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Fall 2012

The Lantern Walk is published twice a year by Georgia Southern University students at the Magazine’s Office, Second Floor, Williams Center for graduating seniors in remembrance of their time at Georgia Southern University.

The Ceremony’s History The Lantern Walk ceremony began in 1935 on Georgia Southern University’s campus. At the time the University was known as South Georgia Teachers College. Graduating seniors would don their caps and gowns and traverse the campus at sunset, carrying a lantern before them. As the graduates moved from building to building, select members would address the group with memories from each building they visited. The Lantern Walk tradition would last until the 1960s and has returned in recent years thanks to Traditions Council. This publication has been named in honor of that tradition. As our current graduates prepare for commencement it is our hope that they take

the time to revisit some of their memories. The University Programming Board is hosting it’s bi-annual tradition, The Lantern Walk, Friday, May 11 beginning at 6pm at Sweetheart Circle. We invite all graduating students to join us for a free cookout and to wear their graduation caps to receive a lantern to help guide them during their final walk through campus. Each participant will receive a lantern, a letter from the Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, and a commemorative pin to remember their time at Georgia Southern. For more information, contact the University Programming Board by email

A letter from the President Dear Graduates, Congratulations on your upcoming commencement from Georgia Southern University! This is, indeed, a major accomplishment in your lives. The experiences you have had, the friendships you have made, the knowledge you take with you – all of these things will last you a lifetime. Undoubtedly, you will face many challenges throughout your life, but I truly believe that you will be better prepared to face these challenges with a college degree. I hope you will not view your graduation as a reason to stop learning. The pursuits of knowledge should be a lifelong commitment. Your integrity and your acceptance of ideas and cultures different from yours may be tested, but hopefully, Georgia Southern has prepared you for leadership and service in your community, your states, your nation, and even as world citizens. I also hope that you will continue your affiliation with your alma mater. Participate in alumni events and attend the Eagle club socials in your areas. Fall Homecoming is a great way to reacquaint yourselves with campus and college friends. By joining the Alumni Associations, you will receive regular information on the university’s progress. I hope you will returns to 2

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The Lantern Walk is operated by GSU students who are members of Student Media, a Georgia Southern student-led organization operating through the Dean of Student Affairs Office and the Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management. Partial funding for this publication is provided by the GSU Activities Budget Committee. Advertisements fund the remaining costs. Advertising inquiries may be sent to Office of Student Media, PO Box 8001, or by calling the Business Office at 912-478-5418. Inquiries concerning content should be sent to Magazine EIC Mallory McLendon at 912-478-5305. It is printed by Brunswick (Ga.) News.

Times of Commencement Ceremonies Friday, December 14 9:00 a.m. at Hanner Fieldhouse College of Graduate Studies College of Education Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health College of Health and Human Sciences

11:00 a.m. at Hanner Fieldhouse

campus often. As you join the ranks of our ever-growing alumni, on behalf of the faculty and staff of Georgia Southern University, I wish you much success and happiness. Go Eagle Nation! Best wishes, Brooks A. Keel, Ph.D. President

College of Graduate Studies Center for International Studies Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Information Technology College of Business Administration

1:00 p.m. at Hanner Fieldhouse

College of Graduate Studies College of Science and Mathematics College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

The Lantern Walk

Spring 2012 Graduation Commencement Speakers

9:00 a.m.

Leonard Bevill

11:00 a.m.

1:00 p.m.

Frank Simmons III

Dr. Kara Martin

President and Chief Executive Officer of Ph.D., P.E., Structures Staff Scientist, Macon Occupational Medicine Technical Fellow, and Lead FAA Structures DER at Gulfstream Aerospace

Internist and Hospitalist for Kaiser Permanente at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta

The 31-year veteran of Gulfstream has recently focused on certification of the G650. Simmons has also extensively studied the effects of lightning on airframe and fuel tanks designs. He is a co-recipient of the 2010 JEC Composite Innovation Award and the 2008 Aviation Week and Space Technology Magazine Laureate Award for Aeronautics/ Propulsion. Simmons graduated from Statesboro High School before earning degrees from Georgia Tech and the University of South Carolina.

A native of Statesboro, Martin graduated from Georgia Southern in 1991 with a bachelor’s in physics. Her 4.0 GPA earned her the Georgia Southern University Alumni Association Award for the graduating senior with the highest grade point average. To earn scholarship money, Martin entered and was selected Miss Georgia Southern University in 1991. In 1993, she was chosen Miss Georgia and first runnerup to Miss America. With the scholarships she received through Miss America, Martin graduated from the Medical College of Georgia debt free. She was named the 2004 Alumnus of the Year for the College of Science and Technology.

