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Life in the Upper School

Welcome to Stone Ridge... where innovation meets mission. Stone Ridge is the only school in the greater Washington area that brings together the Goals of Sacred Heart, girls education, and innovative teaching and learning for a new era.

STEAM Initiatives Our Art and Technology Departments joined creative forces to work with Stone Ridge ceramics students to build a 3D printer from scratch, with the help of Philadelphia-based artist Brian Giniewski. This project allowed the students to combine their experience of working with clay and their knowledge of engineering and technology. In true STEAM fashion, the project was framed by a design challenge: How can we, using an Arduino board, small motors, and 3D printed plastic components, make a new tool for clay and better understand the current direction of industry?

Contents Our Catholic Identity and Sacred Heart Family


21st Century All-Girls Education


Upper School at a Glance


Intellectual Values


Celebrating the Arts


Athletics at Stone Ridge


The Freshman Experience Advisory Digital Media Freshman Seminar

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Building Leaders

Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart inspires young women to lead and serve, through lives of purpose that integrate faith, intellect,

Social Action Program Network Exchange Fourth Academic Internship


Stone Ridge Traditions


College Counseling & College Matriculation



community, social action, and personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom.



Life in the Upper School

Our Catholic Identity and Sacred Heart Family Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart is part of an international family, rooted in a 200-year tradition. The Goals & Criteria of Sacred Heart education unite the 24 member schools of the Network in the United States and Canada, yet the schools also proudly benefit from an even wider affiliation with the people, schools, and institutions associated with the Society of the Sacred Heart in 41 countries around the globe. Our students, as part of this international family, share in experiencing an education characterized by seriousness of purpose, love of learning, creativity, beauty, and loving relationships. This truly international character of Sacred Heart education helps to foster an important global awareness in our students as they strive to build a more just world. FIVE GOALS OF SACRED HEART EDUCATION:

“Sacred Heart educators nurture the desire for truth. We hope to give the girls an appreciation of various modes of thought and ways of thinking.” – Joanna Caudle, Science Department Chair













NM AZ Forrest Ridge School Bellevue, WA Schools of the Sacred Heart San Fransisco, CA Sacred Heart Schools Atherton, CA Duchesne Academy Houston, TX


The Regis School Houston, TX


“Coming to a Sacred Heart school, you have entered into a family and have come to a home...You come as you are and are cared for with great love.” — An excerpt from “Life at the Sacred Heart”

Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, or any other class protected by law in the administration of its educational policies, employment practices, admission policies, scholarship loan or financial aid programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.


Network of Sacred Heart Schools in the United States

The Sacred Heart School of Montreal Sacred Heart School of Halifax























Newton Country Day School Newton, MA





Academy of the Sacred Heart Bloomfield Hills, MI


Convent of the Sacred Heart Greenwich, CT



Sprout Creek Farm Poughkeepsie, NY Convent of the Sacred Heart New York City, NY Stuart Country Day School Princeton, NJ Princeton Academy Princeton, NJ

Country Day School of the Sacred Heart Bryn Mawr, PA Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart Bethesda, MD Josephinum Academy Chicago, IL Sacred Heart Schools Chicago, IL Woodlands Academy Lake Forest, IL Carrolton School of the Sacred Heart Miami, FL

Barat Academy Dardenne Prairie, MO


Academy of the Sacred Heart St. Charles, MO Villa Duchesne/Oak Hill School St. Louis, MO

Network Schools Provisional Member Associated with the Network

Academy of the Sacred Heart New Orleans, LA Academy of the Sacred Heart Grand Coteau, LA Duchesne Academy Omaha, NE

“My decision to go on exchange to Bogotá gave me the chance to not only make new lifelong friends, but also to connect to the larger Sacred Heart family.” – Delia ’16 Delia and her host Sofia in front of the Archbishopric Cathedral of Bogotá Bolívar Square



Life in the Upper School

Preparing young women for

21st century success.

