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Masterful work is balanced between sculpture and architecture.


Gianna Farina After studying languages in Milan, she founded Strato with Marco Gorini. From 2002 to 2004 she was the chairwoman of the Casa Malaparte association in Capri. Her passion for design, art and conviviality makes her the promoter of a living concept based on a space inspired by the rigour of shapes, in which beauty is not identified with luxury or ostentation but is rather a sensual and emotional experience of sophisticated comfort.

Marco Gorini After working in the fashion scene he studied architecture in Milan. In 1990 he designed his first kitchen collection NPU (Non Plus Ultra). Up to the present day Marco Gorini has continued to follow his original objective of combining excellent workmanship with unique design, drawing on increasingly refined industrial techniques and artisan ability. The rigour of Classicism and the distinct modernity make his works timeless. The passion for good quality and beauty are fundamental values. Cooking is love, art, culture; the kitchen is a place of shared pleasure and an irreplaceable means of conviviality. These are values which, in essence, we find in Marco Gorini’s work.

History Strato was established in 1987 by Gianna Farina and Marco Gorini as an interior design company. The love for cooking and food brought Marco and Gianna to create their own custom made kitchen. In recent years Strato has always been on the cutting-edge of the kitchen world, thanks to constant product and process innovation, continuous research into solutions within the sphere of technology and handmade finishing. Marco Gorini and Strato employees share an ongoing quest for taking care of details, quality, technological excellence, exclusive and innovative design. Strato has an exclusive network of carefully selected dealers who market Strato collections in Europe, Asia and America. The constant dedication to innovative products and commitment to client satisfaction has taken Strato to the very top of the world of tailor-made kitchen furniture. Strato has been conceived for a clientele who desires quality and performance with a “classical contemporary� style capable of maintaining its features and value over the years. In 1990, Strato introduced its first NPU kitchen collection with a 20cm thick Corian worktop. This collection rapidly won international fame thanks to quality, precious materials and its unique design. Over the years, Strato built a strong brand value easily recognizable by the market through the careful and coherent placement of its product portfolio. Strato products are conceived for a particularly demanding clientele in terms of functional and aesthetic features. Craftsmanship The Strato factory combines the most advanced production machines and highly specialized workers trained by Marco Gorini. Our long experience, the passion, the care for detail and the unique working techniques developed by Marco Gorini allow us to create sophisticated and unique objects in any shape and size and to combine different materials, such as stone, marble, Stratocolor, wood, titanium, matt or polished stainless steel, bronze, copper, black stainless steel, and many other metals. Strato acquired a technique in the use of tools and materials which may be as complete and in every sense as remarkable as a musician’s mastery of the resources of his instrument.





Design 2018 STRATO presents its creative evolution starting from sculptural kitchen islands reaching a new avant-garde project in collaboration with Edda Biermann, a Berlin-based architect who, inspired by her love for his city, has created a special idea. The new sculptural kitchen island is dedicated to Berlin. The city is constantly changing since the fall of the Wall. East and West are united, and the old points of passage are barely visible. Different cultures and languages are increasingly shaping its image. What until now has not seen particular changes, part of own tradition and nature, is the height of Berlin buildings. If you look at a panorama of the city you notice very little differences in heights. No excessive upward momentum. No outliers. Skyline B is a memento of Berlin at this time in history, reflecting the style maintained for over 25 years. At present there are several currents that push for a change in direction. High-rise buildings seem an unstoppable trend, but the city’s authorities are reluctant. However loosening these rigid provisions also means adapting to other cities in order to keep pace. Follow the trend. Like a sculpture, the Skyline B kitchen draws its inspiration from the current view of Berlin and highlights the unique characteristic of the capital. Made in titanium and marble with the utmost Italian craftsmanship perfection, refined as the centre of Berlin likes to present itself. This work is a declaration of love to Berlin. Edda Biermann



Design 2017 A collection dedicated to the high quality and craftsmanship of Italian design, where Art, Beauty, Exclusivity and Elegance blend together to create a unique and timeless product. The Panama braid and the seams in brass and wood become a new expression of intarsia, a typically Italian art form. Brass, bronze, copper, titanium, precious woods, mother of pearl or horn are some of the materials used for the intarsias and can transform a simple island into a unique work of art. Uniqueness Tattoo collection is characterized by the structure of the plinth, which, by rising transversely, creates a suspended top. The classical decorative details of metal and wood tribal tattoos intarsia on the top surface transforms this collection into a unique work of art.




Design 2017 Gianna Farina, Marco Gorini Uniqueness Capsule Table central structure in matt stainless steel table top in black Lati wood with stainless steel seam intarsia


design 2017 Gianna Farina Uniqueness Tattoo Sculptural island matt stainless steel Titanium finishing worktop in matt stainless steel Tattoo intarsia in stainless steel and dark Oak wood




Design 2017 Gianna Farina Uniqueness Panama Sculptural island satin brass matt finishing worktop in matt stainless steel Panama intarsia in brass and dark Oak wood

design 2014 Gianna Farina, Marco Gorini Semplice # 4 matt stainless steel sliding worktop in Oak wood dark grey with stainless steel edges


Moving on from stainless steel Strato Semplice collection introduces copper, bronze, black stainless steel, noble and symbolic materials par excellence. Strato Semplice could be defined as some sort of compact parallelepiped, animated by various square and sharp reliefs, dynamic yet powerful, conveying opulent reflections of a timeless colorism capable of clearly expressing that it is part of today’s world.


