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Autumn 2017

St Luke’s News

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St Luke’s News / Autumn 2017

Hello, from our new Chairman Contents I t is my pleasure to welcome you to our latest Hospice Newsletter. Since my appointment in May I have been trying to see many of our services first hand and also to meet as many of our supporters as I could. It has been quite a task and my absolute

pleasure to meet so many dedicated people.


Sweet treats from Little Treats


Last year in numbers

The Hospice holds a very special place in so many of our hearts and I am so excited to be a part of what I believe will be a great period in our service to the community, especially as we move into our 30th anniversary year during 2018.


Christmas Super Draw


A day in the life


Pioneer's lasting legacy

With only 16% of our income coming from the government, we are left with a significant challenge in having to raise around £3million each year merely to maintain the services we currently provide.

P11 Supporting the homeless

I know there have been some challenging times in our history, perhaps none more so than in the past year, and so one of my first jobs will be to ensure that we have the best and most effective organisation from which to provide the services that are so needed and so much appreciated in our local community.

P15 Light up a Life

P10 Meet your neighbours P12 We support the whole family P14 Time to give something back P16 St Luke's 'angels' P17 Put your pen to great work P18 Christmas with St Luke's P19 Dates for your Diary

Over the coming three years of my term not only will we protect our current beds and Day Hospice services, but we will be looking to expand and introduce new opportunities to care for those in need. I look forward to sharing this wonderful journey with you. Mike Ridley, Chairman

Mike (pictured fourth from right) meeting our local support groups this summer

How to contact us 2

St Luke’s Hospice, Grosvenor House, Queensway, Winsford, Cheshire CW7 1BH T 01606 551246 E

Sweet Treats from

Little Treats


arlier this summer Roberts Bakery in Northwich got deliciously creative and produced 7,000 gingerbread biscuits to help raise money for the Hospice. The biscuits, which are proving very popular at just 50p each, have been made by the Little Treats Bakery and have been delightfully decorated with a St Luke’s logo. Matthew English, from the Little Treats Bakery, said: “As a company, we wanted to play to our strengths and do something positive to further support the hospice. It’s a great local cause and we are excited to see them sell.” Frank Roberts and Sons have supported St Luke’s for many years; they kindly donated

all of the bread rolls at this year’s Midnight Walk, and have also sponsored our spring and autumn Gala Concerts in 2017. Sales have been going well and are selling is so many places across Cheshire, but never for one moment did we expect the St Luke’s biscuits to go global! We were thrilled to receive this photo from Paul and Jeanette who enjoyed their biscuits on holiday in Florida!

There are so many ways local businesses can support St Luke’s, for an informal chat please email Steven Cook on or call 01606 555872


St Luke’s News / Autumn 2017

St Luke's in numbers 770

people supported with relaxing complementary therapies


days a year, 24 hours a day


beds on our ward


Last year you helped us do some incredible things


local people can turn to St Luke’s for support


is when St Luke’s was founded


needed every year from charitable donations



of our care is funded by the government

people volunteer for the Hospice



people received 24 hour care on our ward


of patients return home after their stay

meals served to patients each year


donors remembered their loved one with Light up a Life



people were supported with bereavement counselling


out of every ÂŁ1 we spend on care is raised from donations

Find out more at


St Luke’s News / Autumn 2017

Christmas Super Draw


aking part in our Christmas Super Draw is an easy and fun way to raise money to fund the care we provide. Every £1 ticket you buy gives you the chance to win one of these amazing cash prizes!

1st Prize £3,000 2nd Prize £1,000 3rd Prize £400 4th Prize £200

By entering today, you'll not only be in with a chance of winning one of our amazing cash prizes, you'll also be helping to support more local people who need our care.

5 Prizes of £50 Plus 30 runner up prizes of £5 Last year people playing the Christmas Super Draw raised over £25,000! This amount of money funded a St Luke’s nurse for a whole year which enabled them to provide crucial support to people living with illness, helping them to live well and teaching practical coping strategies to prevent crisis situations. Please return your raffle tickets in the envelope provided or send to: Christmas Super Draw, St Luke’s Hospice, Queensway, Winsford Cheshire CW7 1BH. Alternatively you can enter online at

The lucky winners will be drawn on Friday 15th December as part of our weekly Lottery draw, just in time for Christmas!


