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32 STORIZEN REVIEWS Babris Debt by Dr. Kamiksha Narda Sharma Swapna Peri 36 STORIZEN REVIEWS Bal Thackeray by Abhas Verma - Swapna Peri 47 STORIZEN REVIEWS Journey of a Nation: 75 Years of Indian Foreign Policy by Madhav Das Nalapat - Swapna Peri 48 STORIZEN REVIEWS The Great Tribal Warriors of Bharat by Tuhin A. Sinha Swapna Peri 52 STORIZEN HOROSCOPE Monthly Horoscope: September 2022 Himani Goyal 40 STORIZEN REVIEWS Vultures by Dalpat Chauhan Swapna Peri 43 STORIZEN REVIEWS Unbounded by Abhayanand Swapna Peri 44 STORIZEN REVIEWS C: A Novel by Anupama Raju - Swapna Peri 51 STORIZEN REVIEWS Journey of A Nation: 75 Years of Indian Sports by Chandresh Narayanan - Swapna Peri

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India has changed a lot after independence. The developments in the economy, technology, healthcare et al have led to the overall growth of India as a nation. Check out the article by Ankur. R. Gupta shares her insights on the development of India 75 years after independence. Your gut health is tied to almost every system in your body and if that goes out of whack, the body starts becoming sick Do check out the article on improving your gut health inside.

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kinds don’t. Of course, when I write as a part of my job I must adhere to the company/employer’s rules, and Iopinionsamascience graduate. Initially, I had a dilemma about whether to choose writing as my career or not. Many suggested I not choose this field as there is no guarantee for monthly income. Moreover, at that phase, I had to earn for myself. I dared and joined a regional magazine later as a sub-editor, then as a fictional writer. Choosing writing as a career itself is a roller

A Storizen Exclusive Feature by Pria & Swapna Peri Journalist, writer, and now a lyricist. Can you take us along on your journey, briefly? The plan mentions happy incidents and tough situations. I don’t see being a journalist, writer, or lyricist as three different kinds of jobs/careers or whatever. I write, be it news, features, short stories, songs, film screenplay, or even Facebook posts. I write. The only difference is - some kinds of work help me earn money, while other Working as a Journalist, a writer, and a lyricist, Chaithanya Pingali has come a long way in her journey. Her Telugu book Chittagong Viplava Vanithalu won the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award. She tells Storizen about her challenges & how she overcame them!




itself is a

Choosing writing a career roller coaster


Chaithanya Pingali

COVERSTORY 10 | STORIZEN MAGAZINE AUGUST 2022 coaster ride. The tough situation I ever faced was the phase when I could not work I was pregnant and needed to stay at home. It was a tough phase financially too. But I could utilize the time to research and write about Chittagong Viplava Vanithalu. Your book 'Chittagong Viplava Vanithalu' won the prestigious Yuva Puraskar - Sahitya Akademi award. Can you brief us on the book and how important the subject is? I heard about Surya Sen when I was in high school. I used to collect stamps. Both India and Bangladesh released a stamp on Surya Sen. it’s a kind of thrilling moment to see that two countries commemorate a person Later I read about him, Chittagong armory. Almost 10 years later, I was checking for something in my personal library and accidentally read a paragraph. It goes something like this. British police surrounded a house and I didn’t even know that this book will get the Sahitya Akademi Award. ordered the people inside the house to come out bare-chested and hands folded they didn’t know that there was a woman too, she asked them whether she too should remove her pallu. It was Kalpana Dutt British chuckled that the women’s voice had no sort of shame, shyness, or fear. They noticed recklessness in that voice and they even recorded this in the charge Isheet.didn’t even know that this book will get the Sahitya Akademi award, happy about it I am happier that the book is getting translated into different languages, going for reprints. What kind of a reader are you? What books and genres do you like? Who is your favorite author and why? Post-Covid, I am not at all reading. So as of now, I feel guilty to say I read a lot. In general, I read nonfiction related to History, archeology, sociology, and human evolution kind

COVERSTORY mostly. Reading this genre actually makes me exhausted, feeling drained. Stories of the oppressed, the wars, and the blunders of the leaders haunt us. The fun part when we read history is - the same issue changes when our point of view changes. Reading such a genre is just like holding a hot iron Tawa. As an antidote, I read comedy and satire. It is very tough to say about my favorite author. Some nurtured me, some inspired me, and some comforted me in tough times.

