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New Fiction Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries

August 2013

Crime Author Adams, Jane. Banis, V.J. Bass, Jefferson.

Title Secrets. Darkwater. The bone thief.

Blake, Heather. Brookmyre, Chris. Bruce, Alison. Castle, Richard.

The good, the bad and the Flesh wounds. The silence. Frozen heat.

Chase Erika. Cross, A. J. Culver, Carol. Cutts, Lisa. Dennison, Hannah.

Cover story. Gone in seconds. A good day to pie. Never forget. Expose!.

Duffy, Margaret. Rat poison. Edwards, Ruth Dudley. Killing the emperors. Estleman, Loren D. Alive!. Evans, Geraldine. Fairstein, Linda. Fitzgerald, Conor. Fossum, Karin. Glynn, A.A. Goldberg, Lee. Hall, Tarquin. Hauxwell, Annie. Hechtman, Betty. Helton, Peter. Higashino, Keigo. Hunter, Alan. James, Peter.

Series The Naomi Blake mysteries

An Ashton Corners Book Club

A Vicky Hill mystery A Patrick Gillard and Ingrid Langley mystery

A Valentino mystery

A Rafferty and Llewellyn Death dance. Death angel. An Alexandra Cooper novel The memory key. I can see in the dark. Case of the Dixie Ghosts. Mr Monk gets even. The case of the deadly butter chicken. A Vish Puri mystery A bitter taste. If hooks could kill. A crochet mystery An inch of time. A Chris Honeysett mystery Salvation of a saint. The Inspector George Gently Gently sahib. series Dead man's time. A Roy Grace novel

Jecks, Michael. The Abbot's gibbet. Jecks, Michael. The Crediton killings. Jecks, Michael. The leper's return. Jones, Merry. Behind the walls. King, Laurie R. Pirate king. Lee, Amanda. Cross-Stitch before dying. Lee, Amanda. Stitch me deadly. Lemaitre, Pierre. Alex. Malliet, G. M. Wicked autumn. Maron, Margaret. Sand Sharks. Marston, Edward. The merry devils : Masterton, Graham. White bones. McKinlay, Jenn. Cloche and dagger. McPherson, CatrioMedieval Murderers. Moody, Susan. Munger, Katy. Nisbet, Jim. Parker, Robert B. Rendell, Ruth. Rendell, Ruth. Robb, J. D. Robinson, Peter. Robinson, Peter. Robinson, Peter. Robinson, Peter. Robinson, Peter. Russell, Leigh. Sansom, Ian. Shaw, William. Steele, Derwent.

A Knights Templar novel A Knights Templar novel A Knights Templar novel A Harper Jennings mystery

An embroidery mystery

A Deborah Knott mystery The Bracewell mysteries ; Katie Maguire ; A hat shop mystery

Dandy Gilver and a deadly measure of brimstone. The false virgin ; A final reckoning. Angel of darkness. Old and cold. Classic Robert B Parker. No man's nightingale. The Saint Zita society. Calculated in death. Caedmon's song. Children of the revolution. Past reason hated. The hanging valley. Wednesday's child. Death bed. The Norfolk mystery. A song from dead lips. The purple plague.

The dead detective mysteries Spenser novels An Inspector Wexford novel

A Geraldine Steel mystery The county guides to murder

Sutton, William. Temple, Peter. Thomas, David. Tope, Rebecca. Tope, Rebecca. Trow, M. J. Vichi, Marco.

Lawless and the devil of Euston Square. Dead point. Ostland. Malice in the Cotswolds. The Ambleside alibi. Crimson rose. Death in Florence.

Wagner, Jan Cos-

Light in a dark house.

Winspear, Jacquel- Leaving everything most Family Saga Author Dickinson, Margaret. Harris, Rosie. McCoy, Ken. Rivers, Carol. Waite, Elizabeth.

The clippie girls. Stolen moments. Perseverance Street. A wartime Christmas. Life's for the living.

Fantasy Author Canavan, Trudi. Cashore, Kristin. Erikson, Steven. Fultz, John R. Hallam, Craig.

Title The traitor queen. Bitterblue. Forge of darkness. Seven kings. Greavebury.

Kasai, Kirsten ImaLawrence, Emperor. Meminger, Neesha. Moorcock, Michael. Pratchett, Terry. Tchaikovsky, Adrian. Wexler, Django.


The Cotswolds mysteries ;

A Maisie Dobbs novel


Series The traitor spy trilogy ;

Books of the shaper ;

Tattoo. Emperor of thorns. Into the wise dark. The fortress of the pearl. Maskerade.

The Discworld series ;

War master's gate. The thousand names.

Shadow campaigns ;

General Author Abdel-Fattah, Randa. Adler, Elizabeth. Ahern, Cecilia. Aiken, Ginny.



