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2016-2017 Newsletter Vol. 1

Academically Aspiring - Caringly Christian - Experientially Enriching

BAKE SALE FOR LOCAL ORPHANAGE  ST. MARK’S GOT TALENT 16  GLOBAL EXPLORERS Editorial Advisory Board: John Ruangmethanon, Dr. Listati Liu & Tanyanun Subsompon

Artwork & Cover Photography: Keurkoon Phoomwittaya

Editor: Dean Leaman Writers: Jae Myeong Song, Tsugumi Morioka & Keurkoon Phoomwittaya

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Welcome to our 2016-2017 academic year! This newsletter features our events such as


our bake sale activities for charity, our visit to Rajvithi Home for Girls, the celebration of our Annual Function and our Summer

International Day

Program. We hope you enjoy reading!

Term break Chulalongkorn Day (Public Holiday)


14 October 2016 17-21 October 2016 24 October 2016

St. Mark’s Administration

New Eco-Friendly Classrooms for Secondary School Education St. Mark’s International School has recently finished the construction of a new building at our Rama 9 campus to facilitate the expansion of our secondary school program. Our new space reflects modern eco-friendly design with transparent glass walls in all classrooms as well as in hallways, allowing natural light to pass through. Non-reflective whiteboards are used in the classrooms to help learners have a better visual experience. In keeping with modern educational requirements, every area in the building is Wi-Fi accessible to provide students with up-to-date learning resources. Inside the new structure we have a new Science Laboratory where students do hands-on experiments. We also have combination pad-lock lockers, and a common room for social activities and recreation including table tennis and football table.

Meanwhile we are working on additional development such as green grass and trees around the Rama 9 campus. We appreciate the support and encouragement from our students, parents and staff which inspires us to move forwards in creating education spaces that engage our young people in becoming thriving global citizens. St. Mark’s is also planning to open its second campus on Srinakarin Road in the near future.


Bake Sale for Local Orphanage! On 3 – 4 May 2016, secondary students sold cookies at St. Mark’s canteen with the aim to raise funds for less fortunate girls and young women. All proceeds were donated to a local orphanage, Rajvithi Home for Girls. This project was part of our Enterprise Studies course in which students apply their knowledge by creating a budget, marketing a product and generating profits. Our students put in a huge effort, baking different shapes and colours of cookies to attract customers.


demonstrated their optimistic mindset and their heart to give to make a better world for the girls at the orphanage.

Volunteering at Rajvithi Home for Girls

Community service is an integral part of our school educational program, as it builds compassionate character and giving hearts. On 7 June 2016 our primary and secondary students went on a school excursion to the Rajvithi Home for Girls Orphanage. We organised fun activities to engage and build relationships with the girls at the orphanage. Our students performed a dance and the girls responded with their own prepared dance. We taught useful English vocabulary related to their regularly scheduled fire drill and also about fruits, and simple greeting sentences. Our school treated the girls with papaya salad and fried chicken for lunch. We were glad to donate useful items and foodstuffs to the girls. The proceeds from our Year 7 Bake Sale were also donated as well as gifts from our school along with donations from our generous students, parents and teachers. We look forward to next year’s Social Work Day.


St. Mark’s Students Win Third Place in IYRC Creative Robotics Competition

On 2 July 2016, our robotic students grabbed third place medals in the IYRC (International Youth Robotics Competition) with their idea of designing robots for food delivery service in hospitals. This robotic model was designed using our students’ artistic, creative and technical skills, making a product that can be of benefit to society.

Taiwan Embassy’s Tee Ball Competition On 29 May 2016, St. Mark’s T-Ball Club members participated in a competition in Samutprakarn. Hosted by the Embassy of Taiwan, there were both adults and students from schools around Thailand who took part of this event. Our students enjoyed this great learning experience outside our school. They practiced team-building skills and had a lot of fun.

Mother’s Day Assembly On 11 August 2016, St. Mark’s students gathered together in Thai Culture assembly to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Ms. Tukta asked a volunteer to try on a simulated pregnancy belly outfit.

She explained

that the mothers had to carry much more weight than this while pregnant for 9 months before giving birth. The students also learned how to show appreciation by giving flowers for this special occasion.


New International Lunch Menu We want each of our children to enjoy learning by also enjoying good meals. This year our cafeteria staff are providing several new international lunch menu items, including, Mexican Chilli, Salad, Lasagna, Pizza, Stir-Fried Spaghetti with Thai Spices, Terriyaki Chicken with Rice and Stir-Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts. For our Korean foods lovers we serve Bon Chon Chicken and Bibimbap with Kimchi.