To name a few Chalam, Patanjali, Jaashuva, Ravi Sastri, Narla, Madurai Nagesh babu, Volga, Sarraju Prasanna Kumar, Satyavati p, Khushwant Singh, Manto, George Orwell, Mark Twain, Toni Morrison, and the list goes on. Just like parents, teachers, friends, neighbors, copassengers.. different authors, and different books play different roles in different phases of our life. So, I cannot simply choose one or two. Talking about your role as a lyricist, what research and exercise do you do while writing a song? Are you an instinctive writer? The director narrates to me the situation, and state of mind of the characters also These days the tune is created first. So it's almost like a puzzle, fill the words to the tune.


But the challenging part is to choose the right words that carry the emotion of the characters, and situation Sometimes it's tough, sometimes it's easier. I co wrote fidaa, love story films. So I know exactly what and how the song should be. But when it comes to other films or web series where my role is just a lyricist I take time to write, and re-write till the director and music director are happy. This is a commercial field. People from different regions, and different education levels listen to songs. It's actually quite a big challenge. What inspires you the most in life? One thought constantly runs in my mind. The road I walk is paved with the stones pelted at ‘them’, the stones are soaked in blood, tears, and sweat of the men and women who dreamed of a world of equality. Someday I should lay the stones pelted at me and extend the road. This thought always makes me go ahead. What can you comment on today's Indian new-age authors and writing? Has anyone enticed you recently with their work? Ecstasy It is the exact word to describe my state of mind when I read new age authors. The way they express


The director narrates to me the situation, and state of mind of the characters also. These days the tune is created first. themselves, the choice of words they use, the subject and canvas they choose, and their craft.. what not! Avlok, Janice, Manasa Yendluri, Mallikharjun, Nanda Kishore, and Ramesh Karthik Nayak are a few to name You share your surname with a person who was instrumental in our nation-building Shri. Pingali Venkaih Garu. Did this anytime this badger or bother you in any manner? Please share with us. In my childhood, there were moments when I felt happy that I am related to Venkayya Garu. To be honest there were moments when I felt pride for being his granddaughter. But later on, in my college days, when I started reading books, I realized that it is foolish to feel so. No one can choose parents, or family to be born. So, there is no point in feeling about the lineage. Venkayya Garu is a national asset. He cannot be confined to a family. Not only he, but any person who ever worked for the society belongs to one and all be it Ambedkar, be it, Gandhi, be it Mallu Swarajyam, be it, Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King One has to live up to them if we want to claim the legacy. It's all about the ‘action’, the path we choose, not blood relations You were active during the migration labor movement during the first wave of Covid. Can you talk about the experience? I was one of the hundreds who worked to run a food camp at Medchal on NH 45 during the lockdown. There were thousands of people who supported, encouraged and donated money, food, and clothes, initially it was only a food camp. Later we arranged transportation facilities as much as we could. I am almost 40 years old. Not even my father’s assassination horrified me to this extent in these 40 years. no words can convey it. we saw


COVERSTORY STORIZEN MAGAZINE | 13AUGUST 2022 women delivering babies on the high, we saw children fainting on the road, we saw frail, weak old men and women dying on the roads. Am not at all exaggerating. One lady just delivered somewhere 3 km away from our food camp. She and her husband came there with a blood-stained baby, for a moment we got scared. The cry of the baby brought us back to our senses. The baby’s father told us that they had been walking for the past 4 days without food and she delivered that baby on the road, he cut the umbilical cord with a knife. The woman and child welfare department of Telangana gave them medical assistance. . Even now I wonder how could she managed to walk just after the delivery. I can forget one incident. along with eggs, rotis, rice, curries, and buttermilk, donors supported with milk powder too. One woman kept a plate of water I'm the sun and waiting there. I could not figure out what she was doing. I asked her. She told me that she needs warm water to mix the milk powder. Being a mother, I could not understand the fact that we need to provide warm water along with milk powder. We have a Dalit woman as our country's president. Everyone celebrated the event. What kind of change can this bring to the present plight of women in India? It's quite a good sign that a woman from Santali Tribe is now India’s President. Our Constitution made this possible I am not sure about the change this can bring. But for sure, it made an impact on the mindset Representation matters It gives hope. It gives assurance that one day the marginalized sections will rise to power. It gives hope that we can await the day when people vote and elect the most underprivileged such as Transgenders, Dalit women, Muslims, persons from North East state, Andaman and Nicobar, from Kashmir, in Power positions such as Prime minister, home min,, etc. In this 21st Generation, we are still witnessing discrimination and bias in almost everything. What role does literature hold in this?