Through the focus on the five Goals of Sacred Heart education, our students are encouraged to stretch and challenge themselves every day. Stone Ridge offers an educational program designed to nurture and inspire young women to find themselves, to develop their gifts, and to gain confidence in the knowledge that their lives have meaning and purpose. In an all-girls school, the students collaborate, lead, mentor, and learn from each other. Stone Ridge girls are provided a wealth of avenues for self-exploration. They will develop strong, lifelong friendships and be a part of a community that lasts a lifetime. Our extraordinary faculty has developed rich curricula and practices pedagogy based on research aimed at how girls learn best. Through the use of four, 80-minute class periods each day, our students are provided with the opportunity to collaborate, develop their analytical and critical thinking skills, and delve deeply into each “As a college professor, I could academic discipline. The use of innovative technology helps to prepare our students for 21st century success. Through our service-learning program of Social Action, they learn the importance of servant leadership. Stone Ridge takes pride in forming tomorrow’s global leaders of intellect, courage, and faith.

identify students from girls’ schools with a 90 percent accuracy rate on the first day of class. They were the young women whose hands shot up in the air, who were not afraid to defend their positions, and who assumed that I would be interested in their perspectives.” Robin Robertson, Ph.D. (National Coalition of Girls Schools)

Stone Ridge Upper School at a Glance COLORS: Blue & Gold MASCOT:

348 students (An average of 87 students per grade) Average Class Sizes: 13-18

Diversity Representation:

35% Faculty: 63

Student/Faculty Ratio: 6:1

Holding Master’s degrees: 39 Doctoral level: 9 Average teaching experience per Upper School faculty member:

16 years

The class schedule consists of 8 periods that meet over the course of 2 days. Each day includes 4, 80-minute periods , with two breaks, where students are able to learn in an environment that better reflects the college classroom experience and how girls learn best.

A typical day at Stone Ridge

% of faculty who participate in professional development workshops and conferences: 100%

opens with a morning Assembly, which allows students to gather as a school community. Here, students lead prayer and daily announcements are relayed by students and staff. For many students, Assembly is a cherished time of day, allowing them to visit with classmates and prepare for the school day.



Life in the Upper School

Intellectual Values. Enduring Excellence. Stone Ridge’s curriculum places emphasis on thinking and writing, developing reasoning and problem-solving skills, and engaging in creative yet disciplined self-expression. When walking through a school, one does not expect to navigate around students stretching slinkies down the hallways or dodging Barbies dropping from above. One doesn’t expect to walk into a classroom where students are staging the storming of the Bastille with action figures or having to step over diagrams of the unit circles drawn on the sidewalk in chalk. This is what our students expect when they enter Stone Ridge each day. Here, teachers and students work together to make education and learning come to life. In a welcoming classroom environment, our teachers and students engage and challenge each other to examine concepts from different perspectives. The faculty are constantly experimenting with new and creative methods to help the students take risks in learning and come to a deeper understanding of their subject. Whether it be through the use of Google maps to follow Odysseus’ journey, through the creation of an iMovie for a class project, or in the staging of a crime scene to be solved by students in the Forensics Science class, it is clear that the learning process extends from our classrooms and into the halls and homes. In creating an atmosphere of inquiry, practice, and collaboration, Stone Ridge prepares young women for success by instilling in them a lifelong love of learning.

Course Offerings English Introduction to Literature and Composition British Literature British Literature – Honors American Literature AP English Language & Composition: American Literature Folklore to Fiction Short Stories: Voices and Visions from Around the World Modern World Drama and Film African-American Literature Dystopian Literature Everyone But Shakespeare Detective Elective AP English Literature and Composition: World Literature Creative Writing Hear Me Roar: Women’s Voices in World Literature

The strong academic program offered fully reflects Goal II of Sacred Heart education: a deep respect for intellectual values. Stone Ridge helps students understand that there is always something more to learn, and in learning more they are not only making themselves better—they are making the world better.

History and Social Sciences World History I & II U.S. History AP U.S. History Genocide Studies U.S. Foreign Policy (Summer) Economics U.S. Government and Politics AP European History AP U.S. Government/AP Comparative Government AP Art History AP Psychology

Mathematics Algebra I Geometry Geometry with Analysis Algebra II Algebra II with Analysis Algebra II with Precalculus – Honors Precalculus Precalculus with Analysis – Honors Precalculus and Differential Calculus – Honors Intro to Calculus AP Calculus AB AP Calculus BC Multivariable Calculus – Honors AP Computer Science AP Statistics

Science Physics I AP Physics I Chemistry Chemistry – Honors AP Chemistry Biology

“Stone Ridge imparts the deep understanding that mistakes and confusion are part of learning­—a process that only really begins when we take the first step, when we choose to reach out and reach up.”

