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HOW TO TALK TO YOUR FAMILY ABOUT BUSINESS SUCCESSION Business succession planning is a strategy for passing on control of your company. For many family-owned businesses, this means transferring management and ownership to the next generation. In fact, roughly seven out of ten family businesses say they would like to pass their company on to their heirs.


enjamin Franklin famously said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

From the very beginning, you had a plan for your business to succeed. You set goals and developed methods to achieve those goals. Your business has stood the test of time because you anticipated problems and solved them. But if your plan for success does not include how to pass the family business on when it is time for you to step away, your future generations will not be in the best position to carry on your successful legacy. Succession Planning Is One of the Biggest Issues Facing Family Businesses We are in the midst of the greatest wealth transfer in American history. The Wall Street Journal notes that older generations will pass on around $70 trillion between 2018 and 2042. As Baby Boomers reach retirement age and step away from their businesses, they are facing the realities associated with business succession.

Have a Multiyear Plan The best time to start thinking about succession planning for your family business is when you start the business. The next best time is now. Ideally, you should prepare for succession at least five to ten years before your retirement. That should give you enough time to identify who in your family will take over particular roles, train them for the job, and make sure that you have the correct documentation. Also, do not rule out having non-family members, including current employees, take over key management roles in the business. The business can remain family-owned and operated even if people outside the family have important positions. Enter your succession planning with the understanding that you are not going to please everyone. One of the toughest parts of a family business is separating the personal and the professional, which is easier said than done. Consider bringing in outside advisers such as lawyers, tax experts, and wealth advisers to facilitate family discussions and provide a businessfirst perspective.

We can help! Our attorneys can help you with your business succession planning. For assistance with these and other business law, tax planning, or estate planning matters, contact our office today!

We help clients that are ready to invest in their family and business to protect their wealth and save taxes. Ivan Ramirez, Attorney at Law The Law Office of Ivan Ramirez & Associates 18756 Stone Oak Pkwy, Suite 200 San Antonio, Texas 78258

Email: ivan@ram-law.com Website: www.ram-law.com Phone: 210-448-7755

The information provided is designed for general information only and is not intended to be legal advice, nor does it create an attorney client relationship. Consult an attorney before making any legal decisions based on your individual circumstances.

Sex, Drugs and Wellness with Dr. Wendy

Wendy Askew, M.D., board certified OB/Gyn, joined the Dr. Rogers Centers on June 1, to treat patients struggling with a wide variety of physical concerns —everything from medically supervised weight loss to hormone therapy to prescriptions for medical marijuana for qualified conditions. By Amy Morgan


Are you frustrated because you just can’t shake the pounds you’ve gained? Are your own “personal summer” moments keeping you up at night and fraying your nerves? Tired of being told your symptoms are all in your head and wish you could just get back to your youthful, healthy self? Help is here. Wendy Askew, M.D., board certified medical physician, joined the Dr. Rogers Centers on June 1, to treat patients struggling with a wide variety of physical concerns — everything from medically supervised weight loss to hormone therapy to prescriptions for medical marijuana for appropriate conditions. Dr. Askew, Dr. Tamyra Rogers and a team of highly skilled, board-certified doctors and licensed professionals consistently deliver compassionate and comprehensive patient care. Patients will find an umbrella of medical and specialty services at three locations including the one convenient to Stone Oak at the corner of Redland Road and US Highway 1604. Because the physicians are board certified medical doctors, they can seamlessly blend taking care of a patient’s primary care as well as specialty needs. Additional services include preventive and regenerative care, advanced doctor-supervised hair loss treatments, and sexual revitalization. The office is connected to a luxury antiaging medspa offering today's most advanced procedures and premier product lines that include Obagi®, SkinMedica®, as well as Dr. Rogers Centers' Signature line. Dr. Askew received her medical degree from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland. She completed board certification in obstetrics and gynecology at Wilford Hall Medical Center and served 11 years in the U.S. Air Force. She’s also board certified in Functional and Regenerative Medicine by the highly respected A4M. Dr. Askew’s delighted advanced medicines now offer patients struggling with weight new hope. She’s seeing great results with medicines like

