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bountiful blessings by carol spencer, senior director of resource ministries As I attempted to put thoughts on paper for this article, I was reminded of the great love our God has for His children. From my window I see our magnificent Worship Center and Children’s Building, and can’t help but rejoice over the needed space that God has provided through the generosity of His people. I find myself agreeing with Max Lucado’s beautiful words that remind us, “the One who came still comes and the One who spoke still speaks.” As Stonebriar finished its eleventh year, God continued to pour out His bountiful blessings. We finished the fiscal year at 99.95% of projected revenue and 86% of projected expenses. We built the Children’s Building without incurring additional debt, and we were able to add sports fields. Entering the current fiscal year, our church faces the same economic challenges as most of you. As God lays it on your heart, may you continue to provide for God’s work to be done at Stonebriar. We in Resource Ministries are honored to be a part of this loving ministry. Our goal, Colossians 3:17 states, “And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.” May we never lose sight of the fact that we are serving Him in regard not only to our willing duty, but also as servers of nourishing food, which is the Love and Truth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. My prayer is that we will continue to glow and grow in Christ’s perfecting grace and savor the joy that comes only from living out His unique role for us.

Bob Vestal

encouraging all people to pursue a lifelong, joyous relationship with Jesus Christ



OCTOBER | NOVEMthe return of the sports fields two soccer fields, a baseball diamond, and football field are now part of Stonebriar’s campus..................... 4

children’s building nears completion

6 7

find out how you can help us move in.......................... 4

looking back over 11 years navigate through SCC’s history with pastor Chuck..................................... 5

stonebriar special needs ministry see how one family found their church home............. 6

inspiration comes in all ages junior high students raise money for missions. find out

a change in travel plans with passports

how much and why.......................................................... 7

ready for honduras, these students were surprised by

staff honored for ten years of service five SCC staff members celebrate ten years................... 7

what they found in kentucky instead............................. 8

event calendar fall festival, thanksgiving service projects, and weekly programming................... 9

operation christmas child giving a shoe box for Christmas this year could change a life..................11 “Mosaic is a place where I can come and know there will be others to relate with me in what I am facing—career decisions, moving out on my own, education choices, and, above all, a relationship with Jesus Christ. Mosaic, for me, is an answer to prayer.”

sweet celebration mark your calendar for chocolate and laughter this holiday season................11

—Tiffany Aukes

single in your 20’s? join us for Mosaic the first and third thursday of each month at 7 p.m. in the multi-purpose room.

more stories at

by jennifer brown, director of communications

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The swoosh of a soccer net, the cheers of a team scoring a point, and laughter from all ages were once common sounds heard on SCC’s sports fields both day and night. It is these same “joyful noises” we hope to hear now that the Stonebriar sports fields are in place. Originally SCC’s sports fields were located west of the Education Building, but as the new Worship Center and Children’s Building projects began, the area for sports became a construction site instead. As Stonebriar leadership evaluated how to best use existing acreage for ministry purposes, the idea of bringing back the sports fields became a realistic and economical answer. During August, the ground was cleared and 28 semi-truck loads of grass were delivered to cover nearly ten acres for the sports fields. The fresh ground settled in September, and now as we enter the fall season the new fields are ready for use by our congregation and community. Located on the north side of the new Children’s Building, these fields— including two soccer fields, a baseball diamond, and football field—will provide even more room for sports activities. The return of these fields will greatly support SCC’s Sport Outreach Ministry, helping reduce the costs for annual camps while also providing a place where active ministry can happen. “Having quality fields at Stonebriar will enhance our ministry by allowing us to better provide quality camps and clinics. The fields will also allow us to share our facilities with many teams in the area, providing boundless opportunities to share Christ and be a witness to many who are unsaved and unchurched,” said Roger Campbell, director of SCC’s Sports Outreach Ministry.

