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Summer 2016

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St Luke’s News / Summer 2016

Welcome to our Summer Newsletter


any of you will know that for over 25 years the staff and leadership team at Bentley Motors have supported our Hospice in many ways. We are now working together on two fundraising campaigns: Bentley by Blake and Bentley by Me, both of which will raise money for end of life care locally, nationally and internationally. Bentley by Me is going very well for St Luke’s and has raised more than £15,000 for local care already. Don’t forget you can still enter online at, and this September you could be the lucky winner of the £140,000 prize! In April the Bentley by Blake car was revealed and we were thrilled to welcome Sir Peter Blake to St Luke’s where he met patients, volunteers and staff. The car Sir Peter has designed will be auctioned in June; you can find out more at May was an exciting month for St Luke’s as we joined other hospices across the UK to celebrate Kiss May, a whole month focussed on sharing the message and importance of palliative care.

Contents P3 New ultrasound scanner P4 Eve’s 28 years at St Luke’s P5 We value our volunteers P6 Dave’s 12 hour challenge P8 The little things matter P9 Managing illness P10 Win big in our Summer Draw! P11 Dates for your diary P12 Business Buddies unite for St Luke’s P14 Swirly’s Creperie P15 Twiddle Mitts P16 Supporting local children P17 The Phoenix Group is unique P18 Support our Ladies this summer

All of these initiatives, new and old, only succeed because of your support and I personally want to say thank you to each of you for all you do for St Luke’s. I really hope you enjoy reading our newsletter and thank you all for your continued support.

Andrea Ladeira, Chief Executive Officer

How to contact us

Sir Peter Blake with Care through Art programme co-ordinator Pat Darlington.

St Luke’s Hospice, Grosvenor House, Queensway, Winsford, Cheshire CW7 1BH T 01606 551246 E 2

New ultrasound scanner for St Luke’s


We hope to offer this service to more people in the future

Ascites can often occur in cancer patients and the symptoms can be very uncomfortable and distressing. Ultimately, it restricts movement, causes difficulty breathing and reduces appetite. For treatment to relieve these symptoms a patient would be referred to Leighton Hospital, which can be a lengthy process involving other tests and procedures.

The process usually takes about 24 hours which shows how complex it is and why there may be lengthy waiting times elsewhere. In the future we hope to eventually be able to offer this as a service to GP surgeries, if they have someone who is in need of palliative support and has Ascites. We would also like to offer this without any other tests, enabling a patient to return home after their treatment and avoid an overnight stay.

few months ago we welcomed a new addition to St Luke’s – a portable ultrasound scanner used to relieve pain for patients suffering with a complex condition called Ascites.

Thanks to the new scanner we will be able to support patients who have Ascites, effectively locating fluid buildup and safely removing it so pain is relieved and they will be able to breathe more easily, eat, drink, move around and generally have a better quality of life. The scanner will also help us make sure that patients do not have to go into hospital any more than they need to. We were able to buy the portable ultrasound scanner earlier this year after staff at Barclays Gadbrook Park raised over £10,000, a huge thank you to everyone involved; what a difference this piece of equipment will make.

Pictured here is Dr Andrea Graham with the new scanner.


St Luke’s News / Summer 2016

Eve looks back on her 28 years with St Luke’s


hen St Luke’s first opened its doors in 1988 as a day care facility in a Georgian house, it was very different to the large building that now houses 10 patient beds and extensive palliative care services for the local community. The developments and changes introduced over the years have been uniquely witnessed by Ward Clerk Eve Pimlott. Eve has been with us from the very beginning, joining the first team of day care nurses, before working on In-Care and in various admin roles. Earlier this year Eve called time on her 28 years with St Luke’s to embark on her retirement; we caught up with her to get a unique perspective on her time here.

Nursing is my first love, says Eve, Working at St Luke’s has been a privilege; it is humbling to know that you are doing everything that you can for a person. Eve has her fair share of memories from her time at St Luke’s, highlights of which include chatting with Prince Charles when he and Princess Diana came to visit.


