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Welcome Millfield Preparatory School’s strength lies in the belief that every child is an individual and to put the child at the heart of everything we do. To discover and develop the talents and abilities of each child has always been the Millfield vision and with world class resources and facilities every child has the maximum opportunity at Millfield to find their strengths and aim for excellence. The school has a friendly and caring atmosphere where pastoral care is high on the agenda. We believe that happy and contented children will have the confidence to take on any challenge. We do encourage our children to be active and to be thoughtful, considerate and mindful of the needs of others. It is often commented by visitors and parents of the school that there is an almost tangible feeling of openness and well-being here. Our pupils are happy, relaxed and confident. They enjoy school life and the experience of being part of such a vibrant community and they go on to exceed their expectations. “Pupils at Millfield have the time of their lives” ISI Inspection Report, 2009.

Please come and experience it for yourselves.

Shirley Shayler – Headmistress

millfield - AcAdemic PRoGRAmme

AcAdemic excellence The Academic Programme Depending on your child’s age, we will teach them in different ways. In our Pre-Preparatory Department, our experienced teachers combine a careful blend of numeracy and literacy with a wide range of other subjects as well as many extracurricular activities. Pupils in Years 3 - 5 work in the Junior Department and study in small classes each headed by a Group Tutor who takes most of the lessons. We believe it is essential that all pupils acquire a good grasp of English and Mathematics, but we also teach Science, Design and Technology, Information and Communication Technology, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Art, Music, Drama, French, Physical Education and PSHE. From Year 6 your child will be taught by specialist subject teachers. Their programme will continue to be overseen by their Group Tutor, who will also keep a close and friendly eye on how your child is developing outside the classroom, in sport, music and other activities. You are always welcome to contact your child’s tutor for an informal chat to discuss progress. During the last three years before senior school, English and Mathematics are still central to the curriculum. Pupils also study Physics, Chemistry and Biology (as separate sciences), History, Geography, Religious Studies, Design and Technology, Food Technology, -4-

Information and Communication Technology, Art, Music, Drama, Physical Education and PSHE. Pupils may also study French, Spanish and Latin. Additionally, as extracurricular activities, German, Russian, Italian, Greek, Japanese and Mandarin can be studied. The Foreign Languages Department believes in an inclusive education for all and so every pupil in the school is able to study a foreign language as part of our ‘language for all’ policy. Pupils receiving full-time Extra English will therefore have the opportunity to take lessons in Spanish as part of our programme. Our pupils have shown that within a stimulating and non-threatening educational environment, a foreign language is readily accessible to them. Aiming to enable all children to shine and to demonstrate ability in any area, Millfield Preparatory School has developed a PACE (Potential Academic Curriculum Excellence) programme to encourage talented pupils. This programme identifies and challenges those who demonstrate exceptional ability, or the potential to excel in any areas of our curriculum. “Tens of thousands of people never find out where their talent is. Where else are they going to find out but at school?” Terry Pratchett, Author

millfield - AcAdemic PRoGRAmme

Learning Development Centre The Learning Development Centre (LDC) is an integral part of the school, supporting staff in other curricular areas to ensure that best practice, in respect of differentiation for additional learning, is embedded within the school’s culture. We believe the LDC is unique in its quality and breadth of screening, assessment and intervention programmes. The LDC is currently staffed by six full-time and three part-time dyslexia specialists who work with children in small groups to develop literacy skills. These tutors also have additional professional training and expertise to enable them to identify the underlying factors which prevent successful learning from taking place. In addition we can provide 1:1 support as well as access to a speech and language therapist. A paediatric occupational therapist will also be available. For these additional services private fee paying arrangements are managed through the LDC.

