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This year’s cover picture shows Millfield House as it was in 1937. The pond was used for ‘boating’ in those days, before being transformed into the school swimming pool – although it has now reverted to being used as a pond. The eight boys in the picture can be identified from that year’s school photo. Left to right: John Gordon, R Walton Holmes, Helmut Meyer, Robin Sweet-Escott, Harry Hawker, Nathan Penney, Ismail Moloobhai and Virendra Jhaia

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OM Society 2014 Diary February/March SW Branch trip to The Old Vic, London to see Lucy Bailey’s (1973-78; Day) production of Turgenev’s Fortune’s Fool* March “Nissen Club” (for over 60s) Luncheon* April Friday 25th Class of 2009 Five Year Reunion, Hotel Russell, London

May “Nissen Club” (for over 60s) Luncheon* OMS Presentation to School Leavers at Millfield* SW Branch Clay Pigeon Shoot* June Saturday 14th OMS Careers Convention for L6 at Millfield OMS Classic Car Rally

OMS Family Tea and 55th Anniversary Reunion at Millfield Thursday 19th OM Professional Groups’ Summer Boat Party on the Thames

Friday 24th OMS 20th Annual Golf Day November Friday 21st Old Millfieldian of the Year Awards 2014

July OM Cricket Club Festival at Millfield*

Saturday 29th OM Fencing Club Annual Dinner at Millfield School

October “Nissen Club” (for over 60s) Luncheon*

*Note: Some of the above dates are still to be confirmed and several other proposed events are under consideration

Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 3


Letter from the Chairman John Graveney (1961*-67; Hollies) reflect on my second year as Chairman of the OMS which has been an extremely enjoyable and eventful time which has passed, it seems, very quickly. During the year there has been a further expansion in the number of professional and sporting clubs, the latest being the fencing and football groups. Congratulations to the squash squad who won the Londonderry Cup and the golf team who won a Grafton Morrish trophy, qualifying for this tournament for the first time since the early eighties. I wish all the clubs the very best of luck for the future. My thanks to Nick Brothers and his colleagues for the OMCC which continues to grow from strength to strength and for all the hard work put into the fantastic cricket festival week in July, also remembering the last day of the week which was a great occasion for Arul Suppiah’s benefit. As President of the OMCC, I was extremely proud of all their


cold but everybody who participated thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the lunch. This was a completely new venture for me. Well done to you all! Grateful thanks, again, to the OMS office and, especially, John Davies for his continued support and assistance to me and his sterling efforts on behalf of the OMS. Finally, “One of my best memories was the day special mention to the organised by Nikki Della Valle, a member of Headmaster, Bursar and Governors for their our South West Branch committee, at a clay assistance throughout pigeon shoot in Somerset.” the year which was much appreciated. OMS functions, including three Nissen Here’s looking forward to a busy, Club luncheons which only reinforced my productive and enjoyable 2014. understanding of the love and affection that people who attended the School in the early years had for it and “Boss”. However, for me, one of my best memories was the day organised by Nikki Della Valle, a member of our South West Branch committee, at a clay pigeon shoot in Somerset. The day was unbelievably achievements during the 2013 season, not least their acceptance to compete in the Cricketer Cup next year. Our professional groups continue to expand and flourish too, and details of these can be found on page 32. Throughout the year, I have been privileged to have attended a number of

Millfield Governors Sir John Reith, KCB, CBE, Chair

Mr Marc A L Simon (1970-75; Holmcroft)

Mr William J Bushell (1971-73; Walton)

Mr Rod Speed (1964-66; Day)

Mr Richard J R Clark

Mr Oliver Tant

Mrs Clare Cripps (née Swindall)

Mr Timothy Taylor, Former Head, MPS

(1965-68; Ashcott)

Mr Robert P Thornton

Mrs Christobel V Flood

Mr Roger S Trafford

Mr Christopher H Hirst, MA

Mr David S Williamson

Mr John H Jackson Mr Atul A Patel (1962-67; Shapwick) Mr Michael W Roulston, MBE Mrs Anabel Sexton (née Lewis; 1980*-87; Oaklands), Deputy Chair Clay pigeon shoot was a highlight of the year 4 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

Mrs Rachel Summerhayes, Secretary and Clerk to the Governors

Secretary’s Report Board and Advisory Committee BOARD Directors John Graveney

(1961*-67; Hollies)

John Davies

Chairman/Treasurer Former Staff/Secretary

Robert Clark

(1960-65; Etonhurst)

Jonathan Ebsworth

(1977-79; Walton)

Andrew Jackson

(1982-86; Day)

Andy Kemp-King

(1963*-71; Day)

Louise Lang

(1995-97; Day)

Chair, London Branch

Anabel Sexton

(1980*-87; Oaklands)

Deputy Chair of Governors

Rod Speed

(1964-66; Day)

Governor Representative

Malcolm Tucker

(1961-65; Millfield)

Ex Officio Craig Considine



(1974-76; Day)

Judith Balding

(1970-73; Southfield)

Julia Burton

(1970-74; Johnson’s)

Sarah Champion

Former Head, MPS

Stuart Crawford

(1972-73; Day)

Laurence Davis

(1974-77; Hollies)

Nikki Della Valle

(1986*-94; Day)

Vince Douglas

(1975-81; Day)

Duncan Goodhew

(1970-75; Walton)

Kate Griggs

(1974*-79; Day)

Amy Taylor

(1992*-99; Oaklands)

Hayley Thompson

(1997*-2005; Warner)

Tony Williams

(1958-61; Day)

Ex Officio Shirley Shayler

Chair, South West Branch Chair, Midlands Branch Chairman, Scottish Branch


aving completed my 22nd year as Secretary of the OM Society (and 46 years at Millfield), I am pleased to report that 2013 has been a very busy year indeed, for your society. Twenty two years ago there was very little support from the school, no Chronicle magazine, no reunions, no UK or overseas branches – in fact, almost nothing at all for former pupils of Millfield. How things have changed! We now have the full support of Millfield’s Governors and the school and are properly funded, to allow multifarious OM events to take place in the UK and all over the world and services to be offered to OMs that you will read about within these pages. We are immensely grateful to those OMs who, at the last minute, have come forward with advertising support which has ensured that another edition of our great magazine has dropped through so many letterboxes all over the world. However, without similar support from OMs for the next issue, it is almost certain that there will be no Chronicle winging its way to you by post in 2015. I hope you enjoy reading this issue, with all its news of Society and school. I look forward to seeing you at one or other of our reunion events in 2014.

Head, MPS

Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 5

News from the Headmaster

Nine at Millfield Headmaster Craig Considine introduces Millfield’s innovative learning programme for Year 9s


reating an environment in which every young person has the opportunity to discover and develop the awareness and confidence to find their own way has been the challenge gifted to each Millfield Headmaster. Innovations in academic learning, the arts, sport, co-curricular activities, facilities, teaching, coaching and boarding have featured throughout Millfield’s history. Evolving through the Meyer years, to Atkinson, Gaskell, Martin and Johnson, Millfield’s outstanding range of opportunities and experiences have inspired generations to look forward and discover what they excel at, work hard and achieve their best. The modern world is increasingly competitive and the way we prepare our children for its demands is more important than ever. A good school seeks ways to build on excellence and renew its approach to learning whilst developing confidence and maturity in all its pupils. Launching in September 2014, Nine at Millfield is an example of how we

6 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

have refined our vision of how we best support young adolescents. The transition from prep or junior school to Year 9 can be challenging for even the most accomplished children. Nine at Millfield is an age appropriate initiative which provides the environment, structure, pastoral care and welfare children need to really get to know the school, each other and themselves. Fundamentally the programme is about learning. Building on the success of our existing Year 9 experience, Nine at Millfield delivers a curriculum both inside and outside the classroom which stretches and challenges each young person. It creates limitless opportunities for pupils to connect with everything Millfield has to offer – from art, drama and music, to sport, activities, lectures and competitions all supported by our superb campus facilities and community of teachers and coaches. Undoubtedly the Nissen huts, used as classrooms on campus until 1975, are still held in great affection with OMs of that

era. Christopher Martin noted in ACACIA his introduction to Millfield, A School for All Seasons that ‘people represent, of course the most formative influences in our lives, certainly when we are young’. Through Nine at Millfield we are bringing together the right balance of house staff in the optimum environment that provides the assistance needed by 13-14 year olds to learn and bring about new skills to achieve their maximum performance. We are changing the house structure for Year 9s and carefully creating a community where every pupil is welcomed, supported and made to feel completely at home. Nine at Millfield will be located right at the heart of the campus, both geographically and metaphorically. Acacia will become a Year 9 girls’ house, Keen’s Elm and Millfield House will become houses for Year 9 boys. There will also be a co-educational Year 9 Day House for 30 girls and 30 boys. Our new approach to Year 9 acknowledges that 13 year olds are different from 18 year olds. It brings Year 9 pupils together to build bonds, memories and friendships across the year group, strengthening transitions into houses at Year 10. Year 9 Houseparents will be responsible for each child’s academic progress and pastoral welfare during this year of significant change and senior pupils will mentor Year 9s throughout their first year.





Since the summer, I have had the pleasure of being accompanied by many groups of parents who are considering Nine at Millfield on my campus

‘Walkabouts’. It has been wonderful to introduce them to our renewed vision of how we work with young adolescents, looking forward without losing sight of

what has come before. If you would like to find out more about Nine at Millfield, please contact Director of Year 9, Toby Sawrey Cookson

Overview of the Changes to House Structure Millfield boarding began with the Indian Princes being accommodated

organised into junior and senior day houses during the 1970s and early

in Mill Field (sic) House. Millfield was still the main boarding house up

1980s. Mill House opened in 2010 and the Girls Cottage became Lakes

to and including WWII, although some boys and all girls were put into

and Overleigh in 2012.

Billets. After the War the school expanded and houses were rented

By the 1980s there were nearly 30 boarding houses. Some of these

and (sometimes) purchased in Street, Glastonbury and surrounding

were very small and expensive to run, so there was a gradual move to

villages. Boss’s criterion for a house being suitable was that it was

close them and have fewer houses. By 2000 there were still more than

within cycling distance for the boys!

20 boarding houses and transport costs were a significant factor. It

There were day pupils at Millfield from the early days, although

was decided to build eight new boarding houses on campus to replace

they were not organised separately, as they were considered part of

many of the outhouses and those on Chindit Avenue were opened in

Millfield House. In 1957 separate day boys and day girls houses were

the autumn of 2002. The numbers of pupils in these were fixed at 60

organised. Over the years these became too large and were split

for boys and 54 for Girls. The remaining outhouses, Kingweston, St

into smaller units, known by the Houseparents’ name. In 2008 the

Anne’s and Walton, were fixed at 53 (the capacity of Avalon coaches!).

names of houses which had closed many years before were revived.

The other ‘In houses’ were modified to fit in with these numbers. There

The number of day houses has fluctuated over the years, with pupils

are now 16 large boarding houses and three smaller ones.

Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 7

Society News

Old Millfieldian of Annual award ceremony acknowledges success of Old Millfieldians and inspires future generations. Lisa Kendall, PR and Content Executive


illfield produces a vast array of high-flying professionals and the Old Millfieldian of the Year Awards was instigated in 2000 to acknowledge and reward those who have progressed to achieve greatness in a wide range of fields spanning service, academic, business, the arts and sport. Over the last fourteen years outstanding OMs have received honours for their roles as authors, international sportsmen and Olympic champions, media personalities, West End and film directors, gardeners, musicians, national and industrial leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, pioneering doctors, charity and humanitarian workers, among others. A packed Johnson Hall witnessed the 14th OM of the Year Awards Ceremony on 22 November. The audience, made up of Old Millfieldians, Governors, teaching staff and pupils past and present, watched in awe as they heard anecdotes from the five awardees’ time at Millfield and life beyond. Speaking with great pride about the recipients John Davies, Secretary of the OM Society said: “We have over 20,000 OMs on our database and to date we’ve only honoured 50 OMs. Thus, for these five OMs to be selected for this year’s awards is a colossal achievement.”

8 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

the Year 2013

Awardees in 2013 Nick Gates – Founder of international football charity “Coaches Across Continents” Clare Montgomery – Leading international barrister Karin Sinniger – Assistant General Counsel for BP Africa and scuba-diving world record holder Andrew Taee – Fund-raising patron of the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital and GB representative in world helicopter championships Mako Vunipola – England and British Lions rugby player

Left to right: OMS Secretary John Davies; Anascini Vunipola (sister of Mako); Clare Montgomery; Nick Gates; Karin Sinniger; Andrew Taee; Millfield Headmaster Craig Considine Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 9

Society News Nick Gates (1983-85; Day) Talented footballer Nick Gates joined Millfield in 1983 having already gained county and national recognition. He captained the football team at Millfield as well as the England Public Schools’ team and gained international honours by playing for the England U18 team. On returning to Millfield Nick commented that it had changed a great deal since his schooldays, but that the values remained the same, he added: “I thought it was wonderful in the 80s, but it just continues to improve and is constantly striving to be the best and provide the best service to its pupils.” After Millfield Nick accepted a place at Harvard University and gained a BA whilst playing for the Harvard soccer team. He then founded a company “Play Soccer”, focussing on football as education and running soccer games and coaching clinics throughout the USA. Since its inception in 1990, 1.7 million young people have taken part in its programme. After travelling Africa from south to north, assessing how the power of sport could be harnessed to bring about positive change in developing countries, Nick created the charity “Coaches Across Continents”. Set up in 2008 as a charitable organisation in both the UK and America, the charity was designed not to create footballers but to use footballing activities to develop the skills required to make responsible life choices. CAC is now an invited member of the FIFA Football 4 Hope strategy and is asked to contribute at international forums and conferences on sport for social impact. In less than five years, CAC has grown from a single programme in Tanzania to an international charity which works in over 20 countries. Every week, 175,000 young people play games from the CAC curriculum. 10 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

Reflecting on his career path after Millfield Nick concluded that the school had “motivated the rest of his life.” Clare Montgomery QC (1970 – 75; Portway) Clare Montgomery began her five year stint at Millfield in 1970, already set on a career in law. She excelled in the classroom and in sport, in particular fencing, where she achieved national representative honours. Clare credits Millfield for preparing her for her chosen career. She said: “Millfield taught me life skills that prepared me for my career. Ultimately, the school teaches you to be self-confident, whether you fit in to a model or not.” On leaving Millfield, Clare studied for an LLB at the University of London, being called to the Bar in 1980 and being made QC (Queen’s Counsel) in 1996. She was appointed as an Assistant Recorder in 1999, a Recorder in 2000, Deputy High Court Judge in 2003 and to the Court of Appeal of Jersey and Guernsey in 2007. Clare works across a wide range of law and has been involved in some very high profile cases. She lists her biggest achievements as “working in the supreme court and House of Lords, setting legal standards.” She represented the Chilean dictator, Augusto Pinochet in the House of Lords and advised the former prime minister of Thailand after he was ousted in a military coup. She also led the prosecution team in the Swedish request for the extradition of the founder of Wikileaks and was counsel for Vicky Pryce when Pryce and her former husband, Chris Huhne, MP, were prosecuted in relation to a 2003 speeding fine. Clare recalled leaving Millfield “determined to succeed” and credits the school for her ability to handle the challenging life she now leads.

Karin Sinniger (1980-83; Grange) Karin arrived at Millfield in 1980 having attended international schools in Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan and her native Switzerland. She progressed to Oxford University, where she secured a law degree and then an LLM in corporate law in Washington DC. Karin then spent six years doing mergers and acquisitions on Wall Street before she joined BP. In 2004 she moved to Azerbaijan for BP where she was the lead lawyer for a 1,000 mile pipeline project, moving to Angola in Africa in 2007 as Vice President of Legal Affairs for BP Angola. She is still VP for Legal Affairs but was also promoted to Assistant General Counsel for BP Africa responsible for BP’s legal affairs in Angola, Egypt, Libya and Algeria. There is another extremely strong string to Karin’s bow. She is a member of the Los Angeles based Travellers’ Century Club, and she has been to 225 countries. In February 2013, she set the world record for scuba diving in the most countries, and this has been recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. Karin says: “I’ve been shot at by Cameroonian border guards who thought I was a Nigerian pirate; dodged crocodiles in Botswana; hippos in Lake Chad; great white sharks in South Africa and machine-gun wielding soldiers in the Congo. I’ve dived under ice caps, in volcanic craters, at altitude, in caves, trains and submarines.” Andrew Taee (1971-76; Day) Andrew Taee started at Millfield in 1971, the eldest of five children, all of whom attended the school. He

headmaster presents Peter Wilson with 2012 award The Senior School warmly welcomed former pupil Peter Wilson back to Millfield during the annual 1st XV rugby showcase match against schoolboy rivals Sedbergh School. Peter won a gold medal in the double trap shooting event at the London 2012 Olympic Games and was named as OM of the Year in 2012 in recognition of his achievements. Headmaster Craig Considine presented him with the award during half-time to rapturous applause and cheering from a crowd of pupils, staff and friends of the Millfield community. Peter (2000-05; Holmcroft) initially took up shooting at Millfield on his father’s suggestion after a snowboarding accident left him unable to pursue squash and cricket. On returning to the school he said: “I haven’t been at Millfield since I left, so it’s wonderful to be invited back, and an honour to be named as OM of the Year.” On leaving Millfield Peter went on to win the 2006 European Junior Championship, and in 2008 he was invited to the Beijing Games as part of the GB’s Olympic Ambition Programme. Peter finished 2009 at the top of the British rankings, before excelling on the international stage with gold medals in the World Cup. He collected team silver in the European Championships and in 2012 set a new world record in the double trap with a score of 198 out of 200 at the World Cup in Arizona, before securing his Olympic gold in August 2012 – Britain’s first shooting medal since 2000.

describes Millfield as “possibly the greatest school in the world” where he spent the “best years of his life”. Andrew’s connections with Millfield continued after he left the school. He married OM Katrina Conville (1973-75; Ashcott) and their son Jonathan (19982003; Butleigh) also attended and was appointed Head Boy in his final year. Andrew is now Executive Chairman and founder of Dial Partners LLP and is a merchant banker with hands-on experience of building and running companies as well as advising the owners and boards of companies in the public and private sectors. He has served on the board of many companies including British Historic Buildings, British Airways Global Advisory, Seattle Coffee Company (now Starbucks) and Grosvenor House Group PLC. In addition to being a founding member of the Board of the Millfield Foundation he is also a Fundraising Patron of Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, following many years of service on

their corporate board. Andrew is a keen and experienced helicopter pilot and has represented Great Britain many times, in particular in the World Championships held in Russia in 2012 where he won a silver medal, to add to the bronze medal he won in Germany in 2008. In 2013 he and his team were recognised by the Royal Aero Club by the award of The Prince of Wales’ Cup for “Meritorious Performance” and by the Prime Minister and his peers in the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators where he and his team were awarded the Master’s Commendation. Andrew praises the school highly for its extra support for his dyslexia. He said: “There were no limitations for me at Millfield, which helped me to master the added challenges I faced with dyslexia, ultimately enabling me to pursue my passion for helicopter flying.” He concluded: “I just don’t think I would have got the level of support I received anywhere else.”

Mako Vunipola (2007-09; Kingweston) Mako Vunipola entered the Millfield Sixth Form in 2007 and studied Economics, Law and Maths, although his heart was in the world of rugby. He spent most of the first half of his first term in the 2nd XV, before securing his place as part of a first-class 1st XV in which he played a full role. Millfield’s Director of Rugby, John Mallett, wrote in Mako’s final rugby report: “I have enjoyed seeing his game develop from first-rate performances for Millfield, through to England U18s. I am sure he has an exciting future in rugby.” On leaving Millfield Mako joined the Bristol Rugby Academy where he worked his way up to the 1st team. He also represented England at U20 level, winning a grand slam in the Six Nations and was runner-up in the world championships. He signed a contract with Premiership Club Saracens where he has continued to develop his game, and has subsequently played for England and the British Lions with much distinction. Rugby commitments prevented Mako Vunipola from attending the event, so his sister Anascini, a current Lower Sixth pupil, accepted the award on his behalf. Headmaster Craig Considine concluded the ceremony by acknowledging the achievements of awardees past and present. He described it as “a bridge connecting Old Millfieldians with old friends, teachers and the next generation.” He added that the audience, which included pupils from both the Senior and Prep Schools, would leave “inspired by the achievements of the awardees and outstanding examples of balancing self-service with service to others.” Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 11

Society News Millfield International Association

Overseas Branch Reports

Left to right: OM Society Secretary John Davies, former UAE Branch Joint Secretary Hayley Thompson and Arabian Peninsular Branch President His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan bin Mabarak al Nahayan celebrate 21 years of the OM Society Arabian Peninsula Branch

21st Anniversary Reunion in Abu Dhabi Arabian Peninsula Hayley Thompson (1997*-2005; Warner) Former UAE Branch Joint Secretary Imagine a large rectangular room with high ceilings – the Palace Majlis. You walk in through staggeringly large open doors, to find yourself in a central open core. Guests that have arrived before you are seated in a large U-shape around the room. Heads turn as you take the open floor, looking slightly stunned in 12 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

the midst of all the attention. Right before you, and you cannot miss him, is His Excellency, Sheikh Nahayan Bin Mabarak Al Nahayan (1968*75; Kingweston), UAE Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and President of the Millfield International Association Arabian Peninsula Branch. Directly across the room, you see Millfield students and their cricket coaches, having just arrived to start their UAE tour over the Christmas holidays; eyes wide open, jaws dropping, the boys

are clearly amazed at the meet-and-greet taking place before them in the Majlis. John Davies, OM Society Secretary, is seen for a few brief moments upon entering, and then he’s ushered out of the room. The next time he makes an appearance, he is hardly recognisable dressed in local attire – a kandora and gutra – with dress robes for the occasion! After some time, His Excellency leads John and his wife Fran – exquisitely dressed in a beaded and colourful robe – out of the Majlis with everyone following closely behind. Heading out into the Palace grounds and onwards, we reach a large open space beside the water, lavishly set up for a banquet. Banquet tables lie in waiting; they are stacked high with every kind of food you could want for. However, your attention is diverted as Arabic music fills the air and in the distance you see a formation of more than 80 local gentlemen, all swaying rhythmically to the beat, and waving canes in the air. His Excellency, his sons, John Davies and a number of OMs, move around together in the middle of the formation, as everyone else looks on mesmerised. When it is time to eat, you shuffle around the banquet tables to find a spot. The entertainment does not stop at the initial Arabic dancing at the beginning of the evening; in the space before you looking out towards the water, a stage is set up. A wonderful singer takes to the stage, while dancers – including fire-spitting ones! – take to the floor and capture your attention between bites. During the evening, His Excellency takes to the stage. You still and listen, captivated. His speech (included in full on page 13) resonates with the 150 Old Millfieldians, students, staff

His Excellency’s Speech Sheikh Nahayan bin Mabarak al Nahayan (1968*-75; Kingweston) “Good evening to you all and welcome to the Old Millfieldian Society Arabian Peninsula dinner. As President of this branch of the Society, I want to thank all of you and particularly John Davies, our Society Secretary, for your strong support of Millfield. This dinner has become a special opportunity to reunite with old friends, to reaffirm our resolve to maintain a deep interest in our school, and to identify effective ways of supporting Millfield’s future. Here in Abu Dhabi we may be far removed from the green rolling hills of Somerset, but we have assembled regularly for many years now, all of us drawn by a mutual affection for our old school. Millfield educated us and, for many of us here tonight especially, promoted our intercultural awareness and understanding. Millfield opened our eyes to the world and prepared us to participate in a global society. Did we stumble across Themistocles when we were students? I confess that I do not remember him, but I have stumbled recently on his wise response to a person who asked him whether he would rather be Achilles or Homer. Themistocles answered with this question: “Which would you rather be – a victor in the Olympic Games or the announcer of the victor?” Of course, we would have loved to be those amazing not-too-Old Millfieldians who competed in the London games,

and current parents in attendance. Following, you see John Davies take to the stage, still dressed in local attire but, now, also wearing Sheikh Nahayan’s own royal robes. He extends his thanks to His Excellency for his support, and for hosting such a fabulous OM Arabian

I am pleased to note that the Governing Body of Millfield has given its unanimous approval for this project to move to the next phase of implementation, which is to raise the necessary funding and to secure the site that has been identified for the school in Dubai. We on the Arabian Peninsula will naturally make sure that Millfield School in the UAE is properly supported, and we will be in the stands at some historic future date when the new school’s cricket XI opposes their schoolmates from England. Maybe some of the current players, who performed so magnificently last year in again winning the National Schools T20 title, will come to the UAE for the event. We would welcome them warmly, even as we do now. And, indeed, I welcome all of our special guests this evening. We Old Millfieldians are delighted that you have joined us. Please help us, if we begin to reminisce too much, to focus our sights on the future of Millfield. The well-being of our old school is our unifying and persistent concern. If we were to engage in House Singing tonight (not to worry; we won’t!), our song would surely be Always. I am happy and very pleased to welcome and greet all of you and to express my appreciation of your friendship. Thank you for accepting my invitation to be here this evening.”

but I must say that playing Homer’s role has its compensations. From the Arabian Peninsula I am honored to recite a glorious Homeric catalogue – Williams, Myerscough, Haley, Lanigan O’Keeffe, Peters, Disney-May, Schutze, Glover, Wilson, all Olympians – and to sing out with special praise the winners of Olympic Gold – Helen Glover in Women’s Pairs Rowing and Peter Wilson in Shooting. The London participants bring the Millfield Olympic total since 1956 to 54 including the legendary Gold-SilverBronze 1964 winner, Mary Bignal Rand. Let us proudly pledge to do everything that we can to ensure that the Millfield Olympic torch continues to burn brightly and, as ever, brighter than any other school in England. We now have the likes of Sawyers, Guy, Keech, Bellak, Thompson, and Knight ready to compete. Attention Rio. Get ready for Millfield! Perhaps someday an Olympic participant will come from the Millfield School in the UAE and bolster the ranks of the Somerset competitors! As most of you know, Millfield signed a Memorandum of Understanding with our Higher Colleges of Technology, last April, to work together to evaluate the feasibility of bringing the Millfield model of education to the Middle East and Asia by establishing a Millfield School in United Arab Emirates. Since then Millfield and the Higher Colleges have worked together closely on the project with a number of visits to Abu Dhabi and Dubai by Millfield Governors, the Headmaster, the Deputy Head and the Bursar, as well as a visit to Millfield by a representative of HCT.