For 17 years, the Georgia Southern alumnus has provided occupational health services such as workers’ compensation treatments, physical exams, rehabilitation services and safety programs to workers, businesses, and industries in Georgia and the United States. Bevill has a bachelor’s in recreational therapy and a master’s in exercise science from Georgia Southern. In 2007, Bevill was named to Georgia Trend Magazine’s list of Georgia’s “40 Under 40 – Best and Brightest in Business, Education, Politics, Science and the Arts.” Under his leadership, Macon Occupational Medicine received the 2005 Small Business of the Year Award from the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce.

A Look at Fall 2012

Below: GSU vs. UGA

Right: The Fee Vote

Georgia Southern University has done something that often times other colleges and universities do not do. This year the student body had a say in what fees they wanted to pay for. Georgia Southern University students voted yes or no on three different issues, the athletic expansion, athletic operations, and sustainability. The athletic expansion is a $25 fee to expand Paulson Stadium, adding an additional 6,000 seats. With Georgia Southern is being recognized nationally for football, the athletic operations or FBS, is an additional $75 fee if GSU gets an invitation to join the FBS. This fee will be implemented only when the school receives its invitation. GO GREEN! The sustainability fee is an additional $10 to support sustainability on campus. 70.4% of students voted yes to the $25 expansion of Paulson Stadium, 61.2% of students voted yes for the $75 FBS fee, and 74.4% of students voted yes to the $10 green fee. If the Board of Regents approves these fees, they will be implemented beginning Fall 2013. The expansion and green fee would add $35 to the student account. If GSU receives the FBS invitation, students will pay an extra $110 in student fees.

Tasha Lund

Lindsay Hartmann

Right: Madeline Albright

On September 18. former U.S. Secretary of State, Madeline Albright spoke at Hanner Fieldhouse as a part of the Leadership Series. Albright spoke on the value of education, leadership experience, and culture, as well as women who are trying to balance home and work activities, “The only word I can apply to all women is choice,” Albright said. “Every women should be allowed to choose and have that choice respected.”

Georgia Southern University played the University of Georgia during the fall 2012 semester and the sense of rivalry was strong as it has ever been in the history of the tradition. The two teams first played each other in 1988 and since then the Bulldogs have amassed a 4-0 record against the Eagles.

This year, hopes were high for the Eagles as they boasted the No. 1 rushing attack in the Football Championship Subdivision. The Bulldogs came in pretty strong too, ranked fifth in the Football Bowl Subdivision at the time. In head coach Jeff Monken’s first game against UGA, the Bulldogs were victorious 4514 but a game was played that will be talked about for another four years.

Lindsay Hartmann Director of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement, Todd Deal stated, “I’ve taken a lot from this. One quote that I’m going to put on my Facebook page later tonight is ‘opinions should be used to start conversations, not end them.”

Early Voting

The last day to register for early voting on campus was October 9, 2012. The Federal Department of Justice approved early voting for Georgia Southern students. Students

registered in Bullouch County will be able to cast their vote in the Russell Union ballroom October 23-25, 2012. Georgia Southern is the first secondary institution to offer early voting to their students.

The Lantern Walk 3

Aaron, Jonathan L. Ackerman, Michelle L. Adams, Leaha M. Adams, Laticia J. Adams, Joshua B. Aderonmu, Omosalewa O. Adu, Cornelius A. Al Bahrani, Lutfi A. Al-amiri, Galia M. Al-Sayegh, Hasan K. Aldana, Paola A. Alexander, Kathryn L. Ali, Nazim H. Alibasic Ena Allen, Peyton O. Allen, Amie N. Allen, Chelsea E. Amole, Babajide O. Anderson , Michael B. Anderson ,Samantha P. Anderson , Morgan L. Anderson , Matthe B. Anderson , Jasmine C. Anderson , Julia G. Angel, GraysonE. Angelle, John C. Anglehart, Joshua R. Angles, Virginia L. Anguiano , Alfredo Antalan, Patrice M. Arafa, Sarah L. Arasmith, Amanda K. Archie, Kedra L. Armstrong, Jenean M. Armstrong-Mitchell, Chelsea E. Ashley, Jonathan Ashley, Nicholas H. Ashley, Anthony C. Atekha, Osawe M. Atkinson, Candice R. Austin, Walter N. Avendano, Denis B. Avery, Stacie W. Avery, Meredith L. Ayoade, Peter Bacon, Charles R. Bacon, Kristy M. Badger, Ian M. Baggett, Mica E. Bagwell, Rachel L. Bailey, Hykeen Bailey, Kristopher E. Bailey, Eric A. Bailey, Korentheus J. Baisch, Jeffrey B. Baker, Ka’Sandra J. Baker, Nathan D. Baker, Gary M. Baker Whitney D. Bakos, Joseph R. Balch, Mary K. Baldwin, Deangelo M. Baldwin, Julienne E. Ball, Kaitlin N. Ballman, Matt S. Banks, Felicia N. Bannister, Kayley A. Barajas, Manuel J. Barefoot Kylie N.


