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themessenger Monthly Newsletter of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church JANUARY 2012

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St. Mark’s Episcopal Church 315 E. Pecan St. San Antonio, Texas 78205 (210) 226-2426



The Rev. Matt Wise joins the ministry of St. Mark’s By The Rev. Mike Chalk, Rector


creates for us. As Associate Rector at s we all know, Reconciliation, Matt has been responsible for all issues of staffing and adult Christian Education and Formation and personnel are charged with Young Adult Ministry. He also challenging most shares worship and pastoral responsibilities with institutions. Due to the Rector Robert Woody. Matt will serve at St. the financial Mark’s two Sundays a month and take an active Join us as we welcome Matt situation of the past role in the creation of a new worship program on and Amy to St. Mark’s. several years, many Wednesday evenings beginning in Lent. Matt will businesses are understaffed and asking each also develop our ministry with young adults. person to work longer hours. There are also many dramatic changes in the workplace that are People around the Diocese of West Texas also straining our institutional structures. recognize Matt’s many gifts. Last year Matt was elected at diocesan council to serve on the The church is not exempt from these events that Executive Board of the diocese. At that same are reordering our culture. In fact, our diocesan council meeting, Matt, along with St. Mark’s bishop, Gary Lillibridge, continues to emphasize parishioners Elizabeth and Drew Cauthorn, was the need for the church to become more agile and elected as a Deputy from this diocese to creative with its mission and resources as it tries participate in the 2012 General Convention of the to respond to the changing landscape around us. Episcopal Church in Indianapolis. It is within this context that I am very pleased to announce that in 2012 The Rev. Matthew W. Wise will serve the St. Mark’s community on a parttime basis. For the past three years, Matt has served as the Associate Rector at The Episcopal Church of Reconciliation, San Antonio. Matt will continue to serve Reconciliation on a part-time basis in 2012, but will expand the scope and reach of his ministry to serve also at St. Mark’s and as an intern at the WorkShop with The Rev. Dr. Jane Patterson and The Rev. Dr. John Lewis.

Our creative attempt to partner with Matt, Reconciliation, and the workshop, does not end with this division of Matt’s labor among us. Matt’s compensation for his work at St. Mark’s will be paid through our collaboration with the WorkShop. for the past six and one-half years, we have paid the WorkShop for Jane and John’s contributions to St. Mark’s with a portion of the income generated annually by an endowment fund administered by Frost Bank for the benefit of St. Mark’s and others. Your vestry has determined each year to allocate a portion of this annual All of us who have worked with Matt have a great endowment income to the WorkShop for the new appreciation for his ministry and the exciting (Continued on page 2) opportunities that this new and agile arrangement

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The Messenger is published monthly and is available in magazine format online at Parish Clergy The Rev. Michael D. Chalk Rector The Rev. Jonathan Wickham Assistant Rector Assisting Clergy

and creative ministries they provide to St. Mark’s. Matt will now become a part of this collaboration between St. Mark’s and the WorkShop. Matt received his Bachelor of Arts in English at Texas A&M University August 2002 and his Master of Divinity from the School of Theology, Sewanee, TN May 2008. Before entering seminary, Matt was Director of Youth Ministries at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, San Antonio for several years. Matt’s wife, Amy, is a Spanish teacher at Clark High School. Join me in welcoming both Matt and Amy to St. Mark’s!

The Rev. Dr. John Lewis Co-director, The Work+Shop The Rev. Dr. Jane Patterson Co-director, The Work+Shop The Rev. Andrew Lobban Assisting Priest Making a Gift of Their Service The Rev. Mary Earle Assisting Priest The Rev. Cliff Waller Assisting Priest Staff Todd Allison Youth Director Priscilla Briones Accounting Janet Carrizales Nursery Coordinator Joseph Causby Director of Music Bill Edwards Parish Administrator Elaine Enloe Clergy Executive Administrator Database Manager Sandy Falkenberg Cherub Choir Conductor Emmet Faulk Community Formation Director Heather Herschell Children’s Ministries Director Melanie Lizcano Communications Director Ruby Merrill Facilities Manager Pat Hutchison Noble Community of Care Dr. Edwin A. Rieke Dir. of Music & Organ Emeritus Kristin Roach Assistant Director of Music Sara Talley Asst. Director Youth Ministries

