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Youth Confirma on Classes “Inves gate Their Bap sm” By Patrice Oliver


onfirmation is the rite in which the Confirmand expresses a mature commitment to Christ and receives the strength of the Holy Spirit through prayer and the laying on of hands by a bishop. Confirmation is a public affirmation of faith that recommits us to our responsibilities in the Baptismal Covenant.

and some Wednesday evenings. They have been asked to "investigate their baptism". They have studied Episcopal beliefs, practices and history, talked about prayer, reviewed the catechism, the creeds, The Book of Common Prayer, and learned about Daughters of the King and Altar Guild, to name a few topics. They attended various offerings of church services Rite I at 7:45 a.m. and CAYA, received hands-on training in the sanctuary from Rev. Jane Patterson, participated in The 2011 Youth Confirmation classes began in The Confirma on class the Way of the Cross service on Good Friday and January and will culminate with a visit from meets during the Sunday created a symbol of their faith. Bishop David Reed on Confirmation Sunday, forma on hour and some November 6th at the 9 a.m. service. You are Wednesday evenings. Confirmands have received support from their invited to attend a reception in Gosnell Hall They have been asked to families. In addition each Confirmand chose a following the 9 a.m. service. Eleven Confirmation mentor to join them in this process confirmands: Alicia Amberson, Margaret "Inves gate their of learning and growth. Thank you to everyone Amberson, Augie Clements, Sam Clements, Gabby Bap sm". who has offered guidance and support and been Haff, Rachel Ham, Claire Johnson, Kent with us on our path this year. Thank you to Bishop and Sandy Leafstedt, Thomas Redmond, Seis Steves and Ian Wickham Folts for support, treats, notes and prayers. Thank you to the have been led by four Confirmation Leaders: Tom Kingery, Daughters of the King for your prayers. Allison Lane, Patrice Oliver and Tim Worley. The class has enjoyed guest speakers / teachers: Bishop and Sandy Folts, Rev. As a summer project, each Confirmand was given $10 from St. Jane Patterson, Kathy Lawrence, Todd Allison and The Rev. Mark's as seed money to fulfill an outreach project of their Mary Earle. choice. The Confirmation project challenged the Confirmands The Confirmation class meets during the Sunday formation hour (Continued on page 2)

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The Messenger is published   monthly and is available in  magazine format online at   www.stmarks‐ Parish Clergy The Rev. Michael D. Chalk Rector The Rev. Jonathan Wickham Assistant Rector Assis ng Clergy The Rev. Dr. John Lewis Co‐director, The Work+Shop The Rev. Dr. Jane Pa erson Co‐director, The Work+Shop The Rev. Andrew Lobban Assis ng Priest Making a Gi of Their Service The Rev. Mary Earle Assis ng Priest The Rev. Cliff Waller Assis ng Priest Staff Todd Allison Youth Director Priscilla Briones Accoun ng Janet Carrizales Nursery Coordinator Joseph Causby Director of Music Bill Edwards Parish Administrator Elaine Enloe Clergy Execu ve Administrator Database Manager Sandy Falkenberg Cherub Choir Conductor Emmet Faulk Community Forma on Director Heather Herschell Children’s Ministries Director Melanie Lizcano Communica ons Director Ruby Merrill Facili es Manager Pat Hutchison Noble Community of Care Dr. Edwin A. Rieke Dir. of Music & Organ Emeritus Kris n Roach Assistant Director of Music Sara Talley Asst. Director Youth Ministries

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to use their talents and abilities to have an impact on their community. Please come by Gosnell Hall to see their Confirmation posters on display. The following are brief summaries of each Confirmation project. Margaret Amberson: San Antonio Botanical Garden Confirmation Project Many people go to the San Antonio Botanical Garden where there are thousands of varieties of flowers. Many plants and flowers have suffered due to the drought. Because of water restrictions the Botanical Garden relies on hand watering. This summer my sister Alicia and I helped the staff by volunteering our time and watering numerous plants and flower beds at the San Antonio Botanical Garden.

big hug. It felt good to know that I helped others who were in need, but it felt better that I made a friend. Kent Leafstedt: Scoutreach, Boy Scouts in San Antonio My project is to help the Boy Scouts in San Antonio. The Scoutreach program helps boys who would otherwise not be able to afford scouting. I am collecting money to donate to Scoutreach for their Cub Scout programs. Their office is on South Zarzamora, and I have visited there already with my dad.