Enter our Christmas Super Draw online at

A day in the life of… a Lottery Collector


ur Lottery is our most reliable and largest source of regular income and has been a vital part of St Luke’s for over 23 years. Playing is caring and we value each and every one of our loyal 17,500 members. Each player pays just £1 a week which guarantees regular income for the Hospice. Although a large proportion of our players now pay by Direct Debit, there remains a number who prefer to pay by cash; this is why our Lottery Collectors are so important. They work on commission basis and collect from our supporters at a time that suits them. Pam Leese has been collecting for just over a year and fits the role in around her full time job, we caught up with Pam to find out more.

How did you become a Collector? My mother used to play the Lottery and after she passed away I started playing. Soon after signing up, I found out that one of the regular Collectors was unable to continue, so I became a Collector!

How do you arrange your collections? I finish work at 5pm and then drive to my collection point in Sandbach, I collect from about 80 players over four nights a month.

What do you enjoy most about being a Collector? I love meeting people! Some of the people I see are lonely so are pleased to see me. I enjoy stopping to have a chat – I might be the only person they see all day, so if it makes them feel happier, I am glad to have a chat.

Do you play St Luke's Lottery? Each year St Luke’s Lottery players raise enough money to fund two beds at the Hospice, making it the simplest and most effective way you can support St Luke’s. Sign up online at and make a difference for only £1 a week, or call our friendly team on 01606 553553 and join over the phone.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Lottery Collector we would love to hear from you, please call our team on 01606 553553


St Luke’s News / Autumn 2017

Ice - Cream Van

pioneer's lasting legacy


fter a loved one dies, people often find comfort in raising money in their memory. When

Bryan Whitby, founder of the Whitby Morrison ice cream vans, passed away peacefully aged 84 at St Luke’s, his family were determined to show their appreciation for making his final few days as comfortable as possible.

Bryan initially came to St Luke’s for respite; we knew what was coming but we did not expect it to happen quite so quickly. We take great comfort in knowing that Bryan was happy here. He was able to eat for the first time in ten days, enjoyed a bath and his pain was eased - he had nothing but praise for the staff.” Barbara Whitby, Bryan's wife


When the family learnt that it costs £8,600 a day for the Hospice to operate, they set about their fundraising mission. Along with funeral donations, the company dedicated the annual Whitby Morrison Ice Cream trade event in Bryan’s memory. To date, his family have raised £15,385.50 for St Luke’s, an incredible tribute to Bryan.

For more information about fundraising in memory of a loved one, please call 01606 555697 Since Bryan’s death, St Luke’s have continued to support the Whitby family with Barbara and their daughter Julie, attending monthly support groups. "It is lovely to speak to people who have been through a similar situation. We take comfort from one another; it does you good to talk. St Luke’s has been there at a time when we needed it and we will support the Hospice as much as we can in the future.”

Crewe born and bred, Bryan was one of the extraordinary innovators of his generation and his legacy lives on as the Whitby Morrison factory in Crewe still manufacturers vans which are distributed all over the world. Throughout his life he had made many friends; he was highly regarded by his employees and deeply loved by his family.

Raising money in memory of a loved one


aising money in someone’s memory is a special way to celebrate their life and creates a lasting tribute in their name. From taking on a sponsored challenge to giving donations on their birthday, there are lots of ways you can share memories and pay tribute to the joy they brought to your life.

Creating an in memory page on JustGiving enables you to tell the story of the person you are remembering in your own way using words, photos and film. Your friends and family can give to your page easily, safely and securely, wherever and whenever they want to, as well as adding their own special memories.

If you would like to raise money in memory of a loved one please call our community fundraising team and we will support you the whole way, 01606 555697


St Luke’s News / Autumn 2017

Meet your Neighbours


ccording to research from Age UK, around 1 million people regularly go an entire month without speaking to anyone. We live in an age of instant communication and sharing so many different aspects of our lives on social media, but we’re at risk of missing out on the basics of conversation with our neighbours.

Compassionate communities is about talking to each other and popping in for a brew. When someone becomes socially isolated that feeling of loneliness can, over time, lead to a crisis in their health and wellbeing as their situation and loneliness gradually worsens. We spoke to Lauren Godfrey, Befriending Coordinator at St Luke’s, who explained that there are simple things we can do to support our neighbours which make a huge difference to someone.