Biology - Honors AP Biology AP Environmental Science Explorations in Engineering Forensics, Chemical Analysis, and Technologies Human Anatomy and Physiology Molecular Biology and Biochemistry – Honors Independent Laboratory Research

Nora ’15


Theology 10

Life in the Upper School

Scripture: An Introduction to the Holy Bible Christian Morality History of Theology and the Sacraments Bioethics Faith and the Artistic Imagination Social Justice and Catholic Teaching Comparative Studies of Religion

World Languages French I-V AP French Language French Literature - Honors Spanish I-V Spanish for Heritage Speakers AP Spanish Language AP Spanish Literature Latin I-V AP Latin

Publications Journalism Yearbook

Beyond the Classroom STEM-related externships available at organizations such as:

Stone Ridge partners with the TechShop in Arlington, a self-styled “playground for creativity”, offering cutting-edge tools, equipment, and computers with design software, which provides our students the opportunity for a six-week summer course for curriculum credit. The TechShop partnership is a “capstone” course—a culmination of all the coding, robotics, engineering, technology, and innovation classes offered at Stone Ridge. Students recognize that having access to opportunities like TechShop and other STEM-related experiences gives them the opportunity to determine if an engineering career might be in their future. Since its inception five years ago, over 100 girls have enrolled in the semester-long Engineering elective at Stone Ridge.

NASA • NIH • Cogito Summer Program Database • United States Naval Academy • GMU Summer Game Institute • USA Government Jobs for Students • FBI Future Agents in Training • Johns Hopkins Engineering • National Space Club • Navy Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program • Walter Reed Apprenticeship Program • Aspiring Scientist Summer Internship Program • Research Program by Lombardi Cancer Center at Georgetown Hospital • Genomics Internship Program • STEM Research Program • Summer Science Research Program • MIT Women’s Technology Program



Life in the Upper School

Stone Ridge Celebrates the Arts At Stone Ridge, the broader Arts program, including both visual and performing, empowers the students to develop technical and conceptual skills for critical thinking, risk-taking, decision-making, and problemsolving. Their respective artistic needs and interests are nurtured so that they may develop and grow as both creators and consumers of the arts. Our ultimate goal is to make the Arts an enriching and fulfilling experience for every student, that will affect them deeply, touch the inexpressible, and connect beyond the reality of everyday life.

Visual and Performing Arts Course Offerings Foundations of Studio Art Ceramics I-III Studio Art I-III AP Studio Art: Drawing Media Arts Photography I-II AP 2D: Photography AP 3D: Ceramics & Sculpture Drama I-III Chorus Handbells Instrumental Music Ensemble Independent Study in Fine and Performing Arts AP Art History

“Stone Ridge gave me a very strong foundation for personal growth through my artistic talent. My art teachers gave me the freedom to be uniquely me.” Tessa ‘04

“I have enjoyed studio art in high school because it is an outlet, a safe place where the boundaries of time fall away and where inspiration and quality are greatly valued.” Elizabeth ‘18

Artwork by: left, Grace ’18 and above, Meghan ’18



Life in the Upper School

Athletics at Stone Ridge: GATOR STRONG Stone Ridge Athletics is committed to developing “champions for life” by providing young women with an intelligent and physically challenging athletic experience that inspires competitive grace, as well as lifelong health and a balanced lifestyle.

Athletic Teams Fall Sports:

Spring Sports:

Cross Country Equestrian (club) Field Hockey Soccer Tennis Volleyball

Lacrosse Golf (club) Softball Tennis Track

Our Athletics and Physical Education programs provide opportunities for students to develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. We view athletic competition as a healthy educational and physiological activity that challenges each student to excel, to discover her physical limits, and to work cooperatively with team members.