Early in 2013, there was a UAE Cabinet reshuffle. Sheikh Nahayan is now Minister of Culture, Youth and Community Development.

Peninsula Branch event. His notes of thanks are followed by an outstanding firework performance. The sky and water before your eyes change colour with a lively display wrapping up the evening’s entertainment. You proceed to eat dessert and mingle as the event comes to a close.

His Excellency walks the length of the banquet tables talking to everyone and wishing them well. You end the evening thinking that it really can’t get better than this. I’m lucky to be an Old Millfieldian, and truly blessed to be an OM living in the UAE. Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 13

Society News Australia The Headmaster travelled to Australia during July and August and for part of his time there followed the Millfield U16 Rugby tour. The boys visited the Gold Coast, Sydney and Cairns which was great fun and resulted in Millfield winning the Spirit of Rugby award at the Gold Coast Rugby Carnival. The Old Millfieldian event in mid-July was well attended; around 30 OMs enjoyed each other’s company at the home of the Headmaster of Cranbrook School. This convivial gathering gave an opportunity to discuss ‘tall tales but true’ of times at Millfield.

Kenya Two days after the excellent reunion in Lagos, on 28th October another splendid event was held at the Muthaiga Club in Nairobi, with 80 or so present, including the Australian High Commissioner, Geoff Tooth, and the British Deputy High Commissioner, John Murton. OM numbers were swelled by former, current and prospective parents, as well as four current pupils who were splendid Millfield ambassadors; Marc Simon (1971-75; Holmcroft), a Millfield

Doug Pinto: new Kenya Branch Chairman

Governor, was also there. Perfect weather meant that the large group was able to spread out onto the lawns though all were recalled to the ballroom for the formal part of the evening, taking place after socialising with accompanying drinks and canapés. Doug Pinto (1969-74; Holmcroft), newly appointed Chairman of the Branch, taking over from Yolanda McIntyre (née Brooke-Edwards; 1970-75; Southfield), who had held the position since 1995, opened the batting with an Oscar-winning welcome to guests and introduction of respective groups in attendance, before handing the baton to John Murton who spoke entertainingly about his own educational background and his support for independent schools. John Davies then explained that the

‘Millfield experience’ didn’t end when a pupil left Millfield, outlining the various services and opportunities that existed on leaving, and that OMs were members of an exclusive club for the rest of their lives. Finally, Craig Considine, Headmaster, spoke about the Millfield of today, with its new developments and opportunities, both educational and physical, covering elements of boarding life that would have reassured prospective parents in particular. The entire evening was organised by Doug and his lovely wife, Bubbles, with wonderful attention to detail as the result of much hard work, deeply appreciated by all.

Nigeria Seni Williams (1968-73; Glaston Tor), Branch Chairman Our third OM Reunion of Nigeria-based OMs took place in Lagos on 26th October 2013 and, as usual, it was a great success and a good time was had by all. Millfield (Craig Considine and John Davies) hosted the reunion at the exclusive Metropolitan Club in Lagos. Our event was attended by over 120 people comprising mainly OMs and parents while other guests included prospective parents and school heads

OMS Secretary John Davies with members of the Nigeria Branch at the meeting in October that was attended by more than 120 OMs and guests 14 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

USA Southern California

Old Millfieldian reunion in Istanbul with Turkey Branch Chairman, Sashah Khan, to the fore. The event was attended by 35 Millfieldians at Sashah’s 360istanbul restaurant overlooking the city

from leading local schools. We have now crossed the junction of second generation OMs from the Nigeria branch – not bad! The event was attended by at least three past captains of various sports as well as Richard Ajayi, our OM of the Year award winner for his contribution to medicine and making the world a better place. Several young men and ladies currently at Millfield, or who recently left the school, attended the reunion and it was a pleasure to have them in our midst as they transition into adulthood knowing they have our OM community to fall back on whenever they need our help and guidance. We often forget the multifaceted roles Millfield teachers and staff play in our lives and our reunions are never complete without JHD’s reconnection to his ‘other’ family of the six Tukurs (to whom JHD and his wife were guardians many moons ago) led by Zainab, who graciously made the effort to fly to Lagos for this event. Our Nigeria Branch reunions are such a pleasure to organise because the chemistry, enthusiasm and sheer effort put in by our committee of OMs is unparalleled – each and every one of them just gets the job done without even being asked. They are stars. Photographs and details of our reunions and activities are reachable via the OMS social media site, just in case you want to look up greying mates or old flames. Without a doubt, our OM reunion was a great success and if you ever find yourself passing through Nigeria, please do contact any of us.

Singapore On the way back from his Australian trip in July, the Headmaster visited Singapore

where an impromptu gathering of OMs was organised by Rizvan Ali Baig (198890; Georgian Cottage). This sumptuous affair took place at the Goodwood Park Hotel and, once again, it was excellent to see people from a range of different backgrounds enjoying their link through Millfield. Singapore continues to be a strong recruitment ground for Millfield and we hope that former pupils will continue to see it as the school of choice in the future.

Turkey Craig Considine and John Davies went on to Istanbul from Nairobi and, rather than hold the reunion in a dedicated area, unusually this one took place in the open spaces of the most impressive large restaurant “360istanbul”. “360”? Well the top class venue is perched high above Istanbul, after dark gazing down with 360 degree views of floodlit major mosques, palaces, key buildings and bridges, as well as the mighty Bosphorus, in this spectacular city. So it was a superb venue, owned by Sashah Khan (1982-86; Butleigh), who is also the Secretary of the Turkey Branch and who was a very busy host for the three hours or so of the event. The early evening timing enabled a few words to be said, Sashah to welcome warmly the 35 Millfieldians present (again OMs and parents as well as two current pupils, who were once more wonderful ambassadors for Millfield), then the Headmaster to talk about Millfield and, briefly, John about the OM Society. It was a quite excellent Millfield occasion, extremely worthwhile and helping to cement further relations between Millfield and Turkey.

Shelaagh Ferrell (1976*-84; Warner) In February, the Los Angeles OMs, social butterflies that we are, got together once again to welcome the arrival of Rodney and Marian Speed visiting our shores. It started, this time, with High Tea at the home of our lovely hosts Elliot and Penny Lewis followed by Dinner at the Napa Valley Restaurant, in nearby Westwood, where I met some new awesome OMs of a different generation. It was great to see Rod and Marian Speed in fine entertaining form and to catch up at tea with those I am now calling the LA OM die hards whom I love seeing: Elliot and Penny of course; Katrina and Art Wood; Peter and Fiona Bailey; Ralf Mandt-Rauch and his lovely wife Yumi; and our honorary friends Cherie Carpenter and Victoria Stone. Then, to see later at the dinner, Tania Anderson who flew in from Detroit to be with us; Terri Davies and her beautiful daughter Billy Rae; Gary Briggs who drove up from Laguna Beach; and to meet for the first time the delightful Ed Gibson; the adorable Alex Appelbe; and the impressive Olympian Carl Myerscough and his lovely wife Melissa. Thank you to Elliot and Penny for hosting such a wonderful tea. Thank you to Tania for organising the Dinner and a personal thank you to Gary for a great ride in the Aston Martin and a fine coffee afterwards. At the end of 2012, after many years as Californian Branch Secretary, Elliot Lewis hung up his boots. Katrina Wood (1969-73; Johnson’s) is now Secretary.

OMs sit down to high tea with Elliot and Penny Lewis at their home in California Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 15

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UK Branches South West Sarah Bailey (1974-76; Day) The South West Branch has had a busy year with a number of OM events all of which were well attended by members of all ages and stages. We kicked off with a great evening at the Red Lion, Babcary, last November, at which well over 40 OMs and partners enjoyed a delicious three course meal and a very convivial and noisy evening. This was followed by Christmas drinks in December at the newly refurbished Rose and Portcullis in Butleigh with an almost entirely different group of OMs. With a complimentary drink from the OM Society the evening was also a success. In February my sister Lucy Bailey (197378; Day) – the only famous one in our family – was directing The Winter’s Tale at the RSC Stratford. We commissioned a minibus from the school and 34 of us aged from 19 to over 80 had a wonderful day out in Stratford including lunch with Lucy in the new roof top restaurant at the main theatre. Everyone loved the play which was widely acclaimed in the press and we were very grateful to Lucy who travelled up from London especially. We held a clay pigeon shoot in March, and in November we had a wonderful dinner at the Rose and Portcullis, Butleigh which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Looking ahead, we are considering various events to come that will remain a

Top: chilly clay pigeon shoot was followed by hot food and beer at the Rodney Stoke Inn Right: South West branch enjoys lunch with Winter’s Tale director Lucy Bailey at The RSC

surprise! Look out for the occasional email with your invitation to join us. Finally, I just want to say a huge thank you to my brilliant committee, Nicki Della Valle, Sarah Champion and Vince Douglas for all their work and support in the last year. We are all looking forward to meeting even more of you this year.

Shooting at Brook Bank, Rodney Stoke Nikki Della Valle (née Dennett; 1986*-94; Day) When Sarah Champion and I visited the shooting ground last January on a cold and snowy morning, we had visions of returning at the end of March to bird song, hazy spring sun and shirt sleeves. Alas this was not to be and near arctic conditions greeted us on arrival. However, after half an hour in the club house with hot coffee and bacon butties, we were raring to go. We were separated into small groups with patient and enthusiastic instructors who did a marvellous job helping us all to achieve some rather decent shooting. I was glad to see the Millfield spirit alive


Louise Lang

(1995-97; Day)


South West

Sarah Bailey Sarah Champion Nikki Della Valle Vincent Douglas

(1974-76; Day) Former Head MPS (1986*-94; Day) (1975-81; Day)

Chair Committee Committee Committee


Julia Burton

(1970-74; Johnson’s)



Stuart Crawford

(1972-73; Day)


Branch officials list as at October 2013

* denotes dates at Edgarley Hall/MPS

and well with healthy competition within the groups coupled with enthusiasm and encouragement for those of us who were very lucky to hit one or two clays! We were all glad to retire to the Rodney Stoke Inn for a well-deserved beverage and hot food in a centrally heated building! It was a memorable day and a wonderful mix of people attended which added to the enjoyment. My thanks go to Alison and Wesley from Brook Bank Shoot who were wonderful hosts.

London Louise Lang (1995-97; Day) The London branch has enjoyed a busy social whirl this year, with some very well attended drinks parties at Morton’s on Berkeley Square, thanks to Jake Parkinson Smith (1990-95; St Anne’s), Duncan Stirling’s (1992*-99; Etonhurst) latest club, Disco, and The Lucky Pig, owned by Will Wigram (1994-99; Holmcroft). Thank you to all those OMs who attended and supported these events. We also managed to fit in something a little more cultural, enjoying a night at the opera to see the ENO’s revival of Anthony Mingella’s Madam Butterfly. This was an amazing night, bringing together opera buffs and novices alike in one of the most famous venues in London. This year we have plans for a winetasting, a theatre trip and various talks/ networking events which we hope will help our younger OMs make some valuable connections. If you would like to give a talk – or indeed if you have ideas as to events that you would like to host/attend – then email me at I would love to hear from you! Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 17

Society News

Overseas Branch Officials Arabian Peninsula

His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan bin Mabarak al Nahayan Simran Gandhi

1968*-75; Kingweston


1990-95; Portway


Australia East

David Prestwich Peter Breed

1970*-80; Orchards 1958-62; Orchards

Secretary Committee

Australia West

Richard Notley

1962-68; Shapwick



Hala Hajjar

1974*-81; Lakes



Alan Gamble

Former Parent



Nuralia Abdul Rahim Sita Ewa Selamat

1992-94; Walton 1992-94; Warner

Secretary Committee


Richard Glanville-Brown

1956-57; Chindit


Channel Islands

Michael Kenney-Herbert Sandra Beaton

Former Parent Former Parent

Chairman Secretary - Guernsey


Kratinos Socratous

1978*-86; Butleigh



HRH Prince Abbas Hilmi

1957-61; Millfield



Charles Turner

1989*-97; Etonhurst



Michael Cole

1968-73; Mill House



George Pothitos

1978*-86; Holmcroft


Hong Kong

William Louey Chung Shing Ho

1972-77; Chindit 1982-86; Holmcroft

Chairman Secretary


Ajit Singh Mukul Raja Vinu Baig

1957-59; Chindit Former Parent Former Parent

Chairman - Mumbai Secretary - Mumbai Secretary - Delhi


Dennis Sakiris-Korompis

1985-87; Joan’s Kitchen



Mark Jeffries

1990-92; Millfield



Orlando Faulks

1985*-89; Orchards



Feda Al-Yousef

1968–72; Southfields



Douglas Pinto

1969-74; Holmcroft


18 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014


Dato Andrew Kam Tengku Reza Shah

1979-81; Holmcroft 1987–90; St Anne’s

President Secretary


Chuka Mbanefo Seni Williams Abimbola Ogunbanjo Ebele Nduka-Irabor (née Egbarin) Dr Richardson Ajayi

1965-67; Kingweston 1968-73; Tor/Ashcott 1977-81; Etonhurst 1979-84; Acacia 1980-83; Etonhurst

President Chairman Secretary Treasurer Committee


Aftab Adamjee Sattar Pirazada

1978-83; Shapwick 1994-96; Orchards

Chairman Secretary

Saudi Arabia – Jeddah

HRH Prince Turki Bin Saud Abdul Aziz HRH Prince Alwalid Bin Saud Abdul Aziz Abulaziz Kanoo Sheikh Al Maamoun Zahid Sultan Ghalib al Qu’iaiti Sheikh Ghassan Abdul Jawad

1968-69; Etonhurst 1970-75; Etonhurst 1949-52; Kingweston 1967-69; St Anne’s 1962-66; Shapwick 1966-70; Tor/Ashcott

President Vice President Chairman Secretary Committee Committee

Saudi Arabia – Riyadh

Farid Khalifeh

1975-77; Joan’s Kitchen



Beng-Tat Tan Rizvan Ali Baig

1967-69; Etonhurst 1988-90; Georgian Cottage

Chairman Secretary

South Africa

Nicola Heger (née Imrie)

1991*-2001; Day



Richard Golding

1966-68; Chindit


Sri Lanka

Ana Punchihewa Simon Lourensz Mohan Samarasinhe

1967-71; Kingweston 1984-86; Etonhurst Former Parent

Chairman Secretary Committee

Sultanate of Oman

Ahmed Al Araimi

1978-84; Ashcott



HRH Crown Prince Maha Vajirolongkorn Greg Pitt Nuanlaong Choochai Kim MacGregor

1966-70; Millfield 1968-71; Rotherslade 1998-2000; Overleigh 1958-62; Walton

President Chairman Secretary Committee


Sashah Khan

1982-86; Butleigh


USA East Coast

Behdad Alizadeh Michael Partington

1975-79; Holmcroft 1981-83; Butleigh Wootton

Chairman Secretary

USA Southern California Katrina Wood (née Herbert) Tania Anderson

1969-73; Johnson’s 1966-70; Ashcott

Chair Secretary

USA Northern California Elizabeth Monnet (née French)

1967-70; Grange


USA Southern States

1980-82; Kernick


Rebecca Walker-Jones (née Curl)

Branch officials list as at October 2013

* denotes dates at Edgarley Hall/Millfield Preparatory School Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 19

Society News

Britain – Land of Entrepreneur Michael Hayman (1983-88; Joan’s Kitchen) talks to Rachel Bridge about the importance of enterprise in modern life and how Millfield continues to act as an entrepreneurial training ground.


ichael Hayman looks slightly shocked as he calculates just how many years have passed since he left Millfield at the age of 18 to make his way in the world. Certainly a great deal has changed since then. One of the biggest transformations has been the seismic shift in society’s attitude towards entrepreneurs. Hayman said: “When I was at Millfield, people thought about their careers in terms of going into the law, management consultancy or financial services. People certainly didn’t consider the idea of going into business in terms of a career choice. Being an entrepreneur was just not on the agenda.” Fast forward a quarter of a century and the contrast could not be more Michael Hayman At A Glance Co-Founder Seven Hills, London Chairman of Entrepreneurs Coutts Co-Founder StartUp Britain Advisory Board Member National Business Awards Management Board Member Business School Small Business Charter Contributing Editor Real Business Columnist Daily Telegraph Non Executive Member Festivals Edinburgh Honours and Awards Fellow British American Project Fellow Chartered Institute of Public Relations Fellow RSA Freeman Guild of Public Relations Practitioners Listed Debrett’s People of Today Ambassador Courvoisier The Future 500

20 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

marked. Hayman says: “Today being an entrepreneur is seen as being a really brilliant thing to do with your life. There has been a massive shift in just a generation. Tomorrow’s winners are going to be those who take an entrepreneurial approach even if that applies to working for someone else in a big organisation. Becoming an entrepreneur is the new normal.” The numbers are staggering. Hayman points out that there are now 4.8 million businesses in the UK compared to just 480,000 in 1979. Some 500,000 new businesses will be established in Britain this year, equivalent to one a minute. The shift towards becoming an entrepreneur is particularly exciting and relevant for young people, says Hayman, because the digital skills needed to start a business today are the very skills that young people typically excel at. He points to the example of Nick D’Aloisio, the 17 year old schoolboy who recently sold his Summly app, which creates concise summaries of online content, to Yahoo for a reported US $30 million. Hayman said: “Nick is merely emblematic of a bigger picture which is about more and more young people taking the opportunity to go into businesses for themselves. It is a golden age for young people starting up businesses.” Having spent his early career working in marketing as a director of Hill and Knowlton and then chief executive of The Communication Group, Hayman himself took the plunge to become an entrepreneur in 2010, when he and Nick Giles started up Seven Hills, a campaigning communications agency.

In under four years Seven Hills has established itself as a leading campaigning company for entrepreneurs and growing businesses, working on campaigns involving Sir Richard Branson, Peter Jones, Doug Richard, Paul Lindley and Julie Meyer, to name but a few. Hayman is an active campaigner and a key player in the drive to support entrepreneurial activity in the UK. He co-founded StartUp Britain, the national initiative for early stage enterprise supported by Prime Minister David Cameron and the government, he has co-created the MADE: The Entrepreneur

Hope and Enterprise Glory Michael Hayman: “Tomorrow’s winners are going to be those who take an entrepreneurial approach. Becoming an entrepreneur is the new normal.”

OM entrepreneurs Tom Alexander (1971-75; Day) Former chief executive of Everything Everywhere and founder of Virgin Mobile Richard Caring (1962-66; Millfield) A serial entrepreneur with interests in fashion, property and restaurants including The Ivy and The Caprice Galahad Clark (1983-94; Shapwick) Founder of ethical footwear brand Terra Plana Laurence Davis (1974-77; Hollies) Founder of property investment firm Conduit Investments Nick Gates (1983-85; Day) Founder of Coaches Across Continents, a not-for-profit organisation which provides football coaching in developing countries Tim Griffiths (1977-79; Kingweston) Executive Chairman of Williams Lea, a corporate information solutions business Kate Griggs (1974-79; Day) Founder of Xtraordinary People, a charity which campaigns for people with dyslexia John Hunt (1967-70; Hollies)

Festival in Sheffield and he organised Accelerate 2013 an event for high potential, fast growth businesses in Liverpool. Hayman is also chairman of entrepreneurs at Coutts & Co private bank, co-founder of The Duke of York’s E20 advocacy group for entrepreneurs and an advisory board member for the National Business Awards. The good news for tomorrow’s young

entrepreneurs is that Britain is an ideal place to start a business, Hayman said. He pointed out that more than 99% of businesses in this country are small businesses. “Britain is a world capital for entrepreneurs. It is a great country in which to be setting up a business.” And school is the ideal place to start thinking about entrepreneurship, he said: “The earlier we can teach people

“I see Millfield as a very natural school for entrepreneurs. It has the ability to provide students with the resourcefulness, the self confidence and encouragement to give it a go.”

Property entrepreneur; founder and former owner of Foxtons Estate Agency Emma MacDonald (1984-86; Day) Founder of the Bay Tree Food Company which makes chutneys and relishes Claire Walker (1976-79; Day) Founder and owner of Firefly Communications Jonathan Warburton (1971-76; Millfield) Chairman of the family business, Warburtons Bakery, since 2001

Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 21

Society News

Michael Hayman (right) co-founded the campaign firm Seven Hills, was co-founder of StartUp Britain and is chairman of Entrepreneurs at Coutts

some of the ideas about enterprise and entrepreneurship, the more we are opening their eyes to the possibilities of choice. I think the role of education is to unleash people’s potential. What I always loved about Millfield was there was no sense of limitation and that the only fate in your life was the one that you made for yourself.” Indeed Millfield has become a fantastic breeding ground for successful entrepreneurs, he said, with past students including serial entrepreneur Richard Caring and many others. Hayman thinks that the school has the potential to become a real centre of excellence for entrepreneurship, saying: “I see Millfield as being a very natural school for entrepreneurs. It has the ability and the opportunity to provide its students with the resourcefulness and the self confidence and encouragement to give it a go, from the speakers it can bring through the door, to the mentoring it can give students.” They will certainly be in good company. Millfield was actually started 75 years ago by an entrepreneur, Jack Meyer and that 22 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

spirit of enterprise continues to pervade the ethos of the school. The importance of taking an entrepreneurial approach is not just limited to people starting up businesses however, said Hayman. In the past two decades the job market has been turned on its head and young people need to think in an entrepreneurial way to create the career they want. Gone are the jobs for life – instead people are likely to find themselves creating portfolio careers, working for different employers at different times, and working for themselves at other times. Hayman said: “If you want to have a really successful career, one of the things you ought to start thinking about is the idea of living a more entrepreneurial life. More than any other generation, this is the generation that needs to grasp it. It is crucial that people start thinking ever earlier about this, because these are the life skills that young people are going to need to make it in tomorrow’s world.” Hayman himself is passionate about the importance of continuing his role campaigning for greater entrepreneurship

in the UK. He said: “I believe that being an entrepreneur is one of the most fulfilling things you can do with your life. Many people spend their lives feeling frustrated that they have never lived up to their full potential. But entrepreneurship shows you the power of possibility. Every entrepreneurial business is a fantastic act of creativity because people are creating something out of nothing. I feel that the promotion of a can-do culture is really good for this country.” He added: “Each generation should be much more optimistic than the last. That is my definition of progress. That is what I hope enterprise will do.” History is very much on our side, he said: “Historically we have always been a great trading nation. Napoleon wrote us off as a nation of shopkeepers - but in so doing probably gave us the best compliment he could have.” Rachel Bridge is a journalist and author. She is the former Enterprise Editor for The Sunday Times and writes about small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs.

OMS Careers Convention 2013 James Brittain Head of Higher Education and Careers he Old Millfieldian Careers Convention is a special date in the school diary that is a win/win for all involved. OMs reunite with old friends and meet the new Lower Sixth, while students gain an insight into different careers and a chance for networking, and staff get to meet some of their former tutees. This year kicked off with a stimulating talk from John Lees, a career strategist and bestselling author. John acknowledged that the Lower Sixth have thousands of job opportunities in front of them, in stark contrast to those of the previous generation. He asked pupils: ‘What job would you most like to do, assuming all jobs were paid the same?’ He challenged pupils to see through the glamour of jobs as presented by the media, and to talk to people whose work looks interesting. One simple question can often provide some surprising answers, such as: ‘What do you spend most of your time doing at work?’ The Lower Sixth then met OMs from a range of professions. There was a choice of seminars and 28 OMs gave up their Saturday to give pupils the inside track on their career path, opportunities for progression, and the best means of entry. It was a chance for pupils to hone their networking skills and ask direct questions about what different jobs are really like. Seminars included Raj Ragoowansi’s (1983-88; Etonhurst) presentation on his experiences as a consultant plastic surgeon; he teamed up with Emma Berryman (1996*-2004; Warner) who spoke on her busy life as a doctor in A&E and intensive care. Some of their photographs and visual aids were not for the faint hearted! Alison Bradburn (1985-87; Day) and Duncan Wilde (1988*-99; Holmcroft) teamed up to speak on TV production and media communications respectively. Another highly competitive profession is


the performing arts, and Sandy Strallen (1969-71; St Anne’s) gave an illuminating review of his life as dancer, choreographer, director and film maker. Fashion designer Lizzie Brittain and Textile designer Rosemary Moore held a joint seminar on the realities behind the fashion label. Photographers Laura Zaky (1977*-83; Oaklands) and David Richman described the highly competitive world of professional photography. Naomi Crawford (1994-96; Acacia) and Aaron Clements Partridge (1997*-2003; Kingweston) gave contrasting accounts of their careers in investment banking and the Bank of England, and Paul Morland (1967*-

“28 OMs gave the inside track on their career path, opportunities for progression, and the best means of entry” 78; Day) gave a review of his life as an equity analyst. Neil Marshman (1974-77; Walton) and Peter Jewell (1962-66; Portway) spoke about insolvency and business recovery, including the legal niceties of running your own business. Barrister Piers Doggart (1983-87; Millfield) and solicitor Nick Ames (1997*-2002; Orchards) spoke about working for government versus the private sector and international versus

domestic clients, and Ben Frearson (198183; Kingweston) gave a presentation on working for local government. James Keeton (1984*-92; Day) and Tom Dye (1999*2002; Day) gave accounts of the accounting industry, and Robert Mackenzie (1953-57; Kingweston) gave a personal view of life in insurance broking since leaving Millfield as head boy in 1957. From the property sector, Richard Exley (1981-85; Chindit) spoke on chartered surveying and Martin Stevens (1987-90; Day) on landscape architecture. Warwick Faville (1953*-61; Millfield) spoke on his life in engineering from an apprenticeship at Rolls-Royce through to advising on nuclear power stations. From the armed forces, Major Bayard Barron (1984*-95; Holmcroft) and Lt Anthony Kirkham (2002-04; Etonhurst) took pupils through a simulated exercise on how to retake the school following a terrorist attack. Rachel Bullingham (1990*-2000; Acacia) and Lisa Rendell (1983*-87; Grange) opened pupils’ eyes to sociology and personal development coaching, and sports psychologist Amanda Owens (1987-91; Day) gave an illustration of her life, advising and coaching (amongst others) Olympic athletes and investment bankers! It was a great day, made all the more special by a fantastic barbeque evening in the pavilion the night before and lunch in the Gaskell Room to celebrate afterwards.

