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achieve S T. LU K E ’S S C H O O L UPPER SCHOOL G R A D E S 9 –12

“The strength of our community comes from a shared belief that every student counts, can contribute, and deserves to be known by faculty and peers. ” M A R K D AV I S HEAD OF SCHOOL


eyond Where will a St. Luke’s education take you? Above and beyond what you ever thought possible. Our inclusive community will inspire you to reach higher, work harder, and make a difference in the world. From Scholars programs to community service, AP calculus to weekly college counseling sessions, St. Luke’s will provide you with endless opportunities to dive in and take initiative. Backed by caring teachers, advisors, and peers, you’ll find there’s no limit to where you’ll go or what you’ll do.

strive for ex Upper School students take ownership of

the learning process, both individually and collaboratively. Our rigorous academic program balances a traditional curriculum with innovative lessons, service opportunities, technology, and signature programs that extend and promote learning beyond the classroom. Passionate about education, accomplished faculty set high academic standards and forge strong relationships with students in their additional roles as advisors and coaches. As a result, students push themselves to exceed expectations, developing the skills they need for success, leadership, and service in the world.

Hands-on History In Dr. Jason Haynes’ United States History class, students compete fiercely as advisors to the King (aka Dr. Haynes). They grapple with governing the “rebellious colonies” and consider how different decisions, made at key moments, would have altered history. Skills acquired: The skills of historians—reading, writing, drawing inferences, understanding cause and effect Added benefit: History made relevant will be remembered

xcellence Learn Anywhere When World Language students begin class, they switch their iPads to their language of study. Teachers can monitor student progress on screen as they complete an exercise— in class or at home—and provide personalized help.

“We want students to develop frameworks that help them learn for the long term. This is why St. Luke’s classes focus on using information and engaging with big ideas rather than on passively receiving information. ” ELIZABETH PERRY HEAD OF UPPER SCHOOL

Students listen to lectures and podcasts where and when they choose, collaborate with classmates online and face-to-face, record themselves speaking and send their work to teachers, who critique accents and pronunciation. Students can listen and re-listen to teacher feedback as often as needed. St. Luke’s offers diverse online and blended (a combination of online and traditional class time) classes. From Computer Programming to History of Music, these formats offer students flexibility, customization, and a new level of responsibility. Skills acquired: Technological literacy, independent study, collaboration, time management Added benefit: Learning at your own pace

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passions Our students’ desire to explore, collaborate, research, present, and reflect defines the quality of the St. Luke’s experience. As students gain a broad base of knowledge through their courses, our Signature Programs allow them to follow their passions and create their own educational pursuits, be they local or global, in the science lab or on Shakespeare’s stage. Students choose from a variety of innovative electives that provide an in-depth study of key areas of interest. In shaping their own paths, students actively participate in realworld projects, utilizing sophisticated thinking and technology. They begin to see life through different lenses and gain a global perspective, laying the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Global Scholar McKenzie, St. Luke’s Alumna, attending Stanford University Topic: Health Crisis in Haiti How do nations that are unstable politically, socially, and economically create a functioning health care system? McKenzie sought to answer this question as a Global Scholar. Continuing the work she started in her 8th Grade Declamation, she “wanted to look into Haiti’s situation in further detail, find out what people like Dr. Paul Farmer were dealing with, and understand the reasoning behind their decisions. ”  McKenzie’s extensive research resulted in a 60-page proposal

for a long-term solution. “St. Luke’s strength is providing opportunities to pursue whatever you’re interested in,” she says. “The School really lets each student have his or her own unique experience. ” Skills acquired: Conducting and presenting interdisciplinary research, writing, problem solving Added benefits: Global awareness, future career paths

“To be a good citizen in today’s world, you have to understand issues that cut across different cultures. We teach our students to ask questions and be aware of other perspectives and worldviews different from their own. ” B E T H YAV E N D I T T I , D I R E C TO R O F G LO B A L E D U C AT I O N & F R E N C H T E A C H E R


Signature Programs

1+1 = Preparation

Students participating in any of the three Scholars programs earn honors distinction.