Charles sat with the patients and chatted with them; he showed great empathy. I have such wonderful memories of the Hospice; we’ve dressed up for patients and done little shows, especially in Day Hospice. However, despite how much St Luke’s has developed over the years, Eve says that some things aren’t all that different. The ethos and values are the same. It’s all about serving the patients and that hasn’t changed. We would like to thank Eve for her years of service, dedication and friendship, and we wish her all the very best in her retirement.

We value our volunteers


very person who volunteers for St Luke’s is a valued and important member of the Hospice team. In the In-Care unit our volunteers generously give up their time to chat to



Karen, can you tell us about what you do as a volunteer? It’s being an extra pair of unskilled hands. Each day varies depending on the patients, it could be spending time with them, nipping out to the shops for something they need – I have even carried a pint down the road for one chap! It’s not just about treating symptoms here; I offer to do hair for ladies that are staying with us to give them a bit of a pamper. It’s the little things that take the pressure off. Pat, what would you say to someone considering volunteering at St Luke’s? It is very rewarding; the people here are wonderful, and the patients and relatives are so appreciative. There are so many jobs to do here and so many different ways to get involved – there really is something for everybody.

patients, helping them feel comfortable and relaxed, and they offer an extra pair of hands to our nurses as they undertake practical tasks. We had a quick chat with some of the volunteers to find out more.


Alan, why did you decide to volunteer? Previously I’d had a very busy business life, so when I had free time I wanted to do something useful with it. I had firsthand experience of hospice care and I knew I wanted to make a difference, to come in and talk to patients and give them an interesting conversation.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer you can register your details on our website and also find details of our latest vacancies, alternatively call Volunteer Co-ordinator Riana Martin on 01606 555823 or email


St Luke’s News / Summer 2016

12 hour challenge is Dave’s way of saying thank you What an achievement! Why did you decide to support St Luke’s? When my wife Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer we both had complementary therapies like reflexology and relaxation. St Luke’s is a pillar of strength in the community. Walking through the doors here is like a little oasis, I forgot where I was, it was fantastic. This was a thank you to St Luke’s from my family.

Sarah’s story


n Saturday 2nd April, Winsford man Dave Pickles took on an extreme twelve hour tri-sport challenge at Crewe Lifestyle Centre, raising a fantastic £1,200 for St Luke’s. We caught up with him to find out more. An amazing challenge Dave, can you tell us a bit more about it? I was swimming with my daughter and I always have these mad ideas when I am in the pool! I thought that I could run for 4 hours, swim for 4 hours and cycle for 4 hours and raise money for St Luke’s . On the day, I swam 5.6 miles, cycled 56.8 miles and ran 29.7 miles.


In September 2014 Dave’s wife Sarah was diagnosed with grade three breast cancer; she was just 32. Sarah started chemotherapy almost immediately, and at the same time her Macmillan Nurse referred her to St Luke’s. She began coming to the Hospice in the spring of last year, and during her time with us she received support through hypnotherapy, reiki, reflexology and mindfulness.

I absolutely loved coming to the Hospice; my visits gave me time to myself, away from my illness, and gave me a real feeling of being at peace.”

We met Sarah to talk about her experience and it was immediately clear that she has incredible positivity, a passion for life and desire to help other people who may be facing a similar situation. Before I started the chemo I cut off my hair; it was my way of taking control. Then a few days later I decided I would write a book about the journey I was facing; it is called ’The Shock Factor’. As a young mum to Lillie who was just four at the time, I wanted to find a way to help other young women who were going through something similar; my book shares the highs and the lows of my cancer journey, and how I used a range of techniques to help stay positive, along with beauty, fitness and diet tips. I really hope this will inspire other women out there.

The support I have received from St Luke’s has helped to heal my mind and has enabled me to accept the fact that I have had cancer, I now feel happy when thinking about the future I have with my husband Dave and Lillie and how the ’new’ me fits into this. I will be forever grateful to St Luke’s for their continued support throughout my journey; you provided me with a peaceful place where I could escape whenever I was feeling vulnerable and needed time to help my body heal inside and out. It’s like my second home. Thank you. We are honoured to have been able to support them both during challenging times, and we are very grateful to Dave for his passionate fundraising and to Sarah for her honest and inspiring book.