Old Millfieldians who offered advice to the Lower Sixth at the Careers Convention Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 23

Society News

Leavers’ Presentation


n Thursday 9th May 2013 the Old Millfieldian Society gave its annual presentation to the school leavers, explaining to the pupils, primarily in the Upper Sixth, how the Society supports OMs, once they have left Millfield.

24 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

After a welcome from Headmaster, Craig Considine, and introduction by John Davies and Head of Year, Chantal Bowring, Laura Coates (1999*-2011; The Lakes), who had just finished her second year at Warwick University, spoke about being a part of the ‘OM network’ and her

own first-hand experience of the value of the OM Society both for its wealth of connections and level of expertise. “I know I have said I don’t know what I am going to be after I graduate, but my dreams have always remained in television. I recently sent an e-mail to the OM Society office expressing my desire to gain some work experience or placement in television or radio which would set me up for my future career. I was expecting maybe an e-mail from Radio Glastonbury wanting me to make a few cups of tea here and there, but what I did receive were two placement offers; one from Sky Television and the other from the BBC in London. Now, for a novice, you can’t get much better than that! And it really was as simple as sending an email.” If you would like to offer mentoring to a leaver or even speak at next year’s presentation, we would love to hear from you. Please email

Millfield Foundation Duncan Goodhew, MBE (1970-75; Walton), Chairman xciting news from Millfield Foundation: the fund has reached £1.6m and we have awarded our first full year of scholarships. This is a proud moment for us, but also serves as a reality check, as we realise just how much we still have to accomplish. We are delighted to welcome new trustee, Guy Bennett (1987-89; St Anne’s), who has not only given to the Foundation, but has also wowed audiences in his role as auctioneer at our last two major fundraising dinners. Guy has recently moved to the UK from the States with his young family and is looking forward to working with us to raise money for scholarships. We may still be over a year away, but we are starting to plan Millfield’s major 80th birthday celebration, to be held on Friday 8 May 2015 at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London – get the date in your diary now! An event like this takes a lot of planning, creativity and collaboration, and we are seeking your help. If you would like to join one of our organising committees, donate an amazing prize, sponsor our endeavours


or become an ‘80th Ambassador’ to coordinate a table (or tables!), then please get in touch. We already have Guy and his auctioneering skills signed up, but would love to know what you have to offer. We believe that our school is the most exceptional place, offering an unparalleled learning environment, full of opportunity and inspiration for young people; and we don’t think any OM will disagree that one of the fundamental principles of this is the ‘Millfield Mix’. Millfield Foundation has been created to maintain and build on ‘Boss’ Meyer’s

We are developing an exciting campaign that will enable OMs, current pupils and their families to come together to celebrate, support and give to ‘their house’. Together with the OM Society and school, we are seeking ‘House Champions’ – individuals willing to commit time and energy in bringing together their Millfield house community. We understand that for many what makes Millfield is the house experience, transforming what can seem an overwhelmingly large environment into something intimate, individual and special. House “We are delighted to welcome loyalty on the rugby pitch, at new trustee, Guy Bennett, the House Singing Competition or on who is looking forward to the Meyer theatre working with us to raise money stage; that’s what is so central for scholarships” to the Millfield vision of helping gifted and talented experience. By running this campaign we children whose families can’t possibly will not only raise money for scholarships, afford the fees, bringing together a but will bring together the generations diverse community where every pupil has and instil a sense of appreciation, something special to offer. This is what responsibility and desire to ‘give back’ we believe in and what we work to raise in those who are currently enjoying money for. and benefitting from what Millfield has to offer. Together we can all be enablers of the Millfield experience for future generations and extend that moment of pride in If you would like to join one what is probably the best school in the of our organising committees, world…oh, what the heck, is the best donate an amazing prize, school in the world! sponsor our endeavours or For further information on how you become an ‘80th Ambassador’ can be involved with Millfield Foundation to coordinate a table (or and help to raise money for scholarships, tables!), then please get in please email me: duncangoodhew@ touch:

Millfield 80th Celebration 8th May 2015, Grosvenor House, London

Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 25

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Trust Fund Reports The OM Society has a small fund to assist young OMs, fundamentally those seeking ‘to do good deeds’ in third world countries or elsewhere under the auspices of responsible organisations. It is not available for extension of educational studies.

Ten weeks trekking in Tanzania raleigh international Gaby Read-Cayton (2007-12; Abbey) n the 7th February I headed off on a ten-week expedition to Tanzania where I took part in a charity programme called Raleigh International. The programme was split into three sections of 20 days. My first project was more of a personal experience where I trekked with ten other people through Tanzania, in and around the city of Iringa, carrying everything I needed for the next three weeks, resulting in a bag of 25kg! Even though we trekked through the most amazing mountain valley, my highlight would have been our camp at an orphanage where we stayed for two days teaching children between the ages of 11 months and seven years to play ball and the older ones basic English. They


had never received this kind of attention before, along with never seeing white people, so they were ecstatic. It was the same case through many villages whereby even adults would want to come and shake our hands and touch my hair because they had only ever seen people like me on the TV. It was a complete compliment in the way they acted and always giving us gifts of food and being so generous, even when they had next to nothing. Their selflessness in the way they only think about others, even if they have no home, is a memory I took away and will remember forever. On my second phase I travelled to a town called Mang’ula to take part in an environmental and teaching project. We built a fence between farmland and the jungle to prevent elephants coming through and trampling on the crops. This made a huge and obvious improvement to the farmers’ livelihood. Here I also taught two classes a day between the ages of 13 and 18, English and Maths along with holding a question and answer class where the children could ask me about the English culture and politics.

On my final phase I went to a place called Umpgu, where I took part in a sanitation project. The need for the sanitation blocks was very high, five girls’ toilets and five boys’ toilets for 700 children. This resulted in disease because the toilets were very basic, along with not having anywhere to wash their hands. Each of the three toilet blocks we built had changing rooms and nine toilets. I cannot put into words how much I enjoyed my time away. It was such an amazing experience and one that I will never forget. If I were to list all the things I have learnt we would be here all day, but a main one would be appreciating the life I live. I understood before how fortunate I was but, having returned, I have realised that despite my age I can really make a difference to people’s lives, so I will continue to do so. I am now in the process of setting up my own charity to continue this work, along with telling everyone about the project in the hope that some others will do the same. I would like to say thank you so much to the OMS for sponsorship that allowed me the opportunity to participate in such an amazing adventure.

“I understood before how fortunate I was but, having returned, I have realised that despite my age I can really make a difference to people’s lives, so I will continue to do so. I am now in the process of setting up my own charity to continue this work, along with telling everyone about the project in the hope that some others will do the same.” 26 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

Much more than just a mountain everest4Heroes Dr Beth Hall-Thompson (1993-95;Chindit) t’s hard to know what to say after summiting Everest safely and returning with all extremities intact and a pathetically minor rope burn on my wrist as the only reminder. Relief was my overwhelming emotion as I sat down on the mass of summit stones and prayer flags at 06:00 on 22nd May 2013. Relief that the summit I had been glimpsing for hours was finally reached and I could sit down! Relief, too, that my fitness, strength and a lucky streak had got me there. I had, however, forgotten about the rest of the day – the downhill; it was miserable and without doubt a more dangerous climb as mental fatigue and dehydration threatened to overwhelm the hypoxic version of my brain. It is so much more an experience rather than a mountain; a two-month experience in the glacial moraine territory of Tibet. There was just one mountain of note in view - a massive north wall of Everest. After gazing in awe for a while, routine kicks in … eat, sleep and read, rest between bouts of exercise, acclimatisation hikes and then the move with yaks up the 22km along the East Rongbuk Glacier to advanced base camp at 6400m. At the higher altitude it was still snowing, cold and atmospheric with glimpses of the near vertical expanse of the north col teasing us. Awaiting a weather window was frustrating, boring and yet anxious … double checking oxygen equipment, ensuring balaclavas, masks and goggles covered all skin, then remodelling them with scissors and thread until they did. When the time finally came and I


reached the North Ridge via a series of rocky steps there was suddenly a few thousand metres drop on my left into Nepal. Only then could I appreciate the ‘Top of the World’ catchphrase. It’s for a reason. There was nothing to obscure thousands of bright stars, both shooting and stationary. Then rounding a bend there was a perfect reflection of the triangle of Everest on the smaller mountains in front as the sun crept over the horizon. My short 20 minutes on the summit, and cold camera, was never going to do the view of endless mountains justice, but

the ferocious wind and 24% of sea-level oxygen to breathe limited my timescale somewhat. That relief remains today. Relief that I can now move on with my life and never have to climb Skiddaw with a heavy backpack again (unless I want to). Happily there is also satisfaction that I have raised money and awareness of the massive role of Help for Heroes in our society. They are a necessary and massively beneficial organisation looking after those wounded by their experiences in the military, and those who love them, their families. Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 27

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Hands-on healthcare in Sarawak Medical Work in Borneo Helen Mackey (1995*-2006; Day) he end of August marked the end of my first month as a ‘junior doctor’ at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading. Whilst my colleagues and I are celebrating what everyone tells us is a terrifying rite of passage, I am aware our induction comes at a time when UK hospitals are receiving much negative press. However, I am still proud to be part of the National Health Service in the UK, for all that it does provide and achieve. It was only a few months ago that I was witness to a very different healthcare service, during my medical elective in Bornean Malaysia. Borneo is renowned internationally for its outstanding landscape; hilly terrain, winding rivers and thick fertile forest. But this blessing to the tourist industry is a curse to a government trying to provide for a population so widely dispersed


28 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

inland. I worked at Sarawak General, a large teaching hospital located on the coast, which offers state of the art healthcare. But I also spent time at the smaller district hospitals, which remain a poor substitute for care available in the cities. Whilst working at one small district hospital, I witnessed nursing staff struggling to decide which of the patients in desperate need of a blood transfusion

was to receive the last unit they had in stock. Shortly afterward news came in that the one ambulance available had broken down en-route whilst transferring a patient to the closest city hospital one hundred miles away. However, it was the role of the junior doctors that surprised me the most; despite having only one or two years training, they become the most senior staff available, tasked with looking after every department and must quickly learn to handle any case that comes through the door. Throughout my career, I expect to work with the support of senior colleagues and receive expert advice from specialists. In rural Sarawak, junior doctors gain great experience, but I am grateful I will never be so overwhelmed or out of my depth, and I’m sure my patients will be too! My two months spent in Borneo gave me a new appreciation for what we have available throughout the UK and makes me thankful that discrepancies in health care provision here are minimal. That opportunity would not have been possible without the generous contribution made by the Old Millfieldian Society.

OM Charitable Work Many Old Millfieldians are engaged in charitable work and some are described here. Please let us know if you are taking part in a similar project:

Bright Eyes Global Action Project A Millfield Collaboration Adam Pearson (2001*-06; Day) t started with the simple idea of painting a mural on the side of a school in an underprivileged area in Cambodia. Five years later, the charity Bright Eyes Global Action Project (BEGAP), founded and directed by Lissa Davies (1998-2002; Oaklands), had set up its own cultural heritage


education centre within an endangered tribe in Totopara, North-East India. BEGAP has education through the arts at its heart, working in collaboration with the locals to provide self-sustainable solutions and recruiting international volunteers to help drive objectives forward and engender creative ideas. This year, I am joining Lissa to help set up a trekking social enterprise, with the aim that it will financially support the project. After being introduced via the

OM Society, I helped Lissa’s Cambodian school partnership set up a thriving bicycle tour business taking tourists around Angkor Wat. Helping to support BEGAP, Rollo Lewis (1995*-2006; Day) at Green Chameleon Design created a logo pro bono, and Amy Taylor (née Groves, 1992*-99; Oaklands) and Duncan Stirling (1992*99; Etonhurst) helped by fundraising at London OM reunions. Through valued Millfield support, BEGAP continues to provide education to marginalised children. For more information on volunteering, funding and pro-bono support, please email or visit

other Old Millfieldian charity founders and FUND RAISERS Tim Lewis (1975-81; Holmcroft)

the Eastern Region assisting community

funds for education projects that

is involved in supporting Nabugabo

schools with renovation works, they started

tackle delicate teenage health issues

Community School in Uganda, as one of a

to lay the foundations for independently run

such as HIV/AIDS, drug abuse and

team of trustees which works tirelessly to

projects. To increase the scope of their work,

teenage pregnancy.

ensure that the best educational facilities

the sisters returned to the UK to plant the

are available.

seeds of their organisation... and so TEACH

Michelle White (1986-88; Johnson’s)

was born.

resigned from her job as an NHS

Paul Lister (1971*-77; Keinton) founded

consultant to work as an anaesthetist for

and endowed The European Nature Trust

Cameron Saul (1989*-2000; Day)

the medical and humanitarian charity

(TENT) www.theeuropeannaturetrust.

discovered a quirky wire frame handbag

Mercy Ships.

com in 2001 and purchased the Alladale

made from recycled bottle tops in Uganda

Wilderness Reserve in the Scottish

in 2002. He developed the bag with his

Bryony Dunne (2004-09; Southfield)

Highlands – all 23,000 acres of it – in

father Roger (founder of Mulberry) and

works for the non-profit Walkabout


they launched it through the luxury British

Foundation, that focuses on funding

fashion house with a photographic series

research to find a cure for paralysis

Krupa Patel (2006-08; Kernick) and

by David Bailey. Bottletop funds the

and donating wheelchairs to people

her sister were inspired by their volunteer

Bottletop Foundation

in need around the world. www.

experiences in Ghana. After working in

charity which uses art and music to raise

Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 29

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Incredible India Current tutor Chantal Bowring meets Yuvraj Kumar (2007-12; Orchards) and Raghavpat Singhania (1999-2003; Millfield) during her visit to research worthwhile projects for pupils.


t six o’clock in the morning, last August, I walked peacefully though the clean, calm immigration area at Delhi airport. The doors to the outside world slid open and before I could look to see if my OM host’s car was there to meet me, I gasped as I stepped into what I can only describe as the hottest, most humid room of any Turkish Hammam into which I had ever entered! And this was 6.00 am. The purpose of my travels was to visit two boarding schools with which Millfield has long standing affiliations through exchanges: Doon School for boys and Welham Girls’ School, both in Dehradun, close to the foothills of the Himalayas. Millfield has a close relationship with India; after all, Boss brought our first students from there when the school was set up. Another aim of this trip was to enhance the validity of our sixth formers travelling to India by finding community based projects in areas that needed help; worthwhile projects that Millfield students could become part of, either during the holidays, or later as OMs

during their GAP years and beyond. I contacted the OM Society office a little late in July, when it occurred to me that I didn’t like the idea of landing in Delhi on my own at 6am. “Is there anybody out there who could meet me?” I asked. “We’ll put some feelers out, don’t worry” they replied and almost instantly I received two replies. The first reply was from the most helpful, charming man I have met in a long time; Raghavpat Singhania (1999-2003; Millfield) who said he would send his driver to pick me up and take me to my hotel. A couple of hours later I received the second reply: “Hi, Miss! I can’t believe you will be

he gained that star in Italian in my classes as well as being rather a good tennis player. He lives in Dubai, but he and his family, alongside his sister Diya (2007-12; Martins) were visiting their grandmother Sheila, Chief Minister of Delhi. Raghavpat Singhania, now managing JK Cement, one of the largest cement companies in India, with his brother, became my main host. He arranged for me to see the sights before I travelled north. Getting up at 4.00 am to see the sunrise at the Taj Mahal was an experience that will remain with me forever. Food is my downfall and India did not help. Memorable therefore was the evening Raghavpat’s lovely “I gasped as I stepped into what I can only wife arranged for her describe as the hottest, most humid room of any cook to prepare an Turkish Hammam into which I had ever entered! array of street food for me to try in their And this was 6.00 am.” home, along with Southern Indian food in case I didn’t get in Delhi. Don’t worry, my grandmother will a chance to eat it up north. Indescribably send her security guards to meet you, you’ll delicious. It was here that Raghavpat be fine.” This was Yuvraj Kumar (2007-12; showed me his collection of Millfield Orchards) and a little star of mine because

Raghavpat Singhania with Millfield memorabilia (left) and dinner with Kumar family OMs and their grandmother Sheila, Chief Minister of Delhi (right) 30 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

Pupils at Purkhal Development in Dehradun (left); and with Welham Deputy Head Mrs Datta and two girls who had previously visited Millfield (right)

photographs, Yearbooks and memorabilia. His wife doesn’t believe that Millfield is as big as he says, with such facilities. She is right, it’s not: it is bigger and with even more facilities than when Raghavpat left in 2003. They have promised to come back together, I hold them to that. Meeting the second OM, Yuvraj and his family, was also a delight, albeit it was a little disconcerting to go through security gates, past an array of armed guards and dogs to get to his grandmother’s villa. She is the longest serving Chief Minister of any town in India, is in her 80s, and a more unassuming woman you would never meet. She made me instantly at home, showing me how to eat properly with my left hand the best chicken biryani I have ever had. The only hint that she was anyone of import was when ministers kept coming in asking her to sign papers, which she did uncomplainingly and with aplomb during my tuition in eating Indian mode! Once up north both schools were most welcoming. I spent the longer part of my stay with Welham Girls, looked after by a plethora of enthusiastic, vibrant and committed staff headed by the much admired Mrs Braar. The Deputy Headmistress at Welham is an unforgettable woman to whom I have given an open invitation to come and stay with me any time. She once won Mastermind India, is incredibly intelligent, feared and revered by her girls but also

very funny. The stories she told me about old and new India had me in stitches. Welham took to heart Millfield’s desire to establish local community links and I accompanied some girls to the Purkhal Development where a philanthropist called GK Swamy has set up a school for children of destitute families whose fathers are alcoholics in the main. Mr Swamy has organised a textile cooperative for the mothers in the basement below the school, where they are making a profit and have been given Fairtrade status. The venture works because mothers can go to work, whilst their children are safely upstairs, getting bathed, fed and educated. We hope to send some Sixth formers out there to help teach, while the Lower

Taj Mahal at sunrise: it meant getting up at 4am but the memory will remain forever

Sixth have decided to make India their year group charity and four girls from Portway have volunteered to co-ordinate with their Indian counterparts to see in what small way we can help. I also went with some Welham girls to a talk that eight schools attended about the future of India for their youth of today. The talk was by Sir Mark Tully, who used to be BBC correspondent for India. Shekar Raha, a contemporary of David Rosser, ex Deputy Headmaster of Millfield, was also there. He and David Rosser were at Cambridge with Rajiv Ghandi. The students were well prepared, fearless and fervent about their country: full of hope for the future but scathing about the corruption of their politicians. India is a country of extremes. I saw malnutrition, unemployment, illiteracy, homelessness and constantly heard about government corruption. Yet alongside this is great success in industry and privatisation and an IT boom that matches anything in China, without the revolution. I found a people united by good humour, tolerance, inquisitiveness and an unfailing hospitality and civility which profoundly affected me. India stays in your mind and changes you forever. Sir Mark Tully called it an adolescent as a nation – India only became united in 1966. As an adolescent, it can be incomprehensible and unreasonable but it will be a nation to watch as it reaches adulthood. Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 31

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n May 2013 the Sports Society launched with a drinks and canapés reception at the Britannia Pub, Kensington. Our speaker for the evening, was Millfield’s new Director of Sport, and former GB Hockey Olympic Gold Medallist, David Faulkner. Guests from all sporting backgrounds, including athletics, coaching, facilities management and journalism, met to hear stories from David’s broad Olympic career, most recently with the GB Hockey Team of London 2012. The food was superb, the conversation plentiful, and the potential exciting as Sarah Lockhart-Martin (1988*95; Day) and Tobias Mews (1990-95; Orchards) are planning the next meeting. In the same month, the Legal Society enjoyed a private tour of the Lincoln’s

Inn, thanks to Nick Easterman (1963*69; Etonhurst). The fascinating tour, which included a filming location for Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes in 2009, was followed by a 3-course meal in the Inn’s beautiful, stone vaulted, members’ dining room (below). This was followed on 27th November by a tour of the home of English rugby, Twickenham, well organised by Karena

A tour of the Lincoln’s Inn was followed by a meal in the vaulted members’ dining room

Vleck (1983-85; Overleigh), RFU Legal and Governance Director. This was another fascinating evening and especially so being able to delve into changing rooms and other facilities normally the domains of a privileged VIP few. Following the success of the Professional Groups based in London, a regional business club model, open to OMs in all professions, was launched. The Bristol, Bath and West, and North West clubs are on LinkedIn, with the intention that, as numbers grow, regional networking receptions be added to the calendar. If you are interested in joining any of the professional groups or leading a Regional Business Club near you, please contact

The Legal Society enjoyed a tour of Twickenham, allowing them access to many VIP areas, followed by a splendid meal in a private room 32 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

Professional Groups’ Boat Party Steven Thomas (1982*-89; St Anne’s) After a day when the clouds were thickening, we were lucky on the Thames to avoid the showers on the evening of 10th September 2013. It was a fantastic turnout for the inaugural OM mixed professional groups to network while seeing London from an unusual perspective. Grateful thanks go to Simon Power (1991-94; Etonhurst), a partner of Knight Frank for sponsoring the boat hire, and to Nina Andrews (198789; Abbey), the founder and owner of Capital Pleasure boats, for the generous OM discount. Fifty OMs involved in finance, law, property, the sporting world and marketing enjoyed a fantastic night: excellent food and warm convivial company while discovering some very interesting connections and opportunities. For me to meet again with an old Edgarley classmate, Alex Walder-Smith groups currently forming the network (1985-90; Orchards), was the highlight of my evening. How quickly 25 years fly by! The network of Professional Groups has seen positive growth throughout 2013, as OMs Any of you that are LinkedIn users, join together in support of one another. At present, the following groups are available for please search for professional groups OMs to join: as listed above, or how about starting l Banking and Finance Group l Legal Society your own? I would be glad to help. The l Marketing & Communications Group l Property Group next planned boat trip is pencilled in for l Sports Society l Regional Business Clubs 19th June 2014. Keep an eye out on the l Bristol, Bath and West Business Club l North West Business Club LinkedIn and OMS websites.

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Society News Engagements Emily Watts-Russell (1999-2002; Abbey) met Jonathan Walder while attending Cardiff University and became engaged whilst they were living in New York. They got married in Wiltshire on 15th November 2013. Jonathan attended St Peter’s in Gloucester and remembers playing numerous rugby matches at Millfield. Emily said “I probably cheered on at the side lines, not realising my future husband was on the pitch!”

Marriages Zoe Knight (1995*-2004; Day) married Matthew Wilson at St. Mary’s Church in Wedmore, Somerset in August 2012. The reception was held in her parents’ garden and they enjoyed a honeymoon sailing in Greece. Leo Hopkins (1989*96; Shapwick) married Claire Amos on 4th May 2013 at St Leonards’ Church, Semley in Wiltshire.

Naomi Plowman (1995-97; Day) married David Lutman on 5th May 2012 at Tortworth Court, Four Pillars Hotel, Gloucestershire.

Births To Lucy Allen (née Aumonier) (1999*-2005; Martin’s) and Anthony Allen (2003-05; Kingweston), a son, Freddie, on 17th June 2013. To Xi Li (Andrew) (2003-05; Keen’s Elm), and his wife Lisa Choe a son, Andrew Erik Li, on 13th September 2013 at Norwalk Hospital. They live in Fairfield, Connecticut, USA. 34 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

Lucy Aumonier (1999*-2005; Martin’s) married Anthony Allen (2003-05; Kingweston) in June 2012 in Wickham, Hampshire.

OM News Directory 2013 Please help us to keep up to date with your own activities and the achievements of fellow Old Millfieldians. You can contact the OM Society online at or send an email to with details.

1940-1949 PAYNE, Basil (1942; Millfield) After Oxford, where he read PPE, he joined Lloyd’s of London and remained there until 1994. For 19 years he was in the TA – Surrey Yeomanry – he skied until he was 79 years old, and also rowed into his 70s. SLAPAK, Maurice, CBE (1949; Millfield) He has pursued a distinguished career in organ transplantation in many parts of the world, currently in the Far East, Kenya and America. He also has an interest in the cooperative effort of government and private enterprise in providing health care: his daughters are both OMs.