Our ethos is that children, given the will to succeed, can achieve high standards. We recognize that learning may be hard, even unsettling at times. However, with the right approach and teamwork, success is attainable. Through discussion and the development of reflective skills, children can begin to feel more in control of their learning and develop a positive perception of learning differences. The LDC is well-resourced to implement multi-sensory programmes which train and develop areas such as visual and auditory perception, discrimination and processing as well as memory, thinking and reasoning skills. We aim to make a sizeable contribution to the lives of those children striving to overcome learning difficulties and it is a combination of rigour and empathy which drives the LDC. Children know that they are secure and their difficulties are understood. They also know that there are high expectations of them.


millfield - The cReATive ARTs

The cReATive ARTs Art Art at Millfield is taught following government guidelines for the National Curriculum for Art and Design. We encourage pupils to explore and develop ideas and to investigate, combine and manipulate a range of media and images to produce artwork. Pupils gain an understanding of the visual and tactile qualities of the artistic media at their disposal and develop an understanding about Art in general. Using our purpose-built Art and Design Centre, the media available to pupils includes: painting, photography, drawing, ceramics, textiles, sculpture and print-making. Pupils are taught to critically engage with Art by analysing and evaluating both their own work and that of others. Utilising all manners of media, they are given opportunities to refine their control of artistic implements and techniques, synthesise observations, design and also make a range of images and artefacts. Whilst learning about other artists, craftspeople and designers from Western Europe and the wider world, pupils undertake a unit of work each year that focuses on art from a culture outside our own. Past projects have included examinations of Australian Aboriginal, Native American, Islamic, Russian, Chinese and West African Art.


Of course, Art is not limited to the classroom and a number of trips are arranged each year. These include visits to art galleries, rural and historical museums in London and Cardiff and cultural trips to European cities. The natural environment is also studied at school in Millfield’s beautiful grounds. Furthermore, we have artists in residence that have produced sculptures for the school grounds in addition to giving pupils the opportunity to experience a professional carving and print-making studio. Other professionals - musicians and dancers - who visit the school offer workshops as a starting point to pupils’ work.

Design and Technology Design and Technology offers a fully interactive hands-on approach to learning and gives pupils a wonderful opportunity to develop a range of practical skills, many of which are key life skills. It provides an awareness and understanding of products and the needs of society and encourages problem solving abilities and evaluation skills. Taught by specialist staff in a well equipped suite, lessons take a multimedia approach. There are opportunities for pupils to work with resistant materials, textiles, electronics, mechanisms and food.

millfield - The cReATive ARTs

Drama Drama at Millfield is not all about performance. Our approach is to encourage every child to value and appreciate freedom of expression, to gain and build their self-confidence and to promote opportunities for teamwork and creativity through the medium of Drama. Every pupil from Years 5 - 8 receives regular weekly Drama tuition from one of our three specialist teachers and is also given the opportunity to take to the stage during the year to perform. Additionally, there are a range of clubs, including Drama clubs for all year groups and a technical club which focuses on stage design, lighting, sound and stage management. Our newly refurbished Assembly Hall – where major drama productions take place – has provided us with new and improved facilities with which to work,

including a large stage area and sound and lighting capabilities. We also have opportunities to use the professionally run Meyer Theatre at the senior school. Drama and experiencing the thrill of the theatre is open to any pupil. Indeed, recent productions have had casts of over 60 children, all with speaking roles! Past performances have included ‘The Wind in the Willlows’ and ‘The Mikado’. As far as performances are concerned we believe all children should have the opportunity to be part of a major production. If a child has the desire and commitment then he or she will be included. Auditions are used to allocate roles and not to accept or reject. We strongly believe that pupils can gain enormous confidence and self-esteem from performing and that is why we place enormous emphasis on ‘drama for all’.


millfield - The cReATive ARTs

Music Music plays a very important part within the life of the school. All pupils have weekly music lessons. Furthermore, every child is encouraged to either learn an instrument or sing in a choir. A purpose-built Music School provides the venue for all class music lessons, individual instrumental tuition and a large Recital Hall, which seats 200. Teaching to the National Curriculum for Music, the Music Department is well equipped with a large number of tuned and untuned percussion instruments, keyboards and music software to enable pupils to gain practical, as well as theoretical, experience of music-making. Our dedicated music teachers offer individual music tuition for: bassoon, cello, clarinet, cornet, double bass, drum kit, euphonium, flute, French horn, guitar (classical and electric), harp, oboe, orchestral percussion, organ, piano, recorder, saxophone, singing, tenor horn, trombone, trumpet, tuba, viola and violin. In addition to this panoply of musical tuition, there are four choirs and a chapel choir and as many as 20 musical ensembles and activities which pupils can join. -8-

