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themessenger Monthly Newsletter of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church FEBRUARY 2013



Winter Gathering


Sunday, March 3 | Gosnell Hall | 10:10a.m. lease plan on attending the Winter Gathering to be updated on the many ongoing activities and our plans for the future. Due to the brevity of time, three primary areas will be addressed.

Our Treasurer Len Briley will brief us on the financial health of our parish. He will also address the results of our Stewardship Campaign. Jeff Rochelle will bring us up to date on the Renew Campaign as well as any remaining items to be addressed in the completing of the renovation of the sanctuary and grounds. I will address the upcoming changes and our plans in regard to The Rev. Chalk’s retirement. Bishop Lillibridge will meet with our Vestry prior to the Parish Meeting and will go over the procedures and potential time frame of the search process. I will also meet with our new Interim Rector, The Rev. Ned Bowersox at that time and I will pass along to you all that I have learned about the process. I think back to this time last year when the focus of our attention was on the upcoming renovations to our sanctuary and how we would deal with being out of the sanctuary for 9 months. I think that we grew as church family during that time and became a stronger parish. As we face this new time of uncertainty I hope that we can see it also as an opportunity for greater growth both individually and collectively. I hope to see you at the Winter Gathering and I will be more than willing to answer any questions that you may have. Sincerely, Tom McGehee 2013 Senior Warden

ST. MARK’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH 315 E. Pecan St. San Antonio, Texas 78205 (210) 226-2426 Office hours: Monday thru Friday 9:00a.m.-5:00p.m. Emergency Pastoral Care: 210-507-0251


 Email Tom at IN THIS ISSUE: Ministry Spotlight page 3 Lenten Luncheons Menu page 4 Joshua Build page 6 Youth Ministry News page 8 News of the Family page 10 HOLY WEEK SCHEDULE IS ON THE BACK PAGE

The Messenger is published monthly and is available in magazine format online at Parish Clergy The Rev. Michael D. Chalk Rector Assisting Clergy The Rev. Dr. John Lewis Co-director, The Work+Shop The Rev. Dr. Jane Patterson Co-director, The Work+Shop Making a Gift of Their Service The Rev. C. Douglas Earle Assisting Priest The Rev. Mary Earle Assisting Priest The Rev. Linda Ricketts Assisting Priest The Rev. Cliff Waller Assisting Priest

Lenten Pilgrimage to Haven for Hope Saturday, March 9 | 9:00 to 11:30a.m.

Staff Todd Allison Youth Director Priscilla Briones Accounting Janet Carrizales Nursery Director Benjamin Carlise Assistant for Music & Liturgy Joseph Causby Director of Music & Organist Elaine Enloe Clergy Executive Administrator Database Manager Sandy Falkenberg Cherub Choir Conductor Emmet Faulk Parish Business Administrator Heather Herschell Children’s Ministries Director Erin Hughes Youth Ministries Assistant Director Melanie Lizcano Communications Director Ruby Merrill Facilities Supervisor & Receptionist Pat Hutchison Noble Community of Care Dr. Edwin A. Rieke Dir. of Music & Organist Emeritus Leah Thomas Special Events Coordinator Callie Sanchez Children’s Ministry Intern

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church 315 East Pecan St. San Antonio, TX 78205

Christians are sometimes called a “pilgrim people,” as a way of saying that we are characterized by a willingness to grow in faithfulness by encountering new situations and people in the awareness of God’s constant presence. As a way of honoring this call to move out in faithfulness, The WorkShop has begun offering periodic, brief experiences of pilgrimage right here in San Antonio. The next pilgrimage is being offered in conjunction with St. Mark’s ministry to Haven for Hope, on the morning of March 9. Haven for Hope is the transformational homeless center near downtown and located about a mile from St. Mark’s. Teams of parishioners assist the food service partners at Haven for Hope, the San Antonio Food Bank and St. Vincent de Paul Society, by preparing main course dishes in St. Mark’s kitchen and by providing teams of volunteers who prepare and serve meals at Haven. Parishioners offer church services in the Haven chapel, serve as soul friends to residents and volunteer as docents. The pilgrimage takes place within a Eucharistic framework, beginning with prayers and readings at St. Mark’s. Then the pilgrims will travel over to Haven for Hope for a tour of the campus, including the SA Christian Dental Clinic (which contains works of art provided by St. Mark’s artists and friends, coordinated by Brenda Kingery and Otis Parchman). Then all will return to St. Mark’s for a simple Communion service in the choir area of the sanctuary. The interplay of readings and prayer, the experience of Haven for Hope, and Holy Communion are intended to help pilgrims come to a new awareness of Christ’s love for all. Perhaps some will be awakened to a call to serve further at Haven for Hope, but this is not a requirement. The Pilgrimage is limited to 30 participants. Please e-mail Pat Bridwell at or call 210 930-7199 to sign up or for more information.