1950-1959 BARWICK-WARD, Robert (1956-61; Millfield) He has recently retired from the post of Marketing Manager with Balfour Beatty, but is still very active with his shooting, fishing and horse racing. He provides wedding car services with his family’s Rolls-Royce. FELL, Rosemary Ann (1957-59; Mollands) For 15 years until 1978, she had a teaching career at three schools, the last

in Guernsey. After marriage, she ran two businesses with her husband – Axminster Chandlery and The Coffee Shop in the town. In retirement she started and still runs the Malayan Volunteer Group. GARCIA, Michael (1959-61; Holmcroft) After doing an apprenticeship in the motor trade, he took up rally and sports racing. He used to have his own garage before setting up his building and heating company, which he runs to this day. GROUNDS, Roger (1951*-57; Millfield) After spending periods in journalism, advertising, and publishing, he became a partner at Apple Court, a specialist hardy plant nursery. He has written more than twenty books, mainly on horticulture, and was the youngest person to be elected a Fellow of the Linnaean Society. He has lectured on horticulture, and, in “retirement”, is working on a biography of Le Duc de Saint-Simon. RIGBY, Peter (1954-59; Orchards) He entered the family “Metals” business before moving with his family to develop a sales and distribution network in Connecticut. On returning to the UK, he became managing director and now in retirement lives in “paradise” in the Yorkshire Dales. He is a Past Master of

City of London Livery Company, founded a successful anti-wind farm protest group, is a passionate gardener, and hopeless bridge player. SUTTON, James (1957-59; Abbey Grange) A retired Project Design Engineer – Dowry Mining Equipment and then Westland Helicopters – he has a large garden and a menagerie at his home in Somerset. He owns a 1954 MG TF and has spent time over the last 15 years compiling a family history, tracing it back 26 generations. TREVOR, George (1952-57; Walton) After working in advertising, he joined the family surveying firm, until it was bought out by Abbey National in 1988. He formed a new company, George Trevor and Associates in 1992 and he still practises. He is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

1960-1969 CATTANACH, Iain (1961-65; Shapwick) In a most varied career, he has worked in banking, been a manager in a hotel, and, after moving to Australia, bought and sold shops before joining the Federal Police. He Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 35

Society News transferred to the Australian Protective Service, became National Commander Operations, and then Head of Security for the Australian Parliament. He retired in 2005 with Lloyds Certification of Quality Assurance. CLAY, Robert (Rollo) (1968-72; Glaston Tor) A self-taught entrepreneur, he built and then sold two automotive-related businesses, and then spent years accumulating and assembling the best marketing know-how for accelerating the growth of a business. He now helps founders in the top 0.5% of entrepreneurs to take their businesses to market leadership - and has written fourteen books available only to those he mentors. GOODWIN, Jonathan (1963-66; Abbot’s Leigh) After Millfield, he worked in the City, was briefly a civil servant, before training as a teacher. He taught at the Richard Pate School and Cheltenham College before retiring in 2007. He spends his time now enjoying the company of his four gorgeous granddaughters. GUNDRY, Christopher (1965-69; Millfield) He completed thirteen years in the Army, reaching the rank of major, and served in Northern Ireland and in the Falklands War. For six years he ran an art gallery, before becoming an emergency planner, firstly with Surrey County Council, and then for seventeen years with the NHS. He now cares for his aged parents. LEYTON, Julian (1962*-70; High Ham) Having graduated in Automobile Engineering and Retail Management, he had a lifetime career in the automotive industry. Ten years in the retail sector with British Leyland was followed by another decade in customer service at Citroen, before spending twenty years as Press and PR Manager for the company. 36 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

MORROW, Christopher (1968-71; Millfield) When acting and music did not keep him in the style he would have liked, he fell, by luck, into the IT industry. Having founded his own consulting firm with one employee, he sold it in 2001 with a 200 strong work force, since when he has founded or financed other new businesses. SHELDON, Liz (1965-67; Holmcroft) Living on the southern edge of Dartmoor, she retired from full-time social work in 2010 and immediately embarked on three years of shiatsu training. With an overgrown allotment and a deep interest in ecology, she still finds time to enjoy kayaking, canoeing and yoga – and visiting her grandson in Edinburgh.

1970-1979 DICKENS, Leonard (Dr) (1963*-73; Day) After qualifying at the London Hospital, he was a GP in Southend for two years before spending a year in Papua New Guinea. He returned in 1987 as a GP in Leigh-on-Sea, where he still practises. SHENTON, Nadine (1976*-81; Warner) Having performed for a decade in musicals in the West End, she is now a full-time voice over artist, using her voice for BUPA, the BBC, commercials and animation. She has three boys at St. Paul’s School and lives in Hampstead. STANLEY, Belinda (1970*-77; Johnson’s) She worked in the Health Service in Cumbria for twenty years but moved to a new consultant post in Coventry, managing more complex cases. She also works with the Royal College of Physicians and sits as a GMC associate hearing cases of concern about doctors’

fitness to practise. She is married to a lawyer and has two children. TJIOE, Roy (1978-80; Walton) Moving to Hawaii, he became a litigation partner in 1996 and started an entertainment law group in 2002, focusing on tax credit financing for clients such as Fox and Touchstone. In 2007 he formed a film production financing company and is currently developing original products for production. WAKEHAM, Terri (née Davies) (1975*-83; Day) She is now Executive Vice President of Sony Pictures and lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.

1980-1989 BRANDON, Raphael (1989-91; Georgian Cottage) After completing a Psychology degree and an MSc in Sports Science, he set up a sports fitness coaching business. In 2002 he joined the English Institute of Sport and is currently Head of Strength and Conditioning, leading a team of forty coaches working with Team GB athletes. He is married to Emma and lives in Shepherds Bush. BULLMAN, Timothy (1983-85; Joan’s Kitchen) He worked in the City before setting up Mint Partners, an agency broker with two hundred staff worldwide in 2005: he is the CEO of the firm. FREARSON, Ben (1981-83; Kingweston) He studied Recreation Management and worked in a couple of leisure centres before taking up his present role as Parks Manager with Waltham Forest. He hung up his hockey stick in 2003, is married to Premita, and has two boys.

GILPIN, Matthew (1980*-87; Shapwick) After graduating in Law, he qualified as a barrister and later specialised in securities and investment funds. From 2004 to 2012 he was CEO and CIO of EMAC Capital before joining THS as Director in 2013 – he is also the founder of Westmorland Extra Dry Gin. HARPER, Neil (1979-84; Millfield) He swam in the 1984 and 1988 Olympic Games, and in the 1986 Commonwealth Games was a silver medallist. After studying at Louisiana University, he became head swim coach at Florida State University, where he has coached swimmers for the Olympics since 2000. KENNETT, Sharon (1977*-83; Warner) She has been Head of Marketing at Frontier Agriculture since 2008. Remarried in 2009, she still rides but spends more time supporting children at Pony Club: she also mentors young people at work. LAIDLAW-SMITH, Lulu (1988-90; Overleigh) A commercial director in the Creative Industry, she has founded a new organisation, CIE, in conjunction with leading universities, to create a forum for innovation to deliver world-leading performance for businesses: she has two daughters. SCARTH, Catherine (Dr) (née Gallop) (1989-94; Day) After completing her doctorate in Clinical Psychology, she has been practising as a Clinical Psychologist for the last ten years, specialising in working with children and adolescents. She is Senior Lecturer at Exeter University, leading programmes for NHS staff, is married to James Scarth (1990-92; Etonhurst), and has three children.

1990-1999 COE, Laura-Julia (1995-1997; Chindit) After several years moving from job to job in America, she is now theatre technician/wardrobe-dresser at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. MEADS, Christopher (1994*-2004; Shapwick) On leaving York, he joined Detica where his roles included business analyst and senior consultant. Recently he has worked with Accenture as manager in IT and management consulting. He continues to enjoy playing golf, cycling and hockey. PARKER, Elizabeth (1997-2002; Acacia) She graduated in French and Spanish at Exeter before qualifying as a solicitor in London. She is director and treasurer of the Franco-British Lawyers’ Society, enjoys sport and art, and lives in London. SMITH, Matthew (1992-94; Shapwick) Following time spent in accountancy, the charity sector, and as an economist in Sierra Leone, he now works for KPMG, managing the contract with the Independent Commission for Aid Impact, providing external scrutiny to the UK’s foreign aid spending. WILSON, Zoe (née Knight) (1995*-2004; Day) Married in 2012 to Matthew, she currently teaches English and Philosophy at a comprehensive school in west London: she cycles, sails and volunteers in her spare time.

2000-present BAXTER, Hannah (2003-08; Kernick) After working as a freelance for various production companies, she completed a

degree course in Broadcasting and Media Studies at Brighton. She now works for The Farm, a TV and film post-production company in London. COOK, Jack (2003-05; Shapwick) Following university in the USA – Notre Dame – he has joined the family business, a fourth generation butchers, and one of the country’s premier caterers. HALL, Matthew (2003-08; Shapwick) He is Project Manager for Raconteur Media, managing supplement publications for “The Week” and “The Times”, and producing additional industry-focused research papers. JAIPURIA, Varun (2004-06; Walton) After college, he joined his father in business, firstly in Delhi and, since 2011, in Colombo as MD of its Sri Lanka operations. LAMBERT, Fritha Faye (2003*-08; Warner) After graduating from Bath, she travelled across South America and trained to be a chef. Recently engaged, she worked as a pastry chef at “The Ivy” and is now at Gordon Ramsay’s “Maze”. MANNS, Stephen (2007-09; Day) He had the memorable experience in 2012 of being Medal Bearer at the Sailing Olympics in Weymouth, being responsible for the collection and presentation of the medals to the athletes. SACHDEV, Yohan (2004-06; Holmcroft) At Bryant University in USA he captained the squash team and established new facilities for squash. After graduation he worked in New York for a year before returning to India to start a publishing company. Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 37

Society News

Obituaries Please see the obituaries section on the OM website, for more information. Dennis Ashman

in memoriam It is with deep regret that we report the following deaths of the following Old Millfieldians and former members of staff.

By Gerry Wilson (former Head Groundsman and Warner Houseparent) Dennis epitomised everything that has traditionally been considered good about Millfield: committed, considerate, conscientious, and utterly dependable. Born in Newquay during the Second World War, he was a typical West Country man who spent his childhood living in Cocklake near Wedmore. He hated swimming so whilst his classmates went to the local pool he would remain behind cutting the grass in the field adjacent to the school, fostering his love of the land. After a spell farming, he joined Millfield in 1977, a very good groundsman, initially at Butleigh playing fields and athletics, and then progressing to 1st XI cricket, hockey and rugby. He also ran bars for school functions, and was the school’s first security guard. He was a genuine man, always cheerful, that would always go the extra mile to help anyone. Dennis retired from Millfield in 2009. His wife, Pam, worked for the school as a librarian and his son Colin, follows in his father’s footsteps so that the name Ashman will live on for many years around the campus Dennis loved so much.

Thomas Agutter

(1992*-2000; Day)

Simon Appleton

(1961-66; High Ham)

Graeme Armstrong

(1955-57; Orchards)

Dennis Ashman

(former staff)

David Aubrey-Fletcher

(1957*-63; Mill House)

Philip Aubrey-Fletcher

(1957*-63; Mill House)

Mildred Baxter

(former MPS staff)

David Binnian

(1946*-50; Millfield)

Adam Booth

(1964-66; Kingweston)

Charlotte Brosnan

(1986-1990; Abbey)

Derek Bruges

(1945-46; Edgarley)

Sir Robin Buchanan

(former Governor)

Angela Clifford


Erling Ehrenskjold

(1987-88; Georgian Cottage)

Joey El Yakubu

(1978*-85; Butleigh)

Paul Grade

(1966-70; Millfield)

Samuel Hayes

(2004-09; Orchards)

Ruth Hillard

(former staff)

Barnabas Horley

(1959-62; Shapwick)

Richard Jungius

(1967-71; St Anne’s)

Stephen Kellock

(1951-52; Resteholme)

Vijay Khubchandani

(1979-80; Edgarley)

Captain Peter Maslen

(former staff)

Nicholas Milligan

(1970*-1979; Millfield)

Dr Timothy Otway


Julian Paulley

(1969-74; Shapwick)

John Pearl

(1958-61; Kingweston)

Sir Robin Buchanan

George Petherbridge

(former staff)

Dr Delme Pritchard

(1988-92; Orchards)

Gillian Reid

(former housemother)

Nicholas Seward-Jones

(1965*-74; Kingweston)

Jeffrey Stephenson John Wolfe (“Bean”)

(1962*-72; Day) (1969-72; Rookery)

By David Rosser (former Deputy Headmaster) It was with great sadness that we learned of the death of Sir Robin Buchanan on 19th of September; he died after a

38 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

brief illness at the age of 82. Sir Robin enjoyed an extremely distinguished career in business and public administration, which benefited the School enormously in the 1970s and 80s as a Governor and as Chairman of the Board. In this capacity he gave robust support to Colin Atkinson in establishing the educational and financial strength on which the School has since flourished. His strong personality and mischievous sense of humour were as apparent as ever when he attended what was to be his last school function, a 21 Club lunch in June, of this year; and his death came as sad and unwelcome news. Our sincere condolences go to his daughters Sarah, Jane and Joanna.

Sam Hayes Sam died tragically on 10th September 2013. Sam didn’t have a chance to make his mark on the world in the way he wanted. He was a lovely, warm and caring person with an endearing smile. In Malawi there is a traditional custom that when a baby is born you can pledge to support that baby through his or her education with clothing etc, and you have the honour of naming the baby. This doesn’t mean the baby has changed mothers but will have been given the opportunity to grow and prosper. Sam’s friends and family will follow this tradition and make Sam’s Village his self-sustaining legacy which will bring a smile to the faces of many. Sam’s friends and family have undertaken to raise the £250,000 required to complete and open this amazing project within the next three years.

Ruth Hillard By Brian Gaskell (former Headmaster) My earliest memories of Ruth and her husband William centre on the mid-60s when they ran a mobile shop in a decorous

van around Glastonbury and sold a variety of household goods including paraffin; and it was all done with good humour. My main contact was at Millfield about ten years later when, in a contrasting role, she organised the busy school switchboard. She retained her continuing bubbly personality although many a caller received a small interrogation, albeit a pleasant one, before being put through. Pupils from overseas will remember Ruth more as a friendly helpful passport provider than a telephone operator. Even the Headmaster sometimes had to wait for an outside call if Ruth was comforting a worried foreign pupil and it is possible that the odd box of chocolates helped to speed up the delivery of passports! Ruth and William owned and loved a variety of classic motor vehicles frequently on display at our Parents’ Days. Wedding couples and film producers rented their vintage Rolls Royce cars. Ruth Hillard was undoubtedly one of Millfield’s unforgettable characters. A lively lovable ‘people person’, she passed away in December 2012. We miss her.

Richard Jungius By David Hughes (1962*-71; Kingweston) Rick always loved sport and was very good at it, his defining qualities being complete absence of fear and 100% commitment. His competitiveness on the playing field was legendary. He played rugby for Millfield, and earlier both cricket and rugby for Sherborne Prep School where he captained his team to win the national prep school sevens at Rosslyn Park. At Millfield he picked up a decent number of O and A-levels and went on to do a sponsored Business Studies sandwich course at the University of West London. Rick went on to become a Group Leader for BP and assumed responsibility for all of BPs lubricants business in South America … among the top 200 in a company with staff totalling well over 100,000. He had a

gift for friendship, a zest for life, always encouraging, always positive, always planning, always looking for solutions. A great sense of humour; he cared deeply about other people; gave complete commitment to whatever he took on; straightforward, honest, decent and truthful. Devoid of vanity, he made light of his considerable achievements. He brought love and joy to his parents and brothers, and above all to his wife and sons. A great man, we will all miss him immeasurably.

Nick Milligan Nick, whose death in a speedboat accident in the Camel estuary made national headlines, was managing director of BSkyBs advertising business, Sky Media. Brought up on a dairy farm (he always had a yearning to be a gentleman farmer), he was surrounded by horses and had a natural seat. He hunted with the South and West Wilts and played polo at Millfield. He did not follow a traditional academic path. He spent only one year at Reading University studying estate management, supplementing his grant by his skill at three-card brag and poker, before deciding to join the world of work. He began a 30-year career in advertising with TVS, the southern England franchise of ITV, becoming managing director of Sky Media in 2004 and transforming the airtime sales of Rupert Murdoch’s satellite broadcaster from a tiny supplement to its subscription revenues into a critical part of pre-tax profits. Nick married Victoria in 1999, with whom he had four children. He loved the rugged coastline of north Cornwall, where he and his family had a home, at Trebetherick. He was a keen golfer on the course at nearby St Enodoc. In the speedboat accident in which he lost his life, his eight-year-old daughter Emily also died; his wife Victoria and their four-year-old son, Kit, were seriously injured. Their daughters Amber, 12, and Olivia, 10, suffered superficial injuries. Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 39

GlASTon Tor HouSE (1966-73)

Glaston Tor became a Millfield boarding house in the autumn term of 1966 due to Elmsett closing down. The Elmsett girls moved to Holmcroft while the Holmcroft boys joined Glaston Tor with Geoff Smith as Housemaster. Glaston Tor had previously been an independent boys’ preparatory school for over 30 years, where ‘Boss’ placed several pupils when there was insufficient room at Millfield. These boys were known as ‘Tor Ghosts’. Situated on the southern slopes of Glastonbury Tor the school backed onto large areas of orchard and gardens where the renowned Chalice Well lies. The well also supplied the water for a small bathing pool in the grounds. In its seven years brief existence, Tor reached unprecedented heights in many fields and had a mighty list of honours to its name. Their universally recognised house-spirit won them the Churchill Cup four times, and the Armstrong Cup three times in succession. Sadly, the boarding house closed in 1973, and was later demolished. The Chalice Well Gardens are now situated on this site.


Robert ‘Benny ’ Goodm on beh an (196 alf of all Gla 9-74; G friends laston s t o n Tor a f rom th Tor), congra lumni a e Class tulate nd oth of ‘74, er The Ch is p r l e o a nicle o links b etween n helpin sed to us all o g to ma It is a m intain ver the atter o years. f some we sur amazem vived o ur teen ent to most o s, much f us th less th the fol at e chall lowing enges o d e c a d f es. Anyone Tor Reu wishing nion in London to join an inf ormal in the s email r pring is obert@ reques rgoodm ted to

Our thanks alsO tO the back rOOm staff at the Old millfieldian sOciety

40 whO Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014tO make sense Of Our repOrts, submissiOns and articles sO that strive tirelessly

the final text is fit fOr publicatiOn, litigatiOn free and nearly fit fOr purpOse!

Society News

Updating your record with the Society


ast year’s Chronicle reminded you about how to access and amend your own profile by means of a Username and Password. A simpler way of doing this (for you rather than for us!), is to complete the Online Questionnaire (shown on the right), accessed by clicking ‘Keeping in Touch’ at the top of our website pages. Read on to find out why using this function might be even more crucial to you keeping in touch with us in the future!

please click here

Your Eco-Friendly OM Society calling for your email address, please! You will have noticed that the only hardcopy communication you receive from us these days is your annual Chronicle magazine in January/February. However, rising costs to us – and to the environment – may oblige us in the not too distant future to consider emailing OMs with an electronic copy only of Chronicle, as we do with all other notices,

updates and invitations to events. Therefore it is vital, in advance of this fateful day, that you make sure we have an email address for you. In the process, please also tell us about your professional life and your interests, information that will help us build up an accurate profile of you and ensure that you receive relevant mailings. Don’t delay – email us at office@ – or use the Keeping in Touch Questionnaire, as above! We’re looking forward to hearing from you! Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 41

Millfield Update

News from the School Fundraising Report The Development Office is delighted that the fundraising activity of the academic year of 2012/13 has generated over £355,000 for our three charitable funds: The Millfield Foundation – providing scholarships and bursaries for talented and deserving children to access a Millfield education which would otherwise be out of reach. Maintaining Millfield’s diversity, known as the ‘Millfield Mix’, and widening access is at the heart of the Foundation’s aims. The RJOM Fund – offering bursaries to the children of OMs, and established in memory of our founder Boss Meyer. Boss’ legacy is one of resourceful ambition, and a firm belief that excellence and talent lie within us all. Our unique beginning inspires us every day, and in this way Boss continues to shape Millfield’s future. The RJOM Fund makes provision for Old Millfieldians to access bursaries for their own children to attend Millfield. In this way the RJOM Fund honours our heritage, and supports our future.

The Development Fund – improving the pupil experience by delivering inspiring technology, advancements and opportunities that tangibly enhance our learning environment. The fund also receives all gifts to the school which are not for scholarships or bursaries. From corporate gifts, to sponsorship of events, the Development Fund welcomes all support, whether it be directive at the donor’s request, or given for use at the Headmaster’s discretion. HOW TO CONTACT US We would like to thank all our donors most sincerely for their participation, generosity and commitment to supporting Millfield’s ambition and ethos. If you would like more information about supporting our charitable funds, please contact the school Development Office on 01458 444517, development@, or visit our Development web pages by clicking ‘Supporting Us’ from the home page of

Donors 2012/13 Y Al Nowais

J Holloway

Y Alghanim

J E C Jackson

M Allen

L Jackson

R Balding

C A N Knowles

R M Barnes

Lennox and

P Barton

Wyfold Foundation

G M L Bradbury

D J M Mason

A H Brooks

C and D Morris

R J Bruniges

F H Morris

A S Cain

J B Naylor

A and A Campbell

A J Negus

J W Cook


S Coveney

A M Pawson

E G Cox

C Payne

N D Cox

J Penruddocke

R and L Dickson

S B Potter

A R Dixon

J V Radford

R J S Dowler

J N Rady

G O Edwards

E and A Ravano

A J Fox

J L Rudd

T D H Francis

C Shanks

R J Frost

K Sheta

J Gallop

E Short

R Gibbs

A Steele

A M Gill

S Szmigielski

J andJ Golledge

E Tennant

C Goulding

H A Thomas

M A Grayburn

S A Thomas


M Twaddle

S W J Hall

J S Waney

S C Harrison

D G Weston

J Havlin

A R White

R Hipkiss

M White

A and T Hodgkin

L Zhang

Thank you to all the donors who wish to remain anonymous

Left: Maddie Wood and Chloe Warren call OMs as part of the Telephone Campaign 2013 to check their data is current, introduce new events and inform them of ways to support the school 42 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

Development Office

The Telephone Campaign team: Sarah Bayliss, Chloe Warren, Kate Kinninmont, Sophii Negus, George Lavallin, Maddie Wood, Blake Parkinson, Archie Burnham, James Everett, Charlie Martin, Henry Tait-Harris and Rosanna McCrum (not pictured)

Telephone Campaign In July 2013 our summer Telephone Campaign saw a team of 12 current pupils and recent leavers speaking with over 600 OMs with the following aims: l To enquire if the data we hold is current l To introduce new OM events l To inform of opportunities to support the school. The Telephone Campaign sought to update the contact details which we hold for OMs, whilst introducing them to the newest professional and social events which the OM Society offers its

members. In addition, our callers enjoyed a fantastic two weeks of work experience on the campaign, and had fascinating conversations with OMs who had trodden the path of life before them. Both parties enjoyed sharing their Millfield experiences, discussing their lives and ambitions beyond the school gates and discussing the latest school news. Moreover, the fundraising element of the calls generated a number of valuable gifts which will enable the school to remain a unique and opportunity filled place to grow up: l More than £26,500 for our three important funds

l 123 new work experience placements for pupils l 201 new offers of careers advice. A big thank you goes to our OM community for their significant generosity and enthusiasm to support young Millfieldians. Thanks also go to our calling team who did a terrific job in service of both the school and OMs, and to Millfield staff member Gill Kitching who supervised the call room. Plus, if you were lucky, you may have even been telephoned by a young recruit – John Davies – who tried his hand at the calling when popping by. Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 43

Millfield Update

Two Schools’ News Lisa Kendall, PR and Content Executive illfield benefited from a host of campus developments in 2012/13. The new and refurbished facilities included a Tiger Turf campus astro, fencing salle, performance gym and additional staff housing at the Senior School and three new tennis and netball courts at the Prep School. Work is now underway on an impressive new Sports Pavilion at the Prep School and OM Matt Perry (1988*-1995; Orchards) returned in the autumn to ‘turn the first sod’. It was a record year for Millfield’s summer holiday courses as more than 1300 international students from 60 nationalities utilised the schools’ stateof-the-art facilities.


Both schools continued to develop their digital learning programmes and a significant aspect of this was the introduction of iPads for both pupils and staff. The use of iPads will enable pupils to use a full range of apps and multimedia tools to aid their learning and prepare them for the fast changing digital world they will inherit after they leave school. Charity and community service remained central to Millfield life. The Senior School continued its longstanding relationship with Mencap as it welcomed more than 900 people to the 25th anniversary of its annual Mencap Day. The school was also selected to host Race for Life and more than 500 pupils participated in the Glastonbury Road Run fundraising event.

staff leavers There have been a number of significant retirements this year. At the Senior School we said goodbye to Ted Sanchez, Mike Coase, Phil Cookson, Stephen Dye, Jenny Frampton and Martin Perry, who have amassed 175 years of service between them. At the Prep School we said goodbye to Karen Cookson, Rob Link and Lynne Mitchell who between them gave 88 years to Millfield.

