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St Mark’s Messenger Spring 2014

Aberdeen St Mark's Church of Scotland is a registered Scosh charity No SC015451 St Mark’s is twinned with Mpachika Church Malawi

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Deadlines Contribu:ons to the Messenger are always welcome, so if there is something you want to say please send to the Editor or e-mail: in :me for the following deadlines. Summer Autumn Winter

Sunday 27 April 2014 Sunday 31 August 2014 Sunday 9 November 2014



Le'er from the Manse HAPPY EASTERTIDE Dear Friends, As I write this leer we have been told officially that it is Spring and to some extent the plants and weather seem to have accepted the official line. Of course we all know that this isn't true. The truth is that the temperature really influences the growth of the plants and the weather is, well, the weather! This century is without doubt a :me in human history when things, including the official line, are changing at a speed unknown before. Amidst this whirlpool of change certain truths can be interpreted in so many different ways. Christ lived on this earth when the world was rapidly changing too. He lived what He taught. So when we read the Bible we find ourselves faced with someone who wasn't prepared to go society's way just for the sake of fiIng in. Jesus instead looked to His father, to God, to inform His life decisions. So His choices were based on loving acceptance, forgiveness and healing. He sat with the social outcasts, He mixed with the struggling business people, the wealthy and yet lost. He saved people others wanted to stone! Amazingly aware He saw the unknown people that other people missed. He raised up those depressed and sorrowing. He was touched by a world calling out for healing and love. Oh He wasn't all seriousness, in fact He must have had a great sense of humour. He laughed and went to marriages and par:es. He mixed with a vast variety of people and His friends were from different backgrounds. He loved them even when they let Him down. He didn't focus on their betrayal instead He showed them forgiveness through a simple act that was a miracle at a BBQ. (Connued on page 4)


No, He didn't allow Himself to be a doormat. He was never irrelevant. He knew that one day everyone, in this World's life, would come to that junc:on in life when the choice of an everlas:ng life lived either with love or no love would come. Yet in respect of our future He didn't abuse His powers or His knowledge. He didn't force anyone to accept Him. When He leN this earth He didn't leave His friends without support and help. Yet in all this He never strayed out of the limits of love that the Divine heart of God decided upon even before this World began. So when we hear of people deďŹ ning the boundaries of truth according to their oďŹƒcial line on life, who are we going to look to for our life choices? I think I'll choose Jesus. May you know my love is sent to you. Wherever you are, whatever is happening in your life may you know the peace, healing love and companionship of Jesus Christ. If I can be of help in any way let me know. God Bless you

Diane Guild of Friendship By the :me you are reading this Messenger we shall probably have held our Closing Day at the end of March. We have again had a very happy session with a varied, entertaining syllabus. As always, my personal thanks go to the commiee and to our delegates who support us. Although no details are at hand to date, we intend mee:ng together for High Tea in June as usual. Pat Skene 4

Malawi Commi'ee Report A successful quiz evening was held on Thursday 6 March when 9 teams competed for the coveted 'Winners' cer:ficates. A team of 3 young ladies from Aberdeen University won by quite a margin. £302 was raised. As there was money in the Malawi account £1,000 has been sent to the Presbytery LifeStraws fund. LifeStraws are a successful and easy way to purify water in Malawi. Thanks to all who supported the evening. More fundraising events will be held later in the year. The Malawi Commiee will be delighted if you come along and support them. David Yacamini

The Guild By the :me you are reading this ar:cle the winter session will have come to a close with the joint meal with the Men’s club. We have had a varied selec:on of speakers and topics at our mee:ngs this year which have included a photographic show of Antarc:ca and a recent interes:ng talk about the Family History Society. We restart in October so please come along and join the Guild, which is open to all, and see the different mee:ngs and topics that we cover. Look out for more informa:on in the next magazine. Marjorie Lord 5

Roll Changes Change of Address Mrs Joy Paterson Whinhill Road – No informa:on Mrs Diane Mahan Tillydrone – No informa:on Mrs Chris:na Blackwood Rosemount to Residen:al Care Deaths - He will surround you with love on that golden day Mr Graham Robertson Miss Helen Duncan Mr Arthur McKenzie Mr George Sim

Cornhill (March 2013) Residen:al Care (December 2013) Westhill (December 2013) Rosemount (March 2014)

For Data Protec:on reasons only limited address informa:on is provided in the Messenger.