Barfield, Jack H. Barlow, Lynn Barndollar, Cristina M. Barnes, Jordan D. Barnes, Spencer A. Barnes, Justin S. Barnett, Keli J. Barneycastle, Blair C. Barr, Natadra T. Barr, James E. Barron, Kamaal A. Bartee, Maya S. Barthelemy, Colby D. Bass, Blake C. Bass, Elaina C. Bass, Alicia I. Batchelor, Collin M. Bates, Delton B. Baxley, Jodi S. Bazemore, Hannah R. Beam, Brian J. Beasley, Leah K. Beasley-McNutt, Lisa M. Beaudrot, Mildred N. Beck, Danielle C. Beckum, Deborah N. Becton, Jillian B. Beeson, James C. Belcher, Jordan P. Bell, Tiffany C. Bell, Isaac A. Bell, Jonathon J. Benesh, Amanda K. Benn, Alysha J. Benner, Tina S. Bennett, John B. Bennett, Alicia L. Bennett, Michael A. Bennett, Henry R. Benniefield, Camary S. Benson-jaja, Biebele J. Bentley, Molly B. Bergeron, Michael D. Bettendorf, Rayner M. Beverly, Maurice S. Biletzskov, William G. Binion, Jasmine E. Bishoff, Ryan D. Bishop, Perry C. Bissell, Terrance B. Black, Brandon G. Blackburn, Cory J. Blackmon, Lisa M. Blair, Katherine M. Blake, Tiffany N. Bland, Karen D. Blaxton, Ben D. Bloser, William B. Blount, Candice L. Blount, Amanda L Boarman, Sarah D Boerger, Amanda L Bonaparte, Thomas Bond, Christian M Bonds, Ronald D Boney, James W Bonner, Randall L Bonner, Kenderrick M Bookhardt, Anna M

Boone, Walter B. Booze, Shaina E. Boring, Brent W. Bostwick, Dustin S. Bowden, Taylor A. Bowen, Jenny E. Bowers, Toni M. Boyett, Michael D. Bradford, Caroline J. Bradley, Tiffini N. Bradley, Thurman A. Bradley, Thurman A. Branham, Caitlin A. Bransford, Archie L. Brantley, Ashley N. Brantley, Erica L. Braswell, Jason C. Bray, Joleen E. Breen, Maureen T. Bridges, Paul W. Briley, Jessica M. Brinson, William A. Brint, Sequona S. Brittian, Andramada Brooks, Alexandria P. Brooks, Suzanne R. Brookshire, Candace M. Brower, Seth A. Brown, Lesa Brown, Tammy L. Brown, Brittaney S. Brown, Terronique T. Brown, Jared N. Brown, Corey L. Brown, Samuel P. Brown, Justin R. Brown, Richard T. Brown, Sydney E. Brown, Brittany N. Brown, Amanda C. Brown, Anthony L. Brown, Kimberly D. Brownlee, Shannon R. Bryant, Jon D. Bryant, Shana B. Buckson, Marsha M. Bugara, Patrick N. Bugara, Patrick N. Bui, Quan D. Bulkeley, Kirsten R. Bullock, Megan R. Bunch, Casey D. Bunch, James R. Burca, Ioan-Paul Burch, Derek A. Burgess, Charles C. Burgstiner, Ryan T. Burke, Annie R. Burke, Valarie S. Burl, Ryan N. Burnette, Deborah F. Burns, Kimberly L. Burroughs, Sonya D. Bush, Bryan W. Butler, Melinda A. Butler, Eliot C. Butterfield, Ryan C. Buttimer, Nicholas H. Buzo Salas, Teresa

Byrd, Mesha N. Byrd, Aureathia, S Cabe, Mallory, N Calhoun, Stacy E. Callaway, Morgan R. Calle, Christopher P. Callis, Ashley E. Cameron, Brandi N. Cameron, Jessica L. Cameron, Keenan M. Cameron, Kiesha M. Campbell, Anna B. Campbell, Ashley E. Campbell, John M. Canterbury, James b. Cape, Colton L. Capito, Zachary J. Carcaterra, Rudi D. Carey, Chisara L. Carlton, Keauna N. Carpenter, Layla T. Carpenter, Jessica L. Carruth, Wade C. Carter, Latoshia Carter, Kiffiny E. Carter, Christopher O. Carter, Myrion E. Carter, Syreeta B. Carter, Jeon L. Carter, Matthew V. Carter, Jason T. Cashon, Earl E. Cassell, Meagan A. Cassie, Kathy-lee J. Castaneda, Monica F. Casteel, Stephen D. Castellanos, Jennifer C. Cerny, Kristen R. Chambers, Constance M. Chambless, Michael A. Chandlee , Elizabeth B. Chandler, Tiffany R. Chapin, Fredrick B. Chapman, Nijah A. Charles, Dominique K. Charlton, D Angelo K. Chaudhary, Raj B. Cheek, Heather R. Chen, Alexander S. Chianumba, Christine C. Christian, Makim T. Clamors, Joshua R. Clark, Crystal M. Clark, Robert A. Clark, Meredith K. Clark, Melanie B. Clarke, Janelle S. Claxton, Kayla E. Clement, William F. Clements , Jacob T. Clift, Rachel A. Clottey, Emmanuel N. Coale, Christopher R. Cobb, Malinda B. Cobb, Claud F. Cobb, Paul-David G. Cobb, Jamita L. Cobos, Alba A. Cochran, Jason J.