design 2011 Gianna Farina Semplice # 3 Stratocolor white worktop in matt stainless steel with Stratocolor white edges sliding top in Stratocolor white


design 2014 Gianna Farina, Marco Gorini Semplice # 5 black stainless steel sliding top in grey Oak wood and black stainless steel



This stand-alone monolite contains the washing and cooking area. This kitchen island with its sculptural impact is outfitted with two sliding tables. When closed the two tables hides the working area with a welded sink and a full induction hob, but when the two “U� shaped tables are silent slid to the side it creates a perfect place that can be used as a bar or a serving space.



design 2012 Gianna Farina Semplice # 1 copper worktop in matt stainless steel with copper edges rotating table in natural Oak wood with copper edges


We focus on selecting the best materials with attention to design and details. The “Special Projects� collection is the interpreter of an artistic expression combined with cutting-edge technology.




design 2005 Marco Gorini Le isole due Ebony wood matt and mirror stainless steel


design 2011 Strato architectural office “Marmo Statuario One of a kind� worktop in matt stainless steel Technical materials become more dramatic if combined with a natural stone.



design 2007 Marco Gorini NPU Evolution matt stainless steel NPU Evolution represents a working centre made of three pieces and assembled in a single block.


design 2007 Marco Gorini Eclettica matt stainless steel Rosewood The majestic elliptical shape is characterized by a 180 degrees turning worktop that allows the separate use of washing and cooking areas. Research and passion for quality and refinement, Eclettica becomes the interpreter of an artistic purity expressed in its elliptical shape.





Design 2004 The wine cube system is the perfect solution for wine collectors. Each wine cube is designed according to the needs of the wine collector.




Design 1990 The design maintained over the years, makes this collection clearly recognizable on the international production scene. The NPU [Non Plus Ultra] collection is distinguished by its unique design achieved by combining the different Strato collections with the sophisticated worktops made in one piece similar to a sculpture.



NPU collection Stratocolor black mirror and matt stainless steel worktop in “Nero assoluto� stone matt finishing



NPU collection fossil Oak wood and matt stainless steel carcases in natural stone worktop in matt stainless steel with fossil Oak wood sliding top hood in matt stainless steel and glass



NPU collection matt stainless steel handles Prod.00 in matt stainless steel



Form follows function.



MG Design 1997 The distinguishing feature of the MG [Marco Gorini] collection is the handle system obtained with a cut out on the worktop front edge or side panel combined with a special construction of the cabinet.



MG collection fossil Oak wood Titanium mirror and matt stainless steel



MG collection ‘Noce Canaletto’ wood natural stone with stainless steel edges Stools structure in matt stainless steel seats in black fabric


Design 2010 This innovative system introduces a new concept in kitchen furniture. The visible carcase and the flush mounted front door permits the combination of different materials. Use of unique materials, distinct in style constitute a new interpretation in kitchen design.


20.10 collection carcases in matt stainless steel front doors in high gloss tortora lacquered worktop in Stratostone white and matt stainless steel

IGLOO Design 1995 The Igloo collection is aimed at a modern and cosmopolitan spirit. This minimal, pure design with its clean lines is a perfect fit in modern architecture and satisfies the most sophisticated needs of the contemporary living in terms of functionality and aesthetics.


Igloo collection Stratocolor white worktop in matt stainless steel island worktop in Oak wood



Igloo collection Stratocolor white matt stainless steel Stools structure in matt stainless steel seats in cowhide leather


Igloo collection aluminium worktop in matt stainless steel with aluminium edges


Igloo collection Ash wood worktop in natural stone


Design 2000 Simple, sleek, and modern, this collection is characterized by the 45 degrees edge detail of the worktop and doors.

Palma collection marmo Carrara worktop in marmo Carrara with stainless steel edges


BB4 Design 2017 BB4 kitchen collection combines timeless style with classic design, capable of being both modern and traditional.


BB4 collection matt black lacquered worktop in marmo "Carrara" matt finishing handles prod.00 dark burnished stainless steel




The Strato accessories such as trays, utensil inserts, boxes, jars for seasonings and spices fulfill every desire as they are designed according to the client’s needs. The end result, reflects our client’s personality and their true identity.

Altro collection tray Wenge wood size in mm: w 140 d 280 h 30 w 310 d 310 h 30 w 340 d 340 h 30 w 370 d 370 h 30 w 400 d 400 h 30 w 430 d 430 h 30




Drawers accessories cutlery holder spice holder plate holder


Altro collection Tray Wenge wood


Lux inside drawer wood, stainless steel and glass


The Strato accessories are made of natural materials. They offer functionality, aesthetic, pleasure and joy of creating order in your kitchen. On request Strato personalizes the accessories according to your needs and pleasure.


Altro collection Shanghai hot pan holder matt stainless steel Wenge wood


The Strato home collection blends precious materials with exceptional craftsmanship. Sizes and finishings are entirely customizable.


Soho table Stratocolor white Vienna chairs structure in Oak wood seats in dark brown leather


Table mirror stainless steel ‘Noce Canaletto’ wood Paris chairs structure in polished stainless steel seats in black leather


Stools structure in matt stainless steel seats in cowhide leather or fabric Vienna chair structure in ‘Noce Canaletto’ wood seats in cowhide leather


Paris chair structure in dark burnished stainless steel seats in cowhide leather Bag holder cowhide leather matt stainless steel



Form is not the goal but the result of our work.

Š copyright Strato | all rights reserved printed in Milano, Italy April 2018 photos Markus Altmann Danilo Calcaterra Annette Kisling Malena Mazza Pino Musi Walter Prina Filippo Simonetti Adriaan van Looy