To see the school canteen’s weekly menu please visit the Parents Gateway ( parentlogin.php).

Parent-Teacher Conference On 10 June 2016 St. Mark’s Administration organised our Year-End Parent-Teacher Conference. The purpose was to provide feedback and communication on the progress of our students’ academic performances and achievements throughout the 2015-2016 academic year.

New Parents Orientation On 10 August 2016, St. Mark’s administration warmly welcomed new parents to our community on Orientation’s Day.

We introduced our

school’s website as a channel for communicating important




monthly evaluations and academic performance.


Summer Program A World Beyond Borders !

Global Explorers Games have been part in many aspects of our students’ ex-

The theme of our 2016 Summer Program was Global Explorers/Ambassadors, with the motto ―A World Beyond Borders.‖ The aim was to educate our young students on similarities that unite us as a human family. Primary students crafted classic televisions and told stories about humanity and nature of animals. We also made maps to represent the ways in which people from different places live and how they dress. While primary students made models of people wearing different outfits in different seasons, our early years collaborated on creating arts of Autumn, Summer, Spring, and Winter. In the final week of the program, we hosted a mini Rio Olympics 2016, and baked pancakes for a picnic day. During a field trip at the Erawan Museum, primary students hunted for treasures and took photographs of the items they found (see page 9). We discovered new ideas about culture through fun learning experiences this Summer. To watch our Summer Program 2016 video please go to:

St. Mark’s Got Talent 16 On 4 June 2016, St. Mark’s International School held our Annual Function at the Marriott Hotel, Sukhumvit, Grand Ballroom. Ms. Lis Liu, Ph. D presented opening remarks for this event to celebrate the success of our students and express appreciation for our wonderful students and supportive parents. She spoke of her vision for our students’ learning experience saying, that she wants our students to be knowledgeable and reflective communicators and thinkers, but most of all forgiving, compassionate and full of integrity. Every year we gather to watch performances by our students. Each year we notice how much our children have grown up, and we enjoy seeing the new students and parents who have recently joined our community.


This year, our early years students performed dance shows of popular cartoon characters like the Minions, Jungle Book, Disney Princesses, and a presentation about ―When I Grow Up‖. Following with talent-based shows, our primary and high school students performed jazz music, a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory drama, a fashion show, science experiments, dance and Chinese Kung Fu. Awards for outstanding academic achievement, conduct and ISA results were presented as well as awards for the most improved students followed by the Year 6 graduation certificates. Congratulations and thanks to everyone for being a part of our amazing memories here at St. Mark’s!

You can watch: St. Mark’s Annual Function 2016 video at


Friendship, Empowerment & Creativity

We always strive to ensure that at the end of each academic year our students have grown in confidence, been inspired, and worked on discovering their full potential. During Scout Week on 6 June 2016 to 9 June 2016 our students joined in various activities that helped them bond with one another and practice thinking outside of the box, all the while exercising and enjoying water activities. It was also the time to empower our students to be future global citizens who do good for our society. We had lots of laughers, smiles, new friendships and great memories to share before leaving for summer break. To watch a our Community Service & Scout Week Video please go to:


Class Activities Focus Making Cards for Mothers Our Year 7 students teamed up with the special Thai class for foreign students in making Mother’s Day cards in August. We matched coloured papers in favourite tones, glued them together and wrote about how much we love our moms. Some of the cards were signed with artistic handwriting and some were humorous because we wanted to make sure that all of our mothers were the happiest women in the world.

We Say “Please & Thank you!”

Ms. Tammy, our Kindergarten teacher, prepared a box full of toys for us. She is really nice – we could choose anything that we liked from the box. We just had to ask her ―May I have this toy, please?‖ and say ―Thank you!‖ when we got them. We learned that simply saying ―please‖ & ―thank you‖ can brighten the day for everyone.

Year 8 Burrito Contest

During this Summer, Year 8 students made fresh burritos for the fun contest and celebration of beginning a new academic year. All of us helped each other to put veggies and meats inside, and then arranged them beautifully. We had to use the ingredients that we had and were provided limited time for our burrito creations. Look at what we made – we were so proud!


Extra-Curricular Activities

The sky was clear! Mr. Mitchell Kuntz welcomed our T-Ball club members on the starting day of ECAs. He introduced the Certificate of Fair Play and T-Ball Award for those who accomplish what is expected. T-Ball starts at 03.20 pm on Mondays at the football field. The St. Mark’s community is welcome to enjoy watching with us.

