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The Epistle From St. Paul’s United Methodist Church March 2012 Martha Jordan chosen UMW Outstanding Woman This year’s recipient of St. Paul’s United Methodist Women’s Outstanding Woman is a native Louisianan. She was born and raised in a series of small towns across this state. From an early age, she was an active United Methodist, the product of small United Methodist churches, Sunday Schools, the Methodist Youth Fellowship and summer church camps. Moreover, as a good pianist, she often played the piano for Sunday Night Church. She earned a B.A. degree in education from Louisiana Tech, but decided to become a librarian. She married Glenn Jordan and established a home in Ruston where both were active in Trinity United Methodist Church, where she served as the Church Librarian. After living in Oklahoma for several years, she and her family moved back to Louisiana. She took a job as Children’s Librarian for the Ouachita Parish Public Library System. The family joined St. Paul’s United Methodist Church and both she and her husband have been active members. She is a member of the “8:30 Church Gang,” the Spirit Builders Sunday School class and The Prayer Group. Always involved in United Methodist Women, following her retirement, became even more active in this organization. Martha is "the driving force" behind the pillowcase dress project that were sent to Reynosa. She is secretary of UMW, Mary Henry circle leader, and head of the reading program.

Prayer Chains Are Being Formed As a praying church we are adding another ministry opportunity for any who feel called to be “prayer warriors.” There will be a chain of persons who will get prayer requests daily or weekly as the concerns come to the office. Also there will be an Emergency Prayer chain of person who are willing to be “on call” at any time for emergencies, such as a terrible car wreck and members or related persons are critically injured or an explosion at one of our area plants and there is injury. If you feel called by God to be a part of one or both of these prayer chains please call Bob Burgess at 322.4454.

St. Paul’s Vacation Bible School June 11 – 15 8:30-11:30a.m. Mark Your Calendar!

The Pastor’s Page

A “Thank You” and An Invitation…

A simple “Thank You” seems completely inadequate to express my personal “thanks” to Chad Brooks! There may well need to be an “atta boy” coupled with “well done” for improving our presence on the internet through social media (Facebook and Twitter) as well as designing and constructing our new interactive web site. Calls from clergy colleagues across Louisiana commend our enhanced presence on the web. Chad’s work enables us to make a positive impression on young adults and families. First impressions on the web often determine a young adult or family’s decision to visit. Chad puts St. Paul’s out there with a touch of class and excellence. If you have not yet checked out our website, let me invite you to visit as well as Our first site is designed primarily for nonmembers seeking a Church to visit while our companion site is designed primarily for church members seeking information about current ministries and activities. After visiting both sites, email Chad ( and express your thanks for his work. Chad will continue to “tweak” these sites and any input or suggestions will be welcome! We desire to be as effective using the web as we can be! “THANKS!” “ATTA BOY!” WELL DONE!” J. Roddy

Notes from Nann Greetings from Asbury! It is hard to believe that after praying and preparing for so long, I have finally arrived. God is so good. It has been a whirlwind of activity. So much so that I hardly know where to start! In Orientation I got to meet other new students as well as those who had been here. We even had dessert night at the President’s home, Rose Hill, and lunch with all the Deans. But really for me the highlight of Orientation was worship. The first day began with worship and then the last day ended not only with worship but a time of prayer and anointing. I can almost still feel the fingers that placed the oil on my forehead. It is absolutely gorgeous here; cold, but gorgeous! I have woken up three mornings thus far to a light dusting of snow. It has melted away by mid afternoon, but I have now seen snow more times in the last week than I have in my whole life. The ride to school is breath-taking. The rolling hills, wooden pictures, and farm animals could grace the cover of any magazine. I discover some new joy, some new “wow” each time I drive to campus. Classes have started. In fact, by the time you read this I will have submitted my first paper, completed my first quiz, and read an untold number of pages out of half a dozen different books. I will admit some of the reading is hard for me to put down it is so enthralling, and some is hard to pick up it is so ugh. A couple of classes require projects, and I was pleased that we picked the Ronald McDonald House for our volunteer efforts. Some have asked about Zack and Gracie Lou. They are doing well. Snow falling baffles them and they don’t quite understand how it got so cold! But they are getting the hang of their new normal. Continue your prayers for me. I can feel them. While I am adjusting to y’all being so far away, there are moments when I am hit with a wave of homesickness that brings tears to my eyes. It is at that moment that the phone rings, a text comes, or a peace comes that I know is because someone lifted me up. Thank you for being my church. But most of all thank you for being my family and my home.