No sex in the city. Please don't tell. One hundred names. Remember me when. A trick I learned from dead Aldridge, Kitty. men. Alliott, Catherine. My husband next door. Armstrong, Kelley. 13 Women of the otherworld Arnold, Gaynor. After such kindness. Ashdown, Isabel. Summer of '76. Banks, Iain. A song of stone. Banville, John. The sea. Brill, Francesca. The harbour. Brockmole, Jessica. Letters from Skye. Brous, Raphael. I am Max Lamm. Brown, Benita. Dreaming out loud. Burgess, Gemma. Brooklyn girls. Caddle, Colette. Between the sheets. Caddle, Colette. Changing places. Caddle, Colette. It's all about him. Caddle, Colette. Red letter day. Caddle, Colette. The secrets we keep. Campbell, Bonnie Jo. Once upon a river. Chamberlain, Diane. Necessary lies. Chance, Rebecca. Killer queens. Cliff, Ann. Poacher's Moon. Cole, Kresley. Macrieve. Colgan, Jenny. West End girls. Our spoons came from Comyns, Barbara. Woolworths. Virago modern classics Crisp, Gemma. Be careful what you wish for. Delinsky, Barbara. Sweet salt air. Deveney, Catherine. Dead secret. Deveraux, Jude. True love. Duffy, Erin. Bond girl. Ellis, Alice Thomas. Unexplained laughter.

Estep, Jennifer. Farnworth, Rebecca. Fawcett, Patricia. Ferguson, Patricia. Fitzgerald, F. Scott. Fitzgerald, F. Scott. Flynn, Katie.

Tangled threads.

Swimming pool summer. Best laid plans. The midwife's daughter. The beautiful and damned. The last tycoon. A Christmas to remember. Billy Lynn's long halftime Fountain, Ben. walk. Galenorn, Yasmine. Courting darkness. Galenorn, Yasmine. Night veil. Graham, Heather. Lucia in love. Grehan, Mary. Love is the easy bit. Griffin, Ella. The heart whisperer. Kitty Peck and the music hall Griffin, Kate. murders. Hannigan, Emma. Keeping mum. The marrying of Chani KaufHarris, Eve. mann. Harrison, Sarah. A flower that's free. Harrison, Thea. Serpent's kiss. A night on the Orient ExHenry.,Veronica. press. Hilderbrand, Elin. Beautiful day. Hill, Sam. Remnants. Hope, Maggie. The servant girl. Hussey, Elaine. The sweetest hallelujah. Hyde, Catherine Ryan. Walk me home. Jackson, Jane. The chain garden. James, Eloisa. A wild pursuit. James, Eloisa. Fool for love. James, Eloisa. Your wicked ways. James, Erica. The hidden cottage. Johnson, Milly. It's raining men. Jovan, Moriah. The proviso. A portrait of the artist as a Joyce, James. young man. Kadrey, Richard. Aloha from Hell. Kearsley, Susanna. The firebird.

An otherworld novel Indigo Court

The Elder races

The tales of Dunham ;

Kennedy, Lena. Eve's apples. Kennedy, Lena. Lily, my lovely. Kennedy, Lena. Nelly Kelly. Kenner, J. Complete me. Stark trilogy ; Kent, Trilby. Silent noon. Kiernan, Stephen P. The curiosity. King, Catherine. A sister's courage. King, Claire. The night rainbow. Kinghorn, Judith. The memory of lost senses. Knight, India. Mutton. Law, Catherine. The September garden. Lewis, Matthew. The monk. Lippman, Laura. The innocents. Lloyd Jones, Stephen. The string diaries. Lord, Lucy. Vanity. Lorrimer, Claire. Georgia. Lovett, Charles C. The bookman's tale. MacLeod, Alison. Unexploded. Macomber, Debbie. 44 Cranberry Point. Cedar Cove Matthews, Carole. Calling Mrs Christmas. Mendelson, Char-

Almost English.

Miller, Miranda. Monroe, Mary. Moriarty, Sinead. Norton, Ashley Prentice. O'Flynn, Catherine. O'Neill, Geraldine. Parkin, Cassandra. Peace, David. Peterson, Alice. Phillips, Carly. Prowse, Amanda. Reilly, Martina. Roberts, Nora. Rowling, J.K. Ruge, Eugen.

The fairy visions of Richard Lost daughters. Mad about you. The chocolate money. Mr Lynch's holiday. Music from home. The summer we all ran away. Red or dead. By my side. Serendipity. Poppy day. What if?. Key of light. The casual vacancy. In times of fading light :

Schofield, Anakana. Malarky. Scott, M.J. Blood kin. Scudamore, James. Wreaking. Seaward, Belinda. The beautiful truth. Shearn, Amy. The mermaid of Brooklyn. Sheffield, Jack. Educating Jack : Singh, Nalini. Blaze of memory. Singh, Nalini. Branded by fire. Sittenfeld, Curtis. Sisterland. Smith, Dodie. It ends with revelations.

