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I know over the past 20 plus years, you

we were asked by Californians, “there is nothing to do and nothing to

have read my prideful comments (some

see in Stockton. Why would you want to go there?” But boy, were

have said or written that I was being naive

they wrong! We arrived in Stockton and instead of a drab city, we

and/or in denial) about Stockton and what

found a city full of trees, lakes, and a city with a real centre. We

a great place it is to live and call home! In

also enjoyed the warm welcome of our host families as well as the

spite of the problems we have, although

program prepared for us.”

sadly to say, this is not uncommon today

“A boat tour on a 48’ private motor yacht in the river delta and later

in cities of all sizes in these United States of America, I still stand

water skiing and wakeboarding demonstrated the high quality of

by that conviction and will never waiver.

life in Stockton.”

I have also asked that every Stocktonian take the time to REALLY

“During the visit to the University of Pacific, we learned about the

get to know their hometown and get out and experience so much

educational system in California and were impressed by the attractive

that is offered here. Those who have done so were very pleasantly

campus. In Switzerland, most universities are located in city centres

surprised, continue to explore more and have passed the word.

and offer only a very limited number of dormitories.”

Many people who go to visitstockton.org on a regular basis have

“One evening, we were all invited to a baseball game of the Stockton

also signed up for their weekly event update and have experienced

Ports. While none of us is a baseball expert, we still enjoyed the

events, culture, recreation, and people that enhanced their

atmosphere of the crowd and the modern stadium.”

appreciation of Stockton and all it has to offer.

“Stockton caters not only to the sports buff but also to those interested

I have also often stated that it is a shame that from time to time it

in culture and history. A tour to the Haggin Museum was a testimony

takes someone not from Stockton to let us know that we are OK no

to this. The exhibits led us back to the time of the gold rush and the

matter what the naysayers, pundits or slanted surveys declare.

foundation of the City of Stockton.”

Case in point: Here are a few quotes from a letter from Mr. Gino

“Should anybody ask us again “Stockton, what is there to see?” we now

Pfister, MBA, MSC and a retired Engineer from Basel, Switzerland.

would happily answer: “Just go there, you will be surprised!”

He and his wife were here representing Rotary District 1990 in a student exchange with Stockton Rotary which is in Rotary District 5220. Here is what he had to say about Stockton and with that I will rest my case!

As I close, it is the people who really make Stockton and San Joaquin County special—like our new ATHENA Lindy Turner Hardin and new Young ATHENA Frances Richardson, our honorees at our Ag Hall of Fame dinner and all who exhibited and attended our Fall Trade

“During our three weeks stay in California, our group of Rotary

Show Mixer at the University Plaza Waterfront Hotel. Congratulations

Youth Exchange students stayed in Stockton. From “Stockton?”

and thank you all!



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