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church 315 East Pecan St. San Antonio, TX 78205

Volunteers and youth members smile pretty for the camera before guests arrive in Gosnell Hall. Photo by Melanie Lizcano, Communications Director

Christmas to the Street was a huge success By Todd Allison, Director of Youth Ministries & Erin Hughes, Youth Ministries Assistant


he 7th Annual Christmas to the Street Barbeque and Outreach event was a success! The event kicked off Friday evening, December 16 in the parking lot of St. Mark’s. Crew members from the No Ties Allowed group set up the four trailer-sized BBQ pits and prepared for a long, cold night. Inside the building Patrice Oliver, Laura Stokes and Ruby Merrill cooked nearly 350 pounds of rice and beans. The youth arrived at 8:00p.m. for the lock-in. They were excited and ready to work. 60 kids participated in the Youth

Lock-In. The kids packed onions and pickles into 1400 little baggies and prepared 4000 tamales for the guests on Saturday. Also, Patrice Oliver and the youth collected over 4000 cookies for dessert baked by St. Mark’s parishioners. The youth group did a great job bagging all the goodies! After their “chores” were done it was time for the kids to have some fun. From games to nachos and a movie, their evening was filled with fun and fellowship. However, there was still plenty to do the next day. While the youth group rested throughout the night, the crew

members stayed up cooking 72 briskets and 4000 sausage links. Saturday morning came and it was time to rise and shine! T-shirts were distributed, serving lines were assembled and Todd Allison outlined the day to all the volunteers. Before guests arrived The Rev. Jonathan Wickham reminded the volunteers why St. Mark’s has this event-Feeding San Antonio with the Bread of Life. There are not many words to describe what happened in Gosnell Hall between the hours of 11:00a.m. -1:00p.m. The youth took (Continued on page 3)

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turns on the serving line, handing out blankets, passing out goodie bags, greeting guests and cleaning. When they weren’t working, some youth members sat down to eat alongside our guests. The kids treated our guests as friends and engaged in meaningful conversations that truly welcomed each man, woman, and child who walked through St. Mark’s doors. As The girls are ready to distribute blankets to the C2S youth ministers, our proudest moments guests. Photo by Patrice Oliver are when we see our kids embrace opportunities to serve. We are beyond proud of this group of kids who showed the utmost compassion, hospitality, and spirit of serving to your guests. Jesus’ presence was abundant. As the event came to a close and the final plates were served, the clean-up began and the wonderful kitchen crew jumped into high gear to return Gosnell Hall and the kitchen to its usual condition. Overall Christmas to the Street 2011 served about 600 meals at St. Mark’s for lunch, but the serving line didn’t stop there.

Youth members filled guest’s plates with plenty of food! Photo by Patrice Oliver

Now in our second year in partnership with Haven for Hope, a new crew of volunteers arrived just as the cleanup of lunch was wrapping up. Under the direction of Pat Bridwell, crews found 30 large coolers filled with sliced and chopped brisket, tamales, rice and beans, and all the extras to make up another 1200 meals to be delivered to “As youth ministers, our proudest moments are when the Haven for Hope campus and we see our kids embrace opportunities to serve.” served for the evening meals. Crews Photo by Patrice Oliver served the meals both in Prospects Courtyard and the main dining hall under with St. Vinny’s so that about 350 people the direction of St. Vincent de Paul ate the first time – and many ate a second, Society and the San Antonio Food Bank. or perhaps even a few, a third time! In the main dining hall, the team served about The crew welcomed, greeted and served 400 people. Two exhausted but the residents at each facility for an hour exhilarated crews of St. Mark’s volunteers and a half, dispensing hope and joy along (including four extremely diligent youth with very pleasing food. It was no who joined us on the Food Bank team surprise that everyone wanted seconds! after working the previous night and We were able to accede to the requests morning at St. Mark’s!) left Haven for