In 2014, St. Luke’s launched the SLS 1+1 program. As part of this program students use (1) MacBook Air laptop plus (1) iPad as foundational and complementary learning tools. These devices, issued by the School, increasingly act as students’ new backpack— incredibly light, compact, and infinitely powerful.

Classical Scholars Participants undertake an enriched study of Latin and Greek. A senioryear research project, including classical humanities, completes the curriculum. Global Scholars Seniors selected as Global Scholars complete in-depth analysis of a global issue, extensive language study, and an interdisciplinary capstone project. STEM Scholars The STEM curriculum includes the study of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students complete a set of core courses and a year-long research project in an approved field of study.

By equipping students with these two devices, we empower them to work as many professionals do today—gathering information and producing work on both, and using the two in sync. Read more about SLS 1+1:

Independent Research Projects Working one-on-one with a faculty advisor, juniors and seniors pursue a semester-long study, culminating in a final presentation.

“I’ve always put a premium on intellectual inquiry. As a Classical Scholar, I went to research libraries throughout New England and internationally. The challenge of hewing out a tiny contribution to my field of study was intensely rewarding. I am confident I’ll thrive in college because I’ve already pushed back my boundaries in a way that I simply would not have been able to do anywhere else. ” SEBASTIAN S T. LU K E ’ S A LU M N U S , N AT I O N A L M E R I T S C H O L A R , AT T E N D I N G U N I V E R S I T Y O F OX F O R D Read about other Scholars and watch Sebastian’s presentation— “A Wolf Among Many Hounds; Poetry, Politics, and Reform in Solon’s Athens”:

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curiosity Curiosity is the engine that drives a lifetime love of learning. When we say we foster a culture of science at St. Luke’s, this means we entice our students with opportunities to dive into the unknown. Our Science Wing, built in 2014, was designed to inspire collaboration and exploration. In an era when technology has created a hands-off society, we encourage students to be hands on. We want them to try things. We expect them to fail, and try again. The result: scientific thinking abounds on the Hilltop.

Dream it. Design it. Build it. Students can do it all with St. Luke’s state-of-the-art FabLab. Equipped with an Epilog laser cutter, two MakerBot Replicators that build 3-D objects, and a ShopBot CNC that builds by removing materials—the St. Luke’s FabLab is literally cutting edge. See photos and follow the St. Luke’s FabLab at

“I could turn any image in my head into a real physical shape or design. I loved spending lunch periods in the FabLab printing whatever I designed the previous night.” T YLER S T. LU K E ’ S A LU M N U S , S T U DY I N G E N G I N E E R I N G AT T H E U N I V E R S I T Y O F V I R G I N I A

STEM Scholars The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Scholars Program is currently our most popular Signature Program in the Upper School. STEM Scholars complete a rigorous course of study in all four STEM areas and pursue a year of in-depth, independent research with guidance from a faculty mentor. Like Classical and Global Scholars (see page 5), STEM Scholars experience a mix of freedom and responsibility. While students can count on their mentors for support and guidance, the project concept, execution, and presentation of results rest squarely on each student’s shoulders.

“I decided to research cellulosic ethanol production because it could solve a world problem. Fuel supplies are running out, and this has the potential to be a cleaner alternative than the fuel we use today.” K AT H L E E N S T. LU K E ’ S A LU M N A , S T U DY I N G C H E M I S T R Y AT H A M I LTO N CO L L E G E

y CELL-ebration Why do 9th-grade biology students love Dr. John Higgins’ class? Because rather than just reading or hearing how a human cell works, they get to build a cell together. Working in teams, students transform a science lab into a giant replica of a fully

functioning three-dimensional cell. The class culminates with a presentation from each team, with students demonstrating how their portion of the cell functions and why it’s critical to overall cell health.

