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The Lantern August/September 2018


School’s out!! This year we have super-sized our holiday provision, thanks in part to a generous grant from the Greggs Foundation. Its mission is to "make a difference to the lives of people in need in the heart of Greggs' local communities." Their contribution means that we can partner with external activity leaders in both craft and sport, to enable us to offer more places than ever before. By the beginning of the holiday, 310 places were already a l l o c a t e d – t h a t ’s a l o t o f sandwiches we’ll be making! The centrefold will give you an insight into this summer’s provision, so if there are children you know who you think will benefit, please tell them – we still have places left each week. And of course there’s always space for more volunteers…. Elizabeth Luke, the manager for South Tyneside School Meals Service, has already run two sessions of food hygiene for volunteers, and Cathy Cain of Daisy 2

First Aid has led some paediatric first aid for parents.

Alongside the main programme, Bertie’s will run throughout the summer, and they joined in right away, by having a sponsored toddle round the park, followed by a picnic in the play area. Great fun

Welcome to St Peter’s Church, Harton and St Mark and St Cuthbert’s, Cleadon Park Priest

Re Kate Boardman MA FHEA revkateboardman@gmail.com

0191 4554682

Hon Assistant Priest

Rev Canon Hails, JP FCMA bhails@btinternet.com

0191 5295297

Hon Assistant Priest

Rev Stan Buyers MEd LCG stanbuyers@btinternet.com

0191 5365452


Peter Cross

0191 4566047

Vicarage:3 Page Avenue, South Shields, NE34 0SY

REGULAR SERVICES AT ST PETER’S EUCHARIST Usually sung Eucharist with children’s groups. Tea & Coffee follows in the Green Room.

• 11.00 am

EVENING SERVICE We have a variety of evening worship styles including Taize, Songs of Praise, Quiet Meditation and Iona Worship

• 6.00 pm



• 10.00 am

Daily Prayer

EVENING PRAYER is said each day - a quiet and contemplative service of prayer and readings


For bookings of BAPTISMS, WEDDINGS and CALLING OF BANNS, there will be someone available at St Peter’s Church every Wednesday 6.15 pm - 6.45 pm For any queries about church services or bookings contact Rev Kate Boardman


EUCHARIST Followed by coffee in the Hall

• 9.30 am


EUCHARIST Followed by coffee in the Hall

• 10.00 am

For bookings of BAPTISMS, WEDDINGS and CALLING OF BANNS, or for any queries about church services or bookings contact Rev Kate Boardman 3

From the Vestry

W h e n w e p l a n n e d o u t t h e programme, if we count on the additional money from Feeding Britain, we could stretch to 1000 children’s places over the summer, augmented of course by the fact that we feed parents and carers along the way. I can almost imagine a time when 5000 would seem a reachable target!!

How did the summer come around again so fast?! And it certainly has been gloriously summer so far. Whether it continues into August… This morning’s gospel was the feeding of the 5000 and it does rather feel like we shall be pushing that with holiday club this year. Apart from the generous donation from the Greggs Foundation (so please do NOT ever feel bad again about sneaking into Greggs on the Nook for a sausage roll, it ’s payback!) we are also still in discussion with Churches Together South Tyneside over some funding that they have been given by the ‘Feeding Britain’ lobby group/trust which is trying to put pressure on government to implement summer food provision by sponsoring some projects around the country.

Considering how we started small launching Holiday Fun in 2015, it’s b o t h w o n d e r f u l t o s e e h o w important a ministry this has become, and how devastating a need it is which remains, and grows. Our ordinand Beth preached this morning about the feeding of the 5000, that we should never be afraid to offer what we have to God, even when it feels like it is of little size or worth. When God takes our efforts and blesses them, we are left with abundance. At the centre of Jesus’ ministry was healing and feeding God’s people. In all we do across the year, in welcoming people, in walking alongside them through desperate moments in their lives, through visiting, listening, praying, we offer God’s healing touch in bringing his love, comfort and strength.

Due to their lack of privacy policy, we are still not 100% sure about accepting this money, and really it was offered too late for us to use most appropriately, but it is good to know that there is beginning to be a much stronger voice at high level nationally telling the stories of real people in real communities and their struggles in the school holidays.


