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The taste of natural luxury

Pure indulgence & clear conscience CAVIAR FARMING IN THE MOST SUSTAINABLE WAY POSSIBLE Over the past 100 years, the wild sturgeons that produce precious caviar have sadly been subjected to over-fishing. With stocks almost depleted, many producers have turned to open-air pond sturgeon farming, which - although productive - has been found to have a damaging environmental effect on nearby rivers and lakes. As an entrepreneurial group of Finnish fish farmers, we naturally wondered: could sustainable sturgeon be farmed indoors? Our farm in North Carelia, at the heart of the beautiful Finnish water district, seemed the ideal place to try.

THE CRISP, CLEAR, COLD WATER THAT SETS US APART Fortuitously located between two lake systems, we are literally awash with huge amounts of fresh water. This has enabled us to develop the innovative recirculation technology required to farm caviar in a controlled indoor environment. As we are surrounded by beautiful nature, it is extremely important to us that our farm wastes nothing. We want to contribute to our local environment and economy, not drain them. Our detailed policy guides everything we do and we work closely with our neighbours to ensure complete sustainability. We share a waste management system with a nearby paper mill and use their excess steam to heat our basins.


Our farm uses a special indoor farming technique, the Recirculated Aqua System, that allows quality control from spawn to roe, producing luxurious caviar with perfectly balanced texture, aroma and flavour. It´s silky in the mouth, fresh on the nose, and has lingering notes of ocean on the palate. Cultivation of sturgeons in this way helps to preserve the wild sturgeon population. We care about the environment and treat our fish - as well as the nature around us - with respect.

100% NATURAL - GUARANTEE All of our caviar is 100% natural and sustainable, with no additives other than salt. It is completely free from antibiotics, hormones, artificial colours, chemicals and preservatives. When you buy original label Carelian Caviar, we guarantee that the caviar is CITES licensed (, ethically hatched and farmed in Finland. Carelian Caviar is a sustainable - and 100 % natural - premium product, produced in crystal-clear Nordic waters on a sturgeon farm in Finland´s beautiful North Carelia water district.

OUR NORDIC LOCATION - THE KEY TO OUTSTANDING FLAVOUR Carelian Caviar is the first Scandinavian producer of black gold. We harvest this luxury product from Siberian sturgeons, but it is our geographical location that really sets us apart. With unlimited access to cold, clean, Nordic water, we are able to produce caviar that has a truly outstanding flavour - a taste experience like no other.


Our highest quality caviar, with the largest pearls, is a fresh low-salt variety with a sublime, complex flavour. It is a real taste sensation and so best consumed neat or with mild accompaniments, such as blinis and crème fraiche. Enjoy it with champagne.


This lightly salted caviar has a clean aroma, buttery flavour and long intense aftertase. Versatile and indulgent, it makes an ideal topping for luxury canapés and delicate starters. Try it with salmon sashimi or a succulent Norwegian lobster.


This rare pale black caviar is only produced by 5 % of the sturgeons. Beautiful and delicious, it has slightly smaller eggs than our other varieties and makes a perfect garnish for exclusive starters. Try it with roast ratte potato, crème fraiche and butter.

Member of The Sustainable Restaurant Assosiation, SRA

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