Of course, Discrimination is there. but at least we have learned and accepted that Discrimination is a crime. Most kinds of discrimination are crimes legally in almost all countries We traveled a long way to reach this point. Along with the resistances, revolutions, and reformations, Literature made this possible. The plight of one’s own, The stories of the oppressed, the voices of the activists, and the reason behind the revolts are so well documented that we realized, we corrected, we supported, we changed our mindsets. by “we”, I mean human beings collectively. more reading more freedom from the shackles. (As told to Pria and Swapna)


About Pria - Young mesmerizing freelance blogger, social enthusiast, an economics graduate from Jharkhand University with Master in Child Psychology. She is hardworking yet crazy, a passionate reader, an ardent music fanatic, an avid caffeine lover, and a maniacal animal lover too. She has been a part of numerous anthologies, articles, and write-ups for newspapers and magazines which are multi-linguistic. She has also written screenplays for YouTube series.


Mesmerized by the vibrance of classical dance, young Zaheer yearns to be a Bharatanatyam dancer. Yet, in his small but multicultural village community, he finds encouragement only in his aunt, Anandhi, and faces ridicule from his immediate family and extended social circle.

HOT OFFthe press

The Greatest Enemy of Rain presents fourteen memorable short stories about the mundane and mysterious aspects of everyday life of the eccentric and oddball characters that occupy its pages.


True to Their Salt is a radical retelling of how India came to be colonized by a handful of Europeans in the eighteenth century, how the British held sway over the country for almost two centuries, and their sudden departure from India in 1947, all told from the perspective of Indian soldiers.

In 1999, after publishing three cult novels, celebrated author Nathan Fawles announces the end of his writing career and withdraws to Beaumont, a wild and beautiful island off the Mediterranean coast. Get the book to read more!

HOT OFFthe press

The Changing Shades of India in the last 75 years by Ankur R. Gupta


India. Yes, the squabble and discontentment continue in many States, but it’s similar to a big joint family, where members have differences of opinions and ideology but remain together.


Today, the country is on the path to becoming an economic powerhouse I

Itprogression.feelsgood to see many of our underprivileged children nicely uniformed marching to the school rather than trolling in dhabas and factories.

19AUGUST 2022

have seen almost 50 springs in Bharat, my Desh. When Nehruji addressed the nation for the first time as a prime minister, he said that “at the stroke of the midnight hour when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom”. And, yes, we did, and for the last 75 years are enjoying the privilege of being a country with the largest democracy in the whole world. If given a chance to travel back in time, I would like to go back to the times of the 1900s when each street of Bharat echoed the sound of Vande Mataram and Bharat Mata ki Jai ho. This sound is now fading away from our hearts and confined to special occasions like Independence or Republic day. However, the country still retains its uniqueness of keeping in her lap the diversified culture and customs that were restored by our Iron Man, Shri Vallabh Bhai Patel, when he joined the scattered princely states into One

THE CHANGING SHADES IN POVERTY AND EDUCATIONAs a child, I remember asking my helper why her children go to work and not school. Still remember those helpless expressions in her eyes, where poverty has engulfed the future of her children. Thanks, to our progressive government policies poverty rate has come down from 70% in 1947 to 21.1% now. However, we still have many extra miles to go. The educational schemes launched at various intervals of time like Shiksha Sahayog Yojana, Saakshar Bharat, and more are ensuring that every child avail the right to education. The hike in the literacy rate from almost 18% in 1951 to 74 .4% now, is a graph of slow but steady

with significant progress made from agriculture to space technology, from manufacturing to services industries, from world-class educational institutions to modern infrastructure and affordability of healthcare to all. A breakthrough in technology and modern facilities has made our lives more comfortable. We Indians are making our names in various fields all over the world. The country once known for snake charmers is one of the growing technology hubs in the world. From the hand- fan to the air conditioner, from clay-slate to computers and the internet, from bullock carts to airplanes, and bullet trains, my generation of 60, & the 70s have seen stupendous progress in Bharat.

