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Vol. 58 No. 11

MARCH 2013

Stockton Tourism Ambassador Program Golf Tournament


Cover Photograph by: Studio Warner

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Going Green in San Joaquin San Joaquin County is in the midst of a green revolution

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Leadership Stockton


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Stockton Tourism Ambassador Program

14 11

Don’t Miss! Stockton Thunder Chamber Night Networking Mixer Two Free Lower Premium Tickets (a $34 value) *Two free tickets 2/7 per company only.

All additional Lower Premium Seats just $10 (a $7 discount per seat) Contact the Thunder at 209.373.1500 or at Networking Mixer - 5:15-7:15 p.m. to reserve seats! Yasooyour Yani @ Elkhorn Golf Club

1050 Elkhorn Drive Saturday, March 16 @ 7:30 p.m. vs. Ontario Reign

Networking Mixer Sherwood Executive Center 5250 Claremont Ave, Stockton 95207 March 7, 5:15-7:15 p.m.


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Familiar Faces and a lending hand Please join us in welcoming Karrie Knight to our Stockton Branch! With 12 years of banking experience, Karrie is no stranger to the City of Stockton and the local business community. Come home to Oak Valley and see why more and more families and businesses choose Oak Valley Community Bank every day!

Deep Roots ~ Strong Branches

1.866.844.7500 • Oakdale • Sonora • Modesto • Turlock • Patterson • Ripon • Escalon • Stockton • Manteca

Karrie Knight

AVP Branch Manager 209.343.7605

PORT CALL Official publication of the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce. Serving the Greater Stockton area business community since 1901.

From Your President... by: Gary J. Long


Since 1998, by becoming the only

PRESIDENT Gary J. Long, Gary J. Long Jewelers

Chamber of Commerce to be a State

SR. VICE PRESIDENT Steven Crabtree, Herum Crabtree

RMDZ Zone administrator, whereas

FINANCIAL VICE PRESIDENT Blain Bibb, ServiceMaster Building Maintenance

the other 33 are administered by a city or county, your Greater Stockton

VICE PRESIDENT Judith Buethe, Judith Buethe Communications

Chamber of Commerce has made a

VICE PRESIDENT Dan Durst, Durst Contract Interiors

commitment to initiate, practice, and

IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Debbie Armstrong, Old Republic Title Co. CHAMBER DIRECTORS Michael Cera, SMG/Stockton Arena/Bob Hope Theatre Donna DeMartino, San Joaquin Regional Transit District Pat Filippone, Stockton Ports Baseball Club Lewis Gale, Eberhardt School of Business Rick Goucher, CB Richard Ellis Clint Harless, Stockton Auto Glass/Quick’s Glass Service Mikey Kamienski, Charterhouse Center for Families Dan Keyser, Grupe Commercial Company Robert Melrose, Brookside Optometric Group Darryle Oakman, San Joaquin County Rental Property Association Bakul Patel, Dorfman Pacific Justin Redman, Central Valley Community Bank Tina Williams, Pacific Gas & Electric Company Diane Vigil, Dameron Hospital Foundation Bob Young, Stockton Golf & Country Club CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Douglass W. Wilhoit, Jr.


promote “Green Technology,” and at the same time, become a dedicated steward to the environment. In 2005, your Chamber established the Green Team San Joaquin program. The purpose of this award winning project, chaired by Chamber VP Blain Bibb and staffed by Program and Policy Director Frank Ferral, is to create a connection between commerce and the environment by assisting businesses in “going green,” reducing their costs of doing business, helping the environment and


moving the San Joaquin County economy forward. As I mentioned, the Green



Team San Joaquin has been the recipient of many national and statewide awards



MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR Margaret Sacchet 209.337.2723

for innovative green policies that have been replicated in many other Chambers and cities throughout the State of California. Mark your calendars and plan to attend Recycling Exposition (REXPO)


IX - Economic Prosperity to be held on March 13 at the Hilton Hotel Stockton.


