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Spring 2018

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St Luke’s News / Spring 2018

Welcome to our special 30th anniversary edition! A

s Interim CEO of St Luke's, it gives me tremendous pleasure to welcome you to our special 30th anniversary edition of St Luke's News. Since St Luke’s officially opened in 1988 we have helped thousands of people in our local community and every single one of our supporters has played an important part in helping us to reach this special anniversary. Naturally, an anniversary is a time to reflect and think about what we have achieved and how much we have evolved over the years. It is also an ideal time to pay tribute to our supporters, whose dedication and passion in fundraising for St Luke’s has enabled us to care for so many local people and their families. However, as we reach this significant milestone the support of the local community is more important than ever to ensure the Hospice is able to continue to provide care to the people who need our support. Whether it's holding a tea party or open garden, signing up to join our lottery, taking part in our 80’s themed Midnight Walk or volunteering, we would love our supporters and the wider community to help us mark our 30th anniversary - there really is a lot to celebrate!

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St Luke's now and then


Pauline's 29 years


Dr Kate's 30 years


Support Group successes

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Hospice Heroes

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With special thanks,


Vicki Morrey, Interim CEO at St Luke's

Interim CEO Vicki toasts our 30th anniversary!

How to contact us 2

St Luke’s Hospice, Grosvenor House, Queensway, Winsford, Cheshire CW7 1BH T 01606 551246 E

Join us as we celebrate

30 years


ack in 1983 a small group of farsighted and passionate people saw the need for a hospice in Mid and South Cheshire. A committee was formed and the local community got behind them to help turn the dream into a reality. The committee secretary Mr Franklin Stanowski said: “The enthusiasm is there. We believe this community is willing and able to support a hospice.” How right he was! After years of hard work, dedication and fundraising by founding members, support groups and the local community, St Luke’s finally opened its doors to patients on 7th March 1988. In May of the same year we were honoured to welcome the Prince and Princess of Wales to officially open the Hospice.

30 years later and the hard work and dedication continues – not just by staff and volunteers at the Hospice but by you, the community. Without your incredible support St Luke’s could not continue. Today fundraising is more important than ever because almost 85% of care costs (around £3million) are raised in this way every year. To mark the 30th anniversary, we’re asking you to once again get behind your Hospice by taking part in a fundraising event, organising your own fundraiser, or becoming a volunteer. You’ll find lots of great ideas in this newsletter and on our website. Whatever you decide to do, we guarantee it will make a difference. Thank you so much here’s to another 30 years!

There are so many ways you can raise money to fund the care provided at St Luke's, for an informal chat call 01606 555697 or email


St Luke’s News / Spring 2018

Now and then

30 years on our foundations remain


here have been lots of changes at St Luke’s over the last three decades - the building has been extended, the range of care has expanded and running costs have increased from around £250,000 per year to over £4million. However, the foundations the Hospice is built on remain the same; we care for patients and give them the time they need, we offer dignity and courage, creating a calm and peaceful environment for patients and their families.



oney received from donations and legacies has been the foundation of our service since the Committee was formed in 1983. Today our care continues to be funded by donations, in fact an incredible 84% of care is funded in this way. Donations and legacies help us provide care for the future, ensuring everyone who needs our support is able to receive it.



he development and building of St Luke's was led by retired Consultant Surgeon Mr Harrold Hassell. His approach to collaborative working with local medical professionals and existing services is one of the values which the Hospice operates on today. When the Hospice opened in 1988, the initial service was day hospice care for seven people, five days a week. Funds continued to be raised and on 4th December 1990 the purpose-built Inpatient Unit opened. Initially offering care for six patients and expanding to 10 beds in just two months.


Today our care continues and each year we look after around 190 patients on the Inpatient Unit, 800 people in Day Hospice and around 700 people through the Family Support Unit.

You matter because you are you, you matter to the last moment of your life, and we will do all we can not only to help you die peacefully, but also to live until you die." Words of Dame Cicely Saunders, founder of the Modern Hospice Movement.

If you would like to make a donation or raise money to support the care we provide we really would value your support, please call 01606 555697 for a chat.



n 1983 the Hospice Steering Committee set a fundraising target of £500,000 to get St Luke’s Hospice up and running, and fundraisers across the area swung into action to help achieve this.