If you would like to fundraise for St Luke’s please contact Angela or Vickie on 01606 555697 or email


St Luke’s News / Summer 2016

It’s the little things that matter the most


hen you have been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness you realise that every day is precious, and it’s the simple things that begin to mean the most, like spending time with family and those you love. At St Luke’s our expert nursing care helps local people live every day to the full, supporting them to live well for as long as they are able and helping them to find a new normal, because when you’re faced with an illness, normality becomes really important.

Giving regularly means you’ll provide a better quality of life for someone else. Please support us by giving a regular donation and help us care for more local people, call 01606 555880 or visit Thank you.

While our care is free, it costs us to provide it and 80% of our funding comes from donations.


Please give a regular donation so we can continue caring for our community. Call 01606 555880 or visit, thank you.

Day Hospice gives patients skills to manage their illness


t St Luke’s we know how hard it can be to cope with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses, and that’s why we’re here. Each week we support around 150 local people; helping them recover from treatment, providing skills to control and stabilise their symptoms, and helping them to live well with their illness. Typically 10% of Day Hospice patients will be living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD; a progressive lung disease that makes it difficult to breathe. We spoke to Day Hospice Manager Clare Wolff who explained how this disease affects people. For people living with COPD there is very sadly no cure, and so our role at the Hospice is to provide patients with skills to cope with their symptoms and help them plan for the future. Quite often people who are referred to us with COPD have had numerous visits to A&E, they have high anxiety due to their breathlessness and worry about what will happen when they next struggle to breathe, they may be socially isolated because leaving home can be physically and emotionally difficult.

The donations you give to St Luke’s enable Clare and her team to support patients living with COPD in many ways, including: Breathlessness management. We teach breathing exercises which help patients to control their breathing, to recognise symptoms before they get out of control or reach crisis point. Anxiety management. The stress of COPD means anxiety is a key aspect of our support; we offer clinics including relaxation, complementary therapy, talking therapy, and diversional therapy. Coping techniques. Pacing is a key part of education; we teach patients to set realistic goals enabling them to carry out day to day tasks. Increased mobility. We often find that COPD prevents people from doing the normal things they always did, so physiotherapy input or attending our Fitstart Programme can help. Confidence. With limited mobility and loss of breathing control, a key part of our support focusses on patients regaining confidence in themselves and their body image, our group work and peer support can promote and develop this confidence. All of these things work together to support our patients; helping them to move forward and manage their condition, rather than the condition managing them.

Please give a regular donation so we can continue caring for our community. Call 01606 555880 or visit, thank you.


St Luke’s News / Summer 2016

Win big in our Summer Draw!


ur Summer Draw is hot, hot, hot! This summer we are giving away even bigger prizes, so start thinking lucky thoughts and buy your tickets today!

Not only is our Summer Draw a chance for you to win fantastic cash prizes, it is also a great way to support St Luke’s. From helping patients recover from treatment, to supporting families through difficult times, to providing care to local people in their final days; every ticket you buy will help us care for more people.

Tickets cost only £1 each, and each ticket you buy is a chance to win one of these incredible prizes. 1st Prize: 2nd Prize: 3rd Prize: 4th Prize: 5th Prize:

£3,000 £1,000 £500 £300 £200

Enter by Friday 19th August for your chance to win! Please make cheques payable to St Luke’s Hospice Promotions Ltd and return with your tickets to St Luke’s in the envelope provided.

This summer we would like to raise £25,000 from tickets sold in our Draw, which would cover the cost of our Day Hospice service for three whole weeks, supporting up to 400 local people in the process. One patient commented recently, I really value being able to talk freely; it’s a huge relief to discuss my concerns without worrying family members. Being able to relax, be calm and switch off from my illness is a huge help, the whole team has been fantastic.


Don’t forget, you can be in with a chance of winning prizes as big as £1,500 every single week when you join our lottery, join online at or call 01606 553553.