REXPO will showcase over 65 exhibitors demonstrating products, services




and innovations that explore the solutions and common sense approaches to optimizing the Green Economy.   The Port of Stockton was given a green light and agreed to take over the


operation of the Marine Highway and start the shipping of large cargo containers

PUBLISHER Stockton Chamber of Commerce 209.547.2770

on barges from the Port of Oakland to the Port of Stockton as early as this

GRAPHIC DESIGN Never Boring Design Associates 209.526.9136

summer. These barges will hold as many as 300 containers on each barge, thus eliminating 12,000 truck trips over the Altamont per month.  The Marine

ADVERTISING Victor Randolph


Highway will not only reduce the carbon footprint in the environment, but this

PRINTING Snyder Parks


new green industry will also create an excess of 300 new local jobs.

MAILING Snyder Parks



GREATER STOCKTON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 445 W. Weber Avenue, Suite 220, Stockton, CA 95203 209.547.2770 fax 209.466.5271



From Your CEO... by: Doug Wilhoit

parents’ (God Bless Them) library, many having been in the family dating back to the end of the 19th century. This one historic book was written in 1886 by J.M. Hutchings and titled: In The Heart of the Sierras, The Yo Semite Valley (yes, that is the correct title), in which both the historic San Joaquin Delta and Stockton are referred to. The references to the Delta, as you will see when I share a few passages, is an area of our State and community that was created by God, Mother Nature and with help from visionary citizens looking to enhance the Delta and the farming capabilities not having a “legacy” in mind, but what was the right thing to do with a great natural resource. The passages on Stockton will reflect that we have been through tough times before, but together, as a community of one, came out the better for it as we shall with the current situation facing all of us. We shall not do it for legacy, ego History, legacy, ego and politics are intertwined in such an interesting way!  History, according to Oscar Wilde (1854-1900): “Anybody can make history. Only a great man can write it.” And

or politics, but for a better quality of life now and far into the future. From Chapter XV, “Bay and River Routes to Yo

legacy, according to Joseph Addison (1672-1719): “Books are

Semite”: “The San Joaquin River deriving its main source

the legacies that a great genius leaves to mankind, which are

from the living glaciers of Mr. Ritter, the Minarets, and other

delivered down from generation to generation, as presents to

lofty peaks of the High Sierra, whence it hurries rapidly to the

the posterity of those who are yet unborn.” Ego, as defined by

plains but runs sluggishly through these tules, and forms one

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939): “The poor ego has a still harder

of the most serpentine of all rivers out of doors. It is navigable

time of it; it has to serve three harsh masters, and has to do its

for somewhat commodious steamboats and large schooners

best to reconcile the claims and demands of all three….The three

to Stockton, and some seventy miles beyond for smaller craft.

tyrants are the external world, the superego and the id. Where id

… But as we are now at the junction of the Stockton Slough

was there shall ego be.” Politics is summed up in the statement

with the San Joaquin River, we proceed up the former three

of Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant (1913-1983): “In order to have a

miles, and are at the end of our voyage, and the wharf of the

winner, the team must have a feeling of unity; every player must

city of Stockton. … But from the uncertainties and dangers

put the team first --- ahead of personal glory.”

of occasional high water, these tule lands would become

By this time you may be wondering where I am going with this! So here is the direction I am going:  The times and trials we are having now in our great community, Stockton, California and

exceedingly VALUABLE – and will be when a thoroughly efficient system of leveeing and drainage are adopted.” Point being, this is a wonderful part of the history of our

San Joaquin County, the Delta agriculture and waterways and

State, and a quest for a “legacy” should not ruin it, but we

the direction Governor Brown wants to go for his “Legacy”

should protect it at all costs! Do not let the Mr. Brown in a

(peripheral canal or tunnels take your pick) are all intertwined!

plaid shirt and standing on a tractor fool you!