In the summer, as we put on our holiday programme, we turn to focus on feeding. “Fun and Food”, Greggs call their summer grants. And the importance of our holiday club is that not only do we offer food, but we offer entertainment and activities as well.

whether that be simple bring and share, someone cooking a meal at home, or a small group going out somewhere to eat – just to rejoice in our fellowship and in our Saviour.) It is important that we seek every opportunity to bless others as Jesus taught and showed us, trusting that in offering our small gifts to God, he can always do amazing things with them.

Parents confide their very real struggles – that they have needed to rely on foodbank help even when they are in work, that they are stretched and torn between doing things with the children in the school holidays and not wanting to go into debt to do so.

For I was hungry and you gave me food; I was thirsty and you gave me drink; I was a stranger and you took me in. God of faithfulness, your generous love supplies us with all that we need. We know that all we have is yours. We trust in your abundance, that through it we are able to offer food to the hungry, a drink to the thirsty and compassion to the strangers.

Prioritising feeding your children, and if you can, letting them do some activities, often means parents put themselves last. By encouraging carers to stay with the children in holiday club, we enable shared fun and memory-making and everyone gets a meal. (Given that Jesus gave us a meal to remember him by, that we are a Eucharistic community, that we bring people together and provide refreshment as basic hospitality – at tea @ three as well as in holiday club; all these, and yet we rarely eat together. So in the autumn we shall begin to encourage breaking bread together ourselves as disciples,

Bless our foodbanks and our holiday provision in this town this summer. May your Spirit empower us to be your hands and feet in our community as we serve all those in need. Amen


poorest parts of the diocese, our aim was to give at least 5% of our annual income to causes chosen by members of the church. This usually involved at least one project at local, national and international level and these could be supported by a one off donation or more long term support. We also responded to emergency appeals and disaster relief. Members of the congregation were encouraged to put forward ideas and these were approved through the PCC. Finding at least one project to support over a longer period, gives a feeling of belonging to the church whereas short term or one off donations allow us to really make a difference on a personal level; we were able to support the work of the daughter of one of our congregation who was volunteering abroad.

Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain. These words from psalm 127 challenge us to consider how we use our resources to support God’s work in the wider community. We are called upon to be stewards of our own resources but we are also called to be witnesses to God’s love and to show it in everything we do. Giving is important to all of us as individuals in the church, whether it is giving of our time, talents or financial giving but do we consider what we give as a church? There will always be the physical demands of the building to occupy financial discussion but should we not also be looking at the needs of those around us? At the recent PCC meeting at St Mark and St Cuthbert’s, we were challenged to examine how we might grow as a giving church and the feeling was that we should explore some ways in which our f i n a n c i a l p l a n n i n g m i g h t incorporate an element of regular giving to projects we choose to support.

If you have any thoughts about how we might grow this side of our work, please speak with a member of the PCC and pray for us as we move forward with this. Bill & Anne Vincent

One possible model is based on the church which Anne and I attended before moving into the area last year. Despite being in one of the 6

‘Daft as a brush’ Canon Brian Hails

are undergoing Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy cancer treatment, free of charge, to and from the Freeman/RVI hospitals for their treatment. To date the charity has a fleet of 20 ambulances, 18 of which have been adopted by primary schools from across the region and 2 by the Great North Children’s Hospital. Over 250 volunteers are employed as ambulance drivers/ companions; staffing the information desk at the Freeman Hospital, the shop in Eldon Garden and at Daft as a Brush House. In 2015 over 15,000 cancer patient journeys were only made possible by the dedication and service of the magnificent team of volunteers and staff from the Northern Centre for Cancer Care. A recent new development with the Great North Children’s Hospital based at the RVI was the purchase of an ambulance with special seating arrangements permitting children of all ages, plus their parents, to be transported safely to and from hospital. Hopefully, over the next year or so, the aim is to double the amount of patient journeys, all to the benefit of both the patients and the NHS. Using a line from Reverend Martin Luther King’s speech “I HAVE A DREAM TODAY” – in the not too distant future this charity will be involved in 100,000 cancer patient journeys a year. The regions to be covered by Daft as a Brush are: Northumberland, North and South Tyneside, Durham, Newcastle upon Tyne and surrounding areas. There would be no charge to the patients for our Service. The service would entail collecting and transporting the patients in a safe and