Watch the CELL-ebration video:

Calculated Fun The St. Luke’s Rube Goldberg Challenge Students who compete in the St. Luke’s Rube Goldberg Challenge know first-hand that great ideas “STEM” from silly contraptions. Rube Goldberg was a Pulitzer Prize–winning cartoonist whose name has become synonymous with elaborate, entertaining contraptions with lots of moving parts. This team-based contest allows students to have fun, but also puts their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) skills to work. Science Chair Michael Mitchell says, “Within the classroom,

students can easily lose sight of why it’s important to learn algebra or physics. During the competition, they discover that a few simple calculations, such as using the Pythagorean theorem to find the missing side of a triangle, are much more efficient than trial and error.” Skills acquired: Teamwork, creativity, delivering engaging presentations Added benefit: Discovering the power of playful curiosity

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Our multi-dimensional students are newspaper editors and student government officers, painters and scientists, football players and a capella singers. They are able to step out of their comfort zones and take part in all that the School has to offer, from the Debate Team to robotics to our very own radio station. St. Luke’s expects students to participate and lead as part of our community, and every day they rise to the challenge. As they balance activities and manage busy schedules, students learn to prioritize, a skill that will serve them well in college. Teachers and advisors see to it that students explore every interest and develop many talents. Consequently, students learn more about themselves, broadening the scope of their future.

“I started with WSLX in the fall of my freshman year when I wanted to try an activity I had never done before. I really like to listen to music and talk about sports—so our radio show combined two things I like and allowed us to try something new. ” LU K E S T. LU K E ’ S A LU M N U S , AT T E N D I N G THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA

Meditation Series

Clubs & Activities

During our weekly Meditations, Upper School students gather to listen to a volunteer speaker— a student, teacher, parent, administrator, or alumna/us—reflect upon a matter of personal interest. Topics vary each week and have included science fiction and technology, resiliency, cultural differences, and running a marathon.

• Art Club • Black Student Alliance (BSA) • Blues Band • Caduceus (yearbook) • China Care • Debate Team • Drama • Environmental Club • Free the Children • Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA) • Honor Council • Investment Club • Model UN • Multicultural Student Union (MSU) • Music Club • Pendulum (literary magazine) • Photo Club • Rock ’n’ Record • The Sentinel (newspaper, print   and online) • SLS Sixth Man • St. Luke’s Life and Style • STOMP Out Bullying Club • Student Alumni Committee • Student Council • Student Service Board • Support Our Soldiers • Technical Theatre • WSLX Radio Station • Young Men of Color (YMOC) • Young Republicans

Listen to WSLX student broadcasting on air and online, including live coverage from home games. co-curricular activities  | 9

St. Luke’s Center for Leadership The St. Luke’s Center for Leadership (CFL) equips students with the mindset, tools, and experience they need to thrive in our fast-paced, highly connected global environment. Here, students learn to pursue and achieve their individual goals, and develop their own unique ability to lead and make a difference. As a result, St. Luke’s students “Go Forth to Serve” with confidence, competence, and compassion, advocating for themselves and others in our rapidly changing modern world.


“The world needs empathetic leaders with collaborative, effective communication skills. Schools have a responsibility to help students find their voices and discover the leadership abilities that lie within. ” JIM FOLEY D I R E C TO R , S T. LU K E ’ S C E N T E R F O R L E A D E R S H I P

The CFL features a Global Classroom designed for collaboration, with state-of-the-art teleconferencing capabilities that connect St. Luke’s classes to partner schools and organizations around the world.

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your voi


The Center for Leadership helps each student acquire a global perspective, a service orientation, and TLC skills (teamwork, leadership, and communications). Global Perspective The CFL enables students to widen their lens on the world — and themselves — through global experiences. Whether they’re studying abroad, pursuing a Global Scholars distinction, videoconferencing in the Global Classroom, or participating in international service projects, students develop an understanding of cultural, political, economic, and environmental connections, and gain comfort and effectiveness in a range of settings and situations. Service Orientation Being an ethical leader means making a difference in the lives of others. The CFL provides students with multiple opportunities to serve the greater good. Students uncover the strengths and skills they have to offer the world, explore what matters most to them, and determine the ways in which they can contribute to their community. TLC Skills: Teamwork, Leadership, and Communications Leadership requires the ability to work and communicate effectively in a team. Through a variety of programs and classes in the CFL, students learn to set and achieve goals, and to communicate with confidence and ease in all settings: in public, in conversation, and online.