Hope about 7 pm that day feeling Christ had also worked through our hands, feet, words and smiles to help serve those in our community who live with much insecurity – food and otherwise – daily. By helping our neighbors, we too served Christ. As the 7th Year of Christmas to the Street comes to a close it is important to look back at where this offering began and how the Lord has blessed the ministry and allowed it to grow. This growth isn’t possible without the efforts, contributions, and support of the hundreds of St. Marks’ youth, lay people, clergy and community partners and a special thank you to Christmas to the Street Coordinators Todd Allison and Ruby Merrill, Crew Leaders Laura Stokes, Pat Bridwell, Melanie Lizcano, Pat Donegan; Cookie Coordinator Patrice Oliver, No Ties Allowed/Pit Crew Leader Craig Stokes and Pit Boss Gene Alderman. We eagerly look to 2012 and the 8th annual Christmas to the Street and what new offerings and opportunities it may bring to this great work, this important work. God’s work.

To view more photos from Christmas to the Street visit St. Mark’s facebook page at

2011 Christmas to the Street Special Appreciation Haven for Hope San Antonio Food Bank St. Vincent de Paul Society Ruby’s Kitchen Ministry/ Christmas to the Street MaGi Foods and Louisiana Purchase Kiolbassa Provision Company Sysco Foods ArborCare and Consulting May Insurance Group, LLC Ruby Merrill Pat Bridwell Pat Donegan Craig Donegan Patrice Oliver Joey Oliver Jennie Oliver Laura Stokes Craig Stokes Gene Alderman Rosalind Alderman Melanie Lizcano Orlando Lizcano Kathleen Mayes Mike Check Ginny Check Raul Alanzo Art Stuxness Randy Hartzog Kevin Belter Patrick Marnan

Tookie Spoor Tom Duesing Allison Duesing Derrick Dodge Patsy Jordt Frank Jones Linda Jones Meredith Key Deborah Hays Steve Hays Krishn Etzel Gordon Dunkley Ann Madison Kate Vetters Lucy Wilson Sandra Woodall Carrizales Family Erin Hughes Todd Allison Rev. Mike Chalk Paula Chalk Rev. Jonathan Wickham Jennifer Wickham Joel Martin JC Rubiola Melissa Rubiola Damon Van Zandt Julie Van Zandt Ralph Voight Tim Worley David Grimes Jeff Rochelle Anne Rochelle Steve Allison

Peggy Allison Emmet Faulk Jr. Renee Faulk Otis Parchman Caroyln Parchman Mike Kuykundall Tina Kuykundall Juan Rodriguez Don Lucas Park Lawrence Gail Harwood Sam Hamilton Sue Todd Hareen Jennie Lou Leeder Kendall Schrader Chester King Evelyn Howe Linda Jacobs Brenda Kingery Tom Kingery Deems Smith Lou Taylor Susan Thompson Sara Talley Suzy Clements Chris Lopez Eleanor Phelps Rev. Cliff Waller Donnie Milewski Don Beardslee Tracey Bennett Lorrie Uhl Rhew Dooley Rev. Dr. John Lewis

Elizabeth Ridenhower Betsy Simpson Tom McGehee Trinka McGehee Lillie Bohlen Carolyn Lowery Kate Vetters Sarah Gilliland Jack McGuire Carol McGuire Lesley Remington Katie McDonough Courtney Beauchamp Jennifer Merritt Jim Bliek Lou Taylor Marleen Cobb David Cobb Joseph Causby Donna Bardgett Karen Brandon Jan Ligon Kelly Lowery Carolyn Meyer Molly Neck Mica Clark Peterek Nancy Reed and all the youth, sextons, other volunteers, contributors and donors who helped make the 7th annual Christmas to the Street a success.