Ozempic and Wegovy that were formerly used to treat diabetes. “These drugs are changing the entire landscape of weight loss in America,” Dr. Askew said. “Patients loose 40, 80, even 100 pounds often with no counting calories; and without the blood pressure problems, heart racing or sleep disturbance side effects of traditional appetite suppressants. In my opinion, these are the best drugs to come on the market in 25 years.” Each of her weight-loss patients undergo non-invasive medical tests to determine muscle mass and calculate metabolic rate. The formula is simple: to lose weight, you must consume 250300 calories a day less than resting metabolic rate. “The numbers are your best friend and worst enemy,” Dr. Askew said. The new medicines work by helping the body feel full, so patients are less tempted to overeat. “You can’t outrun your fork,” Dr. Askew said with a smile.

Dr. Askew demonstrates the Pixel8-RF Microneedling system; a non-surgical procedure used to smooth and tighten skin, slow the effects of aging, and address other skin texture concerns with little to no downtime.

Dr. Askew also treats eligible patients with medical marijuana for conditions for which it is indicated. Patients with PTSD, cancer, epilepsy, chronic neurodegenerative conditions, nerve compression, neuropathy, Tourette syndrome, peripheral nerve pain, dementia, among others, may legally be prescribed medical marijuana in Texas. Dr. Askew meets those with established diagnoses to discuss their symptoms and whether medical marijuana would be a wise option for them. If patients have a qualifying condition, then Dr. Askew can legally prescribe gummies, capsules, or sublingual tincture through the Texas Compassionate Use Program in appropriate doses specifically tailored to the patient’s needs. She’s found medical marijuana to be a “wonderful, safe option that provides great benefit in formulations that don’t necessarily cause impairment.” Another plus, it helps patients reduce or sometimes eliminate the need for powerful, addictive opioids.

The professionals at Dr. Rogers Centers make these new medicines accessible and affordable to all who might benefit. In addition to lowering risk of diabetes, sleep apnea and heart disease, the psychological impact of measurable weight-loss cannot be quantified. “The ability to help someone feel better in their own skin — with improved self-confidence and well-being — that’s what makes me feel good,” Dr. Askew said. Functional medicine training teaches doctors to look at the root cause of problems. Because she’s a woman who experienced menopause herself, Dr. Askew empathizes with those suffering with symptoms. She listens carefully to her patients’ concerns, takes the necessary lab tests, then customizes a hormone therapy plan. Dr. Askew collaborates with several compounding pharmacies to tailor a complement of treatments — pellets, drops and creams – to alleviate the problems. “We understand hormone physiology in the body and look at all aspects of the patient to find what works for them,” she said. “Numbers tell part of the story, but symptoms are key. Hormones are life-changing for a lot of people. We will know in just a few weeks. Sometimes the answer doesn’t come in an orange bottle.”

Dr. Wendy treats eligible patients with Goodblend medical marijuana products for qualified conditions. Dr. Askew encourages patients to have a positive mindset. “Start where you are, and let us help you be the best version of yourself, at every stage of your life,” she said. Find her at drrogerscenters.com or call 210-495-2117 to schedule a consultation.

Wendy Askew, M.D., OB/Gyn


www.drrogerscenters.com Dr. Rogers Centers-Redland 2838 N. Loop 1604 E. Suite 104 San Antonio, Tx 78232


Medical services provided: Full gynecological services ranging from well woman exams; to hormonal concerns and hormone management for both men and women; sexual enhancement services for men and women; and medical cannabis prescriptions.

Dr. Rogers Centers-Dominion 24200 IH 10 W. Suite 107 San Antonio, Tx 78257

Goodblend Medical Cannabis is recommended for patients with these qualifying conditions:

Wendy Askew, M.D., is a Diplomate of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Askew is board certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the American Board of AntiAging, Functional and Regenerative Medicine.

