovation and its compelling vision for future vehicle technology.

Triumph-ant Royal Ride


riumph Motorcycles welcomed His Royal Highness, the Duke of Cambridge, to its UK factory in Hinckley last month. Prince William viewed a brand new, £6 million paint shop facility and even took to the saddle himself on one of Triumph’s newest and most exciting adven-

ture motorcycles, the Tiger 1200. The paint shop, a major new investment at Triumph’s Leicestershire headquarters, will be pressed into operation in the spring of this year. Meanwhile, the Duke took a tour of the rest of the factory as well as Triumph’s Factory Visitor Experience (FVE), which was re-

cently opened to the public. Later, he unveiled a commemorative fuel tank emblazoned with a Union Jack design in Triumph’s striking colours which was hand painted on site by one of Triumph’s official tank painters, to mark the visit and the opening of the FVE. Triumph employs 900 people

in the UK and, alongside further plants in Thailand, builds around 67,000 bikes every year. Triumph CEO, Nick Bloor, who hosted the Duke during his visit, said: “It was a delight to welcome His Royal Highness to Hinckley.” “Thanks to the dedication and hard work of everyone at Triumph, our export business continues to grow and our outstanding design engineering team, in which we have invested heavily in recent years, is producing a stream of exciting motorcycles that captures the imagination of riders all over the world.” During the visit, the Duke fixed a Triumph badge to the engine of a Triumph Tiger 1200 adventure motorcycle, one of the most recent new Triumph models launched. Known to be a keen biker, Prince William even tried out a Tiger 1200.

The new space will centralise our design, product engineering and purchasing functions in an original and modern environment, as well as creating additional capacity for the future.” Jaguar Land Rover has invested heavily in its UK vehicle manufacturing facilities at Castle Bromwich, Halewood and Solihull to support the introduction of all-new vehicles such as the Jaguar XE, XF and F-PACE, Range Rover Evoque Convertible and Land Rover Discovery Sport. It has also made significant progress in building its international manufacturing presence over the last year, with a new manufacturing facility under construction in Slovakia and the opening of its plant in Brazil.

The Only MotoGP Stop in the U.S. Returns to COTA


he only MotoGP race weekend to take place on U.S. soil in 2018 returns to Circuit of The Americas for its sixth successive year; April 20-22 2018. The MotoGP Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas is now fully established as one of the most thrilling race experiences of the year. Austin’s long-standing motorcycle heritage allied with COTA’s cutting edge racing facility ensures that audiences can expect a jam-packed weekend of world class two-wheeled excitement on-track alongside an incredible schedule of off-track entertainment to keep fans of all ages

thoroughly engaged throughout this action packed stage of one of the world’s most popular racing series. In addition - in celebration of all motorcycle riders - COTA will be combining all cycle corrals into one, giving visitors a true sense of the racing community. Last year’s MotoGP Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas produced another stunning race weekend which saw Marc Marquez cement his position as the King of COTA with his 5th successive win in Austin. This was also the first victory of the season in what proved to be another record-breaking and title-winning

campaign for the Repsol Honda rider who this year became the youngest ever rider to win four premier class World Championship titles at the age of 24 years 254 days. He will be determined to put on another masterclass at COTA in 2018 to extend his perfect record at the venue but no doubt his great rival and fan favourite Valentino Rossi, as well as the likes of Maverick Vinales, Andrea Dovizioso, Dani Pedrosa, and Jorge Lorenzo will do everything in their power to clinch their first win in Texas and end his winning streak. One thing is for sure, this race weekend will be simply unmissable.

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l Lifetime Achievement Award – Paul Sabapathy

elebrating the very best of professional business minds, entrepreneurs and who have produced cutting edge thinking, the Nachural Signature Awards, sponsored by Birmingham City University, provided the perfect platform to again shine a beaming light on the men and women whose creative drive and innovation has

made a massive contribution to the local, national and international economy. Held at the ICC Birmingham, the awards show, acknowledging those involved in the wealth creation process with a link to the servicing and business communities, attracted some of the leading movers and shakers from the professions - from both the West and East Midlands – with the

perfect platform to highlight, reward and signpost some of the business world’s leading lights. Signature Awards Founder, Ninder Johal, said: “During turbulent times, businesses have proven to be resilient and the latest trade figure confirms that. This awards ceremony is a symbol of that confidence. Change is the new norm!’ We are too often too scared

l Excellence In Finance (Individual) – Ruzwan Boota (Mazars) l Excellence In Law (Individual) – Eileen Schofield (Schofield and Associates Employment Lawyers)

