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2012-2013 annual report

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Our Mission The mission of St. Mark’s Episcopal School, an outreach ministry of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, is to provide a learning environment that fosters academic excellence while developing moral and spiritual character.

St. Mark’s Episcopal School 2012-2013 annual report


Dear parents and friends, With each passing year, I become more impressed with the community we have at St. Mark’s. While it is true that many of our families live in the surrounding neighborhoods, there are also many who commute from some distance. But the word community refers to more than geographical proximity; I feel it speaks to the values of its culture. Over the past year, we have continued to look at who we are today and who we aspire to be in the future. We have asked ourselves, “why are we here, and who do we serve?” As an answer to these questions, we developed our Characteristics of Professional Excellence, which states, “As educators at St. Mark’s, we celebrate the uniqueness of each child. We are stewards of our students’ learning, modeling intellectual curiosity and passion for discovery. We cultivate joy, playfulness, and growth in a child-centered community.” The choices we make today do make an impact now, but it is important to remember that they will also influence future St. Mark’s children. Therefore, we are called to understand the structure of our school and how it is shaped by our stewardship and service to our community.


In some ways, our school can be compared to the pieces of a blueprint. I believe that our supportive community of families is the strong foundation of St. Mark’s. Our outstanding faculty and staff provide the walls that offer immense support for our school, and we all appreciate the importance of the partnership between school and home. Our educational goals and methods are the roof of our school, as we reach to great heights to achieve lofty, but attainable academic ambitions for each child. Every child is a unique individual, and we aspire to meet them where they are as we guide them through their journey. By modeling growth, kindness and intellectual curiosity, we serve and guide our students, while encouraging them to discover their own passion for education and generosity.

You can see in this report that the generosity of our families is providing St. Mark’s with the means required to accomplish our goals. A great school requires a strong internal infrastructure and is built on the support of wonderful teachers. We make a commitment to professional development that recognizes each teacher’s growth as an individual, just like our individualized education approach with each of our students. A positive community environment that inspires curiosity is supported also by the continued improvement of our physical facilities, as well as the expansion of technology-based resources. From the inviting turf of our field, to the interactive Mimio centers in our kindergarten class, to the innovative one-to-one iPad program in middle school, we continue to build an environment that inspires learning and growth. I thank you all for the generosity of your gifts this past year and for the support you provide our school. I hope you enjoy this report as it provides a clear and visual representation of our priorities: quality teaching, an environment that inspires curiosity, and curriculum and technology resources that enhance the learning experience. Sincerely,

Garhett Wagers Headmaster

St. Mark’s Episcopal School 2012-2013 annual report


Letter from the Board Chair Dear parents and friends, When I reflect on the milestones and accomplishments that St. Mark’s has achieved in my time here, I am overwhelmed. The 2012-13 school year for St. Mark’s was another productive and successful year for our school and our children.  This important document, the Annual Report, is one of the ways that we say thank you to our families. I continue to be amazed by the St. Mark’s community.  We had another record-setting year in Annual Giving, totaling $246,784.  Our enrollment remains a source of pride, starting in the fall of 2012 with 403 students.  Our school is growing by leaps and bounds, much like our students.  The theme of this year’s Annual Report is Blueprints and it is so appropriate in so many ways.  Because of the incredible generosity of our families, as well as our healthy enrollment, we were able to finish many internal construction projects for our school to meet our growing needs.  We built out office space for our school counselor, relocated the Lower School Library to accommodate a new Preschool 2s classroom, and made space for our new Curriculum and Learning Coordinator who began in the fall of 2013.  Our beautiful campus received an upgrade in safety with all

new electronic access points on exterior doors and better connectivity in case of an emergency. In addition, because of your generous giving to the Green for Green campaign, our Elementary and Middle School field space was completely redone in new evergreen turf for all students to enjoy when they came back to school in August.  These physical changes to our space are incredible reminders of the growth that takes place at St. Mark’s every day. As parents, trustees, and stewards of the school, we provide a blueprint in the form of support.  As you read the pages that follow, I hope you will share my sense of pride in our school.  Your generous gifts and support allow us to continue to make St. Mark’s the very best place for our children.


Sheryl Gussett Chairman of the Board

2012-2013 Board of Trustees The Rev. Patrick Miller, Rector Garhett Wagers, Headmaster Sheryl Gussett, Chairman David Andrews Alicia Bowling Bradley Dodson Jim Edwards Elizabeth Fulghum Amanda Hrachovy Donna Pedersen McGinnis Charlie Medlin Eric Moen Barry Palmer Ellen Shelton Wade Stubblefield Peg Van Bree Randall Wade

Ex-Officio Members Carla Singer, Parent Guild Emily Todd, Vestry Amanda Grace, Board Clerk

St. Mark’s Episcopal School 2012-2013 annual report


Catherine Miller and Patrick Wailes, Lower School Students

Who we are Who we serve We are delighted to report on the tremendous growth in the past year. Our enrollment has grown to from 378 in 2011-12 to 403 students, and we have experienced an exponential increase in the amount of inquiries and interest in our school. At St. Mark’s, we emphasize serving the whole child while offering a rigorous academic curriculum. We encourage taking risks in the spirit of

learning, for there are as many lessons in failure as there are in success. We actively nurture the development of personal autonomy and agency in all of our students so they may develop into independent learners and thinkers. St. Mark’s is a second home to families who strive to partner with their child’s school, truly creating a community engaged.