PTSD Epilepsy Spasticity Multiple Sclerosis Peripheral Neuropathy Autism Neuropathic Pain Alzheimer’s Cancer Parkinson’s


Heads Up Know the Signs of Concussion By Amy Morgan


ame on! With the start of school early in August this year, many student athletes have already been hard at work this summer training for their season’s debut on the courts and fields. Athletic competition builds healthy bodies and helps young people stay active and engaged, but many youth sports involve at least some risk for concussion. The CDC defines a concussion as a traumatic brain injury that affects brain function, usually caused by a blow to the head, although a violent head shake such as whiplash can also be a cause. Effects are usually temporary but can include headaches and problems with concentration, memory, balance and coordination. Zack Baum, M.D., Medical Director of Physicians Premier free-standing emergency room, has head injury advice. While there’s no way to prevent concussion entirely, Dr. Baum recommends a well-fitting helmet. “Helmets, in general, save lives,” he said. “Whether someone is riding a bike, an ATV or playing a contact sport, helmets, when worn properly, make a huge impact.” You may also consider taking your student for a preconcussion screening to establish a neurologic baseline. Pre-concussion testing generally includes a set of neuropsychological exams developed to assess and score an individual’s ability in several aspects of brain function like coordination, problem solving, vision and response speed. If a concussion is suspected, the athlete can retake the test, which will provide clear, objective results of any temporary cognitive impairment. Dr. Baum said having a baseline greatly streamlines concussion diagnosis and recovery. After a fall or head injury, watch for symptoms like headache, ringing in the ears, nausea or vomiting, fatigue or drowsiness, blurry vision, confusion, amnesia, or dizziness. It’s wise to seek medical attention if you suspect head injury, and especially if the person has lost consciousness. Sometime parents tell Dr. Baum they feel silly that they came in, but, “If you are worried, that’s enough for me,” he said. If Dr. Baum or one of his colleagues suspects a problem, he can order a CAT scan at the Physicians Premier location near the HEB Plus, just west of Highway 281 on Highway 46. While most who experience concussion recover in a few days, some people experience post-concussion difficulty concentrating or completing schoolwork, sensitivity to light or noise or headaches that refuse to abate for weeks or even months.

It is important not to immediately return to the same highly competitive level of play as prior to the incident. The CDC recommends a six-step protocol to gradually resume play once person is symptom-free. More vigorous activity can be incorporated in stages until the athlete is determined fully ready to rejoin teammates on the field. Don’t be in a rush to resume prematurely, Dr. Baum cautioned. The effects on the brain of a subsequent injury are cumulative, and especially if the first concussion has not completely healed. The key point is to rest your brain and prevent a secondary injury. Follow the CDC’s motto – it’s better to miss one game than the whole season. Physicians Premier offers all the capabilities of a hospital emergency room without the wait or the crowd. Find Dr. Baum and his colleagues at MDpremier.com. Symptoms of potential serious injury: • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A headache that gets worse over time Fluid or blood draining from the nose or ears Vision or eye disturbances, such as pupils that are bigger than normal (dilated pupils) or pupils of unequal sizes Ringing in the ears that doesn't go away Weakness in the arms or legs Appearing very pale for longer than an hour Changes in behavior Confusion or disorientation, such as difficulty recognizing people or places Slurred speech or other changes in speech Obvious difficulty with mental function or physical coordination Changes in physical coordination, such as stumbling or clumsiness Seizures or convulsions Lasting or recurrent dizziness Symptoms that worsen over time

Zack Baum, M.D. Emergency Medicine Physician


20475 Highway 46, Suite 100 Spring Branch, TX 78070 (830) 438-6911 MDPremier.com


Realtor® Reports Agent Brings Rental Experience to Sales Business By Amy Morgan


Hernandez may be one of San Antonio’s newest realtors, becoming licensed in March 2022, but he’s already on his way to a successful real estate career. CJ and his wife, Brittany, work together to manage four properties they rent through the popular App airbnb. While they sometimes rent to vacationers, often their customers are those on long term military assignments who prefer the comfort of staying in a home. Additionally, San Antonio’s tight housing market has caused many families seeking to buy to rent as they wait for something to become available. “The housing market is still crazy and will continue to be for a while. Inventory is still not increasing much,” CJ said. “Bidding wars are becoming more commonplace even in the rentalhousing market. No one can find a home to live in because prices are insane.” As a property manager, CJ heard stories from his rental customers about less-than-positive experiences as they looked for homes to purchase. The lessons he learned through trial and error during his own home purchase nudged him to take the plunge and become an agent.