l Excellence In Creative & Media – Raj Chadha (Ramada Hotel)

l Excellence In Finance (Orga Accountants

l Excellence In Promoting Apprenticeships – In-Comm Training

l Excellence In The Business Professions For Owner Practice – Kamran Sheikh (Morgan Reach Accountants)

l Excellence In Diversity– Irw

l Highly Commended - Edward Cooper Young Chartered Surveyors


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to take risks as we have stopped thinking ‘leftfield’ and stop taking initiatives. We have to give our workforce the opportunity to dream. And as such, these awards celebrate those who are recreation the innovation of this city’s idealistic forefathers.” Special Guest Speaker, Mayor Andy Street, leader of the Metropolitan West Midlands region, enthused:

“This is our (West Midlands region) time. “Performances over the past 12-months are encouraging. We have a strategy which is about ‘concentrating on us’ and people in this room have proved hugely vital to the progress of this region.” As the evening’s host, BBC Asian Networks Tommy Sandhu, declared the Nachural Signature Awards open,


businesses and individuals were recognized; in a variety of categories - from business to law, the creative media to finance and many others – this high-profiled black-tie event was a great chance to make the statement of just how so many of the world’s leading minds are concentrated in the centre of the UK.

anisation) – Baldwins

l Excellence In Law (Organisation) – Trowers & Hamlins

l Excellence In Banking – Rin Ryan (Barclays)

l Excellence In Land, Architecture and Property Development – Simon Marks (Arcadis)

win Mitchell

l Young Professional of the Year – Gurpreet Bassi (SDL Auctions Bigwood)

l Highly Commended – Jagjeet Singh Virdee (Inspire International UK Ltd) & Vic Younis (Wall James Chappell Solicitors)

l Excellence In Business – Sanjay and Ravi Kathuria (Talash Hotels)

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Welcome to another edition of Teen flair where I give you advice, highlight real people and much more!

What should I do Post-18? I

’m about to finish sixth form, I feel like i’ve wasted a lot of time here, as I realise I could have spent time working at an apprenticeship whilst learning and earning money. I think college would have been the better choice for me, I hated studying for exams, and I’m a practical person who enjoys hands on experience. What would be the best route for me as I don’t have much time left? — Anonymous, 18 Dear Anonymous, I completely understand how strenuous and tiring sixth form can be. I believe it’s important to have education, as if all else

fails, education is something you’ll always have to lean on. However, like me you enjoy doing practical work too. I previously did a lot of research on apprenticeships. You’re very lucky to have not chosen to do an apprenticeship after completing year 11 as I’ve been told that a lot of companies tend to exploit young workers, giving them little pay, and the responsibilities (which they did not sign up for) such as making beverages, staying in an office for hours upon hours and not really gaining the experience they should get. I would say look on different apprenticeships, and make sure to do your research before applying. Apply for a lot of different


ones, and I would say in the meantime as sixth form is coming to an end to find a part time job, so that when you do leave, as you may of not made a decision by then, money will not be the problem. I assume you might have applied for different universities too just in case, if so, I advise further research into the course you’ve picked as some do offer different opportunities. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to those who have already been to university, or maybe even taken a gap year. You’d be surprised to how many people have been in your exact same position! And pray! Check upon the scripture Matthew 6:34 for encouragement! - R.Dehaney

As we are all aware there is power in social media, I will be using these networking sites, to promote this newspaper page, and #TEAMFLAIR which will not only advertise,

Stacks of books or money?


ack Ede quit sixth form after his portraits of One Direction went viral. Now from personal experience I have wanted to quit sixth form many times due to it being very challenging, and after being apart of the school system for so long it can get really tiring. Or maybe your just “bored” which Jack was of studying your A levels. A lot of teens tend to have outside hobbies/skills and jobs that there good at, that if they could, they would take it on full time. But we all know the risks that we are told often “what’s your backup plan? “You can’t gain a degree by sitting at home”.

So is it wise to leave school/ college or should you stay and try to pursue your dream after? “It was quite scary to dropout of school because I felt I had nothing to fall back on,” he admitted. “But if you have a dream, then you should go for

it.” Jack was offered £400 for his most popular portrait of One direction star Harry styles and as we know social media can help to gain a lot of exposure in any field.

Proverbs 16:3 Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.

but will promote what to look forward to in the newspaper. I’m not only hoping to create just another column, but a movement, for young people of all races.

To Advertise on my page, or to send me news, information and more, contact me at

Street Cred Magazine - March 2018  
Street Cred Magazine - March 2018  

Street Cred Magazine - March 2018