"Pop round with a simple bunch of flowers, call in for a cup of tea, or take your child round to visit; these all make a huge difference. Even just saying hello over the fence or as you walk past matters; connecting with someone who is so disconnected from their community can make such a difference to the quality of their life. The gift of giving time literally changes lives. Just five minutes of your time can leave someone upbeat for three or four days; that really is how powerful your time can be."

If you would like to find out more or are interested in becoming a befriender, please speak to Lauren on 07496 076347

Supporting the local homeless community


t St Luke’s we believe everyone in our local community should have equal access to palliative and end of life care, including those who are living rough. Over the past three years our small part-time project team have been working closely with designated homeless GP practices, the hospital discharge team, hostels and the council housing team to help the local homeless community get the support they need. Alison Colclough is the project lead and has recognised that hostel workers are often best placed to support a resident with a palliative diagnosis, so she provides palliative care training to ensure staff have the skills and education to support their residents. Alison explained: “The training covers the basics of palliative care, how to recognise end of life situations, liver failure, the importance of advance care planning, loss and grief, how to support other residents and finally how to remain resilient themselves.”

The average age of death on the street is just 43 years old for a woman and 47 for a man. So it is essential that our project is flexible; it’s not about how can this person fit our remit, it’s ensuring that the services we offer fit the individual’s needs. We are incredibly thankful to the Rayne Foundation who fund this project and help ensure that hospice care is available to anyone who needs it.”

Working alongside her are two counsellors who provide support around issues of loss and grief as well as supporting people who are newly diagnosed with a life-limiting illness.

To find out more about this service please contact project lead Alison on

3 11

St Luke’s News / Autumn 2017

We support the whole family


n January 2016, Claire Bailey and her family received the life-altering news that her husband Damien had Motor Neurone Disease, he was just 36. Motor Neurone Disease affects the motor nerves or neurones in the brain and spinal cord, which pass messages to the muscles telling them what to do. Degeneration of the motor neurones leads to weakness and wasting of muscles, causing immobility, difficulties with speech, swallowing and breathing. Over the past 18 months Damien has been cared for by Claire, and St Luke’s have been able to help him manage his symptoms through Complementary Therapy sessions. Claire and their children have made huge adjustments and we’ve been able to support them too. Claire received Complementary Therapy last summer and now attends the Time Out group at the Hospice, a session where a group of 6-8 carers attend and St Luke’s provide practical advice and information to ensure that the carers are looking after themselves too. Claire and Damien’s children Morgan and Emily also benefit from counselling sessions at the Hospice, and their youngest Holly has 1-1 sessions to help her understand what’s happening to her Dad. “I want her to understand that when Daddy is gone, she won’t be able to send him a birthday card or show him a picture she has drawn.”


The Time out sessions are so helpful; it's really good to meet people in the same situation, who understand the even laugh at the same things. Today's session was about adjusting to change - that's something we have to do on a daily basis."

St Luke’s are here to support families through their journey and to help the whole family unit come to terms with illness. If you are unsure whether we can help you, please call us for an informal chat on 01616 551246.

If you think you would benefit from our support, please ask your GP or healthcare professional for a referral

We need you to be here for us


hen life-limiting illness strikes it doesn’t just affect one person. And neither does our care. At St Luke’s we offer counselling and bereavement support to every patient’s family, preparing and helping them understand their grief and cope with their loss.

And to do this we need your help. While our care is free, it costs us to provide it – and 84% of our funding comes from donations. Your donation will mean we can care for local people through the healing process of bereavement support and give them confidence in their future.

To give a donation to St Luke’s please visit or call 01606 551246

3 13

St Luke’s News / Autumn 2017

Time to give something back


hen Sue’s husband Carl was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given six months to live, her world crumbled around her. “The sheer anxiety of looking after someone who is terminally ill was hard to cope with. I felt reluctant to go out, wondering what might happen if I left Carl,” said Sue. With the support of her GP she accessed the Befriending and Counselling services and Complementary Therapies at St Luke’s. “My Befriender Jacqui came weekly, and just knowing she was there for a few hours to look after Carl allowed me to go out and not worry.” Sadly, Carl passed away after battling the disease for 21 months. Three years after being on the receiving end of our Befriending service, Sue joined our team of volunteer befrienders and was introduced to Nancy, 87, who has Alzheimer’s disease.