“Teaching critical leadership skills such as the ethical use of technology and media, persuasive communications, and the ability to think as compassionate, global citizens is the best way we can prepare students for success, no matter what path they choose. ” M A R K D AV I S HEAD OF SCHOOL

Center for Leadership Sample Programs Leadership Studies The CFL’s Department of Leadership Studies offers for-credit courses designed to help students better understand academic as well as practical leadership frameworks, so that they can apply their learning to become compassionate, intentional, and effective leaders in the world. Elective classes include Becoming a Leader: Exemplary Tales from History, Literature, and Art; The Ethics of Global Citizenship; and Technology for Social Change. Lunch & Lead The CFL hosts individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds— artists, scholars, corporate chiefs, philanthropists, and others—who have demonstrated abilities to lead and make a difference. Guests join students for lunch, engage in upclose-and-personal conversations that demystify leadership, and often spend a full day or more visiting classes and working with students. Public Speaking Curriculum The ability to speak confidently and effectively is a crucial skill, which is why the CFL has developed a comprehensive school-wide public speaking curriculum. Beginning in 5th grade and continuing through graduation, students learn consistent public speaking principles through lessons and practice, gaining the self-assurance to speak in front of any crowd, small or large.

The S. Philip Klein Emerging Leader Award This award recognizes a St. Luke’s student of good character who also possesses outstanding leadership potential. The recipient attends the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School between 9th and 10th grades. Outward Bound’s focus on fueling personal growth and building leadership skills aligns perfectly with the CFL’s mission. Global Exchanges The CFL offers a growing exchange program with schools in Argentina, China, France, and New Zealand. Global exchanges allow students and teachers to benefit from extended stays and immersion in a different country and culture. The CFL’s Global Classroom also enables individuals and classes to experience global exchanges via sophisticated videoconferencing capabilities.

“The CFL played an enormous role in my senior year, pushing me to take on new challenges and gain new skills. The Global Classroom is an ideal space for a newsroom, with the round table promoting discussion and the massive screen displaying our online edition.” BEN S T. LU K E ’ S A LU M N U S , F O R M E R E D I TO R - I N - C H I E F O F T H E S E N T I N E L ( S T U D E N T N E W S PA P E R ) , AT T E N D I N G N E W YO R K U N I V E R S I T Y

Community Service Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve—every day our Upper School students take the St. Luke’s motto to heart as they serve the larger community by participating in service projects close to home and across the world. Some recent examples include: • S  t. Luke’s and Inspirica initiated a formal, strategic partnership in 2012. The venture builds better understanding and supports Inspirica’s mission of breaking the cycle of homelessness. It also gives our students intimate experience with the full range of issues and activities a non-profit organization faces. Inspirica helps educate the St. Luke’s community about the causes and effects of homelessness, and our students clean, cook, build, paint, tutor, and learn. •  St. Luke’s students serve as counselors for the Waterside School summer camp and as volunteers during the school year. Waterside, a PK–5 school which aims to provide better lives for its students and families, draws principally from Stamford’s most economically challenged communities. The school was designed to offer an alternative to the region’s standardized public school experience and to provide a direct path for admission to the area’s most competitive independent schools—such as St. Luke’s.

•  The CFL joins forces with partner schools and non-profit organizations around the world to assist communities in need. In a recent trip, students traveled to Washington, D.C., to learn more about homelessness through the Youth Services Opportunities Project. St. Luke’s also worked with Rangitoto College in New Zealand to organize a summer service trip to Oaxaca, Mexico. •  St. Luke’s Service Symposium, a student-organized conference, brings in local, national, and international non-profit organizations to expose students to the full breadth of service possibilities. A keynote speaker provides inspiration while work sessions offer a deeper look into each organization’s goals and needs. • S  tudents can bring their own service passions to St. Luke’s as an afterschool club. Current examples include China Care, Free the Children, and Kids Helping Kids CT. Students can join an existing club or launch their own.