Enrollment 378 368 378

4 03

3 2 11 10 01 01 20 2 20 2 12 09 2010 2011 20 20

St. Mark’s Episcopal School 2012-2013 annual report


The Annual Fund 2012-2013 Annual Fund Chairs Elise and Jay Roueche

Class Representatives Kathy and Mark Artlip Ketti Awad and George Younis Kari and Kevin Brophy Ali and Bradley Dodson Kelli and Joe Gallegos Isabel Moros and Guillermo Garcia-Manero Deborah Hsu and Keith Jones Manju Monga and Tony Kerrigan Elise and Jay Roueche Bert and Brandy Sausse Rita and Michael Stringer Lauren and John Toubassi


From Individuals Society of St. Mark’s Anonymous Cathy and David Crabtree Tara and Shane Treleaven

Circle of Excellence Joanie and David Andrews The Bollinger Family Anne and Shawn Cleary Hollie and Dave Fulghum Elizabeth and Roger Fulghum The McGinnis Family Tonya and Bartley Pickron Dr. Sonja Kristiansen and Dr. Andrew Pollard Anna and Bret Scholtes

Founders’ Circle

Kathryn and Mark Artlip Mr. and Mrs. Tobin Carlson Julie and Stephen Chiu Marsha and Sam Dodson Drs. Angela and Brandon Fisher Carrie and Tim Gillette Sheryl Gussett and Phil Watts Amanda and Daniel Hrachovy Amy and Mark Melton The Rev. and Mrs. Patrick Miller Sharon and Scott Soler Leslie and Wade Stubblefield Lauren and John Toubassi

President’s List

Headmaster’s Council Hala and Joe Ahmad ZoeAnn and Jud Bailey Dana and Ron Bankston Danielle and Josh Batchelor Alicia and Lance Bowling Monica and David Brink Kevin and Kari Brophy JoAnna and Allen Burton Debbie and Kent Chenevert Ms. Melissa Luzardo and Mr. Martin Cocco The Dayao Family Ali and Bradley Dodson Dr. Allison M. Pritchett and Dr. Clinton Doerr Kinga and Peter Doris Gury and Pratik Doshi The Dunphy Family Sarah and Earl Dyke Cecilia and Jim Edwards Susanne and Randall Evans Mr. and Mrs. Jason Funderburk Dr. Jennifer Finch and Mr. Hank Fuselier Michael and Jae Graham Jamie and Greg Grissom Namieta and Paul Janssen The Kerrigan Family Gisette and David Leathers Dr. Charles Manner

Alyson and Ryan McConnell Mrs. Susan Bailey-Newell and Mr. James Newell Dr. Mary Healy and Mr. Paul C O’Sullivan Michele and Paul Pilibosian Elise and Jay Roueche Deborah and David Roylance Briar and Ian Salmon Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Settoon, Jr. Aimee and Dan Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Shelton III Janet and Michael Sisolak Benjamin and Grace Smith Michael and Rita Stringer Mr. Walter Lynch and Dr. Emily Todd The Urso Family Peg Van Bree Dr. and Mrs. Robert Walmsley George Younis and Ketti Awad

Anonymous Marie and Charles Anstead Rose Anton Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Bob Baze Ben Baze The Birdwell Family Diana and Ron Boihem Drs. Kelly and Keith Bourgeois Laura and Steve Bradford Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Brooks Lea and Steve Cherek Michael and Stasa Cushman Mrs. Margie A. Dickerson Jennifer and B.J. Ducey Nicole and Don Ellithorpe Drs. Rola and Hashem Elserag Mr. and Mrs. Ole Engels Kelli and Joe Gallegos The Garcia-Moros Family The Gilbert-Smith Family Mr. and Mrs. Gordon G. Gonzalez Dee, Dina, and Dominic Green Derek and Alisa Green The Harkness Family The Henry Family The Irr Family The Jones Family Mr. and Mrs. Troy Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Wasay Khan Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Kreider Mr. and Mrs. Roger Kurtin The Leonard Family Carol Helliker and David Luther The Mashburn Family Mr. and Mrs. Michael McConnell Mr. and Mrs. Robert McGarr The Mehnert Family Allison and Pablo Mercado Kristin and John Ownby The Palmer Family Jessica and Ethan Phillips The Pulido Family Greg and Simone Ralph Dr. and Mrs. Tiberiu Riconte Mrs. Katherine Labastida and Mr. Ronald Peter Ruffini Mr. and Mrs. Blake Samuels Dr. Berta De Leon and Dr. Julio Scaglia Michele and Dan Scheffer Lisa and Rick Schrimsher Mrs. Carey Jordan-Simmons and Mr. Brian Simmons Carla and Reagan Singer Denise and Martin Snyder Komal and Eric Stoerr Mr. and Mrs. Chun Sin Tsang Patrick and Elizabeth Villarreal