Join our lottery today and be in with a chance of winning £1,500 every single week! Call 01606 553553 or visit

Dates for your diary St Luke’s events 2nd July Midnight Walk th 6 Aug Liverpool Cathedral Abseil rd 3 Sept Sept Gala Concert 10th Sept Skydive To enquire about these events contact Melissa on 01606 555815 Holmes Chapel Support Group 24/25thJune Street Collection, Holmes Chapel nd 2 July Raffle at Holmes Chapel Chorus Summer Concert To enquire about these events contact Dennis on 01477 532407

A special thank you

Bingo superstars

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the wonderful bingo ladies and great supporters of our Hospice. Val Wright, Pauline Howarth and their friends independently organise fabulous Bingo Nights in and around the Crewe area which raise an incredible amount of money each year.

Sandbach Support Group 25th June Sandbach Ladies Choir, Wesley Avenue     th 30 July Bucket Collection at Rhythm on the River, Leigh Arms st 21 Sept  U3A Golf Day To enquire about these events contact Dorothy on 01270 764272 Shavington Support Group 16th June Greenfields Africa including Strawberry Fayre th 18 August Bingo 15th Sept Three Years in a Tropical Paradise, Peter Reddish To enquire about these events contact Shirley on 01270 665819

Four years and counting We are very grateful to our friends at the Audlem Charity Shop who continue to support St Luke’s. The shop is a little gem in the heart of the village, managed by a wonderful team of volunteers who work extremely hard to raise much needed funds for a number of different charities. Audlem Charity Shop have supported St Luke’s for over four years, and we are truly grateful for their hard work and commitment.

If you are raising money for St Luke’s please let us know, contact Community Partnerships Manager Angela Slack on 01606 555697 or email

11 3

St Luke’s News / Summer 2016

Business Buddies unite for St Luke’s


BusinessBuddies Today’s partnership, tomorrow’s care

arlier this year we were delighted to launch an innovative scheme for corporate supporters, to facilitate long term partnerships with local businesses. Business Buddies pledge to regularly donate to St Luke’s and support the Hospice in additional ways: • Sponsoring, taking part in or organising events • Staff fundraising • Volunteering activities • Support for our lottery • Providing professional services or advice free of charge

Becoming a Business Buddy has a variety of benefits, in addition to the great feeling that comes with helping the local community. Business Buddies receive recognition on the St Luke’s website and social media together with invites to exclusive networking events. The next event will be held on Thursday 8th September.

We now have over 75 Business Buddies, and they come in all shapes and sizes! From global multinational corporations such as Tata Chemicals, to local independent companies like All Round Building and Joinery, and even other registered charities like Northwich Anglers. All 75 of our supporters have a common aim to support St Luke’s and our community; we hope to increase the number of local businesses supporting us in the coming year.

For more information on becoming a Business Buddy or if you would like to attend our next Business Buddies networking event, please email Damon at or call 01606 551246.

We did not hesitate when asked to become a Business Buddy, it is important to us to support St Luke’s.”

The Hospice is a wonderful place offering wonderful care to local people and families.”

Gerard, Managing Director of Mosshaselhurst Solicitors 12

The team at Payzone enjoying the Bubble Rush

Thelma Egerton owner of Firthfield Pet Store

Tata takes on Sandstone Trail Business Buddies member Tata Chemicals are taking on a 34 mile challenge to raise money for St Luke’s. On 16th July a group of 20 people will walk the beautiful route from Whitchurch to Frodsham, taking in stunning views of our local countryside. With many of the staff wanting the challenge to also be family friendly, there will also be a shorter family version. The tired walkers will be welcomed back with a tasty BBQ and a chance to share stories of their challenge. Good luck to everyone taking part!

Trek Sahara 26th – 31st October 2017


xperience a breath-taking 50km trek in the Sahara Desert, the third largest in the world. Scale sand dunes, battle scorching temperatures, camp under the stars and sample local cuisine. This trek will give you a Moroccan experience like no other, incorporating insights into this vast and diverse landscape, as well as the Berber way of life. Would you like to find out more about this unique challenge? On Wednesday 7th September we are hosting a Moroccan themed evening to give you detailed information about the Trek and give you the opportunity to speak to someone who has taken on the challenge. Plus, there will

also be an exclusive discount offered to individuals who sign up on the night. For more information or to come along to our Moroccan themed evening, call Melissa on 01606 555815 or email 13 3

St Luke’s News / Summer 2016

Swirly’s Creperie, serving the tastiest crepes around!


t Luke’s at Swirly’s is home to our deliciously unique Swirly’s Creperie.