Ian Wickham: Olmos Creek Clean up (Olmos Basin) My Confirmation project was based on picking up trash around the Olmos Basin. My team, also accompanied by Lissa Martinez, was helping me to make this project Alicia successful. It was National Public Amberson: Lands Day, so Donating toys Lissa organized a to La larger trash pickup, Natacion and my smaller Church group was a branch La Natacion off this group. My Church, on team and I picked San Antonio’s up a lot of trash, west side, is a especially in the church that Olmos Creek. We has families picked up the in great need. 2011 Youth Confirmands from le to right are Sam Clements, Thomas majority of trash Many of the children don't Redmond, Seis Steves, Augie Clements, Ian Wickham, Carl Leafstedt, either in the water or Claire Johnson, Margaret Amberson, Alicia Amberson, Rachel Ham. on the bank. In our have toys or Not Pictured: Gabby Haff group we picked up dolls to play Special Thank You to the Youth Confirma on Leaders; Tom Kingery, about 65 full bags of with. My Patrice Oliver, Tim Worley, and Allison Lane. trash. sister Margaret and I donated our toys, that we don't play with Gabby Haff: School Supplies and Clothes for anymore, and some furniture and books to Haiti families at the church. The children were so For my Confirmation project I organized school happy to get toys. The adults were happy to supplies and clothing for children in Haiti. The receive furniture and books. We were very happy project ended up being very successful and the to take part in this project that helped out many Wickam family kindly took the supplies down to families in need. Haiti on their family trip for me. It was very interesting doing this project because I never realized how unfortunate the children in Haiti are, Thomas Redmond: Back-to-School Supplies and how much I have, and how much of the stuff In August, I helped to distribute Back-to-School I have that I don’t need. This project opened my supplies at Laurel Heights Methodist Church. I eyes that I’m very lucky to have the things I have, helped organize school supplies and put supplies and I should be very grateful. I loved working on into tote bags donated by Walgreens. When the this project, but it has not stopped, I will be students came for their supplies, they were given asking them for donations for Haiti and will keep five fake dollars to buy some extra items. My job sending them! Thanks so much. was to explain what they needed to do and then walk around and help the younger ones. The one kid that I remember helping the most was a Rachel Ham: Chalk It Up kindergartener named Travis. He used his extra For my outreach project I will be helping out with money to buy something for his mom, to say Artpace San Antonio. I'll be working with kids thank you. He was so excited to get his bag of (Continued on page 3) school supplies. He said thank you and gave me a


Augie Clements: DVD Movies for Haven for Hope For my Confirmation project, I am collecting movies on DVD (G, PG, or family-friendly PG-13) for Haven for Hope's center for the homeless. Haven has a dorm for men, a dorm for women, and a dorm for families. The DVDs I collect will be used in the family dorm, where they have two common rooms used for "movie nights." One room is for watching kid movies and the other is for watching teen movies.

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from Haven for Hope or Good Samaritan Community Services on Saturday, October 8th. Chalk It Up is a movement meant to help bring out the creative and artistic skills throughout San Antonio. Claire Johnson: Sporting Goods for Hogar Infantil Orphanage Two summers ago, I traveled to Chiapas, Mexico to Hogar Infantil, an orphanage for abandoned and abused children. At the end of the trip, my family and I realized the children touched our hearts, and we grew in our relationship with Christ and each other. When we were asked to do our Confirmation project, the smiling faces at Hogar Infantil Orphanage instantly appeared in my mind. I started a donation box at Vivroux Sporting Goods and emailed family and friends to donate used equipment and balls to send to them. Though it’s not as good as us returning, it’s a start.

Sam Clements: Food Bank Donation My project began with fasting—on the day of fasting, we went to collect the food donations that people had given us to give to the Food Bank. We also took money that people donated and went to HEB to buy food. So while we were hungry ourselves, we were intimately exposed to food that we knew we couldn’t have—much like the hungry surrounding us within our society. The following day we went to the Food Bank with our recent memories of being hungry etched within our heads. At the Food Bank, we sorted through non-food items such as small appliances, toys, hygiene products, and many other household items that people have donated. Each of these items would soon be given to the hungry to complement food given to them by SAFB. This project made me understand how the hungry feel. I do not know what it is like to be hungry over a period of time. People who are hungry and poor, are hungry for days, weeks, and even months. In the future, I may better understand hunger by extending my fast.