The Wade Family The Whittaker Family Mrs. Nancy Willerson

Dean’s List Mr. and Ms. Gerardo Amelio Skye and David Berman The Boom Family Mrs. Erika De la Garza and Dr. M. Alegandro Chaoul Mr. and Mrs. Vijay A. D’Cruz Anton and Oxana Derkach Mr. and Mrs. Tanner Franks Dr. Donna Coffey and Dr. Alfredo Gei Verity and Tom Gilpin Mrs. Fidaa Shaib and Dr. Ihab Hamzeh Ronda and Mark Jones Sherry and James Kennett Mr. and Mrs. Charles Medlin Amy and Eric Moen The Mortazavi Family Dr. and Mrs. Chad Pedley Mrs. Laura Valbuena and Mr. Patrick Perryman Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Robins Mrs. Denise Branson and Mr. Michael Robinson Jerry and Linda Shamburger

Alison Lin and Steven Spears Ruth Ann and Trey Stiles Drs. Anisa and Erobo Ubogu Phillipa and Ara Vaporciyan Kathy and Jeff Vrabec Emily and Joe Bill Whittenburg Dr. George Zabaras

St. Mark’s Episcopal School 2012-2013 annual report


The Annual Fund


Honor Roll Linda and Wayne Adamson Mrs. Karen Hautz and Mr. Paul Bogers Terri and Darden Bourne Gunta and John Burt Mr. and Mrs. George E. Cadena Mr. and Mrs. William Calhoun Ms. Kitson Camp Mr. and Mrs. Alberto Castelli Stephen Cooper A. K. Crabtree Mr. and Mrs. David Currier Beatriz and Orlando Diaz Paige and Mark Dominey William Frame Dr. Clarence Gilmore Ms. Adriana Atencio and Mr. Javier Gonzalez Mr. and Mrs. Jason M. Henkhaus Roy Henry The Reverend Beth Holden and Mr. Sam Holden Dr. Kathy Summers and Mr. Robert Hudgins Jessica and Trey Jernigan Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kung


Drs. Laura and Joseph Masters Patrick and Karen McHenry Kesha Mclean Allison and Mark McMillan Mr. and Mrs. Scott McNinch Mona L. McPherson Mr. and Mrs. Charlton Miller Dr. Ana Solari Neumann and Dr. Erik Neumann Chuong Nguyen and Hoa Bui Dr. and Mrs. Orlando Ortiz Dr. Ji Seon Lee and Mr. Michael Pak Mr. Leonard Hoarau and Mrs. Janet Peng Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Popov James and Kathryn Prappas Mr. and Mrs. Craig Richa Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Sander Mr. Keith B. Shirk Jill and Peter Smetek Mr. Mose Smith Mr. and Mrs. John Standish Moya and Marc Varner Mrs. Pamela B. Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. Van Williams Dr. Aniko Sabo and Dr. Richard Willson

We are proud to report that our Board of Trustees and our Faculty & Staff reached 100% participation in 2012-13.

Annual Fund Special Thanks to these St. Mark’s students who generously donated to the Annual Fund STUDENT DONORS Stella Bogers Cici Calhoun Agatha Castelli Leanne Currier Kennedy Gilmore Monique Hoarau Reagan Jernigan Hannah Maloney Nia Mclean Zoe Meshberger Virginia Miller Valerie Ortiz Sophia Pak Mackenzie Williams



2010-2011 $246,784

$2ook $100k 3 2 11 10 01 01 20 2 20 2 12 09 2010 2011 20 20


2012-2013 2009-2010 64%

Parent Participation 2012-2013



2009-2010 2009-2010 2010-2011 2010-2011



2011-2012 72.6%


From corporations AIG Matching Grants Program Air Liquide USA LLC Bank of America Matching Gift Program BHP Billiton Matching Giving Program Chevron ExxonMobil Flournoy Davis Manzo Child Development Foundation GE Foundation Goldman Sachs Kinder Morgan McGarr Design, LLC Siop Enterprises St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Sunshine Committee The Women of St. Mark’s Church Tory Burch, LLC


From staff Allison Akers Margaret and Michael Alvarez Lynn Alvey Christine Anderson Gauri and Mohit Arora Scott and Cathy Basso Michele Bourque Dianne Bownds Emily and Simon Brabo Ms. Sara Brannon Maggie and Gordon Brown


