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A NOTE FROM PASTOR ANDY Foundational Decision Making Recently I have had the privilege of having several conversations with young couples and younger persons who are navigating a diversity of decisions that affect and determine their actual life course. The more I visited with them, the more I realized how important it is for all of us to have a set of foundational principles or criteria which we use as we approach decisions of all shapes and sizes. The first criteria when making any kind of decision is to remind yourself that you belong to Christ. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 tells us: Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought with a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies. My life is not mine to do with as I desire. My life, my resources, my finances, my education, my possessions, ALL that I have and ALL that I am belong to him. So when I am making a health care decision, a car decision, a career decision, I am trying to do with me, with my life, with my resources what I think He would want. Second criteria comes from Galatians 1:10—Am I now seeking the favor of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still pleasing men, I should not be a servant of Christ. Whatever choice I make, is it all about pleasing myself, pleasing others, or pleasing God? My generation has raised a whole generation who think that any good decision, any good choice is a choice that feels good, seems good, has a good consequence to the decision maker. Any time life is revolving around ourselves it is headed in the wrong direction. A career move for merely monetary reasons is a move that will come back to haunt you. God does not always call us to be successful, but he does always call us to be faithful, and yes by the grace of God success can be a serendipitous outcome of fidelity. Our aim as Hebrews 12:2 says is Jesus. Fix your eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfector of our faith! Third foundational criteria is found in 1 Corinthians 10:31 So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. Whatever we do, whatever decision or choice we make, it is to bring praise and glory to God. To glorify God is to make Him known. You and I bring glory to God when what we do points others to him. Last Summer, my daughter Haley had the opportunity to work as an Assistant Principal with a charter school in Austin. At first glance, this was a no brainer decision. She was going to be taking on a significant leadership opportunity, she was going to be making close to $70,000, and most importantly she was only going to be 5 ½ hours away from me. No brainer, right! Haley chose instead to return to the inner city of Kansas City where she would teach a needy group of first graders for half the salary. Somewhere in there, this criteria formed her decision. Fourth foundational criteria is to make sure you evaluate your choices in light of God’s Word. If scripture gives clear guidance go with it! No doubt, the 10 Commandments are still worth following. No doubt that Jesus was explicit in his teaching on a variety of topics from forgiveness to marriage to taxes to causing harm to others. No doubt God’s Word is filled from cover to cover with relevant life giving truth for all of us. Fifth foundational criteria is the necessity of always asking one basic question when it comes to every choice and decision you have to make: “Is this something that God wants me to do?” What does Jesus want me to do about my job, my car, my debt, my kids, my health, my friend who’s struggling? I can guarantee you, if we don’t stop and intentionally ask the question, if we just preemptively act, then we will being blown by the winds of circumstances and our culture’s values rather than the leadership of God’s Spirit. Have I really prayed about it? Have I really given God space and time and permission to call the shots of my life? Sixth foundational criteria is to make sure that I have sought Godly counsel about whatever the concern or issue might be. In my talking with folks, it seems like what most people do here is ask the counsel of someone whom they already know will agree with them. What God is calling us to do as members of the Body of Christ, the Christ-centered family of grace, is to actually seek out support, encouragement, and wisdom from those that God has made us accountable to, with those that God has called us to journey with. All Christians need not just casual acquaintances but authentic and intimate relationships with brothers and sisters in Christ who are committed to speaking and living the truth in your life. 2 Real Question, Real Answers St. Luke’s Lubbock

A seventh foundational criteria is to make sure that there is alignment between your personal reason for making a decision and God’s overall purpose for your life? Our son and daughter in law (Josh and Elise) are called to go to the mission field in an area of the world where less than 1% of the people have ever even heard the name of Jesus. So, one of the prerequisites for being able to freely serve where God is calling them to go is that they have to be completely debt free. They both graduated with their Master’s degrees, and so they are working on their student loans, trying to get them completely paid off in 18 months. That means that they just have one car; that means that Elise takes on all kinds of PRN Speech Pathology hours on top of her birth photography business; that means that Josh constantly says “No” to almost anything that someone in his family might want to buy. Their every day decisions have everything to do with their long term understanding of God’s call and purpose for their lives. It’s hard to remember the big picture when the kids want to go get an ice cream cone. (Thank God for Grandparents!) As I was writing this article about making decisions, God clearly reminded me that decisions are not just for the young but for all of us. Whatever habit or posture of decision making we may have settled into, I hope we rehear Jesus calling all of us to live out Matthew 6:33—“Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and then all these other things will be added unto you!”

