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2016-2017 Newsletter Vol. 7

A c a d e m i c a l l y A s p i r i n g - C a r i n g l y C h r i s ti a n - E x p e r i e n ti a l l y E n r i c h i n g

Friendship Journey at Baan Nok Kamin Food Energy Experiment Social Work Day Journals Editorial Advisory Board: John Ruangmethanon, Dr. Listati Liu & Tanyanun Subsompon Editor: Dean Leaman Writer, Artwork & Cover Photography: Keurkoon Phoomwittaya

Featured items in Students’ S P A C E: Preemada Sittimalakorn, Visasinee Leelasathien, Zandeli O’Sullivan, Hinano Morioka, Weerin Arunsakul & Xin Ni Zhang Copyright © 2017 by St. Mark's International School Read Newsletters Online at


In March our educational activities were marked by the theme of “volunteering”. Through morning


assembly and a social work day trip, our students thought of the ways to contribute to those around

Student-Led Conference

1 May 2017

journey to Nok Kamin Orphanage are featured in

Coronation Day (Holiday)

5 May 2017

this newsletter.

Visaka Bucha Day (Holiday)

It has been a month of giving and we appreciate

Exam Period


Our Year 2 students‟ reflections about the

the contributions from our St. Mark‟s Community. Blessings, Editorial Team

Happy Songkran! On 5 April 2017, our Early Years students celebrated Songkran in morning assembly. We showed respect to our teachers by pouring water on their hands.

We also

danced along to Thai New Year songs! To watch our video please visit:

MORNING ASSEMBLY “Helping Hands” On 8 March 2017, Ms. Vea Gaygon led us in doing activities on the theme of “Helping Others”. We brainstormed five simple things that we can do to help others. The models that we used were paper hand cutouts. On each finger we wrote our own ideas such as being kind, being honest, sharing toys, reading stories together, or loving one another.


10 May 2017 22-26 May 2017

HSK Exam On 19 March 2017, St. Mark‟s Primary and Secondary students took The Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì (HSK) exam in our computer lab. The Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì (HSK) is China's only standardised test of Standard Chinese language proficiency for non-native speakers such as foreign students and overseas Chinese. It is comparable to TOEFL assessment in English and is recognised in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions worldwide.

Creating Opportunities for Children & Teens to Contribute Confident young people who recognize their competen-

How Children Can Contribute to Society

cies, feel connected to people, and have strongly-

Children can contribute to society in a multitude of

rooted character are poised to contribute to this world.


Children and teens who take active steps to contribute, receive ongoing feedback and gain experience that prepare them to thrive. Parents and communities who ensure ample opportunities for children to contribute will build the next generation of leaders.

Collecting coins to feed the hungry

Cleaning up the environment







cal disabilities

How Contribution Fosters Resilience

Spontaneous acts of generosity and courtesy such

Contemporary culture is so focused on material things

as holding open heavy doors for a parent pushing a


baby stroller or someone carrying heavy bags.






clothes, cosmetics, and cars. Children naturally get

Contribution directly fosters resilience because it helps

swept up in this tide because they see it all around

children gain a sense of purpose, something positive to


strive toward and achieve.

What Parents Can Do to Encourage Giving

Author: Kenneth R. Ginsburg

To counter this influence or put it in perspective, parSource:

ents can support opportunities for children to give rather than receive. Children will learn that the universe

doesn‟t revolve around them or owe them everything


they desire. When they raise money for earthquake


relief, collect recyclables, or tutor younger children, they gain a more realistic perspective of the world and their places in it. They begin to see beyond their isolated, self-oriented circles. They recognize themselves as part of larger communities in which they can make a difference.


Friendship Journey at Baan Nokkamin Orphanage On 14 March 2017, our Primary and Secondary stu-

St. Mark‟s community members were glad that we

dents visited Baan Nok Kamin Orphanage for our So-

donated gifts for the children at the orphanage. Our

cial Work Day. “Nok Kamin”, or Orioles, are birds that

visit was a remarkable journey of friendship with chil-

are normally independent. Just like the orphans and

dren from all over Thailand.

street children, they do not have a permanent home to

You may read our students’ reflections on page 9.

stay in. At Baan Nok Kamin, we experienced the lives of chil-

To watch our Social Work Day Video please visit,

dren through interactions in a day spent with them.

To provide cheer, we performed songs, taught them basic English and Chinese through fun activities, played games and helped them to do paper crafts. We found that it was easy to make new friends at the orphanage. Little children often came near, inviting us to play tag or play with the toys that we gave to them.