"My mum suffered with dementia so I can relate to Nancy’s situation. Within 10 minutes of first meeting we were chatting away and every time I visit her I get to learn a bit more about her and the life she has lived. She still has such a great sense of humour and I get a lot out of sitting with her, I know she does too. I love to make her laugh; her face lights up which is just lovely and I always come out smiling."

Befriending is a fabulous service. Grief can make you feel very lonely and I am massively grateful to St Luke’s for their all-round support during a very traumatic time in my life; I feel like it is my time to give something back.”

If you would like to find out more about becoming a befriender please speak to Catherine on 07496 073430

Remember your loved one, Light up a Life

Join us on Sunday 26th November at 4.30pm for our Light up a Life service where we remember those we love While Christmas is a special time of year for sharing memories, we recognise that it can also be a particularly difficult time of year when someone you care for has died.

Our tree will be lit up in memory of hundreds of people who are loved and missed by their families and friends, and it is a chance for you to focus on your own special memories.

We know how important it can be to do something in their memory and so each year we invite you to dedicate a light as part of Light up a Life.

We will be writing to many of you next month to invite you to dedicate a light, or you may like to dedicate your light today through our website, visit

You can dedicate your light today on our website, visit or call 01606 555684

15 3

St Luke’s News / Autumn 2017

St Luke’s ‘angels’


n May 2016, mother-of-two Nicola Bogue from Winsford found a lump under her arm. It was to be the start of the toughest year of her life. “I knew it wasn’t right and went straight to the doctor’s the following day and they referred me immediately for further tests. I had an ultrasound and then a mammogram, and two weeks later it was confirmed, I had cancer. It was the worst news I have ever received. Somehow everything around you slows down and the noise slowly disappears as you try to take in such devastating news. I immediately thought about my boys, Liam (15) and Mason (10).” Nicola quickly underwent surgery where she had a lumpectomy and four lymph nodes removed. She had a triple negative form of breast cancer - a rare type of breast cancer which is often harder to treat with more risk of reoccurrence and it affecting other parts of the body. Alongside her treatment programme, Nicola was referred to St Luke’s for Complementary Therapies and counselling. “I broke down when I first came through the doors at St Luke’s, I felt alone and my mind was lost. But the nurse that took me aside was amazing and I soon realised that the Hospice was a safe haven. I had my hands dipped in wax and enjoyed regular reflexology sessions which were soothing.


It’s the psychological effects of illness that can really knock you, but week by week St Luke’s was putting me mentally back together and helping me to feel normal again.”

I don’t think I would have beaten cancer if it hadn’t been for St Luke’s, they gave me the positivity that I needed. The Hospice has meant so much and has helped me throughout my journey; I am determined to enjoy every single moment and take everything I can from it because life is so precious. I love St Luke’s and hope to give something back by volunteering in the future.”

If you think you would benefit from our support, please ask your GP or healthcare professional for a referral

Put your pen to great work this Will Week Monday 9th - Friday 13th October


o one likes to talk about dying, we understand that. But how much do we talk about the future?

Growing families, moving home, summer holidays, changing jobs, retirement; they all involve financial planning. Your Will is no different; it is planning for their future. Take care of the people you love this Will Week. Your Will will plan for their future, and your donation will help us plan for ours.

Here are all the companies generously supporting Will Week To book an appointment please contact them directly and mention St Luke’s Will Week when you call.

Mosshaselhurst Solicitors Northwich, 01606 74301 Winsford, 01606 592159

Butcher and Barlow LLP Solicitors Northwich, 01606 47523

Hibberts LLP Solicitors Crewe, 01270 215117 Nantwich, 01270 624225 Tarporley, 01829 733338

Hall Smith Whittingham LLP Solicitors Crewe, 01270 212000 Nantwich, 01270 610300

Poole Alcock LLP Solicitors Alsager, 01270 876550 Crewe, 01270 256665

Beswicks Legal Solicitors Stoke-on-Trent, 0333 222 8574

For further details go online or call 01606 555813

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St Luke’s News / Autumn 2017

Christmas with St Luke's Christmas cards and gifts Our lovely gift shop nestled in the reception area at the hospice is the perfect place to buy gifts for your loved ones this Christmas. From handbags and winter woollies, to homeware and children’s toys, there is a beautiful selection. Our online shop stocks a wide range of items you won’t find on the highstreet and the profits from each item you purchase will go directly to the Hospice. Visit to view all our gifts and to access our eBay shop. Christmas Fair, Saturday 18th November 10am-3pm at Winsford Academy Our annual fair returns earlier than usual this year at a new venue, Winsford Academy. There will be a variety of stalls including crafts, accessories, beer and mulled wine, cakes and refreshments, a raffle and tombola, plus our staff will be offering complementary therapies to help you relax and unwind. Children can also visit Santa for an early Christmas gift or create their own special Reindeer Food to sprinkle outside on Christmas Eve. Entry is free and the whole family is welcome! To find out more visit or call 01606 555697.