As interest rates are rising, he advises buyers to choose realistically priced properties to keep from being overextended when it’s time to close. He also suggests families consider building a new house to allow them to be more successful in their search.

CJ met fellow realtor Essie Ramahi through his previous position as an audio engineer at his church — he learned of her work filming her testimony. Essie helped him navigate the real estate course and exams, mentored him and encouraged him to join her brokerage, Our Texas Real Estate Group, headquartered in Lubbock.

In his spare time, CJ enjoys mixing music, leading worship or playing one of several instruments — guitar, bass, drums. His children, Scarlett and Jeremiah, are also musically inclined. He says his four-year-old daughter, “sings like an angel.

“I’m inspired to provide a different and better customer service experience that people are going to enjoy. There’s a lot we can do as agents to make the process less stressful. That’s what pushed me,” CJ said.

“Family is number one for me,” CJ said. This newly minted agent will continue to build his business and provide white-glove customer service, all the while, keeping his family on the forefront.

He agrees with a recent Wall Street Journal article in June that stated, “First time home buyers are facing an exceptionally difficult housing market that threatens to lock younger households out of home ownership.” “The average cost of a home in San Antonio is more than $300,000,” he said. In a multiple-offer situation, which is common now with tight inventory, people are making offers over asking price. The problem is, if the appraisal values the property lower than the offer, the potential buyer must come up with cash to cover the difference. “Offers from first-time home buyers often don’t look attractive because the seller doesn’t want to take the risk they’ll have the extra cash in the bank if needed.” CJ counsels his clients to build up their savings, secure a preapproval letter and be able to show proof of funds.

CJ Hernandez Our Texas Real Estate 210-803-6561




I have helped many people achieve their dreams of homeownership. I’ll answer all your questions and outline all your options—empowering you as a buyer, while finding your perfect loan. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, refinancing your current home or buying a second, my team and I can help you finance the home of your dreams.









“Frank is awesome! He is very straight-forward. He will only give you facts after running the numbers. He has great communication skills and kept us informed during the entire process. Our closing was handled and complete within 9 days.4 Thanks again to Frank Paredez and his team for assisting us with the purchase of our first home!” —Chamise My promise to you Constant communication, elite customer service & industry expertise.

19230 Stone Oak Pkwy., Suite 240, San Antonio, TX 78258 (210) 362-0064



1. Source: Loan Volume is based on Guaranteed Rate production report for funded loans 01/01/2021-12/31/2021 2. All data is sourced from Guaranteed Rate’s Client Satisfaction Surveys (2021) 3. Source: According to Scotsman Guide Top Mortgage Lenders 2020 Top Retail Volume List 4. Guaranteed Rate cannot guarantee that an applicant will be approved or that a closing can occur within a specific timeframe. All dates are estimates and will vary based on all involved parties level of participation at any stage of the loan process. Applicant subject to credit and underwriting approval. Not all applicants will be approved for financing. Receipt of application does not represent an approval for financing or interest rate guarantee. Restrictions may apply, contact Guaranteed Rate for current rates and for more information. Frank Paredez NMLS ID: 1628244; TX - Licensed | Guaranteed Rate, Inc.; NMLS #2611; For licensing information visit nmlsconsumeraccess.org. Equal Housing Lender. Conditions may apply. (20220615-1471253)