By the time this newsletter makes its way into the hands of our congregation, more additions will be made to the new Children’s Building. In fact, we hope to have the Certificate of Occupancy in hand by mid-October. Already, the walls are painted, carpet is installed, and lighting fixtures, phone lines, and elevators are operational. As we prepare to move in at the end of December, we need your continued support. While the cost of construction is covered, we will have additional expenses related to readying the new classrooms for use. In addition, volunteers are needed to help move furniture and supplies from existing classrooms and offices now located in the Education Building. If you are interested in volunteering to help with moving, contact Teresa at 469-252-5351 or e-mail Contributions to the Children’s Building may be made online [Keyword: ChildrensBuilding].

If you are interested in reserving the sports field for practice or for an event, please contact Julie Gandia at 469-252-5377. Learn more about SCC’s Sports Outreach Ministry online [Keyword: SportsOutreach].

looking back over 11 years

by chuck swindoll, senior pastor As I sit here today, reflecting over these 11 years, I need a GPS.

The “G” represents GRACE. It was a mutual desire for grace that first drew us together back in mid-October 1998. All of us longed for a place of grace. We wanted every message preached to have grace at its core. Grace in the Gospel. Grace in worship. Grace in relationships. Grace in understanding. Grace in our DNA.

The “P” represents PRAISE. Our praise has been directed upward ever since our inception. We have never been a church that centers our praise on people, but always on our God. All of our praise goes to our Heavenly Father through Christ our Lord and Savior. Our prayers have been punctuated with praise to Him who, alone, is worthy. Answers to our prayers have always been met with praise. We have given Him praise for everything He has provided: land, buildings, leadership, growth, joy, and harmony. Our hearts are filled with praise. Our music rings with praise. Even times of testing and waiting on our knees have caused us to praise our God. For eleven years, PRAISE has been our theme.

Why? Because we were weary of churches that lacked it. We weren’t ready for more legalism, more guilt-giving, heavy-handed demands, or strong-armed manipulations masked in pious words. We have always been a body of people who love the freedom that grace provides. For 11 years, GRACE has held us together.

The “S” represents SURPRISE. Our incredible beginning was a surprise. Our finding this magnificent piece of real estate in the nerve center of this fast-growing city was a surprise. Our ability to set up church in a great big gymnasium and then sit on white plastic chairs until our bottoms got numb—through long sermons and loud

This may seem strange, since many of us use GPS to arrive where we are going, not to help us remember where we’ve been. But in this case, the past 11 years are best described as a journey where GPS has played a major role. Let me explain.

5 | connection

rainstorms on the roof—without one fist fight breaking out—is a remarkable surprise. The sacrificial giving of so many so that we could reach out to more folks through this larger and lovely new sanctuary was an immense surprise. And on top of all that, we’ve almost completed our new, two-story Children’s Building without adding a dime’s more debt in the midst of one of the most financially challenging times in recent American history. Now THAT, my friends, qualifies as a major surprise! So here we are today, only 11 years old. Why, we’re not even in our teenage years as a church . . . but stop and look at what the Lord has done (and, trust me, He has only begun). His GRACE is still sufficient. Our PRAISE to Him is still going forth. And the SURPRISE factor is still our watchword. The ol’ GPS is still working well at Stonebriar Community Church.

habitat home dedicated Last spring, Stonebriar’s Habitat for Humanity project kicked off with a prebuild at the church in March. We then moved the frame to the 7118 Hickory Street job site on April 4. After a few months of hard work, SCC celebrated with the family during a dedication service on August 29. In all, 39 SCC volunteers served more than 1,000 hours of service to complete the project. In addition, 55 members of the Stonebriar staff served two days—providing 300 additional man-hours of service. We cannot thank our volunteers enough, and look forward to the next project! Habitat has acquired the land for two more homes in Frisco. Count on it—Stonebriar will be there with tools in hand! Read the full story and find pictures of the finished project online [Keyword: Habitat Build].