Monica said the hospice has changed enormously over the years but the sense of reward she gets from volunteering is the same now as when she first started.

From coffee mornings, open gardens, raffles, and even a vicar who gave an eight hour sponsored sermon, fundraisers came up with lots of creative ideas to raise money - just as they continue to do today. There are so many different ways people raise money for St Luke's today, for inspiration take a look at some of our Hospice Heroes on page 14 and 30th anniversary fundraising ideas on page 16.



olunteers were integral to St Luke’s years before the Hospice opened its doors in 1988.

Today, volunteers continue to play a key role in the success of St Luke’s. From retail assistants, van drivers and bag packers to counsellors, befrienders and support on the ward, there is a wide range of volunteer opportunities at St Luke’s. Whether you want to volunteer regularly, or on an ad hoc basis, you are guaranteed to learn new skills, make new friends and most importantly make a difference. Monica Robson has volunteered on reception at the Hospice since we opened our doors 30 years ago.

Volunteering at St Luke’s has given me friendship, taught me new skills, increased my confidence and given me the feeling that I am contributing to something. I can’t work on the medical side but as a receptionist I can help the Hospice run more smoothly and I think that is very important too.”

If you would like to find out more about becoming a volunteer we would love to hear from you, please call our team on 01606 555960 or email


St Luke’s News / Spring 2018

Pauline's 29 years at St Luke's St Luke’s 30th anniversary is extra special for two members of staff who will soon be celebrating their own 30 year anniversaries.

It was one of the happiest days of my life, just like having my children and getting married because it was something I always wanted to do,” says nurse Pauline Burdsall as she recalls her first day working for St Luke’s nearly 29 years ago. “There have been so many changes physical changes such as extensions, but also the amount of staff. It’s got a lot bigger! But has St Luke’s changed from the caring, supportive place it was when I first came here? No. The other change is that more people are living with cancer now. But to get out there and live their life after what they’ve been through isn’t easy. So I feel supporting these people is now a huge part of what we do.”

with and their emotions surface so they can talk more freely. It can also help control symptoms from pain and nausea, to anxiety.” After nearly three decades at St Luke’s, Pauline is planning her well-earned retirement next year. But St Luke’s won’t be far from her thoughts. After recently doing a sky dive and abseil to raise money for the Hospice, she also hopes to do a zip wire challenge! “I can’t believe I have been here almost half my life. I’m very lucky because I love my job. We all have a little niche we fit into and I’ve been lucky enough to find mine.”

Pauline was instrumental to the introduction of complementary therapies for patients at St Luke’s, such as aromatherapy and hypnotherapy. “We had an uphill struggle at times, not everybody saw the benefits at first. But complementary therapies are like a key; if you can relax somebody they can think more clearly about what they want help


If you would like to work for St Luke's please keep your eye on our website which advertises all paid and volunteer posts,

Dr Kate's 28 years on the Inpatient Unit

My Hospice journey began as a volunteer in 1988; I was working as a GP in Winsford when Edith Reeves, St Luke's first Day Hospice Sister and then Matron, asked me if I would provide some emergency medical cover at the Hospice. I did this for two years and then as the opening of the Inpatient Unit moved closer, the position of Medical Director came about and I was delighted to be appointed.” The Inpatient Unit originally opened with six beds and the first patients were welcomed on 4th December 1990. “We really didn’t know how it would go. From day one, the Hospice has always had an outward looking approach to influencing care for the majority, investing in education and training remains crucial to this.

patients and their families talk - we are able to take on a more about 'being with' approach rather than a 'doing to'. When the Hospice was being built we knew we wanted an outdoor area for our patients to enjoy as the connection with nature makes a big difference to their wellbeing. I remember one lady who was staying with us who just wanted to feel the rain on her face one last time, so we put plastic sheets over her bed and wheeled her into the garden – she and her family were so pleased we could do this for her." Now semi-retired, Dr Kate is looking forward to full retirement later this year. Her passion and dedication in helping to make St Luke’s what it is today will be remembered by many.