Safeguard Your Smile Wear a Mouthguard When Playing Contact Sports By Amy Morgan


ansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes chews on his between plays. Golden State Warrior Steph Curry believes he shoots free throws better when he’s chomping on his. Others prefer a plain piece of plastic matching their team’s colors. Whether trademarked or understated, mouthguards are a wise investment for any athlete playing a contact sport. Mouthguards will protect their smile and reduce the likelihood of painful and expensive dental restoration. Something you probably know but have not really thought about — your teeth are part of your skull. If a tooth sustains a direct impact, it could break or be knocked out. Not only is this painful — because your teeth are surrounded by sensitive nerves — permanent teeth do not grow back. Fixing or replacing broken teeth can be a very involved and expensive and require multiple procedures. You could also break the bones of your jaw. Another risk of tooth injury is displacement. If the line of your teeth is compromised, the treatment is surgery. Mouthguards protect the teeth and jaw from strong impact because they distribute the force of the impact uniformly along its structure and keep your teeth in position. Have you ever accidentally bitten your tongue while chewing? Remember how painful that was? Think about how much it would hurt if you fell or were hit and trapped your lips or tongue between your teeth. You could actually bite a piece off! Not only would the injury be extremely painful, it would leave a facial scar. And if you lose a piece of tongue, it could impair speech forever. Reason enough to invest in a mouthguard! The professionals at 7to7 Dental & Orthodontics, conveniently located at the corner of Stone Oak Parkway and Evans Road, can make customized mouthguards to up your “wow factor,” even including your school logo to show your team spirit, and fit your personal mouth anatomy so the guard can become an essential part of your game equipment. The American Dental Association considers custom-made mouthguards the most protective option. According to Travis DeZuba, 7to7 Dental’s Marketing Director, custom mouthguards made in a dental office use thermoplastic material that is much more durable than the generic plastic found in store-bought mouthguards. Another benefit is the fit. Mouthguards made in a dental office use thermoforming techniques from the patient’s unique mouth impressions. With the professionals at 7to7 Dental forming the mouthguards, athletes (and their parents) can rest assured the fit is spot-on and their investment in their athlete’s smile is protected. In contrast, you basically "boil & bite" the others, which can leave room for many errors, he added. Mouthguards can be made to accommodate braces, and many include a dental warranty if something happens to the wearer’s teeth. Once you’ve selected your mouthguard, don’t forget to take care of it. Clean it every time you wear it to make sure it’s not carrying bacteria. Keep your smile safe. Invest in a mouthguard today, and don’t step on the field without it! The professionals at 7to7 Dental & Orthodontics care about your oral health and are available 7 a.m.- 7 p.m., seven days a week, for dentistry for the whole family and emergencies. 7to7 Dental is a local business, grown in 14 years from the practice of one dentist and six staff. Co-Owners Tiffany Winburn, D.M.D, and Justin Coke and many of the 250 staff members live in Stone Oak with their families and are part of the community.

Get The Family Seen Before School Starts!

Open 7 Days A Week! 210-495-2000 7to7Dental.com

We’re proud to work with the VERY BEST financing groups in the business! This ensures you and your smile are well taken care of!



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Helpful Horsewoman

Reagan Senior Student Clears Obstacles to Ride and Serve By Amy Morgan


onald Reagan High School senior Katelyn Gwyer literally clears obstacles to balance her passion as an equestrian with her love for community service. Katie competes in Hunt Seat Equitation through the Interscholastic Equestrian Association on her 10-year-old thoroughbred, Remington. She trains every day after school at the Russell Equestrian Center in Boerne, sometimes staying for hours or heading to the equine therapy facility next door to help riders with intellectual or physical disabilities. Katie recognizes several of the participants from Reagan’s ALE class. She knows the kids personally, because as a Reagan PAL, she’s helped with their events, including the Special Olympics basketball tournament and a Valentine’s Day party. Recently, she helped a student at the district’s field day with the softball throw and 100-meter dash. She looks forward to volunteering at Camp Camp this July. She’ll spend the week’s session partnering with a child with disabilities to make the camping experience special. PALs also mentor younger students at the district’s elementary and middle schools. Katie spends time at Bush Middle School and Stone Oak Elementary every week. “It is so rewarding to see you are having a positive impact,” she said. “We didn’t always talk about the tough stuff going on, but sometimes we would, and I could tell they really appreciated it.” Katie remembers the difference her own PAL made when she was going through a tough time processing her parents’ divorce in the second grade. An end-of-semester Aloha to PALs event welcoming incoming PALs with a party during the school day was another Reagan highlight. Katie joined Student Council when she enrolled at Reagan, working up from the position as head of the community service committee to now being elected president her senior year. She particularly enjoyed purchasing and wrapping 3,000 gifts for students at Camelot Elementary School, which student council officers were able to deliver personally this year.