Prep School There have been numerous academic achievements at the Prep School this year. Pupils achieved well above the national average with bronze, silver and gold awards in the UK Junior Maths Challenge and Year 6 pupil Max French was invited to take part in the Maths Olympiad and finished among the top 100 mathematicians in the country in his age group. A highlight of the year for Year 6 pupils was World War II Day. The children built their own Anderson shelter, dodged UXBs, ate from a NAAFI van and watched a Tiger Moth do a fly-past. Pupils showcased their artistic talents during the Somerset Arts Week Festival. A selection of paintings, drawings and carvings were exhibited in Edgarley Hall with all money raised donated to STAR, part of Somerset’s Promiseworks charity. Thespians impressed with spectacular performances of The Wizard of Oz, Cinderella and Fleeced; and Year 8 Harry Kemp was selected to play trumpet for the Somerset County Youth Concert Band. Sporting success continued this year and there were many highlights. The U13A Girls’ Hockey team finished the season as Somerset, West of England and West IAPS champions. The Girls’ Swimming team gained the IAPS top school title, an accolade they have secured for 28 consecutive years, and the U11 Boys won the England Schools Cricket Association eight-a-side national finals to win the competition for the fifth time. World War II Day

OM rugby player Matt Perry ‘turns the first sod’ for the Millfield Prep School sports pavilion 44 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

New Tiger Turf campus astro (above); Camerata choir (right); iPads are now in use both by pupils and staff (below)

Senior School At the Senior School 66% of Upper Sixth leavers accepted UK university places and 14% US, Canadian or European university places. Six pupils secured a place at Oxbridge to study a range of subjects from Classics to Maths and Statistics. The Academic Enrichment programme continued to extend pupils’ learning through lectures, events, research projects and external competitions. The Economics Target 2.0 team competed in the national final of the Bank of England Interest Rate Challenge and, following a highly researched speech on the current monetary policy, the team placed fourth.

Pupils have also been inspired by visiting speakers including Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss, former captain of the English Rugby team Lawrence Dallaglio and polar explorer Alan Chambers. The Senior School enjoyed a world class year of Arts. The Millfield Camerata was a finalist in the BBC Songs of Praise Choir of the Year, took part in the Rimini International Choral Competition in Italy and performed at Cadogan Hall in London. The Junior Drama production was a captivating performance of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein which filled the Meyer Theatre for three spectacular evenings. Sport once again thrived with many

team and individual achievements worthy of mention. Millfield’s U15 cricketers secured a 13th Lord’s Taverners Cup, while the Girls’ Rowing Eights became the first Millfield crew to compete on the famous Henley Reach at the Henley Women’s Regatta. The Rugby team won the St Joseph’s College Festival and the footballers lifted the Boodles ISFA Cup for the third time. The fencers retained the overall Champions Trophy at the 2013 Public Schools Championships, while the squash girls secured their 11th consecutive title at the National Schools Championships, with the boys’ team also winning their competition. Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 45

Reunions and Events

Warner House Reunion

Shapwick House Reunion


his was a splendid turnout when more than 120 OMs revisited Millfield. The day started with a meet and greet session in houses followed by a tour of Warner and Shapwick. For five Warner girls it was the first time they had

46 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

all been together since leaving Millfield. After lunch, there was a tour of the school and the opportunity to watch a full sporting programme. Finally, it was time to go back to house for tea. Thanks go to Craig and Elaine

Middleton, Warner houseparents, and John (1983-88; Orchards) and Emma (nĂŠe Davies) (1986-88; Day) Mallett, houseparents at Shapwick for giving up their time and homes for these events to take place.

Mill House Reunion Dave Bullock (1972-77; Mill House) s I drove south on a glorious May afternoon, I wondered again what it was that had made me answer an invitation to meet an unidentified and disparate group of people, none of whom I had seen for at least 35 years. As I reminisced, my anticipation (a curious mixture of curiosity and trepidation) began to grow, and I found myself back in the fuzzy glow of selective memory. And wasn’t every day hot and sunny in the 1970s! Chobham in deepest Surrey is home to the Green Olive – patron, one Leo Charmantas (1972-76; Mill House) – who very generously provided the venue for the reunion of Mill House boys. I had last seen Leo in 1977 and it was hard to believe that this happy go lucky teenager had grown up … to become a restaurateur. On arrival in the village I caught up with one of my closest friends from Mill House days, Matthew McKaig (1970*78), and, after a swift draught of local culture and a whistle-stop tour of the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, we strolled down to meet the old gang. A throng was already assembled outside the restaurant and, even from 50 yards, I thought I recognised a face or two.


Michael Ridpath (1973-78) and David Fairchild (1973-78) hadn’t aged a day (or not many), and Anthony (Pixie) AshfordBrown (1968-73) was still instantly recognisable. But where was our host? Then I saw JHD, the housemaster who, to my untutored teenage eye, must have been at least a hundred years older than me, now looking to have discovered the elixir of eternal – well, at least early middle age (and certainly far fitter than my creaking frame). But John looked puzzled, and insisted on going through the invitation list to try to place me. Having decided I wasn’t me, I then had to put him right, and it was then that I realised that some of us must have aged rather differently from others (I am probably the old sofa rather than the good wine). And then Leo appeared, and although he had ‘grown into his face’ since school, his humour and affection were still very obviously there. And glowing in the company of his wife, Annalise, he was the perfect host. The evening was fantastic, a too soon-finished feast of fine food, flowing wine and stories, some of which made me realise what a naïve and gauche schoolboy I had been. Far too early, I wove my way back to my little guest house in the woods with fading goodbyes and promises to meet again soon still ringing in my ears.

Abbey House Reunion Charlotte Peacock (2003-08; Abbey) ike nervous and excited schoolgirls on Saturday, 16th November, we all converged on Abbey House to see our wonderful former houseparents, Neil and Ann Whiskerd, and what a lovely time was had by all. It was fantastic to be back as Old Millfieldians and to catch up with so many friends. There is something extremely special about the incredible friendships that you forge at boarding school and our fierce loyalty to ‘the best house by miles’ is never to be questioned. A boarding house is for life, not just for school days! Amidst the throng of girlie gossip, Neil and Ann caught up with everyone and the inevitable, ‘do you remember the time when … ?’, or ‘why on earth did you ever … ?’, and even, ‘what on earth were you thinking going out with ... ?’ caused much hilarity. After an autumnal stroll around campus we returned to Abbey where the wine flowed and we caught up with old friends. There was also collective recognition and immense gratitude to the Whiskerds for their tireless support and wisdom at a time when we thought we knew best, but clearly didn’t! Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Fortified by a good measure of rehydration fluids, excellent conversation, lots and lots of laughter and a superb lunch we headed back to the outside world aglow with gratitude for the opportunity to have been lucky enough to attend such a fantastic school. Huge thanks go to Neil and Ann for their hospitality and bonhomie, we all had a wonderful time.


Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 47

Reunions and Events

Class of 2003… 10 years on Dr Ellie Decamp (1993*-2003; Day) n experiment took place on Saturday 11th May at the Bluebird Café in Chelsea: Millfield held a ten-year reunion for the Class of 2003. At the OM Society five-year reunion, which is on everyone’s radar as we venture out of the marquee on our final Parents’ Day, we discover that – fortunately – we’re not alone in trying to find our feet in the post-Millfield world. There were, I recall, still plenty of question marks and uncertainties in 2008. It was different after 10 years. Suddenly you find your old school friends seem established, objective in


48 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

their career paths, and visibly equipped with new priorities. It’s a privilege to see the transformation. A cohort of students had become a dynamic gathering of lawyers and solicitors, soldiers, managers, designers, property-gurus, mothers, journalists and teachers… I could, of course, go on. And what was so moving was the lack of self-consciousness in the group and the ease at which we relaxed in each other’s company. We stayed out late. I remember way back in 1997 when I was at Edgarley (or Millfield Prep to the younger readers), I leant on a bit of A A Milne to express the liveliness of Millfield life: ‘The Social Round. Always something going on.’ Many years later I

turn to the language of the Hundred Acre Wood again, partly out of unabashed sentimentality, partly for its simplicity: ‘You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.’ I’m not going to pretend that the majority of us weren’t from London and in easy range of Bluebird, but a number had come from further afield. Nottingham, Cornwall… New York. Thank you OM Society for giving us the opportunity to move towards each other again, and thank you to everyone who came for your warmth, interest, opinions and stories. I hope that the class of 2004 is intrigued and that this event becomes a fixture.

Class of 2008 Reunion T

he “Class of…” Reunion is the most popular by far of our numerous annual events. This reunion is held at the Hotel Russell, London, in the spring when traditionally more than 70% of the leaving class attend this get-together. It is always a terrific evening when young OMs meet again with old school friends after five years. This year was no exception with over 150 “Class of 2008” attending on the night, together with tutors Phil and Karen Cookson, Eric Jones, David and Becky Landrock, Rod and Marian Speed, the Headmaster and John Davies. The “Class of 2009” will be taking place on Friday 25th April 2014 at the Hotel Russell when once again we look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible. Full details and how to book can be found on our website events/diary/ Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 49

Reunions and Events

Summer Reunion Family Tea Party and Dinner

Andrew Selby (1985-90; Keen’s Elm) wenty three years after leaving Millfield it was time to visit with the family. It was also time to say hello again to Mr Cookson (Cooko or Cookie) and Mrs Cookson as they were saying farewell to what was, is and always will be, a most special place. The drizzle was not going to deter the group congregated outside one of the many buildings that wasn’t there in my time and we were treated to a tour of the school. It really does never cease to amaze. Familiar faces, fond memories and that buzz that is quite simply, Millfield. So much change and yet that unmistakeable


50 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

feeling remains the same. I was back home and this time with my own family. The tour led us through campus, to the new (well to me it was new) tennis centre, the cricket pavilion, the swimming pool complex and so much more. A tour of one of the boarding houses, offering en-suite facilities as well as play-station rooms was a far cry from the dorms of Keen’s Elm which, when I started in 1985, was itself one of the new houses. We finished at the dining hall overlooking what is the Gareth Edwards Pitch. No disrespect to Mr Edwards but when I was a lad it was called the Jubilee Pitch and we were allowed to play football on it – you know

the one with the correctly shaped ball! Signs stating ‘keep off the pitch’ were not going to prevent my two and a half year old tearaway kicking a football on it. ‘Way to go son!’ After afternoon tea there was a short breather before an even bigger group gathered for the main event, the Cookson retirement dinner. It was great to see them and their daughter Sam who I had last seen, I believe, when she was about one on a tour to Bermuda in about 1988. Some interesting speeches (to say the least) and the day was over. Good luck Sir and Mrs Cookson. And thank you Millfield.

see you next year… Next year’s summer reunion will take place on Saturday 14th June 2014. In the early part of the day there will be a Millfield Classic Car Rally. If you would like to enter this, please contact

On a personal and selfish note, it was wonderful to see some faces from my time, most notably Amanda Owens, James Jowett and dear Talia McGerr (now Findlay) but alarming to hear that she now had two boys attending if not Millfeld then Edgarley (or whatever name it goes under these days). I’m getting old! Talia Findlay (née McGerr; 1983*-90; Day) had mixed feelings about attending this year’s event as it heralded the end of an era – the Cooksons were retiring – after 34 years both Phil and Karen had decided it was time for goodbye. They


have taught so many pupils over the years and have had such impact with their good humour and positivity – both wearing the same approachable smiles today that they did when I was at school. Karen was instrumental in giving me a love of sport as my netball teacher at Edgarley in the early 80s and I was delighted that both my boys were able to spend three years under her wing. So the OM Dinner was rightly all about the Cooksons – John Davies kicked us off to a great start with his usual good humour and sense of fun. He had interviewed Phil for his teaching role all that time ago – and Phil clearly left

an impression that got him the job! John’s speech was very touching as he was talking not just about a colleague but a friend. After dinner Tim Lewis was welcomed to the floor. Phil and Karen had been Tim’s houseparents at Millfield and he had some very vivid memories that he shared of his time under their watch. The evening’s entertainment finished with Phil delivering a moving and heartfelt speech which certainly left a tear in my eye. During the course of the evening we ate, drank and made merry, the chatter was at high volume as people exchanged stories from times past and present. It was fantastic to see such a mix of OMs. Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 51

Reunions and Events

The Nissen Club


he Nissen Club is a vibrant social luncheon club exclusively for our over 60s. The Nissen Club meets three times a year, between March and October, twice in central London, and

once at Millfield. Past venues include the East India Club, the Farmers Club and Marco Pierre White’s famous Soho restaurant, ‘L’Escargot,’ which houses artwork by

Miro, Picasso, Matisse and many more. A speaker is selected to share his or her own Millfield memories, after which guests are invited to recall their own anecdotes and stories. Thanks go to our recent speakers, Susanna Van Rose (née Jones, 1958-60; Day), Robert Wilkins (1951*-62; Millfield) and Peter Jewell (1962-66; Portway). Our March lunches, hosted in the Gaskell Room at Millfield School, also offer guests the opportunity to tour the school and visit the many wonderful developments of recent years along with some familiar Millfield landmarks. OMs are invited to join the Nissen Club following their 60th birthday. However, if you have not received an invitation, please contact the OM Society Office, where a warm welcome awaits.

Millfield’s OM Golf Team scoops the silverware at the 2013 Grafton Morrish Gavin Bradbury (1981-83; Kingweston) very year the Old Millfieldian golf team turn their hand to regaining the Public Schools Old Boys Golf Association (PSOBGA) Grafton Morrish trophy - a feat we have only achieved on one previous occasion, back in 1974. The competition starts with over 100 schools entering a series of regional qualifying events and ends with the finals hosted in Norfolk in September at two of the finest links courses in England - Brancaster (Royal West Norfolk Golf Club) and Hunstanton. After a dismal showing last year at Royal Ashdown Golf Club (the culprits shall remain nameless), we moved our qualifying slot to the more benign North Hants Golf Club near Fleet. On a beautiful sunny Sunday in mid-May our handpicked pairings of Henry Smart/Alastair Scott, Ed Matthews/Peter Stokes and Jon Greener/Gavin Bradbury set out to secure the points needed to progress to the


52 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

Norfolk finals. Some two hours later the text came through to confirm that we had secured the last qualifying slot and that Brancaster/Hunstanton beckoned. With a bye in the first round, our first opponents were Solihull, winners in 2008 and renowned for their touring entourage of 30+ supporters. All of the matches were nicely poised after 9 holes. Sadly, some 90 minutes later we were beaten 2.5 points to 0.5 with Giles Legg and Adan Yates playing some marvellous links golf to secure their half point. After drowning our sorrows in the tried and trusted Millfield way and some

wonderful Adnams-powered dancing at a local hostelry by one of the adventurous team members, we set out to regain our pride in the parallel Solihull Salver competition. With support from Rod and Marian Speed, Simon and Pauline Luxmoore in tow and the same pairings as the Friday, we managed to secure 92 stableford points beating Eton (by a single satisfying point) along with 28 other schools to scoop the silverware. A magnificent effort from the team to match our achievements in 2005 and 2006, with a special mention for Alastair and Richard who had 5 birdies on the back 9, along with Adan Yates (a recent school leaver) who curtailed his university start date to represent the school. For more details on the Grafton Morrish please visit If you are a (very low) single handicap or better golfer and interested in playing some competitive and great fun old boys golf, please contact

Millfield Golfing Society Rob Furlong, Tutor and Captain 2013 t has been another busy, yet entertaining, golf season for Millfield Golfing Society, consisting of current and retired members of staff. The society plays competitive matches against local clubs combined with more relaxed away days, although these are always keenly fought for the superb prizes on offer! The annual match against the OM Golfing Society was once again an excellent occasion, held at the Bristol Golf Club, and our thanks go to OM Chairman, John Graveney, for his organisation of this thoroughly enjoyable event: good golf but also the opportunity for OMs to catch up with some of their past tutors. Although MGS fielded a strong team, including the likes of John Davies, Sarah Champion and Rod and Marian Speed, it is noted that much practice is required prior to next year as we went down 5-0, for the second year running. Perhaps the


Some MGS members who competed in the 25th Annual Championships at Clevedon GC

society “highlight” of the year was Jerry Pickles winning the longest drive prize at our away day at Long Sutton GC. Jerry’s drive reached an astonishing distance of 150 yards, but was at least on the fairway,

despite pitching in the rough beforehand and only just trickling on. My thanks go to all members for their support in my year as Captain and I am already looking forward to next year’s battles …

Tassie Foursomes Julia Burton (née Gregory) (1970-74; Johnson’s) nce again Millfield sent a team of four to the Berkshire Golf Club for the Old Girls’ Inter Schools Tournament which is played over 27 holes and, as always, was well supported by 32 independent schools. Due to appalling weather the event was cancelled last year and so the team (pictured right) of Julia Burton, Sandie Meacher (née Evans) (1970-75; Day), Jane Rees (née Evans) (1973-76; Day) and Liz McKay (1972-74; Portway) was keener than ever to get back out on the course. Fortunately, although it was a cloudy day we all stayed dry for 27 holes! The club at Virginia Water boasts two


beautiful 18-hole courses with some very long heather-covered rolls and large greens which everyone found difficult to read, and 2 or 3 putting was not unusual. Both pairings had their moments on this very challenging course but sadly we finished in 6th place again – although not a disgrace it was still disappointing. We were delighted to discover that Jane and Sandra had won the Scratch Trophy and would have won the morning Nett Competition but the rules only allow one prize for any couple. As always we were delighted to have Margaret Hawker (Former Tutor) and Karen Nicholls (Director of Golf) supporting and we all enjoyed a great lunch together reminiscing on days gone by.

join us for 2014 Next year the competition is on 9th June at the Berkshire and we are hoping to be allowed to enter two teams. I already have several new names to add to my list of OM golfers and would be pleased to hear from any others interested in playing. Please contact me at margaret.

Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 53

Reunions and Events

19th Annual Golf Day C Ian Cole (1974-78; Day) ertain individuals have become synonymous with major sporting events over the last few decades: Murray Walker (F1), John Motson (football), Peter O’Sullevan (horse racing), Bill McLaren (rugby), Richie Benaud (cricket). And golf is no exception; the greats could be shortlisted to Alliss and Davies. Peter Alliss is well known for his knowledgeable commentary and witty demeanour – but “Davies?” I hear you say. However, if you are an OM attending the annual golf day it is accepted that you will have to tolerate JHD’s wit and irony in hosting this popular event - mixing up his anecdotes with his commentary of the day’s activities as competently as Peter Alliss during any ‘Major’. John has been an attendee for the last 18 years but elected to miss the 19th fixture for an upgrade, in favour of travelling to the Middle East with the Headmaster to promote the school. A worthwhile cause, but perhaps not without risk; either he feels no one should dare replace his role or that no one is up to the challenge. Rod Speed, however, is big enough in stature to step up to the occasion and both his manner and assertiveness were as you might expect in chairing this event. On 25th October at Manor House Golf Club, Castle Combe, the course was in excellent condition, the back drop of the autumn colours was perfect and the organisation of the competition matched it all. However, as we all know by now, there is never an uneventful day of weather at Castle Combe in October. The bright morning sunshine facing the practice ground was too blinding to see where any shots were going, and yet, after nine holes, we were all sheltering in buggies for 15 minutes from such a downpour that several greens were left saturated with surface water.

54 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

Despite the mix of weather, the mental challenge of competing against OMs and the endurance of this quality golf course, ten score cards claimed between 37 and 43 stableford points. There was inevitably some disgruntled comments (perhaps sour grapes) thrown from the back rows of “handicap?”, “boring!” and “surely not!” That aside, it was an impressive top slot for George Powell (2007-09; Etonhurst) to claim the Meyer Trophy for 2013 with best stableford score of “RRS was precise and lacking the heckling that 43 points. comes with JHD’s reflection on the day’s events. John Graveney The whiteboard was missing the completed closed prize giving with thanks to the match scores and there was no night time story club, the organisers about “during my early years at Millfield ...!” and all those attending. If, as suggested, the 20th The whiteboard was missing the anniversary of this successful event should completed match scores to scrutinise be hosted at Wentworth again, it will be handicap ratings and there was no night interesting to learn whether it will clash time story about “during my early years with JHD’s tour next year! at Millfield...!” The enjoyable time spent catching up with old faces and the formality of a full blown meal in the main hall meant that it was two hours after the match before Rod could address the troops. This time he had OMS Chairman John Graveney as his wing man and OMS Office Manager Marion O’Neill to assist with prize giving. RRS was brief and precise and lacking the traditional heckling that comes with JHD’s reflection on the day’s events.

Guy Hopgood took the Richard Caring Scratch Trophy

Julia Burton was winner of the Richard Caring Ladies Cup

Results Special Individual Winners Richard Caring Scratch Trophy Guy Hopgood (2006-08; Millfield).........................................................................................+1 Richard Caring Ladies Cup Julia Burton (née Gregory; 1970-74; Johnson’s)............................................................ 33 pts Individual Prizes 1st and winner of the Meyer Trophy George Powell (2007-09; Etonhurst).......... 43 pts 2nd Peter Klinkenberg (1972-77; Old Rectory High Ham)................................. 43 pts 3rd Joshua Smith (1992*-2002; Day)................................................................... 42 pts 4th Chris Hellings (1993-98; Day)......................................................................... 42 pts 5th Kevin McCollum (1963*-70; Orchards)......................................................... 39 pts 6th Kevin Fisher (Guest)........................................................................................... 38 pts 7th Stuart Wells (Millfield Golf Coach)................................................................. 38 pts 8th Dafyyd Roberts (2001-06; Etonhurst)............................................................37 pts 9th Kevin Hawksworth (Current Tutor).................................................................37 pts 10th Max Muirhead (1967-71; Millfield)..................................................................37 pts

Special Prizes Nearest the Pin Ladies Fran Davies (Former Tutor) Nearest the Pin Men Peter Corrigan (Former Parent) Longest Drive Ladies Madeleine Winnett (1979-81; Oaklands) Longest Drive Men Paul Jarvis (Guest)

Team Prizes 1st and winners of the Atkinson Cooler Henry Sands (1995*-2004; Joan’s Kitchen), Joshua Smith, Dafyyd Roberts, James Tiarks (1995*-2006; Butleigh) 2nd: Peter Klinkenberg, Nick Dyke (1976-80; Orchards), Jerry Yates (1973-77; High Ham), Norman Ridgeway (Guest) 3rd: Phil Cookson (Former Tutor), Kevin Hawksworth, Stuart Wells, Richard Champion (1977-82; Day) 4th: Kevin Marshall (1972-74; Chindit), Simon Stokes (1972-75; Chindit), Rob Burton (Guest), Julia Burton

George Powell won the individual first prize and the Meyer Trophy

John Graveney (OMS Chairman) with the winning team comprising Henry Sands, Joshua Smith and James Tiarks (not pictured, Dafyyd Roberts) Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 55

! MILLFIELD EASTER REVISION COURSE success r o f e for GCSE, AS and A2 students Prepar


Reunions and Events AT MILLFIELD

31st March - 4th April 2014


3 subjects per week (11 hrs per subject) Reduced programme of study available Residential and non-residential Millfield and non-Millfield students welcome


01458 444 321 |

! MILLFIELD HOLIDAY COURSES ays fun d i l o h for children aged 5-14 years* Making Easter Courses Football, Multi-Activity, Netball


busy time for them. Once again record event but with numbers increasing (130, Kevin Cheney numbers attended and we were all very Summer Courses this time) it may be that a larger venue Chairman; Former MPS Headmaster well served by the catering staff and is required in future years. The catering+, he stability andAthletics, success of Millfield Badminton, Cricket, Football, Hockey + another hugely enjoyable function took staff did a splendid job and provided us all is in some waysMini indicated by the Multis, Multi-Activity, Netball, Rugby, Squash , Tennis place. with an exceptional meal. It was a most increasing numbers of present *Age range may vary per course +Residential Once again over the summer holidays enjoyable to be able to catch up with old and past staff who are01458 members444 of the option available 320 | members of the club met up for lunch friends and remember many facets of life 21 Club. Membership of the club is for at Mendip Golf Club on one of those at Millfield. staff at Millfield who have served, in a full gloriously summer days we experienced The highlight of the evening was the time capacity, for 21 years and this year this summer. We were able to enjoy drinks guest speaker. Having recently retired has seen a record attendance at the main MILLFIELD ENGLISH LANGUAGE HOLIDAY COURSES on the terrace before enjoying lunch in as Tutor for Admissions, and previously events held. We now have 169 members. g to IC! Residential courseChris forCoates ages 6-17the years club house. This was agfitting Housemaster of Holmcroft, Millfield Preparatory School (Edgarley is oin end MAG 014 b events of the2year and our thanks was able to inform us and amuse us with Hall) once again provided the venue for to eto John and Summer Courses Davies and his team for undertaking all tales Easter of his time at the school. His after- available the first event of the academic year, the the administration to keep us in order. dinner speech topped off a great evening Christmas Dinner. Thanks to the invitation 15 hrs of English tuition per weekNew plusmembers a to the club this year and our thanks to all who worked so hard from the Head, Mrs Shirley Shayler, the range afternoon were: Colin Ashman, Daniel Burt, Deborah to enable the of event to be such aactivities, success. excursions dining hall, at the preparatory school, jam-packed social Gabb, Helen Gouldby, Alan Potticary, Theand nextaevent of the year was heldprogramme at provides the perfect location for this Jane Withey, Norman Wright and Philippa the Headmaster’s House towards the end 01458 444 112 Wyn. of the summer term. We were indebted Below: members of the 21 Club enjoy drinks | Finally I have to report that we have to Craig and Penny Considine for inviting on the terrace at Mendip Golf Club before sitting down to the summer luncheon noted the sad passing of Dennis Ashman. us and opening their house at such a


00 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014


Millfield Memories

Winners of the Somerset Senior Sevens 1965: Andy Higginson, Iain Cattanach, Gareth Edwards, Vaughan Williams (standing); Mike Dolding, Varnie Dennis, Louis Bush (seated)

A Blast from the Rugby Past Herbie Davies (Former Tutor and 1st XV Coach) ith the tragic death of Walter Gluck, housemaster and rugby coach in 1958, RJO Meyer (Boss), Headmaster, invited me to join the staff as Head of Art and Rugby, neither appointment


ever materialising. He was looking for someone to provide the French openrunning style of play, and also wanted to improve the fixture list. This resulted in us travelling to play the top schools in Lancashire, Norfolk, Wales, Scotland, France and London, where I had previously taught at the City of London

School. Local public schools, with the exception of Marlborough College, were not interested in fixtures with us. A strict fitness regime was introduced with warm-up runs to Kingweston before skill training. I also began preseason training camps under canvas in the school grounds, with games against Somerset Police Cadets, Taunton and Weston Super Mare. Circuit and weight training facilities were also made available, Colin Atkinson (CRMA) and myself taking weights we had borrowed, to a Bristol foundry, to be copied at one shilling (5p) a lb. When grounds were waterlogged, we ran across country in pouring rain to the top of the Tor. We had become interested in 7-a-side competitions in the Easter term, taking part at Oxford and Clifton, but were not allowed to enter the Rosslyn Park Sevens for many years. We won our first title in 1966, beating Whitgift convincingly 22-0, the first try scorer being former OM Society Chairman, Rod Speed. Through Dr Don Jones (Millfield parent), we were invited to take part in the Llanelli School Sevens, competing in the final against Llanelli Grammar. This led to 1st XV fixtures with Llanelli Neath Grammar School and Howard Gardens. We had now arrived and were recognised as one of the best schools in the country. It was during this period that I entered Millfield into the Somerset County Senior Competition; under the captaincy of Bob Evans, I also played. We were knocked out in the semi-finals. In 1965, under the captaincy of Varnie Dennis, I again entered Millfield in this senior competition, beating Taunton and Bath in the earlier rounds and beating Wellington convincingly in the final, to take the trophy, which had originally been introduced in 1909. Mike Dolding scored twice. They were great days on and off the field and it was a pleasure to be part of the Millfield rugby development. Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 57

Millfield Memories

The Tucker Interview MT Were you particularly good at games, the arts or sciences? SJ At Edgarley I was good at swimming. At Millfield I needed to concentrate on my academic work. I did all my O-levels by the time I was 14 and A-levels at 16, so I didn’t do much sport. My real love outside academic work was drama. MT What was your most memorable moment at Millfield? SJ Playing Polly Garter in Under Milk Wood. MT Why did your parents choose Millfield? SJ My father was in the army, often posted abroad, so a boarding school was needed. I recall my interview with Boss so well; he was the most remarkable man. He offered me a scholarship on the spot and my brother joined Millfield too. MT Why are you smiling? SJ A memory I’ve mentioned when lecturing in the West Country. Waiting for the school train, I heard an announcement on the Tannoy: “we apologise for the late running of the Westbury to Castle Cary train, but there has been a fertility on the line”!