stonebriar special needs ministry: by bob vestal, contributing writer

how one family found their church home

The Special Needs Ministry at Stonebriar strives to “create a loving, safe environment where people with special needs can grow spiritually, physically, and socially.” This commitment to those with special needs is exactly what drew John and Colette McCadden to Stonebriar. This family’s story may sound familiar. John grew up in North Dallas; Colette in Abilene. The couple met early in their careers as physical therapists, married, and started a family: Greg, Evan, Owen, and Meagan. A new chapter was added when Evan was officially diagnosed with Autism at two years old. Any parent with a special needs child knows exactly what this means, but to describe this a little more for others, this means Evan has limitations in verbalizing and understanding communication; he faces challenges knowing what is appropriate social behavior, has delayed self-help skills, and does not always know how to play in certain instances. Knowing that Evan, now six years old, needed additional support in the classroom setting, the McCadden family approached the process of finding a church home carefully. For months, the family visited various churches, studied their programs, and interviewed staff and volunteers. Through this process, the McCaddens discovered a church that the whole family could call home. “We’re excited every Sunday morning because we know that there’s a place for all of us, and Evan is usually the first to hop into the car,” Colette said. “Stonebriar looks like a large church, but the people have that small-church friendliness. It really makes us feel at home when we know there’s a place that Evan can go where the people really understand children with special needs,” John shared. Knowing all their children are being taught strong biblical truths in a loving environment also provides John and Colette an opportunity to grow together spiritually in their own setting. So, how can fellow church members support Special Needs families? “Awareness is a big thing—being aware and supportive of special needs kids and families really makes a difference,” suggested John. “Having an understanding of our challenges means so much. We hope and pray that Evan will have the ability to be independent some day; however, the reality is that he will more than likely always need support,” Colette shared. Stonebriar has a team of staff and volunteers who focus solely on supporting individuals and families with special needs. Through the Special Needs Ministry, SCC provides sign language interpreters, hearing assistance, wheelchairs, Braille and large-print Bibles, ADA-compliant facilities, and classes for adults and children. SCC also offers a monthly respite program for families, called FunZone. Learn more about SCC’s Special Needs Ministry online [Keyword: Special Needs]. Want to make a difference? To volunteer in a special needs classroom, e-mail for details, or starting in November, support the Special Needs Ministry by purchasing note cards in the Atrium on Sundays.

Parents John and Colette and their children Evan (6), Greg (9), Owen (3), Meagan (18 months).

inspiration comes in all ages by david ake, associate pastor of student ministries Every year, eighth-grade students in Stonebriar’s Junior High Ministry are given the opportunity to become members of the Kenosis Leadership Team, taking on the added commitment, responsibility, and goal of serving fellow students with the heart of Christ as seen in Philippians 2:5–8 (the reference passage for the word and concept of “kenosis”). As part of their leadership training, students are encouraged to select a service project that aligns with the missions focus of our church, makes a significant impact, and involves as many students, families, and areas of the church as possible. This year, 24 new Kenosis team members are planning how they can raise awareness and support for a community outreach project in the Frisco area. While researching how they can make a difference, this team of eighth-grade leaders is inspired by the more than $31,000 raised for Safe Haven Home for Girls in Beirut, Lebanon, by last year’s team. To reach their goal, last year’s 18-member Kenosis team put their leadership skills into practice every week for eight months. By operating the Lebanon table on Missions Sunday and creating a multimedia presentation, student leaders shared the story, mission, and challenges of Safe Haven. They also challenged fellow junior high students to participate in a 30-hour fast, to raise pledges for each hour they did not eat. Some students even engaged in a five-day media fast! No cell phones, TVs, radios, movies, or iPods for a whole week! By the end of the year, they raised $31,071.37, meaning these junior high students (through the endorsement of Life on Purpose and support from several more adult fellowships, including the Marathon class) met Stonebriar’s $20,000 commitment to Safe Haven and also helped purchase a new generator for the medical clinic in Shatila (a slum outside of Beirut) with the extra funds. Read the full story online [Keyword: Kenosis].

SCC staff honored for ten years of service During September, five Stonebriar staff members were honored for ten years of dedication and service. Along with senior pastor Chuck Swindoll, his son Chuck Swindoll Jr., chief engineer, audio/visual; Charlton Hiott, senior associate pastor of pastoral ministries; Carol Spencer, senior director of resource ministries; and Marge Ditka, director of special events, have served on staff since 1998, completing a full decade of service.