“Every kid was able to get a gift,” she said. “It was so sweet to see their little smiles.” One of the older boys received a three-dimensional puzzle. He showed Katie how he had already put together a tetradactyl from the kit before the Reagan kids had even finished distribution. “I got to see what we were fully capable of as a student council post-Covid and touch some lives that day,” she added. As Student Council President, Katie also looks forward to being one of the few students with a speaking position at her class' 2023 graduation ceremonies. In addition to her NHS stole, Katie will wear a special red cord at graduation, earned by donating blood through the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center six times during high school. Katie gave her first donation at age 16 as soon as she was eligible and encourages friends to participate. “If I have something, and I don’t need it, why not help someone else?” she said. She’s applying to Colorado State and Texas A&M, with hopes to continue in their veterinarian programs. Katie plans to become a large animal vet, an aspiration not surprising for an avid horsewoman. We predict she’ll sail over those obstacles as easily as she jumps with Remington.


Proactive Preparations

Plan for Disasters – and Don’t Forget Fido

App to make sure you are receiving emergency alerts in real-time.” As you make preparations, don’t forget your furry family members. You wouldn’t want to leave Fido behind to weather a storm alone.

Source: Anni Mac/Shutterstock.com.

Many public shelters and hotels don’t allow pets, so have a safe place in mind beforehand. You can develop a buddy system with neighbors, friends or relatives in case you need to leave your home or can’t care for your pet. Map out routes and call ahead so you know where you can reserve pet-friendly lodging. Ask if they’ll waive a no-pet policy in an emergency.

By Camp Bow Wow Staff


orecasters at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center, a division of the National Weather Service, released a statement on May 24 predicting above-average hurricane activity this year — which would make it the seventh consecutive above-average hurricane season. “As we reflect on another potentially busy hurricane season, past storms — such as Superstorm Sandy, which devastated the New York metro area ten years ago — remind us that the impact of one storm can be felt for years,” said NOAA Administrator Rick Spinrad, Ph.D. While San Antonio rarely takes a direct hurricane hit, we often feel the aftermath of inclement weather. It’s important to be prepared so a disaster does not catch you unaware. “Hurricane Ida spanned nine states, demonstrating that anyone can be in the direct path of a hurricane and in danger from the remnants of a storm system,” said FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell. “It’s important for everyone to understand their risk and take proactive steps to get ready now by visiting Ready.gov and Listo. gov for preparedness tips, and by downloading the FEMA

Build an emergency kit with food, water and medicines. Include first aid, a backup leash, collar, ID tag and up-to-date vaccination records in a waterproof container, because pet shelters require proof of current vaccinations before they accept a guest. (You can also take a picture and store the information on your phone.) You might also add extra towels in case Fido gets wet or dirty. The emergency and transition might be emotionally difficult for your pup, so don’t forget favorite toys and bedding to reduce anxiety. Microchipping your pup will help a rescuer return Fido safely should you be separated. Make sure your information is up to date and includes a back-up contact out of the area in case your whole region is affected. Don’t forget a picture so people can identify your pup and you can prove ownership. If you’ve had to leave your home, don’t let your pup loose upon return until you’ve made sure your fence has not broken and no dangerous debris or chemicals landed in your yard. With a little bit of preparation, you’ll be able to face the potential busy storm season ahead knowing both your furry and human family members will be well cared for if the need arise.