“St. Luke’s kids are different. They connect, they care, they work, they seem eager to learn, and, most important, in every imaginable way, they display the greatest respect for our children. ” D U N C A N E D WA R D S E X E C U T I V E D I R E C TO R , WAT E R S I D E S C H O O L

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Students at St. Luke’s are as dedicated on the playing field as they are in the classroom. Our Athletics program is an integral part of the Upper School experience—90 percent of the School participates—fueling our school spirit and providing students with another area in which to learn, develop, and excel. As individuals and as part of a team, our athletes grow into themselves, becoming role models. At football games, during Homecoming, and at every sporting event in between, they cheer on their peers as players and fans. They build strength in our extensive athletics facilities, compete at top levels against local schools and throughout New England, and go on to play sports in college. Engaged both physically and mentally, our students develop focus and drive, qualities that will help them reach—and exceed—their goals.

“Being a team captain means bringing everyone together to achieve more than we could as individuals. Beyond that, any success belongs to the entire team. ” K E L LY GRADE 12, NEW CANAAN, C T AT T E N D I N G H A R VA R D U N I V E R S I T Y

Varsity Sports St. Luke’s Athletics offer expansive opportunities to build character and develop leadership skills, in addition to facilitating a lifelong commitment to fitness and well-being. Athletics leadership programs help athletes understand their responsibilities and apply values such as trust, loyalty, and commitment to larger life contexts. Boys


• Baseball • Basketball • Crew (Club) • Cross Country • Football • Golf • Ice Hockey • Lacrosse • Skiing • Soccer • Squash • Tennis

• Basketball • Crew (Club) • Cross Country • Field Hockey • Lacrosse • Skiing • Soccer • Softball • Squash • Tennis • Volleyball

“Are you a good teammate? Do you support other players? Do you make the most of every opportunity and encourage those around you to do their best?  This is what our athletes, and those who teach them, should be focused on above all else.” MIKE WEST D I R E C TO R O F AT H L E T I C S

sports  |  17


dimensio Exposing students to music, theatre, and the visual

arts, St. Luke’s fine arts program meets the needs of all students, from highly skilled artists to beginners.

This allows them to experiment, hone talents, and express themselves in rich and varied courses. Led by talented, expert faculty, students compose their

own music in the MIDI lab; paint, sketch, design, and

sculpt in the Art House; or dance, sing, act, build, produce, and perform in our state-of-the-art Seldin

Performing Arts Center and new Black Box Theater.

While the Blues Band wows its audiences, students bring complex themes to life on stage, assisted by

our tech crew. St. Luke’s singers regularly receive

All-State Honors, and our artists continue to pursue their passions in college. Through their creative endeavors, our students add dimension—to

themselves, their school, and their community.

As part of the tech crew, students manage the sound for school plays, musicals, and other performances in our state-of-the-art Seldin Performing Arts Center.

on Courses in the Arts • Acting I: Beginning Acting • Acting II: Scene Study • Acting III: Advanced Acting • Ceramics I, II, III • Chorale • Chorus • Concert Band • Digital Imaging I, II • Digital Music Production I, II, III • Drawing I, II, III • History of Jazz • Introduction to Blues • Painting I, II, III • Photography I, II, III • Piano • Sculpture • Stagecraft I, II • Studio Art • AP Art History • AP Music Theory • AP Studio Art: 2-D Design • AP Studio Art: Drawing

“The sense of community and collaboration in the arts is extraordinary. Whether I’m jamming with other kids in Blues Band, discussing music with friends, or bringing my sculpture to life, the St. Luke’s arts program has been a way for me to truly express myself, and be celebrated for it. ” K A I , G R A D E 11 , T R U M B U L L , C T

the arts  |  19

College preparation begins the day that each student takes his or her first class, and becomes more focused during the junior and senior years. Individualized to suit each student and family, our college counseling program boasts three key strengths: we know our students, we know colleges, and colleges know St. Luke’s. While our counselors serve as teachers and advisors, they’ve also worked as college admissions officers and have a better understanding of the needs and wants of selective colleges. Benefitting from school-sponsored college visits and regular one-on-one and group meetings with their counselors, students are equipped with the information they need to make the best decision, setting the stage for admission to their top-choice colleges.

Director of College Counseling Sonia Bell meets regularly with students to discuss college options and the admissions process.