Over time, patients conditions have become more complex as they are surviving longer with life limiting illnesses. New issues are arising and managing peoples symptoms have become a big part of what we do on the Inpatient Unit and in the Day Hospice.” Dr Kate recognises the true value of hospice care which over the years has never changed: “The luxury we have at St Luke's is time and letting our If you would like to work for St Luke's please keep your eye on our website which advertises all paid and volunteer posts,


St Luke’s News / Spring 2018

Support Groups

supported our foundations


upport Groups helped build the foundations of St Luke's and have continued to raise money for patient care throughout our 30 year history.

By the time the Hospice officially opened in Spring 1988 there were fourteen Support Groups in existence who together had raised nearly £500,000, the equivalent of £1.2million in today's terms. We spoke to Sue Woolven about her memories of helping to found Hartford Support Group and the many years the group spent raising money in their spare time. As well as her role in the Group, Sue's history with St Luke's is three-fold; she worked as Medical Secretary at the Hospice from 1988 until her retirement in 1997, and for the past 19 years has been a volunteer receptionist. "I remember going to that first meeting where the steering committee appealed for local people to set up their own support groups, and that was how it all started.

Sadly, as time went on and we began to get older, we found it more and more difficult to raise money from the community, and in 2007 Hartford Support Group folded.

Just like the other groups, Hartford Support Group began with nothing. It was so difficult to explain the idea of a Hospice to people and ask them to support something that didn't exist. But we did it, and I am so proud.

The support the Hospice receives from the communiy is just as vital today as it was in 1988.

There was enormous support and goodwill from the community and our fundraising very quickly gained momentum. We were a close-knit community in the early days and received an awful lot of support.


I really hope people read this and are inspired to support St Luke's. When you see that the Hospice needs to raise money to fund 84% of the care they provide, the goodwill and support of the community is absolutely essential for their future."

If you would like to join a Support Group or set up your own group, please call 01606 555697 or email

Volunteers are as important today

as they were 30 years ago


e part of our future, be a volunteer. Last year hundreds of local people donated almost 80,000 hours of their time to support St Luke’s. The majority of these people volunteer in our charity shops, and the money they help to raise is used to fund seven St Luke's nurses every single year.

We are urgently looking for volunteers to help in all of our St Luke’s shops, so perhaps this could be something you may consider. There are lots of roles available, and whether you would like to help out regularly or on an ad hoc basis we guarantee we will use your time wisely. To find out more please call our Volunteer Coordinator Pam on 01606 555690 or email

You can also find details of volunteer roles and apply for them on our website


St Luke’s News / Spring 2018

Rainbow holds special memories


t St Luke’s, we are entrusted by families to provide the best level of care for their loved ones, something which all of our staff are privileged to do.

Last year, we cared for a gentleman called David Graham from Nantwich. As David's condition quickly deteriorated, his son Ewan and wife Nina put their business on hold and drove up from Norfolk. Arriving at St Luke's, Ewan met his sisters, Anne and Amanda. In the days that followed, they all spent as much time as possible with their father in the Hospice, supporting David’s wife and each other. The evening their father passed away, they were all touched to see a rainbow form over the Hospice, touching the roof of the room where their father had been cared for. This beautiful pictured was captured by them as they stood outside.


Ewan recalls the immediate hours and days that followed his father’s passing with enormous gratitude and appreciation. “The wonderful staff at St Luke’s made my father comfortable in his last few days. Our friends at the Hospice, through their professionalism and sensitive empathy, made a difficult time bearable. Thank you again for everything you did to make the final day one of dignity and tranquillity for my father.” We were so thankful to Ewan, Nina, Anne, Amanda and their whole family when they visited the Hospice shortly afterwards with a donation of £1,500 in memory of their father, a beautiful tribute to his memory.

Donations enable us to care for patients like David and families like Ewan's, if you would like to support St Luke's please call 01606 551246 or visit

Supporting the whole

family to move forward


hen a family member or someone close to you passes away, it affects everyone; lives are turned upside down and learning to cope can be a daily battle. This is where our Family Support and Counselling Team come in.