Projects Commi'ee As Alex no longer owns the ‘Grianan Garden’ it has been decided to hold a ‘Summer Fun Day’ in the hall on Sunday July 20th. There will be further informa:on in the Summer Messenger. Car Treasure Hunt Gary will be arranging a Car Treasure Hunt during the summer. More details will be in the Summer Messenger. Summer Coffee Mornings These will begin on Saturday 7th June and con:nue each Saturday un:l the middle of September. Please come along and bring your friends. Your support is what makes these events successful and as always help on the mornings is urgently needed. Dona:ons of home baking and raffle prizes will be gratefully received. 6

Worship Calendar Worship Calendar Worship Calendar Please note that Sunday morning services at St Mark’s normally start at 11.00am. Any changes will be in:mated in the Pew Leaflet. Further details of the services will be available on the Church website or in the Pew Leaflet. 30 March

11.00am Morning Worship Mothering Sunday ‘Life choices of God’

6 April

11.00am Morning Worship ‘Natural Progress with God’

13 April

11.00am Morning Worship Palm Sunday ‘King of Hearts in the game of life’ 2.30pm ANernoon Communion and Tea Hosted by OAK, led by Rev Diane Hobson ‘Blessings of God’ Holy Week Services in St Mark’s

14 April

6.30pm Evening Service Rev Diane Hobson

15 April

6.30pm Evening Service TBA

16 April

6.30pm Evening Service TBA

17 April

6.30pm Evening Service for Maundy Thursday Passover Meal conducted by Rev Diane Hobson

18 April

6.30pm Evening Service for Good Friday Rev Diane Hobson ‘The Lamb of God’ Con:nued on Page 12 7

St Mark’s Church Duty Rotas Spring 2014 Messenger Pull-out Supplement Beadle Duty Rota

30 March 2014 Miss Dianne Morrison 06 April 2014 Mr Malcolm Steel 13 April 2014 Mr Graeme Low 20 April 2014 Mrs Jaqueline Hepburn 27 April 2014 Mr Ian Lord 04 May 2014 Miss Elsa Black 11 May 2014 Mr Ian Beagrie 18 May 2014 Mr Douglas Craighead 25 May 2014 Mrs Carol Main 01 June 2014 Mr Alan Brown

Mr Maurice McFarlane Mrs Betty Steel Mrs Lynn Low Mr Douglas Craighead Mrs Marjorie Lord Miss Jean Black Mrs Helen Burr Mrs Helen McKenzie Mr Garry Watson Miss Elaine Macdonald

Beadles are reminded to ensure an equitable distribu:on of work between themselves, remembering that there are both outside and inside du:es to aend to. Please sweep and :dy the side passage and the front steps of the church, clear lier, leaves etc before worshippers arrive. Lock all doors and gates when leaving, subject only to the possibility of aNernoon lets of the hall, when the Church OďŹƒcer will advise. Please note there will be an ANernoon Communion on 13 April and Easter Communion on 20 April.


St Mark’s Church Duty Rotas Spring 2014 Messenger Pull-out Supplement Door Duty Rota

30 March 2014 Milton Montgomery 06 April 2014 Derek Caie 13 April 2014 Ian Beagrie 20 April 2014 Carol Main 27 April 2014 Maurice McFarlane 04 May 2014 Betty Steel 11 May 2014 Bill Forbes 18 May 2014 Lewis Donaldson 25 May 2014 Bill McDonald 01 June 2014 David Yacamini

Kay Montgomery Mary Caie Alice Officer Alan Brown Dianne Morrison Malcolm Steel Joyce Forbes Anne Donaldson Elaine Macdonald Jean Yacamini

Lewis Donaldson

13th April is Palm Sunday when there will be an aNernoon Communion Service and Tea for the Circle of Care. 20th April is Communion Sunday when there will be Five Office Bearers on Duty

On Communion Sundays there will be Five Office Bearers on Duty, otherwise Four Office Bearers will perform Door Duty for two consecu:ve Sundays.


St Mark’s Church Duty Rotas Spring 2014 Messenger Pull-out Supplement Church Readers Rota 30 March 2014 Gail Hogg 06 April 2014 Anne Donaldson 13 April 2014 Malcolm Steel 20 April 2014 Alex McConochie 27 April 2014 Milton Montgomery 04 May 2014 Kay Montgomery 11 May 2014 Elsa Black 18 May 2014 Jean Black 25 May 2014 Sheila Main 01 June 2014 Gail Hogg

Readers should contact the Office on the Thursday prior to their reading duty before 1.00pm to check the reading(s) allocated. Please read over several :mes before the Sunday Service to ensure you are confident with pronuncia:on etc.


St Mark’s Church Duty Rotas Spring 2014 Messenger Pull-out Supplement Flower Supply & Distribu8on Rota


30 March 2014 06 April 2014 13 April 2014 20 April 2014 27 April 2014 04 May 2014 11 May 2014 18 May 2014 25 May 2014 01 June 2014


Mrs Ruth Strachan Mrs C Laurie Miss Oonagh Watt Mrs Beagrie Miss J Webster Miss J Davie Mrs A Donaldson Mrs H Burr Mrs J Yacamini Mrs A Munro


Misses Black Mrs Sutherland Mrs Beagrie Mrs Christie Mrs Donaldson Mrs McDonald Mrs J Yacamini Mrs A Munro

As you can see there are s:ll a couple of gaps in the Flower Distribu:on Rota this quarter. Receiving the Church flowers gives a real boost to bereaved or ill members and all you have to do is drop them off on the way home. Please think about helping out in this small way. One day it might be you receiving them.