Celebration of New Life: Caroline Rose Potts, daughter of John and Emily Potts of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, born Thursday, January 26th. She is the granddaughter of Bob and Barbara Potts. Isabella Anne Accardo, daughter of Liz and Ryan Accardo, born Monday, January 23rd. She is the granddaughter of Kathy Wells, the niece of Mary Katharine Kennedy, and the cousin of Lauren, Maggie, and Thomas Kennedy. Benjamin Hayes West, son of Ashley and Frederick West, born Saturday, February 4 at St. Francis Medical Center. RECEIVING CHRISTIAN BAPTISM:

Lexington School Student of the Year Several St.Paul's children were nominated for student of year at Lexington School They were: Madison Hoover, Sally Grace Cagle, Olive Nolan, Olivia Cuthbert, Elise Burch, Carter Keyes, Amanda Shelby.

Cruse Braswell Flowers IV, son of Katherine Leigh Sartor Flowers and Cruse Braswell Flowers III, was baptized in the Sanctuary Saturday, February 4 by Rev. Warren Blakeman and Rev. J. Roddy Taylor.

Olive Nolan won the Student of the Year award. Congratulations Olive!

A Personal Note From J. Roddy and Linda… Monday, January 23rd, we mailed a letter announcing our retirement at this session of the Louisiana Conference in Shreveport, June 3rd through the 6th. Your gracious cards, letters and phone calls mean so much to both of us and we “thank you” for best wishes for the future. St. Paul’s will always hold a special place in our hearts and we thank you for sharing these five years with us. Pastoral changes are scheduled for July 1st this year so we remain with you through Saturday, June 30 th. Your new pastor will be in the St. Paul’s pulpit Sunday, July 1 st to lead you in praise, prayer and worship. Bishop William W. Hutchinson and Monroe Superintendent Lynn Malone will announce your new senior pastor at the appropriate time. Several have asked, “Will the two of you continue to participate in St. Paul’s and go to Church here?” The answer is, “Not for a while!” In the United Methodist tradition, a retiring pastor and family do not participate in the congregation from which he or she retires, giving space and time for a new pastor to arrive, build friendships, and establish ministry. Linda and I will honor this sacred tradition just as Dr. Warren and Mary Lou Blakeman did as they retired following their service to St. Paul’s. Our prayer is for God’s blessing on St. Paul’s and her new pastor as he or she leads to the next level of ministry. You are continually in our thoughts and prayers, and we give thanks for your faith, life and ministry! With faith, J. Roddy and Linda Taylor

Dates for Ad Council meetings have been set. They are: May 6, September 9, November 11, 2012 and February 10, 2013.

Traditional Worship 8:30am and 11:00am Sunday, March 4, 2012 The Second Sunday In Lent Holy Communion “Taking Up The Cross!” Mark 8:31-38 Sunday, March 11, 2012 The Third Sunday In Lent Daylight Savings Time Begins “Spring Cleaning!” John 2:13-22 Sunday, March 18, 2012 The Fourth Sunday In Lent “More Than Just A Familiar Verse!” John 3:16-21 Sunday, March 25, 2012 The Fifth Sunday In Lent “We Wish To See Jesus!” John 12:20-26 Sunday, April 1, 2012 Palm Sunday Our Chancel Choir presents our Cantata “The Song Everlasting” By Joseph M. Martin Sunday, April 12, 2012 Easter Sunday “I Believe In The Resurrection!” John 20:1-18 Please accept this as your personal invitation to join us as we make our journey to Easter. Please note that Daylight Savings Time begins the second Sunday in March. We spring forward, moving our clocks ahead one hour March 11th.

New Song Contemporary Worship 9:45am Lenten Series Left Neglected Finding space for the Spiritual Life This year for Lent, New Song will be concentrating on what it means to break patterns in our life and to fill the spiritual spaces that we all have. Traditionally in Lent people focus on giving things up. We want to have honest conversation about what we put in these spaces that we create during our celebration of Lent. This should be a great time of worship together as we celebrate the life Jesus Christ has led us in. February 26th Breaking The Pattern: Lent 101 March 4th The Real Meal March 11th Finding Prayer March 18th Eat this Book March 25th Becoming a Storyteller April 1st Hoax or Hero April 8th Laying Death in its grave We will also be reading scripture together, focusing on the passion narratives found in the Gospel. You can pick up a paper copy of our reader on February 26th or access it online through

Turning Points Journey to the Cross Wednesdays 6:00pm

UMW News Circle of Friends will meet at 5:00pm in the church's parlor on Sunday, March 4 and Sunday, March 18. This group of ladies are a prayer group of mothers, wives, sisters, and friends supporting one another and focusing on St. Paul's and their congregational needs. Harmony Circle will meet Thursday, March 15 at 6:30pm in the home of Charlotte Moore. Mary Lou Blakeman will continue leading the study of Shawn Wood's book, "Wasabi Gospel." Joy Circle will meet Tuesday, March 13 at 6:00pm in the church's parlor with Becky Welch hosting. The program will be presented by Debbie Cuthbert. "Outlive Your Life" by Max Lucado will be discussed. Mary Henry Circle will meet Tuesday, March 27 at 9:30am in the church's parlor. Donnell Wilhite will continue leading the study of "The Journey: Forgiveness, Restorative Justice, and Reconciliation."