A NOTE FROM PASTOR MATT Working on the farm as I was growing up, I was taught how to do it all. I plowed, planted, and harvested. I watered from open ditches, hauled pipe and set sprinklers. I chopped weeds and sprayed weeds. I even had to be a mechanic and learned another name for a crescent wrench was, “knuckle-buster.” (You’ll understand if you ever have regularly used one.) Plowing was the most boring of them all. I would drive the tractor, trying to keep one side of the plough overlapping the previous ploughed soil. I quickly learned that if I looked behind, to keep my eye on the plough, I would soon be off course. If my mind wandered, the result was the same. The only way to make it work was to look ahead, concentrate, and just keep moving. No matter what shortcuts I thought would work, I could never speed up the work. I have learned, once again, It is like that with our journey with Christ. Once we get started, it is a matter of looking ahead, concentrating and the effort and stay moving. This journey is a matter of being resolute. In Luke 9:51, the Disciple Luke write, “As the time approached for him to be taken up to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem.” The dictionary defines resolutely as “showing firm determination or purpose.” Jesus knew the path before Him and He set his mind to following it. In our relationship with Christ, as we live in this world, the paths are not always clear, but the guide (Jesus) and the guidebook (the Bible) helps us find our way. We must be resolute in our effort to follow Jesus Christ, because when we become distracted, I assure you the world will grab your attention and pull you off course. It is the same as when I was driving that tractor: pay attention and concentrate and the work at hand is accomplished. When I stopped concentration, become distracted, I made a mess of it. In the words of Hebrews 12:2-3, “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.” In this season of Lent, and certainly in the days afterwards, make it your goal to resolutely fix your eyes on Jesus and grow closer to Him. Moving Mountains, albeit – one rock at a time St. Luke’s Lubbock

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VIDA ABUNDANTE ¡“…He aquí, todas las cosas son hechas nuevas!” 2 Cor 5:17 Un amigo una vez llamó a mi país Cuba, "El lugar donde el tiempo se detuvo". El gobierno cubano implantó una filosofía comunista para todo, incluida la economía. Eso nos empujó a tener una posición aislada en el mercado global. Debido a que no pudimos comprar nada nuevo, reparar ha sido nuestra única manera de mantener todo funcionando. Por ejemplo, después de 50 años conduciendo carros americanos viejos, sus dueños tuvieron que sustituir las piezas dañadas por piezas de carros de otras marcas y modelos. ¡Especialmente carros rusos! Los mecánicos cubanos llaman a eso adaptaciones. Una vez que se empieza poniendo una pieza proveniente de otro modelo de carro hay que hacer los cambios necesarios en el mecanismo para que la nueva pieza se ajuste a todo el sistema. Después de muchos años los sistemas americanos de esos carros van dejando de existir. Esto es lo que sucede cuando arreglamos algo con recursos provenientes de diferentes fuentes. Aplicando eso a la vida cristiana, podríamos ser personas que no encuentren la verdadera vida nueva que Dios provee, y tratemos de hacer nuestras propias adaptaciones incluyendo principios que provienen de la cultura humana y los combinemos con los provistos por la palabra de Dios. Como esos viejos carros americanos, una vez que usted comienza a cambiar piezas usted necesitará adaptarlas al resto de todo el "mecanismo", y esto le llevará a crear su propia vida. Esto puede funcionar para algunos objetivos en este mundo. Pero como dicen los buenos viejos mecánicos cubanos a esos clientes, ¡"Podrás usar el auto tanto como quieras pero nunca olvides que ya ese no es un auto real! ¡Busquemos el verdadero amor celestial en esta era de comida rápida y forma de vida desechable! Lea la Biblia todos los días para asegurarse de que está recibiendo la comprensión del amor sólo de su fuente original! El tipo de amor que: “... es sufrido, es benigno; no tiene envidia; ni es jactancioso, no se envanece, no hace nada indebido, no busca lo suyo, no se irrita no guarda rencor, no se goza de la injusticia…” 1 Cor 13: 4-5. …behold, all things are become new! 2 Cor 5:17 One friend once called my country Cuba, “The place in which the time stopped”. Cuban government implanted a communist philosophic for everything, including the economy. That pushed us in an isolated position in the global market. Because we couldn´t buy anything new, repairing has been our only way to keep everything working. For instance, after 50 years driving old American cars, the owners had to substitute their pieces from another car brand pieces. Especially Russian cars! The Cuban mechanics called that “adaptación” which means adaptation. They start changing one piece from another car model and make any needed changes to make it fixes. After many years there are no American mechanisms at all. This is what happen when we try to fix things from different sources. Applying that to Christian life, we could be people who don´t find the real new life God provides, and intend to make our own adaptations by including principles which came from the human culture and make it fixes with the word of God. As those old American cars, once you start changing parties you will need to readapt the rest of the all “mechanism”, and will lead you to create your own life. It may work for some objectives in this world. But as good old Cuban mechanics say to those customers, “you might use the car as you can but never forget that car isn´t real! Let´s look for the real heavenly new love in this era of fast food and disposable way of life! Read the Bible every day to be sure you are getting love´s understanding only from His source! The kind of love which: …uffereth long, and is kind; envieth not; vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up… 1 Cor 13:4