Seis Steves: Senior Citizen Program at Good Samaritan My Confirmation project was working at the senior citizen program at Good Samaritan. Working there included me doing things such as making posters, helping the food bank pass flyers out to the citizens, and organizing their schedule on the computer. This was a good project, I thought, because it really showed me how the other side of the city lives and how good I have it here.

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Bishop Reed Visits St. Mark’s on All Saints Day By The Rev. Jonathan Wickham, Assistant Rector


ovember 6th is All Saints Sunday on the church calendar, and at St. Mark’s it is also the Sunday of our Bishop’s Visit. Bishop Reed will be with us at the 9:00a.m. and 11:15 a.m. services where he will preach, celebrate, confirm and receive new members of the Episcopal Church and St. Mark’s. A spectacular class of Youth Confirmands will be presented to the Bishop at the 9:00 service. They have been working all year on their confirmation class, particularly on their individual projects. The Confirmation projects are on display in Gosnell Hall for all to see. Adults will be presented for Confirmation and reception into the church at the 11:15 service. There will be a reception following in Gosnell Hall for the congregation, families and friends to welcome the newest members of St. Mark’s . Be sure to be here for this wonderful Sunday of celebration.


Prayers for South Sudan By The Rev. Dr. John Lewis and Pat Bridwell


ince Sunday, October 2, St. Mark’s has included prayers for the Republic of South Sudan in our liturgy. These prayers were urgently requested by Bishop Joseph Garang Atem of the Diocese of Renk in South Sudan where we spent two and a half weeks teaching biblical Greek and English at Renk Theological Seminary last summer. Earlier this year we prayed for the people of Sudan during the vote for the division of the north and south into two countries, an official separation that took effect on July 9, 2011. This followed a six year period during which a peace treaty was mandated after many years of civil war. We have now heard from our friends in Renk that there are new outbreaks of violence. Renk is especially vulnerable to fighting instigated by the Sudanese in the north because of its close proximity to the border between the north and south. In addition, the north began an economic blockade of South Sudan about three months ago. This particularly affects Renk, given its location and long distance from other economic centers in South Sudan. Closure of commercial traffic on the main road to Renk (and the Nile River) and fighting in the Blue Nile State

have now cut off supplies through Renk to the south. This particularly impacts more than 20,000 refugees displaced from the north and living in Renk who are trying to return to their family

the north in Khartoum. Plans are underway to open a runway in Renk or further south to airlift medical supplies from Juba, the capital of the Republic of South Sudan. A general civil war in the north, or even worse, a resumption of the war with the south, is a serious risk. Renk is squarely in the path of any resumed hostilities between North Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan.

May God watch over and keep the people of South Sudan. Amen.

villages in South Sudan. More are arriving weekly with no means of support, and no adequate shelter, food, healthcare or proper sanitation is available. This is the rainy (monsoon) season, so disease has also taken the lives of local people. Medicines provided to Renk by American Episcopal churches are running out and the blockade prevents the Diocese from purchasing more from

Bishop Joseph specifically requests we: PRAY for medicines to reach the Renk Clinic to meet the needs of the thousands of refugees temporarily waiting in Renk, and for the local citizens of Renk in this rainy season; PRAY for the many internally displaced refugees making their way back to their villages, and for the efforts of the Diocese of Renk to help them, which is very challenging and very, very sad; and PRAY, urgently, for a quick end to the fighting in Blue Nile State, dangerously close to Renk, and other areas along the border. May God watch over and keep the people of South Sudan. Amen.

An Enduring Heritage Con nues to Give at St. Mark’s By Carolyn Lowery, We Give! Chair


And yet, despite years of making annual stewardship pledges, these families felt further compelled to create physical memorials of enduring beauty. I don’t know if they paid for these religious object d’ art with cash or if it required some family planning to make those gifts, through stock, retirement accounts or a will bequest. What I do know, however, is that they trusted that I would love their gift fifty or more years later. And I also know that they trusted us – you and me – to preserve not only the artwork but also the community of St. Mark’s in our own time and into the following fifty years.

y seat in the choir makes it impossible for me to see the preacher during sermons, so during that time I try hard not to look directly into the eyes of the choristers across the aisle from me. This aversion allows me the opportunity to enjoy the gold-leaf gilded carved names in the creamy white marble at the rear of the altar, the stunningly intricate cross that looks remarkably like a James Avery necklace given to me by a choir member, and the several magnificent stained glass windows that remain within my limited view. All are human attempts to reflect and offer praise to the magnificence of the glory that is God. All are a feast to my eyes for a few minutes every Sunday.