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Sniff & Seek Enrichment with the purchase of (2) enrichment services.

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Community Calendar Presented by Frost

Single Professionals Networking Meeting – Wednesday, Aug. 10, 4-6 p.m. Join other 55+ widowed, divorced and single mature professionals for conversation, libations and food in a relaxed, social setting. Frida’s, 18740 Stone Oak Parkway 78258; www.spn-sa.org. NEISD – First Day of School Wednesday August 10 Single Professionals Networking Meeting Thursday, Aug. 18, 5-7 p.m. Join other 55+ widowed, divorced and single mature professionals for conversation, libations and food in a relaxed, social setting. Vallarta Bar & Grill, 14814 Jones Maltsberger 78247, Entertainment by DJ Paul Davis; www.spn-sa.org.

Tejas Rodeo – Saturdays through November, 5 p.m. – 1 a.m. Enjoy live rodeo action: bronco riding, team roping, barrel racing, mutton bustin’ and calf scramble. Live music at 9 p.m. Tejas Rodeo Company, 401 Obst Road 78163; www.tejasrodeo.com. Immersive Van Gogh - dates and times through Sept. 5. A digital art experience that invites audiences to enter the works of van Gogh. 221 Burleson 78202. www.goghsanantonio.com. Stone Oak Rotary Club – Tuesdays, noon -1 p.m. Guest speakers weekly. Dona Tota, 923 Loop 1604 W. #115 78232; www.stoneoaksarotary.org. Stone Oak Toastmasters – Tuesdays, noon-1 p.m. Come for lunch to learn about Toastmasters, a group that nurtures public speaking and leadership skills. There’s no obligation to join, and you won’t have to make a speech! Just pay for your lunch. Pericos, 1439 E. Sonterra Blvd. 78258; www.stoneoaktoastmasters.org.

Fall Sports Registration – Registration is open for flag and tackle football, soccer, t-ball, baseball, softball, and volleyball. Mays Family YMCA of Stone Oak, 21654 Blanco Road 78258; 210-497-7088. Grand Opening of the Walker Ranch Senior Center – Monday, Aug. 1, 10 a.m. Join City Councilman John Courage and other dignitaries as they formally open District 9’s new senior center. Walker Ranch Senior Center, 835 W. Rhapsody 78216; 210-207-0955. Science in Nature STEM camp – Monday, Aug. 1 – Friday, Aug. 5, 8:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m. Campers will spend mornings conducting experiments and learning how to follow the scientific method while exploring the Garden. Nature explosions, particle sorting, and other activities await! Ages 5-13. San Antonio Botanical Gardens, 555 Funston Place 78209; jwolanski@sabot.org. Kids’ Base Camp – Tuesday, August 2, 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Learn gun and archery safety, shoot on the range with professional range safety officers, learn outdoor and survival skills. Ages 8-15. Buck and Doe’s Mercantile, 24250 U.S. 281 78258. 820-980-3637.

Rattler Roundup Kickoff Pep Rally – Friday August 19, 5 p.m. BBQ, 6:30 p.m. pep rally. Meet the new Rattler teams and enjoy performances by the band and spirit squads. Ronald Reagan High School, 19000 Ronald Reagan 78258; Facebook: @RRHSspirit. Tasting Texas – Sat. Aug. 20, 6-8 p.m. Texas and the San Antonio area have many unique edible native plants. Reinvent the unique flavors of Texas. San Antonio Botanical Gardens, 555 Funston Place 78209; www.sabot.org. Kansas and .38 Special at the Real Life Amphitheater — Saturday, Aug. 20, 8 p.m. Enjoy classic rock in the outside venue. Real Life Amphitheater, 16765 Lookout Road, Selma 78154; www.tobincenter.org. Single Professionals Networking Meeting – Friday, Aug. 26, 4-6 p.m. Join other 55+ widowed, divorced and single mature professionals for conversation, libations and food in a relaxed, social setting. Cover 3 patio, 1806 N. Loop 1604 W. 78232; www.spn-sa.org.

