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ISSUE NO.60 Fall 2020

touchstone A quarterly publication providing the latest news & information for individuals with disabilities, families, friends and our community.

Providing everyone with the opportunity to vote

Members of the Monroe County Election Accessibility Committee inspect polling sites in August ensuring everyone had the right to vote during the recent election.

In August, a committee comprised of members from the City of Bloomington Council for Community Accessibility (CCA), members from the Monroe County Election Board, Stone Belt self-advocates Michael Ely, Sandy Gaskins, and their aides surveyed the accessibility of 36 polling places. Stone Belt self-advocates Michael Ely and Sandy Gaskins provided invaluable information to the committee as they both frequently deal with mobility barriers. Thanks to their participation, several improvements were made to the polling locations including creating accessible travel paths from the parking lot to polling locations making it easier and safer for people in wheelchairs to vote on election day. Based on the committee’s report, the Monroe County Election Board came up with the best possible solutions including adding ramps, modifying door handles, and adding more accessible parking spaces. The board also purchased voting equipment that provided the most accessible voting experience in Monroe County throughout early voting and on election day.

Contacting Your Legislators


Autumn Activities & Reflections

In Indiana:


Every Indiana citizen has a

As the cars streamed into the Starlite Drive-In Theater on October 14, I knew we were in for a great evening. This venue provided us with the opportunity to be together safely and to celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of some deserving people. The evening’s activities did not disappoint the audience of about 400 people. The weather was perfect and the big screen presentations created a magical atmosphere. Read more about the event and our winners inside this edition of Touchstone.

state representative and a state senator. To find your legislators go to: legislative/find-legislators/. Contact these individuals for concerns at the state level, such as funding for the direct support professional workforce. In Washington: To express your concerns about the changes in the Medicaid program or other federal issues, contact these federal legislators. • Senator Todd Young 202-224-5623 in Washington, D.C. or 317-226-6700 in Indianapolis contact/email-todd • Senator Mike Braun 202-224-4814 in Washington, D.C. or 317-822-8240 in Indianapolis contact-mike • Representative Trey Hollingsworth 202-225-5315 in Washington, D.C. or 812-288-3999 in Jeffersonville http://hollingsworth. • Representative Greg Pence, 202-225-3021 in Washington, D.C. or 812-799-5230 in Columbus contact

It is now time to look to the upcoming Indiana legislative session. The COVID-19 Pandemic has put a financial strain on Indiana and unless there is federal relief for states in an emergency spending bill, Indiana is likely to face budget shortfalls. The 2021 the state legislature sets the budget for the next two years, so decisions they make could have long-term effects. Therefore, we need many voices to keep our state legislators aware of the needs of people with disabilities and the staff that support them. We need funding for increasing DSP wages and sustaining services through the pandemic. Our ability to meet face-to-face with our legislators will be restricted, so we are working on ways to reach them virtually. Watch for emails and social media notices about upcoming legislative advocacy events and join our efforts. October marked my twentieth anniversary as Stone Belt’s CEO. This quiet anniversary gave me the chance to reflect on how the organization has grown and changed over the past two decades. •The Medicaid waiver program was relatively new in 2000. Through this funding source, we have seen a great deal of growth in Supported Living and day services as these newer models have come into place. Many people now have more self-directed lives and are living, working, and learning in the community, including in the Columbus area where much of our expansion happened. Our supported group homes have also provided a place for some people to learn the new skills they need before they moved into a more independent lifestyle. •Our Milestones program launched as a separate department in early 2000’s and opened at the Adams Street location in 2005. Milestones now provides valuable psychiatric and behavioral health services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the broader community. This is a resource that is in short supply in most communities.

•The Stone Belt art program began serendipitously in 2006 when an art exhibit drew the attention of wouldbe art patrons and we figured out how to start selling the artwork. Since CEO LESLIE GREEN then clients have produced and sold thousands of pieces of art and have contributed to the installation of multiple public art displays throughout the community. The I Am You theatre program was born in 2009 and has continued every two years since then. This provides a venue for people with disabilities to tell their personal stories to a live audience in formats such as monologues, skits, vocal performances, and poetry readings. •Our employment program grew in 2008 to include Project SEARCH, the internship program for young adults, and Pre-Employment Transitions Services for school-age participants started in 2016. These programs help to expand Employment Services’ positive reputation for helping people with disabilities become a part of the workforce. •Manufacturing Services upgraded our Bloomington workshop in 2009, moving our operations from Owen County to Monroe County. Orders have increased and we continually meet the demands of Cook Medical, with our client workers assembling as many as six million pieces per year. All of our programs and services have advanced Stone Belt’s mission and have given the people we support richer and more accomplished lives. I’ve had great opportunities to see us grow and excel in our services. The dedication of our staff and board members, along with the support from our funders and donors have made all these things, and much more, possible. Thank you for your continued support as we weather through the COVID-19 Pandemic and look toward a better future. With appreciation,