Psy-Changeling Psy-Changeling series

Solomons, NataThe gallery of vanished husStaples, Mary Jane. Love for a soldier. Steel, Danielle. Friends forever. Stimson, Tess. The lying game. Theroux, Marcel. Strange bodies. Thornton, Margaret. Families and friendships. Vigan, Delphine de. Nothing holds back the night. Ward, J. R. An unforgettable lady. Wayne, Teddy. Wiggs, Susan. Williams, Nigel. Williams, Nigel. Williams, Sandy. Wilson, Laura. Zan, Koethi.

The love song of Jonny ValJust breathe. The Wimbledon poisoner. The Wimbledon trilogy ; Unfaithfully yours. The shadow reader. The riot. The never list.

Graphic Novel Author Title Cho, Frank. Kill Island. Hama, Larry. Wolverine. Hickman, Jonathan. Fantastic Four. Kirkman, Robert. Miles behind us. Kirkman, Robert. Safety behind bars. Ostrander John Purge.


The walking dead ; The walking dead ;

Historical Title Author Brink, Andre. Philida. Cameron, Christian. The ill-made knight. Catton, Eleanor. The Luminaries. Charles, Edward. Inheritance of power. Clay, John Henry. The lion and the lamb. Donald, Angus. Grail knight. Downer, Lesley. The Samurai's daughter. Fabbri, Robert. False god of Rome. Forsyth, Kate. Bitter greens. Gortner, C. W. The Tudor conspiracy. Gregory, Phillipa. The white princess. Kay, Guy Gavriel. River of stars. Keating, Mark. Cross of fire. Severin, Timothy. The emperor's elephant. Sidebottom, Harry. The Amber Road. Tremain, Rose. Merivel. Wallace, Wendy. The sacred river. Weir, Alison. A dangerous inheritance. Whyte, Jack. The boy king. Whyte, Jack. The sorcerer. Wilcox,John. Starshine. Woodland, Geoff. The triangle trade. Woodman, Richard. For king or commonwealth. Young, Robyn. Renegade.


The House of Medici The outlaw chronicles ; Vespasian ;

The cousins' war

Saxon ;

Insurrection trilogy ;

Romance Author Allen, Louise. Alward, Donna. Andre, Bella. Anna, Vivi. Baird, Jacqueline. Beaton, M. C. Brisbin, Terri. Child, Maureen. Claydon, Annie. Cooper, Isabel. Cooper, Isabel. Craven, Sara. Crews,Caitlyn. DeLeon, Jana.

Title Series Regency rumours. A cowboy to come home to. Can't help falling in love. Releasing the hunter. The cost of her innocence. Finessing Clarissa. The school for manners ; At the highlander's mercy. Rumour has it. The rebel and Miss Jones. Lessons after dark. No proper lady. Count Valieri's prisoner. Scandals. The betrayed.

Dickson, Helen. Dimon, Helenkay.

Rogue in the Regency BallFearless.

Drake, Dianne. Drake, Laura. Dreiling, Vicky. Eden, Cythnia. Elliott, Cara. Elliott, Cara. Gates, Olivia. George, Rena.

Revealing the real Dr. RobinThe sweet spot. What a wicked earl wants. Glitter and gunfire. To sin with a scoundrel. To surrender to a rogue. Conveniently his princess. Another chance.

Swallowbrook's wedding of Keeper of the dawn. Challenging Dante. Miracle in Bellaroo Creek. The brooding doc's redempHardy, Kate. tion. Harris, Lynn Raye. A game with one winner. Herries, Anne. His unusual governess. Hill, Sandra. Viking in love. Hunter, Jillian. A duke's temptation. Jackson, Brenda. Canyon. James, Elle. Bodyguard under fire. James, Elle. Triggered. Gordon, Abigail. Graham, Heather. Graham, Lynne. Hannay, Barbara.

James, Sophia.