St. Mark’s is my faith community and to support it I make annual stewardship pledges. To help assure St. Mark’s future, my will specifies that St. Mark’s will share my estate with my children and my other charities. I do not want to direct how those funds are spent but perhaps, some day, there will be a window or a cross that will delight someone. Or my gift might be used with others to help keep the St. Mark’s community alive for another fifty years. Either way, my gifts give me joy.

I could ask who would care enough to prepare that feast for me, but as a fundraiser I know the answer. It was a joyful act of generosity by people who loved St. Mark’s, who depended on this community to enrich their lives and their faith. These were individuals and families that pledged annual support to keep this parish alive in their time, thereby assuring that it is still alive in our time. For their gifts I am immensely grateful.

An Opportunity to Serve While Being Served By Tookie Spoor


Until thee, O God, do we give thanks, ks: Unto thee do we give than

n February 8, 2009, I officially became a member of St. Mark’s Church, and there is no doubt in my mind that God took my hand and led me to this congregation, which has so blessed my life. I was welcomed with open arms and immediately made to feel a valued part of this loving family with offers to become involved in varied ministries, many of which I have eagerly accepted. One of the most meaningful began on a crowded bus, filled with St. Mark’s parishioners, bound for a tour of not-yet-completed Haven for Hope on March 29 of that same year. At the end of the tour, I knew that I wanted to give my time in support of this tremendous effort to feed and house the homeless and help provide them hope for the future. With encouragement from Pat Bridwell, I soon found myself facilitator of a terrific team of seven faithful members, including Anna B. Coiner, Derrick Dodge, Patsy Jordt, Meredith Key, Dee and George Whiteside. I knew all of them, but few knew each other when we began serving the evening meal to our homeless friends from Prospects Courtyard on the third Monday in July of 2010. In the fourteen months since, we have grown in our faith, hope and love for one another and agree that we are privileged to be a part of St. Vinny’s Bistro at Haven for Hope. The glorious experience we had in August was our best ever. Andrew, the new St. Vincent de Paul chef, had every detail wonderfully organized, and we were welcomed by him and a group of very efficient co-workers. There was music in the kitchen and smiles on the faces of everyone involved. Efficiency was the order of the evening, and we felt needed and appreciated. As we were about to depart, Chico (the dishwasher) asked for prayer. Typical Episcopalians, our group looked around for a prayer book, and then all eyes turned to me, the team leader. God’s presence was definitely felt, and His words were in my mouth as they asked for His blessing on Chico, Andrew and the entire group who had worked to feed God’s less fortunate with our hands. What a blessing for all! As someone said, “That’s what this is all about.”

for that thy name is near are. thy wondrous works decl ‐Psalm 75:1‐3

Legacy Giving by David Frego


ome of you may only recognize me as a member of the adult choir, but my other “hat” at St. Mark’s is as a participant on the Generosity Commission. Along with Harold Sager, I serve on the Legacy or Planned Giving portion of the Commission. Planned giving is often an act of stewardship that names the church as a beneficiary in your last will and testament. Normally, this is a gift given to the church from assets that you have accumulated throughout your life. Frequently, these gifts go to missions and ministries that have had an impact on your life as a parishioner. St. Mark’s has many endowments and funds that receive planned gifts. We are currently working on a brochure that can explain the existing endowments and funds, but there are too many to list in this brief article. In addition, you might also consider creating a new fund based on your passions. Let me give you an example of a planned gift. Jim and I have apportioned a percentage of our estate to the church and this is stated in our will. We have no idea what that eventual amount may be, but by listing it as a percentage of our estate, that helps our executor to carry out our wishes to the best of his ability. We have not specified a fund for our gift, but we have specified that it be used directly as the Vestry sees fit and not placed into the endowment principle. That’s just our personal preference. Some people think that planned giving is reserved for people with financial means. This isn’t the case. As long as you choose to create a will, and if St. Mark’s has had a lasting influence in your life, then a planned gift is one expression of the wise use of the personal resources God has entrusted to us. We are only the stewards of God’s bounty. We are the caregivers providing a legacy for generations ahead and as a final witness to those whom we hold dear. If you are interested in learning more about planned giving, please talk to me. Additionally, the website of the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas has an outstanding resource page that can help you consider how best to consider a planned gift 5