Clients, staff honored at celebration gala On October 14, Stone Belt gathered together at the Starlite Drive-In to celebrate the achievements of the past year. Congratulations to all of the award recipients. We appreciate all you do for Stone Belt!

Client Adapting at Home Logan Gillatt

Staff Adapting at Home Regina Muller

Client Adapting to Challenges Adam Tatlock

Staff Adapting to Challenges Deb Lane

Client Leading & Empowerment Debra Gillespie

Staff Leading & Empowerment Sam Holdeman

Client Positive Supports Logan Eppard

Staff Positive Supports Ashley Gray

Client Quality of Life Wesley Mull

Staff Quality of Life Keisha Boyce

Client Supporting the Community Marcus Odom

Staff Supporting the Community Eric Howe

Elbert Johns Self-Advocacy Adria Nassim & Lucy

Henry & Celicia Upper Lifetime Contribution Henry & Celicia Upper

Community Partner Lucy Farmer

Steve Warren Hero(es) Mask Makers-Stone Belt Board Member Hal Turner

Steve Warren Hero(es) - Mask Makers-(pictured left to right) Kyong Ge Williams, Kell Mirowski, Kelly Clark, Nola Hartman, and LuAnne Holladay

Introducing Milestones’ new director Julie Miller Greetings from the new author of your Milestones updates! In case we haven’t had an opportunity to meet, my name is Julie Miller, and I began my role as Director of Milestones just after Labor Day. The departure of Jim Wiltz is a loss for the agency, but I am excited for this opportunity and will continue to support and build the amazing programs Milestones has to offer. A little bit about myself, I completed my undergraduate work here at Indiana University, and always knew I wanted to return to Bloomington. Following that, I spent nine years in Chicago working in the child welfare system as well as group homes. While there, I earned my MSW at Jane Addams College of Social Work, part of the University of Illinois at Chicago. At that time, I was able to make my way back to Bloomington and become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have various work experience as a therapist, clinical supervisor, program supervisor and joined the Stone Belt team six years ago. From the beginning as a Behavior Support Services Coordinator, I felt lucky to find a great group of people who both support and challenge me in my career. To further my skill set with Stone Belt, I became Director of Supervised Group Living in 2017. That was a valuable experience and gave me an even closer connection to the clients we serve as well as the Stone Belt mission. Now, I am honored to have this opportunity and look forward to working closely with the variety of clinical teams at Milestones as well as continue collaboration with all Stone Belt programs.

Congratulations to Deb Lane on receiving the Adapting to Challenges Award presented by Stone Belt Board Member Mike Horvath during the 2020 Annual Celebration.

CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP Becoming a corporate partner is a premiere way to show support for people with disabilities and is vital in helping Stone Belt staff and clients reach beyond what current resources allow. For more info on becoming a corporate sponsor, visit giving. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Development Manager Adam Hamel at (812) 332-2168, ext. 269, or

Julie Miller

One highlight for Milestones over the past few months has been the overwhelming committent and success in continuing to provide services despite the challenges of the pandemic we all face. I’d like to take a minute to highlight an individual who has proven invaluable and continues to help the entire clinic navigate the constant changes. Deb Lane, Program Manager, was recently honored with the Adapting to Challenges Award at the Annual Stone Belt Celebration. Her nomination read as follows: “Stone Belt operations had to change very quickly as we began to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. For the Milestones clinic, new ways of providing services virtually had to be coordinated effectively so clients could continue their appointments with the Advanced Practice Nurses and the therapists. Because of the quick and efficient action of this award recipient, scheduling these appointments was taken care of without a hitch, and Milestones Clinic’s virtual doors remained open. This person is the go-to person at Milestones whenever someone has a problem. She will go out of her way to find the solution or make contact with someone to help solve the problem. She is an excellent team player and a great asset to Stone Belt and Milestones.” Overall, Milestones continues to succeed in providing quality supports, and I look forward to highlighting more success stories and staff achievements in the future!