Interested in helping at the bookstore?


e have a lovely bookstore at St. Mark’s but we want to do more to make this a ministry under our guidelines to be an active force for Christian formation in our parish. In addition to supporting the Sunday School programs by supplying books and resources, some of our plans for the coming year are to have an alternative gift/fair trade gift event as St. Mark’s has done in the past, to have more regular book reviews in a newsletter, to have a book fair that features St. Mark’s authors and supporters and to bring in a nationally known author to St. Mark’s as a speaker. So if you are interesting in serving our community in any of the

areas listed below please call Linda Jacobs 262-2926 or 8041407 (or email her at if you think you might enjoy this fine work. 1. IT help setting up inventory system and cash register. 2. Book Reviewers 3. Regular sales help on Sundays or substitute sales help. 4. Special Event help 5. New project committees 6. Book Fair 7. Guest speaker 8. Alternative Christmas fair 9. Newsletter

In 1995, at the invitation of the Bishop of Honduras, a mission team from St. Mark's Episcopal Church in San Antonio, Texas, conducted a workshop in the town of Villanueva. Photo courtesy of

The Tapestries of Our Lives By Jennifer Merritt and the Commission on Ministries


tapestry, whether complicated or simple, is completed one stitch at a time. The components that make up a tapestry are as varied as you can imagine. Images can be symbolic, abstract, literal, representational, geometric shapes, or merely hints of something familiar. Materials can include scraps of fabrics, whole cuts of cloth, found objects, fabrics of different textures and thicknesses, materials of various fiber and weave, and the whole spectrum of color. Clever combinations of stitches and thick or thin thread can form a design, can provide a frame around a larger piece, and can create or change the texture of the pieces. The list of potential raw materials is endless. And the possible combinations of the individual components is limited only by the artist's imagination. From across the room, a tapestry can surprise you with unexpected juxtaposition of textures, the way colors change because of other colors nearby, the way you see something new every time you look at it or the way it affects the room it is in. It

can make you wish you knew more about it - how the design evolved, the significance of the images, if the stitches have names, if the colors represent something, how long it took to make it, if it was made in sections then sewn together or if it's all one piece, how the artist feels about the finished piece, what makes up the foundation of the piece, if all the work was done by one person or by a group, if it feels soft or stiff to the hand. As you move closer to it, it gets easier to see the details of each component in isolation. And before you know it, whether instinctively or sneakily because you know you're not supposed to touch artwork, you're reaching out to feel it and you're turning over a corner so you can see the back. But once you've studied the details, felt it in your hand, and learned all you can about its evolution, you step back again so that you can see the whole piece. The true beauty and artistry in a tapestry is in the relationship between the individual components. And this is what Threads of Blessing does. Both literally and metaphorically, they (Continued on page 6)

create tapestries. Threads of Blessing is a ministry committed to improving the lives of women and their communities around the world. For the past 16 years, in the simplest terms, Threads of Blessing has travelled to the most impoverished parts of the most impoverished countries to host workshops teaching women how to do embroidery and other handwork with such artistry that they could earn a living from their craft. In return, because of the sacrifices they make to get there, their drive to learn and practice new skills, and their personal commitments to continually improving their work, these women improve their leadership skills, develop business and economic skills, earn selfsufficiency and independence. The workshops and business model of Threads of Blessing provide these women with a way to feed their families and participate more meaningfully in their own communities. Threads of Blessing's work in teaching individual women marketable skills has wide-reaching and irresistible positive impact in their home communities.

with her neighbors. Threads of Blessing funds their ministry by accepting commissions from individuals, churches, and other organizations to create wall hangings, altar cloths, decorative pieces, etc. Their current project is a 2-part altar covering for the chapel at TMI/ The Episcopal School of Texas. Now that the design/concept phase has been completed, it will take approximately 12 months to finish the construction of the piece with 8-10 women working on it. The fees for the commissions, less the cost of materials, are used solely to provide materials for the workshops and scholarships for participants. The cost of travel, food, lodging, and any incidental expenses for the workshop instructors are borne by them personally. The women who do the work on the commissioned pieces donate their time, skills, and, frequently, materials. Ironically, the women in San Antonio who sit in the basement of the Bishop Jones Center and do the complicated, time-consuming, vision-blurring and gorgeous work on these commissioned pieces say that every stitch they get to make ties them to the individual women being served by Threads of Blessing in very far off places.