Christmas Jumper Day, Friday 8th December Taking part is easy; students, teachers, your colleagues, even your pet can join in by wearing their favourite Christmas knit! At work or school you can ask for donations of £1 (pets are free) and you’ll be supporting poorly people who need our care here in Cheshire. Plus the more you raise, the more people St Luke’s will be able to help – so why not do some extra fundraising on top. Visit to download a promotional poster.

Full more details about our Christmas fundraising activities visit our website or call 01606 555688

Events and dates for your diary September


Tuesday 19th 6-8pm, Great Wall of China Trek Information Evening at St Luke’s

Friday 10th 10am-12noon, Coffee Morning with Friends of Hartford at St John’s Church Hall

Wednesday 20th 12-4pm, An Audience with Phil Redmond at Eaton Park in Chester

Saturday 11th 2-5pm, Firewalk at Aqueduct Marina

Thursday 21st, Historical Talk - Local Lads in Wybunbury Parish during WW1 with Shavington Support Group

Sunday 12th 2-8pm, Diving with Sharks at Blue Planet Aquarium

Friday 22nd 9.30am-12noon, Manor House Stables Tour in Malpas Sunday 24th 10am-3pm, Woofs and Wellies at Marbury Park in Northwich


Thursday 16th, Cheese and Wine Evening with Shavington Support Group Friday 17th, Bingo with Sandbach Support Group Saturday 18th 10am-3pm, Christmas Fair at Winsford Academy

Starting October, Bridge Knockout Tournament with Tarporley Support Group

Saturday 25th, Singing Sensations with Sandbach Support Group

Sunday 1st 12-4pm, Kapow! at South Cheshire College in Crewe

Sunday 26th 4.30pm, Light up a Life service at St Luke’s Hospice

Monday 9th – Friday 13th, Will Week with local solicitors across Cheshire

Monday 27th 7-10pm, An Audience with Michael Mansfield at Tirley Garth

Monday 9th, Coffee Morning with Sandbach Support Group Tuesday 10th 7-9pm, Chin-Chin to Gin at Booths in Knutsford Thursday 19th, Harvest Supper and Auction with Shavington Support Group Friday 20th, Race Night with Sandbach Support Group Saturday 21st, Coffee Morning with Holmes Chapel Support Group at St Luke’s Church Hall Sunday 22nd, Thanksgiving Service with Shavington Support Group


Wednesday 6th, Christmas Quiz with Shavington Support Group Friday 8th December, Christmas Jumper Day Sunday 10th, Advent Lunch with Sandbach Support Group Friday 15th December, Christmas Super Draw


Christmas Tree Collection for people living in postcodes CW1-CW2 and CW4-CW11 Tuesday 23rd, Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge at St Luke's

Full details of all these events are on our website and for enquiries please call 01606 555688 to speak to a member of our team

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St Luke’s News / Autumn 2017

KAPOW! Are you joining us for KAPOW! The giant inflatable course is coming to the North of England for the first time on Sunday 1st October at South Cheshire College in Crewe. Sign up online at

Christmas Tree Collection service Our Christmas Tree Collection service returns to the street of Mid and South Cheshire at the beginning of January. Our team of volunteers will collect your tree in exchange for a donation to the Hospice. The trees we collect are chipped and shredded, and then the chips are recycled – it’s the simplest, greenest and most charitable way to get rid of your Christmas tree! Thanks to the support of local businesses and community groups who volunteer, we are able to offer the service to households in CW1, CW2, and CW4-CW11. You can book your collection online from early December at


Grosvenor House, Queensway, Winsford, Cheshire CW7 1BH Registered Charity No. 515595

T 01606 551246 E

St Luke's (Cheshire) Hospice Newsletter, Autumn 2017  
St Luke's (Cheshire) Hospice Newsletter, Autumn 2017