THANK YOU DONORS Stone Belt appreciates our generous donors (October 1, 2019, to September 30, 2020) and their continued support. Every effort is made to ensure accuracy of this listing. If there is an omission, please accept our apology and contact Adam Hamel at (812) 332-2168 ext. 269 or ahamel@

Cornerstone Society ($10,000.00 - $24,999.00) Carol-Anne, Don & Jonathan Hossler, Smithville Charitable Foundation, United Way of Monroe County

Pillar Society ($5,000.00 - $9,999.00)

Big Red Liquors, CFC Properties, Inc., IU Credit Union, Jim & Mary Kenny, Randall & Rae Kirk, Dan & Beth LodgeRigal, Donald & Carolyn Snyder

Limestone Society ($2,500.00 - $4,999.00)

Malcolm Brown, Charlie and Rhonda Burch, Community Foundation of Bloomington & Monroe County, Kay Dahlgren, Jim & Joyce Grandorf, Cindy Higgins, Indiana Arts Commission, Jerry & Jean Olson

Builder Society ($1,000.00 - $2,499.00)

Bill & Mickey Bartley, Blue & Co., LLC, Vicki Borrelli, Boston Scientific, Alex & Ginny Buchwald, Patricia Chase, Clendening Johnson & Bohrer, P.C., Daniel & Debbie Conkle, Crowder’s Healthcare Pharmacy, Cummins, Inc., Betty & Mike Davis, Brian & Danica D’Onofrio, Susan Failey & Brian Werth, First United Church, Lori & Preston Garraghty, Genoa Healthcare Pharmacy, Leslie Green & Ed Maxedon, Dan & Evelyn Harrell, Anne Higley & Eric Benson, Trish & Louie Ierino, Linda & Rodney Margison, DJ Masson & Betsy Gersin, Bill & Mary Ann Maxwell, Valerie Merriam, Stuart & Cookie Mufson, New Unionville Baptist Church, Diane Pelrine & Patrick McNaughton, Mary Phillips, Winston & Sue Shindell, St. John Associates, Henry & Celicia Upper, Kurt & Lisa Zorn

Advocate Society ($500.00 - $999.00)

Shirley Abbitt, Ivo Austin, Basil & Jane Bennett, Bill C. Brown Associates, Bloomington Thrift Shop, Evelyn Brown, Jim & Ginny Coppedge, Susan Cote & April Armstrong, C.C. Daniel & Kenneth Brashaber, Beth Gazley & Carl Weinberg, Adam Hamel & Christie Lerg, Justin & Emily Harrison, Christine Haseman, Margaret Hathaway, Michael & Barb Horvath, Edwin Marshall, Michael’s Uptown Café, Brady & Casey Mullis, David Owen, Nancy Owen, George Rice, Dick Sanders, Kathy Sideli, Shirley Stumpner, Nila Sunday, The Van-Go: Mobile Art Studio, Christine & Eric Van Bergeijk, Dirk Van Gucht

Steward Society ($100.00 - $499.00)

Venus Abbitt & Janette Abbitt Robertson, Melanie Adams, Erna Alant & William Hempfling, Andrew & Kimberly Allard, Deb Allmayer & Jim Williams, Amal & Salih Altoma, Tom & Sally Amstutz, Katie Anderson, Ann Armstrong, Cheryl Baumgart & Terry Sloan, Sarah Baumgart & Bill Lozowski, Margery & Jim Belisle, Leslie Bishop & Jeffrey Hyman, Jim Bohrer & Denise Howard, Steve Bonowski, Chuck Bonser, Sarah Booth, Brad & Karen Braun, Mark & Charlene Braun, Cynthia & Michael Brown, Ward Brown & Amanda Denton, Bucceto’s Pizza, Tyler Bunch, Dallas Burch, Sue Cadenhead, Jim & Carol Campbell, Cardinal Spirits, Jim & Shirley Carrell, Carla Carson, Minh Chau, John Clower, David Cole, Constance & James Cook Glen, Amy Cornell, Jean & Doris Creek, Mary Daniels & Francis Moll, Rick Davis, Betty Deckard, Kim & Mike Deckard, Rosemary & Dick Dever, Doreen Devitt, Scot & Bitta DeWees, Greg Dinkins, Melinda Doster, Stephanie Dowell, Donna & Bruce Dunn, Nancy Edgar, Georgia Emmert & Janice Bagwell, Elaine Emmi, David Eskenazi, Doug Evans, Elaine Finnegan & Hugh Wallace, Eric & Emma Ford, Sara Frommer, Vickie & Bernie Fry, Joe & Reta Frye, Maureen Gahan, Brad &