Counsellors are here to support through illness and going forward. Our Family Support and Counselling Team is made up of an incredible team of 30 qualified volunteer counsellors, led by a small team of just four paid staff. Counselling is a talking therapy that involves a trained therapist listening and helping someone find ways through their emotions. We support both adults and children with 1:1 support and group sessions. The Chaplaincy Team provide spiritual care which spans all or no religions and faiths. Our team believe all human beings have a spiritual aspect and when faced with the challenges of illness may find the need to ask questions and search for a source of strength.


It was very reassuring to be able to visit my counsellor regularly and off-load all my feelings. I realised that my feelings were OK to have and I was helped to find my own answers to any problems or concerns that I had. My counsellor did not force any solutions on me, but confirmed that I had my own ways to cope with the situation.�

For more information about these and other services we offer in our Family Support Team, call 01606 551246 or email

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St Luke’s News / Spring 2018

The future is ours,

please help us fund it


s we celebrate 30 years of caring for our community, you can support St Luke's and ensure our care services continue to be here for many more years to come. Donating to St Luke's means we can continue to provide our care and support to those facing a life-limiting illness and their loved ones, and your donation will mean so much to them. We rely on your donations because government funding only covers a fraction of our care costs, just 16%. Without your generosity we simply could not continue to provide this unique care.

"Before I came here I didn't care if I lived or died. The staff have been so kind to me; I have never had help like this before in my life. The therapies have begun to teach me how to relax, taking me to a beautiful place where I have no worries or cares, it's just lovely. Coming to St Luke's has been fantastic, I just cannot describe it."

Did you know that if you leave St Luke's a gift of just 1% in your Will, your family get 99%? After you’ve taken care of loved ones, leaving a gift in your Will to St Luke's Hospice is a great way to invest in your community and help guarantee the future of hospice care for local people. Over the past 5 years gifts left to St Luke's in people’s Wills have funded the care for almost 1 in 10 of our patients and is an important stream of income. So as you plan for the future, please consider leaving a gift to St Luke's in your Will. If you would like to discuss leaving a gift to St Luke's Hospice in your Will, or inform us that you have already done so, please telephone us on 01606 551246, email or write to us at St Luke's Hospice, Queensway, Winsford CW7 1BH.


You can also donate online at or by calling 01606 551246, thank you.

Yes I'd like to give a

donation to St Luke's My details Title

First name


Address Postcode

My donation

I would like to give a donation of £ Please enclose a cheque with your completed form and make payable to St Luke’s (Cheshire) Hospice, or you can donate online at

Gift Aid it, at no extra cost to you

If you are a UK taxpayer, the Inland Revenue will contribute an extra 25p for every £1 you donate through Gift Aid. Please tick the box below to make your donation worth 25% more. I want to Gift Aid this donation and any donations I make in the future or have made in the past 4 years to St Luke’s Hospice. I am a UK taxpayer and understand that if I pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all my donations in that tax year it is my responsibility to pay any difference. Signed Date

Keep in touch

We would like to keep you up to date about the work we are doing and to tell you about the difference your support is making. Email and text are an inexpensive way for us to do this, please tick the boxes below and provide your details if you are happy for us to contact you. Email




Mobile Email

Thank you, please return your donation to: St Luke's Hospice, Queensway, Winsford, Cheshire CW7 1BH

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St Luke’s News / Spring 2018

Meet some of our Hospice Heroes Each year thousands of people do something incredible to raise money for St Luke's. From simple dress down days at school to ultra marathons, there are so many ways to support our local Hospice. Here are just a few of the people raising money for St Luke's whom we fondly refer to as our Hospice Heroes! 7-year-old George Margeson and his dog walked an incredible 16 miles to raise money for St Luke’s. George, his dad Rick, Grandpa Andy and labrador Ted completed the challenge in 7 hours and raised over £650! George is a pupil at Winnington Park Primary and decided he wanted to fundraise after staff from St Luke’s visited his school. He said: “I am so happy I got more than my £300 target and can help poorly people at St Luke’s Hospice. The walk was very long, I was very tired but am really proud of myself.” George we think you are amazing!

Congratulations to the White Bear in Middlewich who have raised nearly £4,000! They have been selling pints of real ale to customers every Monday evening for just £2 a pint, with the proceeds coming to St Luke's. Cheers! 14

Sisters Sian Cooper and Rhian Sunderland very bravely had their heads shaved on New Year's Eve, raising over £750. A huge thank you to them both, it was such an amazing thing to do for St Luke’s, especially in Winter! Richard Howard has pledged to complete a minimum of six physical challenges to raise money for St Luke’s in memory of his Dad. These will include 10k runs as well as obstacle courses in the Lake District. Go Richard – we know you can do it!