I can sum it up with a few passages from one book my sister Toni and I found amongst many others that were in my late 6


Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce

 Chapter XVI, “The Milton and Calaveras Big Tree Route,” begins with the authors arrival in Lathrop by train


by: Heidi Altamirano

and then on to STOCKTON. “This flourishing commercial city is advantageously situated at the head of a deep navigable

State of the City 2013 to be held May 16th! If you’re ever in doubt that we live in a great community,

slough, or arm of the San Joaquin which gives voiceless

just attend our annual State of the City 2013! This year the

commendation to its founders for choosing so desirable a

State of the City will be held May 16 at the Port of Stockton.

situation. … As a result tents and cloth houses sprung up

Sponsored by the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce,

like mushrooms; but the fire of December 23, 1849 entirely

the City of Stockton, and The Port of Stockton, this event

swept away the last vestige of this city of cloth, and destroyed

features exhibits showcasing the critical and inspiring

other property of value of over two hundred thousand dollars.

services available to you, your loved ones and neighbors, all

Almost before its ruins had ceased smoldering, however, a

in the interest of maintaining a wholesome community.

new and cleaner city, composed of a mixture of cloth and

Sponsorships are still available, so take advantage of this

wood, was erected in its place. In the following spring nearly

high profile marketing opportunity for your business. For

all the cloth houses were superseded by wooden ones, and

more information, call Heidi Altamirano at 209.547.2764 or

as this embrio city was now in stem communication with its

e-mail to

base of supplies at San Francisco, assurance was given of its future, stability and permanence, and justified the removal of

Thank you

wooden structures, and their replacement by those of brick.

to our Sponsors:

… On the 25th of July (1850) Stockton was incorporated as a city. … On May 6, 1851, another fire swept away nearly every


Robert Half

building, and destroyed property valued at a million and a half

A.G. Spanos Companies

San Joaquin Partnership

Bank of Agriculture &

San Joaquin RTD

of dollars. Nothing daunted, a new city sprung up, Phoenixlike from its ashes; and from that day to this the march of improvement has kept commensurate progress with the


St. Joseph’s Medical Center

Bank of the West California Water Service Co.

spirit of the age, and the requirements of its

City of Stockton

steady development.”

Delta Sierra Beverage

Two BIG points to be made here: (1) Governor Brown, all the folks in Sacramento and those in Southern California who care little for our Delta heritage had better know we

Stockton Convention & Visitors Bureau Sutter Gould Medical

Dorfman Pacific Co., Inc. EZ Network Systems, Inc.

Foundation The Record/San Joaquin Media Group

F&M Bank

United Way of San Joaquin

Financial Center Credit Union Grupe Commercial Company

County University of the Pacific

heritage and legacy left to us by God, Mother Nature and

Housing Authority of the


our Stockton and San Joaquin Delta ancestors. Do not let

County of San Joaquin

will do, as history shows, what is necessary to protect our

your desire for a legacy, ego or politics ruin our way of life; and (2) those who complain as to what a rough time we are now having in Stockton –knock it off – for our ancestors faced even more difficult times and as a community of ONE they moved this City to the epicenter of what is good and all

Kaiser Permanente Lincoln Center

Herum/Crabtree San Joaquin Delta Community College

Moss Adams, LLP Neumiller & Beardslee Pacific Records Management/ Pacific Shredding

of us working together as ONE can do the very same and so

Port of Stockton

much better.

R & S Erection of

Stockton East Water District Table California Water Service Co. As of 2/21

Stockton, Inc.




by: Heidi Altamirano 2013 Golf Tournament

Asparagus Festival Volunteers Needed

The good news is that our 32nd Annual Golf Tournament is not yet sold

Just how lucky can we get?! People come from all

out! However, we suggest you sign up your foursome before it is…. The Reserve

over the West Coast to attend the Asparagus Festival,

at Spanos Park will host our day on the greens on April 8th, beginning with

and it takes place right in our own backyard! We’ll have

Thank you to our 2013 Golf Tournament Sponsors:

registration at 10:00 a.m., lunch at

spectacular entertainment, fun for the kids and the best

11:00 and a shotgun start at noon.

food you can imagine at this three day festival that has

After the tournament, we’ll have an

something for everyone.