The up-building and encouragement of a whole community by ministering to a few women at a time is the metaphorical equivalent of taking scraps and pieces of material and sewing them together into a tapestry of unexpected depth and beauty. Each woman is an essential piece in the tapestry of her community. As she grows individually, her community is enriched because she can participate more fully in relationships

The lives of the women in San Antonio and the women who attend Threads of Blessing's workshops in Uganda or Honduras are woven together in a unique community tapestry depicting the abundance in the relationships between complete strangers. Each individual person is essential to the piece, but the depth of its beauty is easiest to appreciate when you can see the whole thing at once.

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UPCOMING EVENTS AT ST. MARK’S Vestry Retreat Centering Prayer Class Calendar Meeting New Connections Meeting Office Closed on President’s Day Winter Gathering No Ties Allowed Group Darwin-Theology & Science

January 27-29 Saturday, February 4 Tuesday, February 7 Thursday, February 9 Monday, February 20 Sunday, February 26 Tuesday, February 28

8:30a.m. 10:00a.m. 5:30p.m.

Way of the Wolf Ranch Bethlehem Chapel Youth Suite Gosnell Hall/Dean Richardson

10:10a.m. 6:00p.m.

Gosnell Hall Witte Museum

For a complete listing of upcoming events and meetings, please visit St. Mark’s calendar at or refer to the Sunday announcement page. If you are interested in hosting an event or having a meeting at St. Mark’s, please contact Elaine Enloe at 210-226-2426 or email her at

YOUTH MINISTRY ANNOUNCEMENTS Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Supper: Tuesday, February 21-Dinner served 5:30p.m.-6:30p.m. in Gosnell Hall Advance Tickets: Adults $5.00 & Children $3.00 (at the door tickets are $6.00) Proceeds benefit St. Mark’s Youth Ministry Program. Talent Show is after dinner inTom Gish Hall. Advance tickets are available from any youth member. You must have a ticket for dinner. Youth Night at Amazing Jump: Wednesday, February 29, Leap Day, at 6:30p.m.-8:30p.m. for all 6th-12th graders & friends. Cost: $15.00 plus money for dinner. Parents must sign a release form to participate. Forms are available in the youth suite or when you are dropped off. For more information about Amazing Jump visit Happening 121: Friday through Sunday, March 2-4 at St. David’s San Antonio. Happenings are spiritual renewal weekends for high schoolers in grades 10-12. The diocese sponsors 3 weekends each year in various locations. For more information about the upcoming Happening weekend contact Todd or Sara at 210-226-2426 or vist the Special Events page at Sunday Night Live: SNL meets on the TMI Campus on February 12 from 5:30p.m.-7:00p.m. SNL is an opportunity for 9th-12th graders of all faiths and backgrounds from San Antonio & surrounding areas to come together to share and discuss topics impacting their lives. Visit for more information. Way of the Cross: Presented by the Youth of St. Mark’s will be on April 6 at 7:00p.m. Spring Dates to Remember: February 22 Ash Wednesday March 11-18 SPRING BREAK April 1 Palm Sunday April 7 Parish Easter Egg Hunt April 8 EASTER SUNDAY April 13-15 YOUTH RETREAT May 6 Senior Recognition May 16 Final WNF for year May 27 PENTECOST (Summer Schedule) June 2012 Summer Outreach Weekend

Monthly Financial Statement as of December 31, 2011 Pledge Revenue $141,130 Non Pledge Giving $24,238 Open Plate $3,438 ............................................................................................. Total Revenue $191,929 Total Expenses $118,054 ............................................................................................. December Revenue Over Expenses $70,958 If you have any questions about financials, please contact Priscilla Briones at 210-226-2426 or email her at

Vibrant artwork fills the hallway at St. Mark’s By Brenda Kingery, Art Committee

Academy of Art in Veracruz, Gonzalez graduated from the Autonomous Univeristy of Morelos’ Schoool of Architecture. He began practicing architecture but continued painting and drawing on the side. When a a gallery owner inquired about one of his paintings, he made the transition from architect to full-time artist.