CCM Update CCM has been in operation for 29 years and St. Paul’s was one of the first churches to support them. They supply clothing and sometimes food. They help families who have been burned out. There are 50 churches that support them financially and with volunteers to work and help families get what they need. They are in need of additional volunteers at this time. Hours are 9-12 Monday through Thursday. At the present time, they need canned soup, canned meats, #4 sugar, #4 corn meal, #4 four, beanie weanies, flip top cans of pudding, fruit cups, tuna, spam, chicken, peanut butter and jelly. They also need men’s underwear, socks, work pants in sizes 32”, 34”, 36” and 38”. They also need large size women’s and men’s shoes. You may bring your donation by at 322 Harrison Street across the street from the city bus station on 4th street between 912am Monday-Thursday. Thank you for your support.

Preparing and delivering Meals on Wheels. This is one of the many projects under the umbrella of St. Paul’s Mission Committee. If you would like to help prepare or deliver Meals on Wheels please contact Kathy Wells.

Valentine Day Lunch With Linda Over 40 people gathered at the Bayou DeSiard Country Club on Valentine’s Day for a wonderful Lunch With Linda. From the looks of things, there was lots of good food as well as great fellowship at this gathering.

Men’s Prayer Group A new men’s prayer group will have its initial meeting on Monday, March 19, 2012, at the church sponsored by the ST. Paul’s United Methodist Men. The first study will be from The Great Courses. It is “The Old Testament” and the professor is Amy-Jill Levine, Vanderbilt Divinity School. After viewing the DVD for the evening, there will be discussion and the session will conclude with a “ round-the-group” prayer time. All interested men please attend.

Habitat For Humanity

Girl Power in Action as some of the ladies of St. Paul’s help with a Habitat for Humanity house. Be on the lookout for the next sign-up for a Habitat Build.

Our Christian Love and Sympathy is extended to: James and Jenny Henry and family in the death of his mother, Ruth Tolson, Monday, January 30. Ruth was a charter member of St. Paul’s, having joined St. Paul’s September 7, 1952. Services were held Thursday, February 2nd at St. Paul’s. Andrew and Laura Bloomer, and their children, Lauren and Mary Lynn, in the death of his father, Andy Bloomer. Services were held at Kilpatrick’s Funeral Home Thursday, January 26. Dr. and Mrs. Jimmie Caraway in the death of his brother-in-law, Dr. John T. Binion, Saturday, February 4 in Dallas, Texas. Services were held in Dallas on Friday, February 10.

March 4 – Club 56 Fellowship 4:00-5:30 th

UMW Reading Program


Club 56 is for all 5 and 6 graders and their friends. Meet in St. Paul’s kitchen area for snacks while we wait for everyone to arrive. After everyone gets there we will play games with Mrs. Jill and Chad and Ben – including a new game called “Oct-o-ball!” Be sure to come and bring a friend.

6th Grade Confirmation Class Reminders All classes begin at 4:00. Mar. 9-10 - Confirmation Retreat to Woodworth! Mar. 11 – Confirmation class with mentors Mar. 18 – Chad will teach Confirmation class- Salvation

All St. Paul’s UMW members are encouraged to participate in the UMW Reading Program this year. There were six participants in 2011, and we hope to have more in 2012. There are four levels of participation. You may read five, ten, fifteen, or twenty books, one or more from each of five categories, plus response magazine in Plan I. Higher level plans also require the reading of New World Outlook. A small library of books owned by our local UMW has been placed in the church parlor and will be available any time the church is open. The container includes informational handouts for participants as well. Some of these books are also available at the public library. Please contact Martha Jordan for more information.

Club 56 Sunday School Rocks! Come to Club 56 Sunday School every Sunday! 9:45-10:45 – Club 56 Classroom Did You Know? St. Paul’s has a powerful ministry of “Extending the Lord’s Table” through which persons, who for various reasons are unable to attend our worship services;receive the elements of holy communion monthly. During the worship service communion kits are placed on the altar and there consecrated along with the bread and juice distributed in the Sanctuary. Following the morning worship services trained volunteers “extend the table” by taking communion to those unable to attend, homebound or in a care facility. This is a great ministry—on which you might want to be a part. If so, or if you want more information, please call Fae Moulle′ of Bob Burgess. A training workshop will be offered in the spring.