What is Commission on Ministries? By Mary McClung


Members of the Commission on Ministry: Mary McClung, chair, John Lewis, clergy advisor, Chuck Harvey, Chris Lopez, Jeanne Reesman, Kate Crone, Catherine Crowley, Linda Addington, Martha Steves, Anne Church, Damon Van Zandt, Jim Hartz.

he Commission on Ministries was formed by the Vestry of St. Mark’s in May 2008. Its charge is to encourage the emergence of new congregational ministries and to nurture the growth and development of existing ministries by evaluating how St. Mark’s can provide greater support. We carry put these charges from the Vestry through conversations between 2 people from the commission and the representatives of a ministry.

For a complete lis ng of the ministries at St. Mark’s, please visit www.stmarks‐ and mouse over “Outreach” then click on “Ministries of St. Mark’s booklet”.

The Commission on Ministries has been going out, in teams of two, and visiting with heads of various ministries. The Commission has specific questions in mind to guide the conversation, and we have found that the passion for ministry naturally flows from those questions. We would like to use the Messenger to share with the congregation the fruits of some of our conversations. Look forward in the coming months to reading about the ministries we have engaged, and the passion fueling the folks advancing that ministry.

Music from St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Twen eth Anniversary Season By Joseph Causby, Director of Music

Choral Evensong Sunday, October 23 at 4:00p.m.


mong the many possible ways of Christian worship, the service of choral evensong, also known as evening prayer, is remarkable both for the centuries-old liturgical tradition it represents and for the atmosphere of contemplative devotion that enables it to remain deeply meaningful for worshipers today. The liturgy traces its origins to the daily rites of the medieval church and has been said or sung regularly in its current form since the sixteenth century. All the words have been shaped and refined by long use and by renewed attempts to express the mysteries of God. For some people it is music, not words,

that carries them into the presence of God; and for others it is silence. Most of us need all three- words, music and silence- to lead us into the spirit of worship. So this service provides a liturgical, architectural and musical space in which one may gather the preoccupations and anxieties of life, and hold them together with a recollection of the God whose saving acts we celebrate. Many find that through participation by silent attention while priests and choir speak and sing in their name, they make the words and music their own. Once you have quietly offered those preoccupations, which may be cluttering your mind, you are free to go on to offer to God all that you are. It is then that this service is experienced for what it is- an act of worship, in the Spirit, expressing our

thanksgiving and hopes to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Music for October’s Choral Evensong includes: Evening Canticles by C.V. Stanford, the responses by Philip Radcliffe, and anthems by John West and Malcolm Boyle. The psalms appointed for the twenty-third evening are Psalms 114 and 115, sung to chants by Conrad Eden (former Master of the Choristers and Organist of Durham Cathedral, 1936-1974) and Charles South. Please plan to join us as we continue to celebrate the 20th anniversary season of Music from St. Mark’s.

On September 25, following the opening concert of Music from St. Mark’s 20th anniversary season, our former Director of Music and Organist was presented with the tle Director of Music and Organist Emeritus for his 30 years of outstanding leadership in worship and music to our church and community.

The Honor of DIRECTOR OF MUSIC & ORGANIST EMERITUS In gratitude for 30 years of faithful service by DR. EDWIN A. RIEKE St. Mark’s Episcopal Church San Antonio, Texas Presented on the 25th of September 2011

Thank You... How incredibly humbled (not to mention shocked) I was to be honored with the title, Director of Music and Organist Emeritus following Joseph Causby’s brilliant organ recital on Sunday afternoon, September 25, 2011. I have so many people to thank that I scarcely know where to begin: Mike Chalk, the Rector, Kathleen Vale, Senior Warden, and the Vestry of St. Mark’s, and of course Joseph Causby, my immensely talented successor. I was delighted to share with Joe the beautiful reception which followed. My heartfelt thanks go to Ann Coiner and all of those who assisted her: Ann and Ed Keetch, Martha Ann Franco, Jan Briley, Carolyn Parchman, Anne Rochelle, Jim Bliek, and Ruby Merrill and her staff. I will long remember and cherish that event. I continue to be blessed by all of you who are St. Mark’s parish, each one. Again, I extend to you my deepest gratitude! Most gratefully, Ed Rieke