Following a funeral I conducted at the Crematorium recently, I was approached by a representative of “Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care’ asking if we could promote their work in the hope of attracting volunteer drivers to assist people to attend hospitals. The founder of the charity was a gentleman called Brian Burnie, who grew up in the east end of Newcastle . As a child he remembered his mother and father saying ‘Better to give than to receive’ not only in monetary terms but also in terms of one’s time. As an adult, Brian tried to do this by being host to many charitable causes. In 1980 he decided to go one step further and set up a charity to which he donated the funds to carry out various projects including funding a doctor at the Freeman Hospital’s Children’s Heart Unit. In 2010, he sold a property he owned, Doxford Hall, and donated the proceeds of the sale to the charity.The charity’s aim was changed to that of only being involved in the transportation of cancer patients and renamed Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care. This charity offers staffed, custom-made vehicles to transport outpatients, some from as far afield as the Scottish Borders, North Yorkshire and West Cumbria,.who 7

comfortable environment, from where they are living, taking them to where they will be having their treatment. If required staying with the patient whilst they have their treatment and then bringing them back home in readiness for their next course of treatment. Volunteering If you feel you want to support them in terms of giving your time, then they are always in need of volunteers - the charity could not operate the transport service without them. You can get involved for a few hours a week or a little longer. If you would like to volunteer with Daft as a Brush, they would love to hear from you.

You can telephone them on 0191 28 55 999 or email: info@daftasabrush.org.uk or download the Application Form from their website www.daftasabrush.org.uk/volunteer/ Once fully completed, you need to return it to Daft as a Brush House, Great North Road, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE32DR All applicants will be DBS checked.

Saturday 29th September Green Room St Peter’s Church 10.00 to 11.30 Can we make this year our biggest ever? Of course we can! 8

HARTON GARAGE for all your new and used cars (plus all your servicing and MOTs) 183 Sunderland Road, South Shields Tel: 0191 427 7070

Fax: 0191 427 9272

“Voices Together”

GRANT’S HAIR SALON Harton Village Ladies’ Hairdressers

Choir available for Weddings, funerals and concerts, raising money for charitable causes.

• • • • • •

Contact us online at www.voicestogether.co.uk Or call Maureen on 0191 4252031

perms haircuts hair extensions hair treatments hair stylings hair straightening hair colouring

Call in and see our amazing prices Tel: 0191 4562303

Or ‘like us’ on FaceBook


South Shields Museum and Art Gallery A display until 15th September detailing the incredible life of Anne Seymour BEM.

service and drop-in centre back in 1999. Her steadfast support for refugees had roots in her own experiences in war-torn Nigeria while delivering medical aid in 1962. She spent time as a refugee herself after being caught up in the civil war which tore apart the country. She was also a caring but formidable presence to scores of South Tynesiders in her role as a consultant in accident and emergency medicine at the former Ingham Infirmary in South Shields.

Following on from our last issue in which we featured some remarkable women of our time, we thought you might be interested in a new display at our local museum about a remarkable North East doctor, Anne Seymour: Doctor, Missionary, Refugee. This is part of the Museum’s 'Women 100’, a programme over 2018 sharing the stories of several exceptional women connected to South Tyneside as part of the 100 year anniversary of the Representation of the People Act 1918.

When Anne died in 2016, a requiem mass was held for her at St Gregory’s Church in South Shields. Before her passing, Anne, from the Lonnen, South Shields, had planned every aspect of her funeral, even the day it should be held on. A member of her congregation said: “Anne had picked out every last detail. She was adamant that her requiem mass should take place on a Tuesday, because she thought that was a day of the week which was least likely to inconvenience people. “She didn’t want any flowers, just a donation to her charity. She didn’t want any fuss, it was very typical of Anne. “But she was so well respected, about seven or eight priests attended the service and the church was so packed, people were standing.”

Anne was a well known South Shields resident, who became a doctor in the 1950s and spent time as a missionary in Nigeria (Biafra) during the civil war in 1962. Known for her tireless charity work, she was awarded the British Empire Medal

So if you want to find out more about Anne and the other remarkable women featured in the display, you have until 15th September to do so.