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Sunday, April 9th instead of Student Grace Night we will be serving & participating in The Easter Journey from 4:30-6:30pm


Nothing is better than Summer Camp at One Way to get away from daily life, make great friends, and most importantly encounter the God of radical love for you. If you want to meet Him face to face and have the time of your life doing it sign up now for camps at Ceta Canyon. *Sign up forms are posted outside student rooms* *Camps are based on grade entering in the Fall of 2017*

Upcoming Events MS One Way (7th - 9th) June 12-16 HS One Way (10th - 12th) June 19-23 WhosWeR (4th - 6th) July 17-21

Student Grace Nights - Coming in March

Have you ever been to a concert? Maybe you had tickets for great seats. Maybe you were in the nosebleeds. Either way, you probably noticed that everyone had the same goal in mind, to get as close as possible. There’s just something about being near the band or near the artist that makes a great concert even more fun. But there’s a limit, right? No matter how good your tickets are, you can only get so close. There’s a velvet rope you can’t cross, a hall you can’t walk down, or a security guard you can’t stroll right past because those areas are reserved for certain people… special people—people with an all-access pass. Maybe you’ve felt the same way when it comes to God. Sure, you come to church and sing songs or listen, but there’s a limit to how close you can get. It’s almost like there’s a velvet rope around certain parts of our faith that tells us those parts are restricted to special people, to church-staff people, or to super-spiritual people. But what if that’s never what God intended? In this series we’ll explore what the Resurrection of Jesus really meant—for real people like us. And, we’ll discover that, because of Easter, we have an all-access pass to Him and to the life He has for us. St. Luke’s Lubbock

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What is Lent Anyway (and Why Should I Care)? by Patricia Taylor

I must admit I wasn’t prepared for the question. This time last year, I was driving down a highway, on my way to visit someone in the hospital, when one of my Bible study students (with whom I was on speakerphone) asked me the big question on her mind.

“What the heck is Lent, anyway?”