7 | connection

A CHANGE IN TRAVEL PLANS LEADS TO CHANGED HEARTS AND LIVES by susan jacobson, staff writer/designer For months, students in Stonebriar’s High School Ministry prepared for what was expected to be a great two-week summer mission trip to Honduras. But a few weeks before the departure date, military unrest broke out, making HSM’s destination unsafe for student mission work. As an alternative, the leadership team zeroed in on Pippa Passes, Kentucky. During July 17–31, 11 students traveled to Appalachia, and what began as “a substitute trip” became an opportunity to serve in unexpected ways in our own country. The trip began like many short-term mission trips with plans for VBS, visiting nearby nursing homes, and helping where needed. It was not until the second night of the trip that the students began to understand the deep needs in the area as described by the pastor of Caney Baptist Church, where the mission team was based. In this impoverished area, unemployment and addiction are a daily reality. “It was truly an eye-opening conversation tonight at dinner that started with casual small talk about the region and each of our pasts. It was very interesting to watch each of our team members’ eyes widen as the pastor explained to us the extreme poverty and need in the area. It was very humbling for each of us who honestly lack for nothing back home to hear of the hopelessness of the people of this area,” shared junior Victoria Sun. That night, after realizing the immense need in this area, the students reset their mission and committed to “show Christ’s love to our team, community, and children through our acts of service and the way we communicate.” This meant having intentional conversations about real needs with real people in our own nation. “This trip significantly changed the way I act toward others and helped me think of others before myself. I have long needed this change in my life,” said student leader Kendrick Miller, who shared the love of Christ from the student work site dedicated to fixing up homes this summer. Josiah Aukes’ words continue to echo every time these students reflect on the summer trip, “God [taught] me a lot of new things on this trip and really [challenged] me to give everything to Him.” While these students may not have gotten their passports to go to Kentucky, it is evident the journey was far-reaching in the lives of these students and to a community in need of practical Christian love.


find more events and details or sign up to volunteer at


community impact

weekly stonebriar prays wednesdays at 5 p.m., worship center

weekly beyond these walls sundays at 12:45 p.m., portable A 11/4–21 thanksgiving baskets project

10/4, 11/1 first sunday at five join us as we pray for our nation at 5 p.m. 10/18

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weekly reach up, reach out fridays at 7 a.m., room 243-244 10/5, 11/2 cancer encouragement group find comfort and encouragement, 7–8:30 p.m. 10/6, 11/3 in his time

infertility and miscarriage support, 6:30–8 p.m.


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child dedication services

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sweet celebration ticket sales begin november 8 for $5 in atrium


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weekly adult fellowships

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10/15, 11/5,19 mosaic

for singles in their 20s, 7 p.m., multi-purpose room

hispanic ministries web keyword: espanol

weekly spanish worship service led by pastor Carlos Zazueta, 11:15 a.m.


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10/3, 11/7 books and bagels 9:30 a.m. in guest center 10/9–11 men’s retreat


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11/1–15 operation christmas child



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special needs


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Bible study methods, 7–11:30 p.m.


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special needs notecards sales begin

sets of eight different designs are $5 each. look for signs in atrium on Sundays

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weekly celebration singers rehearsal SCC’s gospel choir, all are welcome to


no auditions required, Mondays, 6:30 p.m.