You should remember the words of the Lord Jesus “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” -Acts 20:35

ALL WOMEN ARE INVITED TO AN ADVENT GATHERING Hosted by The Diocese of West Texas, Daughters of the King

Saturday, December 3 from 8:30a.m.-3:00p.m. Bishop Jones Center, 111 Torcido Dr., San Antonio, TX Carla Pineda & Patricia Brooke will lead a teaching on “The Gift of Giving” In keeping with our theme of giving, we will have an ornament exchange. Bring an “old favorite” or new ornament to share. We will collect gently used or new cold weather items for the homeless community in San Antonio: blankets, sweaters, coats, hats, scarves, and gloves .

Deadline for registration is November 27 Cost is $8.00 Includes all materials, breakfast breads, hot chocolate & other drinks, soup and sandwich lunch with cookies.

Mail in registration information to: Bishop Jones Center c/o Leigh Saunders, PO Box 6885, San Antonio, TX 78209. Make check payable to Diocese of West Texas/Women’s Workshop. Full/partial scholarships available by calling: Karen Duerr, President DWTX at 210-355-8281 or Kim Najera, Secretary DWTX at 210690-7477. Online registration is available. Visit and click on Events & Calendar.


Children’s All Saints Fair By Heather Herschell, Director of Children’s Ministries


his semester the 4th and 5th grade class has been trying out a project-based approach to Sunday school. With the help of these students we have explored what aspects of the Godly Play curriculum seemed most interesting to them. This process of discernment led us to decide to focus our energies on learning more about some of the saints that are meaningful in church history. First, we created a list of saints that we could learn more about. We did some fast factfinding so that we could decide who sounded really interesting. Then the fourth and fifth graders selected the saints they wanted to really get to know. Working in small groups they have conducted their own research and are preparing various projects and presentations for an All-Saints Fair at St. Mark’s on Sunday, October 30th on the second floor. Please keep your eye on the enews and also the announcements in your service bulletin for updated information about our fair. We hope you will come join us for some refreshments while we celebrate our 4th and 5th graders’ wonderful work. What they have learned and are prepared to share with you will surely deepen your appreciation and worship during All Saints Day the following Sunday!

Nursery Bake Sale By Heather Herschell, Director of Children’s Ministries


n anticipation of the Thanksgiving holiday, the Nursery and Parents’ Day Out program will hold our fall bake sale on Sunday, November 20th. Volunteers can bring baked goods, assist with set up or clean up, or help at the table selling our delicious holiday treats. If you want to contribute goodies to the sale please bring them to the Nursery check-in station on Friday November 18th, or just place them on the bake sale table on Sunday morning. Most importantly we hope you will think of us as your source for the pies, cakes and cookies that make your holiday meal that much sweeter. (And that much easier to prepare too!) Proceeds go to a great cause. We use the funds we raise to provide gift cards to the Nursery staff for their holiday bonus. What a delicious way to give thanks for the outstanding care we have for our children here at the St. Mark’s Nursery!

What Can Children Do To Support Christmas to the Street? By Heather Herschell, Director of Children’s Ministries


ecember is coming soon and the season of giving will be upon us. St. Mark’s annual Christmas to the Street event is one of the most important outreach efforts at St. Mark’s and is already in the early stages of preparation. Although this is often regarded as a youth and No Ties Allowed event, families who participate in children’s ministries are in a unique position to help. We want to reach out to the 500 or so people that come to us for a meal that day. Please help us by collecting as many blankets as we can in order to pass them out to those in need. We will have a special bulletin board on the second floor to display how many blankets we are able to collect before December 16th. Here’s how this will work: bring your blanket donations to your Sunday school classroom. Your teacher will give you a paper blanket which you can decorate and sign if you wish. We will add your paper blanket to our bulletin board to represent your donations. We would love to see how many we can collect. We’re hoping for 250!!!! Who knows, the Sunday school class that collects the most blankets might just wind up with a special treat for their feast the following Sunday! Blanket donations should be: new or gently used, a blanket- NOT a comforter, and medium sized- think stadium blanket. Please bring items to your Sunday school classroom on the second floor. Questions? Contact Heather at (210) 2262426 or via email