Sharon Bukaty Jason Carroll Nicole Carville Marjorie and David Connolly Graciela Cuellar Genie Darilek Susan Davis and Larry Kahn Alexis and Lawrence DeLuca John and Laura Giffin Amanda Grace Leticia Hernandez Bobbye and Steve Hicks Andrea Hoelscher Dorinda and Craig Howard Jean Marie and Cutter Howard Claudia Hutcheson Anne and John Jackson Sharon Jaster Erika and Yong Lee Maria Mandell Janet Mayr Noah Miller Laurie and Gary Mitchell Peggy Murray Susan Orlicek Dawn Owen Cathy Partney Nina Polk Leila-Scott and John Price Lynne and Jimmy Quinn

Barbara W. Reid Cortney Richa-Hebert Dawn and Greg Robins Carol and Jim Russell Steve Salley Evelyn Canales Mary and Fred Silverstein Allison and Ben Sonnier Lou Ellen and Brian Stansell Amy Tichacek Kristin and Darrell Uptmor Christine and Garhett Wagers Barbara and Philip Williams Cindy Williams Sallie Wilson Diane Wylie

St. Mark’s Episcopal School 2012-2013 annual report


The Annual Fund


In Honor and In Memory Gifts / Other Linda and Wayne Adamson in Honor of Amy and Mark Melton, parents of Daphne and Max Melton Susanne and Randall Evans in Honor of their grandchildren, Catalina Amelio, Julian Amelio, and Walker Evans Mr. and Mrs. Blake Samuels in Honor of Austin McGinnis, Michael Tyler McGinnis, and Lauren McGinnis The Sunshine Committee in Memory of Barbara Williams’ mother, Frances Noak Massey


St. Mark’s Episcopal School 2012-2013 annual report


For every dollar you donate to the Annual Fund... 22 cents

19 cents

Professional Development and Dues

Instructional Support & Curriculum

22 cents Campus Improvements

37 cents Technology St. Mark’s Episcopal School 2012-2013 annual report


Professional Development St. Mark’s teachers attend countless hours of Professional Development opportunities each year. These invaluable experiences inspire AND refresh our educators and staff. They consistently bring back fresh ideas

and new methods to the classroom. In the 2012-13 School Year, our dedicated faculty attended the following events, as a direct result of Annual Fund dollars.

• An Evening with Dr. Brené Brown, Ph.D., LMSW*

• K-12 Applications Conference/TCEA Area/Region IV Technology Conference

• Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools Conference

• Blackbaud Online Training Webinars

• Kodaly Music Method Level I Certification

• Bureau of Education and Research: Utilizing Cutting-edge Technology to Enhance Your Foreign Language Instruction

• Mission Advancement Online Seminar

• Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools Early Learning Retreat: Math Seminar

• National Association of Independent Schools Membership and National Conference, Philadelphia

• Teaching the Tough Topics with Greg Tang

• Communicating Difficult Topics with Dr. Jennifer Welch, Dr. Matthew Paradise, and Mr. Richard De La Cuadra

• National Association of Independent Schools People of Color Conference

• Texas Library Association Annual Conference, Fort Worth

• CPR certification and re-certification

• National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Regional Math Conference

• Texas Library Association Conference

• Atlas Curriculum Mapping Training

• Creative Mathematics Math Camp • Dynamic Physical Education with Dr. Robert Pangraz • Elementary School Heads Association Membership and National Conference, Cape Cod • FinalSite University, Hartford • HAIS Admission Directors Summer Workshop • Houston Puppetry Festival • Introduction to MS Outlook • Introduction to Photoshop Elements • ISTE Annual Conference (International Society of Technology in Education )

Right: Middle School teacher, Genie Darilek

• National Science Teachers Association Conference, San Antonio • Play, Laugh, Learn—Teaching with Intention • Powerful Learning Practice PLP Live! Workshop, Philadelphia • Presbyterian Weekday Ministries Early Childhood Conference • Reasoning and Relationships with Marcy Cook • Safeguarding God’s Children

• Superkids Reading Curriculum Training

• Texas Music Educators Association Conference, San Antonio • Texas Music Educators Conference, San Antonio • The Reading Institute Teachers College, Columbia University, New York • The World Peace Game with John Hunter, Presbyterian School • Tots and Technology Conference, Galveston • Weapons of Mass Instruction with Dr. Milton Chen

• Singapore Math

St. Mark’s Episcopal School 2012-2013 annual report


Parent Guild The mission of the Parent Guild is to support the school through our events and programs. The Parent Guild is a self-supporting organization, with community fundraisers directly generating revenue for activities that enhance our campus. The primary fundraiser for the Parent Guild is Scarborough Fair. In 2012, it raised over $30,000 in gross revenue for the organization. Funds are also raised through Family Restaurant Nights, Loyalty Marketing Programs, the Poinsettia Sale, Pumpkin Patch, Spiritwear and Used Uniform Sales. The Parent Guild is not a fundraising arm of St. Mark’s Episcopal School, instead the funds raised through this organization are directly given back to our community, through the following events and programs: • Breakfast with Santa