Weekly support is offered in aural training, music theory and music scholarship preparation to those that need it. For music examinations, pupils are currently entered with the Associated Board of Music, Trinity/Guildhall School of Music, London Musical Theatre/Pop Exams and Rock School drum kit and guitar exams. With regards to performance, a plethora of opportunities is available, both within the school and at outside venues throughout the year. Each term there are several informal and formal concerts that offer opportunities for budding musicians. These vary enormously in style from ‘tea and music concerts’ to classical recitals and pop and rock concerts. House music competitions, school assemblies and drama productions also provide further arenas for music performance. External performances are given at local churches and the local care home on a regular basis in addition to competitions and festivals. The highlight of the Autumn Term is the School Carol Service in Wells Cathedral.

millfield - PAsToRAl cARe

PAsToRAl cARe House Life


The happiness and well-being of our pupils is a high priority. Boarders, who make up almost half of pupil numbers, live in five comfortable and well-appointed boarding houses either on, or close to, the main campus. Boys and girls live separately. Each house has its own character and accommodates up to 40 children.

There are three long weekend exeats a year, two in the Autumn Term and one in the Spring Term. These are 4.00pm on Friday to 8.00pm on Sunday. Further exeats from 12.10pm on Saturday may be taken during the term provided pupils have no school commitments.

Run by married couples, a warm and relaxed family atmosphere is created in each boarding house. Boarders enjoy going home in the evening without taking the cares of the day with them. Millfield works to promote safe and healthy lifestyles for all pupils; the supportive network in place helps achieve a caring and secure environment.

Boarders are also allowed out on Sundays with parental permission. They may leave at approximately 10.45am and must be returned by 8.00pm. Dates and times of exeats can be verified by visiting

All houses have a resident Assistant Houseparent and a number of other adults who help to run them effectively. Specially appointed members of teaching staff, known as Liaison Tutors, also visit the houses on a weekly basis. Houseparents, of course, liaise regularly with your child’s Group Tutor and Head of Year.


millfield - PAsToRAl cARe

Health Care


The School Surgery is open six days a week: 8.00am – 6.00pm Monday to Friday and 8.00am – 5.00pm Saturdays. Our healthcare team comprises three qualified nurses and a General Practitioner from the nearby Glastonbury Surgery (a female doctor is available on request). A private physiotherapist comes in to school for those children referred by their GP.

All meals are taken in the School Dining Hall. Our Catering Manager ensures that meals are well balanced and nourishing and the school has won a Heartbeat Award for promoting healthy eating.

Medical support is always available in an emergency. If a day pupil is injured or falls ill during the school day, he or she will be cared for in surgery and parents will be contacted. Boarders are nursed in their houses by their Houseparents (all qualified in First Aid) with the full support of the medical team. Close liaison is maintained between Houseparents, the health team and the parents. Although we recommend that all routine dental work is carried out in the holidays, a local dentist can provide emergency cover during term-time. A private orthodontist is also available.

Breakfast begins at 7.45am every school morning for boarders. There is always a cereal counter and a hot section with either a continental or a full English breakfast. Toast, yoghurt and fruit are available also. For lunch and supper, pupils are able to choose from several hot dishes, a vegetarian option and a full salad bar. Both dessert and fruit are on offer. Morning and end of school snacks are also provided. “My experience of school meals wasn’t too good, so the food here came as a pleasant surprise! You can sit where you like and talk to your friends. Meal times are something to look forward to!” Luisa – pupil “There’s lots of choice and it’s good for vegetarians. The Dining Room is bright and cheerful too” Jo – pupil

- 10 -

millfield - sPiRiTUAl And PeRsonAl develoPmenT

sPiRiTUAl And PeRsonAl develoPmenT Spiritual Well-Being Whilst at the school the children will explore values and beliefs, including religious beliefs and the way they affect people’s lives. They will develop their ability to distinguish right from wrong and will learn to take responsibility for their own behaviour. They will begin to understand how they can contribute to the life of their community and will acquire an appreciation and respect for their own and other cultures. The School Chaplain lives on site and is available to all the children; those with a particular faith and those without. Chapel services are held throughout the year and include a variety of speakers. Services are also held for

individual year groups and there are school assemblies for the Pre-Prep and Prep School. These opportunities to come together for services and assemblies help to reinforce the sense of community, tolerance and harmony. The school holds a Carol Service at Wells Cathedral in December and also prepares children for confirmation in March. A Roman Catholic priest is available and instruction related to other faiths may be possible on request.