aymundo Gonzalez was bron in Guadalajara, Mexico on February 4, 1951. As a child he was exposed to the rich supply of architecural, cultrual, and artisitc displays that were part of his hometown. Borrowing from the influences of Guadalajara, it’s no surprise that Gonzalez pursued a life and career in the arts. Soon after receiving a degree in Art at the

Gonzalez currently lives and works in Cuernavaca, the “City of Eternal Springtime”. This city serves as his blank canvas from which he paints and draws what he sees: a mix of Spanish and Indian cultures, fiestas, traditons, myths, and colors. His art captures these cultural images beautifully, giving the viewer a taste of both reality and fantasy. Gonzalez depicts the real side of Mexican culture with energy and life, yet manages to keep from stifling the viewer’s own imagination. His desire to use magical realism to capture the life and soul of the

The Rev. Andy Lobban’s ordination was on Thursday, January 5 at St. Mark’s. Photos taken by Emmet Faulk, Community Formation Director

Mexican experience and landscape is one that resonates with the people who likewise honor and celebrate life, mystery, celebration, and beauty. Gonzalez has participated in a number of exhibits in Mexico and the United States. His work was exhibited first in San Antonio when UNAM featured three artists at Hemisphere. He has a permanent collection in Puerto Vallarta. While his work appeals to many collectors in San Antonio who share his sensibilities, he has his work in major collections in Amsterdam, Santa Fe, New York, Dallas, and Chicago. Mr. Gonzalez’s Southwest United States representative is Chica Younger of Que Te Late. Contact her for more information at 210-826-2154. Prices are available at the front desk, in the bookstore, or you may contact Chica.

WE NEED HELPING HANDS!!! St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Lenten Luncheons is coming soon! Entering our 61st year, St. Mark’s will serve lunch on Thursdays and Fridays, beginning March 1 through March 23. The cafeteria-style service is from 11:00a.m. until 1:00p.m. which includes old favorites such as chicken a la king, baked fish, and shrimp salad. For $10.00 customers receive an entree, field green salad, dessert, drink and all the hot buttered Pioneer biscuits you want. If you are interested in volunteering for Lenten Luncheons, please contact Ann Allega at or 210-267-7791.

Talent Show entries are accepted first-come, first-served. One act per person please, with a maximum length of 4 minutes. Total talent show length limited to 90 minutes, but additional acts may be accepted as pre-show dinner entertainment. The more the merrier! For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Kristin Roach at 210-226-2426 or

News from Children’s Ministry St. Mark’s will partner with Christ Church to present another fantastic Vacation Bible School this summer! Where: Christ Episcopal Church When: June 18-21. More information on registration and volunteer opportunities will be available in the next Messenger.

Save the date for the nursery bake sale: The St. Mark’s nursery will hold our spring bake sale on Sunday February 12. We always accept and appreciate donated goodies delivered directly to the bake sale tables that morning. Most importantly we hope you will treat yourself or a family member to some of our wares, because all of the proceeds we raise benefit the nursery fund. Too calorie conscious for cookies? We made some new year’s resolutions too…alternatives will be provided for those who don’t have much of a sweet tooth! For more information about the bake sale, contact Heather Herschell at 210-226-2426 or

News of the Family February Birthdays February 1st

February 11th

February 22nd

Suzanne Armstrong, Margie Boldrick, Matt Clark, Emmet Faulk, Stephen Jones, Paula Kassahn, Piper Krause, Laura Stokes

Jeff Lucas, Jim Satel, John H. Savage

Ann Coleman, Bob Cotton, Thomas De Luna, Tatum Kiselis, Michael Lowry, David Mais, Juan Rodriguez

February 2nd James Fallon, Bill Gartmann, Michele Ludwig, Ethan Pollom, Jane Smith, Brett Weatherbie, Richey Wyatt