THE CHANGING SHADES IN COST OF LIVINGBack again in my childhood, I heard stories from my Dad about how he as a child, used to get daily 5p (Peach paise) in school to bear all his expenses. My eyes always rolled in disbelief. The money given to me as a student was 50p (Attani). That 50p has now multiplied to 50rupees. Now, my kids refuse to believe me that in my times, 100 rupees meant party time. This inflationary economic growth is the outcome of the subsidizing social schemes (food, shelter, education,) and Reservation floated by the post-independence government to support the poverty-stricken country


A need of the hour at that time. But it’s high time to revise these schemes to match the present scenario of the social strata that have risen above the poverty line. Though the Indian economy is considered the fifth best amongst the others in the world, we had less control over our evergoing high inflation rate for the past 20 years. This high cost is a setback to the savings of the middle class and prolongs their struggle for a quality life. It’s no denying that the quality of living is improving but is snail’s pace and needs a strong push-up, especially in the lower segment of society.

THE CHANGING SHADES IN THE MINDSETNow I’m feeling nostalgic. I miss dressing up for flag hoisting on Independence Day and eagerly waiting for the Republic day parade to start at Rajpath. The community celebrations, speeches, and motichoor laddoos, later distributed after the flag hoisting celebrations, still leave a sweet taste in my mouth. With passing times, love for the nation is becoming an Instagram post for Generation Z.

I miss those simple ways of enjoyment in playing hopscotch, pittu, and hide-n-seek or just hanging around with friends and families. Now that has been replenished by V games, PlayStation, text messages, and Virtual chatting. I love technology and the benefits I’m reaping from it. However, I wish we could balance our techno-fast life in such a way that we could also enjoy the simplicity of life as we did in the past.

Modern India’s changing outlook of conventional society toward women, the LGBT community, and transgender is a welcoming change. But what is disheartening is that the country that took pride in its diversified culture is again getting sucked up into fractional communalism. The scars of partition have taken up a more demonic face of hatred and intolerance towards each other

is to see the fight put by our brave heart freedom fighters getting politicized. The new trend that has started to discriminate against the intentions of our freedom leaders is berserk. We’ve no right to question the decisions and wisdom of our fighters then. The senseless talks of Nehru overpowering Vallabh Bhai Patel or an ideological difference between Mahatma Gandhi and Subhas Chandra Bose, what are we trying to prove? It's the joint effort and noble wisdom of all the freedom figures that we breathe in free India. A simple definition of patriotism is rooted in intent rather than biased opinion on methodology and religion. Let’s keep Communalism miles away from Patriotism. Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it. It flies with the breath of each soldier who protects it. I sincerely hope that the changing shades of future years bring back more community feelings for India, attached to its cultural roots. A united India is a key to making our nation attain its vision of becoming an economic superpower. Let us all work towards it.

Ankur R Gupta - I'm a blogger, an author, and a certified content creator. My writings revolve around the simple motto “Write to bring Smile”. I believe in understanding behavioral aspects of human life linked with their different phases and then ink my words about them in a simplified way to spin out positivity and purpose associated with Athem.hardcore history enthusiast and traveler. I love to read & explore our ancient cultures and civilizations. My reading page is inkmyword -the reader@writingstomakeyousmilecommunity.

Jai Hind.



Your Gut Health How to Improve by Saurabh Chawla



Modern lifestyles and diets have affected the food we are consuming and the majority of people are lacking in many nutrients. One of them is Fiber. Fiber is a carbohydrate and it has tremendous benefits. It does not affect insulin, it helps in lowering cholesterol, it helps in smooth functioning of the intestines and many more. Fiber is food for gut bacteria and plays an important role in multiplying the good bacteria and slowing down the growth of the bad bacteria. Best sources of fiber include fruits and vegetables, salads, nuts and seeds, and psyllium husk (supplement).