Susanne Galin, Teddie Gambler, Nancy Gilliland, Gordon & April Ginnings, Penny Githens & Ed Buffie, Angela Glomm, Shirley & Tom Goodman, Henry Gray, Jennifer Gray & Alan Bradley, Greater Seymour Trust Fund, Michelle Hahn, Jo & Steve Ham, Pam Hanscom, Doug & Pamela Hausmann, Matthew Hausmann, Tim Hines & Rebecca Philippsen, Susan & Tom Hoard, Sierra Hofmann, Te-Arrow Hoggard, Kathy & Craig Holden, Marilyn & Rob Horlander, David Hossler, Barbara Hughes, Karen Jepson-Innes & Roger Innes, Lora Johnson, Dan Kirwan, Martha Krempel, Sara Laughlin, Leadership Bloomington Monroe County Alumni, Leslie & Kate Lenkowsky, Carol Lewis, Claudia & Harold Lindman, Mathew Lis, Gregory Lloyd, Kurtis Lowery, Russ Lyons, Bob & Suzanne Mann, Lila Massa, Jason & Heather McAuley, Woody McGee, Elaine McMunn, Donna Miller, Teresa Miller & Dan Allen, Daunna Minnich, Brenda & Larry Mitchell, Stephen & Sandra Moberly, Michael Molenda, Glenda & Patrick Murray, Paula & Duncan Myers, Steven & Lisa Nail, Needmore Coffee Roasters, Charlie Nelms, Brian & Molly O’Donnell, Carolyn Otto, Robert Parker, Bobbie & Chan Partenheimer, Loretta Patterson, Terry & Dixie Patterson, Bill & Phyllis Perkins, Diane Petersohn, Jamie & Debra Prenkert, Dick Rose, Nancy & Jerard Ruff, Judy Schroeder, David Semmel & Jocelyn Bowie, Catherine SherwoodLaughlin & Jim Laughlin, Curtis Simic & Mary Bonk, Penni Sims, Chester & Celeste Skoczylas, David & Sarah Smith, Keegan & Brent Smith, Nancy Smith, Keith Solberg & Sonja Johnson, Mary Anne Sterling, Trish Sterling, Ellen & Gene Stern, Jennifer Strain, Kim & Richard Strychalski, Jane & Mark Summitt, Shawna Taylor, Beverly Teach, Duke Thames & Cindi Valentine, Tim & Beth Thrasher, Hal Turner, Bill Van Tine & Sally Collins, Lee VanBuskirk & Bonnie Gordon-Lucas, Wendy & John VanderZee, Susie & Al Velasquez, Marie & Albert Vendel, Judy Williams, Kyong Ge & Kenny Williams, Jim & Kate Wiltz, Vivian & Wayne Winston, Doris Wittenburg & Harian Lewis, Nancy & Dane Woll, Matt Worland, Chrisanne Wright, Michelle Yadon, Mary & Ken Zabriskie, Randy & Barbara Zinn

Friend Society ($1.00 - $99.00)