- 11 -

millfield - sPiRiTUAl And PeRsonAl develoPmenT

Personal, Social, Health Education and Citizenship Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) and Citizenship are taught formally to all years in one lesson a week in order to help pupils develop their cultural and social understanding of the world beyond the standard curriculum; emphasis is put on developing the whole individual, teaching broad reaching and relevant life lessons and skills. It is also delivered informally twice a week in group tutor sessions by your child’s Group Tutor. Additionally, the school as a whole has a PSHE theme every week which is delivered in school assemblies. Pupils in Years 3, 4 and 5 are taught by a number of Junior Department staff who specialise in certain areas and pupils rotate around them every six weeks. There are four major areas that are covered: personal development, citizenship, lifestyle and personal safety. Year 6 pupils operate on an eight week rotation and are taught by their Head of Year and three other specialist staff. They look at the need for rules at school and in society, while also looking at the development of emotional health and healthy lifestyles. Furthermore, internet safety is introduced, as it is becoming such an important part of young peoples’ lives. Finally, pupils look at the development of good study skills, the role of the family and how to stay safe. - 12 -

Year 7 pupils operate on a six week rotation. They are also taught by their Head of Year, along with three other subject area specialist staff. Pupils look at Human Rights and begin to understand how and why they have to take on more responsibility as they grow up. They talk about the development of healthy friendships and social networks and also cover topics such as nutrition and the development of healthy lives, with the effects of alcohol and smoking discussed. Year 8 pupils have a four week rotation that is managed by five specialist staff, drawn from all areas of the school. They look at the British Constitution in preparation for adult life. Additionally, pupils explore changing family networks, relating to adults, global issues, the ability to interpret information and knowledge of drugs and their effects. Every year group is visited at least once throughout the year by the school nurses or PSHE Co-ordinator to discuss sex and relationships and Years 6, 7 and 8 meet separately to be warned of the dangers of social networks on the internet.

millfield - GAmes And AcTiviTies

GAmes And AcTiviTies Games Pupils are given unrivalled opportunities to pursue sports both here and at the senior school. Our excellent facilities and the diverse skills of our staff enable us to offer a variety of challenging and fun sporting experiences. We follow a ‘sport for all’ programme, encouraging all pupils to compete at any level and develop their skills. Able games players are given every encouragement by expert coaches and have the opportunity to compete at the highest levels, with several national competitions being won each year. Games on offer at the school that can be pursued at a variety of levels fitting to the individual include: Canoeing, Chess, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Cricket, Cross-Country,

- 14 -

Fencing, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Hockey, Judo, Karate, Netball, Polo, Riding, Rounders, Rugby, Sailing, Squash, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis and Trampolining. Within each of these games, be assured that we strive to find opportunities for every child to enjoy and succeed at their appropriate level. Additionally, we encourage each child to do the best that they can do, believing that effort and hard work results in higher levels of achievement.

millfield - GAmes And AcTiviTies

Activities We offer a potentially unmatched experience for the children who join us. There is an unrivalled choice of after school clubs and activities, where pupils can choose from more than 50 activities. In this dynamic environment, pupils often develop their interests and discover new ones. The outstanding facilities at the school allow us to offer an interesting array of activities for pupils. Our facilities include: an Astroturf, Equestrian Centre, 9 Hole Golf Course, Multi-Purpose Hall for drama and music events, Music/Recital Hall, Netball Courts, Sports Centre and Pitches, Squash Courts, 25m Swimming Pool and Tennis Courts.

Some of the activities available to pupils include, but are not limited to: Aerobics, Archery, Art, Badminton, Calligraphy, Camping, Drama, Flamenco Dancing, Jet Skiing, Karate, Photography, Pottery, Public Speaking, Quiz Club, Touch Typing and Windsurfing. In addition to this we provide a number of specialist subjects: Ballet and Tap, Climbing, Caving, Cookery, Music Theory, Spanish Culture and Tech Club. There is an opportunity for all pupils to be involved in activities and the staff are always interested in developing further programmes, remaining open to suggestions and ideas.