Ministry Spotlight Reacquaint yourself with Threads of Blessing By Linda Jones

Rev. Chalk’s “Ministry Minutes” have been a great way for church members to learn more about what is going on in our midst. Last June, Brenda Kingery talked about Threads of Blessing. She told us that there are church members who sew at the Bishop Jones Center each Wednesday so that they can make and sell embroidered art to pay for Ugandan women to attend a “Threads” conference that we sponsor each year. What you may not have heard is that Betsy Simpson has been doing this for sixteen years. Each Wednesday she selflessly gives of her time and talent to benefit women that she has never met.

goes directly back to the artist who sewed the piece. Also included in the gift bags are small containers of shampoo, lotions, toothpaste, soap bars, etc., which you commonly find in hotels while traveling. These gifts have a huge, positive impact on conference attendees. Sadly enough, several of these items are either not affordable or not available to the Ugandan women we support.

Please help us fill these gift bags. This year, we expect around 150 Ugandan Threads of Blessing has continued to organize workshops in ladies to attend the conference, so there is Honduras, Mexico and Uganda teaching the skills and a great need for your help in collecting providing materials and opportunities for women to create enough “stuff”. Take a good look around fine art textiles that visually record their culture. your home – some of these things are Most women who take part in probably tucked away in a drawer or closet Threads of Blessing do this ministry without My purpose for writing this article is to and just waiting to be re-discovered. ever making a trip to Africa. I am one of reacquaint you with Threads of Blessing, Please contact me, Linda Jones, about your the fortunate few who have been able to be a and tell you how you can be a great help for donation, 830-980-4978 (H) or part of this group each Wednesday and also our upcoming mission. At each Ugandan . Your help will be make the trip to Uganda. It was a thrilling conference, we give the women gift bags deeply appreciated and have a great impact experience for me—one that is equaled by containing sewing supplies such as on these women. few others in my lifetime. God willing, I embroidery thread, scissors, cloth, thimbles, will be making the trip again this summer. needles, etc. These women also sew, and we Our mission is planned for mid-June with help them sell their projects here in San about a two-week stay in Uganda. Antonio. One hundred percent of the profit

Artists and art lovers lift up the hallways at St. Mark’s The St. Catherine’s Guild at St. Mark’s is named after St. Catherine of Bologna, the Patron Saint of Artists. Catherine was born in Bologna, Italy in 1413 and left the court as a young woman to become a cloistered nun. She was a talented artist and produced many illustrations of Jesus, Mary and the saints. The photo shown to the left is St. Catherine’s painting “Virgin”. St. Catherine’s Guild is composed of artists and art lovers at St. Mark’s who lift up the visual arts. We bring in artists we know, help them set up their exhibitions in the parish hall, and hold receptions. At this time, the exhibition by Bill Kennedy, a photographer from Austin, entitled “Water+Time”, is hanging in the first floor reception area of the parish hall. Please contact Charles Field at if you want to know more about St. Catherine’s Guild and works of art on display. Blessings, Paula Chalk Painting by Saint Catherine of Bologna, “Virgin” -Wikipedia