Sarah Jarvis (1971*-1979; Ashcott/Warner) attended both Cambridge and Oxford and qualified as a GP. Her interests in patient self-help awareness, her communication skills and almost boundless energy have made her one of the best known advisory doctors on TV and radio. She also finds time for charity work and to lecture around the world, as Malcolm Tucker (1961-65; Millfield) explains. 58 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

MT Did Millfield mould you or did it awaken your own strengths and beliefs? SJ I arrived at Edgarley aged eight knowing that I wanted to be a GP. I was extremely driven but I honestly don’t know if I’d have succeeded anywhere else. Millfield looks at you as a person, not a number. There’s no question that Millfield shaped my academic future. MT You went to Cambridge and Oxford, how did that work? SJ I took a year off after Millfield, having been awarded an exhibition to Cambridge

with Dr Sarah Jarvis “I don’t think there’s any question that Millfield gave me the best academic background. ‘Can’t do it’ is not a phrase in the Millfield vocabulary. That’s what I remember about Millfield; whatever you wanted, if you had a passion, the school would help you to achieve it.” at the age of 16; afterwards, I did my clinical at Oxford. Before my scholarship interview at Cambridge the Millfield careers advisor told me “for God’s sake don’t tell them you want to be a GP, Cambridge doesn’t train GPs: it trains professors.” MT What are your medical specialities? SJ General Practice. I am passionate about helping people to understand that General Practice is a speciality. It is a very rigorous academic subject, based around clinical acumen, listening and examining, rather than simply investigating. MT You’ve found time to write books. SJ Quite a few. I spent five and a half years writing a book with John Humphrys on the ethics of dying. We both had a very personal interest in opening up the subject. I have also written about lifestyle and disease. MT You say lifestyle. Do you mean lack of exercise, smoking and food? SJ Mainly it’s obesity – over two-thirds of the UK population are overweight or obese. MT How has the medical world changed since you qualified? SJ Out of all recognition! The job I went into was about communicating with people, making them better when they were ill. Now it is more to do with preventative medicine.

MT “Preventative now”, surely that’s an improvement? SJ From that perspective it’s been an enormously positive shift. MT How do you allocate your time between your surgery, writing, broadcasting and your committee work? SJ Time-management is the key. I now spend about half my time doing general practice and the other half doing television, radio and lecturing. I have just been to Egypt, Saudi, Dubai, and Paris. The subjects covered included blood cancers, depression, hypertension and chronic lung disease. MT Is there time for charity work? SJ I’ve worked with Heart UK, Drinkaware, ovarian cancer charities and I am the clinical consultant to patient., which gets about seven million hits a month, one million from GPs and practice nurses. My biggest passion is empowering people to look after their own health. MT How did you get into TV and radio? SJ Totally by accident. 25 years ago I became the trainee rep on the Council of

the Royal College of GPs, ITN wanted a spokesperson from the college. I did the interview, and this led to me becoming the ITN lunchtime-news doctor. For 15 years I’ve been the Radio 2 doctor, which I love. MT Do you participate in any sport? SJ I exercised every day for 25 years, now I exercise most days. MT What about your pastime of historical re-enactments? SJ At Millfield, my two relaxations were drama and needlework. The historical re-enactments bring together these two loves. I make all my family’s costumes. MT Many have said “Whatever I’ve achieved would not have been as much without the Millfield experience”. SJ I don’t think there’s any question that Millfield gave me the best academic background. ‘Can’t do it’ is not a phrase in the Millfield vocabulary. That’s what I remember about Millfield; whatever you wanted, if you had a passion, the school would help you to achieve it. MT Do you have some advice for Millfield leavers? SJ You never know where opportunities will take you. So unless you have very good reasons or very great doubts, grasp opportunities with both hands.

THE TUCKER INTERVIEW Malcolm Tucker (1961-65; Millfield) interviews a different Old Millfieldian for Chronicle every year. If you would like to suggest an interviewee for 2015 please send your ideas to

Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 59

Millfield Memories Susanna Van Rose (née Jones) tracks down some of her old classmates whom she hasn’t seen since 1957.


n the autumn of 1957, the group called 2XMi assembled under the care of FLW Slow, our group tutor, known affectionately as Dad Slow. 2XMi did A-level physics plus maths as two subjects (extra maths = XM). Some of us did chemistry or technical drawing as well, and if there were gaps in our days, they were filled with O-level Russian and/or German which scientists were deemed to need. We were Millfield’s A-stream ‘hard’ science group but, now we’re all 70 years old, it’s been fascinating to discover that each of us privately thought we were not especially bright. There were six or seven of us, plus people who flitted in for a day, a week, or a term, which was normal in Millfield in those days. The school’s unique strategy of ‘exam technique’ meant we took A-Levels after just three terms, as a practice-run. We knew we’d have no choice of questions as we’d only covered half the syllabus in class, and we’d only be able to do half of each question. If we got this right, we’d score 40%, which would be a scrape ‘Pass’. The following summer we re-took, to get better marks, and some of us stayed on a third year to do Oxbridge Entrance and S-level. Where did we go, and what did we do?

Susanna Van Rose (1958-60; Day) Inspired by the charismatic teaching and state-of-theart labs at Millfield, I went to St Andrews University in 1960 to read chemistry. Sadly I found the university chemistry department’s teaching dull and their labs poorly equipped, so I transferred to the honours geology class, which launched me into employment at the Geological Survey’s Museum in South Kensington. This was a very staid organisation, and the museum was shockingly out of date. But I struck lucky with a head of department keen on updating the museum’s public face. We selected James Gardner as our designer, who put our team on a fast-learning curve. Our first exhibition, ‘The Story of the Earth’ was opened by The Queen in 1972; in it we presented cutting-edge geological ideas in simple language direct to the public, using modern exhibition techniques. We added explanatory publications, 32-page books, lavishly illustrated in colour. Printed in huge runs of at least 100,000, copies retailed at 25p or 30p, making them accessible to all our visitors. Updated and translated into foreign language editions, to this day they are still sold in National Parks around the globe. These golden days came to an end when our museum was merged with the Natural History Museum. Redundant, I picked up contracts with publisher Dorling Kindersley to write for their Eyewitness series. These were the most exciting projects of my career, working with young and talented designers, on a realistic budget. I’ve lost track of all the foreign editions of my books, which include Finnish and Korean along with the EU languages. My long-standing hobby is music; with my husband I explore the vast 19th and early 20th century repertoire of piano duet and two-piano music from our largely antiquarian library amassed over many decades.

Ajit Singh (1957-59; Chindit) My brother Jasjit (also an OM) and I returned to India in the mid-1960s following the death of our father. In true European tradition, he had always advised us not to expect much inheritance and support, beyond the best education, which included Millfield School, Cambridge University, Harvard Business School and London University. In the remote north of Mumbai (frequented by leopards) Jasjit and I built a fledgling empty-pharma-capsule business into the largest privately-owned capsule company in the world. We did this by trial and error plus some luck. We diversified into pharma-machinery and packaging, employing over 4,000 skilled personnel and exporting to over a hundred countries. Our growth has been an example of what can be done in India. But it took us longer than planned as we had decided not to take any public money. Our aim was to create an organisation that we would be happy to work in ourselves as employees. Together with our associates (as our employees are called), our group, ACG Worldwide, wins awards each year, some from overseas, for innovation, sustainable growth and corporate social responsibility, culminating with an award from the President of India for the largest employer of the physically handicapped. Jasjit married a Miss India and I have an equally lovely wife, of Kenyan origin, who is a publisher of New Age spiritual books. Our business already has motivated, well looked-after managers heading it, and we look forward to the fourth generation of Singhs taking charge, in due course. This gives Jasjit and me time to actively participate in the Old Millfieldian Society, the World Presidents’ Organisation, the International Wine and Food Society, the Single Malt Club, the Cigar Club, a couple of think tanks and global travel. Sounds like a great journey. It has been, so far.


60 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

James Sutton (1957-59; Abbey Grange) My interview with Boss was certainly strange. I’d played tennis for Stowe, so he asked me to bring along a racket. He got me to play youngsters three or four years my junior, I thought it would be easy. They both beat me overwhelmingly – I found out later one was Mark Cox, the other was Mike Sangster. I never did play much tennis. After two terms, I passed A-level maths and physics and stayed for a further year to improve on my grades. Sadly it was not to be. Three weeks before the exams, a car hit me outside Joan’s Kitchen when I was bicycling back to Glastonbury. I spent two weeks in Taunton hospital, so my exam results were not good, but I got a place at Loughborough College of Advanced Technology. They had magnificent workshops including pattern-making, foundry, machine shops and technical drawing. After my Honours Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, I joined Dowty Mining Equipment, designing powered supports for coal mines. Over the years I invented five patents, but with the demise of the coal industry I needed to change. On moving to Somerset, I approached Westland Helicopters at Yeovil, who asked me to start straight away. As a project engineer, I was responsible for the engine controls, engine installation and air conditioning on their new EH101 Merlin helicopter. I saw this right through to production. But I didn’t overlap with Tim Walford, in fact I didn’t know till now that we both worked on the Merlin! I married Dale in 1964, and have two children, Tristan and Chloe, who each have three children. I retired in 1997 and have a three acre garden, and a menagerie of dogs, horses, chickens, ducks and birds. Another passion is old cars. I’ve owned a 1954 MG TF for seven years and have put 18,000 miles on its clock. Winter months are taken up with researching my family history, going back 26 generations to preNorman times, 1055.

Brigid Fitzgibbon (1956-58; The Cottage) I did a degree in Aeronautical Engineering at Bristol University and then a postgraduate year at Cambridge. After a year in the US, I decided to teach physics and mathematics as I could combine this with my marriage to Sydney Norris, and a family. By chance, I became involved in educating children with special needs and

“My beloved Uncle Jack (Boss) rescued me from misery in a stuffy girls’ school and encouraged me to do Sciences from scratch at Millfield.” was persuaded by the Inner London Education Authority to set up physics and maths exam courses at their school for the blind. This was a huge challenge and I enjoyed every day of my many years there. It was a steep learning curve for me, endlessly adapting and presenting material to utilise the tactile and auditory skills of my pupils, where sighted children learn by visual experience. It was a real privilege to work with them and so rewarding teaching them to acquire skills and qualifications, how to access knowledge and have the confidence to lead independent lives. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my beloved Uncle Jack (Boss). I adored him as a child; he was so kind to me always, and such fun! He rescued me from misery in a stuffy girls’ school and encouraged me to do Sciences from scratch at Millfield. By example, he taught me the essence of being a good teacher, in caring for every child, believing in and encouraging all pupils to reach their full potential, whatever level or area their ability and his positive attitude to any problem. For me, he was truly inspirational.

Tim Walford (1955-60; Walton) My career choice is mostly down to the inspiring Herbert Smith who gave me my first physics lesson at Millfield – he had a metal ring through which a ball would not pass until the ring was heated. I was also inspired by Captain (RN) Clarkson who taught applied mathematics with the aid of a suitcase full of string, elastic and pulleys. I then spent three happy years at Bristol reading Electrical Engineering. Serious work began with Ferranti at Bracknell in 1963; our product was specialist computers for use on ships. In those days, a state-of-the-art computer comprised several filing cabinets of electronics that had to be water-cooled! My task was to re-engineer these with integrated circuits for civilian use by Air Traffic Control at Heathrow. Later we engineered computers for the RN frigates in the Falklands War. Somewhere amidst this, I got married. Next I moved onto helicopters with Westlands in Yeovil, to work on replacing the Sea King. My team studied options ranging from upgrades to totally new designs; it became upgraded, as the very successful Merlin. By 1979, my father wanted to retire, so we returned to the family farm. Utilising my engineering knowledge, we converted the Victorian barns into business units; without these, we’d probably have had to give up the farm long ago. We’ve been able to expand and soon our son will join us. I still do some electronic engineering work to keep the grey cells active. Both our daughters went to Millfield; one does professional sailing, the other bakes cakes for people with dietary intolerances. Our son is a ‘head-hunter’ in Singapore. My own memories of Millfield? Bicycling eight miles twice a day back and forth from Walton House, playing bicycle polo in the winter on the cricket pitches, and the unforgettable Slow-but-Sure Tortoise stoves that made the Nissen huts tolerable in winter.


Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 61

Millfield Memories

Head to Head at Edgarley… Victor Edghill (Co-Headmaster 1947-51) Victor Edghill was co-Headmaster with RJOM, when Edgarley’s role was simply as a ‘crammer’ for entry into Public Schools and when the sitting of past Common Entrance papers every Saturday morning was de rigueur. Despite this apparently gruelling regime administered by an idiosyncratic and largely ageing staff, ‘VE’ seems to have been a kindly, humane man who shared Boss’s educational goal of instilling confidence in young people, and who attempted to engender an atmosphere of security and tolerance in the post-war years.

HL Higgins (Co-Headmaster 1951-68) Under RJOM’s influence sport played a large part of school life from the start, and it flourished with the appointment in 1948 of talented all-round sportsman, HL Higgins. ‘HLH’ guided the school through a period of considerable growth, which included it becoming increasingly coeducational (numbers were up to 200 by 1968) and the building of new classrooms, Assembly Hall and boarding accommodation.

19471951 1940




Ben Rushton (1968-78) Ben Rushton continued to move the school forward, overseeing the provision of new classrooms, including the first science labs, and sports facilities, which were undoubtedly behind the many sporting successes of the 1970s. Music and Drama flourished too, with plays, concerts and chapel becoming major features of school life. Ben Rushton was a sympathetic and kind headmaster, a great educationalist, and a firm but fair leader, who was a strong believer in and advocate of North Country ‘gumption’.

1968-1978 1970


…and Millfield

Former Tutors Roger Parsons (Edgarley Archivist) and Dick Shilton (Millfield Archivist) create a timeline illustrating the highlights and achievements of the men and women who have guided both schools through the years since their early days and into the 21st Century.

Jack (“Boss”) Meyer (1935-70) Jack Meyer started Mill Field (sic) with a small group of Indian princes. An educational innovator, RJOM’s philosophy was to discover and nurture talent by providing the best facilities and teachers in small groups. He specialised in young people with dyslexia and ‘gifted children’. By 1970, pupil numbers were almost 1000. 62 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

s’ ist iv er c h rn Ar Co

Sarah Champion (1995-96 and 2000-01) During Sarah Champion’s first year as Acting Head the school received a glowing Ofsted report, and her skills as teacher, educationalist and expert in all things pastoral made her a popular choice as regent, on both occasions, very much leading by the same values as her husband Dick. Dick Champion (Summer 1986) The one-term interregnum of Edgarley’s mainstay over so many years, Dick Champion, was, most appropriately, his one-hundreth term. Dick retired two years later in 1988, leaving his unmistakable stamp of quality on the character and ethos of the school. Tim Taylor (1978-86) Under the dynamic leadership of Tim Taylor, Edgarley saw the most significant period of growth in its history. At the end of his tenure there were almost 450 on the school roll, of which 270 were boarders, mirrored by increased staff numbers and new buildings of all types.

George Marsh (1986-91) Like Tim Taylor, George Marsh’s qualities of leadership had been nurtured at the Senior School. He made major adjustments to the timetable and curriculum, and oversaw the building of the new Dining Hall and Library, and the acquisition of additional boarding houses.

1978-1986 1980


Richard Smyth (1991-95) Richard Smyth was responsible for building the new swimming-pool and changes in the management of the school. He also brought about a wider show-casing of the school’s prowess in Music. Simon Cummins (1996-2000) Simon Cummins’ principal legacy was a new classroom block, replacing the long-serving but now inadequate wooden huts. He was also the inspiration behind the Parents and Friends Committee.






Brian Gaskell (1986-90) Brian Gaskell joined Millfield in 1965 as a Maths Teacher and rose to be Head of Maths and then Director of Studies and Deputy Headmaster. Colin wished to step down from the day-to-day running of the school after his illness, and Brian became Headmaster in 1986, retiring with Colin in 1990.

Colin Atkinson (Headmaster 1970-86, Principal 1986-90) Colin Atkinson came to Millfield in 1960, and took over as Headmaster in 1970. A splendid administrator, Colin redeveloped many elements of the School, putting it on a sound financial footing. He was responsible for many of the buildings on the campus that we see today. In 1986, after an illness, he became Principal of the Millfield schools, retiring in 1990.

Shirley Shayler (2010-present) coming to MPS from Stonar School, where she was Head, Shirley had previously taught at Millfield between 1989 and 2002. Kevin Cheney (2001-10) Kevin Cheney oversaw great growth of the campus, which included building an Equestrian Centre, a Sports Hall, two new boarding houses and refurbishment of the Summer House. He also pushed forward important academic initiatives, the most significant of which was the move from Common Entrance to the Continuous Common Entrance exam, set by Millfield.




1990-1998 Christopher Martin (1990-98) Christopher Martin was the first Headmaster to be appointed from outside Millfield, having previously been Headmaster at Bristol Cathedral School. He continued the building programme, although the projects tended to be larger and fewer in number, and effected Millfield’s entry into the HMC.




Peter Johnson (1998-2008) Peter Johnson had a short career in the Army and then taught at Radley, becoming Senior Housemaster under Dennis Silk. He then became Head of Wrekin College before moving to Millfield. His major contribution to the building programme is the eight boarding houses on Chindit Avenue which replaced more than ten houses in Street and the surrounding area. He described being Headmaster of Millfield as “the best job in the world”.

Craig Considine (2008-present) In 2008 the Governors appointed an Australian, Craig Considine as Headmaster. He was Headmaster of Wanganui College, New Zealand, for five years before coming to Millfield. Prior to that he was Director of Co-Curriculum at Geelong Grammar School with several roles, also, at Geelong College. Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 63

Sports Clubs Old Millfieldian Cricket Club Nick Brothers (1994-2001; Shapwick) fter a particularly moist 2012 which saw the pavilion closely resemble a seagull sanctuary, the 2013 weather gods shone brightly and illuminated a fantastic 2013 season for the club. The first highlight was the club’s contribution to Parents’ Day which for the first time saw two OM sides compete a 20 over match followed by a fixture against the school. Crowds flocked around the boundary early no doubt in anticipation of watching Kevin Barrett playing his first competitive innings at the school since ’94 and nothing to do with the Pimms tent opening under glorious sunshine. A stunned silence followed when Barrett was run out without facing a ball. Schoolgirls giggled as Brothers took apart Webb, Standfield appealed that he should be allowed to bowl all 20 overs and ultimately 180-6 was a winning score by four runs. A great advert, that none of us are as good as we once were when at school. That aside, the Pimms tent had installed a newly found confidence during the lunch interval that we could, perhaps, cause an upset which was then reinforced when the school were 80-8, only for their number 10 batsman to blast a 50 and leave us chasing 150 off


20 overs. Unfortunately by 4.30 pm in the afternoon the Pimms was now having a detrimental effect and despite a gallant 50 from Chris Hellings we were bowled out 40 runs short. Since the club’s 2010 inception, one of our main motives has been to establish a successful cricket week, which serves secondly as a reunion at the school during the height of summer. This year we hosted a 6-a-side tournament to support OM Arul Suppiah’s benefit year. 333 Homes, very kindly sponsored the day and CEO James Dunning went to extraordinary lengths to ensure every facet exceeded expectations. The cricket got underway in beautiful weather again, Jos Buttler hit Freddie Gabbitas for four 6s in four balls one being measured at 104 meters, Devon Malcolm was distracted by some scenery

from Chelsea, Craig Kieswetter sang open mic until the early hours and in-between the OMCC defeated Somerset in the final. 2014 sees another ambition achieved for the club in that we have been invited to play competitive cricket in the Cricketer Trophy which acts as a feeder tournament to the more established Cricketer Cup. Both the Cup and Trophy are tournaments held for Old Boy XIs and feature a number of top club players, ex-professionals and occasionally a current pro. The club still heavily relies on a core group of players so we really need to recruit some players across all generations for next season. If anybody is interested, particularly in playing in the Cricketer Trophy please contact Nick Brothers on or 07900245167. If you would like to become a member of the Old Millfieldian Cricket Club, please email Nick Brothers at the address above

Old Millfieldian Fencing Club Tristan Parris, Director of Fencing here have been some big changes and innovations in the Fencing Salle at Millfield over the last couple of years. One of these is the inception in 2013 of the Old Millfieldian Fencing Club. Millfield Fencing is still dedicated to providing an opportunity for all to pick a sword and have a go, while, at the same time, ensuring that Millfield’s


64 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

elite fencers continue to achieve the highest honours and gain international representation both during and after their school years. In September 2011 Millfield Fencing bade farewell to Professor Norman Golding after over 30 years coaching at Millfield. New Director of Fencing, Tristan Parris, had some large shoes to fill but, with the help of international coaches Professor Sue Benney and Glen Golding,

the transition was smooth. By the end of the spring term 2012, a squad had been built which was able to win the National Public School Overall Championships along with numerous individual and other team honours. The end of the 2011/2012 season saw Sophie Williams (2007-09; Martin’s) and Arthur Lanigan-O’Keefe (2008-10; Holmcroft) compete at the Olympic Games. The 2012/13 season saw the squad

Old Millfieldian Golfing Society Richard Champion (1977-82; Day) e have enjoyed another successful year. There has been a steady increase in the number of OM golfers registered with the Society through its website. It is particularly pleasing that a number of the recent Millfield Golf Academy leavers are now actively in touch with the OMGS. The Summer Meeting in June was held at Royal Wimbledon Golf Club in London SW19. Some 30 OMs enjoyed a magnificent day. OM golfing photographer John Mundy had volunteered his services to photograph the day, which was greatly appreciated. Everyone arrived back at the Clubhouse together, except for the Clayton group who took a wrong turn somewhere on the course and they appeared an hour later! The individual prize was won by Millfield’s Kevin Hawksworth. Feedback from the OMGS golfers on Royal Wimbledon has been excellent, and so we will be planning for the same venue for next year. In August, the OMGS played their annual match against the Millfield Golf Society at The Bristol Golf Club. John Graveney was Captain of the OMGS team and successfully lead the OMGS to victory. There were several golfing

The Old Millfieldian Golfing Society is enjoying a steady increase in numbers and has a comprehensive diary of events lined up for 2014


The OM Fencing Club was set up in 2013

grow and prosper with international representation at all three weapons. The Public Schools Title was retained by

highlights of the day, including a 9-iron holed by Alastair Wall for an eagle. A delicious meal afterwards was enjoyed by all. In late September, the OMGS fielded a strong team in the Grafton Morrish at Hunstanton and Brancaster in Norfolk. Gavin Bradbury covers this in a separate report. In October, the OMGS played the annual match against the School Team at Burnham & Berrow Golf Club, the School’s home club. Conditions were rather different to the fine sunny Autumn day of last year, although the course was as magnificent as ever. The match was 14-a-side, with plenty of experience in the

OMGS team to combat the school’s more youthful line-up. Most of the matches were very close, with the School holding their nerve to win by 4 ½ to 2 ½, with many gritty performances over the closing holes. There followed an enjoyable meal in the Clubhouse, and several of the school team are already signed up to play for the OMGS in next year’s various events. There will be a comprehensive programme of golfing events for 2014, including competitive golf, golf days, and matches also. We are keen to hear from all OM golfers, young or old, male or female. So, if you are reading Chronicle as both an OM and a golfer, then please do sign up and join the OMGS at

Millfield with an increased points tally. OMs returning to the salle will be surprised by the transformation which has taken place over the summer. A new, more cushioned floor, new décor and new equipment to aid with athletic development and performance analysis, all mean that Millfield Fencing has modernised, to allow the fencers to achieve their goals, whilst not forgetting its heritage. The inaugural OMFS match and dinner was held on Saturday 30th November. There was OM

representation and guests from the 60s through every decade. In a tightly fought round robin competition comprising six teams, the staff team came out victorious. Particular highlights included the foil encounter between ex-captains Max Izotov and Alex White, as well as numerous trips head first down the piste by Tristan Standish. Dinner was excellent and past memories recalled, along with round table agreement to do it all again bigger and better next year. To join the club, contact

Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 65

Sports Clubs Old Millfieldian Squash Club Joss Hargrave (1988-93; Millfield) he OM squash team kicked off the 2012/13 season desperate to regain the Londonderry Cup that we lost last year for the first time since entering the competition six years ago. En route to the final the team dispatched the Marlborough Courtiers and Old Wykehamists before squeaking through a very tight semi-final against Old Lancing, who fielded two current professional players. The OMs showed good strength in depth to scrape to a 3-2 win in a match that would have been worthy of the final.