• Field Day

• Teacher Appreciation Meals

• 8th Grade Graduation, in conjunction with the Administration

• Teacher Birthday Treats • Hospitality, including Welcome Coffees and All School Events

• Grandparents and Special Friends Day

• Middle School Dances

• New Family Ice Cream Social

• Parent Education, including this year’s Evening with Dr. Brené Brown

• Visiting Authors for the Library

• Supplies for Helping Hands

Parent Guild Leadership President Carla Singer Vice-President Carrie Gillette Treasurer Cathy Crabtree Secretary Stacia Currier Book Fair Chairpersons Stacia Currier and Julie Chiu Boo Hoo Breakfast Aimee Shapiro Loyalty Programs Marketing Moya Varner Breakfast with Santa Chairpersons Elizabeth Trammell and Debbie Chenevert


Family Restaurant Night Chairperson Elise Roueche

Field Day Chairperson Bethany Pedley Grandparents and Friends Day Chairperson Gisette Leathers School Hospitality Chairperson Jennifer Ducey Helping Hands Chairperson Jennifer Funderburk Parent Education Chairperson Nicole Ellithorpe Poinsettia Sale Chairperson Allison McMillan Pumpkin Patch Chairpersons Briar and Ian Salmon

Scarborough Fair Chairpersons Carla Singer, Carrie Gillette, Stacia Currier, and Cathy Crabtree Spiritwear Chairperson Cecilia Edwards, Ali Dodson, Anna Scholtes Teacher Appreciation Chairperson Tonya Pickron Teacher Birthdays Chairperson Debbie Chenevert Used Uniforms Chairperson Patty Wailes

Booster Club/ Athletics The St. Mark’s Booster Club represents the primary way to support athletics on our campus. Students in grades six and above are given the opportunity to compete in team sports including volleyball, basketball, track, tennis, golf and soccer. St. Mark’s is pleased to place all students who try out on teams; we practice a no-cut policy.  The Booster Club helps support our students and the Athletic Department through fundraising and planning special events. In addition, Booster Club volunteers maintain and operate the concession stand, help with score-table tasks, and host tournament hospitality rooms. The Booster Club is an important part of the St. Mark’s community and our teams directly benefit from their commitment. Over the years, the Booster Club has funded or contributed to the following: • New uniforms for teams on a rotating schedule • New athletic equipment including basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, practice tennis balls, and a shot and discus for track and field teams • Family Nights and Sports Banquet • Decorations for student athlete lockers, and all booster events

Booster Club Expenses 18%


Transportation/ Bus Fees


The purpose of the Booster Club is to support, encourage and advance amateur athletic competitive programs at the St. Mark’s Episcopal School. All proceeds shall be used to promote participation in athletic programs, improving the athletic environment and generally to raise the level and quality of all sports programs at the school.


Booster Store


Family Nights/ Banquet



Booster Club Expenses 30%



Booster Store

• Shares the cost of buses to sport venues over 15 miles from school. • Countless hours of volunteer support for home games, tournaments and special events



Family Nights/ Banquet


St. Mark’s Episcopal School 2012-2013 annual report


Library Report The money raised from these important events directly benefits our students. The lower and upper libraries added hundreds of new books and titles to their collections this past year as a result of these funds. In addition, the libraries benefit from a partnership with the Parent Guild to bring visiting authors to our campus. Our 2012 visiting authors were Willy Claflin and Brian Faulkner.

Mrs. Uptmor reads to students in the newly renovated Lower School Library.

We are grateful for additional support that we receive for the libraries. In 2012-13 we received gifts from the following donors: Anonymous

Richardson’s Bookfair, November 2012


Theodora and John Madewell Mr. and Mrs. Houghton Hutcheson

Barnes and Noble Bookfair, May 2013


$1,013 St. Mark’s Episcopal School 2012-2013 annual report


2013 Texas Bluebonnet Breakfast Qualifies 3rd Hebert (16) Andrews, David Calhoun, Cici Edwards, Jack Ferstl, Carson Fisher, Siler Gil, Felipe Gilbert-Smith, Lilly Hoarau, Monique Jones, Kennan McConnell, Caitlyn McGinnis, Lauren Meshberger, Zoe Mi ller, Virginia Pancheri, Logan Phillips, Ava Singer, Grayson 3rd Partney (16) Anton, Joseph Bogers, Stella Brink, Jonathan


Burton, Jack Currier, Leanne Ellithorpe, Matthew Graham, Anthony Harkness, Matt Irr, Ryan Jernigan, Reagan Maloney, Hannah McLean, Nia McWhinnie, James Pak, Sophia Phillips, Kate Williams, Mackenzie 4th Brown (17) Alnujaidi, Dana Anton, Canivan Bailey, Katelyn Bennett, Shane Bowling, Morgan Covington, Colby Engels, Leo Fuselier, Trey Hanna, Camille Jones, Brayden