- 15 -

millfield - enTeRPRises

enTeRPRises Millfield Enterprises Millfield Enterprises – the commercial arm of Millfield School – runs sport and activity courses, academic courses and hosts a range of events at local, national and international levels during the holiday periods. The sport and activity holiday courses for children are: Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Drama, Football, Multi-Activity, Squash (which includes a residential option), Swimming and Tennis. The English Language Holiday Courses (Easter and Summer) are widely acclaimed. Pupils aged 7-17 years from around the world join us for English Language tuition, activities, excursions and a great social programme. Options include the ‘Preparation for UK Schools’ course which is extremely beneficial for pupils entering the UK school system. A really worthwhile academic course is also a very exciting holiday experience. For GCSE, AS & A2 pupils the Easter - 16 -

Revision Course (residential or non-residential) offers high quality specialist tuition in a broad range of subjects to small groups. Pupils from all schools are welcome. Millfield Enterprises is also responsible for the hiring of facilities during the holiday periods and hosts corporate hospitality functions, exhibitions, conferences, concerts, sports and charity events, etc. A dedicated team works full time to ensure professional support. Further details about Millfield Enterprises and the courses available can be found on the website:

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How to Find Us

Travel Arrangements for the Academic Year

Millfield Preparatory School is situated in the rural southwest of England in the historic town of Glastonbury, Somerset. The school is close to and within travelling distance of the ancient Roman city of Bath. London is 130 miles away and major air, rail and road links are all within easy reach:

For those families living in the London area we operate an escorted coach service to and from London at the beginning and end of each term, half-term and exeat weekends (two in the Autumn and Spring Terms and one in the Summer Term). Collection points are as follows: Countess Services (Junction of A303 and A345), Fleet Services M3 (between Junctions 5 and 4A) and Tesco Car Park, West Kensington.

By Air – Bristol Airport is within easy reach of Millfield (25 miles) and has regular scheduled flights. By Rail – Rail users may travel to Castle Cary (14 miles), Bath (26 miles), Bristol (28 miles) or Yeovil Junction (22 miles). By Road– From the M5 leave the motorway at junction 23 and join the A39 eastwards and then the A361. – From the M3 leave the motorway at junction 8 and join the A303 westwards and then the A37/A361.

We offer escorted minibus travel to Heathrow Airport (for children who live abroad) at the beginning and end of term and also at halfterm. All travel arrangements and bookings should be made through the school travel office: 01458 832446 or email: Costs and details are available on request. For day pupils, there is a morning Millfield minibus run Mondays through Saturdays during the term. The service includes routes from: Bridgwater, Castle Cary, Crewkerne, Farrington Gurney, Langport, Melksham, Wedmore and Yeovil. For further details and prices see the Day Pupils section of the school website: - 17 -

millfield - Admissions And scholARshiPs

Admissions And scholARshiPs If you would like us to consider your child for a place, the first thing to do is to come to visit us. We would be delighted to give you a tour of the school and if you think your child would enjoy Millfield you can formally apply for a place by returning the completed Registration Form and Fee. We shall then request a current Head’s report and, on receipt of this, invite you to bring your child for interview and assessment. We would then formally offer a place and the return of the Acceptance Form and Fee completes the entry procedure. You may, of course, enter your child for future years but we would not normally complete the paperwork until the year preceding admission. Prep School pupils will transfer to Millfield Senior School subject to good behaviour and a satisfactory standard of academic work. We award a number of Academic, Music, Art, Chess and Sports Scholarships each year for entry into Years 6, 7 and 8.

- 18 -

Scholarships We also welcome applications for Scholarships from good all-rounders; boys and girls who have reached a good standard academically and show promise in specific areas such as Music, Art or Sport. Scholarships may be honorary or carry a nominal fee reduction of up to 15% of fees. If a scholarship has been awarded, parents in genuine financial need can also apply for a means-tested bursary. Candidates sit the Millfield Preparatory School Scholarship examination in January, details of which are available the previous October. All candidates are required to sit academic tests in the morning. They may then spend the afternoon with the sports or music department depending where their talents lie. Lunch is provided and tours of both the Preparatory School and the Senior School are offered. To read our full Scholarships and Bursaries policy, please refer to our website

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