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The Lantern Walk

Echiveste, Mario A. Echols, Anthony B. Edenfield, Miranda D. Edgeworth, Richard K. Ediger, Amy E. Edwards, Shenise M. Edwards, Adam G. Edwards, Sarah B. Edwards, Daniel D. Edwards, Kirsten A. Edwards, Emily Edwards, Joshua E. Ehrlich, Jessica L. Eisenach, Christopher J. Elam, Kelsey Y. Ellgass, Wesly D. Ellington, Jacob P. Elliott, Kathryn T. Ellison, Rashad R. Ennis, Ashly C. Enyew, Hannah Z. Enzor, Kristin N. Epps, Jaroslava Erickson, Matthew Esqueda, Jaclyn M. Esters, Marcus D. Etienne, Pamela T. Etterle, Bradley D. Evans, Brett R. Evans, Ryan O. Evert, Alex K. Evors, Brittney V. Exum, Corinna M. Fair, Caitlin K. Fant, Alexander J. Farley, Whitney K. Farmer, Markus D. Farmer, Sarah E. Farnsworth, Derek T. Farrow, Crystal L. Feliciano, Carlos M. Felton, Kevin J. Ferguson, Marcus L. Feus, William K. Fine, Brittany N. Fisher, Shajuna S. Fleming, Tami M. Flen, Michael E. Flores, Jasmine Flowers, Andrew D. Floyd, Kylie B. Flynn, Bailey C. Flynt, Margaret C. Fogarty, Shelia R. Foote, Warren S. Forcina, Leslie C. Ford, Landis P. Ford, Joshua R. Ford, Ni-ka S. Fordham, Joseph A. Fordham, Turner A. Forrester, Brittany L. Fortin, Paul J. Foskey, Marla S. Foster, Charter E. Foster, Whitley R. Fountain, Haley E. Fowler, Jimmie L. Fowler, Michael J.

Fowler, Chelsea C. Fox, Christopher R. Fox, Joshua T. Francis, Keisha K. Francis, Dominique S. FraservKenneth C. Freakley, Benjamin C.. Freeman, Charles L. Friend, Ashley E. Fritts, Caitlin E. Fritz, Holly D. Fryar, Dustin J. FullervVirginia L. Fulton, Erika D. Gaddis, Cheryl L. Gale, Whitney L. Gallagher, Taylor M. Gallagher, James J. Galloway, Simon A. Galvin, Trina A. Gambill, Kelsey M. Garcia, Juan E. Gardner, Matthew A. Gardner, Raven S. Garrett, Robert N. Garrison, Sarah B. GaryvXavier L. Gaskin, Alexander W. Gay, Andrew C. Gay, Don A. Germany, Courtney M. Geter, Alicia I. Gibson, Ryan A. Gibson, James L. Giella, Brandon P. Gierke, Kristy J. Gilbert, Vanessa M. Gilbert, Chakeira M. Gilbert-Williams, Andrea D. Giles, Misty A. Gill, Jimmy H. Gillespie, Heather L. Gillette, Justin J. Gleissner, James T. Glenn, Courtney M. Glenn, Lauren R. Glisson, Ian E. Glodosky, William H. Glover, Lionel S. Glover, Lauren E. Goff, Allyson C. Goff, Stephanie M. Goicoa, Clinton W. Golden, Jessica L. Goldman, Brent L. Gonzalez-Gerst, Aida M. Goodman, Jeremy M. Goodman, Kelsey K. Goodson, Lisa A. Gordon, Brent W. Gordon, Marcella S. Gordon, Andrea L. Gordon, Michael A. Gordy, Janette L. Goss, James D. Gossett, Celia B. Grace, Samuel C. Graddy, Niesha A. Graham, Adrienne

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The Lantern Walk 5

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The Lantern Walk

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The Lantern Walk 7


The Lantern Walk

Lantern Walk, Fall 2012  
Lantern Walk, Fall 2012