Mark your calendar! Bake Sale‐November 20 For more informa on  contact Heather at 210‐ 226‐2426 or email her at  hherschell@stmarks‐  8


Christmas to the Street Saturday, December 17Christmas to the Street began 6 years ago as an outreach ministry led by the St. Mark’s Youth and Kitchen Ministries. The goal is simple: provide a generous home-cooked meal of brisket and sausage with all the fixin’s to our neighbors in downtown San Antonio. The response from the community has grown each year and last year we provided nearly 500 meals at St. Mark’s and another 400 plus with the addition of serving a meal in Prospects Courtyard at Haven for Hope. For additional information on how you can help please contact Todd Allison at Donations-Volunteers-Contributions-WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Happening 120 will be held Friday through Sunday, November 18-20 in Uvalde,TX. Happenings are spiritual renewal weekends for high schoolers in grades 10 through 12. The diocese sponsors three weekends each year in various locations. For more information about the upcoming Happening weekend contact Todd or Sara or visit the Special Events page at Space is limited.

Wednesday Night Fellowship & Dinner 5:00p.m.7:00p.m. Every Wednesday in the Youth Suite.

Christmas Greenery Orders-Order forms will be available from any youth member through November 13. Ask the youth for more information. All proceeds benefit 2011 Christmas to the Street.

The following note and certificate was given to St. Mark’s in appreciation by the San Antonio Independent School District for St. Mark’s contributions to Hawthorne Academy’s Summer Science Academy.

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church has generously sponsored  a variety of science ini a ves on our campus.  In  par cular, St. Mark’s has funded a Summer Science  Academy for the past two summers.  The academy is a  two‐week program that allows students to par cipate  in hands‐on science learning.  With the funding from  St. Mark’s, the 45‐60 students par cipate in this  incredible learning opportunity at no cost.  They have  also sponsored the purchasing of a variety of science  materials to be used by the en re school.  In addi on  to providing funds, St. Mark’s has organized a troupe  of volunteers.  These dedicated individuals came an  hour a week for five months.  They worked with  groups of middle school students a er school to  prepare for UIL compe on.  So many of these  students placed but more that that, they really  enjoyed and looked forward to working with their  coaches.  These volunteers were invaluable and we  hope they con nue to work with us for years to come.  ‐SAISD Hawthorne Academy   


MONTHLY FINANCIAL UPDATE Informa on for September 2011 INCOME STATEMENT INFORMATION Pledge Revenue ................................................................................................................................................. $101, 473 Non Pledge Giving ............................................................................................................................................. $5,231 Open Plate .......................................................................................................................................................... $2,142 TOTAL REVENUE .......................................................................................................................................... $116,946 TOTAL EXPENSES ......................................................................................................................................... $129,956 August Revenue Under Expenses by $45,592 September Revenue Under Expenses by $13,009 Year to Date (January 2011 through September 2011) the revenue is over expenses by $60, 951 If you have any questions about this report, please contact Priscilla Briones, Accountant, at (210) 226-2426 or email her at

ST. MARK’S MEMORIALS Informa on as of October 7, 2011 ST. MARK’S MEMORIAL FUND Christine Dobbins by Cliff & Bebe Waller Tara Lodek by Diana Carson Charles Robertson by Dody Oppenheimer

SPECIAL GIFTS A special gift to the Haiti Well Project in memory of my daughter, Katherine Aubrey Smith O’Brien who died in 2005, by Aubrey Smith Carter A special gift to St. Mark’s in thanksgiving for Joe Taylor by Naomi Russell-Wolfman A special gift to the Altar Guild in honor of Barbara Ward by Martha Steves, Estee Steves & Kathleen Calgaard A special gift to the Good Samaritan Center on Thanksgiving for Benjamin Miller Raney & Margaret McLain Raney by Ben & Nance Haney A special gift to St. Mark’s Altar Guild in honor of Dee Whiteside’s birthday by Kathy Lawrence A special gift to the Rector’s Discretionary Fund by Vernon & Ann Sahm A special gift to the Aline Carter Music Fund in thanksgiving for Emily Rose Carlisle by Susan Carlisle

GOOD SAMARITAN CENTER Victoria Vasquez, my precious mother, by Adelina Rodriguez TUCKER COURTYARD Frances Hill by Anne & Robert Tucker Logan Huntress by Anne & Robert Tucker Jeff Morehouse by Anne & Robert Tucker Renie Zonne by Anne & Robert Tucker STREET ENDOWMENT FUND Jeanette Street, on her birthday, by Virginia Street Koehl