awards reception honoring the top

However, be assured that the most fun will definitely be at the Chamber’s Pasta, Ice Cream and Aspara-Berry Shortcake

players of the day. We still have some terrific

Booth in the Asparagus Alley! There is still time to join us as

sponsorship packages available

a volunteer to help prepare these mouthwatering dishes. Not

Moss Adams, LLP

which offer high visibility at this

only will you have a chance to make some great new friends,

Oak Valley Community Bank

signature event. You may also join

but you’ll also help raise funds for a variety of Chamber

Premier Staffing

as a $150 tee or green sponsor, or

programs. A few hours of your time on April 26, 27 or 28 will

University of the Pacific

as a $700 Business Package, which

get you free admission to the festival, a complimentary lunch

Ricky Barnes Sponsors:

includes signage on a tee or green

and a free shuttle bus ride from Delta College on Saturday and

and registration for a foursome.

Sunday. To volunteer, please call Tortellini Timm or Angel Hair

Single player registrations are

Heidi at 209.547.2770.

Fred Couples Sponsors: Entravision Communications Corp.

Allied Waste Services Dorfman Pacific Co., Inc. Grupe Commercial Company Hole In One Sponsors: Chase Chevrolet

available for $160.

Gary J. Long Jewelers

way to highlight your business

Roger Dunn Golf Shops

products or services, consider

Tee Sponsors:

donating a prize for our post-

Bank of Agriculture & Commerce

tournament raffle. It’s an ideal

Builders Exchange of Stockton

APRIL 26 - 28, 2013

If you’re looking for an easy

Capital Public Radio

way to market your business to

Charterhouse Center for Families

other high profile business people

Collins Electrical Company, Inc.

also supporting and participating

Granite Construction Company Judith Buethe Communications Lincoln Center

A Recipe for Fun

in our tournament.

10AM - 7PM All Three Days.

So make at least one of your

Neumiller & Beardslee

Mondays in April a fun one by

Port of Stockton

joining us at The Reserve at Spanos

San Joaquin Steel Co., Inc. Alcoholic Beverage Sponsor: DBI Beverage





Park. Can’t wait for your invitation to arrive in the mail? Just give Timm a call at 209.547.2960, and

Photo Sponsor: Valley First Credit Union As of 2/20

Featured Bands

he’ll be happy to sign you up. Also, call today to have a spectacular sponsorship opportunity packet sent to you.



Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce


Heidi Altamirano: 209.547.2764

When you partner with Sutter Health, you partner with the most advanced intensive care nurseries and a health care system that delivers more babies than any other in Northern California. It’s how we plus you.


Timm Quinn: 209.547.2960



Become a Certified Green Business!

Leadership Stockton Save money & gain customers by:

Reducing waste

by: Timm Quinn Conserving water and energy

Protecting public health Using recycled-content in your products

Leadership Stockton: Law Enforcement Session

efforts to combat this hot issue. He provided great statistics and

Leadership Level Sponsor: Financial Center Credit Union

encouraged the public to become more aware and involved in Special Thanks to: San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office and

the process.

SMALL Stockton Police Department

BUSINESS H AZARDOUS W ASTE D ISPOSAL * Each year, the Leadership Stockton class looks forward to the

Affordable Hazardous Waste Management for Your Business Law Enforcement This session gives the Works class a glimpse of A Program session. of San Joaquin County Public

(209) 468-3066

Following the department overview from the Chief, he then educated the class in “Gangs and Guns.” It was Gangs 101 for most of the class, providing a guide to identifying many Stockton gangs and

the various entities working together to make Stockton a safe place i Low cost way to safely dispose of hazardous materials. (Costs depend on your waste to live, work and play. Though the daytypes.) was full, the information i Documentation that you properly manage hazardous waste. was valuable, andthat thethe class left with a greater understanding i Assurance material will be disposed of properly. of our

the gang culture. Always a favorite with the class, this topic can be

local justice system.

the highlight of the day. During the two hour tour, the class toured the


Exempt Small Quantity Generators (CESQG)