The final was played against Old Tonbridge at the RAC in London. The OMs never looked in danger of losing, cantering to a good 5-0 win to regain the Cup. The winning team was Peter Marshall (198687; Shapwick), former world number 2, Tim Richards (1995-97; Day), Matt Peakman (1988*-95; Day), Joss Hargrave and Steve Illingworth (1978-80; Chindit). Many thanks also to Rhodri Hughes (1998-2003; Keen’s Elm) who played in a number of the earlier rounds and won the crucial last match in the semi-final win against Old Lancing.

The OM squash team of Peter Marshall, Tim Richards, Joss Hargrave, Stephen Illingworth and Matthew Peakman

Old Millfieldian Tennis Club George Donnelly (1998-2000; Holmcroft) n reading with interest recent Chronicles’ sporting coverage, it was evident there was a lack of reporting upon OM tennis. A couple of phone calls later and an OM v Millfield School fixture was in the diary. Played on the 15th June to coincide with the OMS Annual Reunion at Millfield, four OMs, Nick Ames (1997-2002; Orchards),


Johnny Parkes (2000-05; Holmcroft), Charles Homewood (1999-2001; Orchards) and George Donnelly pitched up on a rainy Somerset day to take on the school team. With the grass courts out of action due to the weather, the match was played indoors. In round one, Nick and Johnny paired up to comfortably beat Simon and Angus 6-2, 6-1. Unfortunately for

OMs Nick Ames, Johnny Parkes, Charles Homewood and George Donnelly narrowly lost to the school tennis team but will be back next year 66 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

the OMs, Nick and Cameron were too strong for Charles and George, winning 6-3, 6-1. With the match score at 1-1, the pairs were reversed. In round 2, Nick and Johnny got more into their rhythm and put the OMs 2-1 up, winning 6-4, 6-1. Charles and George put up more resistance in their second rubber but were beaten by Simon and Angus 7-5, 6-4. With neither team happy with a 2-2 draw and the OMs eager to take home the new trophy, the captains decided to play a 10 point doubles tiebreak to settle the match. Johnny and George took to the court for the OMs against Cam and Simon. After some entertaining shot making from all players it was the school team that held their nerve to edge the tiebreak 10-8. It was a well-deserved win by the school team and a good warm up before travelling to Sheffield to compete in the Team Tennis Schools National Championships. Thanks to John Davies and Kate WarneHolland, Director of Tennis, for their support in organising the match. The OMs will be back in 2014 for a repeat fixture. Furthermore, we are now looking into entering the national D’Abernon Cup for old boys’ teams.

Millfield Old Boys Rugby Football Club Alan Burns, Chairman uch as I have enjoyed my time as Founder (in 1985) and Chairman of Millfield RFC, after the Amsterdam tournament in 2014 I shall be stepping down as Chairman and Rod Speed has agreed to take over, a decision which I am sure will please everyone associated with the Club. We will be in safe hands and I know that with continuing support from the Headmaster, the Society Office, tutors and OMs, this will ensure its future prosperity. It has, as always, been a pleasure to be associated with the Headmaster, various OMs, tutors, parents and all members of the Society Office who help Angela and me throughout the season and over the years; everyone’s contribution is very much appreciated.


To Angela a huge thank you from us all; without doubt, she will be the most difficult of PAs to replace and, for me, the prospect of easing her into retirement is daunting. But anno domini takes its toll and we all reach that stage/age in life when we must give way to fresher, younger minds. Turning to the current season, it has again been most successful, culminating in a very enjoyable Amsterdam tour, when the Legends

(vets to most clubs) again reached the final, and the Academy side the semifinal of the cup competition. I hope you enjoy the various reports (fuller versions in the Club Newsletter), they make interesting reading. Many thanks for the continuing financial support from the OM Society and current Honorary Vice Presidents throughout the year, and please remember that the Club welcomes OMs and parents interested in offering support.

“The current season has again been most successful, culminating in a very enjoyable Amsterdam tour, when the Legends (vets to most clubs) again reached the final, and the Academy side the semi-final of the cup competition.”

Amsterdam Legends Adam Vander (1987-91; St Anne’s) This tournament is progressively more competitive each year, and after a depressing 12-7 loss to Vets4kika we knuckled down to win our next two games convincingly, but sadly this recovery was marred by two serious limb fractures to Yorrick Legg and Paul Spencer. Our first game on Sunday was against the Dambusters, a squad with a worrying seasoning of ex-Premiership talents. However, Dinos Alexopolis took the warm-up in hand and we played our best rugby of the tournament, winning 19-12 with some characteristically champagne, Millfield-esque rugby. An 8-0 win took us to our sixth consecutive semi-final, and our weekend peaked with a 22-12 victory against the Dutch Veterans. We started the final, as last year, with a much depleted squad. The Silverbacks were impressive from the start: they spread the ball across the field and played 10s as it should be played. Two finals in two years is a testament to the growing strength of the Legends, but, as Rod Speed reminded us, only winning will really satisfy us. Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 67

Sports Clubs The Wooden Spoon Rugby Clubs’ Golf Day 2012 Team: William Twigden, Kevin Cayley, Patrick Chenery, Giles Legg We made a good start but became erratic through the middle of the course, picking up birdies but also a scattering of bogeys. Birdies from Giles on the last two holes gave 78 points in the Bowmaker format. Surprisingly this placed us 5th, but more importantly one point ahead of Rod Speed’s team.

Middlesex 7s Rod Speed (1964-66; Day) Early problems meant we started with exactly seven players; after only three minutes Alex Ash retired injured, leaving the remaining six to battle on manfully to keep the score reasonable against Ruislip, eventual finalists of the main tournament. Will Matthews did an excellent job as coach, and with our latecomers in attendance we played with exceptional skill and determination, to win the Plate 31-5 in the final. This was an exceptional performance, considering the lack of players in the squad, and is a tribute to their fitness and the traditional Millfield determination.

Amsterdam 7s Rod Speed We finally gathered an eclectic Academy squad together and won a tight first game against a Swiss side, before going down to a largely professional outfit; sad, but with our young side, we were probably best suited to the secondary competition. After an easy win we faced another professional team and in one of the best performances I’ve seen in Amsterdam, we came home with an amazing 19-7 victory. That match left us with little left in the tank and after leading in the semi-final we had to give best to a very slick side and went down respectably 12-28. Nevertheless it was another enjoyable and rewarding weekend for players and supporters alike. 68 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

Team: Rod and Marian Speed, Harriet Legg, John Graveney The ladies ensured that we achieved respectability, with Harriet playing especially well. John, who was clearly under the weather, contributed some valuable points, while Rod Speed struggled a bit until a few words of wisdom from coach Graveney restored morale. We were pleasantly surprised to finish 6th and Marian won a teddy bear in the raffle.

Millfield XV v 2012 Leavers XV John Mallett (Director of Rugby) With James Bloxham and Alex Gale leading the charge, and a fit again Alex ‘Buster’ Knights and Lewis Molloy adding the style, the OMs XV presented very tough opposition. An early try from Jack Caldwell was enough to spur the home team into action, with captain Will Radford and half backs McGeown and Charles leading a robust reply; the old boys began to show signs of wilting, especially after an early collision between Gale and Sam Nixon which showed up on the Richter scale. The pupils duly got the scoreboard moving, the turning point of the first half coming with tries for Ben Clark and Dylan Lewis which ensured a healthy half time lead. The leavers fought back with tries for Lewis, Molloy and Elliot Redmond, but after a tense finish the Millfield XV finished 30-26 victors. The match was extremely competitive and played in great spirit, watched by a large crowd of current pupils.

Millfield Legends v Butleigh RFC James Haste (1987-91; Shapwick) From the start we saw classic scrummaging and mauling followed by the ball being thrown down the line with vengeance. Early tries took us to a 21-0 lead, but Butleigh scored just before half-time to make it 21-7. Butleigh scored again early in the second half but this comeback was short lived and we took control of the match to win 36-17: an encouraging preparation for Amsterdam. Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 65

OM News

The Arts Art


The Rush of Nature

Rupert Christiansen (1968-72; Millfield)

The Chelsea Flower Show, one of the most traditional events of the English summer season, revealed its edgy side in May 2013. Marc Quinn (1978-82; Ivythorn), best known for using his own blood to create a frozen sculpture of his head, unveiled a huge bronze orchid, entitled The Rush of Nature, designed to help inspire the next generation of horticulturalists. He was commissioned by the Royal Horticultural Society in their first collaboration and the eye-catching work formed a dramatic centrepiece to the centenary show. Marc said he had worked for six months on the six-foot high creation of the moth orchid, which in real life grows to a height of just two or three inches. The work was sold through a silent auction organised by Sotheby’s. Funds went to the RHS’s £1 million centenary appeal aimed at creating an apprenticeship scheme, a learning centre and a schools’ programme.

I Know You’re Going to be Happy: a Story of Love and Betrayal Through this poignant and perceptive portrait of his parents’ impassioned marriage and acrimonious divorce, Rupert chronicles a generation for whom the experience of the Sixties brought emotional chaos as well as liberation. Hardcover: 176 pages Publisher: Short Books ISBN: 9781780721248 Price: £12.99 Victoria Glendinning (née Seebohm) (1954-55; Wraxleigh)

Raffles and the Golden Opportunity Thomas Stamford Raffles (1781-1826) was the charismatic and persuasive founder of Singapore and Governor of Java. An English adventurer, disobedient employee of the East India Company, utopian imperialist, linguist, zoologist and civil servant, he carved an extraordinary

(though brief) life for himself in South East Asia. Raffles remains a controversial figure, and in the first biography for over forty years, Victoria charts his prodigious rise within the social and historical contexts of his world. Paperback: 384 pages Publisher: Profile Books ISBN: 1846686040 Price: £9.99 Emma Macdonald (née Sheldon) (1984-86; Day)

The Bay Tree Home Deli Cookbook The Bay Tree Food Company was created – literally – on the kitchen table. Having grown up on the family’s homemade cucumber relish, Emma had the simple idea that full-flavoured, quality chutneys and preserves need to be brought to the speciality sector and The Bay Tree was launched in 1994. It had always been her ambition to write a cookery book but setting up the company and raising a family meant the idea remained just that until she was approached by a publisher. Her first book is on sale at farm shops, delis and book stores, and can be bought on line at and on Amazon. Hardcover: 224 pages Publisher: Watkins Publishing ISBN: 1848991096 Price: £20.00 Max Milligan (1974*-83; Holmcroft)

The Lebanon

Mark Quinn was commissioned by the RHS to produce this six-foot bronze orchid sculpture 70 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

For the first time, one of Max’s books has been converted into an app. The Lebanon is the most exhaustive photographic study of the country ever produced. For over two years photographer Max Milligan travelled to almost every village in the country. He brings a totally fresh view of

Lebanese beauty and variety which, when viewed on iPad or wide screen TV, will transport the viewer into the heart of this extraordinary land. Available to download from iTunes. Michael Ridpath (1973-78; Mill House)

Traitor’s Gate This is a spy novel set in Berlin in 1938. Conrad de Lancey is a young Englishman with a German mother. He travels to Berlin in 1938 and meets a cousin who hints at a plot to get rid of Hitler. They are both arrested by the Gestapo, but Conrad is rescued by Theo von Hertenberg, an old friend from university, now a lieutenant in the Wehrmacht. As Britain and Germany prepare for war, Conrad doesn’t know whom he can trust or where his loyalties lie: to his country, to his friends or to peace. But he knows he must stop Hitler somehow. Hardback: 400 pages Publisher: Head of Zeus ISBN: 1781851808 Price: £16.99 Susan Traill (1960*-67; Day)

Dancing with Madmen (Lawrence Malkin and Susan Traill)

Ella Eyre has signed to Virgin Records and had her first number one singing with Rudimental

Having read a series of warm and most positive reviews of this book on Amazon, I read the book myself, too. I found its world of financial intrigue imaginatively engaging, as well as informative and insightful, with believable characters. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would certainly recommend it as “a good read.” JHD Paperback: 446 pages Publisher: Cowrie Shell Press ISBN: 1475600720 Price: £9.85

69; Orchards) Jumping the Rhynes, a concerto written for the Millfield choir and orchestra, took place at the Cadogan Hall in London in March. Stewart’s piece takes its inspiration from his time at the school, and in particular the time he spent horse-riding in the grounds: “Down on the flat levels, between the tors, were these irrigation ditches, called rhynes. Old Captain Hearn would have us saddle up and clop down Cow Bridge Road to the lowlands, where we would gallop across the muddy fields and tilt at the rhynes.”

Music Jumping the Rhynes The world premiere of former Police drummer Stewart Copeland’s (1967-

Ella Eyre Ella McMahon (2005*-10; Abbey) stage name Ella Eyre, has had a busy year. Having signed to Virgin Records

(Universal) as a singer/songwriter, her feet barely touched the ground. As well as scoring her first number one singing with Rudimental, and touring with them, she toured with Plan B and Bastille. She also played at a number of festivals and released her first single, Deeper in November.

For Fletcher read Victoria A newly-formed group, two of whose members are OMs, is starting to make its mark on the Rock scene. Charlie Martin (2001*-09; Orchards), drums, and Alex Thomas (2005*-10; Rookery), guitar, formerly members of Fletcher, have reformed with two other musicians, under the name Victoria, and have produced their first video. Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 71

OM News

The Arts

2013 Mumford & Sons Ted Dwane (1997-2002; Joan’s Kitchen) and the other members of Mumford & Sons have had a good year. They walked off with the Best British Band award at the Brits and received a Grammy for winning Album of the Year with their album, Babel. the fourth bestselling album of 2012.

Polly – singer and songwriter Polly Money (2006*-11; Southfield) is a singer/songwriter from Cornwall who has recently finished her second year of a BA Hons Degree in Songwriting at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London (ICMP). She has been gigging in Cornwall for a few years and having moved to London is now regularly gigging there. In 2012 she played at her first festival, The Acoustic Festival of Britain.

Lily reaches No 1 Lily Allen’s (1996-97; Edgarley) cover of Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know reached No 1 in the singles charts in November. The cover single was used in the hugely popular John Lewis Christmas 2013 TV advert.

Lara performs at Classic Brits Gareth Malone’s new young contemporary choir, Voices, made its public debut at the Classic Brits awards in October. The 17 members were handpicked by Gareth after gruelling auditions and after a nationwide search to find the most talented young singers in Britain. One of them is Lara Harvey (2008-10; Portway) who is a student at the Royal Northern College of Music. She is a mezzo soprano and hopes to be an opera 72 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

singer. The group’s album was released in November.

Theatre Julian Bird: a dream job Julian Bird (1987*-94; Millfield) is at the helm of two major theatre organisations, The Society of London Theatre and the Theatrical Management Association. He also acts as executive producer for the annual Olivier Awards. Prior to this he was the Chief Operating Officer for the Tate and before moving to work in the arts, Julian worked for the FSA and the banking sector. He had no qualms about leaving the lucrative world of high finance for the arts. “I’m very lucky. I get to go to the theatre a lot and see the whole range of amazing productions, both in London and regionally.” As he enthuses, “theatre is my overwhelming passion” making this a dream job.

Generation Game, Big Brother, Dog Eat Dog, Fame Academy and I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here. He moved to the US in 2005 to work on the first season of Dancing with the Stars and Grease: You’re the One That I Want. During the six seasons that he was a co-executive producer on Dancing with the Stars, the show earned four Emmy Award nominations and won two People’s Choice and three NAACP Image Awards.

La Fleur de l’âge Nick Quinn (1978*-84; Northfield), director and writer, had his first full length feature film released in France in May. La Fleur de l’âge tells the story of Gaspard Dassonville, who may be 63 but he stubbornly refuses to show his age. A well-known television producer, he amuses himself with women who are half his age and life has never felt so good. Then, one day, his age catches up with him with a vengeance, when he is forced to take care of his elderly father Hubert…

Dreamboats and Petticoats James Nitti (2006-08; Day) appeared as Bobby in Bill Kenwright’s Dreamboats and Petticoats which had a three-month run at the Wyndham Theatre in London’s West End.

The Swimmer Tom Litten (2006-09; Joan’s Kitchen) starred in a short film, The Swimmer, commissioned by BBC Films and Film 4 to mark the Cultural Olympiad 2012. It won a BAFTA in the “Best Short Film” category.

TV/Film Robert Wade (1984*-92; Holmcroft), executive producer on X Factor USA, has been in broadcast entertainment for 15 years, specialising in live, music, variety and reality programming. In the UK he worked on a broad spectrum of successful series, including TFI Friday, The

One Love Produced by Shelaagh Ferrell (1976*84; Warner), this film is set in and was filmed entirely on location in Jamaica. One Love tells the story of forbidden love between Serena, a young Christian gospel singer and pastor’s daughter who falls in love with Kassa, a Rastafarian songwriter, despite her engagement to Aaron. Brought together through their mutual love of music, it explores how the power of music and love can overcome cultural and religious differences. It is now available on DVD.

Anthony Wilcox and Hello Carter Film director Anthony Wilcox (199395; Holmcroft) saw his latest film Hello Carter (a London-set romantic comedy starring Charlie Cox and Jodie Whittaker) premiered at the BFI London Film Festival in October. The film has a small walk-on part for current Millfield pupil, Grace Dunn.

Sporting News Gold medallists receive MBEs Helen Glover (2002-04; Martins) and Peter Wilson (2000-05; Holmcroft), both of whom won gold medals at London 2012, were awarded MBEs in the New Year Honours List.

Mark and Sally show the way to post-Christmas fitness At the start of 2013, The Telegraph launched a fitness programme for its readers, Get Fit in 28 Days with Mark Foster and Sally Gunnell. The booklet concluded with a message from Mark (1983-86; Millfield) and Sally: “So lace up – your new and improved levels of fitness are mere days away. The best bit is that you don’t need any equipment, nor do you need a gym pass: every exercise can be done at home with everyday items. And no, that doesn’t include the rickety static bike in your attic. Good luck.”

heart surgery, he would only have two years to live. Following a successful operation, he was given a clean bill of health. He signed for Kent in March 2013 where he played alongside Daniel BellDrummond (2004*-11; Orchards).

Sam breaks varsity batting record Sam Agarwal (2007-2009; Walton) hit a formidable triple hundred for Oxford University in their win against Cambridge in the Varsity Match at Fenner’s, the first ever in the history of the matches between the two sides. Batting for over seven hours, Sam remained unbeaten on 313 (made up of 41 fours and 3 sixes) when the Dark Blues declared. They then bowled out Cambridge twice to win by an innings.

Arul forced to retire Somerset’s Arul Suppiah (1996-2001; Millfield) retired from professional cricket

Athletics Jazmin Sawyers (2010-12; Acacia) won silver medals at the Sainsbury’s British Championships and the European Junior Championships in July, setting personal best jumps in both.

in July following injuries to both knees. He had played several games in the 2013 season and was enjoying his benefit year. He had been with the county for 13 years, playing in every first-class match during the 2011 and 2012 seasons. He also holds the world record for the best bowling figures in a Twenty20 match, taking six wickets for five runs against Glamorgan in July 2011.

Fencing Harriet Dixon (2006*-13; Kernick) retained her Gateshead U20 crown in 2013 and represented Great Britain in Poland and Germany again in the autumn, at the same time as settling in at Somerville College, Oxford. She has also already represented the Welsh Senior team in the five nations and hopes to be selected for the senior Commonwealth Championships 2014.

Football Ben heads for the Premiership Ben Nugent’s (2006-09; Great) football career has taken a major step forward, playing an integral part for his team, Cardiff City, who won promotion to the Premiership, and earning the club’s young player of the year award. It has been a massive step up for Ben who signed his first professional contract with Cardiff in April 2012 and has now signed a new deal to stay at the club until 2016.

Lawrie in the Championship Lawrie Wilson (2001-04; Etonhurst) signed for Championship side Charlton Athletic in July 2012 and has been a regular in the first team, despite an injury which kept him out of a number of games.

Cricket Calum joins Kent In 2010 Calum Haggett (2005-09; Day) was given the shock of his life when a routine heart scan gave cause for concern and he was told that unless he has open

Other OMs making their mark Arul Suppiah has retired from professional cricket following knee injuries

Footballers get a lot of bad press but Ipswich defender Tyrone Mings (200911; St Anne’s) was hailed left, right and Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 73

OM News

Sporting News

2013 centre for his act of generosity in March. He had been wished good luck before the game by a supporter on Twitter, who said he wasn’t able to make it because he was ‘skint’. Tyrone asked him if he could get to the game and upon receiving a positive response, told the fan that he was setting aside two tickets for him. Although he was just an unused substitute for the game, the fan will have enjoyed his day out as Ipswich beat Bolton 1-0. Reuben Reid (2004; Shapwick) had trials with Manchester United and Crystal Palace before being picked up by Plymouth eight years ago to begin a career that has seen him take in 11 clubs before returning to Home Park on a loan deal from Yeovil Town at the start of 2013. Harrison Dunk (2007-09; Holmcroft) played in the Conference Premier for Cambridge United, and was named by Paul Fairclough in the England C squad to face the Czech Under 21 side at Woking in November. Jonathan Robertson (201012; Grange) played for Pretoria City FC (South African PSL).

Football mourns local legend and former member of staff, George Petherbridge George Petherbridge, whose muchlauded football career with Bristol Rovers in the 1950s was followed by a number of years as coach and groundsman at both Millfield and Edgarley, died in March in Shepton Mallet at the age of 85. OMS Secretary, John Davies, recalls a lesser known period of George’s life: ‘George 74 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

was the superstar that held together the Millfield Staff Football Team in its endeavours to remain in the 1st Division of the Bridgwater and District Sunday League, where it was an enormous pleasure and privilege to be in that same side, as well as our cricket team. I knew him well, as a friend, in that we were colleagues at Millfield and, again, it was a great pleasure to work with such a modest, humorous and gentle man’. In April Becky Gibbs won the British Universities Ladies Championship at Crail

79, 70, 74 and 77 to win by two shots. The 70 was a course record.

Ex-Bristol Rovers and Millfield staff XI player George Petherbridge passed away, aged 85

Interested in Playing for the Old Millfieldian Football Club in the Arthurian League? We are currently considering forming the above (to complement our OM cricket, fencing, golfing, squash, tennis and rugby clubs/societies) to play in the Arthurian League. This would mean competing against Eton, Harrow, Lancing, Repton Old Boys etc, possibly in a cup event in early 2014 but certainly in the league for the season commencing in September. If you’d like to be considered for selection, please do contact Greg Talbot (2001 – 06; St Anne’s) who is masterminding all this:

Golf Becky Gibbs (2005-09; Kernick) won the British Universities Ladies Championship in April. The event took place at Crail Golf Club where the top 16 had qualified for the finals. Becky scored

Gareth Evans (1993*-98; Orchards) turned pro in 2005, having had a successful international amateur career with Wales. He recovered from a careerthreatening hand injury in 2008 but qualified as a PGA pro in 2012 and began concentrating on competitive golf. He won the PGA Glenmuir Championship in August 2012 and then represented the Scottish PGA in the European PGA championship. He was selected to play for the PGA team against the USA in September 2013. He qualified for the Open at Muirfield, and his final round of 74, which matched that of Tiger Woods and of last year’s champion, Ernie Els, saw him tie for 71st place, earning him almost £10,000.

Hockey Simon helps England to the World Cup Simon Mantell (1994*-2002; Day) helped England to a place in the Rabobank Hockey World Cup next year by scoring one of their four goals in the 5-0 defeat of Japan in the quarter-finals in Malaysia in July.

Laura’s first national selection Congratulations to goalkeeper, Laura Myers (2002*-11; Day), who made her

debut for England U21s v Germany in May – keeping a clean sheet in the process.

Motor Racing Sam returns to GP2 Sam Bird (2003-05; Kingweston) joined the Russian Time team to compete in the 2013 GP2 series. He scored his first GP2 win in Bahrain in a nail-biting finale. He then achieved a dominant victory in Monaco. Sam’s challenge marched on with a superb victory in the Silverstone feature race, where he led home a double podium for his team. He finished second in the drivers’ championship and helped his team win the constructors’ championship. In GP2, the driver who is judged by an international panel of journalists to have made the best use of tyres throughout the season is awarded the Pirelli Trophy, and this was won by Sam. In December he was also awarded the Graham Hill Trophy at the British Racing Drivers Club (BRDC) Annual Awards. The Trophy is awarded for ‘Most Meritorious Performance by a British Driver in SingleSeater Racing’ – previous recipients include Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Dario Franchitti. He also performs his reserve and development duties for the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team.