February 3rd Charles Butt, Elizabeth Cauthorn, Helen Douglass, Lincoln Yu

February 4th John Beauchamp, Andrew Hendley, Anna Lane, Tim Worley

February 5th Matthew Ivy, Tina Kuykendall, Joey Oliver

February 12th Barrett Besing, Lisa Luna, Julie VanZandt

February 13th Jacqueline Grimes, Geoffrey Martin, Carleigh McGee, Janie Sanchez, Barbara Sanders, Rebekah Shulman, Chris Villa

February 14th Yumi Couper, John L. Douglas, Quendon Jerrells, Alice Lynch, Rebeca Tanner

February 15th Guillermo Casipong, Light Cummins, Katie Gaebel

February 16th Ross Anderson, Maggie Block

February 23rd Jim Hartz, Erin Hicks, Sophie Morgan, Clara Wilder

February 24th Paul Allen, Michael Clancey, Lynn Loring, Michael Marke, Megan Pope, Sally Sohn, Dixie Watson

February 25th Josie Garza, Danny Grellner, Henry Grellner, Tom McGehee

February 26th Evelyn Jacobs, Roxana Newsom

February 27th

February 17th

Noah Frederick, Ed Myers, Jacob Slocum

Jan Boyd, Aaron Sherman, Charlton Theus

Dawna Boudreaux, Bobby Cavender, Billy Cavender, Renee McElhaney, Nancy Norman

February 28th

February 7th

February 18th

February 6th

Madelyn Hauser, Dow Patterson, Alex Rogers, Kate Wilson

February 8th Germaine Field, Nick Gorham, Mariya Houston, Allison Lane, Carol McGuire, Fran Torres-Lopez, Barbara Townsend

February 9th Hillary Eklund, Sarah Fitzsimons, Janine Radke, Mary Carolyn Watson

February 10th Harry Knight, Kate Park

Eleanor Claiborne, Peter Haff, Mary Herschell, Owen Hurd, Helen Landrum

February 19th Jim Fietsam, Janna Ligon, Marie McPherson, Lindsey Rochelle, Sallie Rochelle, Betsy Simpson

February 20th Elliot Schenk

February 21st Mike Bobo, Kay Denton, Patricia Gonzalez, Erin Hughes

Marijane Gish, Jim Gunn, Karen Kelley, Jill Oettinger, Leslie Provence

A very special happy birthday to Light Cummins on his 96th (15-Feb) Maggie Block on her 94th (16-Feb) Helen Landrum on her 91st (18-Feb)

The Messenger (USPS 514-020) Published Monthly (3rd Wednesday) ST. MARK’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH 315 East Pecan Street, San Antonio, Texas, 78205 Telephone: (210) 226-2426 Periodicals Postage paid at San Antonio, Texas POSTMASTER: Send address changes to THE MESSENGER c/o ST. MARK’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH 315 E. Pecan Street, San Antonio, Texas 78205 Rector: The Rev. Michael D. Chalk Editor: Melanie Lizcano Layout & Graphic Design: Melanie Lizcano e-mail articles to

Article deadline is 2nd Wednesday of each month

2011-2012 Music from St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Twentieth Anniversary Season All concerts begin at 4:00p.m. The concerts are free of charge and open to the public. February 12: CHORAL EVENSONG Evensong will be sung by the St. Mark’s Parish Choir and Youth Choir. The evening service is Sumsion in G, Responses by Philip Radcliffe, and the anthem is by Brahms. March 11: ZU HAUSE MIT BACH (AT HOME WITH BACH) An afternoon featuring the C major Double Harpsichord Concerto (Joseph Causby and Kristin Roach, harpsichords), and some of the more intimate works of this master composer. April 29: FIESTA CONCERT The annual concluding event of the city-wide Fiesta celebration with feature two works by F.J. Haydn: Te Deum in C and Lord Nelson Mass. The concert is sung by the St. Mark’s Parish Choir and will be accompanied by orchestra.

Free parking is available in the lot on the corner of Jefferson and Pecan Street. Nursery childcare is available by reservation only (210) 2262426. Please RSVP for childcare seven days in advance.

01/18/12-The Messenger-Vol.101 Issue 1  

The monthly newsletter of St. Mark's Episcopal Church- San Antonio, TX

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