The day began with a warm welcome to the Sheriff’s John Zunino Operations Center from Undersheriff John Picone (LS Class of ‘03). We also accept universal and electronic waste. The Undersheriff introduced theBottom Sheriff’s Department staff and the Green Your Line

with (LS Product Stewardship! Sheriff Steve Moore Class of ’90). The Sheriff provided an overview

chilling and provides an unfiltered look at Stockton gangs. After lunch, the class was off for a jail tour what many consider French Camp facility visiting the intake, women’s area, the men’s area, administrative segregation, the medical clinic, the communications area and a special treat, the gun range. Many folks were involved in the success of the Justice System

Economic benefits abound: of the Sheriff Department’s operation of the Jail Facility, and a glimpse reduced operating costs, energy savings, reduced disposal costs, the creation of green jobs.

session. A big THANK YOU goes to the following: Sheriff Moore and

Sheriff Moore was followed by Stockton Chief of Police Eric Jones

facilities and his very helpful staff, especially Kim de la Cruz (LS Class

of the myriad of other duties which fall under his department.

Design it Green | Make it Clean | Conserve Resources | Reduce | Reuse | Eliminate Toxics | Take it Back!

(LS Class of ‘06). Chief Jones spoke about crime and Stockton PD’s

Chief Jones. Also, thanks to Sheriff Moore for the generous use of his of ’08) for coordinating the jail tour.

Lesson #1



What sets us apart from our competition….dependability.

printing • mailing • fulfillment • promotional items • cross media marketing 10 PORT CALL

Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce


Timm Quinn: 209.547.2960

Convention & Visitors Bureau

Mixer Photos

by: Wes Rhea

February 7- Yasoo Yani @ Elkhorn Golf Club

Stockton Tourism Ambassador Program The Stockton Convention & Visitors Bureau will soon launch their Stockton Tourism Ambassador program to train front-line employees and volunteers in the hospitality industry. The goal is to improve visitation by inspiring front-line hospitality employees and volunteers to work together to turn every visitor encounter into a positive experience. This training helps ensure that we convey consistency in message, accuracy in details and a high level of hospitality throughout the Stockton area. While the focus may be on the hospitality industry, the Stockton Tourism Ambassador program will be useful to anyone who interacts with customers or visitors seeking more information about Stockton, including: realtors; hospital, government and retail employees; educators and many more! General public is welcome too! For more information call 209.938.1555 or visit



The Great Stockton Asparagus Dine Out Returns April 1-14! Stockton will celebrate locally grown asparagus during the annual Great Stockton Asparagus Dine Out. Participating restaurants and their menus will be featured at

The 2013 Stockton Activities Guide is Now Available! Grab your copy of the 2013 Stockton Activities Guide at the SCVB office or by calling 209.938.1555. Guides may be

√ √ √

Affordable, safe disposal of hazardous materials. Proof of proper management of hazardous waste. Universal and electronic waste accepted.

requested or viewed online by visiting the “Contact Us” page at

2013 Tourism Luncheon & Celebrate! Awards Join the Stockton Convention & Visitors Bureau on April 3, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., for the 2013 Tourism Luncheon and Celebrate! Awards at the Hilton Stockton. Tickets are $25 each

For details and prices, call (209) 468-3066

and tables of 8 are available for $250. Call 209.938.1555 to make your reservation today!


Wes Rhea: 209.938.1555

Be sure to become a fan on our Facebook page

mar2013 11

New Members

For more information on becoming a new member, please call Margaret Sacchet at 209.337.2723 or Please allow up to 90 days for your listing to show.

Financial Planning

Unifirst Corporation

5345 N. El Dorado Street #4, Stockton Investment Advisory Service Accountants Certified Public

819 N. Hunter Street, Stockton


Alzheimers/Dementia Facilities Insurance

Berbower Insurance Agency 5651 N. Pershing Avenue #C5 , Stockton P.O. Box 7688, Stockton Insurance Claims/Administrators Insurance – Life & Disability


Uniforms – Sales or Rentals

Attentive Investment Managers, Inc.