2013 Texas Lone Star Lunch Qualifiers Khan, Nile Melton, Max Miller, Henry Stringer, Grant Thibodeaux, Colin Vrabec, Jackie Wagers, Isabel 4th Robins (18) Carter, Jack Diaz, Julian Fulghum, Lauren Gallegos, Grace Joyner, Harrison Kioumehr, Justin Leathers, Wyatt McGinnis, Michael McNinch, Massey Nottingham, Dailey O’Sullivan, Rachel Prappas, Kathryn Roylance, Ryan Saucier, Jonathan Ubogu, Kome Wade, Lily

Watts, Carolyn Welch, Mason 5A (13) Aldajain, Abdullah Andrews, Catherine Arora, Tara Elserag, Laith Gaetti, Gigi Gonzalez, Natalie Green, Duncan Leonard, Audrey Lynch, Abby Roylance, Raegan Stiles, Joseph Walmsley, Will Bollinger, Madeline 5B (12) Bailey, Abby Birdwell, Emma Henry, Giselle Hoebig, Charlotte Hrachovy, Connor Janssen, Nick Mamuko, Ashley

McHenry, Lani Pak, Davis Scheps, Spencer Smith, Sterling Trammell, Jamesy 6A (8) Bennett, Chuck Ellithorpe, Caitlin Huynh, Ethan Leathers, Elliott Sabbagh, Dalia Scaglia, Sabrina Smith, Isabel 6B (4) Clay, Mycah Gallegos, Nick Kim, Ashley Shapiro, Joe

6A (10) Alnujaidi, Shahad Bennett, Chuck Doctor, Brantley Dunphy, Katie Ellithorpe, Caitlin Huynh, Ethan Leathers, Elliott Masters, Ruth Scaglia, Sabrina Smith, Isabel 6B (9) Clay, Mycah Gallegos, Nicholas Graham, Ethan Huang, Heather Kim, Ashley Kuriger, Catherine Ortiz, Sophia Shapiro, Joe Wade, Reilly

7A (11) Andrews, Sarah Chaoul, Karina Covington, Alexis Dayao, Greg Elserag, Lana Hollier, Pierce Janssen, Natalie Kerrigan, Sean Settoon, Kate Shapiro, Sam Urso, Joey 7B (11) Bourgeois, Camille Cherek, Sydney Ferstl, Parker Garza, Victoria Hetherington, Blake Philip Kung Leathers, Will Stubblefield, Daphne Wailes, Charlie Walmsley, Christian Watts, Alice

8A (9) Bryan, Aubrey Burton, Sam Garcia-Moros, Juan Koch, Jacob Loyalka, Niyati MacKenna, Malia Mortazavi, Laily Thibodeaux, Carly Wagert, Ashlyn 8B (9) Gonzalez, Marcela Hudgins, Alex Jackson, James Luther, Chris Maloney, Adam Ralph, Hattie Snyder, Sammi Stiles, David Thomas, Alexia

St. Mark’s Episcopal School 2012-2013 annual report


UNGala The 2013 UNGala was a UNbelievable! We are pleased to share that our community raised a combined total of


from underwriting and auction proceeds.

One of the most exciting parts of the evening was watching our Green for Green contributions grow live on the event scoreboard. All the dollars raised for this goal went towards the installation of artificial turf for our Elementary and Middle School playing field. We are excited to announce that $36,855 was raised at the event toward our total goal of $65,000.

We are extremely grateful to our UNGala Underwriters and Volunteers: UNGala Auction UNderwriter Wortham Insurance & Risk Management Teacher Ticket UNderwriting Michelle and Michael Bollinger Debbie and Kent Chenevert Hollie and Dave Fulghum Carrie and Tim Gillette Amy and Mark Melton Tonya and Bartley Pickron UNbelievable UNderwriters Hala and Joe Ahmad Joanie and David Andrews Anne and Shawn Cleary Ali and Bradley Dodson


Jennifer Finch and Hank Fuselier Killian and Doug Gilbert-Smith Donna and Mike McGinnis Amy and Mark Melton The Rev. and Mrs. Patrick J. Miller Tara and Shane Treleaven

Drs. Lisa and Larry Hollier Alyson and Ryan McConnell Joyce and Charles Medlin Allison Pritchett and Clint Doerr The Shapiro Family Janet and Mike Sisolak

UNdeniable UNderwriters Anonymous Dana and Ron Bankston Danielle and Josh Batchelor Laura and Steve Bradford Julie and Stephen Chiu Jennifer and BJ Ducey Frost Bank Sheryl Gussett and Phil Watts

UNwavering Volunteers Tonya Pickron Julie Chiu Jennifer Ducey Nicole Ellithorpe Danielle Batchelor Laura Bradford Stacia Currier Sarah Dyke