STAY AWAY FROM PROCESSED FOODS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE evolution has advanced so much from our primitive counterparts. They didn’t have microwave ovens, storage appliances such as refrigerators, etc.. They had to hunt for food on a daily

Therefunction.are several ways of determining your poor gut health, the primary being the nature of your stool. If you feel frequent changes in your stool, there is a high chance that your gut health has gone for a toss. Gut health and proper balance of the microflora play an important role in a person’s overall health and keep him or her away from diseases especially autoimmune diseases.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only. It does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Get the help of a certified medical professional or a certified dietician before making any changes to your diet or exercise regimen. ou might have heard about how gut health is affecting your overall wellbeing and you as a person. Gut health is the coordination of the microorganisms inside your body. Yes, the microorganisms live on your skin, tongue, throat, colon, and other organs of your body. It is the chemical reactions made by these little creatures that define how you and your body


Thebasis.benefits of this include regular physical activity, eating fresh food every time, and the psychological benefit of winning something each day (in this case it’s food), and this all led to good sleep.

GET ENOUGH SLEEP If you have read or your grandma had told you to sleep 8 hours a day at least, then you can relate to this point. I would suggest keeping a sleeping routine on a daily basis is more beneficial and of course, sleeping 7 to 8 hours is icing the cake. For the sleeping routine, try to go to bed at the same time at night and wake up at the same time during the morning every day to maintain a healthy sleep cycle. Millennials today are very ambitious and they are almost working late nights or the youth today indulged in consuming too much social media content that they are not able to keep a track of their sleep.


Modern lifestyle introduced refrigerators for storing food for days making it a convenient option for the ThereMillenials.are numerous benefits but I strongly advise only storing the food that is meant to be refrigerated and still trying to eat freshly cooked meals all the Comingtime.toprocessed foods, ready-tocook meals, high-sugar foods, and foods with high levels of preservatives and other chemicals do more harm to the body than any good, so avoid them at all costs.

KEEP STRESS AT BAY Easier said than done, stress is the most dreadful of all. A little bit of stress is healthy and is needed by the body and the mind to perform, but as it becomes chronic the story changes. Our bodies were not designed to take chronic stress as today’s generation is taking. Stress comes with a variety of side effects and you would have observed that once you are under stress, the very first thing that is affected is your digestive system. Stress also gives room for inflammation, causing your microbiota imbalance, and hampering your gut health.



It’s tempting to dive into Instagram reels or Youtube shorts and videos but if it goes out of control, then it’s a cause of Yourconcern.body heals itself while you sleep and it happens during the time of deep sleep (REM sleep). That’s why it’s said that you break your body during the day in the gym and your body is built while you are asleep. Getting enough sleep is essential in lowering your stress levels, repairing your body, and also helpful in protecting the microflora in your gut improving gut health simultaneously.

Ifpossible.youdrink too much alcohol or consume too much sugar, it can lead to gut inflammation, resulting in gut bacteria imbalance.


This one is similar to the 2nd point above. Alcohol and sugar are both processed and can make your gut bacteria go out of whack, making you sick in the long run. If you can avoid taking these, I would recommend not taking them at all but if you take them already, stick to low quantity and also low frequency if

STORIZENHEALTH AUGUST 202226 | STORIZEN MAGAZINE HAVE AN EXERCISE ROUTINE Like a sleeping routine, it also needed to have an exercise routine in place. A physical workout is needed to maintain the balance of the gut bacteria. Physical exercise lowers your stress, and inflammation increases your circulation, strengthens your heart and muscles, and helps you sleep better. I believe with so many benefits, you must make a note of doing physical exercise daily to keep your gut health Ifintact.youare having any issues related to your gut health, feel free to reach me via my email for a consultation. I am a certified diet and nutrition coach and have helped more than 50 people with several conditions including Hypothyroidism, Hair loss, Diabetes, and many other health concerns.

Gift Yourself A Book! Journey of a Nation: 75 Years of Indian Foreign Policy by Madhav Das Nalapat Journey of A Nation: 75 Years of Indian Sports by Chandresh Narayanan Journey Of A Nation: 75 Years of Indian Economy by Sanjay Baru True to Their Salt by Ravindra Rathee Celebrating 75 Years of Independence!