Villa Marche

I would like to

1119 Rosemarie Lane, Stockton

introduce myself…

Non-profit Fathers & Families of San Joaquin 338 E. Market Street, Stockton P.O. Box 30674, Stockton Youth Center

My name is

Ribbon Cuttings

Margaret Sacchet and I am the new Membership Director

Margaret Sacchet

for the Greater Stockton Chamber

For additional information go to

of Commerce! I am excited to be joining such a talented team and I look forward to helping grow

Automobile Parts & Supplies

the organization!

4 Wheel Parts 6622 Sampson Road, Stockton

You should know that I am a girl well traveled! I attended the University of

Industrial Equipment & Supplies

Tennessee in Knoxville and graduated with

Freeman Alkota Cleaning Systems

a Bachelor’s of Science in Communication

2511 Monte Diablo Avenue, Stockton Cleaning Service

majoring in Journalism, Electronic Media. I began my professional career as a Public

Distribution Center

Intermod Industries

Relations Assistant for the Southern Professional

Brazil Natural, Inc.

4303 South McKinley Avenue, Stockton

1925 El Pinal Drive 3B


Truck/Trailer Repair

I accepted a PR position with the Frederick

Attending Ambassadors

Pro On-Site Fleet Service, Inc. 2004 N. Piccoli #8, , Stockton 2954 Moss Creek Court. Stockton


Hockey League Knoxville Ice Bears. From there,

Gloria Blaine, Basket Caravan & Gourmet Gifts Patti Gulick, New Image Sign Co. Kelsey Harris, Sign City Bryan Meadows, Stockton Ports Bailey West, Stockton Ports

Proclaim Promotions

Keys baseball team of the Carolina League in Frederick, Maryland. If it wasn’t for the Stockton Ports baseball team, I may have never made the cross country journey to California! I was the Community Relations Manager with the

175 Mason Circle, Concord Promotional Products

Ports for three seasons until recently accepting

Auctions South Bay Auto Auction of Stockton 4101 South Airport Way, Stockton Automobile Dealers Used

a community relations position with Barnes & Noble here in Stockton. Again, I am thrilled to be joining the Chamber and I look forward to all it has to offer! Also, a quick “thank you” to longtime

Food Services The Grateful Gypsy Bistro 730 S. California Street, Stockton P.O. Box 754, Linden Restaurants Fast Food

Ambassador Sam Ward for happily taking on Ribbon Cutting responsibilities as I made my transition to the Chamber! Please don’t hesitate if you have any questions. I am happy to help you and your business!


Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce

Programs and Public Policy Department by: Frank Ferral

IGIHOF Partners with REXPO IX The International Green Industry Hall of Fame (IGIHOF) was founded by Sam Geil in 2008. The mission of IGIHOF is to recognize

The winners will be honored at the REXPO IX during the Induction Ceremony recognizing excellence in the Green Industry. To purchase a ticket, please go to

individuals and organizations for excellence in the green industry. Nominations for induction can be submitted utilizing the IGIHOF on-line feature (no cost or obligation) or by letter using the official

Grow it, make it & ship it! @ San Joaquin, USA

nomination form. The nomination deadline is determined annually

• Northern California's center of commerce serving the western US and Asia. The best location solution for expanding manufacturers and supply chain providers

preceding the annual induction ceremony and conference. The nomination process is comprised of an external Nomination Committee lead by an IGIHOF Board member. The IGIHOF Board of Directors has the final say on who is inducted. More information can be

• The San Joaquin Partnership provides centralized confidential information and connection to key business and community decision makers

found on the IGIHOF website ( This year, the inductees will be announced at the annual Induction ceremony as part of the REXPO IX at the Hilton Stockton and streamed live over the internet. Instructions will be provided on the IGIHOF Home Page at no cost to the viewer.

Call Mike at 800-570-5627 • •

Thank you to our generous Green Team San Joaquin Sponsors: American Recycling Carpenters Local Union 152 CBC Steel Buildings City of Stockton Dorfman Pacific Durst Contract Interiors Granite Construction Co. Healthy Air Living Modern Energy Concepts The Newark Group Onsite Electronics Recycling Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Connect with the San Joaquin Partnership.