I actually wasn’t really sure how to answer her. I mean, I knew what it is and what it means. The problem was that I was approximately five minutes away from my destination and in my car rather than face-to-face with her. It made me think, though. Growing up in a faith tradition that emphasized the church calendar, I took it for granted that people knew the ebb and flow and why we celebrate the seasons of faith as we do. What is Lent? Technically speaking, Lent is the 40-day period leading up to Easter. It begins with Ash Wednesday, and leads up to Holy Week. On Ash Wednesday, many churches will have services, during which ashes are placed on congregants’ foreheads in the shape of a cross. In the following days, many people will give up something for Lent, a practice that is known as fasting. There are many different things people may “fast” from, including food, social media, television, sugar, etc. Holy Week is the period of time in which people remember (and sometimes re-enact) the passion, which is the series of events that led up to the crucifixion of Christ. But, Lent is also so much more than that. Ash Wednesday Why in the world do people make an extra trip to church so they can get ashes smeared on their foreheads? The ashes are meant to symbolize both our mortality and our sin. The ashes we wear on Ash Wednesday are traditionally made from the same palm branches we waved on Palm Sunday, in praise of the King of Kings riding into Jerusalem. They are the symbol of our praise turned to ashes in the face of our sin. We wear the ashes on our foreheads to remind us first that we are but dust, and that it is the weight of our own sin and mortality that makes redemption necessary. Marking them in the shape of the cross reminds us not only of the penalty of that sin, but also how far the love of God will reach in order to save us. It reminds us that God remembers we are but dust, and that He has mercy on us despite the ravages of our own sin. There is no place our sin can take us where God’s love will not go farther still to reach us. Fasting During Lent During Lent, many people choose something to remove from their lives for that 40-day period of time. Typically, it would be something that may cause significant discomfort in abstaining from it. Sometimes, in keeping tradition, we forget why we do the things we do. So, what is the deal with fasting during Lent? The premise behind fasting during Lent is to not just remove something from your life, but also to add something in its place. In the act of abstaining (say, from a meal, for example), you would want to replace it with something that would help you make space for God in your life (like praying and/or reading Scripture during the time you would normally be eating). Many people do not include Sundays in their fasting during this time, using it as a free day. People also frequently abstain from all meats on Fridays, with the exception of fish. This is why there are many Friday fish fry events during this season. But, why do we do this? Fasting makes space for God in our lives, and it certainly strengthens our relationship with God. In addition, fasting can be a means of discipline in our lives, teaching us to not give in to the things that typically gratify us. In abstaining from food, for example, we teach ourselves that we do not have to always give in to our fleshly appetites, but that our spiritual connection with God is what needs to rule us. Fasting is also seen as an act of devotion, that we are willing to give up things that may be enjoyable to us, for the sake of pursuing God. Also, for the sake of curiosity, the tradition of fasting during Lent is what spurred the tradition of Mardi Gras, aka “Fat Tuesday” or “Shrove Tuesday,” which is a day of feasting on rich foods (pancakes, king cake, etc.) and participating in flamboyant celebrations before entering a penitential season of fasting. 6

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If there was ever a time for God’s people at St. Luke’s to rise up and pray, that time is now. Our families, our city, our nation, our world needs a move of God’s Spirit like never before. Why can’t God start His move with us? Why not here? Why not now? This Lent, you are invited to please the very heart of God by seeking Him in prayer.

40 Days of Prayer Commitment Card Lent 2017 I will be a part of Jesus’ 24/7 Prayer Movement during this Lenten Season by praying one hour each week. I will pray for one child or youth by name (to be assigned) of our church daily. I will pray the Lord’s Prayer every day at 12 Noon. I will dedicate 30 minutes each week to pray in the Prayer Room. I will give _____ minutes each week praying for our Pastors and Staff. I will give _____ minutes on Sunday to pray for the worship services, Sunday school, and nursery. I will spend _____ minutes each week seeking the face of God in personal worship. I will pray ______ minutes each week for my personal list of the unchurched. I will serve as a Worship Anchor by praying behind the scenes during a worship service in the Prayer Room. I will serve on the Intercessory Prayer Team that prays for the needs of the people of our church and beyond. I will help place prayer boxes in various businesses all around the city of Lubbock. Name: Phone: Email Address:

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever! Amen. Ephesians 3:20-21


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St. Luke’s Lubbock

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CHILDREN’S MINISTRY *Don’t forget to check the St. Luke’s Kids website for updates and more info:*

Upcoming Events – Mark your Calendar

March 5th - Children's Choirs sing @ SW March 12th - Enjoy Spring Break - No Kids Live April 9th – Easter Journey – 4:30 – 6:30 pm @ Central April 15th - Easter Eggtravaganza – 1:00 – 2:30 pm @ Southwest April 22nd - 23rd - St. Luke's Singers Choir Trip April 30th - St Luke's Singer Sing @ Central May 7th – Church Picnic @ SW – No Kids Live May 14th – Mother’s Day – No Kids Live May 21st - Children's Choirs sing @ SW May 21st - Kids Live Family Event June 5th - 9th - VBS @ Central June 19th - 23rd - Sports Camp @ SW July 10th - 14th - Music Camp @ Central

Kid’s Live Dates

February 26th March 5th March 19th March 26th April 2nd April 23rd April 30 May 21st – Kid’s Live Family Event

Easter Eggtravaganza - April 15th – 1:00 – 2:30 pm @ Southwest Come take your picture with the Easter Bunny, make crafts, and participate in an Easter Egg hunt.

Road to Resurrection (Easter Journey) - April 9th 4:30 – 6:30 pm @ Central

This is a Family Easter Event. This Easter Season, take your family on an unforgettable journey. During this amazing event, families travel the path Jesus journeyed. They will taste the Passover meal, visit Barabbas in his jail cell, hear a Roman soldier’s remorse, and join in other powerful experiences. After your journey, stay for a snack supper and fellowship.