Showing Gratitude Thank you to all the volunteers, sextons, and staff members who helped with the Rededication Sunday service and reception. Your help was very much appreciated. -Leah Thomas, Special Events Coordinator John Aranda Amanda Arnold Jim Bliek Jan Briley Beverly Bryars Paula Butt Katherine Buzzini Marianne Carter Ricky Castillo Kelly Cavender Paula Chalk Ann Church Ann Coiner Laurin Cothren Kate Crone Cathy Dawson Barbara Digby Pat Donegan Ralph Falkenberg Sandy Falkenberg

Lewis Fisher Carolyn Gish Meyer Rod Haff Nancy Harkness Linda Jacobs Nancy Scott Jones Brenda Kingery Heather Klossner Kathy Lawrence Angela Torres-Lopez Ted Maldonado Joe Maldonado Katie McDonough Anthony McVea Robert Menchaca Jesus Mendoza Marilyn Middleton Patrice Oliver Clytie Phelps Eleanor Phelps

St. Mark’s Altar Guild would like to acknowledge Minta Cook for dedicating her time, talent and treasure. -Susan Wilson, Altar Guild Chair With sincere gratitude and deep affection the Altar Guild has accepted Minta Cook's resignation from active duties in this special ministry. For over 30 years, Minta has served with devotion and graciousness, and her service has included every aspect of Altar Guild involvement. As Wedding Coordinator Minta lovingly guided countless brides through all the detailed preparation for their weddings. She has served, as well, on Sunday service teams, at baptisms, in the hand stitching of precious baptism towels, and as Treasurer/Supply Chairman. Now she is anticipating with joy the baptism of her great granddaughter at this year's Easter Vigil. Minta Cook is truly one of the treasures of St. Mark's.

Margie Ramon Anne Rochelle Anne Schelleng Deems Smith Tookie Spoor Shannon Stephens Martha Steves Suzy Tackett Kathleen Weir Vale Dee Whiteside Susan Wilson Tim Worley Chica Younger Mollie Zachry

We thank you, Minta, and we pray God's abundant grace and blessing on you now, and forever.




Wednesday, March 20 6:00pm --Complimentary dinner (Gosnell Hall-1st floor of parish house) 7:00pm-8:30pm --Meeting (Dean Richardson Room-2nd floor of parish house) Anyone is welcome, particularly those new to St. Mark’s considering whether to become part of the community.

Children gather around at the Bishop Jones Center to hear the Easter story at last year’s Easter Picnic.

212 Ministry is on a hunt for candy and eggs By Heather Herschell, St. Mark’s staff liaison to E. Bunny

On Wednesday, March 20, St. Mark’s will host New Connections @ St. Mark’s which is designed especially for those who are new to St. Mark’s and for those who are still considering whether to become part of the community. The evening will begin at 6:00pm with complimentary dinner in Gosnell Hall and then move to the Dean Richardson Room (on the 2nd floor) for an opportunity for us to engage in an informal Q&A session. The evening is scheduled to end no later than 8:30pm.

The Easter Bunny has issued a parish-wide call for candy donations. This well-known and very busy rabbit is working with the 212 Ministry this year in preparation for our annual Easter Egg Hunt. Approximately 350 eggs must be filled so that they will be available for E. Bunny to hide them at the Jones Center on Saturday, March 30. That takes a few weeks of work! Furthermore, Mr. Bunny’s staff has conducted a thorough audit and has determined that many of the plastic eggs they had appropriated for the St. Mark’s Easter egg hunt must be replaced. Beyond normal wear and tear, their findings reveal that melted chocolate appears to be the culprit responsible for the demise of the plastic eggs. Therefore, we are asking for donations of individually wrapped candies and packages of plastic Easter eggs this year.

This is also a time to get to know others who are new to St. Mark’s. We will discuss some of the programs that make St. Mark’s a leader in the Christian Community and how you may participate. This is a wonderful opportunity to see how St. Mark’s can assist you on your spiritual journey and to learn how your spiritual gifts may enhance this parish.

You can begin to bring donations to the reception desk or to the nursery check-in station at St. Mark’s as early as this week. We will make sure that the eggs are filled and returned to Mr. Bunny’s representatives in plenty of time for him to hide them at the Bishop Jones Center again this year. Thank you in advance for your contributions!