Ball Games Club Members in Bouncing Balls Battle

Make A Picture Challenge The first team’s challenge was to perform a scene “At the Beach”. Each of us played an im-

As the judge blows the whistle we all

provised role such as being a palm tree, swimming in

have to run and grab the balls for our battle. The

the sea, being a dog or being a dog owner. Team

rule of our game is to throw a ball at the opposite

two had the challenge of making a picture of ―At the

team. If the ball touches any part of a team mem-

Hospital‖. There was a table, a chair, a doctor, a bed,

ber’s body, except his or her hands, he or she is

and a patient on the bed. Each team had 5 seconds

―out‖. We had to use our hands to bounce the balls

to make their scenes come alive by moving around.

back to them.


STUDENTS’ S P A C E A place for free writing and creativity that lets your imagination spark

The Boy That I Met

Illustration: Church Model by

It was not a long time ago. It was when I was 9 years old I met a boy in the church. His name was Doohung, he was also 9 years old. We met in the church first.

Summer Program Primary

It was a surprise because he came to me and talked to me so that was when I met my best friend. We played tag, games, and watched movies he was from Korea.


He had been here just for 3 months and we were best friends together. One day he came to my home and played together. It was a lot of fun I wish he came to our home again. Jae Myeong Song - Primary Student Games have been part in many aspects of our students’ experi-

The Girl Who Stopped Me Crying

Treasure Hunting at the Erawan Museum

A girl came to my chair and sat down. That girl’s name was ―Sofia‖. Sofia was sitting on my chair. So I didn’t know were to sit in class. That time I went to restroom and started crying. After 5 minutes later Sofia came to the restroom, but I thought it was my sister so I opened the door, but it was Sofia.

Photography by Summer Program Primary Students 8 July 2016

Sofia was hugging me. So she was so nice. Sofia brought me to the classroom, and told my sister. She is my BFF. Tsugumi Morioka—Primary Student


8 Ways to ENGAGE Your Child In Service Learning By Samantha Cleaver

Photo Source: minnesota_social_marketing

1. Create and Donate. It could be as simple as making a

den. Invite friends to join you and set up a plan to buy

meal for a family that has a new baby, or making get

the seeds, plant and maintain the garden. During the

well cards for a friend who is sick. Whatever you do, it

process, your child will learn math, measurement, and

doesn't have to cost a lot of money to make a huge dif-

science skills as he watches his plants grow.


6. Start a Giving Campaign. Reach out to your child’s

2. Raise Money and Give. Is there a cause that your child is passionate about - perhaps a local homeless shelter, kids’ museum, or zoo? Research the organization so your child can explain why it’s important for your community and keep a graph of the money you’ve raised. When you’ve reached your goal, drop off the donation in person.

school or your neighborhood organization to collect anything from recyclable goods to deliver directly to a recycling program, food for a food bank, or stuffed animals and toys for a local fire station or homeless shelter 7. Plan and Host an Event. Think of an event that would affect a community need that your child cares about. It could be a ―tea party‖ at a local senior center,

3. Create and Distribute a Community Guide. It could be a kids’ map of the downtown or a brochure to her favorite museum. As you’re working on the project, consider: What places does your child like? What places might another child want to know about? When your guide is finished, ask local businesses or organizations if you can print and distribute it.

or a community-wide recycling drive. As you plan the event, your child will learn skills such as communicating the importance of connecting with seniors, or sorting and categorizing recyclables. 8. Continue a School-Based Project. If your child’s school does service-learning during the school year, ask if he’d like to continue the school project during the

4. Advocate for a Cause. Is there a cause that your child

summer. An afternoon each week working on the

or family cares deeply about? Think of ways to teach

school garden or visiting the residents of a nursing

other kids and families about it. Your child can prepare

home will teach him that it’s important to continue to

a presentation for the city council, organize and partici-

work on improving our communities all the time, regard-

pate a clean-up or awareness event, or make a

less of the season.

YouTube video about the cause. 5. Start a Community Garden. Rent or select a plot of land in your neighborhood and start a community gar-

Extracted from: magazine/article/8-ways-engage-service-learning/

It is more blessed to give than to receive — Acts 20:35 10

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Guided by Christian philosophy, St. Mark's International School aims to provide quality Early Years through Secondary education, enabling each student to achieve their fullest potential by becoming confident, motivated, optimistic and responsible young citizens.

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St. Mark's International School Newsletter 2016-2017/ Vol. 1  

Welcome to our 2016-2017 academic year! This newsletter features our events such as our bake sale activities for charity, our visit to Rajvi...

St. Mark's International School Newsletter 2016-2017/ Vol. 1  

Welcome to our 2016-2017 academic year! This newsletter features our events such as our bake sale activities for charity, our visit to Rajvi...