Anne was a member of the borough’s Churches Together group for several decades and founded the STARCH (South Tyneside Asylum Seeker and Refugee Church Help), a support 10

Project Dirt 2018 Have you ever wondered what happens to any plants that are left over from our ‘Plant and Book sale’? Well, wonder no more! Here is a thank you email addressed to Jean Stokes for donations to Project Dirt, a local community project. ‘Hi thanks again Jean for the offer of any available plants. Donations are always so appreciated! I've sent you lots of pictures of last summer and the beginning of our sessions this year. I think the pictures proved what a great time we had with this project and how involved the children and their adults were in starting a small garden from nothing and making it quite special in just 10 mornings. We structured it so there was a theme to cover every session and the children combined that with crafts. The themes c o v e r e d w e r e b a s i c p l a n t i n g , composting , making wormeries, building a bug hotel to creating a butterfly garden and planting trees. They even made a mud kitchen and used tools to make there own bird houses out of pallets we sourced. This year we got more funding to c o n t i n u e t h e s e s s i o n s a n d t h e community centre has given us a larger area to create a community garden/ allotment space, where in time we can hold a variety of workshops for all and hopefully even forest school sessions. In 11

the first two weeks we've been planting saplings I applied for from the Woodland Trust, creating natural borders round the space. It is just a large grassed area we're working with haha! What's so great about it is the children will see an open space they’re working on, start from nothing and build into something special and that's magic!!! These sessions are all free to the local community too. Along side this we're still continuing the up keep if the small garden, so any plants we have left will most certainly be planted by the children in there! Thanks again


Round up June - Confirmations Bishop Mark will retire at the end of September, and so it was lovely for him do one of his last confirmations as Bishop of Jarrow, in June,. As is becoming the norm, we presented half of the confirmands at the service, and here they all are afterwards.

June Quiz -St Mark & St Cuthbert held an enthusiastically-contested quiz, hosted by the Guides, and with pie and peas supper, along with a cake stall and raffle. The hall was full and a great time was enjoyed - perhaps not the name this football player photos, but definitely the play-doh round. The winners and runners-up received trophies made by the Brownies, and over ÂŁ200 was raised towards the new heating. Thanks everyone who came along and joined in. Watch this space for the next fixture! 12

July: we crossed our fingers that the glorious weather would produce the same kind of summer fete day as two years ago for St Peter’s, not like last year’s rain.

We got lucky, and lots of people, familiar and new, enjoyed a day of stalls, games, Pimm’s, music and refreshments.

Particularly popular this year was Le Tour de Harton, a time trial in the heat, set for a very steep hill. A great day, thanks to all involved



LET US HELP YOU GET THROUGH YOUR LOSS We’ll guide and assist you through all the funeral arrangements. Call us 24 hours a day.

R. S. JOHNSON & SONS FUNERAL DIRECTORS Crossgate House, Western Approach, South Shields, NE33 5QU

Tel: 0191 456 0054 And Spring Villa, St John’s Terrace, Jarrow, NE32 3AB

Tel: 0191 489 0063

Chiropody Services


Introducing: Lesley Heron, SRCh, BSc, MSc


at 176 Sunderland Road, South Shields

88 Dean Road, South Shields

Open Tues., Thurs. and Fri.

Tel: 0191 454 3841

9 am - 5 pm


(Home visits also available) Prices from £15 for nails only

1 Stanhope Parade, South Shields,

Telephone: 0191 4556089

Tel: 0191 455 4551 15


SNIPPETS STORIES AND SOUNDBITES This year marks yet another significant anniversary in the foundation of The Incorporated Church Building Society 200 years ago. On June 24th 1818 it passed a resolution to make churches more accessible. Grants would be awarded to churches with the most free seats. The Society’s aim was to build many more churches ensuring that their interiors were “allocated wholly to the lower classes who could not afford pew rents and did not possess the local influence to be given proprietorial rights over pews”. Open seats with backs were to be installed to make the greatest n u m b e r o f s e a t s a v a i l a b l e comfortably. All pews were to face the preacher, and the altar. Today the work of the Incorporated Building Society is carried on by the National Churches Trust (NCT), which is, for this 200th Anniversary, continuing this legacy. Its aim is to t r y t o m a ke c h u r c h e s m o r e comfortable (heating, toilets, ramps etc) and to make space freely available for community groups not connected to the church. Debates are ongoing as to making the best use of the part of the building used as the worship centre. Pews are considered countercultural, sitting in close contact with someone you