Arni’s, Dorcas & Robert Barrow, Vivian Bea Don, Catherine Beeker, Edward & Wendy Bernstein, Colleen Brown, Mary Brown, Kathryn Burton Moore, Priscilla Burts, Phil & Jane Bush, Stephen Clay, Conversation Club of Bloomington, Virginia Coombs, Derek Coomer, Cup & Kettle, Janet & John Decker, Karen Eckrich, Paul & Lana Eisenberg, Allie Embry, JJ Evans, James & Jacqueline Faris, Lissa Fischer, Laura Flowers, Steven Floyd, Lois & Jerry Frye, Julie Furnish, Carla Gardner, Lynette & John Gorczyca, Kathy Hammel, Diane Harrison West & Randy West, James & Ann Heath, Ruth Hickman, Charles Hines, Barry Hiquet, Hive, Peter Hossler, Julie Hudson, Lavern Hudson, Kim & Mark Hurley, Paula Ingle-Smith, Cyndi & Kaj Johnson, Marianne Kielian-Gilbert, Maria Latham, Alice Leake, Lennie’s and the Bloomington Brewing Co., Tryna & Gary Loos, Kirk Lundy, Nancy Martin, Ron & Diana McGovern, Nancy Metcalf, Kathie Moh, Kathryn & Harold Moore, Shirley Morrow, Robert & Suellen Moynihan, Virginia & Jerry Myerson, Abby Peach, Sandra Pickel, Bob & Elaine Pryor, William Quillen, Katy & Ken Ratcliff, Ruth Richardson, Melinda Riley, Bob & Suzie Rimstidt, Donald & Anne Root, Linda Rushton, Harold & Sandy Sabbagh, Martha Schick, Marian & Kadhim Shaaban, Tim Sterling, Trina Sterling, Michelle Stockey, Barbara Stork, Rochelle Tinsley, Kim Trama, Larry & Barbara Wall, Michelle Webster, Todd & Becky Willis, Irvin & Kathy Wise, Neil & Betty Yoder, Martha Young


Chick-fil-A, Pat Currie, Kelsie Fitzpatrick, Judith Gross, Eric Howe, IHOP, Indiana University Auditorium, IU Athletics Office, Andrew Lambert, Deborah Launer, MSP Aviation, Cheryl Thompson, Janine Wagner, World Arts, Inc.

Why I Give... By ANNE HIGLEY Our two adult children are in college, one at IU, studying botany, and one at Ball State University studying criminal justice. Both also have autism. Though they’re considered “higher functioning,” it has required substantial supports over many years to get them this far and to ensure they don’t drop out as so many students on the autism spectrum do. That’s where Stone Belt comes in. Stone Belt has been an essential part of our support system—as it is for so many families. Through the years, Milestones, Stone Belt’s therapy ANNE HIGLEY and psychiatric services clinic, has provided medication management for OCD, depression, emotional regulation, panic disorders, and—most-recently— Tourette’s. The Milestones team has helped our young adults gain insight, learn more effective ways to respond and self-advocate for themselves, and grow more confident in their abilities. This summer, Stone Belt DSPs and behavioral therapists were my son’s one chance during the week to talk to someone other than us and get out of the house for a bit. Stone Belt keeps them in the game. It keeps us in the game as a family. That’s why we give back. But I’m not suggesting that we give only because we’re a Stone Belt family. That’s nice, but that’s not all. I believe each of us, as members of our community, has an obligation to contribute to organizations like Stone Belt. Why give if you don’t have a family member with a disability? On the Stone Belt website, look up I Am You. Read about the DSP crisis and the lack of adequate support for residential and day service providers. Ask your school’s special education administrator how much Milestones’ services mean to students and their teachers. Better yet, buy a calendar, purchase the work of a Stone Belt artist, buy tickets to I Am You, and write a check “just because” to Stone Belt once a month. Keep us in the game.

Happy Retirement Karen Freeman, Stone Belt’s Director of Manufacturing, retired in October. Under Freeman’s direction the Manufacturing Department produced more than 6,500,000 items during 2019. “The Manufacuring Department, under Karen’s leadership, has helped hundreds of employees become wage earners,” said Stone Belt’s CEO Leslie Green. “Thanks to her spirit, determination, and sense of humor, these employees have the knowledge they are contribuing to their communities.” Freeman began her employment with Stone Belt at Sweet Owen in 2003 and was quickly promoted to Work Services Manager. In 2008, she became Regional Director and was promoted to Director of Manufacturing in 2009. Freeman will continue her employment with Stone Belt as a trainer helping onboard new employees. After 17 years, Karen Freeman is retiring. She will continue her employment with Stone Belt as a trainer. Best wishes on your retirment!

Tonya Vandivier has been promoted to the Director of Manufacturing position. Vandivier has been with Stone Belt since 1998 and has served as coordinator of the Manufacturing Department for several years. Please join Stone Belt in wishing Karen Freeman a happy retirment and congratulate Tonya Vandivier on her new position. We look forward to working with both of these amazing ladies.

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