Queirolo’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. San Joaquin Council of Governments San Joaquin County Public Works SAWS ServiceMaster Clean Sims Metal Management Surtec Valley CAN Universal Service Recycling

Aaron Blum to Keynote VIP Dinner Preceding the REXPO IX, on the evening of March 12th, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., please join the International Green Industry Hall of Fame for their Annual VIP Dinner to recognize nominees for induction into the

EARTH DAY: APRIL 22, 2013 ARE YOU READY? Schedule a REACON visit with the Green Team San Joaquin. Learn how businesses save money by:    

recycling conserving energy conserving water using less toxic products

Find more information at:

Almost everything can be recycled: paint, used oil, bottles and cans, wood, carpet, computers, cell phones, televisions, batteries, and more. Where? Find out here:

Hall of Fame. Cost to attend is $100 per person. Nominees are leading the positive impact on our environment and economic sustainability.


For more info, contact Frank Ferral at

mar2013 13

Going Green in San Joaquin San Joaquin County is in the midst of a green revolution by: Justin Souza Photo by: Studio Warner


rom recycling to alternative

“Kettle’s sustainability practices have

lighting throughout the plant to utilize

energy, sustainable practices to

become foundational to Diamond’s Foods

power-sipping fluorescent lights equipped

environmental integration, green

sustainability activities. The company has

with motion detectors. These motion

issues are on the tongues of nearly every busi-

learned new sustainability insights and

detectors ensure that when an area of the

ness owner in the greater Stockton area.

practices from Kettle and has begun utilizing

plant is unoccupied, its overall power usage

them across the company,” said Sibert.

is minimized.

For many in the business community, going green has been the natural result of

For Diamond Foods, efforts to

“The Stockton facility also developed

a major realization: the right choice for the

implement sustainability improvements

a comprehensive recycling plan which

planet can also be the right choice for the

go hand-in-hand with reaching financial

helped to enhance the recovery of our

bottom line.

goals. “The company’s commitment to

recyclable materials and reduce waste to

Diamond Foods, Inc.

sustainability is closely linked to our

landfill by over 25%,” said Baffoni. “Some

interest in constantly seeking operating

of this recyclable material is now going

issues and business issues has never been

improvements,” said David Baffoni,

to local vendors that we have developed

more clear than at Diamond Foods. The San

Senior Director of Manufacturing for

relationships with from attending Green

Francisco-based company—which operates

Diamond Foods. “The company is

Team San Joaquin meetings.”

a large facility producing its popular nut and

continually evaluating all of its programs

Green Team San Joaquin, REXPO

snack products in Stockton—is a perfect

for their positive financial impacts. We are

model for top-to-bottom sustainability in

constantly seeking improvements to our

Team San Joaquin goes back three years,

San Joaquin County. From the many Central

energy consumption.” Some of these efforts

said Baffoni. In this time, the company

Valley orchards where Diamond’s growers

include offsetting the use of traditional

has utilized its contacts in the Chamber

raise nuts using the latest, environmentally

fuels with investments in wind and solar

program to help develop many segments

friendly farming practices to state-of-the-

power generation, among many other long

of the sustainability program here in

art production facilities, the company is

range initiatives.

Stockton, including the aforementioned

The growing alignment between green

influenced by a deep commitment to finding operating improvements and sustainability. According to Stephen Sibert, Vice

“Our commitment to sustainability can also be shown by the $2.5 million

Diamond Foods’ involvement with Green

recycling plan. “In recognition of Diamond Foods’

investment our Stockton facility made in

Stockton plant efforts in green practices

President of Corporate Affairs and

energy reduction projects which resulted in

and procedures to reducing the cost of

Communications for Diamond Foods,

an approximately 20% reduction in annual

doing business in Stockton and San Joaquin

the company’s sustainability mission was

kilowatt usage,” added Baffoni. This power-

County, the Greater Stockton Chamber of

greatly enhanced in 2010 when the company

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Commerce awarded us the P3 Stewardship

acquired Kettle Brand®, which had a long-

company’s three-acre cold storage facility to

Award (Policies Practices Purchasing),”

standing commitment to sustainability.

high efficiency cooling units and retrofitting

said Baffoni.