don’t know! Chairs are gaining in popularity, though not so easy for those still wishing to kneel to pray. It is said that chairs will help visitors to feel ‘more at home’. But a point raised by Revd Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James’s Church Piccadilly, is that something is lost in the ‘domestication of public sacred spaces’. She goes on to make the point that the church treads a narrow line between the sacred and recreational spaces. oooooooooOooooooooo Also as with previous observations, the political scene still remains reminiscent of Globe and Whitehall Theatre performances. It occurs to m e t h a t t h e b a r d , v i e w i n g Westminster from his plinth in the Abbey must be thinking “I could get a play (or three) out of the current shenanigans, not just with one, but two of the main players having hair like ‘flax on a distaff’!” (Twelfth Night).

St Mark & St Cuthbert’s Coffee Morning: - 10.30 to 12 noon Saturday 11th August & Saturday 8th September

Messy Church: - 10.30 -12.30

Craft, Worship, Food & Fun for all ages Saturday 29th September (There will be no messy church in August) 17

Negroni Cocktail

Preparation time 5 minutes Yields: 1 INGREDIENTS 1 oz. London dry gin 1 oz. Campari 1 oz. vermouth rosso cocktail glass

Margaritas and mojitos may dominate the summer cocktail landscape, but when you're looking for something a bit more continental, the Negroni is your move. Made with Campari—a bitter-sweet red liqueur that's been around since the 1860s—the Negroni is an Italian cocktail that's best enjoyed while lounging on a scenic, sun-dappled veranda in a linen suit. If you can squeeze a ride on a Vespa and La Dolce Vita in there, then all the better.

DIRECTIONS • Add the ingredients together in a cocktail shaker. • Shake well with cracked ice. • Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. • Garnish with a twist of orange peel.


St Clare’s Hospice

Let my feet do the walking by having professional treatment in the comfort of your own home. 
 Covering Sunderland and surrounding areas.

Qualified Podiatrist dealing with:

Appeal for stamps Please give your stamps to your church wardens or directly into the boxes.


Nail cutting difficulties - Corns


Callus (hard skin)


Ingrowing toenails infections

- Verrucas

Please make sure you do not damage the perforations around the edges


To make an appointment please contact Lynn on 0191 5140817 or 07935039600. Website: www.themobilefootclinic.net 18

Activities at St Peter’s In Church Various days Bible Study Groups meet (see weekly service sheet for details of venue) Choir Practice (meet in church)

• 6.30 pm


• Craft Club meets on the last

• 2.00 pm to


• Coffee

• after the

Thursday Green Room

Wednesday afternoon of each month from January to November 2018

4.00 pm

10.00 am service Sunday

• Coffee

• after the 10.45


• Messy Church - we organise a

am service

programme of activities one Sunday afternoon every three months for all ages when we do craft , sing, pray, share time and food together. Dates and times are published in the Lantern Parish Magazine

Last Saturday • Coffee morning in each month

• 10.00 am to 11.30 am

April £50 (4). E Matthews. £20. (42) O Fiksen. £10. (126) E Knott May £50. (164). C McGurk. £20. (153). J Blagden. £10 (115) S Robinson June. £50 (60) David Martin. £20. (82). P Taylor. £10. (75). L Christie 19

Activities at St Peter’s Church Hall Weekly Social Activities Monday

• Parents & Toddlers


• Art Club U3A • 1.30 to 3.30


• Pilates (Judith Briggs)

• 9.30 am to 10.30 am

• Keep Fit (Debbie Storey)

• 5.30 pm to 7.15 pm

• Art & Craft Club Carol White

• 10.00 am to 12 noon


• 9.30 am to 11.00 am

• Keep Fit (Ethel Ramsey) • 12.30 pm to 1.30 p.m • Line Dancing (Ethel • 2.30 pm to 4.00 pm Ramsey) • Yoga (Carrie Kirston) • 6.45 pm to 8.45 pm Thursday