Childcare is available, if needed. Please contact Janet Carrizales at (210) 226-2426 or by email at by Monday, March 18 with the number of children (from 6-weeks to 5 years).

To sign up for New Connections @ St. Mark’s, please contact Emmet Faulk at (210) 226-2426 or by email at

Contact Heather Herschell at or 210-226-2426 ext. 123 if you have any questions.



Children’s Ministry Parents’ Day Out Ash Wednesday Photos taken by Melanie Lizcano

Nursery Bake Sale The nursery had a very successful bake sale on Sunday, February 3rd. Our total sales were $745. All proceeds will benefit the nursery ministry. Thank you for all your help and contributions that made this bake sale a success. For more information about St. Mark’s Nursery, please contact Janet Carrizales at or 210-226-2426 ext. 108. 7

Youth Ministry Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper Photos taken by Todd Allison, Erin Hughes & Melanie Lizcano

Join us at Youth Ministry gatherings! Sunday Morning Youth Formation Sundays 10:10am – 11:10am in the Youth Suite On Sunday mornings youth will be split up into two groups; current 7th- 9th grades and current 10th -12th graders. Following some large group discussion youth will take a deeper look at the week’s readings and Gospel and gain new insight into and understanding of some of the stories of Jesus’ walk on this earth. Wednesday Night Fellowship & Dinner Wednesday Nights, August 29 –May 1; 5pm – 7pm $5 Dinner We will focus on service and hot topics for discussion, talking about things like internet safety, bullying, and media tools. We will also take a lot of time to focus on hunger, and ways in which we can help to solve the world’s hunger problem both locally and internationally. We will have plenty of fun too. Bring a friend and dinner is on us! Youth Confirmation 2013 Youth Confirmation classes will begin Sunday, April 14 for youth currently in 7th grade or older who have not be Confirmed. For more information please contact David Ribble at 8

Youth Retreat 2013 TBarM Camp, New Braunfels, Texas Jesus interrupted his busy schedule for quiet refreshment. His example reminds us to take time out… to get away… to renew our souls. All St. Mark’s youth, currently in 7th through 12th grade, are encouraged to take an opportunity to leave the distractions of their daily lives behind and focus on God’s message on the annual St. Mark’s Youth Ministries, Youth Retreat! Join us for a weekend of group development, swimming, fun, fellowship and reflection in the Texas Hill Country on the grounds of T Bar M in New Braunfels.


Cost for the retreat includes transportation, lodging, activities, and meals. Scholarships are available. So we can get an accurate count for transportation and food, payment and forms are due no later than Wednesday, March 20. Please contact Todd Allison at for information.






MARCH 1-3 Happening 124 (St. Stephen’s –Wimberley) MARCH 11-16 SPRING BREAK - March 11-13; Sr. High Spring Break Retreat (Mustang Island) MARCH 24 Palm Sunday MARCH 25-31 Holy Week - March 28; Maundy Thursday - March 29; Good Friday - March 30; Parish Easter Egg Hunt (Bishop Jones Center) - March 30; Easter Vigil - March 31; Easter Sunday APRIL 4-7 Youth Retreat (TBarM) APRIL 14-June 2 Food Bank Fund Drive APRIL 14 Sr. High-Sunday Night LIVE (Bishop Jones Center) APRIL 14 Youth Confirmation 2013 Class Meeting MAY 5 Graduating Senior/Acolyte Recognition (9am service) MAY 5 Cinco de Mayo Celebration/Reception MAY 26 Summer Schedule begins (combined 10am service) JUNE 7-9 Summer Outreach Weekend 2013 JUNE 24-28 Christ Church/St. Marks VBS (Christ Church)

Seniors! In honor of your time at St. Mark’s and your dedication to your school and community we will be recognizing you all on Sunday, May 5 at the 9:00a.m. service and a reception following. We would like to acknowledge your efforts in the community, school and at St. Mark’s in The Messenger and the Sunday announcements. We would ask that you email us with anything you would like to share (St. Mark’s activities, school activities, community involvement and what your plans are after graduation). Please email Todd at and include a fun picture of yourself. Thanks!