Winter Sports: Basketball Ice Hockey (club) Squash (club) Swimming/Diving

“Playing sports allows girls to have a presence and a voice. It makes them competitors.” Agnus Berenato, head women’s basketball coach at the University of Pittsburgh

Athletic HIGHLIGHTS • Finishing in the top 4 for the Independent School League Lewis Cup for overall athletic success for the past three years

“My philosophy as a coach is to build champions at Stone Ridge, on the field as well as in the classroom.” KJ Spisak Head Coach Varsity Soccer, Assistant Coach for Washington Spirit, former professional goalkeeper and three-time all-American collegiate player

• 2016 Independent School League Softball A Division Co-Champions • Home venue for the Washington Spirit Reserve Team • Host for the 2016 University of Notre Dame Women's Lacrosse clinic and competition on Gator Field • Partnership with the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) to provide Leadership & Character Development through Athletics



Life in the Upper School

The First Academic (Freshman) Community Experience Advisory: Each student joins an advisory group at the beginning of her time at Stone Ridge. Each group, which includes a faculty advisor and approximately nine students, meets weekly to discuss classes and cocurricular programs, build community, and develop skills of self-advocacy. The advisor also serves as a point of contact for students and families throughout the high school experience.

Digital Media: In order to acclimate to the 1:1 MacBook program and learn best how to utilize their devices, the freshmen take a Digital Media class. This class presents an introductory module in visual design principles and concepts as applied to digital media-based projects with emphasis on the use of production, publishing, research, and graphic development tools. This class provides students with an armada of tools that they will apply within their high school educational career. The students also study and practice developing front-end components of websites utilizing scripting languages (HTML, CSS3, Javascript). They learn introductory skills using industry standard software to create, edit, and process digital media content for use in specific applications.

First Academic (Freshman) Seminar: The Academic Seminar program at Stone Ridge plays a vital role in furthering the School’s mission to inspire young women to lead and serve. The Seminar classes are organized into small groups of 8-12, and they are structured as ungraded, informal classes, where students get to take a moment out of their busy academic day to reflect. Students discuss developmental issues for teens through the use of lectures, videos, movies, small and large group activities, class discussions, projects, and personal reflections and journals. Topics include Getting to Know One Another, Transition to High School, Issues Concerning Diversity, Stress Management and Mindfulness, Digital Citizenship, and Cyber Safety. The Seminar program not only builds community among classmates, but also stimulates personal growth and development by increasing each student’s awareness of herself and who she is striving to become.

“Everyone goes through a transition, it should never be taken for granted that ‘it just happens.’ It is different for each girl. Most of the time teenagers need to know that they are being heard, and I do my best to be a sounding board for them.” Nikola Edgar, Ph.D, Upper School Psychologist



Life in the Upper School

Distinctive Stone Ridge Programs: Building Leaders Stone Ridge students engage in the practice of leadership through a rich array of opportunities that are accessible to all. Students will develop a thoughtful awareness for leadership qualities in themselves and others by developing facilitation and communication skills, and learning about inclusivity, accountability, and teamwork in the service of others.

Student Leadership Opportunities Elected & Appointed Positions ELECTED STUDENT BODIES • Core Group, Class Officers, Honor Committee/Board, Athletic Association Representatives APPOINTED STUDENT BOARDS • Campus Ministry, Student Diversity, Social Action

Additional Co-curricular Groups DIVERSITY AND CULTURE • Asian ApreciAsian, Black Student Alliance, Amig@s INTERSCHOLASTIC TEAMS • It’s Academic, Model United Nations, Robotics SCHOOL COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE • Gators Troops Love, Catholic Academies, Best Buddies, Operation Smile, PAWS SOCIAL ACTION REFLECTION GROUPS PERFORMANCE AND ARTS • Acapella, Literary Magazine, Music Ministry AFTER-SCHOOL CLUBS • World Languages, Science, Dance Clubs, Arts Clubs AD HOC COMMITTEES • Dances, Feast Wishes, Tedx Conference