Pam Cookey was a member of the victorious England netball team, now ranked third in the world

Archie makes his debut at Le Mans Archie Hamilton (2002*-09; Holmcroft) started driving competitively at the age of 11 in karts, progressing to cars five years later when he won on his Formula Ford debut at Silverstone. He has driven in various championships and in 2013 drove for the Drivex team in the International GT Open series. He followed in his grandfather’s (Duncan Hamilton) footsteps when he made his Le Mans 24 Hour race debut in June. He drove a triple stint starting early evening and lasting over two hours. However, an accident with a team-mate at the wheel

Sam Bird scored his first GP2 win in Bahrain before going on to win again in Monaco

in the ninth hour led to retirement for his team, #25 G-Drive Racing by Delta-ADR Oreca Nissan.

Netball First ever series victory for England netballers Pam Cookey (2001-03; Martins) celebrated in January 2013 when her England side beat world champions, Australia, in a 3-0 series whitewash. She said that earning back-to-back wins over Australia for the first time was “just amazing”. Her side, currently ranked third in the world, is working towards winning at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow summer 2014. Her 90% strike rate also helped her team to a domestic double as they ran out winners by 62-56 points in a hard-fought Superleague final against Celtic Dragons at the Worcester Arena in May. It was Team Bath’s fifth Super League title and their first since 2010. She also captained England to a three-test whitewash against South Africa in September. Pam revealed her double life as an international netball star and site-services manager at an aircraft manufacturer during an interview with the BBC. Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 75

OM News

Sporting News




Jo-Jo Cranfield (2009-11; Abbey) competed in the British Paratriathlon Championships in Liverpool in July and won a bronze medal. She has high hopes for Rio 2016 when the event will make its first appearance.

In March, Olympic champion Helen Glover (2002-04; Martins) and new crew-mate Polly Swann rowed to victory in the women’s pair at the opening World Rowing Cup of the season in Sydney. Helen, who kicked off Team GB’s gold rush at London 2012 alongside Heather Stanning,

Where are they now? – as at June 2013 Name





Anthony Allen

2003-05; Kingweston


Leicester Tigers

Aviva Premiership

James Bailey

1999-2001; Kingweston


London Wasps

Aviva Premiership

John Brake

1995*-2006; St Anne’s

Scrum Half



Darren Clayton

1997*-2004; Walton



National League 1

Chris Cook

2004-09; Joan’s Kitchen

Scrum Half


Aviva Premiership

James Currie

2006-08; Kingweston



Aviva Premiership

Freddie Gabbitass

2007-11; Joan’s Kitchen

Fly Half


National League 2

Will Harries

2000-05; Orchards

Wing/Full Back

Newport Gwent Dragons

Rabo Direct Pro 12

Robert Hawkins

1994*-2001; Day


Leicester Tigers

Aviva Premiership

Charles Incledon

2005-10; Kingweston



National League 1

Ed Jackson

2002-07; Day

No 8

London Wasps

Aviva Premiership

Jonathan Joseph

2007-09; St Anne’s



Aviva Premiership

J J Kilmartin

2006-11; St Anne’s


Bath Academy

Aviva Premiership

Richard Lane

2006-11; Keen’s Elm


Bath Academy

Aviva Premiership

Ollie Lindsay-Hague

2004-09; Kingweston

Wing/Full Back


Aviva Premiership

John Mailings

2000-05; Shapwick



National League 2 South

Dante Mama

2007-09; Shapwick



National League 1

Marco Mama

2007-09; Shapwick

Back Row


The Championship

Miles Mantella

2005-10; Shapwick


London Scottish

The Championship

Anders Mogensen

2008-10; Shapwick



National League 1

Chris Morgan

1999-2001; Day


Cornish Pirates

The Championship

Olly Morgan

1999-2004; St Anne’s

Full Back


Aviva Premiership

Richard Morton

1997-99; Georgian Cottage

Back Row

Preston Grasshoppers

National League 2 North

Ben Mosses

2005-10; Keen’s Elm



The Championship

Alex Neilsen

2002-07; Keen’s Elm



National League 1

Mark Odejobi

2004-06; Kingweston




Laurence Ovens

2002-04; Kingweston


Rosslyn Park

National League 1

Jake Parker

2007-09; Kingweston

Back Row

Cornish Pirates

The Championship

Tom Parker

2001-06; Kingweston

Scrum Half


The Championship

Tom Powell

2002-04; Holmcroft

Back Row



Chris Robshaw

1997*-2004; Butleigh

Back Row


Aviva Premiership

Rhys Ruddock

2007-09; Butleigh

Back Row


Rabo Direct Pro 12

Henry Thomas

2005-10; St Anne’s



Aviva Premiership

Matthew Turner

2004-05; Kingweston




Mako Vunipola

2007-09; Kingweston



Aviva Premiership

Cameron Zeiss

2005-09; Walton



National League 1

76 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

finished in first place. The British pair went from strength to strength as the race went on, powering to victory ahead of the USA in second and Australia in third. In June she won gold, her second gold, in the Samsung World Rowing Cup on the London Olympic regatta course at Eton Dornay, and in July her third gold of the year came at the World Cup Regatta in Lucerne.

England Honours 2012/13

England Sevens

Rugby Another great honour for Chris At the beginning of the year at the Gala Dinner in London, Chris Robshaw (1997*-2004; Butleigh) found himself in illustrious company being awarded the Rugby Writers’ Club’s annual Pat Marshall Memorial Award. “Illustrious”? Because

of the distinguished roll call of previous winners: Gareth Edwards (1964-66; Millfield), Jean Pierre Rives, the first overseas recipient, former All Black scrumhalf Dave Loveridege to be followed by David Kirk, Nick Farr-Jones, World Cupwinning captains both, Francois Pienaar, Sean Fitzpatrick, Lawrence Dallaglio, Nick Mallett, Ian McGeechan, Martin Johnson, The following interview with Harlequins and England captain Chris Robshaw (1997*2004; Butleigh) appeared in The Daily Telegraph in May 2013

Millfield taught me how to lose: My School Sport You attended Millfield School. Did it prepare you for a life in sport? It gave me the opportunity to do what I am doing today. I’m very privileged to have been there. How did your career progress there? I came there from Cumnor House and went on to captain the Millfield 1st XV and played for England Schools at under-18 level.

England Scotland U20

Your school rugby coach recalls you as ‘a leader who was not too vocal’. Ring bells? At school, you learn to lose. We weren’t an unbeaten XV. Of course you want to win everything, but sadly that’s not always the case. It’s about how you react to it, move on, store that memory and use it in the future. Sport is a roller-coaster. You always want more, and that’s what drives you. At the moment I’d like to get away from it all, come back fresh and have a good pre-season. Then I’ll go again. Did you excel at other sports? Not really. I played house cricket, gave the ball a thump. Going to Millfield also helped me overcome dyslexia.

England Sevens

Why does the school develop so many outstanding sportspeople? They give you the opportunities, through top-class coaching and facilities. It’s no surprise the school produced top-class players such as Gareth Edwards, JPR Williams, Chris Oti, Mako Vunipola and John Mallett – who came back to coach us.

England Sevens England Ireland 2nd XV England England Sevens England + British Lions

You attended the Tom Maynard Memorial Ball, which raised over £60,000 last week. Tell us more. Tom was an exceptional sportsman and his passing was a huge loss to the sports world and his friends and family. The scholarship in his memory – providing underprivileged and talented children with the opportunities he received – I fully support. Making a legacy of Tom’s name matters to me.

Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 77

OM News

Sporting News

2013 Jonny Wilkinson and Brian O’Driscoll. Nick Cleary’s article in the Daily Telegraph had as its headline “Robshaw well worth his place in the pantheon” and a subheadline “England captain deserves top award, both as a quietly determined leader of men and an authentic No 7”. The article explained: “He is a grafter, a doer, rather than a talker, a bloke who gets his hands dirty and takes his knocks, selfless, unstinting, uncomplaining and without a shard of ego.” Praise indeed!

knee will never be strong enough to allow him to withstand the rigours of playing and training at professional level. He said, “this particular chapter has come to an end. It is disappointing that injury got the better of me. But that’s a fact of life in modern rugby.” He has already turned his rugby skills to training others, coaching Gloucester to the JP Morgan Premiership Sevens crown in September.

A First for Old Millfieldians! In November, at the major Dubai 7s Competition, Tom Powell (2002-04; Holmcroft) captained the England team. Chris Robshaw (1997*-2004; Butleigh) is currently the full England captain. Thus, at the time of going to press, Old Millfieldians are captains of both England teams – and, of course, Pam Cookey (2001-03; Martins) is the captain of England’s Netball team. Quite exceptional!

Mako makes the Lions Mako Vunipola (2007-09; Kingweston) was selected for the British and Irish Lions tour to Australia in June. He was one of ten England players in the squad and follows three illustrious Millfield Lions – Gareth Edwards (1964-66; Millfield), Matt Perry (1988*-95; Orchards) and JPR Williams (1966-67; Millfield). Sadly, England captain, Chris Robshaw, was not one of those on the team sheet.

Showjumping Harriet Nuttall (2003-08; Day) is an international show jumper ranked in the top 30 of Great Britain. She has competed in the U21 GB Team and been selected for the senior team. She is competing five horses at international level with some success.

Squash Mohammed misses out in final Mohammed El Shorbagy (2006-09; Great House) could not sustain a sensational start in the Final of the World Championships in December 2012, going down to fellow Egyptian Ramy Ashour in a five set match that lasted a punishing 90 minutes. He also lost out in the final of the Abierto Mexicano de Raquetas in September 2013. He put up a spirited fight against number 2 seed, Gregory Gaultier, in the semi-final of the World Squash Championships in Manchester in November. He is now ranked 6th in the world.

Marwan makes his mark In March, Egyptian Marwan El Shorbagy (2007-11; Great House), Mohammed’s younger brother, upset top seed Chris Simpson in the final of the Northern Ontario Championship in Canada and ended the Englishman’s career-long unbeaten run in PSA World Tour finals. Simpson was playing in his seventh Tour final having won his previous six dating back to 2008. Marwan, the current reigning Junior World Champion, won 11-8, 11-8, 11-3, the second Tour title of his career. He was named Young PSA Player of the Year 2013.

Jonathan making his mark for England in Argentina Jonathan Joseph (2007-09; St Anne’s) featured in both England’s two test victories in Argentina in June, skilfully setting up the first try of the series in the opening test which England won 32-3.

Olly Morgan Olly Morgan (1999-2004; St Anne’s) the Gloucester and former England fullback, has been forced into immediate retirement by a knee-ligament injury. He has not played since January 2012 and has made numerous attempts to regain match fitness but has now accepted that the 78 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

El Shorbagy brothers Marwan and Mohammed both enjoyed success during 2013

Paddy Garratt with the 1990 swimming squad outside Millfield House. Paddy was master i/c Swimming for 23 years from 1968 until 1991

Swimming 2013 has been another excellent year for our OM swimmers. James DisneyMay (2005-10; Butleigh) and Tristan Slater (2004*-11; Mill) produced excellent results at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) championships in the USA in March. Robert Holderness (2001*-07; Day) has qualified to represent Wales at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow after a very successful season both in Great Britain and beyond. This will be Rob’s third Commonwealth Games appearance.

Paddy Garratt recognised by BSCA Paddy was recently presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the BSCA (British Swimming Coaches Association) at its 50th Annual Conference and Awards Dinner. Paddy was Master i/c Swimming at Millfield for 23 years, between 1968 and 1991, leaving to become Head Swimming Coach at York City Baths Club for nine years. During his time at Millfield he transformed over 70 Millfield pupils into top class international swimmers, including Duncan Goodhew (1970-75; Walton) and Mark Foster (198386; Millfield), who competed at the highest levels all over the world, among national and world successes, winning

Commonwealth and Olympic medals, including gold ones of course. He was Britain’s first full-time professional Coach operating outside of the governing body, and he set up SwimTec UK, providing educational materials and equipment for swimmers, coaches and clubs. In 2003 the OM Society organised a summer swimming reunion at Millfield and almost 200 ‘swimming OMs’ turned up for this, in the main to see and honour Paddy. His wife, Caroline (née Foot; 1979-84; Day), who many readers will remember as a Millfield international swimmer, and Paddy now live in York. Sad to report, in recent years, Paddy’s health has been in decline to the extent that, now, he is unable to travel without difficulty. Should any of his OM swimmers like to make contact, they can do so at

Tennis Scott on the up Scott Clayton (2006*-10; Shapwick) has been making his mark in the world of professional tennis recently, and over the last year has: represented GB in the qualifying round of the European Summer Cup in Bratislava and won through to the main draw in Venice; achieved a World Junior Ranking of 82; became British National U18 Champion and been elevated to Men’s Professional Status by dint of certain tournament wins. He recorded his first professional tournament

win in October in a Futures International event in Israel in the mens’ doubles.

Purav’s memorable first match ends in victory Purav Raja (1997*-2003; Butleigh) and his doubles partner, Leander Paes, gave India a glimmer of hope in their country’s Davis Cup Tie against South Korea in February, but their win was India’s only point and they went down 4-1. In June, Purav played in the Wimbledon men’s doubles but despite a hard fought match, lost the five-set battle in the first round.

Richard keeps on winning Richard Gabb (2000*-2009; Day) not only carried off his first ITF title, winning the doubles final of the $10,000 ITF Cambodia NagaWorld Futures tennis championship, with his partner Marcus Daniel of New Zealand, but also went on to win all three Cambodia doubles titles in December 2012. In May 2013 he won the men’s doubles title in the F9 Aegon GB Pro-Series in Bournemouth and the F7 Aegon GB Pro-Series in Athens. He added the British Tour event at Nottingham in June to his list of recent successes. His world ranking has now risen to 607. He won his first men’s singles title as a professional with victory at the $10,000 ITF Pro Circuit event in Greece in September. Seeded fifth, Richard defeated top seed Theodoros Angelinos 7-6(5), 6-2 in the final. Richard and his German partner Tobias Simon finished as the runners-up in the men’s doubles. Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 79

OM News

Millfield Miscellany James opens new restaurant James Nathan (1986-91; Keen’s Elm), former barrister and winner of the BBC’s MasterChef 2008, who has worked in some of Europe’s most famous kitchens, including Michel Roux Jr’s, Michael Caines’, Michel and Sebastian Bras’ and Rick Stein’s, has just opened his own restaurant The Green Room in Cornwall, at the Retallack Resort and Spa. pages/The-Green-RoomRestaurant/315056231947362

Karin earns world record Karin Sinniger (1980-83; Grange), scuba-dived her way into the world record books by diving with an elephant in the Andaman Islands, in India in February. It was the 115th country she has dived in.

She has been diving since 1992 and has logged over a 1,000 dives. A long-time patron of the award winning charity Blue Ventures, Karin hopes to raise awareness for the deteriorating condition of aquatic life globally. She began her world record quest in 2005. “I travel a lot for business and decided that I would always try to combine a business trip with a visit to a new country to dive,” Karin said. See As an Old Millfieldian of the Year 2013, for further information see OM of the Year section on page 8.

John inspires film character A Scarborough fundraiser and restaurant owner has inspired a character set to hit the big screens in a new film production. The film, Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box, is based on a best-selling novel by Scarborough author Graham Taylor. The Karin Sinniger scuba dived her way to a world record in the Andaman Islands

80 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

book, and film, feature the character Captain Jack Charity and a restaurant called the Golden Kipper, inspired by Scarborough man John Senior (197378; Shapwick) and the Golden Grid in Sandside. Captain Charity is being played by Welsh actor Michael Sheen. John is a retired Major in the Territorial Army, who raised tens of thousands of pounds for charity after serving in Afghanistan. He is the man behind the Heroes Welcome scheme, which supports military personnel It started in Scarborough and is now in force nationwide. John said: “This really is a great privilege. I had to pinch myself when Graham told me about the book, twice when he told me about the film and three times when he told me Michael Sheen would be playing the character. “You could have knocked me down with a feather!”

The Durgans’ 12,000 mile charity adventure A father and OM son pumped their tyres and packed their tents for ‘the longest school run’ on a 12,000 mile road trip from Berkshire to Canada. Edward Durgan (2007-2012; Keen’s Elm) and his father Graham shared the driving from their home in Maidenhead on Monday, 6th May to McGill University in Montreal where Edward began studying political science in September. The three and a half month journey, which Graham and Edward used as a way to raise money for Macmillan Cancer, took them from Europe and through Scandinavia before crossing Russia, Kazakhstan, back through Russia again

Schools Golf programme, he has also turned his hand to jewellery design; offering family crest and school crest signet rings as well as other designs. For a 10% discount, visit

Lullingstone Castle The Durgans on their 12,000 mile school run

before reaching Mongolia and China. After catching a cargo ship from Tianjin to Los Angeles, they journeyed across the United States before crossing the Canadian border and making their way to Montreal.

Alex’s new ventures Since leaving Millfield, Alex Quin (200709; Joan’s Kitchen) has set up his own business in web and app design. One of his first partnerships was to create a website for and any OMs with a business in Mayfair can contact Alex for a free place on the site. As well as helping his parents in the Independent

Set within 120 acres of beautiful Kent countryside, Lullingstone Castle is one of England’s oldest family estates, dating back to the time of Domesday. It has been inhabited by members of the Hart Dyke family for twenty generations. Guy Hart Dyke (1941-48; Millfield) is the Estate Manager and responsible for the day-to-day running of the Castle. For more information see

Morehead-Cain Scholarship The Morehead-Cain Scholarship was the first merit scholarship program established in the United States, founded at University of North Carolina at

Chapel Hill, the first public university in the United States. It is named for its benefactors, John Motley Morehead III and the Gordon and Mary Cain Foundation. Modelled after the Rhodes Scholarship, the Morehead-Cain provides a full four-year scholarship covering tuition, books, room and board, a laptop computer, and four summer experiences known as the Morehead-Cain’s Summer Enrichment Program. Previous scholars include, Galahad Clark (1983*-94; Shapwick) founder of Terra Plana, the eco-shoe manufacturer, James Haggie (1999-2000; Butleigh) a lawyer at Allen & Overy, London and Hayley Thompson (1997*-2005; Warner) who is working for Biwater and is a former Honorary Secretary of the OMS Arabian Peninsula Branch. Millfield’s latest Morehead scholar, Christy Lambden (2002*-10; Day), was elected Student President at the University of North Carolina.

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2013 Celebrity Hairdresser Born into the country’s most influential hairdressing dynasty, Daniel Galvin Jr (1981*-84; Holmcroft), has been instrumental in the growth of the organic beauty market for the past 12 years and has been in the industry for 27 years. After a three-year stint in the US he returned to London to his father’s Mayfair salon. In 2008, he decided to work from a private studio and travel the world for private clients. An experienced TV hair expert, Daniel has appeared on GMTV and OK! TV and his salon is regularly featured in E4’s Made In Chelsea. He spends the weekends shooting, fishing and gardening. He is also an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust, employing disadvantaged young people in the salon. “It is the least I could do. I had a very privileged upbringing... and I never really wanted for anything, so this is my chance to give something back.”

Elections in Pakistan In May, significant elections were held in Pakistan. Adnan Noon (1988-90; Georgian Cottage), a former Member of Parliament, did not stand for office but, instead, his wife, Tia, did. She was duly elected and took oath as a parliamentarian on 1st June, intending to contribute towards building a brighter Pakistan. Adnan intends to stand again for office at the next election.

OM returns signed Edmund Hillary book Sir John Maclure, a close friend of Mike Beamish (1955), reunited Millfield with a piece of its history in June, as he returned to the school a signed copy of High Adventure by Sir Edmund Hillary. The book, detailing Hillary’s conquest of Everest, was presented to Mike by Millfield founder and headmaster Jack ‘Boss’ Meyer upon leaving the school in 1955. The book was signed by Sir Edmund and Boss, complete with a personal inspirational note from the headmaster. As the 60th anniversary of the 1953 conquest by Sir Edmund and Tenzing Norgay approached in May, Mike felt it was appropriate to return the book to his former school. As an old friend of Sir John’s wife, Jane, he passed the book on to the couple during their recent visit

to Mike in his native South Africa. Sir John presented High Adventure to OM Society Secretary John Davies on the 26th June, in front of Millfield House with the bust of Boss looking on. “At last it’s back where I know it should belong,” said Mike. “As an 18 year old raw ‘first time’ traveller out of South Africa, I always considered my time abroad and especially the sojourn in Joan’s Kitchen at Millfield my own High Adventure. “Thank you to John Davies for accepting what really is just another book, but one which gave me pleasure to receive. I hope it can further motivate others to seize the opportunities Millfield offers them.”

Verity top student Verity Knight (1995*-2006; Day) was awarded a prestigious prize by her university, Oxford Brookes, as one of the two best postgraduate students on the MSc Real Estate programme. Verity is now working in London for Jones Lang LaSalle as a graduate surveyor.

Duncan opens 70s nightclub Duncan Stirling (1992-99; Etonhurst) and his co-founder Charlie Gilkes have added another nightclub to their growing empire. “Disco” is a 70s inspired nightclub in Soho which opened at the end of June. Their other venues are Barts, Maggie’s, BungaBunga and Mr Fogg’s. In September, the OMS London Branch enjoyed an evening at Disco.

Simon Beck – Snow Artist

OM Society Secretary John Davies accepts a signed copy of Sir Edmund Hillary’s book High Adventure, signed by the author and Boss Meyer, from Sir John Maclure with his wife Jane 82 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014

At Millfield, Simon Beck (1969*-75; Kingweston) was a keen campanologist and a first class orienteer. Indeed, at Millfield and before Oxford University, using map and compass he became the British U17 Orienteering Champion. In 2004, when living in the French ski resort of les Arcs, Simon decided to make strange and beautiful drawings from the world of geometry. He made his pictures by foot-walking on raquettes (snow shoes); in fresh snowfall often on frozen lakes and with their sheer size and use

of the land’s contours as a canvas, they captured attention. His Facebook group now numbers 40,000 and photographs of his work – reminiscent of crop circles – regularly go viral. For further information see

John Jarmain war poem letters donated to Exeter University Original letters including poetry by John Jarmain, former Millfield tutor, were found by his daughter after the death of her mother. Jarmain was killed in 1944 having written poems including El Alamein and Sand while serving in North Africa. Professor Tim Kendall, of Exeter University, said Jermain was inspired by “some of the most hostile and forbidding landscapes ever endured”. His poems were published to critical acclaim after the war but the 150 original manuscripts were kept locked away in a bureau by his widow Beryl. They were only discovered by their daughter, Janet Coward, at the family home in Blandford after her death. The poems had been sent home along with accounts of desert warfare in North Africa and enquiries about family news.

Millfield Masonic Lodge The Millfield Lodge is celebrating the appointment of a founder-member, the Reverend Andrew Davey (1962*-72; Day), to the office of Grand Chaplain for the United Grand Lodge of England. The honour reflects the high estimation in which he is held in Freemasonry worldwide. To acknowledge this, he has been elected Master of the London-

Reverend Andrew Davey: Grand Chaplain for the United Grand Lodge of England

Chris returns to Millfield after Dragons’ Den success Entrepreneur Chris Rea (2006-10; Orchards) returned to the school in September to give a talk to Business Studies pupils, following his successful appearance on Dragons’ Den. Chris’s clothing company, created with friend Tom while an undergraduate at the University of Exeter, received investment of £75,000 from Dragon Duncan Bannatyne, in return for a 40% share of the business, on the BBC2 show. Young Ones was created when Chris spotted a gap at the university shop for Exeter beanie hats, and then identified a wider market for an affordable onesie. Chris and Tom took custom design orders, eventually expanding to provide other universities and hiring brand managers around the country. On his return to Millfield, with Mr Bannatyne’s backing secured – and at the point of having to hire storage space for stock and hiring full-time employees - Chris stated his dream to become the biggest student clothing retailer in the country. He highlighted the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur and the many factors to consider when setting up and expanding a business. Chris identified risk as a fact of life, but encouraged pupils to back themselves. “Look around at your environment and ask how you can make it better. If you have a great idea, give it a shot.”

based Millfield Lodge for 2013-14. There are many OMs (both young and old) who are members. If you are interested in membership, please contact the Secretary, Steven Thomas (1982*-89; St Anne’s), or the school representative, Chris Harding (former tutor)

Millfield Conservationists Damien Aspinall (1972-77; Shapwick) is to turn a remote island into a breeding centre for the Scottish wildcat in an attempt to save it from extinction. He is creating the sanctuary on the island of Carna, on the west coast of Scotland. Experts estimate only 35 to 100 Scottish wildcats exist in the wild and they fear they could die out within a decade. Paul Lister (1971*-77; Keinton) has a 50,000 acre enclosure on or near his Alladale Wilderness Reserve in the Caledonian Forest in the north-east of

Scotland and it is here that he plans to reintroduce within three to five years about 20 wolves and a dozen bears, hunted to extinction several hundred years ago. A long article in the Independent of 5th November outlined his plans and difficulties in achieving this. In addition, Paul has founded the European Nature Trust which also focuses on the Carpathian mountains of Romania. For further information on this most commendable work, see: www.alladale., www.theeuropeannaturetrust. com, and www.

Orb Energy Ben Frederick (2002*-10; Great) is working for Damian Miller’s (1987-88; Holmcroft) company Orb Energy in Burma, helping to develop the market for two of their solar products, Solectric Plug and Play, and the Solectric Lantern. Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2014 83

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