We Need Your Help! Due to HIPPA regulations we do not get a regular/daily census of our members who are in the hospitals. Please call the church office, 322.4454, to let us know if you, one of your family members or a friend has been admitted to one of the hospitals. Your church wants to reach out to any and all who are hospitalized with care, love and visits, but we need your help to know who is there. Thank you for helping us be better as the “body of Christ.”

Confirmation Class Serves Meals At DeSiard Street Mission

The Heifer Ark St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, under the leadership of the Missions Committee, Kathy Wells, Chairperson, is raising funds toward the Heifer Project Ark through which 15 pairs of animals will be given to families in need around the world. Remember “give someone a fish, feed them for a day; teach them to fish and feed them for a lifetime.” If you would like to participate in this project by purchasing one or more share(s) for $50.00 (approximately $1.00 a week for one year), please make your donation to the church office or to Glenn Jordan, the member of the Missions Committee coordinating this effort. You can make a contribution in memory or in honor of a loved one or special friend, in celebration of a special event or a gift to a friend or family member.

UMYF News: March 2-4th District Youth Retreat District Youth retreats are awesome! It’s like a Mini-Mountain T.O.P. to renew our fire for Christ. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to hang out with people from all over our district. This event is all about being who God meant us to be and share in Christian love with our friends. Cost for the trip is $50. Give Chad a call at the church office with any questions. March 23-24th (9pm-7am) Senior High Lock-Out You asked for it, so here it is! Back by popular demand…………We are headed to THE LIGHT! Welcome to the craziest night St. Paul’s UMYF has ever put together! We will begin the night with a special scavenger hunt, have a mid-night meal, and of course see THE LIGHT! You don’t need any money, just maybe a Proton Pack from the Ghostbusters if you have one lying around. Don’t miss out! This is an RSVP event so make sure you sign-up in the youth room! March 30-31st Guys Campout Man Night! That’s right! No ladies here! Tents, fire, and Vienna sausage… don’t get much better than that right! Well, how about belching, bonding, and the Bible? Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to get to know your Bros! Chad and Ben will be taking our boys to the woods for an overnight camping trip. Chad has put together a mini-series of lessons that every MAN should know. Parents we might need a few supplies so get with Chad or Ben about helping. Any Men who would like to attend are welcome! See you there! March 30-31st Girls Campout Woman Power! Our girls will not be out done! They say they can do everything the boys can do and better! Tent’s no problem! Fire, we got that! Bugs……not so much! Well, we have bug spray! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to hang out with the girls! Prepare for the night of your life! Great lessons, games, and fun! Parents, once again our girls may need some supplies. Any Ladies who would like to attend are welcome! That goes for parents too! Hint hint! April 1st Journey to the Cross Ever wondered what it might have been like for the disciples as they traveled with Jesus those final days? This is your chance to feel, taste, and sense some of those events. This is a powerful and moving experience. Prepare your hearts to be a part Journey to the Cross. The Journey will begin at 5pm and end at 8pm. April 14th Six Flags Join us for a day of high speed thrills and adventure! Six Flags is here! Deadline will be April 1st. Total cost for the trip is $60.00 and includes Bus fare, Six Flags Ticket, and T-Shirt. Bring money for food ($40 for food!) and fast passes (another $40)!

Join the fun! Come to UMYF There is a Jr. High Youth Group as well as a Sr. High Youth Group. There is fun, fellowship, good food, and a chance to grow closer to God.

Book Club Please join us on March 7 at 6:30pm right after Turning Points for a discussion of the book What Difference Do It Make by Ron Hall, Denver Moore and Lynn Vincent. This book is a sequel to Same Kind of Different As Me. It is full of stories of hope and healing. 2012 Ladies Beach Retreat June 20-14 There is still time to sign up for the June Beach Retreat. Please turn in your $100 first payment to Jill Mouk as soon as possible. Our study this year will be Come Closer, a Call to Life, Love and Breakfast on the Beach. This retreat is a time to grow closer to God, to one another and to just plain have fun.

Check Us Out on the Web By now you have hopefully visited our new website found at We are really excited about having the site up. In order to better communicate the more active life of St. Paul’s we have started a sister website We see this site being used for catching a glimpse at the congregational life at St. Paul’s. You can expect to find announcements posted, pictures from events, ministry moments and opportunities as well as many other things. We hope we will be able to grow into understanding what it means for us, the congregation called St. Paul’s, to have an active and intentional ministry online in the 21 st century!

St. Paul’s United Methodist Church 1901 Lexington Ave. Monroe, La 71201 RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

March Epistle 2012  

The March newsletter for St. Paul's UMC.

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