Worship Calendar Worship Calendar Worship Calendar 20 April

Services for Easter Sunday 9.00am Open-air Service at Well of Spa 9.30am Easter Breakfast in the Hall 11.00am Morning Worship - Easter Family Service and Service of Holy Communion

27 April

11.00am Morning Worship Easter 2 - ‘Keeping our eyes on You, Lord’

4 May

11.00am Morning Worship Easter 3 - ‘God’s in a café?’

11 May

11.00am Morning Worship Easter 4 - ‘Jesus the gate?’ Chris:an Aid week starts

18 May

11.00am Morning Worship ‘Jesus the route finder?’

25 May

11.00am Morning Worship ‘Freedom of Living Love?’

1 June

11.00am Morning Worship ‘The usefulness of Glory’

8 June

11.00am Sacrament of Holy Communion ‘Carrier of Peace’

15 June

11.00am Morning Worship for Trinity Sunday ‘The Spirit is moving’

22 June

11.00am Morning Worship ‘Mission = ?’

Whatever decision we make in life, let us not forget that things do happen for a reason. In a life full of wonders and surprises, we can never expect things to turn out the way we want to all the :me. 12

What does the Minister do besides an hour on Sunday? I thought you would like to know what I do during my week, so here are some of the things that I may do in a week:- Time with God, prepara:on for the Sunday service, visit people who are in hospital (unless I have a cold etc) and mee:ngs with people connected with the life and work of St Mark’s, urgent pastoral visits, funerals which can mean I have to place other things on hold, other visits, prepara:ons and aending any events associated with the church. Prepara:ons for Bap:sms, Marriages, Seasonal Services, Joint Services, School Chaplaincy work, informal Parish Grouping mee:ngs, visi:ng OAK, visi:ng Church organisa:ons, organising leadership conferences, following up requests from people, wri:ng papers, ar:cles and leers etc, responding to requests that come in via the e-mail, website or office. Work associated with the Presbytery and so the list goes on…. The truth is that a week’s ac:vi:es can vary considerably. Below is a copy of the week beginning 3 March which was quite a busy week . There really isn’t a normal week for a Minister . Every week is different. Please never be afraid to call upon my services or those of the Church we are always willing to help and support people. We always have :me for people. God Bless You Time



Early am






Time with God

Mid am





Late am





Lunch Time Funeral


Funeral Hospital


Marriage St Mark’s

Service Marriage St Mark’s Lunch



Early pm

Course Mee:ng Funeral Hospital




Mid pm

Course Mee:ng Funeral Hospital




Late pm
















Time with God 13

A Note from the Treasurer I am pleased to be able to report on a happy outcome to the 2013 Financial Year. Although, as in previous years, the outcome in rela:on to congrega:onal giving was disappoin:ng we benefited considerably from two very generous legacies and ended the year with a £50,000 surplus. During the year we invested £25,000 from the legacy income and in the first month of 2014 invested a further £45,000. These funds will be held un:l a more prac:cal use is found for them but it is likely that we will look at upgrading the building as part of our mission to the City Centre. Our Stewardship Programme was well received by the congrega:on and 196 members responded on the Response Cards. Not all of these were posi:ve however but the vast majority were. A total of 99 members indicated that they wished to increase their offering and there was an increase in giving by both FWO envelopes and by Standing Order. It is fairly clear from Standing Order income that by the end of 2014 we will have reversed the trend of previous years of falling levels of giving. Increased levels of giving by GiN Aid should also see an increase in the size of our annual tax re-claim so for the first :me since I became Treasurer I ended the year with a smile! St Mark’s is a wonderful family friendly church with many members giving all sorts of support by aendance at services, through giving, helping at Coffee Mornings, suppor:ng Drama produc:ons and the like. I would encourage every member to act in this way. St Mark’s is your church and will do all that it can for you, let’s hope you can do the same for St Mark’s. Alex McConochie 14

The Circle of Care At this :me of the year we are again grateful to the volunteers of the OAK Café for making arrangements and providing the catering for the Palm Sunday Communion Service and ANernoon Tea to be held on Sunday 13 April. We are always happy to welcome some members of the Congrega:on of Crown Terrace Methodist Church at this special event. We wish you all the many blessings of Easter.