Friendly staff will welcome you with freshly brewed coffee, tempting cakes, and sweet and savoury crepes made in front of your eyes, you will be spoilt for choice! Set over two floors in a traditional Edwardian building, customers have plenty of space to relax and on sunnier days the peaceful walled garden at the back of the shop is always popular.

There are take-away options for all our crepes, so even if you’re short of time you can still enjoy something delicious and fresh. Dotted around the store are a selection of beautiful gifts, perfect to treat yourself or a loved one. On the top floor, Swirly’s Attic can only be described as a hidden gem, with its quirky vintage offerings and unique finds, it will delight customers. Located right in the heart of the town, St Luke’s at Swirly’s awaits your visit. You will find St Luke’s at Swirly’s at No.6 Pillory Street, Nantwich CW5 5BD. Open Monday-Saturday 9.30am-5pm, and Sunday 11am-4pm. Call 01606 555870 for more details.


Visit St Luke’s Online Shop for beautiful gifts St Luke’s Online Shop is stocked with brand new items from top quality brands like Lily Flame, Jellycat and Emma Bridgewater. Updated daily with beautiful gifts for yourself or loved ones, you will also be raising money for St Luke’s with everything you buy. Go online now to see what we have on offer,

The calming effect of Twiddle Mitts


t’s difficult to imagine what our community would be like without the inspiring people who give so much to help others. Even the small things they do can make a significant difference to someone’s day-to-day life, and we are very privileged to have some of these people supporting St Luke’s. Mariea Wilford has been part of St Luke’s for four years, as a volunteer at Keystone Palliative Support Centre Alsager and more recently as a Befriender, but it is Mariea’s knitting skills which caught our attention recently. I first heard about Twiddle Mitts at a Dementia Awareness session I attended and I knew my knitting skills could be put to great use to help local people.

The Mitts are given to people living with dementia and are laced with buttons and other embellishments to give anxious minds a distraction. They are warm, comforting, visually stimulating and often relax patients during stressful times. With whichever way the mood takes her, Mariea’s Mitts evolve into an array of beautiful, vibrant designs. People donate wool and buttons, particularly from my knitting group; I love that two strands of wool together can produce such a wonderful result. As well as donating her Twiddle Mitts to St Luke’s, Mariea has also given them to a local nursing home and to her friend’s mother who has dementia. Having made over twenty pairs of Twiddle Mitts, Mariea has many people contacting her about wanting to learn how to make them themselves and for advice. If you are interested in becoming a St Luke’s Befriender like Mariea please call 01606 555823. Or if you would like to knit your own Twiddle Mitts, there are many patterns and information available online. 15 3

St Luke’s News / Summer 2016

We’ve been here for Jack



very day at the Hospice we see the devastation illness can bring; it doesn’t care who, or when it strikes. And the consequences can be hard for those left behind. That’s why St Luke’s counselling service is so important.

While our counselling services are free, they cost money to provide and 80% of our funding comes from donations.

We offer 1:1 counselling and support to both adults and children, and we are very proud to have the Phoenix Group; the only local bereavement service offering regular group support to children and young people who have lost a loved one to illness.

Please give whatever you can, so we can give local children the support they need. Call 01606 555880 or visit, thank you.

Please give a regular donation so we can continue caring for our community. Call 01606 555880 or visit, thank you.

The Phoenix Group is unique


he time adjusting to the loss of a loved one can be a confusing and difficult for anyone. We all deal with grief in different ways, but for a child it can be especially difficult for them to understand what has happened and they can find it difficult to communicate their pain. St Luke’s offers 1:1 counselling for adults and children; however it is the Phoenix Group which is particularly unique. The Phoenix Group is a group counselling service for children aged 6-17 who have experienced the loss of a relative due to illness. Established four years ago thanks to a generous donation from the Freemasons of Kinderton Lodge Middlewich, the group offers support to children who are dealing with grief.

The Phoenix Group is unique in a number of ways: • It is the only group service in the area for children • Families do not need to have had previous contact with St Luke’s Hospice to attend the group, only that the death was through illness • There are no set number of sessions; children are welcome to dip in and out to suit how they are feeling We are only able to provide this service thanks to donations, please help us support more local children who have experienced the devastation of loss.