Social Action Program: A Service-Learning Program Rooted in Goal III of Sacred Heart education, the Social Action Program is a comprehensive service-learning program that is central to the Upper School experience. Through preparation, action, and reflection, Social Action cultivates critical consciousness of issues of justice, instills a lifelong commitment to service, and develops students’ potential for leadership in building and maintaining just partnerships. The Social Action Program has been recognized by Montgomery County for its excellence in service, by SOME for 30 years of service, and the Program has also received the 2008 Marriott Spirit to Serve Community Service Award. On Social Action days (12 Wednesdays throughout the year), the Upper School community gathers for a morning presentation, departs for action, and returns for small group reflection. In the First Academic year, students engage in six major areas of social justice on which the program focuses—Care and Concern for the Elderly, Understanding Disabilities, Stewardship of the Environment, Human Rights, Childcare & Education, and Poverty & Homelessness—through the Orientation to Social Action. Network Exchange Program Second Academic students have the opportunity to participate in an Exchange Program with other Sacred Heart schools in the United States and abroad. Exchanges are facilitated by the Goals of Sacred Heart education shared by Network schools and personal bonds among the faculty members and students. The Exchange Program offers students an opportunity to broaden their horizons by sharing in the life of another Sacred Heart school and experiencing the cultures of other parts of their own country and of the wider world, including Canada, England, Scotland, France, Spain, Austria, and Australia. Exchange students follow courses chosen to approximate what they would be taking at home. They may live as resident students when attending boarding schools or with host families when attending day schools.

Fourth Academic Internships During two weeks in May, all Fourth Academic students participate in independent professional projects. These projects can take the form of an internship, a service project, or a carefully planned creative endeavor. Each Fourth Academic student must complete a project proposal and gain the approval of Upper School administrators. Upon completion of the project, each student participates in the Fourth Academic project symposium.

“Working at Voice of America has been a humbling experience. This is a notable media network run by the U.S. government, dedicated to not only presenting the news, but also providing an American viewpoint directed towards other countries of the world. Working alongside amazing reporters, editors, and camera people has left me in awe, as I actually held the reigns in an array of jobs myself­—whether producing a live show in Urdu, learning from the engineers in the control room, handling a camera during interviews, or editing packages that would be sent to other programs. I developed a greater appreciation for what working in the media Michelle ‘16 entails and the impact it has on the world.”

“Stone Ridge is a place where I was encouraged to pursue anything that interests me and the possibilities for leadership Marta ‘16 are endless.”

Students work on repairing bicycles as part of their Social Action commitment to the non-profit organization Bikes for the World



Life in the Upper School

Stone Ridge Celebrates a Long History of Traditions All-school Masses In addition to Upper School Masses celebrated throughout the year, the entire student body and faculty/ staff come together to worship in three all-school Masses: the Mass of the Holy Spirit, the Feast of St. Philippine Duchesne, and the Feast of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat.

Big Sisters/Little Sisters In the spring, the rising junior class and the incoming freshmen class meet for a pizza party, games, and fun activities. For the coming year, every freshman is assigned to a senior who serves as the freshman’s big sister for the year.

Blue/Gold Induction At the beginning of each school year, Blue and Gold team captains announce each new student one-by-one at a special and spirited assembly, and welcome her to either the Blue or Gold team—a team she stays on for life.

Spirit Week Organized and planned by each class and its officers, Spirit Week is one large, fun-filled class project every fall. Each class picks a theme and color for a class t-shirt, decorates part of the School, and selects themed dress-up days for the week. The week concludes with the much-anticipated class cheers for the culminating basketball games between the classes.

Conges From the French, “to take leave,” congés are surprise days, when classes are canceled and the students focus on building community through fun team building activities and games.

Feast of Mater Admirabilis is observed every October to celebrate the miraculous fresco of the Virgin Mary depicted by a young nun in the Society of the Sacred Heart in 1844.

Feast Wishes is an all-school gathering before the Christmas holidays where students present the gifts of song and cards to every member of the administration, faculty, and staff.

Field Day is celebrated the first week of June with the entire Stone Ridge community from Grades 1 through 12. Activities include Father-Daughter races, a cookout lunch, music, and prizes.

Prize Day is a formal assembly at the end of the school year for the distribution of certificates and awards recognizing special achievement.

Retreats Each grade level in the Upper School participates in a class retreat, with a special two-day retreat for the seniors.

Ring Day In the spring, students in the junior class (Third Academic) receive their class rings from their Fourth Academic ring sisters at a ceremony presided over by the Head of School, the Head of the Upper School, and the Alumnae Board President. This is a formal ceremony for the Third and Fourth Academic students.