• Art Club (Tom Finch) • 10.00 am to 12 noon • Keep Fit (Ethel Ramsey) • 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm • Art Club U3A • 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm


• Parents & Toddlers

• 9.30 am to 11.00 am


• Kingscote Christian Group

• 10.30 am to 1.00 pm

Uniformed Organisations’ Weekly Activities Monday

• Brownies

• 5.30pm to 7.15 pm

• Guides

• 7.00 pm to 8.15 pm


• Rainbows

• 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm


• Cubs & Scouts

• 5.45 pm to 9.00 p.m


• Beavers

• 5.30 pm to 7.15 pm


Activities at St Mark & St Cuthbert’s Church Hall Monday

• Guides

• 6.00 pm to 7.30 pm


• Bertie’s • Coffee

• 9.15 am to 11.30 am • after the 10.00 am Eucharist Service • 5.30 pm to 7.00 pm

• Brownies Wednesday

• Flower Arranging Class • 10.00 am to 12 noon • Friends Together (1st Weds • 1.30 pm to 3.00 pm every month)


• Line Dancing

• 10.00 am to 11.30 am


• Rainbows • Line Dancing

• 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm • 7.30 to 9.30 pm


• Coffee Morning (2nd Sat every month) • Messy Church (Last Sat every month except Dec)

• 10.30 am to 12 noon • 10.30 am to 12 noon


• Coffee

• after 9.30 am Parish Eucharist



Anne Blair-Vincent


Mrs Barbara Matheson

PCC Secretary


PCC Members

Miss Janet Gardener, Mrs Barbara Matheson, Mrs Dulcie Proudlock, Mrs Audrey Yarrow, Mrs Eileen Wraith

• 0191 4260007

Deanery Synod Members Mrs June Mitchinson, Miss Jean Smith Hall Booking Secretary

Ms Liza Dorothy

• 07538 719585

Magazine Committee Representative

Mrs Anita Buyers

• 0191 5365452

Safeguarding Officer

Rev. Stan Buyers

• 0191 5365452


Peter Cross

• 0191 4566047

Church Wardens Mrs Ethel Ramsey ethelramsey@hotmail.com Mrs Jean Stokes jastokes@virginmedia.com

• 0191 4542341 • 0191 4207818


Mr Colin Brown c.brown932@btinternet.com

PCC Secretary


PCC Members

Mr Phil Brown, Mrs Angela Clark, Mr Ronnie Clark, Ms Diann Fox , Mrs Janet Nichols, Mr Ernie Russell, Mr James Scott, Mrs Linda Smithson (co-opted)

Deanery Synod Members Mr Peter Cross, Mrs Emma Waters Hall Booking Secretary

Mrs Ethel Ramsey

• 0191 4542341

Magazine Editor Mrs Linda Smithson lindasmithson@hotmail.co.uk • 0191 4217634 & Committee Mrs Jean Stokes jastokes@virginmedia.com • 0191 4207818 Safeguarding Officer

Mr Phil Brown philneptune@yahoo.co.uk


• 07568 172375

Here is the full schedule: Week 3 Activity Day: Superheroes Swimming Lessons Arts & Crafts: Science Mixed Sports Arts & Crafts: Bugs Swimming Fun Splash Tiny Talk baby-signing class Week 4 Activity Day: Harry Potter Arts & Crafts: Pirates Arts & Crafts: Puppets Tiny Talk - baby-signing class Praise in the Park (Sun 19th 4pm) Week 5 Cookery Taster Activity day: Holiday Fun Arts & Crafts: Robots Mixed Sports BBQ lunch Arts & Crafts: Circus Tiny Talk - baby-signing class 23

Saturday 8th September

St Mark & St Cuthbert Church open 10am – 2pm Refreshments available.

St Peter’s

Wedding Exhibition Friday 14th Church open 2-4pm Saturday 15th Church open 11am-3pm Tea and coffee available. Exhibition of wedding photos and dresses across the generations. Come along and spot friends and family…! And there’s still time to offer Jean Stokes any further photos and especially dresses.

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