As part of its efforts to spread the green mentality to the rest of the business community, Diamond Foods, Inc. has also partnered with Green Team San Joaquin and the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce for this year’s Recycling Exposition (REXPO) at the Hilton Stockton in Stockton. REXPO, which is celebrating its ninth anniversary this year, is subtitled “Economic Prosperity” for 2013 and is scheduled for 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on March 13. With the increased business interest in green topics over the last twelve months, this year’s iteration of the popular annual event offers a wealth of information to attendees curious about how the region’s green future can impact the local economy. One of the most hotly debated issues relates to the AB 32 Scoping Plan, which identifies the cap-and-trade program as one of the major strategies California will employ to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. At this year’s REXPO, a panel of experts will discuss how cap-andtrade will contribute to achieving emission reductions, will help California create a substantial amount of green jobs in coming years and will also help the state meet its goal of generating 33% of its power from its renewable energy sources by 2020. REXPO IX Economic Prosperity will showcase over 65 exhibitors eager to demonstrate how their products, services and innovations will help drive economic prosperity in San Joaquin County, California and the United States in the future. Together, Green Team San Joaquin and the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce are proud to once again explore solutions and common sense approaches to optimizing the Green Economy. Doors open for this event at 7:30 a.m. on March 13, 2013. Tickets are available at $30 which includes panel discussions and a Keynote Lunch Address by Donald Simon, co-founder of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Northern CA Chapter and Build It Green. For more information on this event or any of the other green projects underway in the greater Stockton area, visit

The company’s commitment to sustainability is closely linked to our interest in constantly seeking operating improvements. -David Baffoni, Senior Director of Manufacturing, Diamond Foods

HEALTH PLAN OF SAN JOAQUIN MEANS... - Hundreds of primary care physicians and specialists - Easy access to your personal doctor - Choice of hospitals and pharmacies - Local and nationwide emergency care - Free 24/7 advice nurse - Serving San Joaquin, Stanislaus and Merced Counties Eligibility guidelines apply and may be based in part on household income. Plan availability varies by county.


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2013 Golf Tournament Sponsors:

Junior League will celebrate its 85th Anniversary “Jewel of the

Local author and artist Richard Rios will read selections

Community” on March 2, 2013 at the Stockton Golf and Country

from his new book Songs from the Barrio at The Haggin

Club. Net proceeds will be dedicated to “Tools for Academic Success,”

Museum on Thursday, March 7 at 7 p.m. Complimentary

a multi-pronged effort to bring backpacks, books and technology to

wine and snacks will be available as part of the museum’s

local students. Purchase tickets at or 209.623.3262.

1st & 3rd Thursdays series. For more information, call 209.940.6315 or visit

Stockton Women’s Network luncheon on Wednesday, March 6 will host guest speaker Nate McBride, Interim Director of

The Forum on Advancing Women’s

Northeastern California Small Business Development Center. The

Leadership, featuring former Secretary

SBDC works with both start-up businesses and existing businesses,

of State Dr. w Rice, is planned for 9 a.m.

as well as women entrepreneurs, providing guidance in cash flow,

to noon on March 21 at University of the

budgeting, developing business plans, marketing and business

Pacific’s Alex G. Spanos Center. Tickets

management. Networking starts at 11:30 a.m., with a meeting time of

are $25 and are available through the

12:00 p.m. at Stockton Golf and Country Club. Reservations:

Dr. Condoleezza Rice

call 209.472.0359.

Pacific Box Office: Tickets. Proceeds will benefit the Boys

and Girls Clubs of Stockton and the University’s Women’s Resource Center.

mar2013 17

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we owe our success to you, our clients and friends who have made sure that the

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Port O Call - March 2013  

Stockton Chamber of Commerce monthly magazine

Port O Call - March 2013  

Stockton Chamber of Commerce monthly magazine