And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. —Galatians 6:9 4

Class Activities Focus Kindergarten Making B-Book Theme for Colouring Books In Art class we decorated our colouring book covers by using coloured pencils, paper and glitter. When each of us completed our big B covers, we wrapped them up over the sheets of B-theme cartoons, colouring activities and fun games. Our display of creativity was not just on the front of the book, but inside we could paint and draw from our own imagination, too.

Mandarin Vocabulary Game Each of us took turns drawing slips of paper from the magic box. After we drew one, we read it out loud and told its meaning. The rule was simple - if we were correct we got points. Sometimes our friends got the answer first so they got the points. It was exciting because we did not know what we would draw out of the box. We hoped we would not draw the bomb – otherwise, we would lose all of our points.



Our IGCSE Biology program lets our students continue to excel in their scientific


oped the ability to learn through observation, explaining what they saw in relation to


knowledge and analytical skills.

In this advanced curriculum, our Year 7s devel-

cause and effect. We studied about the energy of a variety of food particles. To measure this, we observed the temperature increase in water when we placed burning foods underneath. We let the flame spark and looked closely into its reactions. This was a learning experience for us and we began to look at energy and food in new ways.


Extra-Curricular Activities Swimming Club On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, we got our swimming suits and bags ready to leave St. Markâ€&#x;s for our swimming ECA at the Sports Authority of Thailand. When we arrived we changed our clothes and did a warm-up by jogging around the swimming pool. We learned different swimming styles to build up strength in every part of our bodies.

Growing As Young Thai Dance Performers Most of us started learning Thai Dance just this past year. We continue to develop our dancing styles and to be united in keeping the rhythms of traditional Thai songs together.

In Thai Dance we have to warm up every time before we get started.

We get to

stretch out our arms and legs as well as relax for a bit.

We are growing in our abilities and are ready for new performance opportunities. We believe we can do them because we are trained to be ready in both dancing and social skills.


Warm up, run around,


get ready and kick!

The sun shone over us, bringing perfect shaded light on us in the afternoon




Taekwondo. We warmed up in different styles. Sometimes we got to play football for a while, which was one of the ways to improve in kicking.


team of trainers always provided us with new Taekwondo techniques from their own experience. Our visual focus must go together with our movement so that we can kick the right places. In any situation, we now know how to protect ourselves from danger. And most importantly, we continue to grow in our friendships here because we believe that, “together, all things are possible�!







A Place for free writing and creativity that lets your imagination spark!

Social Work Day Journals I felt happy because the kids liked it when we danced. And also, I saw the kids smiling. But when we danced I felt very shy. I came here the first time. The place that they live is very old. I feel sad that they don‟t have a home. We are lucky than them. Our parents love us, but their parents left them somewhere. They will be very happy when somebody visits them. If our parents leave us somewhere we also feel like them. So this is a reminder that everyone is going to know how you feel when your parents leave you somewhere.

When I went to the orphanage house I felt sad for the kids because they have no parents.

– Preemada Sittimalakorn Year 2

When I sang and danced „Hello To All The Children Of The World” they smiled because they liked it. Their home looks old and it does not look beautiful. They have old clothes. They need to shower by themselves. They need to dress -up by themselves. They need to eat by themselves. -Visasinee Leelasathien Year 2

When I went to the orphanage I felt bad for the kids that have no parents. If they are sick and they want to hug their moms and they want their moms to take care of them but they have no parents, they can only hug teachers. When everyone and I was performing, I was happy because the kids were smiling and they were happy. Oh I almost forgot we know one of the boys and his name is Neung. – Zandeli O‟Sullivan Year 2


April 22nd marked annual Earth Day to raise awareness on natural conservation. In celebration, our editorial team chose student work on the theme of “Green Living and Environment”. Featured items include a descriptive writing from a student’s imagination on her ideal house, as well as art work of animals.

The Little House This house is located near mountain and forests. There are many trees, rocks and wood. In this area the air is very fresh, so you can relax a lot. Sometimes you can see some wild animals because there are mountains and forests near the house. There is a large green field around the house.

On sunny days you can enjoy

many activities in the field such as football, baseball, or basketball. If you go to the mountain, you will see flowers and you can even eat some of the fruits while those are still fresh. This house is amazing, it is filled with joy and happiness from the lovely nature. That‟s why I think this is a wonderful place to live. Descriptive Writing by Hinano Morioka Year 8

Students’ Arts

Weerin Arunsakul Year 5

Xin Ni Zhang Year 7


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St. Mark's International School Newsletter 2016-2017 vol 7  

In March our educational activities were marked by the theme of “volunteering”. Through morning assembly and a social work day trip, our stu...

St. Mark's International School Newsletter 2016-2017 vol 7  

In March our educational activities were marked by the theme of “volunteering”. Through morning assembly and a social work day trip, our stu...