Hollie Fulghum Elizabeth Fulghum Jennifer Funderburk Carrie Gillette Elizabeth Glenn Amanda Grace Jamie Grissom Bobbye Hicks Jean Marie Howard Lucy Leonard Karen McHenry Carla Singer Christine Wagers

St. Mark’s Episcopal School 2012-2013 annual report


Green for Green supporters: Our Green for Green Campaign was highly successful, and our students currently enjoy the newly installed turf on our large Elementary and Middle School playing field. This initiative was launched as a part of our 2013 UnGala and Auction. Thanks to the generous support of so many


Ali and Bradley Dodson Amy and Mark Melton Jennifer Finch and Hank Fuselier Tonya and Bartley Pickron Hollie and Dave Fulghum The Bollinger Family Anne and Shawn Cleary Carrie and Tim Gillette Jud and ZoeAnn Bailey Jennifer and Jason Funderburk The Leonard Family Allison and Pablo Mercado Karen and Richard Klucznik The Gilbert-Smith Family Julie and Stephen Chiu Laura and Steve Bradford The McGinnis Family Allison and Mark McMillan Joe Bill and Emily Whittenburg

Kevin and Kari Brophy Bobbye and Steve Hicks Cathy and David Crabtree Christine and Garhett Wagers Hala and Joe Ahmad The Irr Family Cass and Scott McNinch Don and Nicole Ellithorpe Jennifer and B.J. Ducey Dan and Aimee Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Ryan McConnell Gauri and Mohit Arora Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Shelton III Mr. and Ms. Gerardo Amelio Mrs. Denise Branson and Mr. Michael Robinson The Pulido Family Mr. and Ms. Thomas A. Gilpin Mr. and Mrs. James R. Kennett

Planned Giving Report

of our families at this event, we were able to exceed our goals and raise the additional funds for this special project. This space is one of the most widely-used on our campus and we are thrilled to make this improvement a reality for our students. Paul and Michele Pilibosian Peg Van Bree Mrs. Katherine Labastida and Mr. Ronald Peter Ruffini Sarah and Earl Dyke Kristin and John Ownby Melissa and Todd Joyner Mrs. Carey Jordan-Simmons and Mr. Brian Simmons Dee, Dina, and Dominic Green Derek and Alisa Green Mr. and Mrs. Greg Grissom Joe and Kelli Gallegos Dr. Aniko Sabo and Dr. Richard Willson Dr. and Mrs. Chad Pedley Mina and Robert Covington Alicia and Lance Bowling Erika and Yong Lee

Gayle and David Riddle Leila-Scott and John Price Allison and Patrick Miller Sharon Bukaty Claudia Hutcheson Amanda Grace Jean Marie Howard Nina Polk Sara Brannon Debbie and Kent Chenevert

St. Mark’s gratefully accepts the generosity of individuals who have included our school in their estate plans. These gifts can be in many forms, including bequests, life insurance, and charitable trusts and annuities.

We wish to thank the estate of Julie Ann Grant.

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone else chose to plant a tree long ago.

If you have included St. Mark’s in your estate plans, please let the Development office know by contacting


Awards & Honors Scripps National Spelling Bee, St. Mark’s Winner, Monique Hoarau (3rd grade) Runner-up, David Stiles (8th grade) National Geographic Society Geography Bee Rafiq Hamzeh

DUKE TIP In 2013, 24 out of 36 (over 66%) of St. Mark’s 7th graders qualified for the Duke Talent Identification Program. This means that they received a score at the 95th percentile or higher on an accepted subtest or total battery/composite of a grade-level standardized achievement test, aptitude test, mental-ability test.

NATIONAL SPANISH EXAM The Spanish department is pleased to announce the results of this year’s National Spanish Exam. To be recognized the 8th grade students had to score above the national percentiles. We had 6 receive honorable mention (51 – 74%), 3 received bronze awards (75 – 84%), 4 earned silver status 85 – 94% and 1 scored gold medals 95 – 100 %. Niyati Loyalka ranked in the 99th percentile overall in the nation, and is in the gold category.

Sarah Andrews Sam Birdwell Camille Bourgeois Sydney Cherek Alexis Covington Lana Elserag Victoria Garza Helen Hecht


gold medal



silver status


bronze awards


honorable mention

Blake Hetherington Alex Ho Pierce Hollier Natalie Janssen Sean Kerrigan Philip Kung Austin McGinnis Daniela Rumbaut

Kate Settoon Sam Shapiro Sean Sisolak Daphne Stubblefield Joey Urso Emily Villareal Lucy Wall Alice Watts

PRIVATE SCHOOLS INTERSCHOLASTIC ASSOCIATION Private Schools Interscholastic Association (PSIA) is an academic competition consisting of various competitions ranging anywhere from Mathematics to Impromptu Speaking. In 2013, 22 of our St. Mark’s competitors placed among our region.