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One-Way – grade 4-6 June 26-30, 2017 (D'Lea will attend) *Lil’ Ceta #2 (2nd thru 3rd grade) July 12-14, 2017 Whoz-We-R – grade 4-6 July 17-21, 2017 (Matt will attend) *Lil’ Ceta # 3 (2nd thru 3rd grade) July 31- Aug 2nd, 2017 *Lil Ceta Camps are 3 days and 2 nights. Sponsored by Ceta Canyon Camp Fees by Apr. 15 After Apr. 15 New Dawn $275 $290 One Way 7-9 $275 $290 One Way 10-12 $275 $290 One Way 4-6 $265 $280 Camp Nova 7-12 $275 $290 Whoz-We-R 4-6 $265 $280 Lil’ Ceta (3 days 2 nights) $158 $168


Actual January $136,278 $99,201 $37,078

Income Expense Surplus/(Deficit)

Actual YTD $136,278 $99,201 $37,078

Current Building Debt 95,996


Debt Free

St. Luke’s Lubbock

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Expense, $99,201

Income, $136,278


Surplus, $37,078

Original Building Debt

Surplus, $37,078

Income, $136,278


Expense, $99,201




UPCOMING EVENTS February 24th - Tricycle Rodeo in FH @ 9:00am March 1st- Ash Wednesday Service @ SW, 7:00am & 6:00pm @ Central March 4th- Pancake Supper @ Central March 19th- Lunch with the Pastors for Newcomers March 22nd- Newsletter Deadline April 9th - Easter Journey, 4:30-6:30pm @ Central April 15th - Easter Extravaganza April 16th - Easter Sunday April 19th - Fire Within- Student Event @ Aldersgate UMC April 19th- Newsletter Deadline May 7th- Church Picnic @ Noon, SW May13th - Bell Choir Concert @ Carillon May 14th - Mother's day May 21st- Senior Sunday May 22nd- Newsletter Deadline June 5-9th - VBS @ Central, 9:00am-12:00pm June 12th- One Way 7-9 Camp @ Ceta Canyon June 19th One Way 10-12 Camp @ Ceta Canyon June 21st - Sports Camp @ SW, 6:00pm


TEMPLE FITNESS ABC Workout: M-W-F 8:30-9:00am Walking Through The Bible: Wed 9:00am Location: St. Luke's Southwest

Questions? Call Debbie Birchfield at 806-239-5528 or contact Church Office

July 11-14th- Music Camp @ Central, 9:00am July 12- Lil Ceta 2 July 17th- Whoz-We-R-4-6 @ Ceta Canyon August 16th- Newsletter Deadline August 30th- Block Party @ Central, 5:30-7:00pm

St. Luke’s 2017 Ladies’ Spring Brunch Saturday, May 13, 2017 9:30 AM – 12 PM (noon) St. Luke’s Southwest (5805 98th Street · 98th & Frankford) Table Ticket Price (for 8) - $240.00 Individual Ticket Price: $35.00 ea For questions or more information contact: Tina Lyon 806.773.0246 or Vicki Jobe 806.778.4824 12

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APPRECIATION NOTES We want to thank Dr. Hurst for his love and support during our difficult time the past several months. We Thank Pastor Matt for leading the grave side service and the church service, for support and help in getting James service ready in such a busy time. Thanks to the staff and music. Thank you Karen Dawson for playing the organ, for the Volunteers ushers and to the ladies for that delicious meal for our family. This Church has been such a blessing to our family for many years Maurice Sever and Family

Thank you Shalan and Florence Ann for all you did for Eddie’s funeral arrangements. The place mats were so nice- I am so grateful Pat Parker

Thank you so much for taking the photos at A Night in Bethlehem. We couldn’t have done it without you. Also thank you for making the visitor guides and flyer’s. You did an amazing job! God Bless, Alyssa Smith

Thank you to everyone at St. Luke's who donated to the gaga ball pit. Thank you to Lindsey Ford and Robin Wolfington for organizing the bake sale. Thank you to Rick Lyon for donating his time and talent to make it a reality. A special thanks to Robin Wolfington for her vision and organization to bring another element of attraction for our kids into ministry at St. Luke's!

St. Luke’s Lubbock

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