The dissolute duke. Twas the night after ChristJeffries, Sabrina. mas. Jordan, Penny. The scandalous Warehams. Justiss, Julia. The rake to redeem her. Knight, Anouska. Since you've been gone. Lacey, Helen. Date with destiny. A very exclusive engageLaurence, Andrea. ment. Laurens, Stephanie. Impetuous innocent. Lee, Miranda. Master of her virtue. Lindsay, Yvonne. Something about the boss. Macomber, Debbie. Heart of Texas ; Madison, Tracy. Haley's mountain man. Maguire, Meg. Taking him down. Mallett, Phyllis. Isle of intrigue. March, Emily. Nightingale Way. Eternity Springs ; Marton, Sandra. The merciless Travis Wilde Mather,Anne. Baby out of the blue. What about their baby McCarty, Monica. The Hunter. A Highland Guard novel Miller, Fenella. An unexpected encounter. Monroe,Jill. Red-hot nights. Morgan, Morgan. A daddy for her sons. Morgan, Sarah. Lost to the desert warrior. Mortimer, Carole. A taste of the forbidden. Mortimer, Carole. Tall, dark & handsome. Nelson, Rhonda. The closer. Pade, Victoria. It's a boy!. Palmer, Diana. Rough diamonds. Parker, Victoria. A reputation to uphold. Rawlins, Debbi. From this moment on. Roberts, Nora. Enchanted. The Donovan legacy ; Roberts, Nora. The heart of Devin MacKade. Smith, Karen Rose. Wanted : a real family.

Spencer-Smith, Shelia. Styles, Michelle.

Hidden treasures. An ideal husband. The son that changed his Taylor, Jennifer. life. Thomas, Janet. Passage of time. Udy, Susan. Rebellious hearts. Weaver, Ami. An accidental family. White, Loreth Anne. The missing Colton. Wilson, Scarlet. An inescapable temptation. Winters, Rebecca. A marriage made in Italy. Winters, Rebecca. Along came twins.../ Wood, Carol. Vet in power. Woods, Sherryl. Moonlight cove. Yates, Maisey. Heir to a desert legacy. Yates, Maisey. His ring is not enough. Science Fiction Author Colgan, J. T. Dick, Philip K. Kemp, Paul S.

Spine Chiller Author Clines, Peter. Clines,Peter. Glasby, John. Hutson, Shaun. Stroud, Carsten.

A Chesapeake Shores novel

Title Dark horizons. Three early novels. Deceived. Busted flush. Mark of Calth.

Series Doctor Who

Title Ex-heroes. Ex-patriots. The dark boatman. The revenge of Frankenstein. Niceville.


Star Wars. The old Republic Wild cards

Ex series ;


Thriller Author Baldacci, David. Barclay, Alex. Barclay, Linwood. Bateman, Colin. Blaedel, Sara. Bonner, Hilary. Brophy, Kevin. Cain, Tom. Carter, Chris. Casey, Nuala. Cussler, Clive. Dermont, Amber. Downing, David. Ellison, J. T. Ferguson, Will. Fielding, Joy. Gerritsen, Tess. Grisham, John. Hammond. Gerald. Hannah, Sophie. Hayes, Terry. Hermanson, Marie. Hilton, Matt. Hobbs, Roger. Jackson, David. Jackson, Lisa. Keane, Jessie. Kuzneski, Chris.

Title The forgotten. Blood loss. Trust your eyes. Empire State. Blue blood. The cruellest game. Another kind of country. Revenger. One by one. Soho, 4 a.m.. Mayday!. The starboard sea. Jack of spies. A deeper darkness. 419 Shadow Creek. Last to die. The activist. A dog's life. The carrier. I am Pilgrim. The devil's sanctuary. Slash and burn. Ghostman. The helper. Ready to die. Black widow. The hunters. The spy who came in from Le Carre, John. the cold. Lief, Katia. Dead rich. MacInnes, Helen. Ride a pale horse. Marshall, Michael. We are here. Mennuti, Nicholas. Weaponized. Miller, Danny. The gilded edge. The second life of Amy ArchPateman,R S. er.

Series John Puller series

Louise Rick

Robert Hunter

Rizzoli & Isles Theodore Boone

A Joe Hunter thriller

A Karin Schaeffer novel

Rayne, Sarah. The sin eater. Reichs, Kathy. Bones of the lost. Robotham, Michael. Say you're sorry. Robotham, Michael. Watching you. Sakey, Marcus. Good people. Seymour, Gerald. The corporal's wife. Talty, Stephan. Black Irish. Turner, J. B. Hard road. Western Author Bowers, Terrell L. Brand, Max. Brand, Max. Brand, Max. Dakota, Jack. Grey, Zane. Hill, Rob. Hogan, Ray. Holmes, L.P. Howard, Lance. Keen, Will. Patterson, Roy. Wells, Cody.

Title Gun law of Phoenix Cline. In the hills of Monterey. Outlaws from afar : The wolf strain. Hell stage to Lone Pine. Desert heritage. Sheriff of vengenance. Gun from the outside. Desert steel. Hell on hoofs. Trouble at Mesquite Flats. The star riders. Six ways of dying. The mammoth book of Westerns.

Temperance Brennan

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New adult fiction august 2013  

A list of new adult fiction books added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries' stock during August 2013. You can request a copy of these titles at you...