Our youth programs could not happen without our wonderful volunteers! We are always looking for parents, grandparents, college students and young adults who would like to help in supporting the Youth of St. Mark’s by mentoring one of our Youth Confirmation students, working behind the scenes at an event or lock-in, volunteering to bring snacks or food, or driving to events. To get involved please contact Todd Allison or Erin Hughes (210) 226-2426 or


Youth Ministry Staff Todd Allison, Director Erin Hughes, Asst. Director

News of the Family March Birthdays & Memorials

Happy Birthday to you! Allison Duesing, Sandy Robinson, Susan Wilson 1-Mar

Trey Foster, Frank Wood


Norine McLean (Happy 103rd!!!), Kay Mijangos, 2-Mar Suzy Mudge

Catherine Bousquet, George Miller


Margaret Raney, Coates Roberts, Steve Thompson, Lexi Wurth


Ginny Halter (Happy 90th!!), Sterling Schrader, 3-Mar Gray Woodson 4-Mar

BettyAnne Cody, Laurin Cothren, Emma Foster, 21-Mar Carolyn Lowery

Merritt Clements, Philip LeMessurier, Shea 5-Mar Pollom, David Shulman, Katherine Stephenson

Blakely Besing, Adam Claiborne, Kate Crawford, 22-Mar Emily Moore, Deems Smith, Maddy Stokes, Tara Ward

Caden Diel, Dorothy Shelton (Happy 93rd!!), Tricia Steves


Rex Martin, Lillian Wilfong (Happy 95th!!)

Al Burnett, Russell Sugg


Jennifer Colglazier, Michael Dahm, 24-Mar Charles Goodenough, Dorothy Gunkel (Happy 93rd!!), Robert Pollom

Polly Haff, Marian Yetman


Reese Gonzalez, Buffy Smolens


Sue Bain, John Crider, John T. Saunders


Jeff Blanchard, Drew Cauthorn, Judy Cavender, 25-Mar William Goodenough, Vivian Hartz, Kelton Morgan, Sallie Peacock

Charlotte Olivarri (Happy 94th!!), Frank Russell,10-Mar Anne Schelleng

Harry Guidry, Jimmy Satel


Carrie Diel, Jim Folts, Americo Soto


Garda Boswell, George Vassar


Lynn Laurence, Juliette McNeel, Dell Villa, Marie Wiesman (Happy 92nd!!)


Diana Mathews, Seis Steves

28-Mar 29-Mar

John Herschell, Elizabeth Moore, Sara Spindle (Happy 97th!!)


Weston Bryant, Paul Dent, Audrey Lozano, Sam Bell Steves


Pam Chambers, Kathy Lawrence, Sydney Somers


Taylor Allison, Jimmy Cavender, Antti Patiala, Paul Pineda Kathy Gallaway


Linda Blount, Dorothy Brown, Mardi Dunkley, 16-Mar John Lodek, Kelly Lowry, Del Manion, Robert Rodriguez


Memorials MEMORIAL FUND Charles & Marietta Buchanan by Robert T. Buchanan Beverly Halter by Holly & Charlie Lutz Jeannie Marsh by Marcella & Lee Whittaker Mary Anne Parker by Flora Cameron Crichton Gayle Perron by the Bowen family Josephine Thompson by Flora Cameron Crichton

SPECIAL GIFTS To St. Mark’s Altar Guild in honor of Angie Ellis by Clytie Phelps To St. Mark’s in honor of the 90th birthday of Elsie Steg by Laura & Robert Cadwallader To St. Mark’s in honor of the 90th birthday of Elsie Steg on December 14 by Beechie Kampman To St. Mark’s in appreciation for the St. Mark’s Altar Guild by Joey & Patrice Oliver To St. Mark’s in honor of Martha Steves by Ronald & Gene Calgaard To Christian Assistance Ministries in thanksgiving for her mother, Nance Raines Haney by Alice K. Haney To Christian Assistance Ministries in thanksgiving for her mother, Nance Raines Haney by Elizabeth Raney To the St. Mark’s Altar Guild in honor of Amanda Ochse by Amanda Macdaniel To Renew in honor of Amanda Ochse by William Ochse III & Amanda Macdaniel To Rejoice in honor of Jeff Rochelle by Betsy Simpson To the San Antonio Food Bank in honor of Todd Allison by Betsy Simpson