Meeting once a month, Sally who runs the group will use creative therapy through play to explore feelings the children are experiencing, and it will often involve creating collages, painting or shaping Play-Doh as a form of expression. Most children don’t like to stand out from their friends or be seen as different, and so her aim is to support them so that they feel less isolated and create a sense of belonging. For further information about the Phoenix Group please contact Sally Kerr on 01606 555692 or email

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St Luke’s News / Summer 2016

Veronica takes on our for the 12th year running


he strength of our local ladies will be GLOWING NEON this July at our annual Midnight Walk, which is now in its 12th year. The 6 mile or 13.1 mile challenge around Crewe and Nantwich will be conquered again as our dedicated Cheshire ladies join forces to fundraise for St Luke’s. Year after year we see our shining Midnight Walkers gather, a spectrum of ages and abilities, those we see every year and those taking on the challenge for the first time. One of the devoted walkers who never fails to take part in the event, regardless of the circumstances, is Veronica Read.

What was it that made you initially begin taking part in Midnight Walk? I work at a doctor’s surgery and regularly meet people going through cancer. Friends of mine have also passed away due to cancer and a school friend of mine was treated at St Luke’s. How many of our Midnight Walks have you taken part in and what is it that makes you keep doing them year after year? I’ve taken part in all 11 Midnight Walks and will be taking part in the 12th! St Luke’s do an amazing job and it’s so sad that so much has to be raised through fundraising to be able to provide the amazing care they do. When visiting my friend who was being cared for at St Luke’s, I felt an overwhelming aura of warmth and care. I was going through a bad time at work too but the team at St Luke’s were incredible and made me realise that there’s so much more to life. My friend comes to St Luke’s every week and the services are out of this world. If anything was to happen to me, I would want to be looked after by St Luke’s.


We have a limited number of places still available for our Midnight Walk, if you would like to take part please call 01606 555688, or register online at

What do you do when you can’t make the event date? It’s happened a couple of times. My husband and I are huge Soul fans so tend to go away for a Soul weekend, which is usually the date of the Midnight Walk! But I still always do the Walk, usually a week or two before with a friend who sponsors me. Jane, from the events team has also been there to take photos at the beginning and at the end of the Walk. But this year, the date is 2nd July so I’ll be able to walk with all the other ladies. How much would you like to raise this year? From the 11 Midnight Walks I have done, I have raised nearly £9,000. This year, someone has already very kindly donated

£1,000. It’s often the same wonderful people who sponsor me every year whether it’s £2 or £50. This year I’m hoping to raise around £2,000 which I think is definitely achievable with my generous head start! What would your advice be to someone taking part the first time? Just enjoy it! It’s very emotional as it makes you remember the people you’ve lost. There’s a real sense of community as everyone is there for the same reason. There will always be someone out there who needs help. St Luke’s is a marvellous place right through from the care team to the fundraising team, and I will continue to take part in the Midnight Walk for as long as my legs will carry me.

Support our Ladies this summer Since our Midnight Walk was first held in 2004, over 15,500 local women have proudly walked the streets of Crewe and Nantwich for St Luke’s. Their passion and drive has been so moving, and we are awestruck that they have raised over £2.6million for our Hospice. Ladies, thank you so much.

On Saturday 2nd July over 1,000 strong and inspirational women will join Veronica as they take part in the Midnight Walk.

So this year, as we celebrate our 12th Midnight Walk, please get behind our ladies and support them as they raise money for St Luke’s. You can donate online at, or send your donation to the Hospice.

19 3

St Luke’s News / Summer 2016

Your donation to St Luke’s could get you this! Yes, a Bentley!

Go online to enter and in return for a donation you will be entered into a prize draw to win a Bentley Continental GT V8! The more you donate to St Luke’s, the more chances you have to win.


Grosvenor House, Queensway, Winsford, Cheshire CW7 1BH Registered Charity No. 515595

T 01606 551246 E

St Luke's (Cheshire) Hospice Newsletter, summer 2016  
St Luke's (Cheshire) Hospice Newsletter, summer 2016  

Read the latest news from St Luke's Hospice in Cheshire.