Advanced Placement & Honors Courses • AP Art History • AP Biology • AP Calculus AB • AP Calculus BC • AP Chemistry • AP Computer Science A • AP English Language & Composition • AP English Literature & Composition • AP European History • AP French Language & Culture • AP Latin • AP Music Theory • AP Physics C: Mechanics • AP Spanish Language & Culture • AP Statistics • AP Studio Art: 2-D Design • AP Studio Art: Drawing • AP United States Government & Politics • AP United States History • Honors Algebra II with Trigonometry • Honors Ancient Greek • Honors Biology • Honors Chemistry • Honors Chinese IV • Honors English 9, 10 • Honors English 12: European Literature • Honors English 12: Shakespeare • Honors French II, III, IV • Honors Geometry • Honors Latin II, III, IV • Honors Physical Chemistry • Honors Physics • Honors Pre-Calculus • Honors Spanish II, III, IV • Honors United States History • Honors World History I: The Ancient World through the Middle Ages • Honors World History II: Renaissance to the Present • Multivariable Calculus

“The counselors not only spent time getting to know our kids, and therefore had a view as to what kind of schools might be right for them, but they also challenged them along the way. They take a holistic approach, focusing on academics, but also on where the student is going to be a good fit personality-wise and interest-wise. They helped us pick schools that are a great fit for our children, for the right reasons. ” PETER 1 2 T H G R A D E PA R E N T NEW CANAAN, C T

Consider the Unexpected Ryan, St. Luke’s Alumnus, attending Johns Hopkins University As he reflected upon what had contributed to his success as a student at St. Luke’s, Ryan “realized that the relationships I had with my teachers set my experience apart. ” With the help of college counseling, he defined his priorities: a college big enough to have a variety of academic opportunities, but small enough to have approachable faculty. “I hadn’t considered Johns Hopkins at first,” says Ryan, “but knowing my interests and priorities, Ms. Bell saw it as a great fit for me. ”

Where I applied: Bates College, Boston College, Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University, Tufts University, and the University of Connecticut. How I made the decision: “For me, the most important factor was what current students had to say about the school. Throughout the process, I had learned what questions to ask, and was able to get the information I needed to make the best choice. ” Why I feel prepared: “During my years at St. Luke’s, I applied a work ethic and personal drive that I’ll carry with me to college. ”

“We focus on what students can do, their interests and passions, and encourage them to take risks. If students know what they want, we tell them to go for it. Using the knowledge that we have—of both our students and of colleges—we guide them toward achieving their dreams. ” SONIA BELL D I R E C TO R O F CO L L E G E CO U N S E L I N G & ENGLISH TEACHER

academics & college counseling  |  21

voices “[St. Luke’s students] are surrounded by teachers who go above and beyond on a daily basis…in the classroom, in extrahelp sessions, on stage, on the athletic fields and courts, and in numerous oneon-one sessions dealing with issues of mutual importance. ” GUY BAILEY S T. LU K E ’ S FA C U LT Y M E M B E R F O R 2 0 Y E A R S , R E T I R E D A S S I S TA N T H E A D O F S C H O O L F O R TEACHING AND LEARNING

“When I came back to work at St. Luke’s, I was struck by the special relationship students form with teachers. It’s this very same quality that made my education on the Hilltop so special. I now recognize this as a signature note that rings loud and clear on the Hilltop, year after year: ‘We know who you are. ’ ” F R A N K H E N S O N ’7 4 E N G L I S H T E AC H E R , COAC H , S T. LU K E ’S PA R E N T

“Our students’ evolution from learning to leadership is the heart of the St. Luke’s experience. We ensure students are academically, emotionally, and socially prepared for their next steps—in college and beyond. ” M A R K D AV I S HEAD OF SCHOOL

“Rather than focus purely on academics and sports, St. Luke’s gave me the courage to try new things that I probably would not have tried if I had gone to a big public high school. I sang solos in Acafellas, the SLS boys a cappella group. I was an actor in Cabaret and even had my own radio program. These additional activities gave me more self-confidence and showed me my potential as a more rounded person.” ADAM S T. LU K E ’ S A LU M N U S , AT T E N D I N G S O U T H E R N METHODIST UNIVERSITY