Planning for a baby and having a baby is not the same as raising the baby as a parent. Apart from the physical pressure both the parents face, the post-delivery effects that question the mental and emotional balance of the parents are to be dealt with cleverly. Often, a mother is burdened with the baby's responsibility, whereas the father is either spared or considered a help. But, in reality, the new mother and father have the same commitment to embrace the latest changes in their life. It starts from the basic things like having a baby sleep between the couple and the regular doctor check-ups. influencer and has been awarded 'Times Most Influential Personalities 2021' by the Times Group. The governors of Maharashtra and Haryana have also felicitated Becomingher.amother is as challenging and crucial as dealing with post-partum and its effects. In this book, from the first chapter, she focuses on the need for equal parenting. An individual's life takes a different turn when becoming a parent. Also, it is crucial to makeshift the thought process on the other parenting notions and ideas which seem modern, conventional, and practical. Mahima Bakshi is a


About the book Written by a maternal child wellness coach, Empowering You Beyond Birthing seeks to help couples understand how together they can give the best to their little one right from the beginning. A Must Read With simple and easy language and writing, quoting the facts, and practical solutions, this book by Mahima Bakshi is a ready reckoner!

With his vast knowledge in the field of economics, published by Rupa Publications, Sanjay Baru has written this book commemorating India’s Economic Journey – for 75 years! The book is written in primary language that will help students of economics apart from non-fiction Asreaders.stated in one of the leading newspapers, through his latest book, author Sanjaya Baru has outlined the 75-year journey of an independent India’s economic rise—a journey that started even before its independence. Get your copy now!

STORIZENREVIEW B o o k R e v i e w STORIZEN MAGAZINE | 31AUGUST 2022 In this 143 pages book, many aspects regarding parenting. Pre and post the baby's birth, adverse and cheerful situations, and the power of communication between the couple with the baby in hand are for full review

Micro Review Journey Of A Nation: 75 Years of Indian Economy by Sanjay Baru

The engaging narration and interesting writing make the book more readable. How the author takes the readers onto a memory lane with chaos and cries with vulnerable situations involved is worth mentioning.

The book is a great piece of debut work with enough drama and feelings of pain, longing and betrayal ( political drama ).

Babri's Debt by first-time author Dr. Kamiksha is not an easy book. It is not every author's cup of tea when it comes to writing it. It follows up with a trail of incidents and a tragic love story post the


The book has all aspects that make the book a perfect entertainer! fall of Babri Masjid and several horrific blasts in Mumbai. This story of three medical college girl students rising and falling in love with life makes the story Withinteresting.exciting narration and comfortable font, language, the detailed descriptions of every incident and character with proper elements of emotion make the book a page-turner. The travel with the characters is immense and intense. Don't miss this book!

Though a debut work, a known incident, the author has presented the story brilliantly.

About the Book Babri's Debt by first-time author Dr. Kamiksha is not an easy book. It is not every author's cup of tea when it comes to writing it. It follows up with a trail of incidents and a tragic love story post the fall of Babri Masjid and several horrific blasts in Mumbai.

A Must Read With exciting narration and comfortable font, language, the detailed descriptions of every incident and character with proper elements of emotion make the book a page-turner. The travel with the characters is immense and intense.

STORIZEN MAGAZINE | 35 @@@swapna.periswapna508bookreviewscafe AUGUST 2022 An emotional ride into the past that shook the lives and country! Visit for full review

STORIZENREVIEW B o o k R e v i e w A passionate book reviewer, writer, narrator, translator, and copy editor, Swapna has a B. Tech in Computer Science and is a former SAP Technical Consultant. She is the writer, narrator, editor, and translator for three books published with Literoma Publishing, Kolkata. She created and manages the “Book Reviews Café” official blog and Facebook page that contains all the book reviews.

Swapna is also a content writer and reviewer with Storizen Magazine, CriticSpace Journals website, The Literature Times website, The Asian Review website, and the Literature Today website. She is a columnist with one of the leading women's websites in Telugu named 'Vihanga'.

A Thorough Sneek Peek in Bal Thackeray's Life! Reviewed by Swapna Peri

Abhas Verma has written many books on History including the History of Ayodhya Dispute, Maratha Warriors of Panipat, and Maratha War of Independence among others.


The recent Maharashtra politics enabled people like me who wanted to explore more about the political scenario in Mumbai, the long history of the Shiv Sena party and the life of an iconic person – Bal Thackeray. As I was trying to explore more using the resources,internetIcame across this book and fortunately got hold of a copy.