A t E t c a s a M M a

A highlight on the calendar for so many, Nigel Astles’ Charity Soul All-Dayer events have raised over £20,000 for St Luke’s over the last five years. A truly amazing amount of money which has gone directly to patient care at the Hospice. Held at The Crosville Club in Crewe the annual music event attracts a large following. This year’s is being held on Sunday 1st April from 1pm to 11.30pm. There will be three rooms of soul and entry is just £5 on the door in aid of St Luke’s. Thank you Nigel for your fantastic fundraising efforts!

Thank you to all the companies that took part in our £50 Accumulator Challenge recently where each firm was given £50 and just three months to turn it into the largest profit possible. Swansway were victorious after they raised a staggering £5,832! Fundraising is a piece of cake for next door neighbours Julie and Jackie. They run a coffee morning at Market Street Church Hall in Nantwich twice a month which brings the community together and raises money for St Luke’s.

Pupils at Little Leigh Primary in Northwich shared the love on Valentine’s Day when they took part in a red-themed dress down day. Even the Prime Minister Theresa May tweeted in praise of their efforts! Thank you and well done! Throughout the year lots of dedicated knitters keep their needles busy creating beautiful goods for us to sell. In the run up to Easter it's all about the chicks! Here's Norley Craft Club with their donation of 198 chicks and eggs! An award for the wackiest fundraising idea has to go to 1874 Northwich Football Club for their Extreme Ironing Challenge. In July supporters took it in turns to travel by road, foot and bike carrying an ironing board! The challenge started at the Northwich Carnival, continued with supporter Maggie Coats carrying it 13 miles around the streets of Crewe and Nantwich at our Midnight Walk, and culminated with a climb up Mount Snowdon. For your continued support and dediciation, 1874 we salute you!

Going that extra mile for St Luke’s, our very own Corporate Partnership Manager Steve Cook completed the Brecon to Cardiff Ultra Marathon, a gruelling 70k race through the Brecon Beacons National Park. So far he’s raised over £1,000, well done Steve! 15 3

St Luke’s News / Spring 2018

Raise money for St Luke's to mark our

30th anniversary

Organise a Simple Supper Our Head Chef Phil is urging you to put on your apron for our latest fundraising initiative. Simple Suppers is an easy and fun way to support St Luke's; simply cook one of Phil’s lovely recipes, invite your friends and family round and ask them to make a donation to the Hospice in return. It couldn’t be simpler! The recipes are quick and easy one-pot meals and Phil will be sharing a new one each month to give you lots of culinary inspiration. To find out more and download Phil's latest delicious recipe visit our website,

Bake a Difference Turn your cakes into counselling, your puddings into palliative care and your biscuits into bereavement support with St Luke’s Bake a Difference. Every bake will make a difference, so what a tasty way to raise money for your local hospice! Find out more and download a poster on our website,


For a full list of the activities we have planned throughout our 30th anniversary year visit or call 01606 555697.

Open Gardens If you enjoy gardening and would love to share the fruits of your labour with friends and family, your neighbours, or members of your community, then you may like to hold an Open Garden event in aid of St Luke’s. Whether you have an acre of beautiful shrubs and borders, or a pocket yard of stunning tubs and herbs, opening it up for a few hours for other people to see will give you a sense of pride, inspire your fellow gardeners, and support your local Hospice. For a full list of Open Gardens please visit our website,

£30 Accumulator Challenge Local schools and businesses are being challenged to see how far they can get in the £30 Accumulator Challenge. To celebrate our 30th anniversary we are offering £30 to groups who want to turn their investment into the biggest profit for St Luke's within just three months. The £30 Challenge is a practical way for schools and businesses to engage students and staff, empowering them to develop their business skills by turning their £30 start-up capital into as much profit using their own business idea. For a friendly chat and to find out more about the Challenge, please call 01606 555697 or visit

For a full list of the activities we have planned throughout our 30th anniversary year visit or call 01606 555697.

