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samuel burns and co • prestonpans

jon eland

samuel burns and co prestonpans A limited first-edition produced for the 3 Harbours Aerts Festival 2012

As a photographer I’ve been drawn to the ‘three harbours’ area of East Lothian, Scotland – the seaside towns of Cockenzie, Port Seton and Prestonpans – by the role I’ve been playing in their arts festival Part of this has been running a photowalk as part of the festival and 2011 saw this walk going around Prestonpans and found the intrepid attendees walking into this particular and amazing location of intrigue just as the clouds cleared and rays of sun shone out. Samuel Burns & Co is to be found as a visitor leaves Prestonpans on the way towards Musselbrough and Edinburgh behind a high wall with imposting gates. Within is found all manner of items - a cacophony of options for the purchaser - both curiosities adn the mundane either previously owned or never used but in both cases discarded to this traditional retail space where bargains are found at every corner. The festival has long used the space – with sculptors and multimedia artists especially fond of it. I, as a photographer was also drawn and I hope the images inside this book give a glimpse of the excitement and bedazzlement with the place I felt then shooting.

Jon Eland

with heartfelt thanks Samuel Burns & Co - simply for being there and inspiring this. Andrew, Yvonne and everyone else at 3 Harbours Arts Festival - for your support, warm welcomes and amazing enthusiasm Shirley-Anne, Dizzy and Wendy - for moral support and sustinence Simon - for being there when I need it, and giving me space to follow my passions And to all others who support me in my endeavours, promote my enthusiasms and help direct me when lost.

my special note to you Photography is easy when we live in a world full of excitement, intrigue, wonderment and all among the every day. It is a hobby or creative endeavour almost all can take part in – go ahead and record the things around you, the things that excite you and the things that make you question. And, when you’ve done that, share those images with others. No one starts producing books like this, not enough progress to doing it. I hope you’re one of those who gets this far.

First Edition – printed on recycled paper © Jon Eland 2011/12 • All Rights Reserved •