Pic: Abhas Verma

A detailed and authentic work by writer Abhas Verma also touches on the most discussed points like why Shiv Sena was formed, how an ordinary man like Bal Thackery became a God-like person, and the series of murders. Also, the other political matters related to Shive Sena are explained in detail.

This book by writer Abhas Verma gives unbiased and factual information about the sociopolitical situation of Bombay in the 1960s. The book further explored what led to the formation of many Marathi ethnocentric organizations like Shiv Sena.

Foreword to this book has been written by Ramesh Zawar who worked at Loksatta a Marathi daily newspaper in Maharashtra.

The book is about the socio-political situation of then Bombay in 1960s which led to formation of many Marathi ethnocentric organizations like Shiv Sena.

About the Book


STORIZEN MAGAZINE | 39 @@@swapna.periswapna508bookreviewscafe AUGUST 2022 With



A passionate book reviewer, writer, narrator, translator, and copy editor, Swapna has a B. Tech in Computer Science and is a former SAP Technical Consultant. She is the writer, narrator, editor, and translator for three books published with Literoma Publishing, Kolkata. She created and manages the “Book Reviews Café” official blog and Facebook page that contains all the book reviews.

STORIZENREVIEW B o o k R e v i e w

Swapna is also a content writer and reviewer with Storizen Magazine, CriticSpace Journals website, The Literature Times website, The Asian Review website, and the Literature Today website. She is a columnist with one of the leading women's websites in Telugu named 'Vihanga'. simple language, font size and narration of the history of old Mumbai or Bombay in the 1960s to till date, this is an interesting work and will surely entertain the readers who like to read realistic for full review

Mystical, Exciting & Exploring! Reviewed by Swapna Peri

A recent incident in Rajasthan showcases that even in this technologically advanced society, here in India, people are killed, beaten, and molested for the caste they are born into.

Pic: Hemang Ashwinkumar

Coming to this book, written by Gujarat's famous Dalit writer –Dalpat Chauhan's Gidi, written in 1991, translated into English by


Hemang Ashwinkumar is a bi-lingual poet, translator, editor, and critic working in Gujarati and English.

The caste system in India has prevailed for ages, and the people are into social strata and economic backgrounds. Though this system is similar to racism in western countries, where people are discriminated against based on their skin color, people are socially differentiated based on religion and the community in which a person is born in India.



About the Book Gujarat, 1964. The agrarian system of renewable annual contract mandates fulltime labour on the houses and farms of landlords. In these bleak circumstances, Iso, a tanner by birth, graduates from being a child labourer to an adult serf on the estate of Mavaji.

Micro Review Unbounded by Abhayanand Unbounded, published by Rupa Publications, is the autobiography of Abhayanand, a 1977 batch IPS officer of the Bihar Cadre, a philanthropist who conceptualized Super 30 to mentor poor but talented students of a unique person who is loved and looked upon for his ever glowing personality and Apartstature.from teaching, he is also working on propagating the importance of traditional food, health, and nutrition to the farmers of Bihar. He retired from the Police force in 2015 and since then has been living on the outskirts of Patna. After the Lalu-Rabri regime of 2005 in Bihar, when Nitish Kumar's government came to power, Abhayanand was entrusted with derailing law and order. It was then he was named the super cop!


The story, with its simple and honest writing, takes the readers along with Bhalabha and the life of the oppressed. this book to understand how casteism is deep-rooted in everything that belongs to a person. for full review



Abstract literature is one of the beautiful forms that are enigmatic and fantastic. In this book, C: A novel by Anupama Raju, the debut book deals with abstractness to the fullest with life and color.

In an interview, Author Anupama Raju explained why she chose not to reveal the name of the protagonist, the city the protagonist goes to, or the city she is from. Also, the book's title does not reveal much about the theme. That explanation intrigued me to pick up the book, so I read it.Irecommend this book!


Anupama Raju is a poet, communications professional, literary journalist, and translator. She is the author of Nine and her work has been anthologized and published widely. She collaborated with French photographer Pascal Bernard on two Indo-French poetry and photography projects ‘Surfaces and Depths’ and ‘Une Ville, Un Lieu, Une Personne’. She was Charles Wallace Fellow at the University of Kent, Canterbury, and Writer-in-Residence at Centres Intermondes, La Rochelle, France.