For more information or questions about Memorials at St. Mark’s, contact Pat at (210) 226-2426 or email her at


Happy Birthday Elise Rubiola, Richard Tisdale, Mary Frances West,  Lyndon Woodall  November 19th Anne S. Church, Leena Holmstrom, Johanna Sharp, Kelsie  Westmoreland, Jesse Wilber  November 20th Mark Arnold, Jeff Breazeale, Jeane Crowson, Abigail  Kirby, Lara Luce, Libni Or z, Jim Redmond, Roberta Rife,  Nathanael Torres‐Lopez  November 21st Todd Allison, Annabelle McGee  November 22nd Alice Haney, Diana Huntress, Linda Jones, Tracy Kirby,  Laura Long, Olivia Ribble, Jacob Schenk  November 23rd Fela Aguilar, Liz Chiego, Adele Edmunds, Benjamin Jones  November 24th Carol Bousquet  November 25th Joe Dongieux, Jes Gonzales, Anne Goodwin, Melissa  Oatman, Carolyn Thornton  November 26th Mark Foster, Shannon Minister, Amanda Talaat  November 27th Patrick Bowen, Catherine Taylor, Ralph Voight  November 28th Laura Bu erfield, Catherine Cruz, Blair Davis, Emily  Foster, Delaney Gunn, Mary Ruth Leonard, Be y Ludwig,  Rob Robertson, John Younger  November 29th Elizabeth Casiano, Welda Hissner, Di y Kindervater,  Chris Lopez, O s Parchman  November 30th Cathy Briggs, Mary Earle, Frances Le ofsky, Jamie  Maverick, Sue Carol McDonald, Sally Owens, Ann Sahm,  Martha Steves    A very special happy birthday to: Roberta Rife on her 98th (Nov 20)  Welda Hissner on her 96th (Nov 29)  Marie Leinweber on her 93rd (Nov 9)  Peggy Baetz on her 92nd (Nov 6)  Julie Carnahan on her 91st (Nov 14)  Frances Le ofsky on her 91st (Nov 30) 

November 1st Mary Jane Houston, Park Lawrence  November 2nd Hutch Bryan, Robert De Luna, Hugh Fitzsimons, Larry  Vasquez  November 3rd John Beauchamp, Robin Rae Bernhard, Kelly Carlisle,  Harrison Co on, Carolyn Klebaum, James Zimmerhanzel,  Linda Zimmerhanzel  November 4th Ma hew Carpenter, Ella Gunn, Nancy Russell  November 5th Wells Davidson, Kathy Kelly, Harriet Mar n, Winston  Shaffer, Patsy Steves, Eva Sullivan, Amelie Sullivan  November 6th Peggy Baetz, Gloria Dilley, Carol Fallon, Marji Gray  November 7th Angie Ellis, Cassie Gainey, Kim Judd, Brenda Kingery, Con  Mims, Lucia Redmond, Sandra Woodall  November 8th Lisa Evans, Randy Fleisher, Megan McPheron  November 9th Marie Leinweber  November 10th Lorrie Uhl  November 11th Robert Baker, Neel Lane, Sco  Me auer, Marie Onsto ,  David Truumees  November 12th Jack Hebdon, Carol Hebdon, Hamlet Newsom, Erin Smith  November 13th Theresa Casiano, Lily Mills, David Morgan, Vivian Tracy  November 14th Emily Beauchamp, Julie Bender, Julie Carnahan, Sandra  Dreyer, Laura Johnson, Jelane Lodek, Sco  Uhl, Bebe  Waller  November 15th Donna Barr, Blaise Bender, Flor Hernandez  November 16th Fiona Hall, Nancy Jones, Jill Smith, Alex Sugg  November 17th Graham Ma hews, Noah Stanton, Sissy Tietz, Elijah  Torres‐Lopez  November 18th Aston Down, Jenn Ham, Gail Harwood, Heather Klossner,  11

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10/19/11-The Messenger-Vol. 100 Issue 10  

The monthly newsletter of St. Mark's Episcopal Church-San Antonio, TX

10/19/11-The Messenger-Vol. 100 Issue 10  

The monthly newsletter of St. Mark's Episcopal Church-San Antonio, TX