Tres Bien Ball The annual Très Bien Ball is a celebratory formal dinner dance hosted by the Alumnae Association to honor the Fourth Academic class. The Très Bien Ball, founded in 1953, was created by combining the Stone Ridge Fathers Club graduation dance in 1946 and the Alumnae Association supper dance in 1949. This formal ball provides an opportunity for the students to be formally inducted into the Alumnae Association.



Life in the Upper School

College Acceptances and Matriculations Below is a sampling of college acceptances for the Class of 2016. Names in bold are schools attended by members of the Class of 2016.

American University Amherst College Auburn University Babson College Barnard College Beloit College Boston College Boston University Bowdoin College Brown University Bucknell University Butler University University of California, Los Angeles Case Western Reserve University Catholic University (2) Chapman University Colby College Colorado College Columbia University College of Charleston Christopher Newport University Clemson University Colgate University University of Colorado, Boulder Columbia University Connecticut College Cornell University Creighton University Dartmouth College Davidson College Denison University Dickinson College Drexel University Duke University University of Edinburgh Elon University Emerson College Emory University (2) Fairfield University Fordham University Franklin University, Switzerland George Washington University Georgetown University (5) Georgia Institute of Technology University of Georgia Grinnell College Haverford College High Point University College of the Holy Cross James Madison University Johns Hopkins University Kenyon College King’s College London Lafayette College Lehigh University Loyola Marymount University Loyola Chicago University

Loyola University Maryland Loyola University New Orleans Marquette University Maryland Institute College of Art University of Maryland, College Park (4) McGill University Miami University, Oxford University of Miami University of Michigan (3) University of Mississippi New York University University of North Carolina at Greensboro University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Northeastern University Northwestern University University of Notre Dame (5) Oberlin College Pennsylvania State University University of Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh Pomona College Pratt Institute Providence College Purdue University Reed College Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Rice University Rochester Institute of Technology Saint Joseph's University Saint Louis University University of San Diego University of San Francisco Santa Clara University (2)

Savannah College of Art and Design School of the Art Institute of Chicago Scripps College Seattle University Sewanee: The University of the South University of South Carolina University of Southern California Southern Methodist University Spelman College University of St. Andrews St. John's University—Queens (4) St. Mary's College of Maryland Stanford University Stetson University Stevens Institute of Technology Swarthmore College Syracuse University University of Texas, Austin University of Toronto Trinity College Dublin Tufts University Tulane University Union College Vanderbilt University University of Vermont (2) Villanova University Virginia Tech (2) University of Virginia (3) Wake Forest University Washington and Lee University Washington University in St. Louis Wellesley College College of William and Mary Williams College University of Wisconsin, Madison Yale University

College Counseling The goal of the College Counseling program is to help each student identify her personal gifts and strengths in order to select a college that serves her needs, enhances her growth, and prepares her for the future. The college counselors empower students to become strong leaders and self-advocates throughout the process and to find schools that are great “fits” for them. College seminars in the spring of the Third Academic year and the fall of Fourth Academic year facilitate the college process. Students have the opportunity to meet with over 120 college representatives who visit Stone Ridge each year, and counselors monitor the latest trends and developments at colleges and universities. The college counselors interact with college representatives across the country through college visits and by attending College Board Forums and NACAC conferences. • Stone Ridge's Class of 2016 submitted 883 applications to 234 colleges and universities across the country and internationally. • The College Counseling Team has visited and toured over 220 different colleges and universities in 35 states, Canada and the UK. • This year, Stone Ridge is hosting over 180 college representatives on campus in the fall to meet with seniors.

Your example, even more than your words, will be an eloquent lesson to the world. St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, Foundress of the Society of the Sacred Heart



Life in the Upper School

Empowering leaders to serve with faith, intellect, and confidence. 9101 Rockville Pike Bethesda, MD 20814

Grade 8 students: Join us for a

Day! Discovey ry on campus Spend a da s like and discover what it’ girl. to be a Stone Ridge

Part of the Network of Sacred Heart Schools


Visit our website for more details, or call Admissions at 301.657.4322 x321.

Upper School Preview Book 2016-2017  
Upper School Preview Book 2016-2017