10/1, 11/5 crescendo open house

6:30 p.m., RSVP to 469-252-5207

It’s time again for Stonebriar’s Fall Festival! Join us Friday night, October 23, from 6 to 9 p.m. as we celebrate the season. This annual Fall Festival is SCC’s largest family and community outreach event of the year. Admission is free, but donations will be appreciated to offset cost. Similar to last year, we will have great activities, including a bungee jump, multiple bounce houses, carnival games, glow necklaces, live music, and food from Chick-Fil-A. Begin praying now for an unchurched family that you can invite to this great fall event. Also, pray about how you can be part of this night as a volunteer or contributor. There are many opportunities to work at booths, greet families, donate fun-sized candy, or donate financially to help with this outreach. Let us know how you want to help! Contact ProjectServe at 469-252-5351 to volunteer, or visit us online [Keyword: FallFestival].

stonebriar missions: trip opportunity Imagine Thanksgiving not as a time of extra food and football but instead as an opportunity to give back! Serve at the Operation Christmas Child process center in Denver, Colo., November 23­–27. We need 20 people to help get boxes ready to send overseas. For details about the trip, e-mail, or go online [Keyword: ShortTermTrip].

by tony cammarota

associate pastor, equipping ministries

Have you already started making your Christmas list? This year, consider adding another gift to the list—a simple gift, a shoe box When we are in our 20s, we make some of life’s biggest decisions. What will I do with my college degree? Should I get a master’s degree? filled with school supplies, toys, hygiene items, or clothing. Where will I live? Where will I work? Is this job what I really want to do? Is struggling to stay pure really worth it? Should I get married? What do I really believe? Questions about major areas of life permeate the thought life of singles in their 20s. On top of that, there This November Stonebriar will join up with Samaritan’s Purse for the Operation Christmas Child (OCC) outreach. Through this is a pressure that many in this mosaic generation face. We are thrust into a world of new demands and expectations, and we’re not ministry, children in more than 100 different countries are able to experience Christmas. The shoe box campaign will begin always ready.November 1. Two weeks later, on November 15, we will collect filled boxes from our congregation (look for tables in the Sunday, Atrium on Sundays). These gifts, for either a boy or girl, will bring smiles to millions of children around the world and also introduce the Enter Mosaic . . . Stonebriar’s new ministry adultsgift inoftheir 20s. Launching message of hope. Through Gospel booklets and follow-up discipleship, these childrenfor willyoung discoversingle the greatest all—Jesus! Thursday night, September 3, at 7 p.m. in SCC’s Multi-Purpose Room, Mosaic aims to reach this generation with to a unique message thatTeresa challenges transforms. Every first and third Thursday Interested in packing a box as a family or class? Want know more? Contact Kay at and 469-252-5351, e-mail, or of the month go online to [Keyword: OCC].at 7 p.m., Mosaic will meet as a large group to worship, learn, listen, serve, and have fun. Through community service projects and social activities, our vision is to reach the Frisco community, build relationships, and deepen our walk with Christ. Our heart is not to create a separate worship service, but to minister to singles in their 20s and integrate this group with the 9 is SCC’s fourth annual Sweet Celebration. This evening, filled with larger church bodyDecember of Stonebriar. sweet treats, tunes, and stories of the season, will be a highlight in the midst of •bounce houses the busy season. year, special guests Graham, Luci Swindoll, and a Like a mosaic, those in their 20s This are putting together theMary pieces of their lives. We make •food•family fun! Marilyn Meberg will share stories of their friendship—so you can count on the beautiful image as we pursue Christ together and separately. Also like a mosaic, when all the pieces sweet sounds of laughter filling of theaworship center. andthings beare in place, we appreciate the care and creativity Designer who,Mark in theyour end,calendar makes all gin praying for who you can invite. This is a great opportunity to bring friends, beautiful. Join us as we journey together this fall! family, neighbors, or co-workers and celebrate the true message of Christmas in the of laughter and a lot chocolate. Tickets on sale November for $5 Since this is a new midst outreach for Stonebriar, weofneed your help! Letgoevery single adult in8their 20s in the Atrium; learn more online [Keyword: SweetCelebration]. know about Mosaic! For more information, visit [Keyword: Mosaic], or contact Tony at or 469-252-5354.

11th anniversary celebration! super saturday

october 24 11 a.m.–3 p.m.

anniversary sunday october 25

join us for sunday worship 9:30 & 11:15 a.m. servicio en español: domingos 11:15 a.m. en salón 241

Chuck Swindoll, senior pastor

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