“St. Luke’s is a trailblazer. The Center for Leadership and focus on service really set this school apart. It’s a place with endless opportunities for students to learn, grow, and develop their true potential to be their best.” K AY S T. LU K E ’ S PA R E N T, S TA M F O R D, C T

“As a St. Luke’s ‘lifer, ’ I have had the privilege of receiving an education that goes beyond a basic comprehension of what is expected for a college student-to-be. I have attained an understanding of what it means to be a human being. ”

“Thank you for encouraging my son to pursue his intellectual interests. You have molded Patrick into a fine young man with the confidence to face the world and the ability to make a difference.” MARK S T. LU K E ’ S PA R E N T, R I D G E F I E L D, C T


“What we do and learn here at St. Luke’s is not just for bettering ourselves but for bettering our community. Our experience here is not just about us as individuals but about us as individuals in a community, and we should use our experience to make a positive impact in our community. Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve says that to me.” MCKENZIE S T. LU K E ’ S A LU M N A , AT T E N D I N G S TA N F O R D U N I V E R S I T Y

St. Luke’s voices  | 23

St. Luke’ By the time they graduate, Upper School students are well on their way to becoming whatever they wish to be—ethical leaders, insightful scholars, winning athletes, and talented artists. On a daily basis, they practice integrity, strength of character, curiosity, open-mindedness, and a sense of social responsibility. From the way we incorporate technology into our curriculum to the individualized attention we give our students during the college search process, St. Luke’s is forward thinking. So, too, are our students. Confident in who they are and who they want to be, they leave St. Luke’s fully prepared for their next endeavors. They are eager to move into the next phase of their lives, achieving above and beyond their own expectations.

Recent College Matriculation • Amherst College • Barnard College • Bates College • Boston College • Bowdoin College • Brown University • Bucknell University • Claremont McKenna College • Colby College • Colgate University • Columbia University • Cornell University • Dartmouth College • Davidson College • Dickinson College • Drexel University • Elon University • Emory University • Franklin & Marshall College • George Washington University • Georgetown University

• Gettysburg College • Grinnell College • Hamilton College • Harvard University • Haverford College • Johns Hopkins University • Lafayette College • Lehigh University • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) • Miami University (OH) • Middlebury College • New York University • Northeastern University • Northwestern University • Pomona College • Princeton University • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute • Rhode Island School of Design • Santa Clara University • Skidmore College

For a complete list, view our College Profile at

• Southern Methodist University • Stanford University • Swarthmore College • Tufts University • Tulane University • University of Denver • University of Michigan • University of Notre Dame • University of Pennsylvania • University of Richmond • University of Southern California • University of Virginia • Vanderbilt University • Villanova University • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University • Wake Forest University • Washington University • Wesleyan University • Williams College

’ s

“As a graduate looking back, I realize how fortunate I am to have had the experiences and opportunities St. Luke’s offers. St. Luke’s has played an integral part in my life and personal development, particularly due to the teachers and staff, who clearly have a love of teaching that goes above and beyond. I go forth from St. Luke’s as a strong, well-educated, spirited individual. The things that shape you stay with you forever. ” SAMANTHA S T. LU K E ’ S A LU M N A , AT T E N D I N G M I T

Above & Beyond St. Luke’s is a secular, college-preparatory day school in New Canaan, Connecticut, for grades 5–12. A combination of challenging academics and exceptional community support distinguishes St. Luke’s and encourages students to go above and beyond their own expectations. St. Luke’s offers an inclusive environment where differences in race, culture, and personal beliefs are embraced as assets that enhance education. An accomplished faculty, administrators, and parents join forces to foster students’ intellectual and moral growth, preparing them for college and giving them the tools they need for success, leadership, and service in the world.

In 2014, St. Luke’s unveiled “Be Kind Plaza.”  Welcoming all visitors at the School’s entrance, Be Kind Plaza honors a cherished St. Luke’s parent and trustee. A simple stone sits in the plaza reminding all who enter what matters most. It is inscribed with this quote from Henry James: “Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.”

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St. Luke's School viewbook for prospective families/students.

St. Luke's School Viewbook  

St. Luke's School viewbook for prospective families/students.