Mycah Clay, 6th Spelling Mitchell Jones, 6th Vocabulary 4th place Sulafa Alkhunaizi, 7th and 8th Modern Oratory Tara Arora, 5th Spelling Alexis Covington, 7th and 8th Spelling Additionally, for the second year in a row, Conor Doris, 6th Vocabulary a St. Mark’s student has placed 1st in the Gregory Dayao, 7th Number Sense State Competition, beating out all other Rachel O’Sullivan, 4th Spelling competitors from the state of Texas. Kathryn Prappas, 3rd and 4th grade Congratulations to Caitlin Ellithorpe, 6th Music Memory grader, who placed 1st in Onsite Drawing at Ashlyn Wagert, 7th and 8th the PSIA State Competition in spring 2013. Modern Oratory 5th place 1st place Ethan Huynh, 5th and 6th grade Lani McHenry, 5th Prose Interpretation Music Memory Dalia Sabbagh, 6th On-Site Drawing Philip Kung, 7th grade Mathematics (tie) 2nd place 6th place Caitlin Ellithorpe, 6th On-Site Drawing Stella Bogers, 3rd Storytelling Monique Hoarau, 3rd Spelling (tie) Pierce Hollier, 7th Number Sense Dalia Sabbagh, 6th Spelling Sonia Kerrigan, 6th Prose Interpretation Kobe Obogu, 4th Spelling 3rd place Ava Toubassi, 2nd grade Creative Writing

St. Mark’s Episcopal School 2012-2013 annual report


Awards & Honors


2012-2013 Student Council President, Juan Garcia-Moros Vice President, James Jackson Treasurer, Pierce Hollier Secretary, Alexis Covington

2012-2013 National Honor Society Members Sarah Andrews Edward Bittner William Bittner Camille Bourgeois Sam Burton Alexis Covington Greg Dayao Fadila Farag Ryan Fulghum Victoria Garza Helen Hecht Alex Ho Pierce Hollier Natalie Janssen Sean Kerrigan Sonia Kerrigan


Jacob Koch Niyati Loyalka Christopher Luther Austin McGinnis Laily Mortazavi Christopher Pollard Hattie Ralph Daniela Rumbaut Christopher Scheffer Grace Schrimsher Sean Sisolak Sammi Snyder David Stiles Daphne Stubblefield Carly Thibodeaux Alexia Thomas Joey Urso Emily Villarreal

Charlie Wailes Lucy Wall Alice Watts Kristiana Alaniz John Cadena Karina Chaoul Sydney Cherek Mycah Clay Conor Doris Katie Dunphy Caitlin Ellithorpe Lana Elserag Ethan Graham Blake Hetherington Blake Hetherington Mitchell Jones Ashley Kim Phil Kung, Jr.

Emily Lander Elliott Leathers Dalia Sabbagh Sabrina Scaglia Kate Settoon Sam Shapiro Isabel Smith Reilly Wade Christian Walmsley

St. Mark’s Episcopal School 2012-2013 annual report


Class of 2013 & Awards

St. Mark’s Cup

St. Mark’s Cup

Faculty Award

Ambassador Award

Selected by the faculty, this award is given to the graduating eighth grader who best represents the spirit of the Middle School.

Selected by the faculty, this award is given to the graduating eighth grader who best represents the spirit of the Middle School.

Selected by the faculty, this award is given to a graduating eighth grader who consistently and independently wants to learn more.

Niyati Loyalka

David Stiles

Fadila Farag

This award goes to the student who exemplifies outstanding character and demonstrates what it means to be Respectful, Responsible and Kind.

Sammi Snyder Top row, right to left: Laily Mortazavi, Chris Luther, Sam Burton, Edward Bittner, David Stiles, William Bittner, Niyati Loyalka. /// Second row, right to left: Alexandra Hudgins, Ryan Kioumehr, Malia Mackenna, Alexia Thomas, Hattie Ralph, Juan Garcia-Moros. /// Third row, right to left: Jacob Koch, Fadila Farag, Carly Thibodeaux, Marcela Gonzalez, Faisal Al Dujain, Ashlyn Wagert. /// Front row, right to left: James Jackson, Sulafa Alkhunaizi, Aubrey Bryan, Hind Alkhunaizi, Sammi Snyder, Adam Maloney.


Operating Income 5% Annual Fund and other unrestricted gifts 4% Auxiliary Services

1% Other Income 1% 2013-UNGala 89% Tuition & Fees

Operating Expenses 7% Maintenance and Utilities 5% General administrative 6% School program and instructional

7% School program and instructional 1% Fundraising Expenses 74% Faculty and Staff salaries and benefits

St. Mark’s Episcopal School 3816 Bellaire Boulevard • Houston, Texas 77025 • 713-667-7030

The 2012-13 Annual Report is a culmination of reporting from many offices within our school. We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information included here. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Development office at

St. Mark's Episcopal School Annual Report 2012-2013  

This detailed document provides our community with an account of the generous gifts we received in this last fiscal year. In an effort to b...

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