ST. CECILIA GUILD Patti Young by Leslie Provence STREET MEMORIAL FUND Victoria A. Vasquez by Oralia V. Torres RENEW Jill Holder by Richard & Linda Allie, Michael, Janet, Tina & Ryan Bennett, Minta Cook, DH Realty Partners, Inc., the Guenther family, Barbara & Hawley Holder, Park & Kathy Lawrence, Debra Quartaro, Billie Tips

ENID BELDING WOMEN’S SCHOLARSHIP FUND PURPOSE: …”to be used to help provide a college education for worthy young women at St. Mark’s parish.” HISTORY: Enid Belding was a resident of Summit, New Jersey, but while in San Antonio she attended St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. On her death in 1986, she established a Charitable Remainder Unitrust to be released after the death of her brother. This trust fund has now been distributed to St. Mark’s. As set forth in Miss Belding’s will, one-half the bequeath to St. Mark’s shall be used to establish a scholarship fund in memory of her parents, Clarence E. Belding and Madeline Louise Belding, and her brother, George Belding.

ELIGIBILITY: Applicant must be a female member of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, San Antonio, Texas, listed on the roll of the church. Applicant must be a deserving person for whom this scholarship would help realize an opportunity that may not otherwise be available. Applicant shall have demonstrated a compelling desire to further her education, increase her abilities and serve her fellowman. Applicant must have satisfactory scholastic record or a positive job history and maintain a 2.0 grade average. Applicant must be an active participant in the fellowship of St. Mark’s.

APPLICATIONS: Applications are now being accepted. Deadline is March 31. Application forms are available in the parish office.

Contact Elaine Enloe at

January Financial Statement

STEWARDSHIP 347 pledges totaling $1,489,873 Average: $4,294 Median: $2,400 179 increased 31 decreased 19 new 118 remained the same

MONTHLY FINANCIAL REPORT Pledge Revenue $191,406 Non Pledge Giving $16,228 Open Plate $2,794 ............................................................................................. Total Revenue $254,420 Total Expenses $186,785 ............................................................................................. January Revenue Over Expenses $67,635


The Messenger (USPS 514-020) Published Monthly (3rd Wednesday) ST. MARK’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH 315 East Pecan Street, San Antonio, Texas, 78205 Telephone: (210) 226-2426 Periodicals Postage paid at San Antonio, Texas POSTMASTER: Send address changes to THE MESSENGER c/o ST. MARK’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH 315 E. Pecan Street, San Antonio, Texas 78205 Rector: The Rev. Michael D. Chalk Editor: Melanie Lizcano Layout & Graphic Design: Melanie Lizcano e-mail articles to

Article deadline is 2nd Wednesday of each month

Holy Week at St. Mark’s Palm Sunday, March 24 7:45am - Rite I Holy Eucharist (Church) 9:00am - Rite II Holy Eucharist (Church) 11:15am - Rite II Holy Eucharist (Church) 4:00pm - Solemn Evensong for Palm Sunday (Church) Wednesday, March 27 5:00p.m. Cherub Footwashing (Jerusalem Chapel) Maundy Thursday, March 28 7:00p.m. Holy Eucharist, Footwashing, Stripping of the Altar (Church)


Good Friday, March 29 12:00p.m. Good Friday Service (Church) Office closes at 2:00p.m. Saturday, March 30 10:30a.m. Easter Egg Hunt & Picnic 7:00p.m. Easter Vigil (Church) Easter Sunday, March 31 7:45a.m. Rite I Holy Eucharist (Church) 9:00a.m. Rite II Holy Eucharist (Church) 11:15a.m. Rite II Holy Eucharist (Church)

02/20/13-The Messenger -Vol. 102 Issue 2  

The monthly newsletter of St. Mark's Episcopal Church-San Antonio, TX

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