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St Luke’s News / Spring 2018

Will you go the extra mile for St Luke's?

Dust off your hair crimpers and pull on those leg warmers as this year’s Midnight Walk goes 80's!

Our popular annual fundraiser is returning to the streets of Crewe and Nantwich on Saturday 30th June and we’ve chosen an 80's theme to celebrate our 30th anniversary. We can't wait!

Thank you to our sponsor Advanced Medical Solutions

We're delighted that Advanced Medical Solutions financial support will help to raise even more money for the Hospice.


Their Chief Executive Officer Chris Meredith said, “We have many employees with family members across the Cheshire region that have benefited so much from the care provided by St Luke’s during such difficult times and so we are delighted to be able to help with sponsorship of such an important event in the St Luke’s fundraising calendar." So whether you take part in the Midnight Walk every year or are thinking about joining us for the first time, it really is a unique and inspiring way to walk in memory of someone, or to support the wonderful care at St Luke’s.

Full details of the Midnight Walk is on our website, or call 01606 555688 to speak to a member of our team.

Bubble Rush is 5km of family fun This year’s Bubble Rush is taking place once again at Oulton Park Race Circuit on Sunday 22nd April. Participants can take part in a 2.5km or 5km fun run with various coloured bubble stations to run through along the way. In a twist, to show the fun everyone has at the event, six year old Oliver from Northwich and his Uncle Kevin, have become the face of this year’s funrun. Kevin, Oliver and their family took part in the event last year. “Oliver and I are really honoured to have our photo used to promote this year’s Bubble Rush. I think this shows just how much fun we had!"

Entry to Bubble Rush is £25 for adults and £10 for children and includes a new t-shirt design for 2018, a medal and live entertainment. Also included is access to the Bubble Village which boasts facepainting, colourful funrun accessories and refreshments. Visit for further details and to sign up.

Thank you to our sponsor Cliff Dickenson & Son

Bubble Rush is being sponsored for the second year running by Cliff Dickenson & Son Ford dealership in Winsford. Managing Director Chris Winward said: “We’re proud to be associated with St Luke’s again and build on the success of last year. We had a tremendous day out, and we achieved our objective which was to help raise a lot of money for the Hospice. We are very proud of our links with the Hospice and are delighted to be part of their 30th anniversary celebrations."

I’d recommend anyone to sign up. You’ll have the greatest fun! We went as a whole family last year and we had a fantastic day all round.” Full details of our events are on our website, or call 01606 555688 to speak to a member of our team.

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St Luke’s News / Spring 2018

Celebrate 30 years of care at St Luke's and with Tea

at 3


et together and raise money for your Hospice by doing something we all love; drinking tea and eating cake! Sometimes, there really is nothing better than sitting down to a cuppa and a catch up with friends, family or work colleagues. So this summer, why not turn this simple pleasure into a fundraiser for St Luke's by holding a Tea at 3? As a Tea at 3 organiser, you will receive a great fundraising pack containing ideas, hints and tips, posters, invitations, printable bunting and cup cake toppers. Request your Tea at 3 fundraising pack by calling 01606 555697 or emailing


Give your Tea at 3 a twist •

If you want to use traditional china, introduce a twist with cocktails served in tea cups

Ice tea served in a vintage style mason glass or jam jars brings a quirky edge

Cake pops are a fun and a great way to inject colour, not to mention being a great talking point

If you have any questions, need some support with your party planning or even just want to talk through your ideas, please get in touch on 01606 555697.

Request Tea at 3 free fundraising pack by calling 01606 555697 or emailing

Would you like a share of

£100,000 in cash this year?


t Luke’s Lottery gives away 39 cash prizes every week with a top prize of £1,500!

It takes less than 2 minutes to sign up online and is the simplest and most sustainable way to support your local Hospice. Sign up today and you can start changing lives for only £1 a week. Sign up at: Sign up online at or call 01606 552552 to speak to a member of our team.

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St Luke’s News / Spring 2018

Our charity shops constantly

need your support


t Luke’s charity shops represent our Hospice on the High Street and are probably one of the easiest ways you can support our work.