Older People In 35 care homes and projects throughout Scotland we provide needs -led care and support to older people in a person centred manner reflec:ng our Chris:an values and ethos. The range of services offered includes demen:a care, pallia:ve care, day care, day opportuni:es, respite care, care at home, residen:al care and housing support. The "You Said - We Did" ini:a:ve enables service users of family members to submit comments or requests which staff then try to address. Carol Main CrossReach Representa8ve.

I am only one I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something; and what I should do and can do, by the grace of God, I will do


St Mark’s Rambling and Hillwalking Group January started with a walk from the bus sta:on out to the Torry baery and around the bay of Nigg. This was an easy start to the year’s walking and was followed by a damp walk alongside the River Don a week later. The January 29th walk from Bridge of Don to Footdee had to be postponed, however the walk around Hazlehead Woods and Park on Saturday 8th February went ahead and finished early by returning to St Mark’s for a coffee. The rest of the February walks had to be postponed due to a couple of different reasons, mainly however the weather. The following are just some of the walks that are planned Wednesday 9th April Saturday 19th April Wednesday 30th April Tuesday 6th May Saturday 17th May Tuesday 20th May Saturday 7th June

Banchory and Scolty, by bus from Aberdeen Hill walk to Clachnaben Cullen Coastal Walk Stonehaven, Dunoar Castle and Woods Walk around Glentanar Estate Drumoak to Banchory - Riverside Walk Glas Maol and Creag Leach, two Glenshee Munros Other walks may be planned at short no:ce, if you would like to be informed, want travel arrangements or more informa:on please telephone Ian on 01224 321882 or 07929 720846

Too much love never spoils children. Children become spoiled when we subs:tute "presents" for "presence."


By the :me you are reading this the St Mark’s Men’s club will have finished all their winter mee:ngs and we have had some interes:ng joint evenings with the Ladies of the Guild as well as games nights. We are looking forward to our summer break and we would welcome you to join us when our next winter session starts in October, look out for more informa:on in the summer magazine or see the no:ce boards in the Church ves:bule or hall.

The Strollers The Strollers have been limited by the weather, both in numbers and in ou:ngs but those which have taken place have nevertheless s:ll been enjoyable. There is always something new to be viewed as we discovered again when we went to Old Aberdeen and visited the small museum in the Town House. We found it most interes:ng as well as providing a brief respite from the cold on a January morning! We are hoping for beer days when we meet on the dates below.

April Tuesday 10.00am Saturday 2.00pm



22 12 17

13 3


June 3

24 14

O.A.K. Report O.A.K. has returned to our usual meals aNer the Christmas break. We are very grateful to all our dedicated staff who come along so faithfully every week to keep the work of O.A.K. going. If you would like to join us please speak to Bey or Daphne, or come along to the café. As we look forward to the summer holiday period some short term help would make sure that we do not have to close due to lack of staff. We have had successful events including the Special Lunch in aid of The Stuart Andrew LoIe Memorial Fund and a Songs of Praise in Crown Terrace Methodist Church, led by The Acclama:ons in aid of The ScoIsh Bible Society. As you may know we sponsor two children through The Cogwheel Trust. The Trust provides accommoda:on, regular meals, medical aen:on and pays for educa:on. We have sponsored Jessica for a number of years but now she is finished her educa:on and has gone back to her extended family where we hope she will be able to use the skills that she has learned. We wish her well and pray God’s Blessing on her future, wherever it may lead. We have a replacement lile girl. She is Beatrice and is five years old. She is one of four children and her mother struggles to manage without the help of the father and no welfare state. Please keep Beatrice and Edward (our sponsored boy) in your thoughts and prayers. If you have any used gree:ngs cards, not Christmas cards, that you no longer wish to keep O.A.K. would appreciate them to recycle. Please give cards to Bey or leave them at the café. We wish you all the Blessings of Easter and hope to see you at the café. Be'y & Malcolm. 18

Transport to Healthcare Informa8on Centre Do you need advice about travelling to and from your medical appointment? The Transport to Healthcare Informa:on Centre (THInC) can help. They provide prac:cal transport advice for people who have difficulty geIng to and from medical appointments in Grampian. The service provides a dedicated telephone service offering guidance on accessing suitable transport op:ons to get to and from appointments where you have no means of personal transport. The centre can provide details of suitable bus or train :mes, contact telephone numbers and other services such as local dial-a-bus or voluntary car schemes. Please note that THInC does not book transport but can assist with travel advice. The centre is the first of its kind in the UK and is a joint ini:a:ve between Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council, Moray Council, NHS Grampian, The ScoIsh Ambulance Service and Nestrans. THInC is one of the projects taken forward as part of the Health and Transport Ac:on Plan. Please call THInC on 01343 567839 between 9am-4pm, Monday to Friday. Calls are charged at local rate.


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