KSAT12 Pigskin Classic – Saturday, Aug. 27, 11:30 a.m. - 11 p.m. Inaugural all-day televised football contest highlights city’s top teams and includes band, fans and spirit squads. Ronald Reagan High School faces Smithson Valley at 11:30 a.m. Johnson plays Judson at 3:30 p.m. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show – AlamoDome, 100 Montana St. 78203; Through Sunday, Aug. 7. Days and times vary. www.ksat.com. Live theater production featuring beloved Summit Christian Learning Center children’s book character puppets from Eric Summer Adventure Camp – MondayCarle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The Friday, 6:30 a.m.- 6:30 p.m. through August. Magik Theatre, 420 S. Alamo St. 78205; Field trips, outdoor play, sports court, daily www.magiktheatre.org. Send your upcoming events devotional, art, science exploration, music. to StoneOakInfo@gmail.com. Summit Christian Center, 2575 Marshall Road 78259; www.summitsa.com. Storytime in the Garden – Thursdays through October 27, 10-10:30 a.m. Each session features a different nature-themed book designed to stimulate young minds and foster an appreciation for the great outdoors. San Antonio Botanical Gardens, 555 Funston Place 78209; www.sabot.org.


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The Good Neighbor of the Month

Handy Helper Pastor, Retiree Teaches Finance While Looking Out for Others By Amy Morgan


ood Neighbor José Zambrana learned at a young age to not look “after his own interests, but … to the interest of others.” (Philippians 2:4) As a young boy, he accompanied his uncle as he helped neighbors with odd jobs and renovation projects. By age 11 José was developing a heart of a servant while learning to paint and spackle, skills that served him well in the handyman business he ran for five years in the early 2000s. José and his wife, Evie, have been married 51 years. They lived 67 years in the Northeast before moving to San Antonio. José worked 33 years for the Con Ed utility company, which controls all the steam in Manhattan. His expertise proved invaluable during the 911 crisis when the towers fell. The utility company needed to release the pressure from all the valves across the city to prevent possible ruptures. “We were basically saving Manhattan from blowing up,” he said. José retired at age 55 and has spent the last 18 years in full-time ministry. Five years ago, the Zambranas followed their daughter, Melissa, and her family to San Antonio. They immediately began reaching out to build relationships as they had done in their previous neighborhoods. José serves as a spiritual supporter for their Independence Village neighbors. He notices people on his daily 11-mile bike rides along the community’s perimeter trail. Three times he’s rescued someone who has fallen — picking them up, calling relatives and getting them to help. José has become the unofficial go-to person for honey-do helps like fixing six neighbors’ gate latches or shoring up a fence for a 92-year-old he met on his rides. Even now, he’s painting the house of an elderly Vietnam veteran from the Zambranas’ 24/7 Church. José continues to model servanthood by having his 16-year-old grandson assist. The couple continues to find ways to support their neighbors, whether taking a group of retirees to serve at the Food Bank, donating blood, writing cards of encouragement or starting a food program at 24/7. “My motivation is that I follow Christ’s example.” José said. “Christ gave it all for me. If I can do something for him, I’ll do it for the Lord’s glory.”

José came to Christ at the Calvary Baptist Church in Warwick, NY, in 1981. He led groups of Royal Rangers volunteers on maintenance workdays, served on church leadership for 41 years, and became an ordained pastor in 2019. In 2013, the Zambranas founded the ministry, Debt Free in Christ, which teaches Biblical financial principles about budgeting and stewardship. (Website: debtfreeinChrist.org.) “If we look at the Bible, God mentions love 759 times (NLT:www.bibletools.com), but money 2350 times (www. compass1.org),” José said. He and Evie became debt-free at age 54, which allowed them to dedicate the latter part of their life to ministry. “It’s marvelous to be debt free,” he said. “The peace it brings allows you to hear from God and to become a super giver.” He plans to begin teaching prospective pastors and high schoolers at the Trinity Christian Academy this fall, in addition to those who attend his current study. At age 73, he’s going strong, inspiring us all.

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