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STORAGE DESIGN LIMITED - Pallet Shuttle - 2013

Pallet Shuttle S E M I - A U T O M AT E D PA L L E T S T O R A G E


STORAGE DESIGN LIMITED - Pallet Shuttle - 2013

Improve space and operational efficiency within your bulk storage facilities Bulk storage of palletised goods has conventionally been stored within Drive-In, Push Back or Pallet Live racking systems. These systems, though efficient, are limited by the length of the storage lane that can be practically achieved.

The pallet shuttle storage system overcomes this by storing pallets within a system that can operate to greater depths. The racking features guide/support rails which run the depth of the rack structure on which an automated shuttle travels.

Increased Efficiency Pallets are loaded onto a shuttle at the front of the lane which transports the pallet down to the other end. The inbuilt sensors on the shuttle detect the position of previous pallets and places the new load at a predetermined distance from them, before returning to the start face. The shuttle movements are sent via the radio remote controller


allowing the forklift truck and driver to carry out other tasks while the shuttle operates. The shuttle is easily moved between lanes by a standard fork lift truck.

Damage Reduction In Drive-In racking, the shuttle removes the need for fork lift trucks to enter the racking structure, this reduces loading and unloading times and the risk of structural damage, whilst releasing the driver to start the next operation sooner.

Reduce Operating Costs The pallet shuttle can reduce costs in various ways, for example, the number of fork trucks and operators required; lighting required above racking; damage to goods; racking repair & maintenance, running costs of temperature/humidity controlled systems and reducing the storage cube required with the associated rent/overheads.

STORAGE DESIGN LIMITED - Pallet Shuttle - 2013

Features and Benefits l Lightweight Lithium Battery – 14kgs compared to 40kgs. l A single charge gives an 8-hour operational capacity based on a throughput of 30 pallets per hour. No memory effect.

l 900 recharging cycles compared to 300 using a conventional gel battery. l Cold store model can be used in deep freeze environments of down to 30oC without loss of power or operational efficiency.

l Variable distance adjustment between pallets. l Innovative placement using laser technology. l Minimum maintenance. l Ease of inventory counting/stock take. l Connection to WMS. l Total flexibility.

Advanced Technology The easy-to-use rechargeable remote control can manage up to 4 shuttles within a range of 150 metres. The LED screen displays the chosen operation and relevant information, such as number of pallets.

l 24-hr support service.

Unique High-Density Functionality The pallet shuttle operates in FILO (First in – Last Out) mode, allowing racking to be set up against a wall of a warehouse thereby gaining space or with FIFO (First In – First Out) using a system that offers separate entrances First In – First Out and exits. This method allows for the loading to be done from one side with a forklift truck and the unloading on the opposite side with another. The system automates the placement of pallets in the storage lane, reducing loading and unloading cycle times. Last In – First Out

Ideal for:

l Food and beverage production & distribution l Dairy products l Ambient and cold stores l Fast-moving low SKU products l High-value SKUs l Combining with other pallet racking systems to maximise productivity


STORAGE DESIGN LIMITED - Pallet Shuttle - 2013

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Pallet shuttle from Storage Design Limited Designed to increase space and efficiency for bulk storage, we like to call this the space shuttl...

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