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Create your family legacy

A Fine-Art Portrait is Forever Imagine owning a fine-art portrait that captures the beauty, love and emotion of those closest to your heart. An exquisite expression of a

special moment in time to cherish, proudly

display in your home and hand down from generation to generation.

Portraits by gifted artist Stephen Taylor of

Bernardsville offer this and so much more. Your portrait will capture the beauty of your family and create a blissful feeling in your heart -richer than a memory and as powerful as the love of a spouse, a child, a parent.

Your portrait will be a perfectly crafted piece of

fine wall art that will endure for generations and command exceptional value over time.

Stephen’s clients have consistently expressed

the joy they experience daily from his portraits,

and the appreciation for this special investment

that continues to grow in sentimental value over the years.

Now is the time to celebrate the people that matter most in your life. Careers transition,

children leave the nest, loved ones may pass. A fine-art portrait by Stephen Taylor is forever.

“The more children know about their family’s story, the stronger their

sense of control over their lives, the higher their self-esteem, and the more successfully they believe their families function. Knowing their larger family story helps them understand that they are part of something bigger.�

-Bruce Feiller, author of The Secrets of Happy Families

With children we love to capture these significant milestones so that as parents and grandparents we never forget, but also so the children are reminded of how very much they are loved.

Embrace the love of family The love shared within a family -- parents, children, grandparents -affects a person from infancy to adulthood. As your family grows,

having everyone gathered together at one time becomes more challenging. That’s when you realize the significance of a family

portrait -- to embrace the love of family and to wrap your arms around the people you love the most in life.

Your family portrait will explore the special relationships between parents and children, children and grandparents, siblings, aunts

and uncles. Preserving a beautiful moment in time, and bringing renewed joy forever.

Embrace the love of your family with a fine-art portrait from Stephen Taylor.

Honor your legacy as a couple The portrait of you and your loved one is a tribute to you as a

couple. Did your parents have their portrait created to pass down to you and future generations? If not, do you wish you had one? What would it mean to your children to have a beautiful portrait of you and your spouse?

For years, families have trusted Stephen Taylor to help them express the significance of family heads -- the legacy couple. Couples who are deeply loved, and deserve to be honored in a prominent location in the home.

Honor your legacy as a couple with a fine-art portrait created by Stephen Taylor.

Celebrate what makes you special An individual portrait will convey what makes a person special and unique. It will explore their character, aspirations and passions.

It can instill confidence in a teen, create a sense of pride to an accomplished

member of the community, or express the commitment of a spiritual leader.

Celebrate what makes

you special and unique with a fine-art portrait by Stephen Taylor.

Mixed Media Art Stephen Taylor’s portraits begin with a classically lighted photograph taken in our studio. Clients choose their favorite composition from the session, and through mixed media applications, a meticulously handcrafted art

piece is created. This art piece is reminiscent of paintings by Old Masters of the Renaissance.

Your portrait is the marriage between the realism of a photograph and

the richness of an oil painting. You have the option to choose between two artistic finishes -- Classic and Masterpiece. Clients who choose the Classic finish, favor a distinctly realistic expression of their loved ones. Clients who choose the Masterpiece finish -- with oil embellished

enhancements -- favor the look and feel of an Old Masters art piece.

Masterpiece Finish

Client Praise We choose how we are remembered We were given a most generous gift of a

portrait by the incredible artist, Stephen Taylor.

From the initial phone call to the delivery of our portrait we experienced warmth, professionalism

and caring for the entire family. Stephen and his assistant took the time to speak with each of us in advance - helping us to relax and enjoy the experience. He has such an amazing eye to position everyone while making us very comfortable.

When the pictures had been taken, we were taken to a room to see his work. He allowed us all the time we wanted and needed to

select which ones we liked. It was a difficult

choice since one was better than the next and

It’s not easy to say that with 6 people! We didn’t

plan to purchase a second portrait, but when we saw his outstanding work, we selected another. Now the portraits hang in our living room and

den and I smile each time I see them. Stephen also helped us select the proper lighting for

each and we are absolutely thrilled! I highly recommend Stephen Taylor.

- Wendy Gukin


I would be thrilled to tell your most

valuable story through the art of


Over the past 30 years I have had the

3 Olcott Square

lives of so many.


honor and privilege to celebrate the

I love hearing your life stories. Each is

unique and touching. Our session often

reveals intimate moments that may have

been forgotten. Once revealed tears of

joy may follow. This is the sign I am ready

to capture and immortalize your story in a

portrait. I often hear the experience of

creating the portrait was a refreshening

and rewarding as the enjoyment we feel

everyday. We get to experience our loved

ones as if they are present in our home. Our art will be passed on to future

generations so they know the rich story

of our family, never to be forgotten.

Most important I hear their art piece

adds beauty and becomes a thread of the home decor.

Bernardsville, NJ 07924 Stephen@StPortrait.com

Noteworthy Clients

Many of Stephen Taylor’s works currently hang in the finest homes around the world.

The Kennedy Family (JFK Family) Harvey Golub (American Express CEO) Judge Paul Armstrong (Karen Anne Quinlan case) President Donald J. Trump Colket Family (Campbell Soup Owners) Johnson Family (J&J) Snyder Family (Philadelphia Flyers Owner) Joe Neubauer (Armrack CEO) Henry Kissinger (Secretary of State) Bill Parcells (NFL Coach) Marvin Hamlisch (Composer) Jason Kidd (NJ Nets) Joe Morris (NJ Giants) Nick Mangold (NJ Jets) Richard Schlott (Schlott Reality) Doug Kimmelman (Goldman Sachs) Jeff Chiesa Family (Senator, Attorney General) Steve Kalafer (Auto Industry) Nick Nolte (Actor) Elizabeth “Betty” Merck (Merck Industries) Ben Strauss (Pep Boys) Governor Kean (NJ Governor) Governor McGreevey (NJ Governor) Governor Florio (NJ Governor) Phil Mickelson (Pro Golfer) Lee Westwood (Pro Golfer) Dulring Family (QuickChek Family) James Gandolfini (Actor) Rulon Gardner (Olympic Wrestler Dan Gable (Olympic Wrestler)

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Stephen Taylor Portrait Guide  

Stephen Taylor Portrait Guide  

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