TwitterSource:Pic Anupama Raju

About the Book A Must Read C: A Novel tells the story of a nameless wanderer—a writer—as she moves between two cities and across centuries, coming to terms with her myriad emotions and strange experiences. The book is perfect in every sense —a highly recommended book for the readers to enjoy some quality content with a pinch of harshness.

STORIZENREVIEW B o o k R e v i e w STORIZEN MAGAZINE | 47AUGUST 2022 A perfect entertainer in every aspect! Visit for full review

Micro Review Journey of a Nation: 75 Years of Indian Foreign Policy by Madhav Das Nalapat

This book, published by Rupa Publications, as India celebrates 75 years of independence, gives the readers a comprehensive study of Indian foreign policy. The book is divided into 8 chapters, each addressing in detail the complexities of foreign policy and diplomacy of the major powers. Further, the book traces past decisions and errors that have impacted the nation and its relations with neighbors and global superpowers.

The book also describes a framework for foreign policy rooted in combination with the present-day realities, long-term trends, flexibility, and pliability. This framework also discusses strategies to overcome and fight geopolitical storms and setbacks. (Reviewed by Swapna Peri)

Reviewed by Swapna Peri

A Great Account of Unsung Heroes!

This 184-page detailed book accounts for how colonization has been over the years, some are talked about incidents, and some aren't, and a factual study of unsung tribal warriors of our freedom struggle. The book is enticingfactualsimplethetothoughinspiredtheseseechronologicallywrittentohoweachofwarriorsisbyotherstheybelongdifferentregionsincountry.Thewritingwithnarrationistoread.

Author Tuhin Sinha recently also published a whole book on Birsa Munda, who was an unsung hero from the tribal community. Pic: Tuhin Sinha

STORIZENREVIEW Marking the 75th Independence year of our country, many writers and authors have contributed and given tributes by bringing out beautiful books that talk about yesterday's history of India that led to today's making it a superpower. This book published by Rupa Publications talks about thanking those tribal vanguards of our Freedom Struggle.

Tuhin A. Sinha is a best-selling author, columnist, content strategist, and politician.


About the Book The Great Tribal Warriors ofBharat is a humble attempt to honor these largely unsung heroes of an epochal movement, whose contribution remains largely unacknowledged . This book is a rare collectionand a journey into selfdiscovery for our civilization turned nation.

STORIZENREVIEW B o o k R e v i e w STORIZEN MAGAZINE | 51AUGUST 2022 The characters and the contents page is one of the most unique and modern ones written in recent times. On the whole, the book runs on a sarcastic tone. This book has much to read, understand, implement and invest. Visit for full review Micro Review Journey of A Nation: 75 Years of Indian Sports by Chandresh Narayanan Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav is an initiative of the Government of India to celebrate and commemorate 75 years of independence and the glorious history of its people, culture, and Journeyachievements.OfANation: 75 years of Indian Sports, by Chandresh Narayanan, is a recommended book for all the youngsters and readers who like non-fiction books on sports in general, but not about a particular sports person!


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LIBRA MOON SIGN: DEATH This Month, there might be sudden transformation in your life. It can be an unexpected job offer if you were looking out for a change or if your relationship is struggling, you decided to move out of the relationship. This month, you might leave your old habits or weakness which might affecting you to grow and change yourself for the better.

AQUARIUS MOON SIGN: PAGE OF WANDS This Month, Aquarians You have a clear vision and have a passion to fulfill your dreams. But at the same time, you don’t have a solid plan to move towards your goals and excited to learn new ways to pursue your goals. This card also indicates when spiritual path is calling you. STORIZEN MAGAZINE | 55AUGUST 2022 I am Himani Goyal, By profession, I am an HR Manager working in Banglore. Reading is my hobby which led me to write reviews for my readers. I have read and reviewed numerous books so far. I am also a practicing Tarot consultant and would be sharing daily, weekly, monthly horoscopes for you all here. PISCES MOON SIGN: 8 OF PENTACLES This month, you will be putting extra efforts in your workplace to get appreciation from your superiors. You will be working very hard or might be learning new skills to grow in your workplace.

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