Whether you call in to make a purchase or donate your unwanted clothing, shoes and accessories for us to sell, you are helping us to raise vital funds for patient care. We are always in desperate need of donations, so if you’re thinking of having a Spring clean of your wardrobe here are some top tips: 1. Recruit a friend - a brutally honest one is the best! 2. Make a playlist to help keep your energy levels up! 3. Designate two bags on the floor and label them donate and bin. 4. Ask yourself three simple questions. Have you worn it in the past year? Do you avoid wearing it? If you saw it in a shop now would you still buy it? 5. Tip out your drawers one at a time, go through the contents and separate them into the appropriate piles. 6. Empty your wardrobe one item at a time. 7. Don’t forget your shoes and accessories! 8. Drop your donation bag into a St Luke’s shop and let us do the rest while you enjoy the warm glow that comes with a good deed (and a tidy wardrobe!)

Did you know...

The money raised from donated goods sales in our charity shops is used to fund seven nurses at St Luke’s every single year. 22

We are in constant need of stock in our shops, please take your donations to your local St Luke's shop or to the Hospice in Winsford.

Events and dates for your diary March

Thursday 15th, 7.30pm, Shavington Support Group’s talk by Katie Percival from Kinderton Hat Studio, St Mark’s Church Wednesday 28th, Shavington Support Group’s Easter Quiz, Vagrants Sports Ground, Willaston Saturday 24th, 6.30pm – 11.30pm, Strictly Learn to Dance Live, Crewe Hall

April Sunday 1st, 1pm – 11.30pm, Charity Soul All-Dayer, The Crossville Club, Crewe Friday 13th, Afternoon Tea, Richmond Village, Nantwich Friday 13th, 9.30am – 12noon, Manor House Stables Spring Tour in Malpas Thursday 19th, Shavington Support Group’s Flower Arranging Evening with Anita Wright Saturday 21st, Velocity Zipwire, Penrhyn Quarry, Wales Sunday 22nd, 10am – 5pm, Bubble Rush, Oulton Park, Little Budworth Wednesday 25th, Tarporley Support Group’s Bridge Afternoon and Tea, Tirley Garth Saturday 28th, 7pm – 11pm, Live at the Lyceum, Crewe Lyceum Theatre Saturday 28th, Co-op Wind Band, St Peter’s Church Hall, Sandbach

May Saturday 12th, 8.30am – 9.30pm, Edale Skyline Challenge, Hope Valley, Edale Thursday 17th, Shavington Support Group’s Cookery Demonstration with Miranda Shufflebottom

Thursday 17th, Sandbach Support Group’s Afternoon Tea (30 Year Celebration), Elworth Cricket Club Saturday 19th, 7.30pm – 10.30pm, Spring Gala Concert, St Mary’s Church, Nantwich Monday 28th, 1pm – 5pm, Family Fun Day, Barnton Cricket Club, Northwich


Friday 8th, 9.30am – 4pm, Churches in Cheshire Summer Charity Golf Day, Heyrose Golf Club, Tabley Friday 8th, Afternoon Tea, Richmond Village, Nantwich Tuesday 12th, Afternoon Tea, Cholmondeley Castle Thursday 21st, Shavington Support Group’s Spode Pottery Talk and Strawberry Fayre Supper Saturday 30th, 9pm – 6am, Midnight Walk, Reaseheath College, Nantwich

July Sunday 8th, Family Vintage Summer Fair, Richmond Village, Nantwich Saturday 14th, 11pm – 7am, Liverpool Nightrider, Pier Head, Liverpool Thursday 19th, Shavington Support Group’s Evening of Entertainment with the Wistaston Singers Friday 27th, 7pm, Party Gras, Dorfold Park, Nantwich Saturday 28th, Sandbach Support Group collecting at Rhythm on the River Festival, Leigh Arms, Northwich

August Saturday 18th, 10am – 1pm, Liverpool Cathedral Abseil, Liverpool

Full details of all these events are on our website or call 01606 555688 to speak to a member of our team.

23 3


Grosvenor House, Queensway, Winsford, Cheshire CW7 1BH Registered Charity No. 515595

T 01606 551246 E

St Luke's (Cheshire) Hospice Newsletter, Spring 2018  
St Luke's (Cheshire) Hospice Newsletter, Spring 2018